Goodreads: Book Reviews

4.8 (488.5K)
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11 months ago
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User Reviews for Goodreads: Book Reviews

4.8 out of 5
488.5K Ratings
1 year ago, peytonlam
Great if you’re willing to give up some time!
This app is one of my main apps! I personally read consistently everyday and I LOVE to log my books online. I personally hated logging my books in elementary school on paper. But this—has so many exceptions. For the people looking to see what the heck this app even does: you can add friends to see books they’re reading and if you want can compete. You can ofc log books! You cannot read books, this is not an online library! But it seriously has EVERY 👏🏻 BOOK 👏🏻 EVER 👏🏻 TO 👏🏻 BE 👏🏻 WRITTEN. Not for you to read, but to update your book status! If you put in your page number, it will tell you the percentage you’re in your book. There are three different shelves you can put a book under: Want to read, Read, and Currently Reading. There’s annual challenges like the 2023 reading challenge where you can set a goal of how many books you want to read in the year and it will log them! I love this and I beg you to get it. There’s no fees at all! You also can see recommended books for you based on your previous read books so they figure your taste. It may be incorrect at first, but I now get great recommendations that I would totally read. All my bookworms, get this right now.
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10 months ago, bookzNERD
Love it but I’ve got some ideas
Don’t get me wrong this app is helpful and I use it all the times but it can be pretty clunky sometimes The featured booklists on your page are kinda tricky to find again and I wish there was a whole tab for them with like recently viewed lists and recommendations and things like that because when you accidentally leave an amazing list and can’t find it it’s the worst. The biggest issue I have is it’s not the most new user friendly. I got this app and had so many books and shelves to create for my previous reads but it takes five clicks to add a book to a shelf. When I make a shelf it’s because I realize I have lots of books similar and so scrolling through my reads and clicking five times for each is not fun at all and takes all day. I wish there was a select tool so you could add multiple books to a shelf at a time this would probably make this review five stars. Another little issue I have (and maybe I just can’t figure it out) is Re reading. If I read a book multiple times why can’t I count both towards my reading challenge? It won’t be an accurate page count if it turns out that was just the one of the times I read the book that year. I feel like you should have multiple reading dates on your book info so it isn’t just showing the last time you read it. If this is a feature and I just haven’t found it then I apologize. Definitely needs a refresh I just looked at version history and it’s mostly bug fixes! This app NEEDS something new
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2 years ago, raema00
needs a revamp
i use this app religiously but it needs an revamp BAD. the UI looks like it hasnt changed since day 1 and itd be nice if i could see my friends activity more often than i see ads on my feed 😑. would be nice if we could personalize our profiles, but not necessary. also recommendations or searching through genres could be greatly enhanced by further filtering of intended audiences—i dont want to scroll through twenty 20 childrens fantasy books before even finding one mediocre adult fantasy book im not interested in. ABSOLUTELY would benefit from half star rating system or even 10 star rating system im tired of seeing a 3 star review with “3.5 stars …” or a 1 star review with “0.5 stars…” in the actual review. the app is also not super user friendly and is generally clunky. lots of unnecessary tapping needed and idk what it is but the searching function is super clunky too. i feel like the search option should first search our shelves for matches before searching the rest of the database for matches. definitely need a multi-select option to make shelving multiple books easier. i have over 300 books in my read im not reshelving each individual book, jeffrey. add tags in reviews so we can filter by tags. basically more filtering options for everything. add private reviews only your friends can see so that they dont affect the overall review of the book (sometimes you can acknowledge a book is well-written and still hate it).
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11 months ago, Macy Zimmerman
Can’t add friends and boring profiles
My main complaint is the fact that it’s impossible to add your friends on this app! There’s so many ways that it looks like you can add them and then you try and it doesn’t work. You can’t add them through the “invite” option like you’d think. You can’t add them through sending your profile. It’s impossible. I also found that I can’t even add them through the friend search bar. The profiles are also… boring. I can barely navigate mine and honestly they’re nothing special. At the very least I’d like a better layout for the bookshelves. I hate that a few books show up and then if I really want to see anything I have to type the “see all bookshelves” button. The feed layout is also not great. Mostly ads and not much of my friends reviews or what they’ve added to their bookshelves. I got the app so I could compare with my friends and see what they’re reading and the algorithm of this app means 1/3 of what I see are my friends and the other 2/3 is just recommendations and ads. Lastly, I know this isn’t the app’s fault but man people on goodreads are critics! It seems impossible for books to have 4 stars as everyone is honestly so brutal with their reviews. Failing to see the good things and only highlighting the bad. Wish that there was a nicer community on goodreads. People are also super rude in comments on reviews as well, goodreads needs to do better at keeping the bullying to a minimum.
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3 years ago, donaldtrumpslefttoe
This app is wonderful. It is almost perfect. BUT every person I’ve talked to who uses Goodreads have all been in agreement it would be a GAME CHANGER if these were added: 1) A 0.5 star option. It sounds silly but it can be so frustrating deciding if a book it 4 or 5 stars. If there was a 4.5 option for example, I think all my life problems would be solved. 2) Private ratings. I’m sure if you’re an app developer you know of Letterboxd, and for me personally, if some similar features could be added to Goodreads that would make it just *chefs kiss*. For example: one of my favorite things about Letterboxd is how your ratings don’t account to a larger average rating for a movie (but in this case it would be a book). You can rate a movie and write your OWN review describing how that movie fit into your personal taste. I would love to see this on Goodreads in a way in which I could do a private review (almost like a personal diary) rather than a public rating. Sometimes i’ll read a book and recognize it’s objectively a great book, but I might give it two starts because maybe that sub-genre of fantasy romance wasn’t up my alley, so maybe that review would be nice to have in a personal journal rather than a public one because my review is sort of niche. I hope this makes sense. :))) I LOVE THIS APP!!!
