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User Reviews for Walmart: Shopping & Savings

4.81 out of 5
8.9M Ratings
2 years ago, Moonshine Dave
Circle back run around!
I ordered 2 tires today in store at the tire center with the counter person confirming they were in stock and ready to be installed after purchase at their Walmart store after confirming purchase on the Walmart app I recieved a message from the app that tires would be ready for pick up first at 4:30 Pm this was at 2: pm so I drove 30 minutes back home and called in at 4:30 to see if they were ready, the auto center is open till 7:pm so plenty of time (I thought) to get them put on! I was disconnected after being after being on hold for 40 minutes, then called back and told that the order was cancelled and the tire center closed early, and they would have to be reordered and try the whole thing over another day! Every time you call to ask for the tire department you have to listen to a prerecorded 5 minute recorded spiel about Covid 19 before you can even press a department number to talk to someone and the Auto center isn’t one of them you have to go through the switchboard first and Wait for someone to answer and then ask them to transfer you to the auto center then you have to wait for someone to answer that phone which if they don’t in 5 minutes or so then you have to go back through the switch board and start all over! So if you don’t have a job and can spend a few days trying to get your tires put on to save a few bucks on some cheap tires maybe that’s fine, if not go another route!
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2 years ago, BmanBeyond
Together when apart
We have loved this service and app since the pandemic. Our family ended up being separated by three states when the COVID seized the nation. My husband and I had “dates” on the phone ordering his groceries. We would discuss his meals for the week including his lunches for work, I’d add what he needed into the cart through the app then I would place the order for him to pick up at the Walmart around the corner from our home in Wyoming where he was at. I would always add something special and extra; his favorite dessert, a snack I thought he like for his lunch. Then after he’s pick up his order, which was always easy quick and simple at our Laramie Wy Walmart, he’d call to tell me what he got elated by the special items I’d thrown in he didn’t know about. It was so easy I’ve done it now for my kids too for those holidays we couldn’t be together I’d buy them a meal. When they were feeling down and I thought they could use a banana split night with friends I’d order up all the makings and have them pick up their order at their local Walmart. And never ever a problem with ordering or picking up ( outside of shortages during hoarding but that wasn’t a flaw in your system just our nations mentality) Thank you Walmart for making it easy to continue loving my family through food even when I can’t be there next to them.
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1 year ago, redrocker420
No call back
My husband has worked with Walmart for over 19 years I had one question for customer service where to add the discount card number I called five times and nobody there would answer the phone. I also spoke to a wonderful woman who tried to put me through to a manager or co-manager to make a complaint about the customer service could not get through to them never got a callback as promised will continue to shop at sawdust location but I believe online Walmart employees who use this app should have a spot to add their discount employee card number to receive the discount they deserve I had several items that needed discounts and did not get them very very upsetting and frustrating. Also very upset that I never received a call back from management unacceptable that’s not how management should be run I used to be a store manager not with Walmart but a different grocery train and you were given a message to call the customer you better be calling that customer back no exceptions complaint or not you take what you’re given it goes with a job title. Thank you for listening and I will continue to use this app but I’m very disappointed that the items I purchase can’t be given my discount I believe those items I’ll pick up in store along with my meats and frozen foods thank you for listening
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4 months ago, facetreasures
Walmart delivery is starting to improve
Look, Walmart is finally improving and it’s a must they have because I order almost 3 times a week spending over $100 for food and personal items and at the end of the day when the delivery arrives it’s always short, or the food is missing or the personal items are not available but when I actually end up going to Walmart I see these items are actually available and when I speak to management about it all they tell me that it’s the outside company that shops the items and if they are overloaded with deliveries than you can forget getting all the items you requested or paid for!!! This is terrible furthermore, I have to spend almost 20 mins. On the phone with customer support trying to get all the missing items refunded. Also, lately, I’ve been getting a lot of expired food and rotten food food that’s bad lunchmeat that’s about to go bad it lasts maybe 24 hours then has slime all over it. It’s disgusting I don’t know. It’s poor quality at this particular Walmart or what but this Walmart that I’m speaking about has only been an operation for maybe five years so it’s pretty much a brand new Walmart anyway I hope Corporate reads this probably not, but if they do, I hope they do some about it cause I know I’m not the only person complaining I’m about to take my money to ShopRite now that they do deliveries I know that their orders are going to be accurate. They make sure That.
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2 years ago, #FREECASSIE
I am so super thankful for this app! And I’m very thankful for the employees of Walmart as well. I got into a little bit of trouble in my younger years when I picked some things up at Walmart that didn’t belong to me. And I got in trouble when I went out the door. I was told never to go back into Walmart ever again but I continue to go back into Walmart and I continued to shoplift. I haven’t stolen anything from Walmart since 2014. When I go into Walmart I give the employees a great deal of respect. I got into a little bit more trouble and my attorney was able to get my Walmart charges dismissed because I picked up some federal charges. Now I shop at Walmart probably five days a week and I probably spend at least 3000 a month there. When my little boy acts out in Walmart or for instance once he put some thing in his pocket I brought him back inside and made him tell them what he had done. And he ask out and he screams and yells I take him to the front and let him know that he’s on a camera and this is not how you act in public or at home and the Walmart employees have always went above and beyond to help me correct my seven-year-old son. Walmart truly does go above and beyond andI’m happy to call Walmart my family any day of the week! Yay Walmart keep on providing excellent customer service! This Honorably discharged Veteran thanks you so much! 💥
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2 years ago, AleinOne
Just better than Slice Bread
This is so true, that Some Day we will be getting Slice Bread while it's still warm from here dropping on our landing pad everyone will have close to there exit door, where they might get into the tube runner. You'll lay down in this tube, type into the address you want to be at, in seconds your one hundred miles from your last address. It takes seconds for first hundred miles Walmart takes you. You'll make first thousand miles in Minutes Walmart takes you. Over seas or under seas it will take Walmart Hour to minutes to seconds to get you to there east or west coast of where you might be heading into that country that you have typed into that tube and be billed later for the weight of your tube of address you went to, or if trailer tube was also used and if trailer was with oxygen for another human or pet or food for freshness. This is How Our Days Will Be Off The Ground and into the Tube Supplied By Walmart and Several other places. But as For Now I Like The Way I Can Place A Order Today and have it in my hands to toss into to auto and Bring it With Me Within A Few Days is Really So GREAT FOR ME RIGHT NOW !!!! Thank You to All that makes This So Great for Me Now, Randy of the Northern Part of Michigan of the Lower Part. Merry Christmas and Please Have A, Great & Safe & Wonderful NEW YEAR 2022 !!!!
