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User Reviews for Amazon Kindle

4.85 out of 5
4.3M Ratings
2 years ago, ElizabethHawkins
Kindle is great, but Kindle Unlimited has made it AMAZING!!😍😍📖
I have always been a bookworm but times are tough, I can’t afford to go buy books to read right now, especially considering I can’t reread something I’ve already read. I can’t get into it if I know what’s going to happen, so I definitely can’t afford to spend the amount of money they now cost to only get use one time.. Plus I have “feral kids” (if you know, you KNOW but if not, look it up😅).. but Kindle Unlimited allows you to pay so much per month & “borrow” as many books as your heart desires, read, return, & replace with another good book that sparks your interest. And there are all types of books too, healing, self help, thriller, psychological thriller, fantasy, etc. Memoirs, etc. I highly recommend “If You Tell” by Gregg Olsen. It’s a memoir its a true story but be forewarned that it isn’t for the weak, these people went through horrible things, be ready to cry like i did. 🥺 it was beautifully written, & these victims/survivors NEED their story to get out there & the mom is being released this year and they want everyone to be warned, this woman may kill again. Anyways, if you’re wondering if you should get it or not, here is your sign: DO IT, & GET KINDLE UNLIMITED. They offer a free trial to show you how great it is so you can try it for free and read a months worth of books for free! Thank me later, you’re welcome.😊
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7 months ago, Musicus1685
Overall good but…
Kindle app is a great reader. However, it contains some extra features which would be AMAZING if they would develop them just a bit further so they could be put to more practical and more productive use. Kindle reader app for me, is more than just a reader like a little kindle device. It’s a productivity and learning tool and with a few little enhancements could be amazingly useful for that. Anyway, updated features are long overdue. 1. It would sure be nice if the highlights had major customizability (best) or at the very least, more color choices. As I’ve expanded my use of them, I have developed a system of highlights that act visual cues for myself for future reference. I have more ideas but the extremely limited choice of colors is frustrating that. 2. The flashcards feature works in a confusing and non-logical way. If I wanted to use the already existing ability to have highlights become flashcards, it only fills one side of the flashcard. It would be better if one could do something like allow me to choose to put adjoining highlights as a pair, the first on the front and the second second on the back. Then I could make flashcards from premises and conclusions in a book. I think that would get a lot of use from people like me who teach. 3. It would sure be helpful if I could select text across a page break with one selection rather than two separate selections. 4. Perhaps an option to read by vertically scrolling text would help with #3?
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2 years ago, Diamondstud32
I see work is being done on library functionality, but
As an avid reader, I’d like to see more improvements for storing, organizing and finding books in my Kindle library in order to make reading Kindle books more enjoyable. 1) There should be a way to bring the categories into the library so I can filter by category and sub-category. For example: category Mystery; subcategory Police Procedural. I can shop for them this way in the Kindle store, I want to be able to view my library the same way. 2). There needs to be a way to quickly see which books have been read, and which have not. 3) There should be a private section in my kindle library that can't be seen by anyone I hand my phone or tablet to. 4) I'd like a way to easily view a series of books in order. It looks like this is being done, but it doesn’t seem to work. Also, I’d like to be able to easily go to the next book in the series. Currently, when I finish a book, a page comes up showing the title and synopsis of the next book in the series. (Thanks for adding that, it has helped a bit to at least see the title of the next book in order). Ideally though, I’d like to be able to select the next book (if in my library) and be able to open it from there. Instead, I have to search my library. Thanks for considering there suggestions.
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2 years ago, GorgousDisaster
I absolutely LOVE kindle unlimited!
I’ve always enjoyed reading, but kindle unlimited has made it so much easier to read while being a stay at home mom to an almost two year old. I LOVE paper books, but I’m ocd about my pages/book getting bent up.. 😵‍💫 Kindle unlimited also helped me discover so many new authors and amazing stories I probably would have never read because I’ve never heard of them before. Kindle unlimited also suggests books to you based on books you’ve already read and I have yet to be disappointed (I enjoy horror, the more aggressive/suspenseful, the better). Some little things I enjoy about this app are the customization options as well as streak keeper. Some examples of the customizing options are being able to change the view to white pages, black pages, and even newsprint pages. You can also display the percentage of completion, hours/minutes estimated based off your reading speed for completing both each chapter as well as cover to cover and obviously page number out of total pages. The streak tracker is really cool because it lets you know how many books/which titles you’ve completed each year, tells you how many days/months in a row you’ve been reading, and encourages you to keep reading. For the price of one book a month, what is there to lose..? 😌
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3 months ago, dREAMfrEE02
Great Read
My first thought that she might be dead was when she first interacts with the housekeeper - and I said it off the cuff because of the housekeeper’s reaction to her was like someone who shouldn’t be there, and thought even more so because of her loss of time (I’ve seen many movies & more so read many books, I think some word choice descriptions become instinctive). I was very annoyed with her by the plot twist explanation. I thought the boy might be real when he screamed after looking at her. I kept thinking Dante & Aiden were the same person from the very beginning of Aiden’s introduction but couldn’t figure out how and was a little thrown off that in the end he was dead too and very aware of it. I felt bad for his character for dying after finally finding something good in life. Very unfair. I immediately thought the creepy guy was her husband because the obvious reasons, plus she said she watched him die (loved or not my spirit would be livid you “watched” me drown).. although, I was very surprised to find out he was alive and the mental twist with his story, plus trying to skip out on a double homicide. I actually laughed out loud when they went to haunt him. I admit I was expecting more torture than him freaking out and being written up as unfit to stand trial - but the book abruptly ended. There are a few things I didn’t get.. however, all in all, a great read, I finished it in a little over a day.
