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User Reviews for Audible: Audio Entertainment

4.86 out of 5
4.7M Ratings
5 months ago, Cajuil
SPARE by Prince Harry
Thank you Prince Harry for pouring and sharing your soul, allowing us to truly hear the truth, the real truth, facts, from the “horses mouth”. I am deeply sorry for all of the sorrows , disappointments and those who were disloyal to you, from your own family! I truly admire your courage, your service (universal), the good you have been able to do around the world. I am happy you found your soulmate and that you have a beautiful family of four. I despise those who have bullied (your family and tabloids), dehumanized Meghan, she does not deserve such a treatment; I “know her” from suits, followed her philanthropic work, loved her Tig, her blog… she is a beautiful soul and woman, you two are lucky to have each other. Congratulations on an amazing book and audio, I loved hearing your voice, it felt as if you were talking to me. Many of my friends who have read your book say the same, your narration gives the book so much light and life. As I finished your book tonight, during my evening walk, once again you have proved that you have always been right… I say this because in the last two days, many revelations have been learned from your suing the tabloids. I want you yo know that your book have opened many peoples eyes. I want you to know that you and your little family is LOVED around the world! Carry on Prince Harry, we are rooting for you four!
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10 months ago, BenBasil
Some issues but overall worth the price
I love audible, it’s easily my favorite app and really the only reason I use my phone for anything other than communication. The price is more than reasonable, for $15 you get access to a lot of really solid books, plus a credit to use on any book you want, no matter the price. Depending on their age and popularity, some books can be upwards of $30 by themselves, so that’s a pretty sweet deal. Credits carry over and, as long as you keep your membership, they will not expire (if you cancel, be sure to use any left over credits before you do). My only advice is to check the book’s price before you use a credit on it. As I said before, a credit is good for any price book, but that also goes for inexpensive books. They don’t make it easy to see the actual cost, I have to use my phone’s browser because they don’t show you within the app, but there have been books I want that are only $2-3, which would be a total waste of a credit, so I just buy them with my credit card. The only con for me would be (as of December 2022, at least) is the poor compatibility with iOS, you can’t use Siri for any commands other than rewind/play/pause/forward. Since I listen with my AirPods most of the time, it would be nice, but I guess I understand with the whole Alexa vs. Siri war.
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9 months ago, aliboo210
Kudos to the developers
I’m back to loving the app! My original negative review is below. I got a response from Audible developers who instructed me on how to remove the Alexa button. It was actually very simple, but I couldn’t figure out how before, and had even contacted Audible Help (before I wrote the review) but the rep said Alexa couldn’t be removed. So I’m very happy again with this app. And I’d like the Alexa button if it were in a different location in car mode. Here’s my original review: The new Alexa button is annoying, and frankly, a little dangerous. I used to be able to hit the "rewind" and "bookmark" buttons in car mode without looking down at my screen while driving. Now I have to look at the screen to hit those buttons because otherwise I accidentally hit that HUGE Alexa button at the bottom of the screen. (Which interrupts my book.) Super frustrating. Sure, I could use the Alexa button instead, but it takes longer to hit the button and say "rewind 10 seconds" than just hitting the rewind button like I used to be able to easily do. The Alexa button isn't a bad idea, but why couldn't they have put it somewhere else, and not make it so big? This has ruined the app for me. I sure hope they fix this terrible design in future updates. I’ll gladly change my 2 star rating to a 4 or 5 if they do.
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2 months ago, ramacharaca
A Genius business with enjoyable features
This has been a wonderful way to save time and achieve the same result. I have being able to perform labor tasks or even play video games which take up a different response sector from my ability to focus, perform, absorb and respond. While I can divide my attention, this nifty app allows me to focus on both my physical labor and the text/ideas being shared here with the same intensity and similar results. The narrators so far have been great, their tempo, punctuation and emphasis has been on point. The variety of works from which to chose is broad and so far I have found most if not all of the books I wanted to read/listen to. Also, the fact that Audible provides free credits every so often is remarkable( imagine not only how much money is saved but also time to travel and shop for these. Not to mention what if they are difficult to find provided their less then popular demand). The features to control the speed of the narration, also the ability to play on the background for if in the midst of listening one should attend a communication from a friend or family and not want to disturb the suspense built on the best part of the book. Also, I am sure there are other features I have not explored. So this is it for this review being. Thank you 🙏
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7 months ago, ProcyonLen
EDIT one of my most used apps.
EDIT: Thanks so much for the response, team. I updated the app and am so relieved. I can’t tell you how much I was missing listening to my books. So happy it was just a bug! Definitely giving the app 5 stars overall! I LOVE my audiobooks. Audible was one of my very top used apps, as I have a hard time focusing on tasks around the house/work/etc without some sort of sensory input. I have it running almost all the time. The last update ruined the whole app for me. I live way out in the middle of nowhere with no wifi and only the most tenuous connection to the data network. Suddenly, after updating the app, it won’t play any of my DOWNLOADED titles without an internet connection. What the heck is the point of taking up my phone storage space downloading all these books, if I now can’t even play them from my phone?? I am so disappointed, as I can’t listen to any of my favorite books at home anymore because I can’t find a place to connect enough to start the chapter. I know I’m just one random human to a huge corporation, but please, please, please, fix this. I am already missing my books acutely. It’s so disappointing to not be able to play my selection of downloaded books.
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2 years ago, Gale22
Most used app I have aside from gps
Love this app so much. Had it for years and does not disappoint. Thank you for being here, existing and being in my life. Such a great idea and concept. Sorry it took me so long to rate this amazing app! Get it, you won’t regret it, so many wonderful title and books and not over priced! Update: This is still a great app but it needs to be said that the home tab is waaay too much noise visually speaking. Way too many suggestions and advertised books for an app. It’s not a clean look and honestly it’s ugly. The app needs a more sleek minimalist feel for ease of use. I literally get anxiety seeing the homepage with all the extra books recommendations, catalogues and so forth. When I use the app I just want to get to the point not be defaulted to a crazy looking page foot of book images. Please higher someone to update your app comestically. With the IOS update people are discovering less is more with widgets and less apps. Try to use that same concept, I want to see recommendations make it the last tab not the first. Have the first tab be the library and instead of a line chart of books maybe give the option of line display or chart display, just something more sleek please. Update 03 May 2021: The app skips the audio for some reason and when the screen goes dark it stops playing. Please fix this. This is pretty frustrating and my settings don’t have anything that causes this to happen.
