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Walgreen Co.
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User Reviews for Walgreens

4.83 out of 5
5.2M Ratings
1 year ago, rotillar
Some features do not work
Several weeks ago I was about to go out of town and one of my meds would I would be put. The app asked why I was requesting an early refill and I chose - travel and or vacation. The refill was lost and communication between Walgreens and the doctors and myself was nothing but a ping pong ball. When i called Walgreens I was told ‘i don’t know’. After escalating the situation with the hospital patient advocacy group did i receive a phone call from the medical provider supervisor of patient advocacy. Not once did i hear or get an answer from walgreens or the doctors office. I was told ‘system glitch’ - i still had to request a new prescription when it was easty to see i had one left. Needless to say i was already out of town and the scrip could not be fulfilled except at my home Walgreen’s. After continued escalations and calls, i finally received my order. Walgreens has fallen way down in customer service and i understand - pandemic, worker shortages. The problem is this is the 3rd time this has happened. zero follow up and quick to get the customer awat or off the phone or out of the driveway. patients should not have to do the legwork - period! i welcome a call from walgreens as i am a professional and could share some valuable insight.
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3 years ago, bandon1
Good and bad
I’ve used Walgreens photo app for a few years now. It’s convenient and fairly easy to navigate. However, most times it takes FOREVER to upload, which is an issue if your phone sleeps before its finished. The color is typically good and photos are clear, which is why I gave three stars. My biggest issue is that so much of the picture is cut off each time. I’ve been told to go to the crop option and adjust the edges, but it still doesn’t help. For example, a few of my students wanted a selfie of us. We knew those on the edges would have a tiny bit cut off, but on the original it’s a little hair not in the frame. Even after checking the crop feature to make sure the frame was as large as possible, it cut the people off on each side so much that we each had half a face! Seriously, it went from being fully in the picture (minus a little hair), to each of us having the entire side of our faces, including one eye and half a nose, completely gone. My six year old students have been very disappointed. This has been an ongoing issue with multiple photos. Walgreens employees have not been successful in helping, so something needs done farther up in the co. Lastly, why can’t an order be saved, so if it glitches everything isn’t lost? Again tonight I spent over an hour editing over a hundred photos. When I clicked next it glitched and was gone. Because of this, I changed it to two stars. This has happened WAY too many times.
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2 months ago, Drwmstr
APP is good, needs better integration with pharmacy.
As someone new to needing multiple medications I downloaded this to obviously manage it. Still learning the ins and outs of it, but does provide plenty of options. Improvements needed? 1. Need to be able to transfer prescription without having the bottle. IE: Doctor phones in prescription to your pharmacy; when you go to pick it up you find pharmacy is temporarily closed until further notice(nice that there is nothing in place to prevent really needed prescription from going to a pharmacy that is closed) . No way to transfer unless you call the doctor to have them send to a different pharmacy. Narcotic you say? Now my insurance company sees two prescriptions for the same drug on the same day and will not authorize the second one! Preventing me from getting it when actually needing it. 2. I did not realize a drug I no longer needed was on autofill. Within minutes of getting the notice they were going to refill I went and put a cancel request in. 5 days later I am still getting texts, voicemails stating my prescription is ready for pickup. If it wasn’t for the difficulty of reaching the pharmacy by phone? I guess the APP has the same issues. APP has notification preferences that doesn’t work either. Set for no phone calls no emails etc. now they are hounding me for another prescription I don’t need to be refilled. It’s like they want my business but harassing me to the point of driving me away to a different pharmacy.
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12 months ago, I’m Just Saying86
Well organized, Clean Store a mostly friendly staff
Walgreen’s is a regular stop for me so I am able to observe how well the store is maintained and managed. It is very rare for me not to find what I’m looking for, the shelves are always well-stocked and organized. I have developed a nice rapport with a few of the employees there. Most everyone that works there seems to like their job and it shows I am always greeted when I walk through the door, and I almost always am asked if I need any help finding some thing by employees working the floor. The only reason I didn’t give the store five stars is because the pharmacy is painfully slow at accomplishing pretty much anything. I once waited at the drive-through for over 25 minutes and not one car moved in front of me during that entire time. I ended up backing out of the line and going inside to pick up my prescription. While I was waiting for them to find my prescription, I noticed that the same car that was sitting at the window when I was waiting in line outside was still sitting and waiting to be served. And not once did someone that works in the pharmacy go to the window and at least apologize for the wait. But fortunately, my insurance no longer covers my prescriptions at Walgreens so I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Overall I think this is one of the better Walgreens in the area and I love the cashiers!
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1 year ago, Leigh1129
Getting better
App was great then bad a while. Much improved recently but there seems to be a disconnect with the store. Recent example is a text telling me I needed to pick up by the 4th. I planned to pick up the third. I could not message the pharmacy through the app. Possible user fault. It got put back on the third and I had to reorder. More work for staff. Feel like the 4th should be relayed to the store. Also frequently get texts that there is a problem right after the text it is ready? Heroes work there. Walgreens employees in Clermont have gone way above and beyond in kindness to and helping with getting Florida DCF to finally step in and help my elderly mother. I tried two years and it took her going into Walgreens and throwing stuff off the shelf to make it happen. Now she finally has a case worker that didn’t just close her case because she knew her own name and has been to a doctor and has hospice help. Through the kindness of someone in healthcare that cared enough to make extra effort. App still has a couple of flaws but people make business excellent. Kudos on excellence of the people and corporate choices to start valuing their employees over putting a store on every corner. Hopes Florida will consider the model and reform their elder care policies. Knowing your own name is a low bar if it results in hitting a pedestrian or vandalizing a store to get help.