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2 years ago, nattyg1978lovespodcasts
I am the author of Cult Girls
I am the author of this 3 year passion project. After many years of seeing countless struggling good woman being treated so poorly (better off dead) by their family and once close friends, I felt the need for healing comedic and having a colorful educational tale of the wacky upbringing, JW marriage culture, common incidents to us as being raised as Jehovah's Witness, divorced as a JW, married to an elder. It touches topics such as smoking, abortion, birth control, JW's wacky and unfair judicial system, the recruiting process, the love bombing process and the parental conditional love that most sadly experience in a suppressive, strict religion environment and has a guidebook narrative of how to fade out. I also felt it was something that people should educate themselves that what might look acceptable when you are love bombed on a door knock, there is a whole other side of why people are actually in the faith and are just pretending to be happy. The beauty of life is that we are all at different stages, have individual personality, desires, goals and dreams and this is all presented in the book with the woven tales of Talia and her dear friends. That is why cults are bad I feel, we are all different and we should learn to trust ourselves and be able to explore our individual desires and purpose in life. Cult Girls
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3 months ago, Angelic speed
Hypocrisy -mysticism , wisdom and morality
There are times when things happen that we cannot explain or understand . The author starts out to verify that she has had mystical experiences throughout her life Picking up on spiritual vibes is a rare gift.. It can be both exhilarating and disturbing for the sensitive one. In the case of auto writing , the author became a vessel for someone else . She felt that it was not her , but the spirit of a significant person who trusted her . It can be a very draining experience , but the urgency of the messages can spark determination in the “vessel.”Spirit speech is a lot faster than Earthly speech . Working on translating it to more manageable Earth speech takes a lot of effort . Some of the layered meaning can be lost because of the complexity of Spirit Speech . The author has made a courageous and dedicated effort to bring as much of this beyond herself , which can be understood on the Earthly level and shared with others . We are in very difficult times, which are harsh on our souls and our minds .,The destruction of life as we know it is a great possibility . She has been receiving urgent messages warning that humans continue bring destructive throughout history with very little change The spirit was ahead of his Earthly time and still was burdened with sorrow from his last life . The author feels that he wanted her to relay his messages for the sake of the Future of the world .
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2 years ago, piperpottamus
Love the app but suggested titles not working properly
I will start by saying I love being able to use this app to read anywhere at any time. Solid collection of books for kindle unlimited. Problem- the function that shows books other customers who have read the title have also read has been erratic for at least a month. This is a big deal to me, because it helps me select my next title. Sometimes it doesn’t load at all, and a spinning circle appears. When the function is working, it only shows the full selection of those recommended titles if it is the first book I have clicked on for info. For all subsequent books, it only shows 3 titles. This is a bummer. I have found that if I close the app entirely, and reopen, I can click a different book and once again, see a full selection of recommendations based on other readers. If I don’t completely close the app out between each book I browse, I am again limited to three suggestions. Mostly, now, I am getting the spinning circle and nothing is loading. Bonus points- when you click to see one of the three kindle chart recommendations at the end of a book’s description, there is now a tab up to that allows the reader to select between top 100, new releases, most wished for, etc. This has broadened the # of selections under a specific topic, which I truly appreciate!
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3 years ago, Rosaa
I have been a kindle app user for many years. There have been improvements to the app that have kept me as a loyal user. Here’s one request I have (and I know it’s an atypical request and it may not ever be fixed but it’s worth asking): I browse titles, download samples, read samples, and naturally highlight and make notes as I read, whether the book is a sample or owned by me; if I like a book and want to read the full book, then I proceed to purchase it; the problem for me (and maybe no one else?) is when I purchase a book, my notes and highlights get deleted because the sample book is removed from my library and replaced with a full copy; but how can I transfer the highlights and notes? Is there a way, and if not, then can I keep the sample as well? The only workaround I can think of is to copy and paste to a document or to screen capture my notes and highlights to transfer to maintain a copy of them. These are tedious workarounds, and would love a solution. Yes, someone might ask, But why are you highlighting and making notes on a sample book? To which my response is, if I’m really into a book, I tend to make notes and highlights which means I will in turn want a full copy, which means I’m losing out on my notes and the moment I had going with the sample copy. This isn’t a high priority request, but would love an alternate workaround or solution. Thanks!
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2 years ago, nyc/country
Works well to read but some problems
PROS: I like that I have some choice in the color of the “paper,” print, how brightly (or not—good at night) lit, size of print, etc. I like that if I dk a word, I can simply tap on it for a definition (although I’d like a better, more encompassing dictionary). Overall, I find it easy to read on the app. CONS: My biggest peeve is that is highly unreliable as to whether I’ve read a book or not. It is supposed to but often doesn’t, which I find quite annoying. Of course, major books stay with me, but I read a lot and don’t always remember, say, whether I’ve read a particular mystery. Similarly, it doesn’t always catch that I’ve already purchased a book. It is supposed to and should. I have paid twice for the same book a number of times. Less important but a matter of convenience, it doesn’t remember your last page read. It says it does, but here’s an example of it not working: I’ve just read something that leads me to wonder when the book was published, so I go to look for the copyright page. If I forget to look at my current page number, the app will take me either to the front or back of the book to see the date. Now Kindle sometimes registers that page (the beginning or end of the book) as my furthest page read.
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4 years ago, zeldaqwer
Enhancement suggestions
I really like the kindle app and am an avid reader. With that said there a number of enhancements that I would like to see. I have had 4 different kindles (keyboard, touch, paper white, and oasis) and an early Sony E reader. I read primarily on my iPad. Although the dictionary and highlighting are occasionally helpful. It would be nice to have a user setting to turn this off so I don’t constantly have this show up because my hand slips when holding my tablet. I still think you need a better collection hierarchy. I have 3000+ books in my library and it would be nice to organize by author or genre and then have one or more specific levels. Some authors write romance, mystery, and paranormal. This should not be too hard with the database capabilities available. It would also be nice if there was an easier way to add multiple books to a collection. A setting to automatically remove a downloaded book after completion would also be helpful. Just a few ideas. I have a current big investment in kindle but if somebody else has a good library organization capability I might move on since this is really holding things back. With hard copy books I can organize my shelves how I want, electronic organization should be even easier.