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9 months ago, igctfxtjhb
Very helpful book
I have been on a mission (I am in my 40’s) to finally learn how to communicate everyday, including having difficult conversations. The author provided so much insight into how I was conditioned to respond in a certain way that has caused the receiver of the message to immediately shut down and become defensive. I listened to this book on my commute to and from work and learned so much that I can apply to everyone I talk to, both personally and professionally. I will admit, as other reviewers have stated, that the author’s voice has a slow dragging pace, so I fixed that by speeding up the audio to 1.2x and this reduced a lot of vocal clicks and made the pace more of a “normal” speaking speed without affecting the author’s message. I personally like hearing books in the author’s own voice as it conveys meaning exactly how author meant to convey the message without interpretation from another speaker (professional narrator or not). To me, hearing from the writer in their voice gives life to the message. I plan to go back and review some key areas which really spoke to me. I recommend this book to anyone, even if they think they know how to communicate. This book changed my life and perspective, and may very well save my marriage.
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3 years ago, goodvibesgoodbooks
Can’t wait to get my hands on her next!
This was one of those books that you not only savor, but you swap between physical and audio because you can’t get enough. The setting was perfect, the characters were hilarious, and the depth was just right. You follow Marin as she takes on a role she never thought she would be in.. PR and media manager for a rock band. But she not only crushes the position, she gains a crush on a band member. You follow along with the band and crew as they make their way all over the country on tour. You see them banter, you see them prank and you see them fall in love.. or lust. I usually have something to knit pick about whether it’s lack of charter build or creating an atmosphere you feel a part of, but Lisa did nothing for me to knit pick. This world was so well thought out, I can’t wait to dive into every single book I have of hers and also... I really need a prequel to see how Craig and Phoebe started. The only reason I gave this book a 4 rather then a solid 5 was I had a bit of a rough time with the big problem and how quickly it seemed to be resolved, I wish it would have been a little longer and we got to see more effort and what happened to.. patch things up on all accounts. I’m a girl who doesn’t trust easily and loses trust quickly so I have a hard with any story that someone’s forgiven too quickly.
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6 years ago, jsbow-long
Better and better- not perfect
This app gets better and better but it isn't perfect. The app has great features and a few clunky ones. More good ones than it used to have. They are being improved over time. All in all, I'm happy with my experience. I can return books I didn't like if they are returned within 6 months. I don't read (listen to) them that quickly. I buy faster than I listen to them. Some times I finish them and the "finished" indication doesn't stay associated with the book through app revisions. Not Cool! The stories included in the titles are often well done but some presentations need serious rework - not many - but the choice for presenter could sometimes be improved. I've listened to a couple dozen different presenters by now ( a couple hundred books ). If those that were "flat" could be trained or replaced with more skilled people a lot of the stories would be better but, sometimes the story is the problem and that is a shame. It becomes easier to tell the difference between problems in story and presentation as you hear more of each. The short samples offered before you buy are most helpful ( at least to me ) only after my ear has become trained by listening to a goodly number of books by many presenters.
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1 year ago, Black Powet
Finding Me
Viola Davis is incredible!! An incredible actor, person, mentor. I love love love listening to her recant her childhood, her life. The raw truth, the struggles, the pain, tragedy, disappointment, fear. The FORGIVENESS to her abusive dad. I cried a million tears because I was so touched that she was able to build a loving relationship with her dad despite it all……He knew she truly loved him unconditionally and left this life with that knowledge in his soul. It reminded me of my own dad 😭and our relationship. The courage to tell her story the good bad and the ugly. And there were plenty of ugly events that many would not survive. The love for the family despite their short comings. The sincere prayer to God to bring her Julius, the love of her life. Owning her roots and who she is, where she came from and where she is now. Not forgetting any of it. Ohhhhh, the trip to Africa. Gaining affirmation from the Mother Land that she is SOMEBODY…that we are all somebody and figuring out who that somebody is in this cruel world and taking a dignified stand. Standing tall as a beautiful, dark skinned sister, beautiful inside and out!! What an inspiration. Viola stated “The Purpose of Life is to Live It”. I’m so very inspired to live my life to the fullest, as tomorrow is promised to no one. Thank you Ms. Viola Davis….thank you. I loved it all. ME
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2 years ago, Lila Bleu
Vivid Beach Settings and Authentic Characters Learn to Find Happiness
It took a little more than usual for me to get into the book; at first,It started off feeling too much like a cliché, but that changed after the first few chapters. After reading the book, it almost feels like that was the author’s intention to provide a stark contrast for the character development throughout the book or possibly the author became a better writer once she fully built her world. I really enjoyed the vivid setting descriptions of the “Pond” and the city(really all of the settings were wonderfully sketched through words in the reader’s mind), the characters felt so authentic that I was sad when the story ended, and the structure was also essential to the plot: going between the past and present at various stages, but also within one day at the beach house in the present. It could get a little confusing at times, but this made me pay attention more so I didn’t mind. There were times when I was so angry at the main character, and mother(s), that I literally yelled at her (them)through my phone. It was never the main character’s fault, but she made so many poor, weak choices at times. It reminded me of the human flaws and regrets we all have or carry.