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1 year ago, Karen Schmalenberg
Satisfaction with Walgreens on James Street in Chicopee MA
I have been using this pharmacy for years now. I have always been treated with the utmost respect, professionalism, and care. Although most of the people in the pharmacy have all been helpful, there’s definitely 1 pharmacist that has consistently gone above and beyond for me every time I have a prescription that may run into some problems. Sometimes it may be an insurance issue, or a prescription not being correct, or pretty much anything else that you can think of going wrong. Missy is an amazing pharmacist who tries to rectify any problems that pop up. I just recently found out that she is being transferred soon to another Walgreens Pharmacy. I am so sure that the Walgreens Pharmacy that she is going to, will be incredibly thankful for her skills, experience, work ethic and her ability to be so helpful and gracious to the people she will be working with, and the clients that cross her path. I have to admit that I am very disappointed that I will be losing such a wonderful person. I am disabled and at the moment I do not have my own vehicle. If I had my own transportation, I would not hesitate to fallow her!! Thank you for your time. Karen Schmalenberg
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3 years ago, tristarz
I never review, but
I have used this app forever but this current version is bad and don’t blame COVID-19 like everyone else. 1) I only use it for prescriptions, to order and to check status. All I need is prescription name, doctor, quantity, last fill date, refills available until which date, date available for refill. Put this on one page so I do not have to hunt for it. Let me refill it from that location. 2) Also, the last 3 prescriptions magically have had auto refill turned on. Auto refill has had problems in the past, I do not use it. 3) I needed to update my credit card for Express Pay. Cannot find it anywhere. Search cannot find it either. 4) Recent doctor visit, had prescription renewed, sent electronically. When I needed to fill prescription app accepted order but never processed it. Tried 3 times. Had to go to store. 5) Would have commented using app but could not find how, so I tell the world. 6) All these concerns here used to work and were available in previous versions of app. Changing apps should make things easier. When I managed programmers I used the most inept, simple person I could find to test the program. If they could understand and use it, we placed it in production. I was not that person. 7) When you lookup a store location it does not tell you when it opens and closes also the pharmacy hours are not shown. If you look after something is closed the app says “closed” and not when it reopens.
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4 years ago, BTRluver&shakeitupluver
App Crashing
I love that I can just order pictures through the app instead of having to go to Walgreens and print pictures there, but the app ALWAYS crashes and it gets very frustrating. I don’t have the time to go through the pictures I want to print and wait for 30 minutes for them to upload just to have the app crash and I have to do it all over again. Also the uploading process takes forever and if my phone turns off from just sitting on the uploading page for so long then my uploading process cancels because the app closes. Another issue I’ve had recently two times was a picture in my order was never printed, along with another order where I tried printing 3 pictures and I only got one of them but I had 3 copies of that picture which I know I didn’t order. The main issue is the length of time it takes to upload and submit an order and the app crashing a countless number of times while trying to upload. This has been a huge problem for a very long time and I’m surprised it’s still happening because I know some friends and family that have had this issue as well. UPDATE: i love the new update !! ordering pictures (so far) hasn’t been a hassle at all ! i’m very pleased with this part of the update. i only use the app for ordering pictures so i don’t know how the rest of it is but thank you for finally fixing the photo part ! i hope it stays like this in the future !
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5 years ago, MeeksLisa
Filling prescriptions on file
I have several prescriptions I take daily. When I visit my doctor for followup, he writes new prescriptions for those prescriptions. If I’m not quite out of any of them I just go ahead and have my Walgreens pharmacy put them on file for future filling through my Walgreens app. I’ve been using it several years now and love it!! It’s so convenient and easy to use. I only have one issue. When I try to fill a prescription that I have on file, the app puts that prescription in a category that “requires action”. Most of the time I’m also refilling a prescription. I go get my prescriptions when the app notifies me they are ready, get home and then realize I don’t have one of my prescriptions. Looking back on my app it show that prescription needs attention. That requires me to call, talk to someone, then it’s filled. But I’m already home. It would be much more helpful and convenient for prescriptions such as this to go ahead and be filled so customers aren’t inconvenienced or possibly miss taking a medication because they didn’t realize their requested prescription is stuck in a black hole. The pharmacy personnel have no idea these prescriptions requiring attention even exist. Hope you can fix this issue. Thank you for this awesome app!
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2 years ago, pattiqt143
Customer service is terrible
I was buying gloves in the store they didn’t have a price on them I scanned them with the barcode reader on the app only to find out that the barcode is only for corporate and the store and corporate are two different things they consider even this they are both banned Walgreens they have nothing to do with each other online the item scanned the same price as corporate and it said the store had item in stock however the store will not give the 7 dollar price will charge you 100% mark up I called to find out and was hung up on all my calls I have been going to Walgreens since I worked at the hospital round the corner almost 30 yrs just like they say they are open 24hrs but call ahead 1st they no longer stay open 24hrs due to staffing which is hard on the steady traffic that store gets from the hospital don’t bother with this app or the store in Mountain View California neither one of them work they closed down a perfectly amazing store with drive through to keep a very small store open with no drive thru or steady hours of operation life is too short find a better pharmacy and download an app u can depend on
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3 years ago, AshLumi
So buggy to the point that it’s almost useless
This app is the worst. It used to be great, but all of the changes they’ve made over the past 6 or so months have made it so buggy that it’s barely useable. For the past several months, I’ve been unable to use Walgreens Express to order my prescriptions for delivery- despite the fact that the prescriptions are fully eligible. I have to instead call the store to have them do it manually. I’m completely unable to do it on both the app and on the website from my laptop or phone. It’s hit or miss if the app even properly loads my medication status. It doesn’t always submit refill requests for me. Now, most recently, I can’t even get the app to sign me in! It’s just been saying “service unavailable” for the better part of a week. How am I supposed to use this to manage my medication when it’s so horrendously unreliable. If you’re going to overhaul an app that people rely on for medical reasons, you need to have better testing in place to make sure that it’s stable. Update: It’s been broken for months. I still can’t use the app for basic things. I’ve decided to delete the app and just stick to calling the store instead. It takes way longer and is infinitely less convenient because Walgreens’ phone systems are awful too, but at least the people who work at my pharmacy know what they’re doing and are used to hearing customers say that the app and website don’t work anymore, so they’re happy to accommodate.
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2 years ago, Calwillis
Prescription bias
I have been filling prescriptions at Walgreens for at least 15 years. I’ve had the same insurance the entire time. All my info is the same. It was simple for everyone. I travel for work and I could get my prescriptions filled anywhere in the entire country. Blood pressure meds, cholesterol, the occasional antibiotic. Simple no problems. My Suboxone prescription. Problems. Always problems. Not in every state, it depends on the pharmacist. First all the questioning and delays. Not once have I ever tried to fill early but there’s always a problem. I see my doctor every 4 weeks, she sends in my script, my insurance approved it, and the pharmacist delays it. This month they tell me since I was 2000 miles away and didn’t pick up the second they filled it, I have to wait the amount of days I didn’t pick up after they filled it. Sometimes they try to do the math and tell me I should have x amount left and I need to wait another x amount of days. Sometimes it’s just delayed for no reason. I’m home one day to see my doctor and pick up my script. I can’t. No real reason, just the one the pharmacist decides. Wait 3 more days. Well I have to go back to work. They fill my cholesterol medication before I even ask. It’s a shame, the app works great and Walgreens is everywhere and they have all my info. I’m done playing games with Walgreens. I will never fill another prescription or step foot in a Walgreens ever again.