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1 year ago, The Last Ace
Good, but could be better
I like the fact that a section of text can be highlighted no matter how long it is. The entire highlighted text will show up on one page that can then be reviewed. Which means all the important parts of the book can be read right there without having to jump to the page(s) to read the whole highlighted text and then having to jump back. Much more efficient when reviewing the important parts of a book. I also like that the time can be displayed where it can be read while reading. I do wish that there was an option to show how many pages are left in the chapter as the time can be. While occasionally the two pop up’s that happen when text is highlighted are useful, normally they are just a pain and get in the way. I wish those could be turned off or on depending upon one’s preference. Additionally it would be nice to be able to modify the start and stopping points of already highlighted text instead of having to delete and highlight it again. I can’t tell you how many times I think that I have selected just the text I want highlighted only to find extra words suddenly added to it. There seems to be some algorithm at play that thinks it knows better than the reader what needs to be highlighted and constantly adds extra text to the selection.
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8 months ago, Timm read
Top 10 reasons I like my Kindle(s)
I can categorize my library of books already enjoyed and not enjoyed I can also rate the books already read from 1* - 5* Kindle knows my taste in books based on previous purchases or books on my wish list I use my dictionary all of the time I enjoy highlighting well written paragraphs and being able to refer to them later I enjoy writing and reading reviews Reading in bed is easy I can read multiple books and pick up where I left off I don’t take my Kindle everywhere but I can find what I’m reading on my iPhone or iPad I have three pages of books on my “waiting to be read” list and also on my “wish list “ I can adjust the font and brightness of the screen I can preview the book’s characters or refer to them to refresh my memory as to who is who. If I am uncertain about a book, I can order a sample and read a few chapters to help make my decision. On my original iPad I can scroll down the pages instead of tapping to turn. Before ordering a book from the kindle store I read reviews submitted by others who have already read the book, helping me to make my decision. I receive advance notice of publication dates of favorite authors & I can preorder.
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2 years ago, 👵🏻💐👋
Greatest Reading Option Ever!!
I have “borrowed” several books using this app and I could not be happier. What a great way to have access to tons of fantastic books without spending a lot of money on books you may not want to read again. Or how about checking out new genres that you think you might like but haven’t had an easy way to do it. Or being able to read books across devices? Load a book on your phone, your iPhone, your tablet, your iPad, your pc; any or all of them. You are usually carrying one of these around with you anyway. Just like the library but right at your fingertips! There is a trial period. So I would say check it out. Got 5 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour? Read anytime, anywhere. Please don’t get me wrong. I love books, actual books: the feel of them in my hands; turning pages; the scent of paper and ink and bindings; the history of time and the people who read the exact book I am holding; the entire tactile act of reading an actual book. This is but an option. And a very good one! So if your life is busy and your time is limited, waiting in a doctor’s office, sitting on a bus, in line picking up the kids at school…anywhere…anytime… Read a Book!
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5 years ago, givemeacbreakwithenicknames
Been using since Kindle began no problems
I am a long term user of kindle. It was the first truly successful e reader. I had searched for and tried other systems. Electronic publishing seemed inevitable and an excellent use of resources. I had a library full of books and was often on waiting lists at the public library. Our family fought over special books and were always losing them. When I found out one book could be read simultaneously by several family members I was hooked. We bought the special kindle readers for all four of us and then added the apps for phones tablets and computers. I have never had a problem managing my library with both free and purchased content. Kudos. Just hope the authors are getting a fair share. Editing at publishing houses is still important but publishers costs should be very much lower with no printing, no paper, no delivery costs. All ads are media driven. Lower production costs should mean lower prices without penalizing the author, maybe even increasing the payments. In summary, the kindle system has been efficient and bug free for me ever since it began. I still use kindles to read outdoors, and love always having my library with my phone when I am stuck somewhere and need to wait.
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2 years ago, Elena NYC
Could we stop with the ridiculous English with heavy Italian accent?
This is great book. It documents so well the struggle, rivalry and jealousy among these renaissance greats. I honestly wish I would have read rather than listened to this book. It does a great disservice to the narrative. I don’t fault the narrator at all. Rather, there is this ridiculous American convention, which is frankly rather provincial, that when foreigners speak in movies and now in e-books they somehow have to do it with a ridiculous accent. This is true of Germans, or Polish, or French. If you have access to foreign movies or e-books, NOBODY follows this rather ridiculous and archaic convention! You don’t see American Westerns for example, where cowboys speak terrible French with a heavy American accent. This is a particular American convention designed to underscore the “foreignnesses “ of the speaker. In this time and age it actually comes across not only as xenophobic but as quite provincial. If you think about it for a second, the content is so rich, that the story would have not been minimized one bit, had the narrator been allowed to let Leonardo and Michelangelo speak normally in the language the book was being read. I was continuously distracted and ANNOYED (in case you didn’t pick up on this yet) by the ridiculous accents.
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3 years ago, Don2
eReader developers
As time passes, there will be increasing demand from users for the full implementation of HTML5, CSS3, and ePub3 in reflowable-text eReaders. The features that users could be experiencing as they read include video, audio, JavaScript, background images, embedded fonts, and much more. The current requirement that eBooks with embedded media use the fixed-layout format is inappropriate when text-based eBooks have media designed to flow along with the text. That requirement can result in many consecutive pages of fixed-layout text that can’t be resized. Fixed-layout is for magazine-type eBooks. The current implementation of reflowable text is for text-only eBooks, like traditional novels. There should be a third option available that utilizes all the features of ePub3. Currently, the display of media in reflowable-text eReaders is very haphazard, with images or videos halfway off the page or not displayed at all. Scripts in JavaScript are ignored or appear as text in the body text. If a user pays extra for a multimedia eBook, they would like to experience the media they paid for. Please provide users and designers a third option, multimedia-text, in addition to reflowable-text and fixed-layout. Thinking that reflowable-text eBooks don’t need video or audio is like Norma Desmond saying she’d had the eyes of the world but they wanted their ears too. Was she right? Movies don’t need soundtracks? Please allow eReaders to continue evolving.