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10 months ago, Lwisdom69
Have No Fear
After listening to this audible with Joyce Meyer it made me understand my fears I have with calling my clients. Listening to scripture made me do it anyways- the Lord is on my side. I have been listening to Joyce’s sermons for over a decade and have purchased some of her books. “Do it afraid ,” is by far my favorite audible I will buy this book to keep on my shelves for reference. Being in sales can be challenging when you get a lot of “No’s by people over the phone, would make me want to quit! But listening daily to Joyce about other normal everyday people with their fears and overcoming them with the help of my Lord Jesus opens my eyes, to see how little my fears are. I would say to myself- just call the first 10 people - then it would be 20 people, then 50 - after my calls were made and I completed the task with the help of the Lord Jesus it would not be as bad as I thought. I would say a little prayer~ Thank you Lord that you are always here by my side helping me build my business and to keep my accountable in my daily tasks- in Jesus name Amen. Thank you Joyce Meyer for writing this book, and teaching me the scriptures in the Bible to help me daily do it Afraid but Not afraid anymore 🙏🏼 . Lillian from Los Angeles
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3 years ago, trithseeker
Rising out of hatred
An amazing account of personal transformation. I too grew up with a racist father, surrounded by all of the rhetoric in this community. Awful. I love the courage it took for Roland-Derek to challenge his indoctrination and to find the strength to cut ties with beloved community, even family. That is the hardest part. For real. He said there is guilt in the interviews I’ve seen of his regarding what he helped create. Well, that was happening anyway. The good he has created through his total honesty, vulnerability and accountability - and willingness to speak publicly about it - stands taller and provides more light than any darkness the white nationalist... movement could ever create. He is a light bearer, and it is especially powerful and illuminating BECAUSE of his history. Roland-Derek provides an example of someone to challenge and think for himself within a fear-based, constraining movement. My hat is forever off to this gentleman, a man of TRUE wisdom and bravery while surviving the very human heartbreak of leaving a beloved community that no longer serves. He and Alison are putting their lives on the line by speaking out. I am grateful to Eli for penning this book, and all the others willing to allow their names into this story. Your courage and truth DEEPLY inspires me.
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7 months ago, L. Mccombie
Opposites attract
Flirting with Forever is Book four in the Dirty Martini Running Club series. This is Nora’s happily ever after and although this is the fourth book in the series, I totally feel that this could be read as a standalone. This is an opposites attract and single dad trope. Nora is everything that I love in a heroine; she is strong, independent and fierce! She has made her own family with her friends and would absolutely do anything for them. She has just purchased her very first home and our hero, Dex, and his daughter live next-door. The first relationship that I fell in love with in this book was between Nora and Riley, who is the daughter of our hero. Every little girl should have a Nora in their life! Nora became a confidant and good friend, with wonderful advice for Riley. As for our hero, I love that Nora thought that she could flirt her way into Dex’s life and keep things casual but Dex turned her advances away because he didn’t want it to affect Riley. When these two finally came together it was magic! I loved everything about this book especially the Easter eggs and the Husband Gang! The author outdid herself once again! The audiobook was fantastic! Stephen Dexter and Vanessa Edwin brought Nora and Dex to life and it was total perfection!
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8 months ago, Listener-unbiased
Deeply moving however
There are parts where you can’t help but cringe at the “first” world problems that the Duke and Duchess experience as well as the fact that so many people in their circle who come to the rescue, live lives so far removed from your average citizen. I do feel the desperation for “normalcy” and I hear the tragic story of a damaged, broken family unable to connect emotionally to each other because doing so means admitting that their lives as they know it, are ruled by others only looking out for themselves not the family or the Monarchy for that matter. However, I also think this story shows how everyone involved has not taken responsibility for their own roles, choices or lack of education on the system that rules them. Harry should have known better, there is no way Megan didn’t know about his family, or why she shouldn’t take a picture in front of the Taj Mahal for example, I mean everyone has seen that famous picture, especially people of Megan’s age living in California during the 90s. I think if anything, I hope it’s cathartic for them and helps them move on. Everyone deserves safety and security and to make their own way. I wish them the best.
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1 year ago, Sky78520
Born of Earth
By A L. Knorr It was almost a year ago that I read this book, so when I found the opportunity to listen to it on Audible, I jumped at it. I am so glad that I did! With AL Knorr about ready to publish sequels to this book, it was an ideal time to review/listen to it. I have never reread any book as I always then knew what had happened. Life is short and books are many, but as I have aged, l remember only the basics of the story. As I listened to Born of Earth, the vivid writing came to life as if watching a movie and I was in Ireland with Georgie. I was there ten years ago, so pictures were brilliant in my mind of the land and people . i was amazed at how little I remembered of the details which brought the story to life. Listening to the reader was reminiscent of listening to radio stories in my childhood where imagination was able to “see” what was happening. So, I loved every minute of the book as if I had never read it. As Georgie grew to see the Fey and become a Wise, I wished to see Ley lines, and fairy buds, to hear the plants telling of what they can cure, and to sink feet into the earth. To read a story by A L Knorr is to enjoy a well-written book with strong characters, a great plot and a new experience unlike any other. But to listen to that same story is to experience it.
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2 years ago, MsGettingFit
I was at my wits end with how to change my life
I literally was crying the other day from frustration at the knowledge that I create my own reality but did not know HOW. So there I was on the floor of my kitchen bawling my eyes out and suddenly I had a sense of peace come over me. A couple of days later, I searched in Audible the terms magic money manifesting and this book popped up. I honestly didn’t have much hope for it, because it seems like all of these books that claim to give a person techniques just re-hash the same old stuff. This author didn’t do that. He gives practical how to methods that explain different perspectives and details on how to REALLY harness your inner power and apply it to your life. I feel empowered. I took notes this book was so informational, I’m going to listen to it again! Don’t hesitate to get this book! It really will change your life. You can tell that the author spoke from the heart and put a lot of inspired work into this. Sitting on that floor I begged God to help show me how to use the power I know he gave us all to manifest a better life for me. And this book stood out to me. So that’s how I know it is special and must have been inspired. Prosperity and Goodness to you all!
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5 months ago, Sugarfish
If you’re serious about building a real estate business, then add this title to your required text.
I had very mixed feelings about my expectations when I saw this book. Not because I didn’t trust the author’s real estate journey or chops, but because similar information is usually lock up into the “guru’s” branded classes. Much like real estate, am I going to drop $25k to $30k on the slickest marking machine or am I going spend less than $25 dollars on the exact same information from this wonderful book and investing the balance of that $25k into my first deal? I’m not joking, the keys to the real estate kingdom are laid bare in the context of the book. At the very least this book needs to be required reading and a frequently referenced resource in your library. Although it’s written for newer real estate investors, it peels back the blankets on more advanced concepts such as consideration for syndicates, location-location-location, and dealing with real-life landlord/tenant relations. For whatever my opinion is worth, this book is a must have and the secret to form a real estate business strategy and tactically getting after it is less than an 8 hours listen and gives you the foundation for generational wealth.
