Amazon Shopping

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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Amazon Shopping

4.84 out of 5
7.9M Ratings
4 years ago, ThomasDav
Absolutely Hate the New UI and Color Crime
I’m not normally one to complain, but the new app update was a grand waste of time and effort. If you paid for that abomination, I would demand your money back... and an apology. The user interface change is so different from the previous app that it makes for a very confusing and frustrating experience. I spent more time figuring out the cluttered navigation than I did shopping - and I apologize, but I do not believe you could have found a more hideous chimera of accent colors if you applied two AI’s and a team of failed design school dropouts to the task. That sickly, washed-out mint green, tried to be aqua, and God I wish I were blue, is absolutely repugnant and nauseating to behold. Marketing FAIL! Please, for the sake of those of us with good color vision make it go away. I will have to use the mobile website until it is purged. If you just put it back the way it was, I’ll give it 5 stars out of mercy and never complain again.
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2 years ago, Why wont my names work
Not the app but the actual company
I dislike them, they’ve gotten worse, now our packages arrived not sealed at all which 9 times out of 10 means the order DOESNT ARRIVE then they want us to sent it back for a refund or replacement WHEN THERE IS NO ITEM. Its stupid! Because if you click the Missing/broken they ASSUME YOU HAVE IT EVEN THOUGH ITS MISSING. Theres no on site thing to review the company itself. Or file a complaint for its actual team. Then you spend an 1 hour on the phone with someone with an accent so thick you can’t understand them explaining you dont have the item! And it take them the entire hour to understand, for example, “i dont have the item i want a refund” “You….dont have the item?” “No i dont have it” “ah well you can return it to get your refund” “I DONT HAVE IT” “Ohhhh!!! You dont have it, Let me see what i can do!” (30 minutes of waiting) “Ah so it seems we can refund this but we can only do it to the site, maybbe the card” “i want the card refund. Its my money i need it” “Let me see what I can do…. you dont have the item???” “i dont have the item.” “Okay okay” (10 minutes) “you started the return process, yes? Can you return the item??“ “No.”(20 more minutes of basically explaining it in different words I NEVER received the item) “okay okay.. Ive started the return process your refund should be there in 5 days” “Thank you.” THATS EVERYTIME IM ON CALL WITH THEM.
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3 years ago, Lordsearider
Up grade destroyed it
After the last several upgrades for the I-Pad version, no longer I-Pad friendly. App constantly rotates to a to line up with “phone” size and I-Pad has to be rotated back and forth constantly to realign back to horizontal format. This also occurs after each time you tap “back”, “return to search”. Then after returning back to previous search page you back at the first page and have to advance back to where you were. This “new” format and layout some times do not have a purchase button and only have a subscription button or neither. It’s to much like a phone app now. I’m sorry but i have a I-Pad, not a I-PHONE I do not want them stupid buttons on the bottom like an I-phone app. Also along the bottom of the window there is a black spot that appear when you first open the app and it also appear to be a notification window but blank. I have tried to tap on it, move it, open it, expand it, but nothing works, it just sits there covering half the screen. Also the right side of page is covered up or running off the edge. You can’t reduce size to make page fit, nor move it over to read it. I have deleted app and reinstalled to try and correct problems, and it may work fine or it may not. When it does load right, the next time I open it’s back to the “I-Phone” format.
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1 year ago, User111111111111
The app is stillClunky and missing features
The app is still missing key features to make it more user friendly. Here are key needed improvements: search filters don’t work. The search function is really bad - I get all kinds of garbage. Need to add a way to exclude words. For ex searching for an iPhone case keeps showing me for the max model. Gave up and went somewhere else. The filters and sort choices aren’t followed. I’m searching for a desk with a specific width, I chose that and alll that I get is everything but that width. Why bother having a filter if it’s not usable? Or I put a price cap and filter by price and the results are in a random order and beyond the filters I’ve set. Understand if it’s one or two but 70% of results don’t fit the search terms and filters. Need to be able to filter for free shipping even if not prime. The search - need to have a way to go back to the search list, now i spent lots of time going down a search list then by mistake hit another “tab”at the bottom and my entire search list is gone. I lose where I was in my search, and need to start all over again. The typing/word processing is primitive - please add autocorrect or something like that - to type a review or ask a question on my phone takes 4 times longer than needed and I give up midway.
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3 months ago, Axl Cisneros
Great to meh
I’ve been a long time customer for many years and supported the company. But over the years the app and customer service has become more difficult to navigate and maliciously hides information such as trying to reach customer support or other details. I was trying to order an item but when adding to my cart it said the item wasn’t able to deliver to my address. I found a phone number online but the representative told me it was able to be delivered to my address but I must have a technical on my end. They told me to try again in 24 hours or to login and out. It felt as though I was getting my problem pushed away instead of trying to resolve it. They also made different assumptions about me and assumed I was working off a friends account but using a shared account with my wife. I hate to say but I’m in my 20’s working as a licensed engineer, I know how to navigate the app and did not like the presumptions from the customer service representative. I had just order another item the same day but will have to return it because it was contingent on the other item I wanted to deliver. I was trying to find out what address could work but no where did it show or did the rep help.