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4 years ago, CocoBark
Photo is a hassle
I wanted to make a card stock photo card for my friends birthday. After uploading the pictures, filling in and deciding on the text, and signing the card (more on that later) I selected the premium card for 3.99. It alerts me that this premium style card is not available at my selected Walgreens store. I decided it would be worth two extra minute drive to get the card from another Walgreens store. The problem is, in order to select a different store, the only way to get back to the Home Screen is by “starting over”. This means that I had to go through the whole design process again. Eventually, I just made dummy cards until I located a store that could print the premium style card. This could have been fixed by allowing customers to “save” projects. Secondly, Walgreens template allows you to hand sign the card using your finger. There is no zoom in or eraser options to help you clean up any finger signing mishaps! This means that if you don’t like how you signed one letter, you have to restart the signature over from the beginning. I was signing several names. It would have been better if I could have erased my mistakes or been able to zoom to write a little more precisely. This was not an option. I like the quality of the photo product overall, but I think the app needs work.
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6 months ago, subway my go to fast food
Walgreens, 15 N. Buffalo Grove Rd. Buffalo Grove Illinois
The store is probably worse than any Walgreens I have ever been to instead of giving me my seizure pills they gave me heart medication told me that they wouldn’t give me my actual medication, my seizure preventative meds and so I gave them the proof they messed up back first the store wants you to wait until you run out of medication and then come in and get your pills the day you got them prescribed so wait till you’re out to get them but I’m up epileptic so to expect that is insane. My neurologist wants me to have them picked up a few days early so that I don’t have to panic and make sure that my pharmacy should have my medicines every month or my medication every month especially when you have the same person come for 10 years every month you should be prepared. and then there’s exceedingly long lines extremely large weight and none of these workers know what they’re doing because none of them are tournament. They’re all temporaries so they come in and they’re lost. They don’t know where to start or what to do we need permanent people at this location..!!!! I really hope most people take this review and consideration before going to this location and I really hope corporate can read this message and get some stuff cleaned up at Walgreens. Some of the tech staff want to play doctors when they’re only pharmacy tech. Sincerely Michelle Ryan.
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2 months ago, MI Very Frustrated
Delayed prescription changes to available to order - app alerts to not work
This has been occurring for months. It is now nearly 4 weeks that my script has not been filled. It was originally placed on 4/29 by my doctor electronically (it is now 5/26). The app first stated delayed (apparently due to it being out of stock) and only after calling was told verbally it is out of stock and will be in next week. It eventually ends up back in my scripts available to be added. If I didn’t continually check the app, I would not know it was no longer waiting to be filled. So, I submit it once again… and it states again that it’s delayed. Verbally again I’m told it will be in the following week… for which once again it never is filled. After a week to 10 days it again ends up back in my scripts available to be ordered…. and I need to initiate it again. The app is useless unless it’s monitored daily and I consistently call the pharmacy… which it takes up to 15 minutes to even talk to someone. The only notifications I do ever receive are by text when a script is truly being processed and when it is filled ( no app alerts). With today’s technology there is no reason anyone should need to do this with something as important as prescriptions. Very disappointing for a company as big as Walgreens whose primary focus is a pharmacy dealing with filling prescriptions and it’s importance to their health and wellbeing.
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5 years ago, BennyBoom97
Update to include Photo Order Status
The app could be better by allowing you to have access to photo order information/history. I do like the app for prescription status. Why can’t they do the same for photos. I don’t even know if my order is processed or even ready. I placed photo order from my iPhone XsMax at 900am. I received email but never received text or email that order was ready. I called the store at 12:14pm to confirm the order. Many times the store says the system gets backed up and can’t download the photos. I should not have to call store to confirm order. I couldn’t even find and record of my order on this app. I think Walgreens trying to consolidate things on the app but I have to go thru many steps (even logged on to the website) to find or locate info. #hassle. Thinking that my order didn’t get processed, I resent the photo order to another Walgreens. Update: When I called the lady at my neighborhood Walgreens said the order was ready but the tag printed on the photos says 12:14pm which was the same time I called. The second Walgreens photo order was processed and ready in 15-20 minutes. All I just ask is that the Walgreens app be updated to include photo order status. I hate being in a rush and stop at my neighborhood Walgreens and they tell me that the photo machine is backlogged because it can’t download the photo orders. #2019not1999
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10 months ago, Tinibini71
Lost Prescriptions
I’ve been using Walgreens for a long time but, for some reason, a few or more times a year they just lose a prescription or put it in a delayed status until I call and remind them that it’s sitting there. As God as my witness they, then fill in right then and there! What if I didn’t call? Or what happens to the elderly who are just sitting at home waiting for maybe something g they really need? This place is a joke, the pharmacist are professionals but the rest of the staff are rude, keep you o. Hold forever and sometimes even hang up in you then you have to start the whole process over again! I always have to do all the legwork to make sure things get done properly. I left my doctor on a Tuesday afternoon tried to get my prescription that I watched him fax over. So, now, I have to get a hold of the doctors office, then get back to Walgreens, then, I wait, and sometimes it takes a long time for me to get what I was prescribed. As soon as my prescription refills are done here, maybe before then, I will be transferring ALL of my prescriptions somewhere else and I’ll make sure my family doesn’t use this one either!
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4 years ago, CartwheelStacker
Looks great, not user-friendly at all
Since the upgrade, the app doesn’t allow me to check off progress on my selected healthy choice challenges. I communicated the issue and provided the very specific details that were requested, to be forwarded to IT. That was 2 weeks ago. Nothing has changed, yet. I can access the challenges on my Chromebook, but had a difficult time locating how to access them on the website. Today, I placed an order for contact lenses. It must have taken me over an hour. I had to keep going back and forth between the app and the website because neither would process the order once the items were in the cart. I wanted to upload the doctor’s prescription, but .pdf’s are not accepted. Why???? So, back to my phone. Two options were available - upload from photos or take a photo at that time. I tried both methods, but neither was successful. So, I had to skip that advantage. Then when I entered the credit card information at checkout, it did not process, stating I needed to call them. Nope! I attempted a different card’s info., which was finally accepted. (There was no account-based reason for the 1st card not being accepted.) Why would developers release a new website and app that hadn’t been “tested” to assure that all aspects worked? FYI: I use an iPhone SE 2020 and an HP Chromebook 2019. Come on, Walgreens! You can do better!!