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1 year ago, Miltono
Well done!
this book is interesting. I am not a tech type guy and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It takes its reader through the history and background so we can understand where all the hubbub around 5G is coming from and the influence China and other influencers have had on the new technology and telephony technology in general. China is truly a bad actor but in a way you can’t blame them, they work under their own set of rules. Because they have long strategic plans for the CCP to control much of the world. To them there are no rules to getting to their destination. But we must not be enablers in there world domination. Early on we certainly shared way too much information and we did not protect our intelligence and innovation as we should have. But the good news is there are things we can do to reclaim prominence in the telephony field by unlocking innovation by reducing regulations. One of the things we must do is put country before pure profits by having good policies in tact to better protect America. Because this has such geopolitical concerns the US and private companies need to work much better together that in no way shape or form picks winners and losers. This is our big challenge going forward.
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3 years ago, RealizmHF
Great Service at a premium price
Audible works great, I can find great titles, get samples of the voices, and I even get a free credit with the higher tier subscription with a few more “premium” titles. The issue for audible is turning the everyday subscriber into a customer; like myself. I pay $10 and watch hundreds of movies and tv shows that last a few hours to hundreds of hours depending on the title. The budgets are bigger, the price for the customer is lower. I pay $10 and listen to thousands of songs, many just a few minutes, some can be hours. I also enjoy podcasts... for no additional fee. Now we get to Audible where I pay $12, more than the others, and get 1 pick and like at an old movie store I become limited and find it difficult to choose the only free title I’ll get because the rest you have to pay for. I loved the audio books, but I’ll never stay a subscriber when I have other content for cheaper and without a secondary pay wall. I listened to a single book in a week, so that’s 4 books a month on average. Since only 1 is free, I could be paying $30, $50, $100 more for the other titles. I signed up with a free trial, stayed for a month after, but will sadly cancel after as they haven’t nailed down a way to monetize in a way that I can have access to hundreds of premium free titles for a low monthly cost.
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6 months ago, Dolphinboy02056-2
It’s great, but…
Love audible. I’ve happily listened to over a hundred books, again and again. It’s great, but for one thing: You must be online, to listen to a book that’s stored locally, on your phone. I know, that’s the way most apps are, but again, it’s stored right there on my phone! There’s no doggone reason it shouldn’t be able to store a couple bytes of data for a bookmark and let you listen when you’re offline or heaven forbid you drive through a data dead zone. When finally the marvelous world of high speed digital data returns, at that point audible can joyously reconnect with the mother ship and sync all the data needed to keep all your metrics and ability to listen across other devices which I never have to do. “We’re sorry, a problem has occurred,” and the book starts over. I have a huge collection of screenshots that I habitually take to make sure I save my place. Please. Allow temporary offline listening! It’s those times especially when I need a good book. That’s the one thing “in my book” that would elevate audible to a truly perfect listening experience! But really. It’s great. Listen to literature. Expand your mind.
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4 years ago, ocdknitter
Audible Books
I’ve been a member on/off for many years. You pay a monthly/annual fee and get credits based on your subscription. The fee you pay is often less than the price of most audiobooks. You can pay for the book or use a credit. There are lots of reviews, some are fake but most seem to be genuine. I like that you can hear a 3-5 minute sample before purchasing. I have gotten credits refunded for books I was unhappy with, (books I didn't listen to completely). Customer service has been great. I had to discontinue membership for a while and lost nothing during the time I canceled my membership. I kept the credits I already had and all of the books I had in my library. Starting my membership again was easy. I do wish that reviewers would add ore detail instead of simply saying ”I like the book”. That’s not a review. Why do you like/dislike the book? Was it clean, full of profanity, sex, violence? Was this book fit for the whole family? Did the story flow, was the narrator easy to listen to; did they have an annoying voice, were the characters voices distinguishable? That’s a review! A review is meant to help other customers decide if they want to purchase the book or not.
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1 year ago, franciepie23
Thank you
I am the youngest of 4 children 2 of which have schizophrenia. The third I cannot confirm because she is estranged and does not share her diagnosis only to say if she had not had the years of therapy she had she would have been just like our brother. The irony is that she does not see how sick she is. At times I had to stop listening to the book to digest what I had heard and to shed a few tears to work through my own grief. I so relate to Lindsey Galvin in so many ways. The main difference is my siblings weren’t diagnosed until they were much older because they were not as severely symptomatic. All of this came to a head at my mothers passing in 2010. Then I truly learned how co dependent our family was. Some of us are healing the others I pray for. Reading this book made me feel that I was alone or the only one in this situation. I am truly grateful for all those who have research and continue to research on behalf of the ones that can’t. I am also relieved to know that the likelihood of my son and his children of having schizophrenia is very low. I have so much more insight into this condition now. I am now more curious than ever to learn of any new developments in treatment.
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3 years ago, Drathstar
Everyone should love books
I love the Audible app because it allows me to enjoy a good book even while driving or other activities that prevent reading a book while doing them. RIF was a program I loved in school, many of my classmates would have me pick out books and they would get them and give them to me because they didn't like reading and knew I loved to do so. At the time I was happy to get more books to enjoy though looking back I wish I had tried harder to share my love of reading with my classmates. My one real gripe is regarding two issues related to playback, the volume max can vary quite a bit from one narrator to another I presume due to production methods or settings so I would appreciate an ability to make the volume louder than currently possible especially when using the built in speaker on a mobile device. The second issue is that when listening to a book in the background and playing any of a number of games that sadly force you to watch ads occasionally to play for free it can sometimes fail to allow restarting the narration after the ads and rather default to any random music file you have on the device.
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1 year ago, AnonymousSaltyGuy
When you hear truth, believe it
Highly suggest that you read The Way of Integrity. When heartbreak finds me most vulnerable I usually turn to Dante and reread his epic masterpiece The Divine Comedy. There is kinship in that journey for me. I am no great Dante scholar, but I was given the book when I was young to help deal with the loss of a great love and his journey has served me since. I scoured the many books that my friends have suggested in order to deal with a recent bout of nostalgic longing, maybe trying to convince myself that Dante was the best option once again, but eventually came across The Way of Integrity while eavesdropping on a conversation in a coffee shop. Listening to the sample and the reference to Dante gave me the motivation to take a flyer and make the purchase. Having just concluded this book I can honestly say that I intend to make it a part of my life going forward. The way Martha Beck understands Dante is so familiar to me, and her insights are honest, concise, and often perspectives that I had not before considered. I plan to attempt her many challenges and test my own integrity. We do not know when our souls guides will find us along the road, she is right about that.
