Albuquerque Journal Newspaper

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Albuquerque Journal
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User Reviews for Albuquerque Journal Newspaper

4.53 out of 5
657 Ratings
2 years ago, Lovestoeatout
Love reading my ABQ Journal every morning
Nothing goes better with my morning coffee than waking up to find my printed newspaper carefully folded in its blue plastic bag sitting in my driveway waiting for me to retrieve it. Give me coffee and 15 minutes to read about my favorite hometown and I’m set for the day ahead. I usually find a comic strip or two that “speaks” to me and I go to my ABQ Journal digital app to download and email or text it to a friend. Love reading about all things local — like community events, deaths (sadly), recipes, stories about people I may or may not know doing wonderful good things for our city. The app makes it so easy to retrieve stories that I send off to friends and family. Getting the print version delivered to my driveway and having access to the digital app completes my enjoyment of my ABQ Journal subscription.
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4 years ago, L. Camille D.
Thank you ABQ Journal
During this extraordinary time of the COVD19 pandemic, I have never appreciated reading The Abq Journal more. As an avid conservative reader, I choose carefully and wisely what material I digest into my mind, as it inevitably filters down to my soul and mental well-being. I want to thank everyone at this incredible newspaper for choosing facts over fear. For showing up everyday. To those who are NOT working remotely from home -you dear ones who are walking into the office and all the brave boots on the grounding delivering hard copy newspaper throughout Albuquerque - I salute you! In a very real way, you accepted your draft papers without question and you are “stepping into” this very real war in an effort to keep critical information flowing with those you serve ~ all of us readers. If our Albuquerque Journal shut down to protect itself and their own people, it would be devastating to our entire community. We readers turn to local mediums to understand what is happening in our immediate surroundings. The work your are doing everyday is vital to the health and wellbeing of your readers. My sincere deepest gratitude to each of you. May God bless you and keep you safe and healthy! xo
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4 years ago, Albertcakes
Daily Journal on line
I do enjoy reading the paper on line. But I have been disappointed since it took a different format. It is getting better. But so many times the area where I am reading is not in focus. Sometimes it is easy to get it in focus, but sometimes it is not. It is sometimes difficult to get to the next page, it hops back and forth too easily. I appreciate that you are trying to right these problems. February 15. The app is getting better. It still some blurry days of the print. Also sometimes it is difficult to scroll down. It overall I prefer the paper on line. July 20, 2020, it has continued to get better. Occasionally when the screen first comes up you have to push a button to get it to scroll down. I like how I can find the page I want, the options are good.
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3 years ago, Bob in the foothills
Long time Subscriber
I enjoy the “Journal” app. I get the alerts to breaking news. When my spouse is reading the the front page section at the breakfast table and I see an article that interests me, I go to the e addition and pull up the article if I am impatient. Getting an email from a friend about seeing something in the newspaper the day before, I can view the yesterday’s paper in the app. When out of town, I like being able to grab the Journal on the app just as if I snatched the Albuquerque Journal off my front porch and see what is happening in our home town.
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3 years ago, Coyotenm
New Toys
When the Journal made the leap to digital, I started reading it again. Trying to keep up with what’s going on in Albuquerque. Sadly, it is still lacking in the qualities that made it a good newspaper. The app had it’s growing pains but seemed to have worked most of the bugs out. Occasionally, when reading the comics, the panels wouldn’t follow each other like reading a paper but, they seem to have fixed that one. The one thing I would change is the page buttons. Currently, they disappear. Too fast for my liking and I don’t understand why they disappear to start with. I guess it’s so you can get that paper “feel” by swiping to turn the page. Maybe I’m just too old and cranky but I miss the old Walter Cronkite, Huntley Brinkley news days.
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3 years ago, DayWhirl
Solid improvements
I gave the app a low score when it rolled out about a year ago. The latest tweaks make it more reliable and enjoyable to use. Finally! I even like the new icon color. As for content, the “Live News” feature gives my Journal subscription extra value to me, and I check it between the release of new issues. If it’s current, I prefer it to the TV news apps. I would like to be able to copy and paste or print out features such as recipes and events information if there isn’t a copyright issue. Note: I have seen the same app in other online newspapers. I guess newspaper apps, like other apps, are a niche market. However, that shouldn’t make the developer complacent about rolling out improvements and innovations.