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2 years ago, Cutiemarie1738
Time AND Money saver
Good reads is amazing. Whether its the upcoming books in a certain genre updated daily, the recommendations from people with similar taste. A favorite feature of mine is the Preview feature, which allows the reader to read a few chapters (depending the the chapters lengths and books itself). With the different versions and and publications -and languages- that has saved me money. Something I wish I discovered before to save money from previous book that I ended up disliking. The slight problem I have with Goodreads is that my other bookshelves have combined with my want to read. As a reader, I will take note of upcoming and eye catching books that I might enjoy. Putting my "airballs if you will" shelf automatically in the want to read section is tiring and annoying. I can see the airball shelf itself separately, I cannot do the same with my want to reads as they combine automatically. Overall, this app is amazing has been a saving grace, and enjoyable books and reviews. Which are incredibly helpful when you find people with similar interests. My slight problem can be easily solved with a separate list of permissions in the settings to combine bookshelves.
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1 year ago, Harleigh S.
App has some bugs/could also simply be better than it is in general
When I first got the app - I was disappointed in some of the features. But they were small things. Like if I accidentally friend requested someone with a similar name to who I actually meant to request - I can’t cancel that request. I have to wait and see if that person accepts it before I can unadd them. But my most recent issue has to be a Bug. It didn’t used to be a problem. It’s glitching when you enter dates read for a book that you’ve read more than once. At first, it made both sets of dates match. Then after I tried to enter a complaint or ticket to Goodreads, they did respond saying they’re working on it but I woke up to find my latest most recent read of the book was completely gone, removing it from my current reading challenge, and it was replaced with the original year I’d read the book. I barely remembered my most recent start date in order to fix it. I recommend buying a book journal or keeping track in a document on your computer as well as using Goodreads because you can’t rely on Goodreads to keep your records accurate.
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5 months ago, MusicLover#001
Fundamental Flaws Ruining the Good that Could Be
I love to read, and I love having an app like Goodreads that helps me keep track of what I’ve read when and share that with my friends, but there are some fundamental issues with the app that have never been addressed that can make the experience frustrating. The biggest issue I’m running into with the latest updates is the way notifications run. I could get a push notification about someone liking or commenting on a progress update, and the notification will take me directly to that interaction. THEN, I have to go back through the app and find the same reaction just to clear the notification from the app. Additionally, some notifications haven’t shown up in the app despite the fact that someone commented or liked something. ALSO, I currently have two “friend requests” pending that I cannot clear because the requests will not show up in the app. Those notifications taunt me every time I look at the app, telling me I have something to look at, then not letting me deal with them. This is the most prevalent issue I’ve seen lately in the app, but it’s indicative of some fundamental bugs that have never been worked out of the system. If these issues would be addressed, this app could be top tier.
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1 year ago, MadMax7210
Not advertised as social media
The only apps I use more than Goodreads are my bank app and Libby. I started using it long before I had my kindle, and the fact that the kindle connects to my Goodreads has made the whole experience even more enjoyable. This is a unique way to experience where your friends are at in life without the overwhelming TMI of social media. I also cannot rave enough about the reliability of book recommendations within the app. It seems that the more you read, the better it knows what you be interested in. I’ve been googling what books to read for YEARS and have more DNFs than I can count. Since I started using Goodreads in conjunction with Libby, I have the even larger issue of wanting to read every book on my TBR list at the same time- And that’s another thing! Goodreads makes tracking your books INSANELY easy. What you’ve read, want to read, and the progress in the book you’re currently reading. It even has a yearly reading challenge that lets you set your own goal (I’ve had to increase mine twice since January because I’m moving through books faster than ever before). This app is my favorite app.
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2 years ago, Dar Holt
Mind blowing!
This book will challenge your paradigm of the world. Really. It will expand your understanding of psychology, human emotion, spirituality, civil society, personal faith, history, and international politics. It will affirm the existence of supernatural intelligent evil and the God of the Bible, as well as His trinitarian reality. You will be amazed at how much we don't know about what is going on right under our noses. Even where you live. I believe this personal account to be 100% true. Anyone who says otherwise is either not familiar with the depth and breadth of corroborating material from very trustworthy sources, or they are too afraid of the implications for their personal belief systems. Suffice to say, we are on the precipice of some very difficult times and the biggest challenges we will face in the upcoming months will be from things we cannot even begin to comprehend. This book is a warning. A shot over the bow, a call to spiritual arms. We as as society had better get prepared and supernaturally armed. We are woefully outgunned and undertrained. The Holy Spirit of the Living God is the only force that can help. Orient your heart toward HIM and join in the good fight! God Bless!
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5 months ago, Tiffaniwithanii
Don’t waste your time
I’ve used Good Reads for the past year now. I have two shelves only. Want to Read and Read. When I first started adding books to both lists, I noticed the count wasn’t accurate. I tossed it up to just a bug that would fix itself. Over the last year, every time I finished a book I added it from the want to read list to the read list. My Read count would somehow then go down and want to read count would go up. I left this alone this past year because I’ve had so many bug issues with this app but I hate change so I didn’t want to start over on a new app. Until now that I’ve just had enough. Every time I go to my lists in general the app takes forever just to load the two lists. Then forever to load each one when I click on one. I finally investigated the missing books on my read list since the total I’ve read keeps going down and I keep physical copies of the books I read and they’re just gone from my list. When I search the book it shows I’ve read it but it’s not on my list. I did a google search and apparently this has been a known issue others have experienced for YEARS. Needless to say don’t waste your time. Find a better app and start there. I could go on about the many other issues but this is my biggest one.