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1 year ago, Sooxi54327
It’s like asking a burglar to manage your money
It’s even worse than before. Nothing has been fixed or improved. Click and switch prices are still there, clearly showing items at lower prices and when clicked they are more by any random amount they are stealing today. Functional app features are missing and cannot be searched, specially sending a gift item in an order to the actual recipient. I am so tired of being their sheep when I can’t find what I need in my rural area. Has gotten worse I’ve had the app for years and it’s gotten progressively worse over time. Now it’s become dysfunctional and too time consuming to be convenient. Very specific search criteria bring up pages of mixed in products that vary from “product adjacent” to “wt?!!!” If I type in the author and title of a book I want, I expect to see all the options for buying this book first, not 12 pages later giving up cause I’m still seeing 1 option every now and then. Same thing if I search denim shorts women size 6. I don’t think I should be scrolling through baby prams, Halloween costumes for kids or iPhone cases. Nope. I told you what I want. Don’t tell me what you want me to buy instead.
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10 months ago, rose179347
Shipping to long, fast shipping overpriced
First of all, they charge you a lot of money for some fast shipping and even if you don’t get a fast shipping they still charge you a lot yeah I will give them the same day delivering but other than that shipping is overpriced and unless u get that expensive shipping then they are gonna be so careless about when you get your package my package was ordered last month on the 30th and it’s the 9th now and it’s still not here when it was supposed to come at 10pm today BY 10pm let me add. And then it says it’s delayed it hasn’t even been shipped yet but if I bought that over priced fast shipping they wouldn’t have been treating like this I know that’s kinda the whole point but I feel like they prioritize the expensive shipping more than they do regular it’s not fair to people that don’t have money and that can’t afford the same day delivery doesn’t mean you have to NOT make a free shipping package a priority. And don’t get me wrong I’ve bought the fast shipping before but it’s just super overpriced I have patience I’m not a brat but it’s just I’m annoyed at this point I’m not gonna over pay because I want it by tomorrow but they need to do a better job.
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7 months ago, aetheking23
Delete Scamazon! Unless you want to be ripped off!
Delete this app before Christmas if you want things to be cheaper, they do not care about the customers or what they do or don’t recieve, they will take your money and send you nothing or at very best broken products. They will blame the refund on third party dealers as if you bought your product from a criminal drug dealer rather then the company you are actually purchasing through. This is the worst customer service to ever exist! Go back to shopping at your local thrift shops and stores. Don’t trust these people, if the fact that they wanted to cut costs so they outed to third world countries that pay there workers little to nothing for wages. Then the enormous amount of third party sellers should be your biggest red flag, this company no longer cares about the customer, but rather the money that the customer has. As long as they can swindle you with extreme wait times on refunds and returns that are yours and owed to you then everything is fine. They don’t care how much money they take from you. They just want to keep growing there pockets and there company. This app and its employees are all just a bunch of overplayed criminals, who tricked all of you into thinking everything is ok.
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1 year ago, Kielmj
Web Experience Feedback
Since there is nowhere on the app to provide feedback on the interface, I guess I have to do it here, and I guess the first suggestion is for a place to ask questions and leave feedback about the interface. Second item: put my friggin Lists back the way they were!! Why do you feel the need to screw up a perfectly good system?! What’s with the new icons and why are their two when they seem to do the same thing? I lost the functionality of being able to search my Lists for stuff. Very bad!! I now have you grouping things together for me - other than in my Lists… why??? That’s what the Lists are FOR aren’t they?? 🤦🏼‍♂️ Ugh, come on, guys! I get that you want to make things better, but where are you getting your intel from? Did I miss a survey? Did someone actually suggest jacking up the Lists and then not tell anybody - just sneak it in?? I love the app, love the services, love Prime (except for all the videos that do NOT come with my subscription… 🤬). But I reeeeally do not like you ruining Lists!!
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1 year ago, MS💓
Overall pretty decent
The overall usability of the app is pretty decent. My account details are easy to find and keeping an eye on my orders are as well. I would have to say using the search engine isn’t as easy as it used to be. Even with knowledge in how to use search engines to narrow down your search, I still seem to struggle at times with getting unrelated items, a too narrow search, or a too vague and high result search. This makes shopping difficult and/or time consuming. On a side note, I would love it if the app had a “dark appearance” setting or “nighttime” setting for the display. I have my phone set to this since I suffer from migraines and try to limit my phone time; the white display of the app can be a bit bright when scrolling and shopping. This display setting choice would be very helpful for someone like me where light sensitivity can impact app usage (I have to do the same thing with my computer settings and turn the brightness down as far as I can because of how bright the screen is).
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3 years ago, ServRev
Ridiculous & On-going Pop-up Suggestions/Tips
Update: DELETING APP! Issue below continues and I will shop elsewhere! These pop ups really disrupt the shopping experience! Breaks your train if thought and what you were looking for—so fine, you won’t stop, so I will, buying elsewhere! We are all different—we think and sequence differently. STOP TELLING ME HOW TO DO THINGS—stupid pop up short cuts suggestions every time I do something—it disrupts the shopping experience. As a person with disabilities, it’s rude and insensitive for you to constantly remind me there is a way you want me to do things. Once is fine, but every time is like a pushy parent! Thanks for being the bully Amazon—so much for your sensitivity ads that you are open and accepting. Do you tell the deaf guy in your ads to listen differently? and do you constantly drop him tips in the same manner, with pop-ups? (You get my point!) Mind your own business—one reminder is enough—or there are other places I can shop! The passive aggressiveness is over the top! As well as your sneaky tactics of putting things on shopping lists I didn’t put there! (Must be a new MBA in Marketing trying to kiss up to management that he/she/they are increasing sales!) JUST STOP!!