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2 months ago, woundrn1992
They only lose one star because
I think that it is vital, that an actor or actress who is being paid to read a novel out loud understand, and know the pronunciation of all of the words in that particular book. myself and many of my friends are sometimes dismayed by what to us are obvious mispronunciations these include Nuclear (correctly, pronounced New-Clear NOT New-Cue-Ler). Clerestory (correctly, pronounced Clair-Eś-story with the accent on the second syllable. NOT Clear-Story) Beyond that, I think, if the author is living, they should offer up the pronunciation to the voice actors, and the voice actor should consistently pronounce the names as the author intended throughout the story consistently correctly, not two or three different pronunciations throughout one story with the same voice actor. Last but not least there have been three or four books that I thought when I purchased them I was getting unabridged version and that was not the case. Once someone famous has recorded a book no one seems to want to get a second recording of maybe a different voice actor in a complete an abridged edition. in this day and age were books are being made into blockbuster movies I think it’s vital that we stop creating any abridged editions.
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4 years ago, Rim a
I Love Audible...But...
I’ve had Audible for nearly 5 years. I started as a way to help me get back to reading since physically reading was somewhat limited by reality. But now when I walk my dogs, run errands, go to the work related matters, drive for a long road trip, ride my bicycle, or even work in the kitchen, I always make sure to have books to listen to. My library has at least 300 by now, and I love seeing it grow. I also love the whisper sync for Kindle which lets me read or listen. I also love the integration with my Alexa devices. I can go from room to room without wasting my phone battery, and have her keep reading to me. Here are my only two recommendations:1- this is the most important. Please for the love of all that is holy let us organize our books by subject matter/ category or whatever we call it like we can in Kindle! I need to do this on my PHONE as I cannot scroll through the ALL my books to find old books I’ve forgotten are even there. I need to put them by category. Please please please do this most basic thing for your subscribers. 2- please have more whisper sync and more affordable ways to purchase kindle after purchasing the audible. Thank you.
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8 months ago, WorldDefender MoonFace
Wounded Man Speaks his Truth
Very glad I listened to the Duke tell his story. What a tragic family. And beautiful to hear his first-person account of historical events (or fictions that tabloids created). The media reviews that led up to this book release don’t even come close to conveying the spirit of the book, which makes sense, since the tabloid media are one of the top villains throughout his life (as illustrated again and again in his memoir). I wonder if one day King William will have more fortitude and less vanity and insecurity than his Dad King Charles to try to prevent the same destructive forces from ripping his own children apart. If the monarchy endures. When the time comes, William may have greater insight into what happened between him and Harry. However, the whole institution of the monarchy seems to breed mistrust, pettiness, and require emotional disconnection from the top ranked family members. The memoir covered many aspects of his life I didn’t know about, like the substance use, his Apache pilot training, and how he gravitated to surrogate parents in his beloved Botswana. And the depth of his loss. I also appreciated a non-caricature understanding of his wife Meg, and all she and her family also endured.
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4 years ago, lacies opinions
Incredibly helpful and easy to use ap!
I am so impressed with this ap! I had caved on one of the ads for this ap on fb and saw that they had a free trial with two free books so I decided to try it. I listened to part of one book and then haven’t had much time to listen since and actually kinda forgot about it. I received an e mail today from audible which reminded me I needed to cancel my trial before being charged bc I wasn’t ready to pay the monthly subscription just yet and unlike most apps I found the customer service for this company was incredible! Right under settings in the ap lists a phone number and easy access to ur subscription information. I called the number to find out where I was in my trial and was impressed with how quickly they answered and told me I still had a few weeks left and she could cancel it now or I could enjoy the rest of it and call back to cancel the day before. She also returned the book I originally ordered bc I wasn’t that into it and now I have my two free book credits left! I highly recommend this ap to anyone bc of its easy to use settings, outstanding customer support, and wide section of books available! Great Job audible!
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10 months ago, Hy samokin bo dayi
Her life was saved by Rock and Roll
Cincinnati Ohio-where I grew up In the 50’s was like an over stuffed chair, inviting thoughts of comfort but quickly becoming carnivorous, a Venus fly trap for the soul. Across the river in Newport Ky, there were “sepia” record stores, where we could listen to “colored” vocalists and groups ,nightclubs where we, as under age kids, could just walk in and hear the likes of Chuck Berry. I was smitten. This was hope personified. Rock and Roll gave joy and connection, a perfect lens. Turning on that tan Philco radio in our kitchen as I rolled in for breakfast was a daily necessity to turn the day into a rainbow. Jann Wenner perfectly captures his Rolling Stone magazine and the culture it shaped. One could enjoy it strictly from that perspective. Of course he is a great writer. For those of us who read every single issue from start to finish though it is so much more. One could say the book is a memoir but it is a cultural bible of the times. I loved listening to every word. It is a beautifully told chronicle of a few magical decades. It is only Rock and Roll but I like it. Thank you Jann Wenner for sharing. It means more than I can say. You will never be finished ax long as you are breathing,
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3 years ago, TropiqueInCA
Save your eyes
Truthfully speaking, I have never been a fan of reading. This is a bit ironic being I hold a MSBA in business. But then after discovering Audible, wow I’m amazed with all that I am listening to. In my profession, I’m on the computer several hours in any given day. So by days end the last thing I want to do is pick up a physical book and read. Seriously, I use to turn articles into PDFs , use the computer ‘listen to’ feature, bout music in the background and write notes for my class. An occasional glass of wine certainly helped. One podcast for a required class (book was online) the professor who narrated the book was so monotone you’d fall asleep. By the end of the class session in the podcast I would have a great nap. So instead I went to the gym, Wales on the treadmill and stayed awake. The pint is that wa 14 years ago and technology as well as people’s skill have evolved over time for the greater good. I would especially live to thank audible for creating this platform and the many authors and narrators who provide valuable content. I’m constantly inspired and appreciate being an Audible ‘Superfans.’ Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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5 years ago, Javier rover
Disappointed with App Change
I’ve been an avid member for I’m thinking at least a decade and I just discovered that you have removed all my reading statistics and levels of accomplishment in the app. Naturally I won’t quit but I loved that aspect of the app and it gave me a continued sense of achievement and accomplishment. Please return this feature it means so much to me or show or tell me where you moved it to. Thanks for listening. I have now discovered that my review above is not exactly correct the statistics are still there. However, because I had two accounts, recently consolidated into one the one I have remaining shows me as having achieved scholar while in fact I have long since passed Master level. That bothers me greatly. May seem a small issue to but not I. Also, what’s the level above Master as when your records are updated I will surpass that easily. Even if you don’t make the update I will still obliterate Master level and there must be others. Anyway once I hear from you I will update to 5 stars. Finally, I wish you would find a way where I can find and purchase books inside the App if apple don’t like it so what, just buy them out and make a better policy.