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3 weeks ago, MeA715
I’m a book freak. I will read almost anything and my husband made a good point about all the space my books were taking up especially since I’d read 90% of them and unless they’re a favorite I won’t read again. So I grudgingly started to actually use my kindle and my kindle app on my iPad. First - I love that you can highlight great quotes or see - without it being intrusive - quotes that others had highlighted if there were many. I don’t have to scrawl all over my beloved books to take notes either. I love that my library -via Libby - allows me to read so many books on the kindle app and it’s connected to my account so I can put my iPad down and pick up my actual kindle. If you are a more-than-one-book a month reader I definitely recommend Kindle Unlimited. You can hold up to 10 books so you never have to wait to borrow a book when you’ve finished one. It’s an awesome App and I absolutely love my actual Kindle too. I do still read analog books though bc I’m not ready for a world without the smell of a fantastic old classic and a cup of coffee in my hands. Besides, I’m not ready to obliterate an entire beautiful magical imaginative and instructive industry. ❤️
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9 months ago, MTguy23
Kindle over Overdrive
UPDATE: I have been subscribed to Kindle Unlimited for some time now. I still am frustrated every time I try to simply find the K/U books that I have checked out. Why isn’t it a list like everything else? Very frustrating. It’s also too hard to find the Prime books. A list please? Down to four stars until there is a simple way to list my Kindle Unlimited books. If your library sticks you with Overdrive, I’m sorry. If your library has books in Kindle format always download them. The biggest Kindle advantage (among many) is the Search. Totally necessary in long books to look back for characters and references. How can a library-based app not include Search? What are they afraid you’ll find? Kindle handles the clock very nicely. Kindle allows you to turn the brightness down to a soft glow (on black) for recommended sleepy time reading. Overdrive is always too bright. I love Kindle's page automation. You can always see if you've turned a page or two accidentally. I prefer Kindle's font choices and page layouts. And the "About this Book" feature is wonderful. Try sharing it to Notes on your iPad and it will make a beautiful reading list or wish list. I like Kindle. I recommend the free Kindle app for iOS.
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6 years ago, MarciaG
My Favorite Reading App
I love the Kindle app. I am an avid reader, and have three reading apps. I have iBooks and the Barnes and Noble app called Nook along with Kindle. Of the three apps, I find I like the Kindle app the best because it is the most intuitive. It is the easiest to annotate i.e., highlighting, entering notations (which I frequently do when I look up the definition of a word I’m unfamiliar with), and determining where you are in the book or how much more time it will take to finish a chapter. The new feature of zooming out and flipping through pages is really helpful too as well as the ability to tap the icon that will return you to your previous location. The three things I would consider improving are: 1) when I’m reading with the screen brightness turned down because I’m reading in the dark, when I look up a definition of a word, the print is so small and dim that I can’t see it. I then have to get out of the definition, increase the brightness, and go back and highlight the word and look up the definition again; 2) sometimes the dictionary isn’t available and when I am told to download it, it won’t download, and 3) I really wish it had more colors available for highlighting the text.
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5 years ago, dylanmaria
Never thought I’d enjoy reading a Kindle—how little I know myself.
As I grow older, I find my sleeping habits changing. I often wake up around 2:00am and simply take out my Kindle reading myself back to sleep. I could not do this we’re it a book. One would have to use a light which would disturb my husband’s sleep. As I wear glasses I’d be uncomfortable with one of those neck/head lights one can buy and possibly never fall asleep again. Now the best part of the Kindle is when reading any vocabulary one is not familiar with one can tap on it and a definition supplied there and then. If not enough one can simply go online and find the meaning, see the item and thus enrich one’s own vocabulary and knowledge base. The other aspect of Kindle I love is the number of books one can carry, almost weightlessly when traveling. If I feel like reading something serious, I can. Should I become bored I can immediately find something else. No need to try and find an English bookstore in say Romania simply click on one’s saved library and enjoy. I have around 200 books on my Kindle thus my library is in my handbag—what could be better?No bulky, heavy book to burden me, no confinement to that book—talk about freedom.
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3 years ago, Scraptraci
Great perspective on living with a disability
Shane Burcaw was dealt with a tough challenge at birth. He has a form of muscular dystrophy that has confined him to a wheelchair from a young age. Instead of feeling sorry for himself and the challenges he faces he has taken a very positive outlook on the situation. In fact I’d say it’s an amazing outlook considering the difficulty he faces In doing even the most badic things. Rather than focusing on his differences he has just adapted and finds a way to Join into the typical activities of his peers. He learned early on that humor and laughter break down lots of the barriers many in wheelchairs face. He uses humor and his personality to demonstrate he’s just a typical guy with a great attitude. He is physically disabled but not mentally or socially and he wants others he meets to realize this as well. Shane is inspiring and I wish him all the best with his non profit and hope he continues to inspire and provide hope through his speaking and his blog. The book is very well written and his anecdotes will have you laughing at loud This book is a pragmatic and positive outlook on dealing with an incurable disease. It is poignant at its truths but doesn’t leave you feeling depressed but rather inspired and hopeful
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5 years ago, topview
Mostly good
Definitely the best source for a wide selection of books but since kindle has taken it’s toll on most local book stores, the kindle prices have escalated proportionally. Also, as kindle expands the options available, caution must be exercised to avoid ordering something other than what your looking for, ie you want a book but you end up with audiobook or sample chapter or some other new and improved offering. Question for Kindle: why do you not list books written as a series in numerical order and why do you not list books written with the same lead character by publication date? It’s an ordeal to find the latest release of a Jack Reacher novel if you don’t know the title as it may be anywhere within the twenty or so previously released JR books. If the author of a series of six or more books is also the author of a large number of novels other than the series the books in the series might be scattered indiscriminately among all the releases. These are just inconvenient irritants but one would think they could be easily resolved. This does not prevent Kindle from being the best choice available and their customer service is second to none.
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3 years ago, Cantbcyrious
If only...