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5 years ago, Play6589
Subscribe and Save is a rip-off
This review isn’t about the app. The app is fine with me. This is about Amazon’s subscribe and save. I had many items on it and realized the item was cheaper if I had ordered it myself. I contacted custom service and was told to wait until I receive the item before they would give me the cheaper price. I’m figuring when I did receive it, the cheaper price would be gone and they wouldn’t refund or they count on a customer forgetting to contact them. I canceled my five year prime membership along with canceling all subscribe and saves. Prime has gotten to be a joke, too. I loved the music. Now they want to you pay MORE to hear up-to-date good music by subscribing to their music service. The only reason I had prime was for the shipping and the music. Now we’re down to one and I’ve been finding better pricing on items I buy elsewhere. Prime is no longer worth it for me. So disappointed.
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3 years ago, JCPennyy
packaging is annoying
oh my gosh this is getting so frustrating. i order something over 2 weeks ago, ETA had been September 2nd. Doesn’t arrive and i’m told it’s running late. I get it, things happen. It tells me that my package will now arrive from the 5-7th. I wait patiently as it tells me that if it doesn’t arrive by the 7th then i can get a refund and cancel the order. The day comes and i’m now told I have to wait till that Friday (aka today) to be able to get a refund. Fridays here and guess what message I get? Yup, my package is now expected on the 15th. Still no option for a refund, and at this point i don’t even need the stuff I bought anymore (it was for a business) Total waste of time and just so frustrating, won’t let me speak to customer service either. Also, i don’t know what y’all did in the update but now I can only see 2 reviews out of however many there are, and of course it’s only the good reviews instead of the ones that actually say if anything is wrong. At first I thought it was just my phone, but my computer is the same thing. It’s not my wifi either, but please fix this because lately the app has been so frustrating.
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8 months ago, i just did this for wishes
I hate this app. The worst customer service imaginable
I wish I could give this app 0 stars. I was trying to get a roblox gift card for my niece so i purchased one. It didn’t go through for some unstated reason so i tried again. It blocked my account. I was confused and so I made a new one because i was just trying to buy a $15 gift card. it temporarily blocked that account. They said they needed a bank statement for my card or something so I uploaded one. After 24 hours they said it wasn’t sufficient. At this point the money from my account was already taken out (the $15) I uploaded it again with a note saying something like “I uploaded what was requested… i’m not sure what else i’m supposed to include.” And low and behold 24 hours after that they completely terminated my account. They said that more information on the matter would be in my email and to contact them for further questions. I looked in my email and nothing was clarified and it said that i couldn’t reply to the email. So i tried to log in to contact customer service and because my account was terminated I couldn’t contact customer service. They still have my money.
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1 year ago, iolekei
Latest update keeps only item photos on the main page
What in the world is this latest up?? It changed how things i’m looking at gets displayed on the page: instead of all info getting displayed on the main page, one the photos are on the main page and there’s a banner at the bottom that you pull up in order to display the product information, reviews, etc. It’s hard to explain in words but basically this new layout/page display isn’t really utilizing the full screen, and i don’t like that. The pull up page at the bottom pulls up but it only goes up like 3/4 of the way so i have to read through info with a much smaller space. I can’t pull it up all the way and make it the main page, instead i have to toggle back and forth between that pull up page (with all the info pricing etc) and the main page (displays only the photos). I want to UNDO my update— i prefer the previous version where everything is on the main page and i don’t have to pull/open up something else just to get production info. This update isn’t helpful.
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4 months ago, jtgentleman
Sketchy at best
Every time you search literally anything, it shows you everything EXCEPT what you specifically searched. The results are always way all over the place having nothing to do with that you searched. When scrolling the results the box where the results are listed just randomly goes blank. It’s pretty useless really. Searching a car part and it shows baby stuff, satellite tracker, and whatever other random stuff having nothing to do with your search. Say you search car part for specific vehicle, it shows a bunch of random parts for other vehicles. Click on one and it says it doesn’t fit your vehicle. OK THEN WHY ARE YOO SHOWING IT TO ME! So dumb. Especially when you go through the drop downs and have your car specifically put in to search for. My fav, so say searching for a cam for your car, always it says people often bought these together and has the cam you’re looking at plus 2 more cams to two other cars. Like really…. People often buy cams to two others cars or buy 3 cams for the same car together? Total garbage at best
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1 year ago, tinifairy
Awful update. Ruined wish lists
This is the first and only review I have ever written for an app. I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to remove the ability to see your wish lists and instead combined them all into categories, mixing them all up so you can’t see a specific list. Horrible change. Frequently we use lists to purchase for birthdays or other holidays, and now everyone’s lists are mixed up in these ridiculous categories instead of being able to select the list you are looking for and specifically purchase from that list. I hope someone gets a clue and changes it back. I don’t know why I would want a list of every book on every family members list, with all of the books jumbled up. I want to see my family members full list at one time and not have to search through whatever category you chose to stick one of their items in. There’s no way to view a single persons list anymore in the app. Why on earth would you mix everybody’s stuff up? Defeats the purpose of a person creating their own wish list if you mix up their wish list with everybody else’s wish list!