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9 months ago, Sjj004s
Merry Christmas To All
I’m just ordering what I can afford. I’m ordering this for my Mom, and Sister. I like how easy it is to order. I’m finding myself thinking I was missing something from my Christmas Spirit. I’m not worried about getting anything for My Husband and Me. So my family will love theses items I ordered. I was an associate at Walmart store # 1695. Was terminated because of my Right Shoulder being Injured. I missed months of work and was unable to come back because I’m still under Doctors care. We don’t have my income. Im sad I'm not working at Store # 1695 and I loved helping the Customers and tried my hardest to do a great job with the most Important part of my Job the Customers. I also miss all the co-workers I worked with. I wish there was a real Santa Claus. My dream is to help some families that I know who don’t have much and too proud to ask for help so their families have a Merry Christmas. Dads that are paying a lot of the pay check to their children and Mothers tell lies about my Sons family so we don’t get to spend A Merry Christmas ever with my Grandsons? We’ll I just wish for happiness to everyone in know. Merry Christmas I’ve worked hard all my life and when I found out there’s no Santa well that that hurt. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope and peace to the World. SJ a former Associate of Walmart # 1695
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2 years ago, everynicknamealreadytakeb
Website and associated emails misleading
Walmart does not have their website and associated email instructions working properly. The app says things like free delivery but then when one gets to the checkout, it says delivery not available. Walmart also does not restock their items in anything remotely close to a timely fashion. When one wants to reorder something, typically it is not available at one's Walmart store location of choice for an unacceptably prolonged period of time - if Walmart wanted to do more business and satisfy its customers, it would keep much better track of inventory and keep its stores stocked with items in demand in a much more timely fashion, instead of expecting customers to go to other much less convenient locations to get the items they want. Also, when Walmart sends emails to notify customers that items are ready for pickup, it gives false instructions. In my most recent experience, the email instructed me to drive to "pick up" to have the item brought to my car, but when I arrived, not only did the employee who answered the "pick up area" phone line tell me I could not pick up my items there as the email instructed, but he hung up on me when I questioned him about why the email gave false instructions. The discourteousness of this employee either reflects poor training by Walmart or just low quality personnel hired by Walmart. Either way, it does not reflect well on Walmart.
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3 years ago, Wogger12
Horrible App Since Merge!!
I never leave reviews on apps, but I felt that I had to for this one. I used to love being able to do a grocery pick-up on the separate app. Ever since they merged this app with the grocery app I have had nothing but problems with trying to place my grocery pick-up order and have had to delete the app and re-download it multiple times. I especially have problems with the checkout process. I’ve had items that I added disappear from my order when I go to check out. The app has frozen before and wouldn’t let me proceed with checking out. And there has only been ONE time that I have successfully entered my pin for my EBT card in a single attempt for an order. Every other time that I’ve entered it I continuously get a message saying “Something went wrong. Please try again later.” I currently have spent an hour trying to get it to accept my pin and it still won’t accept it. I’ve tried closing the app and reopening it and had to change my time slot because I was about to lose my original one. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and I have an autoimmune disease and three children. This app is supposed to make it safer and easier for people like me to get their food during times like this. Fix the app and/or your current pin-entry company that you use!!!!
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2 years ago, Ruined Game Report
Horrible App Redesign
The app redesign is terrible. The search filters don’t lock so you wind up having half your crap in a separate cart where they want you to pay for shipping when you are trying to do a pickup order! Then, half of what you want is “out of stock”! Twice I have tested this, showing out of stock for pickup while in the store looking at the item. Not to mention, you have no control over your order. On Instacart, you can work with your shopper on replacements and extras. On Walmart, your order has to be placed usually the day before, half the stuff is for shipping only, leaving you no option but to go elsewhere for those items, and you don’t know if you will get everything until 30 minutes before pickup where they don’t let you choose replacements! Horrible. If you don’t pay attention to other shopping apps, you will fall behind in this game. I canceled my Walmart+ because every time I did delivery my order got stolen by the drive and your app redesign makes shopping stressful and inconvenient. How do you expect to keep customers with this horrible thing? Improve your shopping experience for app users, and I might be back. Good luck with this travesty. I do not recommend this app, store, or their yearly membership. Use at your own stress and risk!