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3 years ago, Abq md
Update not working Edit: working again
Newest version on iPad will not allow download of latest edition of the Journal. The app keep requesting login even though it accepts my login. Also the app does not remember that I have logged in. I am fully registered and paid up. FYI, my login for the web app and e-edition do work as expected, but I only use the iOS app for my newspaper reading. Edit: I had to reset my account with a new password and now both the new iOS app and the website will log me in and remembering my login. New iPad app is working well again.
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9 months ago, Walt92007
Albuquerque Journal
Most of the time, the app performs quite well. Occasionally there are times that I need to sign into the app again, for no apparent reason. It doesn’t remember my login and looking up a rarely used password is cumbersome. Update: since the last update, I haven’t had any problems with signing in. The app works quite well. Update: since the latest iOS revision, no problems at all with the app. The Journal occasionally messes up content, but the app works fine.
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4 years ago, TooTiger
Great way to keep up with NM news.
It took me a while to get accustomed to using my iPad to read the newspaper, but now that I’m better at it, I enjoy it. I still get the “paper” weekend version but the other days or when I’m away I like to read the eJournal using the App. The website has a lot more advertising that makes it more difficult to read than the App. There is still advertising but it’s easier to navigate.
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4 years ago, Volleyskip
Will not load articles completely
The new app is much more difficult to use than the old app. It is great that there are so many options for all the various people out there, but for someone who just wants to read the paper it is difficult to figure out how to do just that. I got that figured out, but the app does not completely load many pages, and for instance the comics are almost unreadable until it finally does load after swiping back and forth on the pages to get it to load completely. Today one of the comics never loaded completely after trying for 10 minutes. I would give anything for the old app to work again.
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2 years ago, lypsink
Ease of use
I find the Journal remarkably easy to navigate and intuitively put together as far as menus, expected behavior, etc. It is my first stop in news consumption every day. Kudos to your IT folks. Some dark marks: it does not allow you to select a word to look up its meaning online ala WaPo, NYT, etc, or to select any text at all. Also consistent poor content oversight i.e. in today’s article about the hero of the Denver night club shooting, a Marcus is cited with no prior mentioned of s/he in the article or 1st name. Who’s Marcus? Boos to your editing.
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3 years ago, HikeNWrite
Pretty good
I check ABQ Journal app daily. It’s a good rundown of the headlines. The navigation could be a little more intuitive; I definitely miss news that I later see in the print version. But it’s a heck of a lot better than the “picture” version that goes out in the daily email! Suggest an email presentation more like what the SF New Mexican does. Much more user-friendly, especially on a mobile phone. Overall, the Journal is a great resource. But some tech updates would be good.
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4 years ago, Little John (NM)
Needs work
The app is ok to get the daily news but it has problems that need to be addressed. If I leave the app with the Journal open, it crashes the next day when I try to load the next day’s issue. When reading the comics, the order of each comic almost seems random. For instance, if I start at the top right, you would assume the next button would bring up the comic to the right or maybe below but it often goes to the next page or to the last comic on the page. Something is wrong with the number order of the comics.
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5 years ago, abqjournal
eJournal - needs delivery consistency
Now with eJournal my woes have moved from having numerous delivery issues with a paper to eJournal. Delivery of the ABQ Journal should not be the same, but it is. Day by day, selecting the AJournal App, I never know if the current paper is available. And that was the same question with delivery, will it be there? The best About eJournal is setting vacation...I don’t have to about a paper copy being delivery when I’ve submitted a vacation request, which was happening more and more. Neighbors were having to deal with!
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4 years ago, Tom Ras
Update fail
Not sure what happened - was ver happy with the way it worked before the update, now my ABQJOURNAL app shortcut is gone and can only be found in the newsstand part - on top of that, the blue highlight on every article is annoying and makes it very hard to read the paper the way I used to... Thumbs down if this is an improvement
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4 months ago, Could use a little improvement
Online Journal review
I love the convenience of having the Journal at my fingertips without having to venture out into rain/snow to retrieve a physical paper. My constructive criticisms are: -occasionally pages and or sections are not included in the downloadable editions. It’s an obvious over site that takes hours before the missing pages are added. -Plus, certain full page ads are repeated throughout the paper. I don’t remember repeated ads being quite so common when I subscribed to the physical Journal.