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8 months ago, KM082022
2 things would make this app better
1. A dedicated return section. It’s such a pain to scroll through all orders to find the return items, especially when you have multiple and are in a busy UPS trying to be quick. Oh all the improvements constantly made please put in a dedicated returns section. 2. I can no longer tell how much I spent on a single item in a multiple item purchase. You used to be able to easily see the itemized breakdown with discounts/sales applied to the specific item. Now you just see the full price and all discounts/sales at the bottom. That’s cool except again when returning I have no idea if I was credited back correctly. Most sure why you guys made this update to the invoice breakdown. It was fine before. Otherwise it’s fine. The random updates moving the search bar and back arrows aren’t really helpful. Fixing the items that need attention would be great. I never understood why companies fix things that work and ignore the areas for improvement.
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2 years ago, l!lG87
Parting with Prime
After almost a year of being on the fence, I finally ended my decade long loyalty with a company I was once proud to support. Nothing is eligible for 2-day shipping anymore, half of the stuff is cheap Chinese low quality knock offs, returns take weeks to process, and customer service doesn’t even speak the same language. The past few months have been nothing but ongoing issues. Oh and now apparently anyone can get free Prime shipping on $35 or more? Are you kidding me? What a joke. We don’t want video (that is riddled with ads and anything decent you have to pay extra for), music, cloud storage, GrubHub memberships, none of that. We just want fast, free shipping. This company has spread itself too thin and is no longer focusing on what made it what it is today. So for that reason, it is just not worth it anymore to me. Stop using COVID and “staffing issues” as an excuse. Get your business together or go away. It’s that simple. I am very, very disappointed in how quickly things have gone south. I will spend my hard earned money with smaller businesses that actually appreciate me and follow through with their commitments.
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11 months ago, RoseAnn
Reviews never process or they take forever ...
Some reviews submitted via the app are now taking upwards of FOUR months to process. Ridiculous! The review icons have an image of the item but you can't click on it to see the actual item like you used to be able to do. That made reordering so much easier. Now all you can do is read your own review but you can't click and put it in your cart anymore or see what others wrote unless you locate the item through the Search your previous order bar or by doing a noun name search to find the item. 🤦🏻‍♀️Also ridiculous! The app keeps getting less productive with every update. It's really frustrating and annoying. It also takes forever to find things I'm looking for. Too many layers of menus. And it is impossible to easily get order help. You have to click so many buttons and then you get a bot that isn't capable of helping and by the time you are able to click the -give me a human- button in the chat screen you are so angry you just want to scream 😱 It's depressing. Bezos is raking in the billions and we get a piece of cRaP for an app. 👎
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3 years ago, John0627
Not very app like and not very browser like either
This so called app is confused when used on the Apple Mini. It acts a little like the app on my iPhone and yet I can’t share products like I can from my phone. It also acts like I’m using a browser by allowing me to “zoom in” to get a closer look at images as if I were on the browser. What I would like to see is the utilization of the browser like attributes and the app like attributes and make the tablet version better than the phone version, yet still have the conveniences of the phone app. I want to be able to immediately share something through text because I can text on my Apple Mini or my Apple iPad. I also like the full picture view better than magnifying a portion of an image. I find it more convenient using my computer’s browser because my finger is not in the way of images, only the tiny little cursor. My suggestion, make the Mini iPad version like the iPhone version because they are not that different since the iPad is a larger extension of the iPhone (app-wise) and not a PC.
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1 year ago, Imabolt333
Decent, but filters need more work.
The app is well-designed and easy to use, but when browsing clothes, the filters just don’t work most of the time. If you want something long sleeve, you put the long sleeve filter on, and you’d expect long sleeve products to show up, but you end up with sleeveless or short sleeve. Testing this out for dresses too ends up with even worse results, with the fabric type filter just not working most of the time. Let’s say you want something made of cotton, so you use the cotton fabric type filter, and results will range from actually being cotton to having absolutely no relevance to cotton. Additionally, some of the products that actually do fulfill the requirements for the filter actually get filtered out and don’t appear after the filter is applied, thus making the filter pretty useless, for example, we’ll say that you are looking for a dress solid in color, with long bell sleeves. Applying that filter will end up with some with that requirement, but most of the others having short sleeves, patterns, and regular short sleeves. Applying the filter and sorting from cheapest also just doesn’t yield good results, where you can end up with that products that have nothing to do with the search in the top result. Let’s say you’re looking for shirts but you get microphones instead. It’s really bizarre. Filters are supposed to help you narrow down a search out of tens of thousands of products, not hinder them.
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3 years ago, avantidomani
iPad app buggy when using Magic Keyboard trackpad
I primarily use my iPad with the Magic Keyboard. For about the last month I’ve noticed a bug where the pointer will skip to the empty portion of the tab bar to the left of the home tab every time the pointer enters the tab bar. It’s like the location of each item is being mapped to the blank area at the far left, but *only* when navigating with the trackpad. After it initially jumps left when entering the tab bar, I can click in the blank area and will be taken to the cart. If I carefully move the pointer in that blank space, I can find the corresponding spots to click into the other tabs. As soon as I approach the actual location of each item in the tab bar, however, the pointer jumps to the empty space in the far right. It’s impossible to hover the pointer over any of the the actual items in the bar so I have to use my finger on the screen instead. (Trying to use my finger in the blank area that responds to the pointer does nothing until I enter the expected boundary area for the home tab.)