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12 months ago, Daisy Keehn
Delivery service horrible.
I have always loved Walgreens till tonight. I ordered products delivered thru the app. I got a text message that they were substituting coke with Coke Zero. Called the store and told them that would not work. They tried to tell me I ordered Coke Zero not coke. Never could get them to understand I ordered coke and did not want a diet as a replace,ent. They had the coke in stock. Then the order never arrived. I called the store and they told me I had to call the delivery company. But I ordered thru the Walgreens app. Then they gave me a number to Uber that was a disconnected number. I called corporate customer service and told themI was picking up the order and wanted the tip removed. They told me I would have to call back after I picked up the order. It took several minutes of insisting that she would stay on the line with me with her still arguing that she couldn’t do that even as I was picking up the order. No one at the store or corporate could tell me how to contact the delivery service. It is like they have no clue who picks up and delivers for them. Every person was rude a uninformative. When I went in to pick up the person behind the counter shouted out that they were closing in 8 minutes. Walgreens says they deliver within one hour. They don’t. Worst customer service I have experienced in probably a decade. I will pay extra and just have Walmart deliver in the future.
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5 years ago, Dillsnit
Walgreens doesn’t know how to keep my monthly Perscription in stock
It’s pretty sad I get My Prescription every month and it’s too early to drop off the prescription so I set a reminder to drop my monthly prescription on The 15th of every month. I use a paper script because if my dr sends my prescription electronically at my monthly appointment it’s too early and Walgreens rejects it so when the 15th comes around (that’s when The Walgreens Pharmacist they told Me I can drop off the script each month) If I come on the 14th they can’t take my paper prescription so I have to come back and try again. When I came in on the 15th of this month they said I would have to come back on the 17th. I called today and they still don’t have my script that I’ve been on for close to 20 years. I ask myself is Walgreens really that operationally dumb in supply chain management that they can’t predict that I will need my meds on the 15th? It’s not a non linear equation it’s simple to predict that I will need my meds on the 15th of every month. I already brought my other prescriptions to Walmart in Delray because Walgreens in Boca Raton on Clintmoore and Military further screws my prescription up and can’t tell Me when they will have it. It’s weak that they can’t predict that I will need My Prescription even though I get it in the 15th of every month for years. If they can’t tell Me when they will have it soon. I will have to reward Walmart with My Business instead.
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3 years ago, UrgentMW
Prescription platform
If I could give a zero I would. The New App updated process is completely & utterly a mess. Disappointing & frustrating to say the least. Ongoing months with this migration with the platform & numerous updates that have failed. The pharmacy section has taken the worse turn ever & I really don’t have any confidence in the improvement @ this point. It doesn’t keep accurate tally of my refill amounts (so I don’t have to notify the doctor for refill submittals to the pharmacy which is a major task for approvals) redundant or missing prescriptions from the app. All my prescriptions have become delayed or NEVER notified to the pharmacy to become a working order/lost in the system/have to do everything @ the counter/refund my manufacturer discounts that’s also applied in addition to my insurance coverage discounts (they somehow how frequently lose the attachment record in the system & have to rework the invoice in the store/reprint new ones. Can’t pay in advance so I can just pick up - still end up swiping in the store when my payment authorization is on record in the store along with my rewards card info. These prescriptions are time sensitive to be filled (people’s lives in jeopardy being off some medications). This should have had a major team working on this after months of online testing to correctly migrate. I don’t have any confidence @ this point after months of this monotony.
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2 months ago, Melsmeuek
Walgreens is going downhill fast!!
Walgreens only care about making a buck at the end of the day. They hey have consistently reduced how many pharmacy staff are working at any given time. They have also reduced the hours the pharmacy is open. The first one I picked up prescriptions from started closing at 6pm daily so I switched to a different one that was opened until 10pm seven days a week. They have now started closing at 6pm on the weekends and they don’t even have enough workers for you to be able to go inside and pick up prescriptions. They literally will have the pharmacist and one worker scheduled and will close the metal security grate on the inside and you have to go through the drive thru to pick up. If you took the bus like me you’re screwed depending on who’s working. I had to line up in the drive thru line and just stand there since I don’t have a car. After inhaling exhaust for 30 minutes (the line was ridiculously long) I walked up to the window and had the technician deny me service because I wasn’t inside of a car. I had to make a huge fuss as I went back and forth with her. I guess the pharmacist heard the ruckus and stepped in and made her serve me. It shouldn’t have even come to that. Walgreens needs to do better. They should treat employees better and customers. If they don’t they will find themselves wondering what went wrong when they go bankrupt.
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6 months ago, drfrench
Bonnie at the Lake Havasu City, AZ store is so great. She helps out everyone with their purchases in terms of information about the products and goes out of her way to make sure you are happy. She is so knowledgeable about everything in the store, especially in cosmetics. I always look forward to going in to buy whatever I need. I want to especially mention the pharmacy. They are always doing their best to help you and solve any of the problems that invariably arise from the complexities of medications/insurance issues. Especially with all the winter visitors coming here. Our city goes from 60,000 people to over 160,000 and most of them are sick and cranky and have multiple illnesses. They are frequently rude and loud. I don’t think the employees of the pharmacy get much credit for what they have to deal with. But they do it with patience and respect. I have worked in the medical field for 30 years and I know how hard it can be and I have been a customer here since the store was opened. I am appalled at some people’s behavior. The only reviews are from disgruntled customers. Thanks for having such a great experience.