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3 years ago, The Teatcher & Artist
Delivery Nightmare
The first time I ordered grocery delivery my order was stolen by the driver, but when I contacted Walmart support I was met with excellent customer service. I ordered a second time without problem. However today’s just been a nightmare. I had my order scheduled for 7-8, and at 6: 46 received an email my order would be there at 6:52. At 7:13 I get an email letting me know the substitutions, and what was unavailable. 8:20 rolls by so I use chat assistance to contact a customer service agent, where I’m assured my delivery will come, it’s just taking longer due to higher volumes of merchandise being ordered. 9:10 comes so we called to ask on the status of the order (we doubted it was coming at this point but wanted to know what was going on). We were then rudely told that no one was home (uh, yes we were) so the ordered was returned by the driver, that the store was closed, and to call back at 8am to get my order rescheduled. What?! We seriously waited hours for our order only to be told off, and to call back the next day. Why couldn’t he just reschedule us or refund us, save us the trouble having to go through this again. And the whole time on the Walmart app it just said the status of my order was ‘preparing’, and still says that. This whole process has been a nightmare.
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1 year ago, prettymsdance
It isn’t simple anymore. Took away Everything Good.
NEW: They put lists and everything else back onto the app. Yay! I don’t know why they took it away, but they seemed to have listened after two years. OLD: They changed it and made it to where you’re only ordering online now. I liked the other version better, where I could check the availability at other stores myself. However, you can’t do that anymore unless you go back to the home menu and change your store. You can no longer see “other pickup options” for availability, and you can no longer access many things on the app, such as my list!! That’s how I did my grocery shopping. You can only add items to the cart now. I want to shop for myself, not make an order. You have to go to another section in the menu and there are many features that take you to your internet browser. They don’t actually have those features on the app anymore. They changed this (according to the Walmart website article) sometime during September 7th-9th 2021. That’s when the new update came out. I hate it. Change it back. Nothing is separated like it is supposed to be. I don’t want everything to go towards online orders. I want to see availability and be able to do everything in the app like before.
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2 years ago, DyanFan
The new update is awful
My auto updated new version caused me more trouble than ever before. 1) my resent pickup order was sent to another store which is not my designated/preferred store without let me know. 2)I did not receive order confirmation email after I placed the order.3) when my husband drove to our regular store, he was told there is no my order, after 30 min search, he was told the order is at another store 20 to 30 min away.3) he drove there to get our pick up order and was told there I’d no our order there either , all the workers ignored him for more than one hour, no body wanted to give answer, including manager, eventually he had to leave empty handed after more than 3 hs for our regular 20 to 30 min pick+driving time. 4) Walmart successfully charged on my credit card for this pickup and informed me 15 min before my designated time stating “pickup is ready even informed me which item they substitute. Strange??5) the new version is no more work properly on my IPad Pro, it stay in vertical all the time, nor rotation to the need, seem it just just for iPhone. We are seriously thinking give up Walmart after so much trouble and 1.5 yes successful pickup services from Walmart. I want my oldversion back!! Or fix the problems! I am not happy and frustrated .
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3 years ago, 2xl993
Excellent program
I greatly appreciate thes service. Very easy to search thru the app to select the items you want. Prices are shown, and are the same prices as in the store. You can select to allow substituitions if the item you want is not in stock. When you pick up your items you can elect to not accept the subsitute, and you are given credit right away. If you select no substitues then if they do not have the item, it shows that in your delivery notice on the app - and not charged, of course. After you have completed your list, you can keep adding items, as you think of them, up to midnight the day before. When you later go back into the app to add to add items, your list does not appear. You go ahead and select the item(s) you want, click to purchase and it will ask if you want to add it to your current order. Click “yes” then you can review your full order. They send you an email when it is ready for pick up (at the previous time you have requsted). You can also look at the app and see the progress as your order is being prepared. Then go to the store to the Pick Up area, park in front of a number and tell them you are there on the app. Or wait and they’ll come out and ask your name. It’s all simpler than this LONG explanation. Great Servce.
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1 year ago, cheyhow
Got charged 98 bucks when I didn’t sign up
I had this app for a while and really enjoy it however one day I open it up and there’s a add telling me about the new member ship plus. Well I’m not interested so I click the x button. Later on I got charged for 98 dollars in our bank account from Walmart, I look at my emails and purchase history and saw no 98 dollar payment charge. So we thought our card was stolen. However after a few days I go back to my account and I saw it said plus on it and I was like “ I didn’t pay for that” then I checked how much it cost to be a member (98 bucks) and I instantly knew that’s were our charge was from! I was so upset because I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THAT. I would have known if I signed up for something that’s 98 BUCKS. Well I look on Walmart website and it said it would not be refunded!! But I never even sign up for the plus account. I didn’t even get a email of the receipt for the plus account. So I connected Walmart and since it was less then 5 days of having the pluse account, they would refund me. So greatful for the lady who helped me! Most companies are like “we can’t refund you since you already payed” but nope, she was very happy to help and I’m extremely happy it got fixed. However if this is a bug, please look into it. So if you get charged randomly 98 bucks, make sure you didn’t some how accidentally get Walmart plus.
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6 months ago, C Fo in MoCo
Overcharged and weird debit tactics
I quit grocery pickup for quite some time because of multiple issues. Either I didn’t get groceries I was charged for or weird debiting tactics were way too questionable. So here I am, giving this another try with 4 successful weeks of grocery pickup without any issues. Until today. I balance my checkbooks every Wednesday. When that is complete I put in a grocery order to pickup on Thursday. My account is always debited for the groceries I received by the following Tuesday. Hence my checkbooks will balance on Wednesday. Get it? So I look this morning & my last grocery pickup was debited on Tuesday (like normal) AND it has cleared. It’s not pending. It’s money Walmart has taken from my account- paid in full- correct amount- fabulous. But another charge (a day later) is pending in my account for some random amount that means nothing to me. I call & this is what they tell me- it is a hold amount for my last grocery order. So they got paid on Tuesday, all of their money, for all of my groceries & that amount is no longer in my bank. A DAY LATER, a “hold” amount is debited for groceries I’ve ALREADY PAID FOR. But no worries, Walmart will refund that hold amount within 10 business days. People, you can’t make this stuff up. I am a business owner. I would NEVER conduct business in this manner. Folks work hard for the money that you so carelessly play with.
