Alphabet ABC Letter Kids Games

4.4 (6K)
304.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bini Bambini Academy
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Alphabet ABC Letter Kids Games

4.4 out of 5
6K Ratings
5 years ago, greg4e
Nice but Id wish there be more games
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4 years ago, SE-2020
Good app but too many in app purchase links
Impossible to give to a child, as this already expensive app is designed primarily to get you to purchase more and more and more....Too many embedded in app purchase links designed for child to be attracted to them and click on them and beg parents to by, and no ability to disable or make invisible to a child. The link icons are much more colorful and designed to steer attention to them. Update: received response from developer that icons are just a recommendation. My reply: Yes, these icons can be considered as recommendations but adult should be able to hide them and introduce one by one as the way to control child development. Otherwise it is a continuous distraction for the child, who will beg to get this or that app before finishing current one.
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4 years ago, zaiyapony@icloudcom.
This is great we love it haha morning is the best day to go to school today with my iPad and my friends after that we came home and saw our mom dead it was happy. But it was hard to think it’s the best day ever we saw zebra and a monkey and bird and a monster that was creepy to see that anyways we had fun meeting a zoo with my teacher. my teacher just got here and said that we cannot meeting zoo again zoo is about to close I was happy finally we got here home called our mom and dad my dad and mom said wow I’m proud of u so we played ABC KIDS TV and my mom me and sis saw a monster and killed US.A so we had fun that’s the end bye!
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4 months ago, Sturgeon19
Too many ads after paying for app
I bought an annual subscription for my son and regret it immensely because there is ads within the sections he is playing in. Other apps remove the ads after payment, this company should do the same but chooses not to, even though multiple customers have rated them negatively for this poor business practice. My son wants to play the games advertised in these ads but they require an additional subscription. Furthermore, family sharing isn’t enabled. I will not be downloading any apps from this company in the future and will be cancelling my subscription. Avoid at all costs.
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5 years ago, Vickiemarie138
Still no sound after most recent update
There still seems to be no sound on IOS versions even after the apps most recent update. My child enjoys the app quite a bit so I continued to keep the subscription. Considering the company is making money off of the application it would rather nice to see it get a proper update to address the no sound issue it has had for some time now. My last review received a reply from the developers asking me to contact them through support so I did. Claiming it to be a device or in app setting issue which it isn’t. It is simply a bug within the app itself.
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4 years ago, MDinKCKS
Great app that is FILLED with hidden costs
So this app is good and provides a lot of entertainment for my children, but everything is hidden behind multiple paywalls which makes it difficult to explain to them why their dad just paid $50 to unlock “all features” only for them to click on the next level or game and have to pay another $50 just to use that one. Whoever designed this app should be ashamed that they intentionally link all of these together with multiple purchase options within the app that traps children into attempting to convince parents to subscribe multiple times to what is essentially the same app over and over. You people are terrible.
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4 years ago, Cantabile3
Paid for the whole app—still too many in-app purchases
I purchased the full app hoping to avoid more in-app purchases, but there are still plenty of “traps”. Of course, my toddler wants the ones that need to be purchased. Very sneaky of the developers mess with children’s psychology. [my response to the developer — as many of the reviews suggest, this app, once paid in full, should not include additional in-app purchases. Every 5 minutes I get from my child “download this one!”. Please minimize the number of extra app purchases if the user has paid for the full app—we will actually enjoy the experience then.]
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4 months ago, BroBraBlahBlah
Great Free Game, Wildly Underwhelming for Cost
My daughter seemed interested in the game, so we did the free trial. Sadly she very quickly became bored with the derivative nature of it and the lack of features to justify the cost, and I foolishly forgot to cancel it. I try and nudge her to play it so I can feel like I got my moneys worth, but that’s hard to accomplish. A lot of their other games are okay with the free versions, and I’d be pay a one time fee for some of them, but hard to give this all more than 1 star for how much it costs.
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4 years ago, Michelle Wheat
It is a little expensive but worth every dollar!! It has the cutest characters ever and so may different levels to cover anyone!! Can’t wait to play with my beautiful granddaughters!! Evelynn, Nora, Clarke and baby June are really going to learn so much!! I am glad I bought it!!!
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5 years ago, Ruth Simmons
Amazing Academy
My grandkids loved this game, they’ve been already playing Bini ABC and other separate games, it’s nice to see them included here as well together with a new one which is completely stunning. It’s a total must have !
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5 years ago, emu788
Yes. Shame on the developers of this app. Firstly, they’re money hungry. Why download an app that basically requires you to download more apps? Oh yeah, so your child can learn how to spell “fat” (literally the first word it offered up) and then get frustrated because this game only allows them to get through two levels before asking you to download more or pay them money. Not for my family.
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3 years ago, buttrfly30
No sound
This app seems like it could be great except there is no sound. It has only caused frustration at this point because our two year old wants to use it so bad but it serves no purpose without sound. I just started the trial but am not interested in going any further without the sound working.
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2 years ago, Jay62210
There is no sound coming from the app and her other apps work fine so it’s not the electronic it’s the app itself I feel disappointed in this because it’s a cute app that I think my child can learn a lot from but is unable to enjoy
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4 years ago, 2 olay
Come on
I hate apps that lead to endless purchases. You can’t play a game without more popUps to purchase more. This ought to be illegal..., Why not make it a single purchase and end it? Or do a small monthly subscription? The in app purchases mean the kid can’t play games without needing help to purchase ever more functions. Gonna delete the app
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5 years ago, Groovy Granny Faye
I would have loved this app
I would have loved this app but I am another unfortunate parent who purchased this but there's NO SOUND. I tried everything. I paid $20 for one year. I would like a refund please because without SOUND this app is useless. All my other apps work just fine. But not this one!!