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2 years ago, helpalltheusernamesaretaken
No good for regular medication and can’t cancel auto refill in app
I have a few medications on auto refill, even after I turned them back on, there are many problems - inventory is not checked in advance of the day I need to pick up medication. On my more obscure medication, every month on the day it needs to be filled , I get a notif that “medication is out, will order more soon” - Walgreens knew I wanted this for a month, I don’t understand why it couldn’t be ordered the week before. neither the app nor the pharmacist if I call is able to give me any eta for when my medication is in - the app also directs you to “get this sooner at another store”, so I tried that and one day later the second pharmacy also messages me that it’s out of stock - why does your app prompt me to move prescriptions to a store that also does not have inventory - finally, the behavior for out of refills is weird. The medication just says “submitted “ for days on end, and I had to call my pharmacy to understand why. It would be super great to get a notif saying my prescription is out of refills so I can call my dr quickly instead of having to do a mini investigation earlier All in all the app doesn’t really change the number of times I have to call the pharmacist which doesn’t make it particularly useful outside of being a record of the last time I picked each medication
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2 years ago, Evolving20
I purchased detergent for pick up,the first day I was unable to pick up because there system was down and the store was closing because of that.(Pulaski and North Ave.)So I waited until today 5/31 to pick up ! When I pick up o discover that one of the bottles of detergent is busted open leaking in the bag ! Now how did that happen ?Your employees picked the detergent! So I ask your manager can he give me something comparable to what I have ,He in turn says I can give you a refund I can’t give you anything! You mean to tell me you have a manager that you employee that isn’t allowed to make executive decisions to take care of a customer. What boggles my mind even more is he was unapologetic about it ! To work a company as big as this and have people that work for you who clearly aren’t capable of making decisions to provide great customer is terrible! I would also like to know why they don’t have name tags so that you can address them properly! I had him write his name down. Andrew (Shift Lead).my expectation is for someone to respond to this review,Then again how can I when your Shift Lead can’t make an executive decision!
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2 years ago, Greg H in CA
Stunningly Abysmal App
This app has profound problems on two fundamental levels. First, it regularly just doesn’t work. For instance, today I can’t log in - FaceID spins and recognizes my face, but the app won’t accept the login. It also doesn’t give me a manual way to enter my login info, so I can’t use the app. These sorts of errors occur on a regular basis. Second, their UX team should be taken to a barn and tied up for at least six months without any ability to change the user interface. I have had iPhones since the iPhone 4, and I have never seen an app that changes their UI as often as this. As a result of their continued attempts to “refine” the app, they perversely make it more difficult to use, because they move core functionality around. I beg of you - please establish a consistent design flow for key actions, like refilling a family member’s prescription, and then leave it that way for at least 6 months. After 6 months, leave it that way for another 6 months. And so on. If you have to make under the hood changes, fine, but stop messing with the UI. People are using the app because, in many cases, they are sick. They just want this stuff to work. UPDATED review to (a) comment that I still can’t log in (FaceID works fine on every other app) and (b) point out that the developer support link in App Store points to to a dead link on their website. Truly atrocious app.
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5 years ago, LoveToRead99
Works but you need to learn the quirks
This app is handy for renewing prescriptions which is what I use it for. To get the most out of it you need to learn the quirks. (1) Enter prescription renewals as if each one was the only one. If you enter multiple renewals on one order you will only get the first one. All others will be lost! They keep telling me this has been fixed but it hasn’t. (2) It likes to text you when you’re due for a renewal but it won’t tell you which medicine needs to be renewed - you’ll have to figure that out (the pharmacists won’t know either). And, fairly frequently, it will text me that a prescription is due for renewal and when I figure out which one and renew it, quite often the renewal is too soon for the insurance. Better to renew on your own timetable. (3) The app will want to text you when your prescription is ready but it’s better to check by logging in and looking at the prescription status. Sometimes you think it will be ready and it’s not for a reason you’re not expecting and only by logging in will you find this out. Or the prescription has only been partially filled - but the app won’t text you that it’s been partially filled - you have to log in for that information. Other than that it works well enough.
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6 years ago, Stageon
Slow as a sloth
Ok so I want to like this app since Walgreens is my pharmacy and the local store is good as well as the desktop version on my computer browser. But the iOS app needs work... 1) It seems designed for the iPhone and wastes a lot of screen space on my iPad Pro. 2) Browsing to my cart takes forever! I mean 5 minutes sometimes. I’m on a fast connection and no other apps have trouble, nor does doing certain things like looking up products in the shopping section. Adding things to my cart is fine too. But actually tap the cart icon to see its contents/check out? It’s like there’s a queue of computers all pinging away at a single nationwide server. I’m sure that’s not the situation, but every darn time on either of my iPads I want to view my cart, it takes a ridiculous amount of time. Lastly, 3) The app store page states clearly that the Walgreens app ‘may’ use your location, even when it isn’t open. Huh? Please explain to us why the app would need to do that *other* than for tracking consumer behavior in order to target him/her for ads, or other shenanigans. Good app otherwise, but because of #2 and #3 above I will not be using it. I will upgrade my star rating if these things are fixed.
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2 months ago, T2shark
New functionality improved the app! But, App no longer works with older iPad
ANOTHER UPDATE: and still no way to message the Pharmacy, request an urgent earlier, Phil then the timeslot it gives, and if you click on a prescription, it does not give you the prescribing doctor when the prescription was written picked up that a lot of information that is very much needed. Information that can easily be coded into the app. Update: I filled out the feedback several times and Walgreens actually added the functionality I had been requesting to be able to add notes to prescriptions for the pharmacist! I’m so excited. I’ve already used this several times. It keeps me from having to call and wait on hold forever or have to go to the pharmacy to talk to them. I’m much happier with this app. Although I still can’t use it on my iPad because it’s older but it works well on my phone. I give them 5 stars for listening to customers and actually implementing our requests! Thank you Walgreens! Old review; I can't use the app because it no longer works on my iPad. It says I have to update the app but won't let me because my iPad iOS won't update. There's nothing wrong with this iPad. I should not be forced to buy a new one because apps don't want to be compatible with older iOS's.