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4 months ago, Pach can D
Above avg app with questionable prices. - MzB
I use Audible most of the time. Other times I use Kimble for the majority of my time reading. I get books anywhere from non-fiction to fiction to recipe books, ect. I listen to audio books when I'm doing other things or read my kindle books when I'm sitting, relaxing. I enjoy both very much and have had no problems with either. The only con I have is price. Kindle books are reasonably priced. Even books on CDs aren't too bad in price. But with those, you are interrupted by having to change the disc or if you stop and take a disc out to change it from one player to another, i.e., from a home player to a car, It's easy to lose your place. Kindle I can take with me to appointments, ect. Audible books I can listen to in the car as long as I have an auxiliary speaker. But my biggest complaint is the price. I pay a monthly fee to use the app and then pay an extra $20 to $30 for an audible book which I feel is an exorbitant price compared to Kindle or books on CDs. Audible may be convenient, but the prices are ridiculous, with as much as I read (or listen to).
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3 years ago, wulfeman
Bring back option to hide finished titles, for 5 Stars.
I’ve been an audible member for about 20 years ( whenever the service started). I have well over 1000 titles in my library (most purchase, prior to new system, with free titles). I occasionally listen to portions of one book, before switching over to another (especially, when a desired preorder becomes available). Previously, it was easy to locate books that I needed to return to, by hiding all finished titles. Since the new system was unveiled, this has been reversed. I don’t quite understand the utility of being able to see all titles in your library that you have already completed. Showing titles that you haven’t started is if some use, but it fails to show anything that even has a few seconds played. So if I accidentally tap on the wrong title and get past “This is Audible”, prior to going back and selecting the title I actually want, it will no longer show up as not started. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!!! Please fix this for your most loyal members!!! A secondary improvement would be to extend the Apple Watch Complication, so that it will permit control / book selection of titles on your paired iPhone, rather than having to download the book to your watch.
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9 months ago, Nell Luce
Run Towards the Danger
I cannot describe the profound impact this book has had on me. ALL Polley’s essays deeply penetrated my psyche in ways that can only be described as some mysterious, alchemical nectar that has possibly saved my life. I am recovering from a heart attack (2 weeks ago) which required a stent and a cocktail of drugs which have resulted in innumerable side effects, including profound weakness, headaches and dizziness. I have not, historically, responded at all well to pharmaceutical drugs, having already been dealing with dizziness which commenced 12 hours after a Covid booster more than a year ago, a “vaccine injury” for which there is no remedy. Polley’s final essay has given me hope just as I had begun contemplating how much easier it would be to simply die. At this point I have no way of knowing if the strategy of attacking my symptoms will have the effect of healing my neurologically challenged brain in the way that it helped the author, but I am committed to giving it a go. I realize that this review is likely too personal to print, (“TMI”, perhaps?) but if you would be so kind as to pass along my deepest gratitude to Ms. Polley it would be much appreciated. Thank you, Nell Luce
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6 months ago, Hercules' Mom
A decent read
I went into this not knowing much about the inner workings of the royal family (or more honestly not caring much about the inner workings of the royal family), but wanted to learn more about the reason for the media frenzy surrounding Harry and Meghan. I came in with a less than favorable opinion of them based on the little media I’ve consumed about them. At best my view of Harry didn’t change much, or maybe even got a little worse (especially during the first 2/3 of the book) but my heart breaks for Meghan and their children. I think he he had presented the first 2/3 with the same tone he presented the last 1/3 of the book I would have come away with a much more favorable view of him, but to me he presented as a whiny resentful ungrateful brat until he met Meghan. IMO based on how he presented himself and Meghan she could do WAY better than him and I don’t really see what he brings to the table, but who knows what really goes on behind closed doors. While I am interested in learning more of their story after hearing how rabid and dangerous the media is surrounding them I won’t be participating in consuming it any more out of respect for the privacy he claims to so desperately need and desire. I’m walking away with a sense of “this REALLY isn’t any of my business.”
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12 months ago, Cookinmama31
You Owe You
This was an easy book to read along/ listen to. Dr. Thomas’ intentional use of simple language makes the principles highlighted in his book accessible to a wide range of readers. This made me feel inspired to examine my own core values and create a plan for myself and my family to create the life we deserve to have. you owe you is a gift to the global community, for anyone who is looking for meaning and purpose in their life. It is an honest reflection on what I’m sure was a difficult journey to self discovery, and legacy building. When you are going somewhere it is much easier to navigate when you have a clear sense of direction. But when you are the first in your family to accomplish so much the only direction you have is your faith and your companions along the journey. You Owe You provides that clear sense of direction to cut down the time it would take someone to reach the destination of purpose. By following the principles outlined in this book and applying them to your own life you will receive the fulfillment of clarity of purpose and self mastery. Enjoy the read and your own journey to answering the question what do You owe YOU?
