AM 560 The Answer

2.9 (40)
18.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Salem Radio Operations, LLC
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for AM 560 The Answer

2.9 out of 5
40 Ratings
4 years ago, Agent Zordak
Same long ads every time, even on same day: waste of time
To start listening or to return to listening, it goes back and plays the same long ads. Hearing the same Balance of Nature ad over and over is creating extreme aversion to that brand. Poorly designed app. Once we have heard an add a few times, that should suffice. Have mercy on the listener.
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2 years ago, chicagocubsrule
Constant crashes while listening
It’s either not compatible with updated iPhone XR or an app update created new issues. Can’t read the in-app news while listening or the show stops playing. The app will also randomly crash several times while listening so I’m forced to listen to the pre-roll commercial at every re-boot. It’s not a matter of if the app will crash but how many times. There’s also a weird new issue after the pre-roll where I’ll start listening to a show and multiple commercials will interrupt for several seconds.
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4 years ago, AdmiralKirk
Pre-Roll Ads Up the Wazoo
Just what I wanted, an app that makes me sit through long pre-roll ads to listen to a radio station that already has a ton of ads... The worst part is having to go through pre-roll ads every time you reconnect to the stream if your connection drops. No thanks, chief...
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2 months ago, DZ511
Way too many ads
Everything you do in the app requires you to watch an ad. There are ads on every screen of the app. Ditch all the ads and I’ll be happy to use the app.
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4 years ago, Slartlebartfast
Lousy app
As I walk around my plant the signal gets dropped and it rarely picks it up again. Oh and I get to listen to the adds they play before you get the signal again. Sometimes they play over the content.
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2 years ago, 5User555
Streaming rarely woks
This is an app to stream a radio station. If the streaming function rarely works and requires multiple attempts to get it to work, the app is a failure. Please correct the issues.
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7 months ago, RenryJ
The worst app ever
Endless commercial, takes forever to load, it restarts out of the blue, and your better to listen online then with this app. Just awful.
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4 months ago, trtkn
Get commercials on top of commercials
Not only do you get to hear commercials broadcast by radio, you get the apps commercials — in the latter case WHILE the program is on. Garbage.
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4 years ago, kltobot
What happened?
The app used to be usable, not good, but at least it worked. It’s terrible now. All kinds of different bugs and problems.
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6 years ago, Scttyb
Stop the app ads
Would be a five except for the ads forced on you by the app in addition to the radio ads. Radio ads are fine stop the app ads
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4 years ago, JEK32
Very Choppy Playback
Even over WiFi the playback stops continuously. Does not run well in the background.
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4 years ago, Krycek20
Option to opt out of ads doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, Ranng
What happened?
Your app was never great but lately it hardly works.
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6 years ago, Kevstunts
Need iOS 11.0.1 update!
Someone needs to update this app it doesn’t work with the New Apple Update iOS 11.0.1.
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8 years ago, RANDy Corporation
Works now.
I retract my prior concerns. Seems to be working well now.
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6 years ago, someITguy
Do NOT Update
If you are a fan of Dan & Amy or Joe Walsh, then keep the old version ( so you can continue to listen to their podcasts. This new update “supposedly” provides access to podcasts but I sure can’t find them. This update is useless in my opinion. If you want an app that simply shows Tweets from AM560, then this is for you. They have RUINED this app! Boo!!!
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7 years ago, Lien Family
If a person downloads your radio app to listen to what is otherwise free; why punish them with even more audio ads? Everytime you visit a web page with audio playing the app stops- restarting requires listening to the same awful ad with no work around.
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8 years ago, soupn0tsi
Forced Video Ads are awful
Everytime you open the APP you are forced to watch a commercial for a sponsor (typically TurnKey.Pro). Really annoying. TuneIn Radio is much better, station is on there and you can record the audio and skip commercials in playback.
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