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2 years ago, Horsebutt
Used to be useful, not now
I was standing in the store and I use my app on a truly daily basis because I work there. I was helping a customer and the app made me do an update. I don’t know if somebody is just making changes to look like they are being useful to keep their job, but this update is trash. If its the same people that made the changes to the apps for working there, it makes sense because they are now useless trash now too. We barely have employees so its great that some guru decided we didnt struggle enough so lets have customers constantly need help because the app is useless. If Its not broke, leave it alone, good grief. Li uugh u You cannot easily change the store you want it to use, it used to make a lot of sense that you entered one say to do ONLINE Grocery pickup orders, and press the other option was for online ordering and now its just a mess. I know that in store #423 that if you scan a clearance item it will not give you a price at all. It will always say “item not found at this store”, but yet its in your hand. When you pull an item up, you could click to have it check other stores, but not now. Just opening the app at all is terrible. I know my phone is full, but before this update using the app was easy... now just clicking on the app takes absolutely forever to load the page up... then i need to search and start to type and it gets stuck on ONE letter and still takes forever. This app is a useless piece of trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, RESADDLER
Price difference between app and in store purchase
I never had a problem using the app and on numerous occasions I’ve found that products in the store are priced higher than they are in the Walmart app. Because at times I cannot find a price on the shelf for an item, so I will open the Walmart app and scan the barcode to get its price. Only to find out that It is marked at a higher price in the store which ill discover at check out and most employees will go ahead and change the price on the item to match what is listed online as long as they can verify the app’s price. However I have come across a couple employees who state they CAN NOT change the price to match what the app is showing to where one employee stated and I quote “Walmart does not price match Walmart prices!” That left me confused beyond the point of scratching my head and had to be one of the dumbest explanations I’ve ever heard on not wanting to change the price. I understand how Walmart no longer wants to match prices with its competitors but how can you not match the price with yourself it’s asinine and down right exhibiting corporate greed. If you could get this issue lined out and have your employees all on the same page that would be great especially if you take it in the direction that they are to change the price to the lower one the app is showing as long as it is within reason.
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2 years ago, 12:()?
Run around
I ordered six items. At first all but one was going to be delivered to me. I went in to remove the bug spray that they wouldn’t ship, so I didn’t have to drive to the store. I went back to the cart, then the air mattress wouldn’t ship I would have to go to the store for that. So I went in and put the bug spray back on, since I had to go to the store anyway now. I moved everything to curb side pick up. A day later I get a message that the air mattress and bug spray are sold out. I had to sign up for the app to find that out. When I read that, I got a text saying my order is ready for pick up. I wasn’t posted until 12:30 pm today. But was sent 12:05 am. So I wasted all morning waiting to be told I need to go to the store to pick up items that were able to be sent to the house. So I have to drive to the store to pick up three things I could have had yesterday if I drove to the store, went in a purchased them. I could have sealed my tent yesterday and packed up by now but I had to wait till today. I won’t be home until 1:30. By the time I seal the tent and let it dry I have to pack it away tomorrow. So I’ve been put out for two days only to get three of the six items I need. That the app told me that you have can ship them then, can’t ship must pick up, to no we really don’t have those products. What a waste of time and effort. Now you want a nick name only to say I can’t us it because it is taken.
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2 months ago, Leefunguy
Great app!
The Walmart app is amazing! I use it all the time. If I’m in the store, I can launch the app, and enter a product name in the search box to search for a product to find out where it’s at and go directly to it instead of wasting time walking all over the store looking for it. I can also review the price and other product related information, so I don’t bother to look for it at all if the price is too high or some other reason. I could also simply have the product delivered to my home instead of walking over to it in the store - usually scheduling delivery the same day or next day, if it’s in stock! And if I’m not in the store, I can launch the app and search for a product, and then have it delivered, or pickup at the store! …in just a couple of minutes! Also, the app is designed “very well” for minimal clicks and fast and effective results, so I simply bring up the app, enter the product name in the search box, and Go! It’s actually fun to use. Great job with this app, Walmart! One suggestion: when I select the “No Substitutions” slider and touch Done, it would be nice if it said that I selected that on the main screen so I don’t have to click into it again to confirm it’s selected when I don’t submit the order right away.
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1 year ago, Pointerguy75
It could be great, but…
The Walmart app could be great, allowing one to price compare, organize their shopping trip, set up orders for pickup, or even delivery, however, in their attempt to be all things to all people, even when selecting available and in stock for pickup today, there is such an overwhelming flood of items for shipping, and even from other sellers, that nearly all utility is lost. If I were not disabled, largely immobile and bedridden, with a wife who is halfway disabled herself, due to an injury that makes walking painful, and in need of items both to accompany us to the hospital for her use, and for when I arrive home, major surgery to rectify my situation with an overnight stay occurring in just two days, I would have waited to go in person when I was better, or used the far more user friendly app from our local grocery chain, to have all but two items delivered. Today is the only day that I have bothered to fight my way through this app to execute purchases for delivery, rather than just struggling through going in person or taking my business elsewhere, solely based on the irritation caused by the overwhelming number of order for delivery to store or home products not in stock at the store which appear despite filtering.
