ALPA Mobile

2.6 (14)
99.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Air Line Pilots Association, International
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for ALPA Mobile

2.64 out of 5
14 Ratings
1 year ago, Spin737
On the Jumpseat finder, the saved and notify buttons are not intuitive. Are they active? Do you push them to make them active? Make them on/off or red/green.
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6 months ago, Brian T731
Aircraft’s previous flight
Assuming you’re drawing off the same database as other popular flight search apps, could you add displaying “aircraft’s previous flight” to the jumpseat finder? When real time delay information is displayed, it’s very helpful to see when the aircraft will arrive inbound to determine if the airline’s estimated departure time is realistic. This functionality would allow me to use this app 100% of the time when I need to search for flights.
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1 year ago, pilot_e
Date selection
Can not select dates to look up a jumpseat in the the second half of every month. The calendar doesn’t move to allow access to these dates and the app will not allow you to manually type in the date. So it is basically useless if you are trying to look up flights after the 15-20th of the month.
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2 years ago, Airlne Pilot in MD
Glitch selecting flight dates
As of about a month ago, I am unable to move the calendar up to get past the second row of dates. This makes it impossible to select flights for the second half of the month. Please fix this soon! iPhone SE, 2nd Gen.
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12 years ago, JRWoelfel
Not too bad..
Works fine on the new iPad. Could use links to more info/documents/magazines etc. Also would be nice to have a feedback/message system built in to different departments, possibly, instead of just printed email addresses of individuals..
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10 months ago, User3697
Ridiculous that so many apps do this
Any app that forces an update to use despite working perfectly hours before gets one star
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2 years ago, lalahshfhdindndjdkndbshsknd
Can’t select dates in second half of any month. Pointless
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6 months ago, coleee333e3e3e5t567889098
Cargo not showing up
Need to fix this issue. It will not display any cargo carrier any longer. FedEx or UPS does not show up anymore.
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1 year ago, Eachtohisherown
Non functional.
App and website don’t function. Nothing but a spinning wheel.
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5 years ago, Lisatocc
Always sent to settings.
With the new update, every button I push sends me to the iPhone settings screen for the app. And, if I don’t press a button within the app, I get sent to the settings screen anyways within a few seconds. It has made using the app almost useless as every time I get sent to settings. Please fix this soon. Thanks
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3 years ago, sprtfn
Unable to access
I just tried to access the app (the only way to do a flight search for jumpseat), but I get a pop up window (DEV) Update Required sorry for the inconvience. Blue hyper link for Update takes me to the Apple App and I have the current version. I deleted and reinstalled and still same problem. Wish I could see how to get from Denver to Newark tonight.
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6 years ago, PAndersonC12
v4.0 HUGE improvement
Kudos to making the leap to version 4.0 of the ALPA app. I was pleasantly surprised to find a completely revamped app that looks cleaner and simpler to use. And there’s FINALLY a search feature for KCM airports! Great job on the Jumpseat section as well.
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3 years ago, 62741520339
Can’t Open App
Although I have the current version, 4.2.5, opening up the app gives me a pop up that the app needs to be updated. Selecting the “Update” option sends me to the App Store which says I have the current version. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but get the same results. Can’t open it and can’t use it.
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5 years ago, Jetlag'd
I tried dozens of times to login using cellular data, which works for 99% of my app. The exception is ALPA app. WiFi only to do anything except stare at it. Not impressed
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6 years ago, JordGold
Good face lift, but nothing works
The latest update came with many cosmetic improvements that are very welcoming. However, 80% of the features crash when used. I would greatly prefer the previous version for its functionality over the current version for its looks.
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13 years ago, Sniffer777
ALPA app
Good start. I like the layout and all the JS info is readily accessible when running from gate to gate. Committee info and news items keep me up to date daily. Thanks...
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5 years ago, Gageaa
When reading docs, switching from portrait to landscape on my phone screws up the doc—black screen, jumbled pages, can’t swipe. Also needs a search function for docs.
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3 years ago, castergalas
Flight finder is a great feature
The flight finder feature is a great addition to the app and benefit for ALPA pilots.
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12 years ago, Boyd.Mac
1.7 worst update yet
Latest update very buggy. Crashes before anything loads now. Can't even get one page to work on iPhone 4S Keeps logging me out when it does load.
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7 years ago, willy2351
Please make the jumpseat info available offline again.
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3 years ago, LGM737
Flight Finder Not Working
The flight finder function of the app has stopped working.
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5 years ago, 787Driver
PDR and Hotel?
The user interface could use some help. The hotel page should be up front. Also, a quick link to the PDR system would be helpful.
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8 years ago, Philbert81
It's just an ok app
Needs more work on the UI
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8 years ago, Justalilleolstarkidfan
Please bring back previous version
This one is frustrating because it's difficult to navigate and crashes frequently
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13 years ago, C Fizz
Nothing but an RSS feed!
I used to be a communications volunteer and know the capabilities, this is a far cry from what it should offer. There are so many possibilities and this doesn't even come close, if you get the fastreads, don't bother with the app.
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6 years ago, J3Hack
App crashes constantly
Previous versions of this app were very helpful. Now when I try to look up any MEC/LEC or personal information the app crashes. It seems to work ok on iPad but not iPhones.
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6 years ago, CVG today
4.0 has limited working functions in iOS 12
Everyone I select LEC/MEC the app crashes. Along with a couple other buttons. This has become useless.
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13 years ago, Hurricane1155
Out of date
The MEC and LEC officers are all old and not up to date with the new officers. The news section is archaic. Basically a useless app.
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3 years ago, Pscurtis1
Flight Finder Inop
Flight finder does not work for me, I plan to uninstall the app. Will revisit once this is fixed.
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6 years ago, JetlagAlex
Apple Wallet Support?
Will you be adding Apple Wallet support anytime soon to the KCM barcode?
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13 years ago, Jojo556699
How about adding the Airline code to the Jumpseat section. Incase gate agents don't know it. Thanks
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8 years ago, 737pileit
Most of the features do not work.
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11 years ago, Idunno?
App doesn't work at all. Crashes as soon as it opens. Please update.
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11 years ago, bigdaddyzog
Won't load at all.
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6 years ago, Go around flaps 20
Bring back the ability for non ALPA members to read ALPA news.
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6 years ago, Autothrust blue
App still not working fully.
App crashes on login occasionally MEC REPS don’t load Other mec items don’t load LEC REPS don’t load Other lec items don’t load Membership card locks up the app
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13 years ago, A300
More of an app for historical news. No helpful uses for ALPA members.
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7 years ago, Jowersman
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13 years ago, Austinbgeorge
1st review... Good job guys
Nice work. Keep updating and it will be good
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13 years ago, Alevezos
Good start!
Great potential for a lot of information concerning our local councils.
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13 years ago, Bjhutch
No offline mode
An app for airline pilots with no offline mode? Really? Please add to the to-do list.
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