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12 months ago, KMrGood
Disappointed. Sick of scrolling, Open product page, go back, repeat
Search function is useless. Sponsored ads is useless. I’m searching for iphone mini screen protector, yet so many listings dont have what model the item is fore in the displayed description. Open up listing, iphone 14pro only….Even when I do find one thats for it all the suggested items in that page 97% not for my device…. Then I start seeing samsung crap pop up. I waste too much scrolling and opening up pages to find its not what I’m looking for. The messaging interface is GARBAGE, dont even receive noti’s for them….Honestly I would buy more from them if I could actually find what I was looking for. Was looking for a bed frame with indented legs, hardly any popped up through the numerous key word variations I tried. Wasnt impressed , so I purchased a different style. A few days later on the app and then the style I was looking for starts being shown all over on my fone, meaning not just the app,….its obsurd to be honest. Looks like ill be using walmart for a while….
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2 years ago, Camaroannie
Broken app
I don’t understand what’s going on, I could open the app, see where it says orders, etc. but that’s it. If I click on anything, and I mean anything, it continuously says oops something went wrong! I deleted the app in hopes it would fix the problem, but that only created a new one. The app has completely disappeared from my phone after updating it, I guess that’s what they wanted me to do but… the only way to get to it is through the App Store. The app refuses to be on my phone. What is going on? I’m not gonna go onto the App Store every single time I wanna try and see if it works. I really want to know why my phone thinks it’s installed, but I don’t even have the app on it physically, it does not exist after the update. i’ve never seen an app wanting me to go to the App Store in order to get to it. It logs me right in with all my info, so what the heck is going on? I don’t know how else to explain this weird situation. it simply does not exist anywhere on my phone except for the App Store.
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11 months ago, DDarlingDD
App pages won’t display as a full page
Apparently I can only add on to a previous review so here goes. I’ve been on a continuous loop of non answers to an app question. Please, developers, tell me how to see an item in full screen when using the app on my iPad. When I click on an item I’ve searched on the app it opens in an area that only covers about half the page of the iPad screen with tiny print. I have to manually zoom the image. Why does it shrink every item I choose? How can I set the app to display it fully? When a messages is sent saying that a Subscribe and Save item is not available the message does not state what specific item has been cancelled. That’s poor customer service and poor communication. I have multiple items which all come the same day of the month. When I go to my account to view the items it appears that they ALL will all be arriving. None say cancelled. It’s impossible to tell what’s been cancelled so then it’s a waiting game until my delivery day. This is just poor communication. Put the item name in the dang email! Communicate clearly for goodness sake.
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3 years ago, there should be more prayer
Be thankful for their kindness
There are too many times where I’ve needed something I could not go out and just buy. I can say where something unexpected occurred that was more than I believed could happen for when God was with our family. Thank you for beyond meeting my expectations when I needed to have groceries in a hurry, rewards covered opportunities for helping my daughter, return item(s), new purchases for my daughter and I, or have gifts find the people that deserve goodness in their lives. Their company has morals behind the people that are in support when it comes to caring for assistance in my ability to be a single mother and keep going despite my inability to staying on track often. Thank you for investing in me, families that are in need and/or unable to go places due to unfortunate times of emotional rehabilitation to restore families to prosper.
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1 month ago, A respected player
Order issue
My order was scheduled last Saturday however I couldn’t get home to sign for it as I was on the job so I missed it. Which was fine but tell me why it was first rescheduled to Monday no delivery. I didn’t say much because it was originally supposed to come Tuesday. Tuesday comes I wait wait nothing happens . Then it says it’s supposed to be later than usual which is fine because there is also a 48 hour period. Wednesday comes no delivery keep in mind when I try to check for updates there’s nothing new. Also when I attempt to track it, it shows that the link is phony or doesn’t appear. I’ve tried calling customer service but the stupid robot just tells me information I already know “the package is out for delivery”. And yet 4 back to back days and no package. Thats just foul. Today will make day 4 should I be jinxing it that it won’t come no. However I’m at the point where I’m used to it. Also I can’t even refund this package because it says that it has to arrive here as well as I have to ship it back to get a refund so all I can do is wait but come on. That’s just sick lol.
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1 year ago, Ertista
The new update is terrible
Apps are not like store resets - you don’t need to change it up to make it look shiny and new to sell more. All you have done is make it harder to navigate your app comfortably and increased the amount of time I’m absent from your app. The search feature used to be located at the top of the page, now it’s on the bottom. The issue with this is muscle memory - anyone in your research department should have been able to tell you how important this is for consistency among your consumers. We are used to clicking the top to search and our fingers naturally navigate the page this way. Now we have to stop and make sure we don’t accidentally click the wrong place or back out of where we are/want to be. Also, why remove the click prompt for our “subscribe and save” subscriptions in our account icon? Why would you make it harder to find and edit? This is supposed to be a convenience for us, you shouldn’t make it so hard to find that we cannot edit upcoming orders and end up with goods we don’t want or don’t receive on time. Do better next time.