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2 years ago, the ink wyrm
Good but could use some improvements
Overall, I think this is a decent app for tracking your reading progress (though by no means the only one in its category). The process of finding a book, adding it to your shelf, tracking its progress, and leaving a review is simple and easy. It’s when you spend a little more time on it that I think it could use improvement. I’ve included my complaints/suggestions below in order from most to least important. 1.)the thing that I find most annoying about this app is that when I go to edit down my want-to-read shelf, it constantly refreshes the page even if I’m not actually removing a book from it. Like I’ll click a book just to remind myself what it’s about, and when I click to go back to the shelf, it will refresh the page and I’ll have to scroll back down to where I was. It’s both annoying and inefficient to constantly have to be scrolling down the shelf to find my place (especially because I have A LOT 2.) shelf won’t load beyond a certain point if you have a lot of books 3.) if I’ve DNFd a book, there’s no option but to add it to my read shelf, even if I add it to my separate DNF shelf 4.) adding a book to want to read shelf as part of a giveaway
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3 months ago, Gluglack
Love Marriage
At first I thought this was going to be another somewhat fluff, lighthearted, bend over backward narrative portraying a childish level of adult innocence mimicking Bollywood 50’s films. I was so wrong. This book is anything but. The reality clashed with the expectation and left me impressed and surprised. Plumbing the depths of what constitutes love, the author depicts profound ways love manifests itself, sometimes when it’s least expected. An exploration of family dynamics is enlightening in that context. The beliefs underlying the psychoanalytic practice of Sandro Bartok, a minor but crucial character in the book, sums up the themes perfectly - compassion and connectedness. In order to do this, the author creates compelling, multi-faceted characters who reveal themselves believably. The author uses a wealth of research in medicine, philosophy. psychology, feminist theory and artistic movements to give depth and credibility to her characters, while not losing sight of their fallible, endearing human qualities. The story has several twists and held my attention. This is the work of an author who has mastered the craft of writing. The characters were so real that I believe they will stay with me for some time.
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5 years ago, Momma Flan
Perfect for book lovers or casual readers.
I usually never write reviews, but my life as a reader was totally changed after finding this app. I love books and always have, but life keeps you busy and you end up putting things aside. Well, this app has helped me find so many books I NEED to read, and it has helped me rediscover my love for reading! I really can’t think of anything to improve. I love the layout. I love the ability to make “shelves” to save books. It even lets you track the progress of books you’re reading. You can read your friends reviews or any reviews in general. I also love that they have a vote at the end of the year (or beginning, I can’t remember) for best books in SEVERAL genres and also have best of the best and whatnot. Browsing books by categories is also great because it’s helping me find different kinds of books so my reading list can be more diverse. The only complaint I have (which actually isn’t a real complaint) is that every time I click on this app, I find a million more books I want to read and there’s no way I can read them all in my lifetime.
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6 years ago, Klsy303
I don't have room in my house for a bookcase nor do I have enough money to buy all the books I love and display them in my house. Therefore, when I found goodreads I found the perfect way to create a digital bookcase with reviews and all! I simply adore it :) My only wish would be a DNF category aside from the usual ones (i.e.- "Currently Reading", "To Read", "Read"). Right now I have a handful of books on my "Read" list even though I didn't finish them. I hate taking credit for reading a book when I didn't but if I take it off my list I'll forget I tried it and try to read it later. In addition, I read many books via audiobooks and I want to update my progress under “currently reading” but I have no way of knowing what page I’m on and typing in the percentage is a pure guess. In order for this to be more accurate to where I am in the book, it might be nice to have a category that tracks what chapter or minute you’re on. If this was the case I would have a more comprehensive view of my progress throughout the read. Other than these two small tweaks I love it!
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1 year ago, Shelley~K
Perfect for any bookworm, avid reader or librarian!
I absolutely love Goodreads and the app too! I use it to keep track of everything I read and want to read. It’s perfect for that! Because I’m a librarian, I love doing book reviews too! I like reading other people reviews too but never read others reviews until after I finish the book, it’s fun to compare thoughts to both people who felt similar and even to people who have totally opposite opinions as well! The only thing I don’t like about the app versus the website version, is it’s much harder to categorize your read book or put them into “shelves” I’ve found that feature is a bit hidden on the app, and easier to do on the regular website. But the app is quick and easy for just looking for books, making your read and “want to read” lists and for reviews! I can also say as a library director, I use Goodreads all the time to look up book series order for library “patrons”/my library’s members. It’s a wonderful feature for big name authors who have 20 or more books in a series for children’s series, for looking up Amish series orders or even manga volume order. Love love love this feature. I’ve also used the list feature a few times to as a librarian to look up teen books or books related to a specific theme, whether to order for my library or for a reading challenge. Love, love, LOVE Goodreads both personally and professionally. I use it all the time, at least every week if not more!
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5 years ago, The Blonde Cookie
So, I decided to wait on the update for a day or so, because I saw a couple recent reviews that were expressing issues. I figured I was happy with status quo, and was intending to take a wait and see posture. Didn’t even click the button, then change my mind, and click it to stop it. Went to open the app tonight, because I had finished a book, and it wants me to sign in. HOW COME? Fortunately I keep a notebook with such info, but in my mind, I shouldn’t have to do so until (perhaps) I update the app. Which, as I previously stated, I haven’t done yet. I’m not looking to borrow trouble, but I hope this isn’t an indication of a problem. Anyway, you folks are generally so good at responding, I thought I’d let you know, and hope you’ll get back to me, at which point, I’ll raise the 2 stars back up to 5 stars. You’ve done so in the past, and I commend you highly for your expediency and responsiveness. The 2 stars I’m giving you is to get your attention. Your app is wonderful, and honestly, is one of only 2 on my iPhone that has (till now) been basically trouble-free. I use it all the time, and find it easy to use/intuitive, timely and filled with excellent information, (true story). Thanks for a great product. FYI, I’m running the app on an iPhone 8 Plus, with IOS 13.1.2.