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6 years ago, RosieNiz
Loses my place
I love listening to books and have been enjoying that there are so many available on audibles. I keep encountering problems though...I prefer to listen at 1.25 speed and it reverts back to 1.0 with every pause. I’ve learned I must bookmark frequently because I will undoubtedly be at the beginning of a book no matter where it left off (it divides books into fours and each of the 4 has chapters 1-11 or so, so book 2 has chapters 1-11 too instead of 12-21 making it close to impossible to figure out where you minimum very time consuming.) and have to listen to recognize whether or not I’ve been there yet. Also, I’ve learned to listen to what chapter the narrator names just so I will be able to find my soon to be lost place in the event that the bookmark too fails. The version of the app that comes up on my iPhone quickly doesn’t have bookmarks, so I have to hit the home button, find the actual app and only there can I reset the speed and set the bookmark or retrieve a bookmark. I find the most frustrating thing is that it keeps returning to the beginning of the “book” I was in instead of the place in the chapter.
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4 years ago, small hobbit
Don’t fix what worked!
I don’t know why they decided to change the app, but they did. Before, the library section (which is the content I have via the app) was pretty well organized and could be perfectly navigated between what was actually on my device and what wasn’t. Now it’s a mess of a screen with huge empty margins taking most of the space (a recent addition to mobile development that I don’t understand because I though the point was to USE the space as effectively as possible) and the scrolling is WAY to floaty (I only have to barely have to have my finger on the screen and it’ll move) Now, honestly Audible is a little to expensive of a subscription service for my taste. They only give you 1 credit at a time and STILL treat their service more like a rental than actual ownership (so I don’t know why they don’t move to a “unlimited” model subscription and stop acting like their credits actually mean anything) I already had bad experiences with the service in the past with the service, but decided to try to give it another shot. I don’t think I’ll give them anymore past this. The quality of the app is quickly going downhill (besides what I already mentioned above I also keep getting warning messages about being on a slow connection when my internet is just fine) and there are now MUCH more better services around that handle audiobooks better than they do.
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1 month ago, rosapearl
The Vocal Bible does it again!
For over twenty years, Brandy has captivated me as an artist with her mesmerizing presence and timeless songs. From "I Wanna be Down" to "The Boy is Mine," "Full Moon," and "What About Us," and spanning from “ Impossible” (with Whitney) "Love is all that Matters" (with Diana Ross) to "Somebody's Son" (with Tiwa Savage), these iconic tracks have remain etched in my memory. Every time I revisit them (and I often do), it's as if I'm hearing them for the first time – that's the magic they hold. Brandy's voice has an enchanting quality that holds me spellbound. My admiration for this singer extends beyond her musical talents to her acting ventures as well. With the addition of this Audiobook, my appreciation for Brandy has only deepened. Audible has done a remarkable job, blending her exceptional storytelling with phenomenal musical accompaniment. I have a strong feeling that other artists will be inspired by Brandy's example and create their own Audiobooks with musical enhancements – it's a true showcase of skill. Listening to the Audiobook immediately sparked thoughts of sharing this experience with others. It's undeniably something worth passing on – a sentiment that resonates at a 100% level.
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4 years ago, Eamonn Donovan
Best app I have, but can’t transfer from my iPhone or iPad to my Watch
I’ve been an Audible member for over 15 years (well before being merged w/Amazon). It’s my favorite App and I use it more than any other. I have ADHD and LOVE to read but get stuck trying to read traditional books and retain the story or information. With Audible I’ve averaged almost 5 books per month with each book’s average length of about 11hrs. Here’s the big “but”. I have Audible Apps on my iPhones, iPads and MacBook but it won’t relay to either of my two watches. I get unnecessary Apps like JetBlue but no Audible. If anyone knows what I can do to fix this I would be grateful. Being able to listen to Audiobooks without my iPhone nearby would be incredibly useful but I just cannot figure out why it won’t show up on my list of Apps on my Watches. Despite my Watch problem I give this App my highest recommendation. This goes especially for my brothers and sisters that suffer from ADHD, impaired vision or other maladies that makes tradition reading difficult or impossible. It’s an awesome subscription service and App especially if you’re more successful than me in getting it on your Apple Watch.
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6 months ago, WizeManBOB
Good, but...
My biggest problem with the app is that it tends to have a lot of half-finished features. For example: You can create collections of books, but the method to add books can be cumbersome, and there is no way to sort them, as to order a series. There is a “continuous listening” feature that allows you to stream multiple books in a row, but the books being streamed are random; you can’t select which book will come next, nor can you do this with books you’ve downloaded—they’re randomly selected from the Premium Library. You would think that collections could be similar to playlists and be put through continuous listening, but that isn't an option. More, the time I, personally, would find continuous play useful is while driving. But I won't stream gigabytes of data while on the road. I download books from a wifi spot and listen to what I have stored. Even if streaming were not more expensive than I’m willing to pay, my work takes me to rural areas where streaming is infeasible. This is one feature or two, depending on how you count it, that seems to be a brilliant tool, but isn't quite right. It's a shovel with three handles.
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2 years ago, Drajonknives
A buggy piece of software
I use this app because I have to. It used to be great, but over the course of the past couple years, it’s become apparent that nobody at Audible actually uses or cares about this app. There are random crashes at least weekly, where the book will just stop playing and you have to restart the app. It refuses to honor the “don’t sync playback position” settings, so listening to the same book someone else in my family is listening to is a headache, since I have to constantly go back to my spot. They changed the “swipe to delete” feature to include an option to “add to favorites.” Like, honestly, how often does a user really add a book to their favorites, vs how often does a user want to remove a book from their device? Here’s a hint: literally every book will at some point need to be removed from the device. Unless literally every book is also added to your Favorites, then this is a bad feature and should be removed. Also, when opening the app fresh, why on earth is the first page ads for new books? 9/10 times I want to go to the book I’ve been listening to most recently, not shop for a new one. And while you’re at it, make the Extend Sleep Timer feature smart about the sleep timer you just set. A default of 30 minutes is useless to someone who sets 15 or 20 minute sleep timers.
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2 months ago, KCous
It Was An Ugly Couch Anyway
Listening to this book via Audible was a ***** experience for many reasons. It is July 18, 2023, and my Book Club will meet for lunch today to discuss the content. My annual visit for an eye exam is in August 2023, so I accessed the book from my Audible account knowing that my reading glasses will be changed after my appointment. I didn’t want to miss the July deadline because of eye strain headaches. I was thrilled first to learn that the narrator would be the author of It Was An Ugly Couch Anyway. I was anxious to read and listen because I worked with the author’s mom before she retired. I admired and respected Libba as an educator before I read about her as a character in a book. She IS a positive, upbeat, amazing individual. She shared amazing details about her family, so I felt so comfortable sharing my family details with her. It is fun to share details from the long distance family experiences. I am planning a reread using my print version of the book after I get my new glasses! The most amazing part made possible by the recorded version is the interview with one of the main characters. Elizabeth is an amazing author, narrator, etc.