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4 years ago, tals7337
Easy to navigate, easy to use
The app makes it easy to quickly scroll though headlines to find articles you are interested in reading. Also, as a subscriber, I enjoy looking at the ejournal and selecting which articles or pictures/figures to “zoom in” on. Very user friendly, even the comics are easy to navigate.
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2 years ago, Hank James
Enjoy the daily updates while out of state
I spend a lot of time out of state, but I enjoy keeping up with New Mexico issues each morning with the electronic version of the Journal. I would like to see a little more local news from the southern part of the state, Silver City, Las Cruces, and Deming.
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3 years ago, jogk
Convenient, easy to read
Living outside the city makes it nearly impossible to have the paper delivered, and I love starting my day reading local news in bed. The app lets me do this, and it helps seeing the text illuminated on my iPad since these old eyes need extra help these days.
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2 years ago, Abq_ben
Easy to read and use, but download doesn’t fully work
I read the newspaper every day and this app makes it feel like a real newspaper without the mess of ink on my fingers. My only complaint is that the download feature doesn’t work very well. Not all pages fully load and then I’m stuck with half a newspaper on the airplane.
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2 years ago, Santa Fe pix
Easy to use...
After a brief learning period, this is easy to use and quickly becomes intuitive. Good App. It has more features than I’ll ever use but it’s a fine way to read the news. Best local news source with frequent updates.
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3 months ago, Ggm2a
I have been out of town for over a week and I love being able to get on my iPad and read the journal. It’s a morning routine that I’ve done for years. When I’m home I have the actual paper delivered, I’m old school in certain ways. 😁
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4 years ago, Ann1111111111111111111111111
Love it
We love the app! Very easy to use and great for those of us with older eyes, as you can enlarge the screen. One suggestion is that when you click on the article you want to read and it opens up the side view, putting the close button (x) at the end of the article would be helpful. As it is now, you have to scroll up to the beginning.
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1 year ago, r&jT
Timely news in nice format
I’m not an internet guy, and rather would read the paper as paper. But sometimes it doesn’t get received, or there is breaking news I’d rather not go to television to review. The ABQJ covers news (even in southern NM ) better than most. Thanks.
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3 years ago, RVA410
Support Local Journalism
ABQ Journal is a lifeline for our community. Having the app along with the printed version enables us to maintain a semblance of an awareness on the pulse of our community. The good, the bad, and the rest ….. Local news by local journalists is necessary. I’d like to see more newspapers in driveways but absent that the app can bridge the gap.
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4 years ago, chasbabb
Pretty good but...
There’s some annoying things still happening, mostly involved with getting the latest edition of the paper. It will notify that there’s a new edition available and then just sit there with a white screen and nothing happening. I’ll have to get out and back in before it actually shows the new paper.
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4 years ago, Tani_nm
Love using the app to view the eEdition
Although I still enjoy reading the print edition, I often don’t have time to sit down with it. I use this app almost daily to view the Journal eEdition in any snippets of time I have throughout the day. The app easy to use and reliably lets me navigate the eJournal easily on my iPhone.
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4 years ago, Princeton Doc
Great source of ABQ news and events
Really enjoy everything about the Journal except it’s far right wing editorials. They are obviously super conservative oriented and facts are few and far between. I’m pro business and growth but these are a rehash of OAN disingenuous opinions. A more balanced and nuanced view in a state with some many socioeconomic challenges would be welcome.
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11 months ago, Mattile
Love on Line Journal
We get the print and on line Journal. This means I can read past journals and read my favorite things even when I am out of town. I will miss a printed paper even more than printed books but I do enjoy the convenience.
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2 years ago, Otto one
Have always enjoyed the Journal. Read it everyday as I drink my coffee. Gives me more news then anything else and helps me know what’s going on everywhere. After reading it I love doing the puzzles . When out of town really like the app.
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6 months ago, Nurse Corps
Easy to navigate
Enjoy tapping on an article to enlarge it. The diminished page remains at the top of the screen with the article highlighted making it easy to tap back to the full page. Also I enjoy learning what’s going on locally.