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3 days ago, Ant Thomas
I have been using W+ program for about a year now. Depending on the store your order is being processed will determine the delivery and the outcome of your order. Depending on the order substitutions, the delivery, if everything in your order was delivered or not. Some stores I had to change because of those results I just mentioned, is the reason why I had to change my store locations. Then, depending on the store, depends on items that are not available at certain locations. If anything is missing, contact Customer Service and they are really good with resolving the issue. I am without any transportation at the moment so using them has been a lifesaver. Some of the person is really good with communication and some are not. I don’t want to be the person to hold one person accountable for whatever a person or person’s will do or not do. If you are someone having transportation issues and need to grocery shop as if you were in person, purchase the W+. You will like it. Now, they have some promotional deals within the cellphone company’s. I am glad that I have the W+. So, now WalMart, when the program is gaining more customers based on my experience and review, I will be waiting for my prize Lol 😂.
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2 years ago, Andy B 65737
New update to app is terrible
We have been using Walmart app for a few years. We have only had minor issues. Since the new update, we have had more issues in the last few weeks than we have had the whole rest of the time using the app before the update. These issues range from not showing items that are actually in the store, to not being able to pull up a map of the store to see where these locations are that even employees can’t find. The final straw happened when we placed a grocery pickup for the location we have been using for over a year. At checkout, the app apparently changed the location to a different store without a warning or confirmation. So we drove to the location we had been using for over a year. We check in using the app that no longer uses location to make sure you’re in the right place. We waited for over 20 minutes until an employee that brought out a different order, checked for our order. He informed us that he didn’t have an order. So we checked our information for the order only to find out what had happened. We then had to drive an extra 15 miles to get our order. I’m not sure who thought that the new app was a good idea, designed it, or approved it, but in my opinion, every one of these has failed to provide a useful app. I’m not even sure that this review will do any good, other than to let other people see that this app has so many issues that it is almost not worth using.
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5 months ago, RO3773
The first time I am writing a review on any topic..
I am going to say that you are a greatly talented artistic genius and a very gifted and well rooted people who have done so many great deeds in your career and have helped others to achieve the highest level in the profession of art and to inspire people who are passionate about their craft in the field of beauty in the black market in general is very much appreciated by all the wonderful artists who are doing so much to make this amazing community a success in the future of our world in the future of the whole generation and our future of our country as a whole we have a lot more to continue our world as we are a greater and prosperous and better place in this world of our world as you are the people of value to our voices in the long term I am so grateful that we have a wonderful and beautiful people who have made a difference in our lives and we are all officially a very specialized team that is a greatly appreciated member of your company and that is a truly amazing and trustworthy people who will be the greatest of all people of our society to our community we will be the best of ourselves I am always here to support each and everyone of your company you have made a huge part to help inspire others..
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3 years ago, Mathcat60
Too many bags/app glitches
I ordered 18 items and got 17 plastic bags. When I called customer service I was told that every time I place my order I can call customer service and they will contact the store and tell them that I don’t want so many bags. What kind of solution is that? I was told that was an easy way to handle it. What is easy about calling customer service? Why can’t there be an easier way to note not wanting so many plastic bags through the app? Why is Walmart so against conservation and the environment? Publix actually thanks customers when they bring their own bags. I have been getting my groceries delivered for months and I am overrun with plastic bags. I also have encountered two major glitches over the last four months. The first was that I couldn’t place an delivery order but I could place an express delivery. That took a month to resolve and customer service never notified me that the problem was fixed. Now for the last two weeks when I try to check out, I get a pop up that says I need a minimum order of $35 even though my order is over $35. Customer service is absolutely no help...use another browser, another device or do some troubleshooting. I found a way to get around it, but what an aggravation. I don’t plan on renewing this service.
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1 year ago, ACKSBCA
The app is very inaccurate
I’ve tried to search both the app and website for curtains I purchased directly, in store from Walmart. The search function is useless. It doesn’t matter if you type in the exact name of the item, select in store, use filters, it is literally impossible to find what you’re looking for through their search bar. All I am trying to do is see which Walmarts have these exact curtains in stock because the two panels I purchased were snagged. There is absolutely no clear cut way to find out which stores have items in stock. It doesn’t show an availability count, it doesn’t show out of stock or not sold in store. I physically went back to the Walmart I purchased these from, waited 30 mins in line at the customer service desk to ask if she could help me exchange these for another pair in store and she told me should could not help me with any inventory questions at the customer service desk. She sent me to the grocery pick up door to ask one of them. I asked three people standing next to this area and the team lead said that’s not true. She could’ve absolutely helped you. She proceeds to help me and says the app is never accurate and not to rely on it. I can’t rely on something that I wasn’t given any info on to begin with, I.e. what’s in stock where. This is such a huge corporation with the means to have these features on their own app and fix these issues but they choose not to. I really hate Walmart and everything about this company.
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2 years ago, Betsy the Frustrated Shopper
Getting Worse and Worse
I used to love having an app for curbside pickup. It was more challenging to shop for curbside pickup when it was merged into the other Walmart app, but I still managed. Recently a new version of the app came out and it is terrible in many ways. The search for food items is challenging. I just searched for, “hamburger buns” and it couldn’t find any items. I searched for, “buns” and the first thing listed was, “hamburger buns.” Meanwhile I couldn’t get anything searching for, “fudge stripes,” but was able to find various fudge stripe cookies using a four word phrase. Every search seems to take several tries to find a phrase that works. Last time I ordered, the app told me that my order was delayed when it was ready. This made it impossible to view and approve my substitutions. I finally called and found out that my order was ready. Several hours after I picked up my order, the app notified me that it was ready for pickup. The new app is hard to use on my iPhone because only half of the left column of item descriptions and buttons to click show up on my screen. I have a time reserved for this evening, but getting through the ordering process is such an ordeal that I have decided that it will be quicker and easier to shop and a less expensive store in person. I used to do Walmart Pickup orders 2-3 times a week because it was quick and easy, but now they hassle of dealing with the app outweighs the convenience of curbside pickup.