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7 days ago, Jolie Ruewen
Great app just a few things I wish were more user friendly
4.5/5 I love using Goodreads because it keeps me accountable ao I actually finish most of the books I start instead of just moving on to a new book I also love how organized it lets me be with my books so I know exactly which books I’ve read and which ones I have at home that I haven’t read yet however one problem I’ve run into is that I can’t put a book on a shelf that I’ve made without it being automatically put on my want to read list what’s even more frustrating is I can’t even take the book off of my want to read list without removing it from all my shelves. Another thing is I wish the suggestions were more personalized based off of the books I’ve read and want to read often I feels like good reads has some automatic books for each genre and suggests those All the time without ever changing it up or taking into account what I might actually enjoy. That’s all I have so all in all a great app just better for keeping track of your books rather than looking for recommendations.
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3 years ago, green bean66b
Other than porn spam, this app is amazing
I absolutely love goodreads! There are so many features and I love being able to see what friends are reading, and also looking back on the books I’ve read. Additionally, the want to read list is really helpful so I can just look on it when I want to check out a book at the library. For the first year of using this app, I encountered zero problems. However, I have recently started getting random likes and follows on my account and their profiles have links to porn websites. I keep getting more and more every week and it have come to the point where I get at least one per day. Every time I make an update, it gets celebrated with sometimes up to 6 likes from these spam accounts. I’m getting tired of constantly getting notifications and then having to block and flag them. I’ve reached out to goodreads and it seems like this is a common problem, but all they told me to do is to flag it. I’m really hoping an update is made so I don’t have to deal with this spam anymore. It is getting really annoying.
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5 years ago, Aaron19726
Great, but could use a little tweaks
I love this app. I use it every day. (Scroll to bottom to see reason for 4 star rating.) I love to new track of books I’ve read and what I’ve thought of them, in case a friend asks for a recommendation. I like to update what I’m currently reading as I go to see how far along I am in percentages. I also like to see what my friends have read/are reading, and what they thought of those books. I LOVE being able to make a list of books I want to read, instead of slowly typing them all out in my notes app, I can just check my list here while at the library or bookstore. However, I WISH there was a feedback submission area of the app. I’d like to be able to point out when I notice a problem. For example, I must’ve accidentally followed someone recently, but it won’t let me unfollow them. Another example, I was reading “The Help” recently and was updating it as I went. It told me I was 100% complete when I was only 90% through the book. I wish there was a feedback area so I could tell the app makers about these little problems that are probably easily fixable.
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2 years ago, Sa300
I LOVE goodreads, don’t get me wrong. I have been using it for around 2 years now and it has been wonderful, however it is missing something many book lovers crave. STATS! Graphs!! There is a way to access some graphs, however there is some major problems with those. Primarily being it is hard to find and only on computer versions of the app, so mobile users can not find it (at least I have not been able to on my phone). Second problem is with the graphs themselves, there is no way to look at a specific month or year which can be very annoying when there is an outlier or large scale that ruins most of the data since the graph is zoomed out to much (found this to be true especially with the dates published section). Also Goodreads is missing graphs like what genres we read the most or the pace of books. I find a lot of readers have been switching to Storygraph, which does have all those graphs, however the app is annoying in the areas that goodreads excels at and ultimately isn’t worth it for me. However the graphs are worth it for a lot of people, so Goodreads PLEASE add a bigger stats emphasis!
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6 years ago, Excellent714
This is a privacy SCAM!
As I sit here listening to 60 Minutes report on the abuse of private data by online social media and others. In the US we have almost zero privacy. While Europeans have total control over their own data. This app might have been good. First the forced noting a rating for at least 20 books before they will give you personal recommendations. The books are thrown on the screen with no way to tell if a member has read a book or not. Now I see where the huge numbers of people who like a book are from. It’s a time consuming process and at the end, with 60 Minutes warnings in my ear, they try to force you to allow them to share your ratings with Facebook. Facebook of all the worst sites to share any info! When I declined, the app stopped until I looked at my contacts which they also want access to. THIS IS THE WORST INVASION OF PRIVACY IVE EVER SEEN. I said no to the first batch of contacts they wanted to send ads to. What horrible people these folks are. So now I am stuck with all that work and nothing more to do with the app. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ACCESS TO YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT OR YOUR CONTACTS. THERE IS NO WAY TO KNOW WHAT THIS SNEAKY APP WILL DO WITH IT. BUT YOU SHOULD PICTURE A TIME WHEN YOU APPLY FOT A JOB AND THE POTENTIAL EMPLOYER DISLIKES YOUR BOOKS READ! Be careful and stay away from this intrusive app.
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6 years ago, BetterThanItSounds
Perfect! Just missing one thing...