Your app has improved over time. That is good. But one major issue I have is the fact that, when writing notes where sections are highlighted and I have to leave the app for whatever reason, if the “SAVE” button isn’t pushed I loose ALL of the previous entry. What a terrible waste of time and effort!! Why can’t the text entry remain in place and be there right where I left off? Or, if that seems to impossible to do, why isn’t there a simple auto save? That is ultra simple logic. This issue is extremely frustrating! This seems so intuitive that it’s hard to imagine why it wasn’t addressed right from the start of note taking design, or at least why it hasn’t been dealt with yet. So basic that it just doesn’t make any sense!! UPDATED: Quite seriously?!?! While writing another note, I wanted to reference another app in order to more fully expound on a specific thought related to a passage in a book I was reading on Kindle. I switched apps for only a second. ONE SECOND! And a paragraph I had written evaporated just like that! GONE!!!!! Good grief how obnoxious!!!!! This lack of basic, intuitive feature alone deserves 2 STARS!! Fix it and boom! 5 stars!
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5 months ago, Kbeyer7211
So many books so little time!
I enjoy my Kindle app so much! I use it everyday, even for my assigned reading for school. My problem is with the Kindle Vela which is accessible on the app as well. That’s on reason why I didn’t give this app five stars. On Kindle Vella, you can read stories in episodes or chapters. You pay coins for new episodes. Problem is that some authors don’t finish their stories. So here I’ve spend a lot of coins on a story that doesn’t proceed after say 49 episodes and another one that stoped at 360 episodes. It’s ridiculous that these authors can get a way with out finishing their stories after readers have spent coins to read their stories. I also have Kindle Unlimited. That’s where you pay a monthly fee of $5 I think and you can check out books that you return later. I’ve noticed though, after using my sister’s actual Kindle, that books that are only offered to KU on the app are offered for both KU and for purchase in the Kindle. It bothers me because my KU library is usually filled to capacity (20 books I think) but I see a book I want to read immediately but I can’t purchase it on the app but I can if I had an actual Kindle.
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10 months ago, J Loves Mysteries
Great - but
I love the Kindle App for IPad. It make reading several books at a time easy (I used to carry 3 books around with me, a junk novel, a good piece of literature, and a non-fiction). I have two complaints. One is that when you accumulate a large library (as I have) when you delete an item from your device, it remains in the library and there is a downward pointing arrow on the book's icon. Not every book that that is "new" bears a "new" label, and thus it is often a daunting task to determine whether you have already read a particular book. I have started to keep a list of finished books so that I don't open one that I have already read. The other is that it when you open it after reading on a Kindle or another Kindle app it will as you if you want to sync to the "most recent page read" which almost always is NOT the most recent page read. It is also almost not the furthest page you have read. I have started to note the location or page I leave off so that if I open the book on another app or on my Kindle I can go to the correct place in the book.
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6 years ago, CathyDoser
Still needs fixing!
I’m not sure if it was the Kindle App or an IOS Update, but around the turn of the year, either when Kindle was updated, or when the IOS System Update happened, the Accessibility option of turning Text to Speech (TtS) stopped working correctly. It would crash the TtS capability, or just stop working, or skip half a page or more, then continue. With the latest update, they seem to have fixed the crashing/quitting problem, but not the skipping half a page, or more. It will be reading along, correctly, and then skip 4 or 5 paragraphs. It is quite abrupt, and makes the TtS feature unusable, which is very disturbing to those who need that capability, and really inconvenient for those who used that feature of IOS to turn the Kindle App into the next best thing to Audible, and some books just aren’t available on Audible. Besides, it is a Safety Hazard, because you would have to keep an eye out that it hadn’t quit or skipped! But the main reason for fixing it is the commitment they have to the non-sighted community. It is a great disservice to them, from a feature that had been working fine, until the updates that happened early this year! Please return it to functionality!
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5 years ago, GeriG429
Kindle App
The Kindle app for the iPad is a good stable way to enjoy reading. I like the options for font size and screen color. I can up the font size if I can’t find my reading glasses and tone down the light if I am reading in bed at night. What I don’t like is two things. 1) When I got my iPad last Christmas I had over 400 ebooks already. When I added the app, all of my books came over and I had no way of sorting between the books I had read and the books I hadn’t. 400+ books is a lot to try and sort through to see if I have read them or not. THEN, once I locate them there isn’t a way for me to sort them or keep them separate. I would pay for the app gladly if you gave me a few more choices on sorting and storing my books! 2) I am always buying new books but purchasing them has become a nightmare. It seems like every way I try and buy a book I am not able to. I can’t seem to find the “store.” I get to where I think I can buy and the only choice I have is to download a sample. I don’t want the sample, I want to buy the book! If anyone knows what I am doing wrong or how I can fix this, I would sure appreciate some feedback!
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3 years ago, Radioactive Tuna
Please fix end-of-page highlighting & Notebook font size
Hey Kindle dev team! You guys have done a fantastic job here. Love the app, and have used it to read and highlight hundreds of books. It works nearly flawlessly, except for two things: 1) When you want to highlight text that extends beyond the end of the page, the cursor either sits at the bottom of the page and does nothing, or it jumps ahead and highlights the next page or three. You guys have elegant solutions for this on the Kindle devices (it automatically highlights the rest of the sentence on the next page) and also with hyphenated words (it highlights the rest of the word on the next page). iBooks also just highlights the next word on the next page. Any of these solutions would be preferable to the haphazard way the highligting feature works right now. 2) In the Notebook for highlights, the font is teeny tiny headache-inducingly minuscule. Would it be possible to either make the default font bigger, or to have a font size adjustment feature like in the main text? That would be amazing! Thanks for your attention!
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2 years ago, johnpless
Floating with the current
A lot of dimensions to unpack in this short story: Central American bush pilot info, pharmaceuticals, deceptive relationships, helicopter piloting, a thresh hold moment changing ones life forever, actual freedom to do whatever one wants regardless of the forces to conform to societal norms, chemical free consumption, non-indigenous creatures having no derogative impact on the local ecosystem, return to the ancient connection and consciousness with nature, a development of spirituality outside of organized religion yet an appreciation of what came before per established religion, understanding the order of hierarchy of species, the ability to actually listen and learn from people, the forest and the adopted beasts, and the fact that any and everything in the jungle (mineral, vegetable or animal) can kill you unless you find the right path...... so many levels, so many open paths from this dialog: a nucleus of further discussion in so many directions. An expansion of consciousness like no other. Elias let go like no one I have ever heard of. He, like so few, did what he wanted to do, regardless of the rhetoric or consequences. Who among us can claim that fact.