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4 years ago, Golf Weather Guy
E Journal Works
E-Journal is easier to read than newsprint version. Keeps your hands clean. but it is easier to follow most main stories because you don’t have to find page 6, “lost in space” to finish, its all in the same feed. Spelling and spacing can be a little weird, but its easier to read, doesn’t get wet, or thrown in bushes.
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8 months ago, 99brewski
Been watching prime for years and i really enjoy the programming and picture quality. I dont care for the “watch one episode,pay for the rest”! Give it to me or sell it to me…please! Don’t push me to other channels….i like you guys!
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3 years ago, Becca9359
Enjoying digital
It took a while to get used to reading the news in a digital format, but for the most part it is reliable. This is important since living in Los Alamos, our paper wasn’t always delivered reliably.
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2 years ago, engi500
Way Worse Than the Site Experience
Even on mobile browsing, going to the site rather than this app is a much better experience. The app makes you tap twice to get into a full article, tap back twice (or more) to get back to the Home Screen once you’re done with an article, and doesn’t show but a few words of a headline, making it hard to know if it’s worth all the tapping that will need done to read it.
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3 years ago, ChrisAbqNM
E-edition is great!
Reading the e-edition of the Journal every morning has been an excellent way to stay informed in these crazy times without going down the rabbit-hole of “doom scrolling” endless bad news on various internet sites. It’s reasonably balanced and concise, and I love staying up on my local news as well.
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11 months ago, edwade10
Just what I need.
While newspapers are no longer the first moment news source they are excellent for follow up and to get more detail on interesting articles. The journal does a fine job and the app is easy to use.
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3 years ago, Blondie743013
Great app
I enjoy getting the news through your app. I am able to easily print out my puzzles. I also am able to make the font a size I can read. I enjoy speak up and editorials especially.
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8 months ago, Coach Counselor
Always Enjoy
Been reading the journal since I learned how to read in the 80’s. Caught up with the times and got e-journal a few years back but still get that paper copy on Sunday. It’s as tradition as the Balloon Fiesta to me. Thank you journal !
Show more
2 years ago, Skiunr69
Virus Free
Reading the Journal in the morning is a favorite way to start my day. While the hard copy may be preferable and nostalgic, in times like this handling one less item from outside the household quarantine makes the eJournal preferable.
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2 years ago, Abq Paul
Pretty good
I generally enjoy using the app on my iPad. Much better than it used to be. But, I hate,hate,hate that if I switch even briefly to another app, when I return it almost always takes me back to the main interface and makes me reopen the issue.
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4 years ago, jc from bernalillo
Love the journal app, especially the latest news feature. The journal has used electronic version brilliantly. I still read newspapers the old fashioned way but rely on the electronic version during my frequent travel. Good job by all concerned.
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5 months ago, THywari
Where is the editor?
I can’t tell you how many times there are spaces in words. Sentences don’t make sense. The grammar is horrible, not even 3rd grade level. So where is the editor to check these items. This paper is a perfect example of why New Mexico school system is towards the bottom in the United States.
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2 years ago, Horseshoes
First at news
Love reading the paper which goes a little more in depth in topics that have an article. I like the No paper aspect of the app. It saves paper and is more easily read as far as maneuvering.
Show more
4 years ago, pojnews
News when and where I want it
Great Application and being able to access prior week’s news is handy. I can access line-ups and stats of basketball teams during games. Breaking News is timely and valued.
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4 years ago, David in ABQ
Great online news service
The ABQ Journal app allows me to easily access local news. During this time of crisis it’s important that we all know what’s going on in our community. The Journal’s reporting and delivery of news via their app is excellent.
Show more
2 years ago, Sstar429
Wonderful alternative to paper!
This app has everything. You can zoom, share, and even send articles to people. Love this alternative to paper.
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2 years ago, CMR traveler
great to have while traveling
Easy to use and fast to download. This app allows superior access to my hometown paper while I am away on business or pleasure.
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11 months ago, 1936Barb
Up to date
I check the website several times a day and the news is updated and current. The best place to get up to the minute NM news and latest Covid-19 information
Show more
2 years ago, Loved one inside
Adds are too obstructive on a small screen
I use an iPhone mini and find the pop up adds use too much of the screen. I understand the need for advertising, and am content to have embedded ads. But the overlayer of ads is too hard to navigate around.
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