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6 years ago, shelleykelly
Lockhart Pharmacy
I use Walgreens pharmacy to fill EVERY script we use! I must say that adds up to over 10 prescriptions per month ,if not 15. My family has used every other pharmacy in Lockhart and until we started using Walgreens, picking up a script was a DREADED errand! Long wait times....even longer pick up lines. It seemed no matter how many times I updated our information something was wrong. It has been nice NOT having these issues with Walgreens. Our prescriptions are always ready in a reasonable amount of time. We are individually notified when to pick up or if there is an issue that may need to be addressed. We have gotten to know the entire staff and are greeted personally upon arrival. The pharmacists are very thorough in making sure there are no possible drug interactions. My husband has several serious medical issues and medication changes occur often! We all feel at ease with Dan & Brenda in charge! The entire staff is knowledgeable and I just can not say enough good things about each one. We were even taken care of while OUT OF STATE. So kudos to you all at the pharmacy in lockhart. The Kelly Family thanks you
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2 years ago, Leal love
The pharmacy at this location is very very bad. From long lines, long waits to get medication filled to employees getting into shouting matches with you. The store manager seems very unconcerned about what is happening at this store. The cosmetic department has friendly and professional employees. This app is ok. The only problem I have is adding family members. After adding a family, It ask if you want to check on scripts for family members click yes and get your information. I get my information only not the family member. Can't find a way to get to family member at all. The pharmacist here yelled at me and said you’re getting your medicine from some where else, the medicine is pain medication for chronic pain. This person’s name is Sunday I notified the manager of the store. I’m waiting now for pain meds to come in it had to be ordered. My name and phone was written by pharmacy tech. She’ll call me when it comes in 7to 12 days, I took last pill already. It’s so sad that I have to suffer for something others are doing! ! Thanks Walgreens for taking actions . Keep up the good work!!
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3 years ago, Rym1993
Auto Refill
I love this app, it makes it convenient to refill my meds easily. But auto refill always gets turned on! I had it on because it had been convenient. But then they’d start sending me refills four days before I need it, giving me extra, but then it’d refill again 30 days after the last refill. So eventually, I’d have a month supply stocked up and I’d be sent even more! So I turned auto refill off for all my prescriptions because I’ll handle refilling them myself. No problem. But now every time any med gets filled, it turns the freaking auto refill option back in! Each and every GD time! I know it’s a small task to change it, but now I can’t refill one med because it was on auto refill to be sent home (I prefer to pick it up in person, I don’t want my meds stolen). I turned auto refill off for that and changed my setting to always pick up in store. But now I can’t refill that one because it still thinks it’s being mailed even after the feature was turned off, because it was already sent to be filled. So irritating! Please include a “remember this selection for future prescriptions” option! And make it actually work!
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1 year ago, Nrsnea
Old location continues to fill meds
I have recently moved out of state. The old Walgreens location is still attempting to fill meds, despite my provider sending scripts to the new location. Once they mess with the scripts for controlled substances, the new location requires me to obtain a new script from my provider. I don’t know how to make this stop. I have been filling meds at the new location since December and I have updated my information on the app, in store and again my provider is sending scripts to the new location. I’m about to change locations, as I don’t have time to deal with this nonsense every single month. Currently I am out of a medication and it has said “in progress” on the app for days. I am beyond frustrated with this situation. They also take it upon themselves to fill meds that I have not requested, as I do not yet need them. I’ve never dealt with such a mess from Walgreens and I don’t intend to deal with it much longer! Between the pharmacy and the express scripts, I absolutely understand why patient medication compliance is so low. Unnecessary barriers are created one after another by the entities that should be encouraging compliance.
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4 months ago, Kalonzo7292
The official Walgreens boycott
I’ve chosen CVS in any other drugstore outside of Walgreens. I am completely disruptive by the pace of their service. For me, I have decided to leave until it has become clear that Walgreens is one of the best option for the business community. Service is also tied to anyone’s “product”. I have been working to hope that my concern with the service would not affect my ability to use the this particular store as a place for my business. I must apologize to the service persons who were kind towards me and did something to resolve a very difficult issue. I just can’t continue to be a customer of the service provider Walgreens has become. Walgreens not only is not offering quality services to customers from the call centers, but they also showed no evidence of sympathy for me after seeing that they had illegally used my account to purchase a $100 item. My only hope is that customers throughout the consumer market would be very vigilant other things that I may be tapping into and make the decision if they will go forward this off hopefully that be more than one situation that was not good, but I hope that we will vacate anything does not value us, or anything that is not good about handling issues that concern our accounts being compromised…. #Out #BoycottWalGreens #CVSForward
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3 years ago, Lots a writing
Long time customer
Today I took my almost 90 year old mom to pick up her medicine due to a call from the Ellenville Walgreens and walked to the pharmacy section when this heavy set lady ask how can she help little did we know she was going to be the worst part of our visit, her attitude was very poor and when we asked for further information regarding the medication her response was that she wasn’t there to keep track of my mothers medication. We were very frustrated and confused as to why this person even worked with the public if she was so bothered by our questions? She needs to go this is the second time we have this issue and we haven’t been to the store in years and her attitude is stilll the same my question is simple why are the managers and supervisors allowed to hire these people and let them get away with treating their customers in this manner. Please help us to get this person out of the Ellenville Walgreens. I will be calling the manager which by the way wasn’t present when this occurred, but his name is Stephen so we will reach out to him soon.
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5 years ago, HuskerAlum
“Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices” not working
“Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices” hasn’t worked for several weeks... ever since iOS 11.3. Page won’t load. I’ve emailed Walgreens about it twice, but have yet to receive a reply. This whole “Healthy Choices” section is poorly coded anyway... very buggy and unreliable. e.g. The various activity apps don’t stay connected and/or don’t sync reliably (I periodically disconnect them, sometimes even delete and re-download, to get them to temporarily work again... I’ve tried at least 10 different recommended apps, all with same issues); the Walgreens apps always retrieves my ‘steps’ from my iPhone Health app yet oddly Never pulls in my blood pressure (I’ve even played with settings various ways to no avail). Also, general navigation on the app is clumsy. The back-arrow follows your cookie-crumb backwards rather than taking you directly ‘up’ one menu level (this would be fine IF you also offered a way to jump directly to the ‘home’ screen). In summary, I work in the technology Innovation industry so have evaluated, designed, and used many apps (mostly B2B vs B2C thou). And as a mainstream app, Walgreens’ is easily one of the worst!! I would suggest you learn from the likes of Walmart, Kohl’s, and Target if you wish to remain competitive in the mobile space!!!
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7 years ago, KnATucker8810
Awful! Horrific trickery within this app!