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3 years ago, I'm but a Stranger Here
Love my Kindle
It am a voracious reader. Just like my family I never go anywhere without my Kindle. I love the smell of a new book, however I was very limited on the the number of books that could travel with me. Years ago I even built a small bookcase to hold the books I wanted to take with me whenever we traveled. It could contain maybe 10 books. I knew there had to be a better way and then I discovered Kindle. I now have two Kindles and have downloaded the Kindle App to every electronic device, laptop, desktop computers, and iPads, iPhone, that I own. Kindle syncs seamlessly with them all. With highlighters, and notes features, I can thoroughly study any read, and quickly review all. I now take roughly 200 books with me wherever I go. Not to mention the money I have saved, when comparing the “print” price to the Kindle price of a book. I highly recommend it for young children, and young adults because it actually encourages reading for pleasure, or research on any subject. How else could I carry over 200 books in my pocket(on my iPhone) everywhere I go ?
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1 year ago, Gina_624
Updated 8/2 Fixed :) - Need to reinstall & restart
It took over a month but thank you. So far my app is working again. Back to 5 stars! I recommend if you have an IOS device to uninstall and reinstall. I also restarted my device. It didn’t work until I did all that. I can now access without having to use my browser. Kindle has always been my go to with unlimited, prime and magazines right there! My frustration is over. Please don’t let that happen again :) please be more diligent if it doesn’t work for IOS users, I use mine all the time. (Previous) Been patient since last update, App keeps crashing on iPhone when opening. I pay for unlimited and it’s really upsetting that I can’t even open the app. I get that updates aren’t always great but a lot have left reviews about crashing and not being able to open. Take your reviews serious. Normally it’s my go to because I pay for unlimited, need to rethink that if this doesn’t get fixed quickly. I’m paying for books I can’t access. Disappointing, and that’s being rather nice right now.
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1 year ago, lwellsnyc
I have owned at least 7 Kindles over the years and they have changed my life. I couldn’t go by a bookstore without buying at least one book. Add to that all the books I had bought throughout my life and suddenly I had a veritable library. I love books. I love the feel of the pages, the look of the binding and most of all I loved to read, mark and enjoy the experience. Then came all my travels. And carrying around books through trains, planes, hotels and invariably loosing one. Not to mention they were taking up every inch of wall space in my home or apartment. I began donating them to allow space for other kinds of art. And then came Kindle. I blame it on Oprah, of course. 😉 I have a serious, progressive eye dis-ease now and I am able to continue reading vociferously, adjusting the fonts and light for ease of use. Can’t do that with a book! And, now my library is in my hands and I have lovely pictures and art on my walls. I still have some precious books that are marked and inwardly digested that will be here to remind me of their presence. But my Kindle is my companion.
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6 years ago, GrandmaNikki2012
LOVE my Kindle!!! BUT...last upgrade for it changed it!
The last upgrade was again, a group of many improvements which will hopefully improve many users experience with the app. AND, I do realize that mine problem with it is going to be very minute to most. Please do bear with me. I've tried support, but they suggested I try through review. I am VERY hearing impaired! I've been this way my entire life. I've learned to adjust, but this one is a pain! At this point of life, I have HUGE problems hearing typical female voices, because they are typically in the treble range. I only hear base. I'm not the only, since this is typical for hearing loss, so there are more "baby boomers" on the way, who will also have this happening to them. So....what's the deal here, you ask?! Up until this last upgrade, the voice for "translation" of dictionary words has been male. A day doesn't go by that I don't look up at least two to five words. I LOVE learning new or odd vocabulary words, AND how they are pronounced. Now, even if I were to stand on my head, I cannot hear the voice you're using. Is there ANY help here for my problem?
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3 years ago, CXbghn@
Needs improvement
I like reading books on Kindle, but I read A LOT. I mean, A LOT. Over the years I’ve accumulated a ton of books. And even if I’m caught up in a series, if I stumble over a book that I want to read, especially if it’s on sale, I’ll add it to my library. It is hard now to scroll down through the books in my library and find the ones I’ve bought but haven’t read yet. It’d be great if we had the settings option of automatically archiving books once we reach the end. Or at least sort books so the new ones come to the top. I shouldn’t have to suggest this. It seems like common sense. And I even registered a request for it years ago and they still haven’t done it. And also, for some reason my app keeps adding Kindle accounts. I think I’m up to six or so, even though I only use Kindle on two devices. So my iPhone app no longer syncs furthest read with my iPad app. Argh. Why does it do this? I tried emailing for support but they tell me I have to call. Calls for help force me to sit there for ages on hold until someone picks up, and it seems like it takes MUCH longer to get things sorted out than if I could just get some simple written instructions. It’d be great if they valued my time.
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10 months ago, Local Girl Makes Good
I was a hard core book fan, I am converted...
At 57 years old I seriously resisted the whole Kindle book thing. I wanted that book in my hands. One night I read an intro to a book online (actually it was like two chapters!) I was sucked in I had to read immediately and finish and it said there was a Kindle App for I phone so I took a chance. Stayed up all night reading the book till the end. The kindle version cost much less than a print, it was instant gratification, but more importantly I didn’t have to fiddle with a book light charging it, changing the pages AND my hands/arms were not nearly as tired holding up my phone which came with its own light! Holding up a book, especially the bigger ones can be a drain when you are reading hours and hours. Highly recommend! I’m still a little sorry I don’t have a hard copy in my library but my bookshelves are full anyway, so... I recommend trying the app! Plus you don’t have to remember to grab your book, it’s always with you. Unexpectedly waiting at the doctors office boom there it is.