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2 years ago, Wsj1919
Something has gone wrong
I’m not sure what the problem is because I used to have no trouble with this app or ordering online. I always had a fairly smooth experience. However, for the last month or so, I cannot check-in the way I used to when my pickup order was ready. I used to get a text and email. Now I only get an email, but when I try to check in with the email, there’s some sort of glitch. It doesn’t take me to the same screen in the app that it used to. It used to estimate my distance to the store I was picking up from, and then it would have me enter my parking space number when I arrived. For some odd reason, it doesn’t do that anymore. The associates are always nice and helpful in looking up my order, but I didn’t have to go through that process previously when the app was working correctly. Then today I am trying to add a couple of items to my pickup order for tomorrow, but it won’t let me add them to my existing order. It’s creating a new order instead and wanting to charge me a fee for not having a minimum $35 order. It will let me adjust quantities on items already in the pickup order, but it isn’t letting me add anything new. I used to have no problem adding items (within a certain time frame) after submitting the order so I don’t know why it’s a problem now. Not sure what has changed, but it is definitely not as user-friendly as before. Please fix…
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9 months ago, Sailor Jay
Manufacture’s Mess Up Noticed Hours prior to Dec 25!
**EVERYONE, PLEASE ASSEMBLE MAIL ORDERED BICYCLES WEEKS PRIOR TO GIFTING!!** Due to my busy work life, “trying to keep up with the Jone’s”, while battling injury and additional crippling arthritic pain from stupid choices made in life, I finally found the time to assemble the bicycle I purchased weeks prior for my Daughter, on Christmas Eve! The box arriving at my door looking as if it were tied to a rope and dragged behind UPS’s big brown delivery vehicle until it reached its final destination?! Thank goodness the bicycle manufacturer packed the bike well enough that it arrived within its severely tattered box unscathed. Assembly was quick and ALMOST FLAWLESS. THE BICYCLE LOOKED AMAZING as I finalized the assembly by inflating the tires. This is WHERE THE ISSUE AROSE, the front tire would not seal onto the wheel rim causing an unsightly bulbous tire hump exposing the inner tube. THE TIRE had a MANUFACTURING DEFECTIVE, making the newly assembled Christmas gift, unridable! No stores were open past 6pm on the 24th and definitely not open on the 25. LUCKILY, I was able to order two replacement, puncture resistant tires online from my local Walmart and will be saving the day after picking them up when their doors open this morning. Thank you WALMART for having these badly needed kids tires in stock!
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2 months ago, LolaMonroe1999
The app isn’t working good anymore
I have been using the Walmart app for a very long period of time now whenever I was doing pick up orders and delivery. But now I have moved back to my small area, and I like to use the pick up order option since the closest Walmart to me. Is about 20 minutes away. It helps whenever I do a pick up order especially with how busy Walmart has been lately and the lines are super long. I never had any problems with the app until recently. At the beginning of this month I did a pick up order for my groceries like I do every single month. But whenever I went to pick up my groceries, I noticed that half of what I picked wasn’t even there. Usually when something is out of stock, I will get a notification and an email and I did not. It didn’t even show up on the app. Which I am guessing there was a glitch that removed half of my groceries. Another issue that is currently happening is that every time I try to check my balance on the app, he keeps telling me there is a technical issue. I’ve tried deleting the app and putting it back on my phone and nothing works. I have even tried restarting my phone that also did not work. The app is also updated and the issue is still happening. Not only that, but every time I try to check my balance it tells me I am putting the incorrect pin in. But I am not. So, I don’t know what is going on with the app..
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5 months ago, Zilla'sDad
Never work’s correctly
The app tells me I have hours to add items to my existing order. Every time I try to add items it says there is a technical issue. Every. Time. The same payment method is used, the app is up to date, my phone OS is up to date. It doesn’t matter how many updates I install it always, ALWAYS, gives me a technical error that they are trying to fix to check back later. The search results often turn up items that are laughably in no way relevant to the search terms. Similar items are also often completely irrelevant. It seems that it only gets worse with each update. If I can’t add items to my existing order after several updates I question the competency of the people working on this application. None of the updates seem to have any effect other than to make the application more obtuse and have yet to address the most glaring issues such as the inability to add items to an existing order. This has been happening for probably six months now. Please fix this problem. I’m a Walmart plus customer and this is really a feature that should work properly for anyone using ANY payment method especially if it’s the same one that was used for the original order. You can’t even change the payment method to add items and that seems like a huge swing and a miss. These seem like basic features that should be working or even existent in the app.
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2 years ago, jsknheubz
New Changes- Not Good
Ever since they combined grocery and retail it has been nothing but problems. Concept was good, execution is horrible. Navigation, menus, and lists are cumbersome and confusing. Before change, we were able use app under one account between my phone and wife’s, which allowed us to each create and edit our grocery list in unison. We both have the same iPhone, iOS version, and Walmart app version…. But neither app looks the same. Her app looks totally different than mine. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling both, and logging out and back in. We can no longer create our list between phones, changes do not sync. Furthermore, we have a 50-50 shot of even getting our groceries. Seems our orders get stuck in limbo. Either “we are preparing your order” or “out for delivery” , but never arrives. Worst part is they put a charge hold on your bank account and it takes weeks and numerous calls for them to remove hold, which ties up our funds. I’m still waiting on our hold release from an order I never received on Labor Day, two weeks ago. My app still shows my order in progress and I can’t remove / delete the order. Every time I call their customer service on these issues, they just apologize and say the will fix it. I get that it’s a new world with covid. But, we didn’t have these issues the first several months of the outbreak. Seems our issues started when we forced to use the new App.