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2 years ago, beepboppissedoff
What are filters and why offer if they aren’t applying these filters
So when I search and the. Go to filters for the search I have many available filter options and literally none of them seem to effectively work for me, no matter my filter selection I still see items that should be excluded and I mean on page one of search results price limits not followed categories not sorted nothing works. All I see are reposts of the same items from “different sellers” but often it’s all the same items , and absolutely no used items listed and the variety all seems to be fluff and no real variety and many many in stocked items etc etc unreasonable markups in sold out items during high demand periods, its clear the quality of service has dropped to where eBay would be preferred for many items because of the unique and realistic listings , compared to this app now. In recent months or maybe last couple years the site and app and service itself has become cheap and limited in terms of its past when it was vast and cheap and well managed . Loosing its value now.
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6 months ago, Horrible for my kids
App makes things harder
The display view has changed. Did not like the drag up menu to find something I would always see at top with one click (wishlists.) now when I go to view wishlists they are not in list form where I can easily click the one I want. Instead I must now scroll through all wishlists looking for the one I want. It wastes time and is a hassle. Also, there used to the the ability to request replacement or return. So I received item damaged because it was improperly packaged but they still wanted me to send broken item back when they are at fault. Able to get through on phone (had search online as could not find place on app to do so) and they sent replacement but they resent another broken item because threw in package again without wrapping. No easy way to contact them. I had pictures to show but no place for this option. Then I posted a review for a product - nothing wrong with my review but they said went against their policy and would not post. So allowing sellers to scam people because you can not post a negative review apparently.
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1 year ago, NekThy
Stop changing the app.
Why would y’all remove the ability for us to hold down the heart to add to certain list? Also why would y’all add the option to select view more from this list ? Just allow us to scroll down to see everything. It’s annoying we have to select view more 10x just to see what all in the list. It’s also very annoying we can’t hold the heart down anymore to add to our list. Who in corporate agreed to change those features? Worry about when we search for a certain item only that item comes up. Why are y’all worried about how we add items to our list or how we are able to see all items in the list ?! Please fix the app back to being able to hold down the heart and select which list we want to add our items to. As well as fix it back to where we can just scroll and see everything in the list and not have to select view more. Not having those features makes it pointless for it to be an app if we have to add stuff like we are on the website on the browser.
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5 years ago, Carterdl
So many bad changes/updates
Bring back the drag and drop save/compare option. It made it easy to scroll through other items in your wishlist. Now we have the heart button to add an item to save an compare but we have to actually pull up the list to look at the items. Instead of having easy access. Make it easier for us to browse through the customer review pictures. When I click on a single picture and then go back to the full list of pictures it takes me all the way back to the top of the list instead of taking me back to where I was. Imagine looking at products that have over 100 pics and you have scrolled through 50, you enlarge a picture, and when you’re done looking you hit the back button and they take you back to #1. That’s annoying if you plan to look at more than one picture up close. Also, please allow us to scroll through items we’ve searched for without having to press “next page” every 2 minutes. We used to be able to just scroll unlimited products all on one page
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3 years ago, VIETUAL17
Forcing people to buy items that they are not ready for.
You have j jeopardized your integrity. You are trying to force people to buy items that they want to save for a later date. I have taken off all the items that I had wanted to buy but at a later time. Now I will not buy those items because I don’t have the time to look through everything again. Forcing people to buy items they are not ready to pay for is a very bad judgment on your part. You better figure out what you can do about it before other people go elsewhere for the same exact items you have but you are trying to force people to get them at a time that they don’t want to get them. Take care and I hope you solve your problems why people are buy less than before
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2 years ago, Earsoftears
stuck in spanish
Amozon has always been the easiest way to order I like the one click and I like it when the Amozon truck delivers but that is all becoming more inconvenient. But the latest glitch has stop me from ordering a single thing . Its stuck in spanish ! about a month ago I went to order and every page and every item was spanish I worked trying to find a setting finally had to do a google search then proceded tofollow the steos ( feeling this would fix it but still wondering how it ever got change to spanish) But after finding a setting for region and english It didnt work. soI hadnt ordered inweeks . then again today without remembering the problem went to order and !!! still stuck in spanish . and like the time before I tried endlessly to reach costomer service but its only multiple choice none of which came close So hear I amwriting a review hoping this will get the attention of someone. This is a gme changerfor me .
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5 months ago, WtfdoIneednickname4
Watch out for subscriptions
When ordering a product it automatically selects subscribe. This is aggravating. I have been subscribed to something I wanted one time. Why not give the customer the option to select subscription instead of it automatically selecting it??? I get emails thanking me for a subscription I never wanted. I get confirmation emails that show cancel at anytime. I looked for a way to cancel it right after my order which must be some hidden option not easily found on your app. After looking through Google for a way, I gave up and forgot about it until today when I received an email with option to manage order. The option to cancel is not on the immediate screen it brings you to. Finally found the small print at bottom of confirmation screen to cancel. Now every time I order something I need to verify that I select the one time order because of this forceful feature.
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11 months ago, gcohen2
I can’t read your app pages
I’m 76 years old. Oh wait a minute no I’m only 74 but I still have a problem. I can’t read your pages anymore. I have Cataracs and the contrast between your very light lettering in your white background. All that makes everything blend into one. On my phone, I have it set to have dark backgrounds and white lettering. And that works pretty well and many websites automatically adhere to that, but not yours. I’ve looked for places where I could set your App to have a dark background, but I can’t find it and no it’s not because I can’t read it because it’s not there. I’ve had my family look at look at it for me and they can’t find it either. so maybe we’re all really dumb and we can’t figure out how to do it and if so, please send us a instructions. I would greatly appreciate it. If it’s no way to do it can you please ask your webpage operators to include that option. Thank you. either way, I’m using an iPhone 12th.