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5 years ago, the big richard
Reading for Free
Well not exactly for free but almost! I joined the Kindle Unlimited several months back. Let me tell you it is worth every penny, By spending $15 a month reading your favorite books has never been easier. You are able to choose up to 10 titles at a time and after you read one of those 10 books you just exchange it for another title. How easy is that? It’s like having a library card without having to worry about those pesky late fines. And by owning an IPad I can carry all to tiles with me everywhere. My health is not good. I hurt 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I don’t leave my house so going to a library is out of the question. Reading is a wonderful friend when your have to deal with that. Reading gets my mind off of how horribleI I feel. So I can say that reading has saved my life. If you are dealing with something that has the ability of stealing your sanity, join Kindle Unlimited and let a book take you on a journey into someone else’s life or read those titles that help you deal with your problems. Yes Kindle Unlimited is a life saving fantastic friend.
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3 years ago, Shdld05
Don't like the changes
First let me say I have always loved this app I prefer using it to read my books but I don't like the recent changes to backgrounds. I'm an older reader and these changes have made it very difficult for me to use your app. I read several hours a night and used the black with white option most of the time including during the day. I cannot use this background since the change to blue lettering. I can't see the lettering. Yesterday I had to use Libby to read my book. In past I have only used Libby to read books published only in epub form. With these recent changes I'm sure I will need to use Libby more. Hope you will change this background back or at least give another option that would have the black background with white lettering. Also have found that I can't change the layers option. The color on the background I seem to be locked in doesn't stay the same the longer I read the lighter the background gets. This is not working for me any more. I have always recommended this app but probably won't until becomes more useable for me.
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8 months ago, nametaken4:68
I’ve got my library in my purse.
I love the kindle app. No matter where I am I always have a book or magazine to read. I love that I can adjust the type to make it more readable and at night I use white type on a black background so that the light from the book isn’t overpowering. If you come across a person or word you are t familiar with all you have to do is put your finger on it and either the definition or the Wikipedia page comes up, then tap the upper left and you are back on your page. You can also highlight things and take notes. There are a lot of great books on kindle that are very inexpensive. My only complaint is that it’s difficult to categorize the books in the app. It can be done but I wish it was a matter of highlighting the title and dragging it over to the category. I’ve been able to get some of my books into categories but I never seem to remember what to tap and how to get the title where I want it. I’ve got hundreds of books so it’s a lot of work. Other than that I highly recommend this app,
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5 years ago, Multifuel
Almost perfect!
I love reading since I was a child and have read thousands of books in my almost 50 years of living. I always have a book and often 2 to 3 that I read at same time. The Kindle app makes it all so easy to pick up exactly where you left off and on my phone or tablet I have access to everything without the weight or bulk of paper or hardcover. I travel for business almost weekly, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I am pretty much on a plane 36-40 weeks annually and often would read a 10-15 dollar paper back in that one day, no less than 2 a week. Having the Kindle unlimited account (10$ monthly) and app has allowed me access to do much more with nothing but my phone. The only caveat is it doesn't synch well between devices. If you don't manually synch from phone and go to tablet you must synch but it doesn't seem to find the page you last read. I cannot find in settings a Auto Synch that would do on day, opening app, but it's not a big deal and I still think it's a 5 star app, especially coupled with Kindle unlimited reading subscription.
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5 years ago, linda galella
Took me a LONG time
to become an ebook user and ultimately a Kindle kween. I was one of many vp merch’s at that NY based bookseller during their heyday years. Quite frankly, I still purchase a few hundred used books each year as I’m a voracious reader and when I find something particularly fabulous via Kindle, I’ll often seek out a “real” copy for my library. Yay! The Kindle app allows me to go on vacation for a week, month or whole winter by just packing my IPad. Brilliant! I used to need to box up and lug boxes, (yes BOXES as I read 7-12 books a week), of books to support my vacationing pleasure. So, you haul an ATV or surfboard? I read at the open or close of my day! Finding a library or bookstore while on vacation is often a daunting task. As my students would say, it’s now “easy peasy”. I’m also a Prime member which gives me access to 1000 free titles each month across every genre and product type (magazine, graphic novel, kids books, games, etc.). Add that to online reading clubs like TheEReader, BookBub, FaithfulReader, GoodBooks, etc. and Kindle is the gateway to bibliophile Nirvana! Come, get your read on and Kindle!
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4 years ago, doglover1953
I first got interested in the Lara Jean saga through the movie, and then my daughter got me started reading the books. I loved the movie and now I am so enthralled with the books that I have read the trilogy, three times. I just can not get enough of Lara Jean and her exploits. I can go back (in my mind) to the days when I first started dating and all of my ‘firsts’ like Lara Jean is always talking about throughout the books. A smile comes to my face every time I think of those days, over 50 years ago. So many wonderful memories, I can’t even count them all. Plus, unfortunately, some bad memories. But ALL the good and the bad memories taught me something about myself, and I think that is why Lara Jean’s story has ‘hit’ home with me so much. I have dated a few Peters, and a few Joshs, and even one Lucas, many years ago, and I can honestly say, each experience STILL brings a smile to my face, because they ALL taught me things about myself. I, personally ended up with my ‘JOHN’ (his real name, BTW) and we have been married for 37 years, so I believe you could say we are our own success story!!