Add all your coupons, check the local adds, and then double check because there's no way your going to get that good a deal! Realizing your accurate you rush out the door to the amazing Walgreens you shop at nearly everyday. When you arrive they have everything you need and more so you end up easily spending $200. (Note: It still is the sales that made you come in but your saving so much you feel there's no way you can afford to not get extra) Your coupons will not work at the end, the cashier, assistant and general manager will not be able to help and customer service will almost always condescendingly call you a thief. If it's not hard enough to call feeling completely petty then we have to listen to their foulness. APPALLED! All over a $10 coupon that's advertised a thousand times in your store. This was my favorite store and it's very very saddening to know I now must shop at four new stores in order to compensate for my once beloved Walgreens. This is seriously upsetting as I truly loved my Walgreens and all the employees too. Everyone there knows me and treated me so wonderfully and remembering my boys but I cannot continue to be treated like this and let it go any longer. I'm sorry to say I will not return to Walgreens this time because it has gone far enough and clearly isn't going to stop.
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1 year ago, FLGirl71
I have not used Walgreens for over 6 years but I just moved to an area where I could not use Publix pharmacy, so I went back to using Walgreens. I signed up for the app, and while I thought I ordered prescriptions through it, none had been ordered. Not only that, but the app changed my home pharmacy on it’s own and my prescriptions move from pharmacy location to pharmacy location- making it difficult for me to pick up what I need when I need it. And recently, I went in to get a prescription that is always refrigerated and it was not refrigerated. Well the technician took it to the pharmacist, who read something that said it could be kept un-refrigerated for up to 7 days. I’m about to spend $150 on an RX - I want it to be the correct one and potent- not “maybe it will still work after it has been unrefrigerated.” Unacceptable. Come on, Walgreens. They should have apologized- told me it was their mistake and they would have one to me ASAP sent over from another store!!! That is how you treat a customer!! I’m very disappointed!!
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5 years ago, ChessMark
Can’t access Prescriptions
Downloaded few weeks ago... Transferred one prescription after setting up account but didn’t get acknowledgement. No status on app two days later. Went to Lorton Pharmacy and prescription transferred but app keeps giving me ‘NOT A MN RX AUTHENTICATED USER’ error anytime I attempt anything prescription related. Access fine via website with same credentials! Called week ago to tech support and told ticket was opened! Told someone would contact me regarding issue. Been five days and called again... no status in ticket, no resolution and was told another trouble ticket for next tier was opened!?!? Manually transferred 4 prescriptions via Lorton pharmacy and web site gets updated but app has same issue. Have tried deleting and setting up account with text verification working fine... SAME PRESCRIPTION ACCESS ERROR!! UPDATED REVIEW: Called customer support several times... got lousy support! Shifted around numerous times and once sent to my local store for an APP/Website Issue!?! Couple of times I was disconnected!?!!! Over 3 weeks, I’ve opened several tickets with tech support but they were never located a few days later when I called! DECIDED TO SWITCH TO ANOTHER COMPANY AT THIS TIME!! Shame that your company can’t seem to resolve simple APP issues regarding pharmacy prescriptions! That’s your primary business!?!? 🤔
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2 months ago, FB Chick
App just doesn’t work!
I have used the Walgreens app for years and never had an issue. But over the past few weeks, it just doesn’t work anymore. I was trying to place a photo order (which I have done many, many times) and it just flat out would NOT load any of the pictures from my phone no many how many times I tried. Incredibly annoying. This was a couple of weeks ago. Then just today I tried to place an order for pick up, or delivery, which ever way I could actually get the order to go through! Well, neither one worked. While I was trying and in my cart and ready to proceed I clicked on continue and it did absolutely nothing. So then, instead, I tried to pay with Apple Pay. I clicked on it and it acted like it was going through and then it would just go back to my cart and sit there. So ridiculous that it is THIS hard to just place an order! I had to go on the website to get it to work but I won’t be going through all this mess next time. I will just go to a different store.
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2 years ago, Guardian angel 27
WHY IS THIS HAPPENING ??? Fix These Issues Please AS Soon As Posible
How come sometimes I can’t order my prescription on the app or through the website despite I still have refills left before the expiration due date? How come it’s hard to ask for refills & order for prescription when I’m running out of it in a few days or in very next day since you won’t allow me to order my prescription early??? For the first time I made an account on this app, but why it won’t let me change & secure the password also it doesn’t really inform me and confirm if the prescription is ready or not on time. Sometimes the app informs me about the prescription is ready however we received a call saying it’s not ready for pick up yet. So we had to call Walgreens for real confirmation without the confusion and hassle. Now (August 2022) it says sorry fails to load & process your order in the app & website so please fix this issue/problem as well as I really would appreciate it so much if I can possibly order my prescription/s without any problems whatsoever same for getting it picked up when I need it /& when I’m able to stop be at the pharmacy to get it. Please fix these issues asap. Thank you. Take care every staff at Walgreens.
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3 years ago, ittybitty121
It took me 1.5 hours to add 6 items to my cart because the updated app kept making me log in over and over and over again. Pain in my ***! THEN, I go to check out and....... “sorry, an error has occurred, please try again later.” Also, wouldn’t let me search for items. Didn’t show in my savings at checkout the $9+ in “rewards” that I’d accumulated. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. This frustration might actually be enough to keep me from coming back. Used to love ya..... ****UPDATE.....I’ve been trying for 4 days to to place my online order. I can’t remove items from the cart and navigating is all over the place. I can’t “attempt “ to place my order again when I need to remove items from my cart and it refuses to let me. I got fed up. I’m housebound and depended on you for years to get items delivered to me. I just finished placing the majority of my order with a competitor. I prefer your items as they are packed nicely and are clean..... but your new app update pushed me to a point. I NEED items and your app wouldn’t allow me to purchase them. You lost my order. I’ll try one more time in a week for a few other items. If you don’t have your app fixed, I’m done with it. Who needs this kind of stress? I’m not going to jump through hoops and spend 4 days trying to get YOU to take MY money.
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3 years ago, photo mess
Great service
Great service in the photo department today around 3:45, 2-3-21. First time ever I tried to transfer photo’s off my phone . Needless to say I failed. Went there to pick up my pic’s so I thought. Got there and they couldn’t find my pics. So I tell the guy who I didn’t get his name but thought his tag said shift leader. It was my first time doing this. I show him my phone says photo sent . He takes a look a says oh you forgot this part. So fixes it. I tell him ok, I will pick em tomorrow . He says how many pics did you have , I tell him about 7. He says no problem I will do it now. Oh this gets better, I thank him . As I am standing there he is getting my pics and he says to me , did you mean to cut this people heads out of the pic. Of course I say no, I told him I was trying to “crop” it. He fixed all my pics for me. I know this is lengthy but I am really into great customer service as I am a manager in the health field. This guy was absolutely exceptional!!! Treat him well, as he treats your customers great!!!!! Just found his name Jason, on my receipt , at the Sault Ste. Marie store.