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2 years ago, Mindless Drivel
Poor UI and broken transactions
The app consistently fails to add things to your cart. Sometimes doesn’t respond despite repeated pressing of “Add to Cart”. Reload same thing. The search system has really went down hill. You can do a search on almost anything, a movie for instance? And they will find 20 thins completely unrelated to what you wanted and so far out of left field you’ll wonder if you typed something wrong. Think you have it working? Haha! Heres a picture of a dog and a link back to the main page so all your search was in vain and you have to start over! But wait! There’s more! Here’s a stupid Alexa icon that never goes away and cant be removed and it’s strategically placed so you hit every time you scroll. Here’s some sliding menus that don’t fit your screen! Like that suggested item? Too bad! Broken link! Ive given up shopping via this app as its basically a frustration inducing waste of space on my phone. Really only good for tracking shipments- when I can get it to work at all.
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3 years ago, Jane7344
Problems with latest version
Another problem with latest version (sept 2021). Tried to look at subscribe and save order - just looped sending me back to shopping the subscribe and save items and only showed about 10% of available products. This app is useful only for checking on order status and not for shopping - too bad. Can’t place order. It just returns user to proceed to checkout - looping forever. When try to display orders it asks for the login again (even if I just logged in a minute ago). The login completes and then displays a pop up box saying there was a problem try again. You click ok and the app hangs saying loading information Minutes pass. When you get tired of waiting and go back to the item, again you get into the same loop. Sometimes you can get in on the 2nd or 3rd try, just did 8 try and still didn’t work. This app used to work fully and now my am pretty useless - Been a month since this version was released and no fix in sight.
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2 years ago, Nahikuan
How does this app have such good reviews? It has sucked for awhile now because of the constant updates, but it just gets progressively worse with every new update. I just want the number of results for a product I search, the feature when I would hit the home button and it would refresh my homepage, and for my products to be labeled correctly when it’s not available. Is that so much to ask for developers? With the newest “update” I can no longer manage my recommendations anymore. What is going on in the developer’s minds? Y’all need to get it together. *Update: I stand by my statements. It just get worse with every “update”. Whoever is in charge of updates on this app need to be fired immediately. Every update makes this app harder to use and now it’s impossible for me to search for stuff because it just blips out and goes back to the original page. What’s the point of having filters if I can’t search within those filtered results? If I could give this app zero stars. Bettor off just using the search engine.
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3 years ago, CartKoi
Noticeable UI experience between iPad and iPhone
Apologies if this sounds a bit odd but ... On my iPad units (iPad Pro 1st gen and iPad Air), all product items renders slower and specifically during item previewing, it is extremely sluggish upon selection etc. + if I view a few product videos, the top navigation frame often times will just disappear and I no longer can go back nor select anything to move forward (press the home button and swipe up to close the app). EFFECTIVELY, the user experience on the iPad has become quite poor and unreliable for quite some time (I finally got around to submitting a review to share it). INVERSELY, using the app on my iPhone 12, it works quite reliably well as expected. In fact, I often use my iPad to view some products ‘on the big gear screen’ as needed but end up using my iPhone to wrap up and make the purchases. Hopefully someone on the app dev side can look into this odd scenario. Thank you
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11 months ago, mattsayegh
It’s too difficult to determine country of origin of products
By law products have to be marked where they are manufactured, but this information is not readily available in this app. I am a big proponent of buying American made products. The information on the products sold does not always contain country of origin information, and sometimes have to dig through the pictures to find out to the point I waist hours looking. And on at least one occasion I thought a product I was ordering was made in the US and found out when it arrived it was made in China so I returned it. If we could filter by country of origin, this would be helpful. Especially for high end goods like kitchen equipment, furniture, tools, decorative items and wood products where country of origin is largely indicative of the quality of the product. Besides this issue, the app is great. Very good search algorithm, and I like how when you search and can shop certain brands.
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2 years ago, cat2214
Im only giving this rating because this has been a three time experience. You guys took away the option of how we want our packages handled. I have a roommate with a dog who is usually in the front of the yard. Hes very friendly but will EAT THE PACKAGES AND TEAR UP/EAT THE PRODUCT. For some reason the drivers will put the package where the dog can get it.( we have a sitting bench to where the dog cant even reach, on our porch but the drivers still decide to put it in front of the door where the dog can reach) One of the drivers even put it on the ground and took a picture of the dog like that was something i was okay with?!? Like heads up if you have dogs who like to chew on packages, the drivers will leave it where your dog can get it. Theres absolutely no way to tell the drivers on their app either so this is why im giving this rating because the drivers continue to do this thinking its cute but its making me lose money on product that isnt being handled correctly.