I love this app! I love that you can scan books into it for easy cataloging, I love that I can use it while doing unnecessary book shopping to make sure I don’t buy what I already have. I love that I can update my progress on books in the app. It’s literally missing just one thing - the ability to enter dates on my activity for a book showing I’ve re-read it. I know I can edit when I first started and finished a book, but I can’t add more dates as I re-read books, which is all I tend to be doing lately. I know I can add these dates on the site (which, tbh it’s really difficult to get to the page I need to enter re-read dates, so that could be improved, too), but, while a majority of my books are actually physical books, I do have a lot of kindle and audio books that I consume on my phone, so when I finish them, it would be nice to be able to update my activity with a re-read date while I’ve already got my nose stuck in front of my phone. My rating is a 4 out of 5, but I will gladly give it a perfect 5 if that missing feature can be added!
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1 year ago, abcdefghijklmnopqrswt
Good, Could be better
Ok so I really like this app but there is a few things that I would change 1) I would really add half a star exp. 3.5 stars I think for a book ratings it’s definitely something everyone would want. 2) I just recently realized this but when someone sends you a friend request it says you have a notification but when you click the requests there is nothing there and it is really frustrating trying to find a way to add my friends on the app. 3) This isn’t really that important but some of the books on the app have the old covers for one book in the series but the rest have the new covers for example the first book in the throne of glass series on good reads has the old cover. 4) I think it would be a fun idea to have personal notes for things. Like instead of just being able to write a public review you could also have personal notes for the books just to keep track of your thoughts in a more private way. Besides those things I think this is a very good app that I use almost everyday.
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2 years ago, EG Ma
Bald Headed Lies
Bald-Headed Lies Imogene and El are back and immersed in yet another mysterious murder in Southern California. The gruesome, claustrophobic and often skin crawling discovery of guilt leads them on an adventure of intrigue and horror that kept me reading from start to finish in one sitting. Cemetery happenings, zombie history and hallucinogenics combine with the paranormal and cast of characters that lead to shocking truths about deadly deeds of human beings. Many of the captivating characters from the first 2 books in this series are back to entertain and delight us once again. Greta Boris tells their story with dramatic rollercoaster twists and spiraling turns. I love how there are always references to things in each of her books that cause me to do some quick research to expand my personal knowledge base on a wide expanse of topics. Reading references to familiar locations, streets and the SoCal interstate add a familiar and fun flare to the reading experience for residents of SoCal. Bravo to Greta on another well written book in the series…can hardly wait for “A Permanent Solution”!
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5 months ago, kmitchyy
Could be better
I’ve been using Goodreads for almost 10 years. And in the last couple years I’ve noticed more issues which causes me to not love the app as much. I wish this app gave .25 star ratings. For books that aren’t just a solid star rating it’s frustrating that it isn’t an option (I switched to another app that gives that option and it’s fantastic). When searching for books, even just a letter off the book/author won’t be found Do I think Goodreads is the best reading tracker app? No. Do I like that my kindle and Goodreads are connected for my book highlights? Yes. What I don’t like is the automatic “read” feature when opening a book There are a lot of things that Goodreads could do to make the app/site more user friendly. Time can only tell if they listen to the complaints and concerns of their users to make the change Update from my last review. It’s now 2024. This app needs to be updated. This tracker still not updated to allow for the .25 star rating is FRUSTRATING. Not every book is a solid star rating. And don’t even get me started on when the app goes down at inconvenient times. UPDATE THE APP
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2 weeks ago, Sosreads
One of my favorite apps of all time. I know there are a few kinks here & there. The only thing I wish I could change was being able to give half stars with rating. Sometimes a book is a four 1/2 instead of a full five!! Nonetheless, I truly think if you are someone who reads a lot (like myself). It’s a great app to use. You can keep up with all your books & track as you read them. You can create different shelves & categories. If you want a shelf for all your five star books, all your fantasy books, & if you want to make a shelf for books you DNF’ed. You can also set goals for yourself. Challenging how many books you want to read in a years time. It keeps track of it for you. When you finish a book it automatically adds it to your total for the year. A simple & easy reviewing tool as well. I love this app!! I truly recommend it to anyone who loves reading, loves tracking their reads, & keeping all their shelves in one app!!
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5 years ago, Bex0619
Great for keeping track
Goodreads is a great app for keeping track of what you’ve read. BUT, the reviews are inaccurate. If someone doesn’t like a certain author, they gather their “squad” and give it a bunch of one star reviews and start bashing the book before it’s even released TO ANYONE, Including Beta readers or Bloggers. I’ve been in the book world for 6 years and have seen this time and time again. On the flip side, the same can be said for diluted books theat have never been out of the authors hands with 5 star reviews and raving and bragging how great the book is (they never read) Don’t get me wrong, there are some books that are that bad, however, how can they be judged before anyone has laid eyes on them 🤷🏻‍♀️ IF YOU WANT AN APP TO KEEP UP WITH WHAT YOU HAVE READ OR WANT TO READ OR HAVE READ with nifty little shelves, this is the app for YOU. If you aren’t interested in grown ups acting like child, stalking, false reviews and all the other BS that comes with it, I wouldn’t waste my time OR you can just ignore it like I do 🖤 I mostly just keep my shelves on my Paperwhite now but when it asked me to review it, how could I not share my honest opinion
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3 weeks ago, MT10LVR
Wishing for Filters by developers
I really like how this app aids for those who are list makers. I’m an avid Audible user & go through several books a week. That all adds up to a lot of writing if not for this useful tool. I do however wish there were filters to list by author & alphabetical title order. Or even a search box under read books to see if a title is there after reading a description that I find interesting but not sure if I’ve already read. It’s taxing to scroll through the list of 400 when trying to remember a title. I like that it shows how long it took me to read. Even the Kindle App doesn’t alert me that I’ve read a title already when I type one in. It does show them in a list but here again you have to scroll through them ALL to find. It does show the titles by year in the order you’ve read but no other way to search. Love Kindle Unlimited & Audible!! Until 4 yrs ago I hated to read. After reading The Amulet of Power & the Rescue Mission w/ Audible I was hooked & haven’t stopped.