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2 years ago, CCMTX
Your app is just impossible to work with. I am tempted to change companies just because of this. Why do medications drop off of the portal when there are no refills left? Why does the scan not work when there are no refills left? All doctors tell their patients to request the refill through their pharmacy, but your app makes that impossible? What about controlled substances? Why can’t we see the last time we filled the controlled substance prescription? Why isn’t that medication even included in the refill history? Your app has so many holes in it that you should just start over. Ever since you updated it a year or so ago, it contains incorrect information and has been impossible to work with. We can’t even see the doctors name anymore that prescribed the medication so that we know we are asking for a refill of the correct medication, and then if you request an old doctors refill by mistake, your app just constantly texts us telling us it can’t be refilled. Can you not fix these things? If you need someone to tell your IT department where they have failed you, tell them to call me. Or better yet, ask your pharmacists who now have to field hundreds of phone calls each day because your app does not work properly.
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11 months ago, Cool bye
Crystal location is awesome! Robbinsdale is bad!
The Pharmacist on Bass Lake Road in Crystal are awesome! I transferred from Robbinsdale because I was having so issues, literally every time I went to fill a RX. I would have to call and remind them to order my monthly RX and it would still not get ordered and she was so rude to customers. I am so happy I changed pharmacies, I only wish it was sooner. I thought it was normal. The things that I was dealing with and tell the lady at my clinic said no this is not normal and you need to change clinics. If you have a monthly RX they should automatically have that for you once you get established, that was never the case for me, she would try and say it was too early and try to get it in stock but still would end up getting partial prescriptions with some having to get a new RX from doctor, which my doctor was so sick of having to write multiple prescriptions due to their errors. Not one issue with Crystal location and they are always so friendly and helpful, I can’t say enough about how pleased I am.
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3 years ago, 4?7&8
Not Happy
I have been a customer for many years now, but recently I have found myself waiting longer and longer in line both inside and out to pickup or drop off medication refills. There is only one very long line for everything from questions to shots to prescriptions. Please consider hiring more help or having separate lines for certain things! I am elderly and have health issues which makes it difficult for me to stand for long periods of time. Waiting in the car is not convenient either if you need to purchase other in store items. I really hope you improve this soon as there were a lot of other upset customers in the over 45 minute line I waited in. My caregiver had children to pickup from school and we were running out of time! We certainly didn’t want to return another time only to have to repeat the wait time all over again. I hope this is corrected soon or we both may start taking our prescriptions and other shopping business elsewhere! Thank you. P Edwards.
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4 years ago, Chick-of-the-Lill
Med not available
Every month for a year or more I attempt to refill my (narcotic) Butrans patch. The refill rx is there at the store. It is sent electronically by my physician, in front of me, at my appointment. You will not let me request a refill until exactly 30 days from the last refill...not a problem. So, I have worn my last patch for the final day. Now I can request a refill but you never have the med in the store and you have to order. It takes 2-4 days to get the med in and now I’ve gone without medication for 2-4 days. That’s a problem, plus you never let me know when the med arrives at your pharmacy so I’m waiting around for you to notify me which can add more days. I have discussed with my physician and the best probable solution is to order all meds from my employer’s hospital pharmacy. Also, the Teva brand is pretty useless but hey, saves you money and my copay is the same. I am a healthcare licensed person who specializes in federal and state regulations so I am aware of certain restrictions. I doubt you can do anything to correct but I wanted you to know why I left, when I do leave. Trying to juggle 2-3 pharmacies is ridiculous.
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3 years ago, Jessica24marie
Photo section needs work
This review is only about the Photo section of the app. There has to be a better way to submit a photo order. After going through all my pictures and selecting them in various sizes, I never made it past the review order screen because it took over an hour to “prepare and upload photos”. It doesn’t let you submit the order without going through this process of uploading and preparing the photos and there’s no indication of how long this process might take. I don’t understand if you’ve always uploaded them to the website yourself in order to select them, why do they need to get uploaded again? I did have a large number of pictures but I don’t understand how it can take over an hour to just sit there and stare at a loading screen. And if you venture away from the app, it only takes longer. Essentially rendering the rest of your phone is unusable until this process completes. I had to cancel my order and do it on the computer instead. Which is annoying because most of the pictures are on my phone, so it’s now extra work for me. There has to be a better way.
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6 years ago, ---appaddict---
They give express pick up and take it away at random
This feature was huge for me. It meant everything because I am too ill to wait in the long lines there and it was just great the one time I used it. I went back & the option is gone. I talked with someone on chat told me it was randomized feature. Walgreens randomly chooses who to give express pickup to and who they will take away from. I don’t even see where random has any place in user friendliness or customer care. Or patient care. With The exception of trials. In all the apps I’ve ever tried, and there have been many, I have never seen any developer, especially working with medicine, to randomly implement & remove features like this to people. Perhaps this developer has no idea how important not having to wait in a long line when you’re really sick Development is not a game, at least not for the developers that I speak with who’s apps I’m happy to use. I wish I weren’t sick so that I could articulate more clearly just how this never happens. Congratulations, you’re the first to play with your customers and willing to gamble tens of thousands of dollars a year by doing so. Done with your store and app because you know two little about pharmacies care and about building apps for people. Walgreens always has trouble connecting the dots.
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8 months ago, Too much trouble to use.
OMG how complicated to place an order. Moreover theGratiot in Clinton twp ship is terrible on CS
First of all went into the store walking around looking for a blood pressure monitor nobody there to help as a person walked right by me not even asking can I help you. It was obvious that I was looking for something as I combed the aisles a few times. Than came the checkout as there was a advertisement for an app $20 off coupon for to he BP monitor I was purchasing. I or the clerk couldn’t down load the coupon on my IPhone using my app. Therefore frustrating with Walgreens as usual I bought the item full retail without the coupon. Later I thought to go on line and see if the app would work using the $20 off coupon. Very complicated order and check out process as it took so long to get through the process finally got the order in that will be shipped to my home. Meantime I will return the original purchase purchase. This in store experience was a disaster from looking for the item in the store without any offer of assistance to the check out trying to use a coupon. My online experience was also difficult to use. Take a page from Amazons playbook as I could order with just a couple of clicks.
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