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3 years ago, tea_berry
Doesn’t work well on my iPad
Edit: reviews started working well, but just today I can no longer use the app on my iPad 12.9” as the add to cart section is cut off from view! I think my husband will be happy I can’t purchase anything right now 😂. There is also a white bar across the bottom. Both portrait and landscape modes are broken. Very bad, I can’t be the only person impacted by this?? I don’t know what happened but it’s terrible on my iPad now. I noticed the change maybe a month or so ago. Tapping the reviews button doesn’t work. I have to scroll down to that section manually now. There’s always a section of the page that just shows loading..., loading... these behaviors are consistent. it’s behaving like a poorly designed website that’s not taking into account I’m using a tablet. How is this acceptable?? Was this even tested?? Edit: the top bar vanishes when I browse around sometimes when loading a video of the product and then go back, the top bar vanishes. Can’t believe this is still not fixed. 0 stars
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2 years ago, WillGPo
App periodically flashes to a white screen
While attempting to view and scroll through the detail of a product, either from my saved products or from a new search, the app will periodically flash to a blank white screen, and just stay there. If I hit the back arrow, instead of returning to the product that I was trying to view, the app either returns me to the beginning of my saved products screen or to the search bar. It is very frustrating, because then I need to restart the process of relocating the product… either by scrolling though my saved products list or initiating a new search. I am running the latest version of the App on an iPhone 13 Pro, but it also happens on an older iPhone 7, also running the latest version of the App. I hope the product developers will see this feedback and take steps to correct. It has been an ongoing issue for months, now. I tried to submit feedback to the developers through the App Store, but the link just dumps me to Amazons general support page.
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1 year ago, xxxbennycxxx
So disappointed . Read this!
They charged me twice for the same order. This took all my money right before Christmas. Then, when I talk to the first rep about it they lie to me and say it didn’t happen, that I just didn’t understand. When I told them I’m looking at my bank app with two identical charges, they say “oh ok I see” it turns out they weren’t even looking at the order. When I told them how upset I was that I would be broke on Christmas because my money wouldn’t be back for 3-5 business days, they offered me a 5 dollar credit. I have never been so insulted. They escalate me twice for a supervisor to tell me “well technically we didn’t take your money, we put a hold on it”. Whatever you want to call it. I can’t spend my money for 3-5 days. I spend thousands of dollars there and this is how I’m treated. They refuse to do anything for the trouble they have caused. The supervisor refused to let me talk to a manager. She basically said, go ahead and report me. I can’t believe this. Just wow. Taking my business somewhere else.
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3 years ago, Tee den
Ratings after items received
There needs to be a comment section after rating delivery service to add personal comments. Existing ratings are to general and needs to be individualize to each recipients experience. Giving the company insight on improvement.I recently had an item left at my side door as I specified luckily I noticed my delivery alert and retrieved my package, although I feel the service was good I believe the package should have been placed as close to the door or home as possible rather than further away to prevent possible was very similar to placing an item on the front stoop for any and everyone to see the goal to make it as inconspicuous as able.. not to place it in the middle of the walk way as to alert others. This may be something that’s already stressed,But again adding a comment section might improve deliveries .
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4 years ago, come on amazon
Hands down the most annoying thing about this app is trying to see reviews left on products. God forbid you try to open a photo to view a product and swipe through other photo reviews. That would be too simple. You have to open and close each picture to see them, even if they’re part of the same review. However, if you look at the view all feature, there’s suddenly no problem in swiping through photo reviews. Makes no sense. Also, can’t tell you how many times I’ve been scrolling quickly through products and accidentally swipe the screen and lose my place since I’m forced to move back a screen. The app is so sensitive that just a simple caress and I’m no longer reading product descriptions and I’m back at the home page. You would think that a company that makes billions of dollars almost every day can afford to pay to have better app integration and UI/UX, or, you know, pay their employees more.
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2 years ago, Vdrumpro999
Search is awful
Update: search is still useless. iPad app is crap. Update: still awful. You can type an item title in word for word and STILL never find the item. I absolutely hate how crippled the search is. They want to steer you to certain products. You can’t use search tools like dog toys -cat -cats -food to keep the keyword spammers out You can’t filter by same day ship. “Add up to $35 worth” welll it’s real hard to do that when you don’t let us search by that criteria. You get different results depending on the search order. Filter by price-lowest and th search results CHANGE they just aren’t resorted. You can’t use “search only” or a model number. Type a model, the singular, 100% unique, ONLY model number you want and it will throw you a million non related results. You can’t use quotes to restrict a search like “Sony headphones” or will simply show you all headphones. It’s so AGGRAVATING THAT I OFTEN HAVE TO SHOP ON EBAY BECAUSE I CAN’T FIND THE ITEM IN THE WASTELAND OF UNRELATED RESULTS. What I hate the most is KNOWING This is Not a bug, it’s very much on purpose.
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3 years ago, nikkibanks
iPad version full of bugs
I expect a better iPad version from the largest richest conglomerate company in the world. The iPad version hasn’t had an update released in a very long time, looks and functions different than iPhone version, looks and acts like it hasn’t been updated in 5 years. iPhone version looks and works much better and efficiently (except the lists section which is counter intuitive on iPhone version). iPad version has dozens of frustrating bugs - to look at a picture closer is hilarious, to scroll through search results defaults back to page 1 of your search each time which is scandalous, when you click on a product the page loads and expands for several seconds and takes a while for it to line up with other hyperlinks which is amateur. Who is in charge of Amazon’s app developing? They need to have the awareness of keeping all apps on Apple devices the same, update the versions at the same time with the same look, make sure the iPad version is up to date and working perfectly like the iPhone version does.
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