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2 years ago, Mostarka 1
Finding blessings in a cursed life
I was born and raised in the same country-although under different circumstances I could still completely understand and relate to Mance’s story. Her journey brought me to tears, anger and even laughs at some point. I’m happy she came out of her struggles as a hero helping those who might have hurt her the most. Unfortunately the things she and some other characters in this book went through are not only relevant to different “era” and/ or political system. Even in today’s time and completely different political system we can see same issues people go through such as domestic violence, sexual orientation, nepotism…. I guess human nature is the same no matter where we come from. The good thing is the availability of different resources that can help us heal. The book was written without “artsy” descriptions which leaves readers imagination to fill that gap. And this is why I especially loved the “Pticijak” chapter. To me it is a magical and innocent place where she can get lost in May 1st songs and fire, where she can find her closure. ❤️
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2 years ago, CameraGirl702
Was a 5 until yesterday
I started using the Kindle App as soon as the pandemic hit, so basically for 2 years. I love how easy it is to use. I got a Kindle Paper last year and syncing it with my IPhone App is easy and convenient. I have read hundreds of books through the Kindle app and haven’t went more than a couple days without using the app. I like that you can create lists for books you want to read. Since you can only have so many books in your library at one time, I utilized the Lists feature often to keep track of books I want to read in the future. Until yesterday, this function worked. I tried to add a book to one of my lists, and when I tried to select one of the lists, it wouldn’t work. I can see books that were added to my lists prior to yesterday, however I cannot add any new books to my Lists. Super frustrating. Cannot find any threads on line that address this issue. I deleted the app and re downloaded it in my phone but it still isn’t working. The Lists feature is a huge part of using the Kindle App so please fix this!!
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1 year ago, OldDoc46
Moving with the times
My bookaholism has left me with no space for more bookshelves. E-books are now my preferred medium, despite several limitations. The worst is the frequent loss of illustrations, or poor quality of illustrations in e-books. Also, one must resign oneself to garbled words, although I have lately realized that I am like the reader of medieval manuscripts, always on the lookout for copyist errors. Romantic, but fairly accurate. Be sure to read the one star reviews, which will warn of the omission of entire portions of the original print copies. Everything changes, said the philosopher. In my case, I no longer need to build new bookshelves and I carry hundreds of books in my iphone. A word of advice about iphones. I discovered on a recent flight from Dallas that the complete text of many of my books was stored in cloud. Be sure to download any books you plan to read on the flight before putting you phone in Airplane Mode. I suppose one might pay the airline for internet access, but I'm too frugal for that.
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7 months ago, Maggie Zoum123
Some more functions plz
I love Kindle overall. Two of my favorite and handy functions are the dictionary and the sync to Audible! I wonder if Kindle could develop three of the following functions: one, organizing all the notes from one book at one place to allow readers to refer back to their highlights and notes to retrieve some reading memory. There can be list of books that we have read and then we just need to click to each book to review all the notes we made. The second is what I want the most, which is to allow readers to write the notes in a more user friendly way. We wouldn’t need to high light certain part of the book to type our thoughts down. The third, I wonder if there could be a button with iso phone or iPad system where people can save the searches word to a place so that readers like me can review the words more time efficiently and expand my vocabulary in the long run. Not sure if this review will be read and suggestions considered, but I do wish Kindle can keep developing and improving. You guys already did a fantastic job. All the best!
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5 years ago, Queen-reader
Kindle Fire vs Kindle app on iPad
I’m fortunate to have both a Kindle Fire and an iPad. Rec’d my old Fire as a gift in 2012, and have gone almost completely to e-readers since then. I thought I’d miss the feel of the book, but my arthritic hands are grateful for the change. My new, 2017 Fire is lighter and easier to hold than the old one. I have books for my granddaughter on it, and I’m comfortable handing it over to her because I don’t have a lot of other ‘stuff’ on it. We do occasionally watch videos on it, and that’s easy. The app I have on my iPad works well - probably equal to the Kindle, itself. I tend to read it from the horizontal position, and enjoy that the font size is so easily adapted. It’s a little more difficult (for me) to use to read in bed - extra weight & bulk - but if my granddaughter & I are both reading, it’s not a big deal. I guess the bottom line is that I’m a confirmed e-reader and doubt I’ll go back. Convenience, ease of book purchasing, better price on books, being able to sync between the two readers... it doesn’t get much better than this.
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5 years ago, RickTheBugMan02
Love reading on a Kindle
Why? I can look up definitions of words by highlighting. I can search for the name of a character I have forgotten. I can bookmark an important page and return easily. If I look something up within a book, the page I left has an icon to return instantly to the original page. If I’m reading in the dark and I don’t want to disturb my partner, I can switch from white to black background. With a paper book, I have to have a light on. With a paper book I have to have a bookmark but with a Kindle it opens automatically to where I left off. I can share books between my other electronic devices and the program asks me if I want to go to the furtherest page. When planning a trip I can load as many books as I think l read and only have to carry the one device. Some books are cheaper, I won’t purchase a Kindle book for more than $10. I read very few magazines or books with lots of pictures because the graphics or pictures are just too small. But that doesn’t matter with so many books to choose from..
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5 months ago, pippinvicki
Dirty John
I admire Debra for being such a hard worker and successful at what she put her mind to. She built an amazing 30 year business and was so thoughtful of hiring women that needed a job. Lots of people go through their lives trying to find love and right from the start I think it wasn’t who she chose that was the problem it was who was choosing her. She has so many good qualities her beauty, kindness, thoughtful and very caring for the people she loves. All while running a very successful business. Debra when you stop looking mr right will find you. Be patient and wait for it he is looking for the same things you want out of life. I hope you have already found him and if not yet be patient he will be there. Don’t let what you went through with John destroy any part of you. Thank you for sharing your story with us I totally understand what he tried to do. I read the book and I got a lot more out of it. But the series has touched so many people. Keep you chin up and thanks again for advocating for women to know what can happen. V. Pippin
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4 years ago, LisaDouglas61
Linda Bridey Westward/Dawson Chronicles/Echo Canyon
There are no other books that I love more than Linda Bridey’s. I become so captivated with each character and it’s very important to me that there’s chemistry between the characters. Wow! The chemistry is so powerful and different with each person, what an imagination the author has. I find I need to take a couple days away from reading after I finish one of Linda’s books as I reminisce about the characters and story. I can’t let go before starting the next one..... which brings more excitement! I just finished Dawson Chronicle Book 4. Since it’s been awhile since I read this series, I appreciated it when little reminders of who certain characters were was mentioned. I also like reading clean romances, but with a little spice, just no sexual scenes. The author delivers on this very tastefully and goes the distance just enough. I have Kindle Unlimited but I purchase Linda Bridey books. If that says anything about how much I love her books. Oh boy, I’m going to search right now for any of her books that I haven’t read...... ♥️
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