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2 years ago, LLCC0522
Grocery pickup
The latest update to the app has ruined everything when you do grocery pickup. They used to send a message when your groceries are ready. Now you sometimes get the text hours after you are home with your items, sometimes you never get the text. The app no longer has an option to check in when you arrive to pickup your groceries, even tho the text has a link telling you to check in… the link doesn’t work anymore. There’s a number to call to check in when you arrive, but the phone rarely gets answered. I’ve had to stand in the middle of the parking lot and try to flag down a worker to check in! You’re supposed to get an email receipt for your groceries… sometimes it comes, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it’s days later. The email has a link to give a survey on your experience (which used to always get 5 stars from me), that doesn’t work anymore either. Last week I bought 4 oranges. When putting away my groceries, I noticed one was moldy. I tried to start a return on the app (which I have done before), it said this order was no longer eligible for returns! Yesterday I couldn’t get checked in until 50 minutes after I arrived! I’m on my last try with this store because of the changes to this app! PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!!
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2 years ago, dknviwoic
Changes made this app worse...
At I started using the app at the height of COVID. It was simple and great. Now they are trying to maximize profits by merging the grocery app and full store app, and it has made food shopping loathsome. I literally never write reviews, so the fact that I took any time out of my day to do this is proof of how annoying this new purchasing experience is. After the change if you ever want to shop for anything, it is a confusing many stepped process. Did you not have a UX or UI team working on this at all? The literal point of good design is to have the least amount of clicks as possible. Now, instead of groceries being clearly labeled by department, I have to use the “Search bar” to look for specific things, which cuts out browsing altogether. The worst part is that every time you search for a food, you then have to click AGAIN to say that you only want to see foods that are deliverable. WHAT?!?Why? If I have a grocery list of 50 things, that is 50 times I have t click the “delivered” button. The worst is when I put something in my cart and find out only when I am checking out that it is not even in store and is being shipped from a separate location. I LITERALLY JUST HAD KETCHUP SHIPPED FROM A SEPARATE LOCATION. IT CAME IN ITS OWN BOX. Not only does this not make sense, but it is terrible for the earth. Corporation like this are destroying the planet for no reason. TRY INSTACART
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5 months ago, Ablest gabble
No longer my go-to shopping app
Updated Review 27 April 2023: For as big as this app is - 350+mb - it offers far less in usability than its former offerings. Pharmacy is no longer available in the app to Manage my Family’s Prescriptions (that has to be done in my Browser on the Website) 🙄 which is not convenient at all. Search continues to be abysmal using Filters. And the amount of foreign, 3rd Sellers now makes it so I have to pay close attention to whom I’m ordering from so as not to get scammed! If it’s not directly Sold By Walmart, expect to either not get a shipment at all or be sent something different than what you ordered. Pay close attention to what you’re clicking on! I miss Ship Store To Store because my local stores often don’t have what I want in stock, but it will say it’s stocked in a store 300miles from me. I can’t go there, and can no longer ship for pickup at my local store, so that’s gone downhill. My Lists are more difficult to find in the app & require several clicks to finally get to. Sometimes I’ll see something in the run - while in a waiting room - and add it to a List to come back to to see if I want to order it, and trying ti get back to my List is more difficult; although I do appreciate having Lists. The app just needs to make them easier to find, like they used to be. The app continues to go downhill, along with the physical stores. It’s sad, I used to do a lot of business grocery shopping & ordering with Walmart.
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6 months ago, mistyleelee416
The app is always having technical issues!!
I shop at Walmart a lot so I use the app pretty frequently. But for some reason it is always having technical issues. And not just occasionally but almost daily and for weeks at a time too. And it’s always the same issues to do with my cart. Usually it’s when I try to remove something from my cart, I get a pop up saying it’s unable to remove item at this time and to come back later. Same thing if I just click ‘save for later’ to try to remove it that way or when I try to remove an item by using the quantity tab, I get the same pop up message. And sometimes the app won’t even allow me to view my cart at all, it just says they’re having technical issues at this time and to come back later. But it’s days before the issue is resolved. So I’ll go to the Walmart website to try to checkout that way but it'll say the same thing there as well. So it seems it’s not just a bug with the app but Walmarts entire online platform is having these problems. And I get that technology can be finicky and all but it’s so frustrating when happens so much and it’s the same issue every time. Plus waiting days to be able to finally checkout means I missed out on whatever deal I was trying to get. So not only is it very inconvenient for customers but it also can’t be good for Walmart either to keep losing out on so many potential sales. SO IF YOU WANT ALL MY MONEY WALMART PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM ASAP!!
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8 months ago, WhysoHard2review?
App is lacking- missing items
Not able to fulfill my whole order. Almost every time I order, I am not able to get the things I need. Yet at the same time, I know some of them are actually in the store and on the shelf. That's frustrating. It's also frustrating that I am paying for a service that isn't completely fulfilling the order. Then it feels like last minute until I find out a key ingredient or item is missing. If I had known that during my order, I wouldn't have ordered the rest if my items! I would have changed my meal planning into something else entirely. My feedback is that people need to know up front, while ordering if something is missing or unavailable. While they do this with limited items its not sufficient. The app needs to be updated or changed so that people know immediately while ordering if something is not available at their local store. There are enough tech savvy careers and intelligent people in this world to solve that issue and Walmart needs to be willing to compensate them adequately to get this problem solved or people, including myself will continue becoming so frustrated that they/we will be ending our service. We are subscribing for a service that is greatly lacking. Seriously...almost everytime, things in my order are missing and It's after I already paid and planned around those items! So frustrating!