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5 years ago, Squirrelpotpie
Forced “Read”, “Want to Read”, “Currently Reading”
UPDATE: Goodreads contacted me and suggested I make my son’s bookshelf “exclusive”, meaning books on the shelf wouldn’t be on two shelves (that one and “currently reading” at the same time). It’s exactly what I needed. Thanks Goodreads! I updated my review! Original Review: I like this app. I would like to use it for its intended purpose for my own books (meaning: marking this as read, currently reading, want to read), and also keep a “shelf” of my son’s books to share with his grandparents. It is frustrating that you are FORCED to choose “read”, “currently reading”, or “want to read” for every book—I don’t want to mark my son’s books with these tags; I just want to catalog them with a shelf. I only want to use these tags with my own books... it’s annoying that I have to see his books in “currently reading” when I just want to see mine! Please add this option so I can use this app for myself! Right now I’m “currently reading” 50 children’s books! :(
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6 months ago, Cladonia13
My favorite app on my phone
I’m obsessed with Goodreads. I love tracking my reading and even more I love seeing what others are reading and adding their favorites to my TBR. That being said the app can be clunky at times - the whole thing could use an update. It seems the transition from website to app had a few hiccups? I don’t receive notifications other than my email (could be user error), when looking at my profile’s updates they will stack on top of each other, DMs are not worth using as it’s only text that you can send. I would love to have an option to send/receive book suggestions to other friends. I’d also absolutely love to see something like Spotify’s blend where you can see how compatible you are with your friends book lists. A lot of people also wish for the ability to rate with half stars but that’s not super important to me. Even with all the clunky I love this app so much. I check it at least every day.
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4 years ago, ❤️❤️❤️HUFFLEPUFF❤️❤️❤️
I use it ALL THE TIME!!
This app is amazing. I use it all the time!! It’s fun to keep up with all of your reading and to look back at everything you've read. I love how you can tell it what page your on and it will tell you exactly how far into the book you are. The database is huge!! Even books I don’t expect to find are here. You can find books that you’ve been wanting to read, put them in a folder and when your looking for your next book you can scroll through said folder until you find one. It’s amazing, I love this app, it’s just great! One thing I do wish is, when I tell it I’ve read a book, it doesn’t mean I just finished it. There should be a different button (but next to the ‘I’ve read this book button’) that says I just finished this book; and the I’ve read this book button should just put it in the Read folder and not on my reading challenge list. The I just finished this book button should add it to the reading challenge.
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10 months ago, Linnerlou
Glitchy and needs big updates
I like the premise behind the app, but the app itself needs a TON of work. It crashes constantly. Especially when you navigate to the Books tab. When I do the barcode search, it shows my book but then it goes away and immediately comes up with 3 different foreign school looking books and asks me if it’s one of those. Well…it was my book until you overrode it with three strange ones, and why are they always the same 3 books? So you have to just type the title or author anyway. Then that takes you to the search for title…the author line is too close to the title line, so half the time I hit the authors name instead of the book title, which then takes me to every book by that author. That’s not what I want when I am just adding a book to my list. Also, for the Challenges, there needs to be an option to add the book to the challenge, instead of being forced to make the status “reading” and then changing it to “read”. Apps are meant to be quick and easy, not cumbersome.
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3 years ago, ashlee🙃
Great app
Right now I’m 15 years old and a average reader. I use this app to track my reading and also compete with my friends over our yearly goals (they’re also readers) I do have some suggestions I would love added. Currently the books tell you how far you are based off a set page number however this doesn’t take into count the fact that based on the book it might be longer or shorter making the percent off. I would love if you could edit the page numbers or maybe select out of an array of numbers based on various copies. Another thing I would love to be added was to create a sort of filler book where you can edit it and add it to your shelves if it isn’t officially published or not yet on goodreads so it would still count in your goal. One last thing I’d love is the option to have a leauge where you challenge friends based off how many books you read with rankings I think it would make this app much more fun and enjoyable for younger or older readers!
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2 years ago, The Jess Jam
Love this app!
I have adhd which makes reading difficult. It also makes it nearly impossible for me to remember what I’ve read. This app has been so helpful in that regard. I enjoy being able to track my “read” and “want to read” shelves so I never buy a book twice! Having an annual goal is really helpful too as it gives me something to work toward to keep me motivated to read. My only suggestion would be to add a new search capability. I often wind up searching for a book on my shelves when I mean to do a general search. I then get the message that says “you have no books matching [title].” At which point you have to go to another tab and retype the book in to search for it. It would be awesome if there was an option to click a button to open the general search page and run a search for that book rather than just seeing the no matches found message. Hope that makes sense. Thanks!
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6 months ago, dance.Rici
Anxiety Warning
I got the app because I wanted to read and review books with friends. Most of my time I feel was wasted searching through books to add to my list of read, want to read, and currently reading. Instead of enjoying the books I was already reading I constantly would look at the lowest reviews to see what was wrong with them without giving them a chance. Turns out I had this less than twelve hours. Really good for reading book summaries but not connecting with other people. Shared one of my favorite books with my friends and later read her review on it (her answer to my face and online were different). She was a good book reviewer but felt overly critical. Other friend comments saying “You did not hesitate to bring this book down!!” (Whom I also knew). I read for fun not for anxiety. The moral of the story is this is a good place for reading summaries and reviewing. Not for fun reading and enjoying life. Ended up just wasting my afternoon and made me feel crappy. DO NOT RECOMMEND. Nothing wrong with the software or idea just not for me. I’m gonna keep my account but I do not want to waste more of my precious time, feelings, and energy on this app.