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3 years ago, amyjess22
Nice looking but no sound
Tried toggling on and off in settings, deleting and reloading-no improvement. No issues with any of our other apps.
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4 years ago, Cantrell The Teacher
Limited Access
I paid for the $36 subscription and I am still only being allowed limited access. I’m a confused as to what the subscription I purchased does? Every time I sign in it’s access me to purchase a subscription when I have already done so. Please advise
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2 months ago, Ferrogamo123
Learn to read
Very good animation. Keeps the child engrossed and excited.
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4 years ago, jbkhkhky
Don’t buy!
I spent 50 on this and it acts like we didn’t. It keeps asking us to buy it. I would like a refund. This is worthless.
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5 years ago, JoyfulWhit
No sound bad customer service
I purchased this app months ago and the sound has not worked and still doesn’t work. I reached out to customer care for a refund and they refused and told me to use one of there other apps that had sounds.
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9 months ago, Susan959
No way to cancel this app?
I downloaded this app 15 min ago but think it might be a scam because there is no way to cancel it during the free trial period. I have reached out to support and have not yet heard any response from them.
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3 years ago, boym0mof3
Too many ads
There are just as many app ads for other apps as there is content for this app. Annoying.
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4 years ago, isha blair 3
They charge me every two weeks
I paid for this app and two weeks later I could not play anymore my daughter was so disappointed I thought it was every month to pay NOT every two weeks
Show more
4 years ago, Bracco609
Constantly glitches and asks for more money. We will be canceling he can not play any of the games other then the numbers and it freezes a lot. It has potential to be really cute but it should be a free app not over three dollars a month.
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8 months ago, Camel4you
Worst app ever
They say for $50 you can unlock everything but you actually unlock nothing and your child is never happy, if your like us with an autistic child run they’ll never be happy and that’s 100%
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4 years ago, Twilight stinky😻😻
Learn to read a BC
I love it it’s making my little sister learn better
Show more
5 years ago, JohnCucumber
Cool app!
Well, playing this games before, but now they are in one app, and plus new game was awesome, absolutely love it 😍😍😍
Show more
4 years ago, soccer7sg
Sound not working
The sound feature on the app didn't work
Show more
2 years ago, Hardmen-Larian
Sound does not work on the apps. Trying to teach my child phonics without sound on app is pointless.
Show more
10 months ago, erikatsuji
Awful App, Charged Me $40, Won’t Refund
Cancelled a day after free trial. Scammers charged me the annual fee of $40 instead of $5 monthly. It’s really an awful app, very annoying visuals and sounds, puts toddler in zombie mode, not learning mode.
Show more
1 year ago, grdgjtrfhyr
All the numbers except one into you have to subscribe to use to teach your child what number it is
Show more
4 years ago, Sfprincessx
Did you talk to mom
Some stuff to get you sans
Show more
4 years ago, anon98712
Sound is broken
Great app but the sound doesn’t work anymore.
Show more
4 years ago, butchblue
Hard to make work Cannot confirm or change purchase. Cannot access information about purchase or cancellation of free trial. Ripoff? Seems like sleazy business method.
Show more
5 years ago, HolyTruth
Sound missing!
Great production but after a few days sound quit. Other games have sound. Restarts do nothing. 2012 ipad.
Show more
3 years ago, WalkinOnStarz
Sound doesn’t work
I got this app to help my daughter with phonics but it’s useless because the sound doesn’t work. Such a waste 🙄
Show more
2 years ago, wantmymoneybqck
No sound
It’s a great came till you pay for it. No sound
Show more
1 year ago, Balogna4u
Sound doesn’t work
Using free trial and no sound. All my other apps work and have sound. 😡
Show more
5 years ago, termo043
Can’t manage subscriptions
Such a waste. Still can’t get to make sure I’m not charged after trial period. I did not intend to purchase a subscription.
Show more
2 years ago, John M. Zurak
Just awful
Sound does not work Ending the subscription is complicated
Show more
1 year ago, jonetta10
No sound
No sound… had to purchase another app
Show more
5 years ago, dkjggff
Too many ads
What’s with all the ads? Really annoying
Show more
5 years ago, Jadey the bug
Master of learning the abc's
This app is awesome be learned
Show more
5 years ago, lhdhjr
No way to cancel
I want to quit this app and there is no way to get you to stop taking money every month.
Show more
3 years ago, EvaPsyD
My 6 year old loves this app!
Show more
5 years ago, Riot gurl
All access
I kJust paid for the app and now it’s telling me I only paid for 1 section!!! And the reading is very limited I’m not thrilled at all
Show more
4 years ago, ngayaan
No sounds
The developer said to contact them on the support but if you press the support it will not led you to who to contact or talk with.
Show more
5 years ago, amelia ard love💄
I like it
This is so fun and educational and great 👍
Show more
4 years ago, Nebraska sweet gal
Terrible and incorrect
Phonics aren’t even correct. Numbers are confusing 1, 2, 2... you should just stop at the first 2.
Show more
5 years ago, laytons1126
Can’t unsubscribe
App won’t let me manage my subscription/cancel. Multiple emails to support with no response.
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