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2 years ago, e-travels with e. trules
Revisiting Justine at 70
I think this is the third time I’m making my way through the Alexandria Quartet, my life’s most rewarding literature, by the exquisite wordsmith and storyteller, Lawrence Durrell, also great friend and admirer of my other literary hero, Henry Miller. Justine is the first of the quartet, and perhaps my favorite, and no matter how many times I read it or hear it, it is always fresh, literately exciting, and enlightening to me. Such insight Into love, jealousy, intrigue, life, and death. I remember when I first read it, perhaps 50 years ago, with a dictionary. It feels so different now, no longer in my years of great sexual passion, but older, wiser, and more humbled by life. I highly recommend listening to Durrell, particularly with this reader, Nigel Anthony, because I have heard other readers chew up the scenery; while Mr. Anthony has created more subtle characterizations and offers Durrell‘s literature as the great feast it is. I think you’ll agree that listening to a great book with a good reader is a very different experience than having read it before yourself. I look forward to the next three books with unbounded literary hunger and excitement. Enjoy.....
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5 months ago, Cannonaf
How can anyone believe what the “Sewing Circle” and “mean girls” said?
I listened to this book once and loved it. A short time later I talked to someone about it and expressed how much I enjoyed it, saying it was so disappointing to see how Chief Gallagher was treated. This person, with an unusual look, said I needed to read “Alpha: Eddie Gallagher and the War for the Soul of the Navy Seals”. He said I might think different if I did. So I listened to it. I felt like I had been gaslighted so I decided to listen to “The Man in the Arena” again. I spent four years active duty Army and four years in the National Guard. And now I’ve been a cop for 32 1/2 years. I’ve investigated thousands of crimes - from minor things like theft and DUI, to major things like homicide and child sexual abuse. My second time through I listened closely to evidence and elements of a crime. And I compared all that to what I’d heard in “Alpha”. And I confirmed what I’d determined the first time through - that not only were Chief Gallagher’s accusers liars, they have no integrity or moral character. I already knew from my first reading that Chief Gallagher was an American Hero. And my second reading just confirmed that.
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4 days ago, Naveed L
A Masterpiece of Insight: 'The End of the World: Just the Beginning' by Peter Zihan
I have to say that 'The End of the World: Just the Beginning' by Peter Zihan is hands down one of the best books I've had the pleasure of listening to in 2023. Zihan's narrative is not just captivating; it's a wake-up call to the realities of our world today. His deep insights into geopolitics, economics, and the interconnectedness of global affairs are eye-opening. Zihan's ability to break down complex concepts and present them in a digestible way is truly commendable. Throughout the book, I found myself nodding in agreement and, at times, reevaluating my understanding of the world's current state. His analysis of the challenges we face and potential paths forward is both insightful and thought-provoking. Moreover, his storytelling skills kept me hooked from start to finish. It's a book that not only informs but also entertains. If you're looking for a book that sheds light on the intricacies of our world and the challenges we must confront, 'The End of the World: Just the Beginning' is a must-read. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the global landscape.
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2 years ago, Destinybehere
If you’re a Business owner, you need to read this book, especially if you existed pre-COVID
If you’re a Business owner, you need to read this book, especially if you existed pre-COVID and trying to get back on track, it gives you incentive and advice on how to get back on “hustle” mode to get back to where you used to be at minimum, the maximum depends on your desired success level... I’m going to the top. It made me realize I was slacking in some areas and put my brain on think mode to not only hustle harder but yes smarter (great title by the way). Im not a hard cover fan but decided to order the physical book anyway (the soft cover isn’t scheduled to be released until late September and that’s too long to wait,I’m ready now) as I’m a physical reader and need the book to take notes which I’ve book marked throughout. I purchased it 3 days ago and have listened to it twice already (thank God for Airpods😆) and plan on listening to it again, this time making notecards... you catch something different every time. I’m not sure which one to thank, Curtis Jackson or 50 cent🤷🏽‍♀️... How about I thank him as a whole ☺️.
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11 months ago, AC1870
Newest Watch update good and bad
The most recent update for Apple Watch was at first very exciting until I realized that to find the book I wanted to listen to I had to scroll through EVERY BOOK I OWN ALPHABETICALLY 🤨🤨🤨. I have over 1000 books and trying to scroll down all the way to the R or T titles takes forever. They only have three options to sort recent, title, downloaded. These can be useful but there should be a way to sort based on what is downloaded on the iPhone app. It would also be very useful to have the current listen on iPhone to be at the top of any list so you can easily download it to your watch. I am very very pleased to no longer have to rely of my phone to download books to watch. The app on my phone is great I saw some reviews that don’t like the home page with recommendations and such I personally think it’s great it points me to books I may not come across otherwise and the next in your series list it really useful. I wish I could give this a full five+ stars but there needs to have some refinement and additional options in browsing- but please don’t take away from what you have done for the way you downloaded books and the other items in the updates!!!
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3 years ago, HerGrace
Love Audible books but... the app could be better.
🎉 It did improve when the sleep timer was restored to the main page. Thank you! The purchasing feature is clumsy and annoying to use. It is difficult to find books from any for sale list. On my phone, the wish list and lists of books offered in different special categories are in a series of brief “pages” and to get to the end one of a long list must go through each page to the bottom in order to turn to the next segment. If you stop mid-list it is necessary to start over. GRRR! Also, no chance to go to a given page directly. As a result, I have no idea what is on the last 80% of my wish list or special offer lists or book category lists: takes too much time to peruse them all at one sitting or skip back page by page. A minor change in the last update I find annoying: when a book is finished, a persistent popup page makes it not possible to go back or go to different book without rating the one just completed. Previously one could opt out of the popup rating page. I normally rate books but do not always wish to do so. I have found a way out of it but it’s also annoying to have to do this extra step. On my iPad I can close the app completely and when I return to it rating demand is gone.
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