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6 years ago, digitaltease
This could be better
I like the app a lot. I like the fact that I can see what my friends are reading and get a perspective on a book that they loved. It also helps me find something that is worth reading.. but my problem is that I’m only limited to the friends that has been registered on Good Reads. Granted for the fact that I can invite friends but I believe this app would be better if we could follow anyone regardless of favorite author, friends and family. There are some celebrities, musicians, and also Sober bloggers that I admire and would love to see what they are reading. I think this app can be something popular if they opened it up to more celebrities or inspirational speakers. I love my friends but I want to know what Laura Mckowen, Talib Kweli, Jimmy Fallon, and more are reading. I want to see what they find as good reads for them. I also think this would expose people to more authors and help them gain more revenue for their books. So that way authors can write more books!
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6 months ago, Elphant
Great Community, Crap Interface
The heart for this app is definitely there. Love being able to keep track of books i’ve read, plan on reading, or friends are currently reading. That being said, GR is lucky they have a monopoly in the book-review-app game. The mobile interface is utter crap. Want to add a cool list to your profile to refer to? Have to do it on the computer. Navigating the different subsections of the app? Good luck. The friend/follower system doesn’t truly make sense, and I don’t even know where to begin with the groups feature. When you do too much (i.e. go between profile and browse maybe once) it crashes. When you add a new book to your read pile it crashes. And then doesn’t even add it to the pile. Want your number of books for the year to increase once you’ve, you know, read the book?? Well maybe stop being so greedy and asking for the app to do what it said it would do. TL;DR I love the concept, I love the community, but it’s too cluttered and dysfunctional for mobile, and barely any better for the computer.
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10 months ago, dancer4010
Impressive bug hindering functionality
When I search famous authors, like Jack Kerouac, he doesn’t appear in the results and when I manage to find the page of any author I’m looking for, all the books are in different languages - ones that do not use the English alphabet When this gets fixed I’ll bring it back up to 4 or 5 stars because I love this app but this bug is quite ridiculous. If I search for On the Road and Kerouac isn’t the first result, this app is failing me. *further note with the search bar: I find it infuriating when I type in a title and the book does not come up and instead I get 5 random books with one of the title words in them, and it’s always these ridiculous fantasy or ya books. And then I actually press search and I have to scroll all the way to the bottom where I’ll maybe find the book. It seems like the search bar isn’t being used as an, “I’m looking for this exact title” but rather “I’d like to read a book with these words in the title” which is stupid and an ineffective finding aid.
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5 years ago, Jules📚
This is the app I use most when looking at books. I love all the features in it and I like how features are still being added. •A few things I would suggest, though, are adding an option for when you are recording which days you read the book (from start to finish), to also have an option for the time. I usually know what time I started and finished a book so this would be helpful for me. And to put in settings whether you would rather have the standard “Military time” version for the time or the version where the numbers start over after twelve and use AM and PM. •Also when marking a book as “Read” I think there should be an option to click directly to the page where you record the days you read the book from start to finish. A direct click from one page to another would be very helpful for me. •The only thing that I am not so happy about is that I can’t use Goodreads when I don’t have WiFi, so if I’m eagerly trying to find a book in the car or on my school bus, I can’t look at any books because there is “no connection”. •Also, I love the fact that I can connect my Kindle Paper White to Goodreads and add in new books that I want to read, am currently reading or have just finished. It makes it so much easier!! Anyway, overall, this is an amazing app and I’ve recommended it to all my bookworm friends and I recommend it to anyone reading this!!!!
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1 year ago, MacthePenn
Love the website, hate the app
I love Goodreads, and use it on my laptop all of the time! However, the app is pretty terrible. It always crashes and never loads properly. The banners on the top of the home page (such as "Top Books of May" or "Book Club Picks") disappear after I click on them once, so I can only click on them if I'm ready to actually look through them very very carefully. Additionally, while it will tell me if I have a notification, it won't show me what that notification is, and the notification icon won't disappear until I view it on my laptop. Finally, it is very slow to load, far slower than other apps do on my phone, and far slower than Goodreads loads on my laptop, so I'm fairly sure it's specific to this app. I love Goodreads, but this app needs work. However, I do want to say there are some great features on the app that I do not get on my computer. Mostly, I am able to sort my lists through more criteria than I can on my phone, such as by "has the cover," "number of pages," and "number of ratings." This is very convenient, and I'm glad it's on the app!
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3 years ago, GS0892
Needs Some Improvements
I like the app overall, but I really wish it would include a few things. I tend to listen to audiobooks, so when I switch it to that version and want to update my progress, I can’t input the time I have left listening to the book. It only allows me to input the percent or page/s I've read. I saw the developer’s suggestion to a reviewer about dividing the time read but it’s not something that as a reader I want to be concerned with. If the site/app is allowing you to select different versions/formats of the book then it should also provide a progress section that compliments the selected version/format. It would be really awesome if I could sync my Audible account the way I can with my Kindle. I like the to-read list feature because it allows me to see which book to read next. This is extremely convenient when you’re participating in a reading challenge. Overall, I enjoy the app very much and highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, meowitsmolly
Something is wrong with the “add/edit dates read” feature
Anytime I read a book that I’ve read before, the activity history doesn’t reflect the new dates. It will list the first time I read the book and the second time I read the book, but it will continue to say “the last read on” date is the first time I read it. When you click “add/edit dates read” it lists both sets of dates read, but when i click on “see all activity on this book” and then click “edit review” it only lists the first date read and nothing else. Even when I try to edit that date it won’t reflect the change. Even when I’ve deleted the entry of the original dates just to test it out, it still only lists the original dates in the “edit review” section and on the main page for the book for the “last date read”. This has happened to me on multiple books and it just doesn’t make any sense that the section for the “add/edit dates read” doesn’t sync up with the “see all your activity on this book”. It drives me a little bit insane honestly.
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5 years ago, Mlu__
Change is important
Ok so... it took me a while to see a couple of things I really really wanted goodreads to change. First is that I can’t seem to edit my shelf other than change its name and delete books. But it should also let you change the order of the books and let you put them in other shelves without having to click on them and THEN adding them. E.g: you enter Want To Read and see a book you want to add to some shelf. Instead of clicking and opening EVERYTHING including the synopsis and all, you hold your finger onto the name of the book and all the shelves are available for you to insert it. Also, I’m from Brazil and constantly I check all my books to see if they gained a Brazilian edition. But some books have like, a 100 editions and it takes SO MUCH time to find a portuguese one. PLEASE let it have a box or whatever in the beginning of the page so I can search already “portuguese” and find an edition with my language.
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3 months ago, Dissatisfied-fullqvr
A great resource to find more books and to keep track of those I’ve read
Over the past couple of years I’ve started reading enough books again that at was necessary for me to have a place to record them. I love being able to keep track of how many books I’ve read each month and to go back and review the reviews that I’ve written reminding me when I sometimes don’t even remember what I’ve read myself. This motivates me to start a new book and complete the ones that I’ve started. Just helps keep me on track. I have also found it as a helpful resource to check out what my friends are reading and get ideas from them or to read other readers opinions about books before giving a book my valuable time. One of my favorite apps. But good reads, If you’re listening, can you please put a spot where we can include the person who recommended a book to us.
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1 year ago, maddieblovestoread
Bookshelf & ratings app
The app is great! I love that you can have friends on there and see what they read and what ratings they give books that they have read in the past. another personal favorite feature is that you can see your friends reading, goals and comment on them. I have a lot of books that I want to read, and the bookshelf, organizing feature is a lifesaver. Overall a great reading app to help stay organized and connect with your other book work friends! :) WHY NOT 5 STARS? Only frustration I have is that when you log a book the number of pages is typically incorrect. That results in your percentage, that the app calculates to be off. there should be a feature where you can manually input how many pages a book has so then your percentage can be accurate. I also use an app called beanstack and that feature is included, and it is very helpful! so if you use the pages feature, your percentage will most likely be off.
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5 months ago, Mackenzie.Bailey1
Easily my favorite app
I don’t have Social Media, but Goodreads makes me feel connected to my friends in a way Social Media used to. Especially being a Christian, and having people from my church and my community on the App, I’m able to see what likeminded people are reading and their thoughts on the books before I read them. Before Goodreads I read about 4 books per year (being generous to myself here), and now, with Goodreads, I have a hunger to read all these amazing titles I see everyone talking about. I have read four books in 2024 and we are only 9 days in - thanks to Audiobooks, of course - but the supplication of other readers’ thoughts to my bookworm mentality has driven me to be part of the reading community at my church. This App is so motivating! Additionally, I am a science nerd, so I get to see what my cousin and my friend from out-of-State are reading and tackle those heavy reads, too! Thank you, Goodreads!
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5 years ago, Sjellie
Love it. That said, there’s much potential for growth
This is my go to app for bookmarking (haha) books I want to read and check out what my friends and other people are reading. The shelves, the ability to read and create reviews, browsing for books, and creating a book challenge for the year are really nice, and it feels great to move a book from in progress to read. That said, the social aspect of the app doesn’t seem to be fully in touch with the other areas. I wish there were a way customize the feed you see. The friend list doesn’t seem to really refresh outside of when you first sync the app to your fb account, you can’t cancel friend requests, can’t unfollow people, and you still get a feed for people who are no longer exist on your friend list. The basic features work, and I guess there’s no other app like GoodReads yet, but the social features could be developed and polished more to give a more streamlined app. Apart from all wishful thinking, I am still thankful for this :)
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2 months ago, Abi😜😜😜
Essential for everyday use
There are very few apps that I use every day and that I have downloaded on every device I own, but this is one of them. I’m a huge fan of beach reads or causal reads, but after awhile a lot of the premises tend to start to blur together and I hate opening a book only to discover four chapters in that I have in fact read this before. Big plus for the community aspect. I’ve fallen in love with fantasy and sci-fi again with buddy reads in different groups and a huge shout out to the moderators and newsletter writers. I can’t wait to open my newsletters every month. One thing I wish Goodreads would implement is a “not interested” list or subsection. I hate opening up my recommendations and seeing a ton of recommendations that I will never want to read, either I don’t like the author or a trigger warning. It would be great if I could just sort out those books I’m not interested in instead of wading through them time and time again.
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1 year ago, ChrisWantsToTrack
Reduced Rating - not enough flexibility/features
Wish there was an easy way to provide feedback to the developers. I have LOVED this app for years, but it hasn’t changed much. I wish they allowed for you to track books separately if you read them vs listened on audio. It would also be good if they allowed separate ratings for the book alone vs the book on audio. Would be nice to allow monthly reading challenges, not just yearly challenges. And it would be great if they offered some fun functions like i’m seeing from friends who use other apps. They can create fun visual representations for which and how many books they read each month and then share that in social media. So I still love the app, I just wish it allowed for some more creative uses for those of us who are interested (or just create a function so that it can synch easily with one of those other apps then the goodreads purists will be happy and people like me who want to be able to do a little more without changing apps).
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