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3 years ago, Gaspatchosoup
Gonna stick with Target
As soon as I get my 2 items that I have coming that won’t come on time I will be deleting the app and never going to Walmart or using this service again. So canceled the items I had in order and went to the target app and bought them there. Within 2 hours they get shipped and didn’t pay anything extra shipping. So just checked on the status of an order that told me it was shipped and I was told I would get it 4/27 end of day and now fedex is telling me 5/2 end of day. It’s just sitting at fedex. I understand all the craziness that’s going on right now but don’t tell me I’m going to get something a date and then it’s 5 days later. Will be canceling all the orders that haven’t shipped today and placing them with target. Came to this app cause some of the stuff I wanted to get off Target you had to pay so much to get it but I have placed a few orders and still waiting for stuff to ship and I have about 3 days before I have to get it. Was going to cancel my orders but you get apps like this where you can’t do it all in the app it makes you go elsewhere to get some stuff done. Let me cancel an order in the app not have to go to the website and sign in and do it there. The link in the emails to track an order you would think would take you to the app but no it takes you to the website and again you have to sign in. I don’t always have my passwords next to me and don’t use the same one for every account I have. Just like the company the app is below par.
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2 years ago, OrageMortel
UPDATE: I went into my local Walmart (masked and irritated) to shop. EVERY item that was tagged as “shipping only” was AVAILABLE and on the shelf! Thanks, Walmart, for making me go into a packed store (probably full of others who had tried to use the app/website) to shop for items that would’ve otherwise taken 5-6 days to ship. I heard so many complaints about the app from other customers and even my cashier said she has heard nothing but complaints today. I almost exclusively shop at Walmart- my medications, food, clothes, everything- but I am willing and able to drive a little further if that means I can get my order brought to my car and I can quickly search and add to my grocery list as needed. This “update” is going to cost the company. Combining online shopping and the grocery pick up tabs is a disaster. Now, I have to make sure that everything in my cart is for pick up only so it isn’t shipped to my house instead 😳 and I have to check each item is in the right spot in my cart if you can get it shipped or in the pick up order. It definitely complicates ordering groceries, and I’m switching to Food Lion pick up even though they charge per pick up.
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2 years ago, Alaura89
Horrible app and quit deleting my reviews!!
I see all the bought and paid for 5 star reviews are flooding the very top but as soon as you get past them all the one star reviews. The app is utter trash. You can’t find anything. For some reason they got rid of actual departments and show you a select few nod then they don’t even show you everything under those select few departments. Unless you know exactly what you want, browsing is an absolute nightmare. And typing in key words, like, gluten free, will only bring up about half of what the store has. Stuff I saw in store that’s gluten free, didn’t even show up when I searched gluten free, and this is with everything, not just gluten free. That’s was an example. Also I’m sick of stuff showing up as being in the store, you get there and it isn’t there, and if you dare ask for help, employees stand there and argue with you. That’s if you can even find an employee to argue with. Stuff that says unavailable will be available and don’t get me started in the price difference of what it shows you it is online, even if you choose in store or pickup, the vital price in store is usually more expensive. So it lies and then again employees argue with you over it. This app gives me anxiety opening anymore because you can’t just simply pick a department and see everything that’s in it. HATE it. Also this is probably the 4th review I’ve left, from this account alone, so I know they are being deleted.
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2 years ago, Kathyspeih
Shipping, isn’t.
I didn’t have any trouble filtering between pickup and delivery. I chose shipping. All of my items were marked only available for shipping and not available locally. Orders were still sent to local store despite still being bought for only shipping. Even my receipt states my order will be shipped via fedex and the dates to expect them. Then Im told they are delayed with no communication and then cancelled because they were sent to our local store and cancelled because the inventory wasn’t available in store. That’s why I chose shipping. Not local delivery. Not in store pick up. This has been happening for over a year now. Orders are consistently broken up. One thing will be shipped while the other half is sent locally. Half of those items are usually cancelled, always delayed. Their online experience has become as unpleasant as their in store experience. Zero Stars. Original post: Order items for shipping. No matter what they are sent to our local store even though I only chose items only available for shipping via ups/fedex. Items are consistently delayed by store and eventually canceled because they don’t have someone to deliver locally or the inventory to fulfill order locally which is why I chose shipping in the first place. If I wanted items from our local Walmart I would go in and get them. If I chose shipping that’s how I want to receive them. Disappointed by lack of actual options. Don’t recommend
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2 years ago, Deeznertsbctheresno name
I used to love using this app but ever since they updated the app it has gone to crap. First off I’m going to begin with when I was in the app I clicked on the little thing at the bottom that ask you if you want to give feedback and when I was doing that as I was typing it just erased everything that I had and made me start over that’s already a red flag. So, I’d like to say the new user interface design is garbage quite literal garbage all right. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old app … nothing wrong. So for example now when you click on an item it has the stupid pop-up instead of just bringing you to another page. Which is extremely annoying and does not look good. Next, you can no longer add items to your list in the app. Now I don’t know about the people working for Walmart but having that ability in a mobile app is very important nowadays. I am not going to sit here and turn on my computer or open my laptop to add items to my list. On top of that for a good amount of time at the beginning of this unneeded unwanted app update you could not scan any receipts now I figured out that you have to now go to your history just to scan a receipt. The old app you did not have to go through all of that you just clicked on the scanner which could be used for receipts, and products. I will never understand why companies will take a piece of technology then completely ruined it.
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2 years ago, TweetyBTT
Why fix something that isn’t broke
I hate the new update. I for the life of me have a hard time trying to change the store location (still haven’t figured it out). When I scan the price of an item I know is on either rollback or clearance the app shows the regular price regardless and sometimes on clearance items don’t show the price at all. I like how on target and Kroger you can make a grocery list and shop from that list on your app. I don’t see that option on the Walmart app. When I go to use the price checker it you always have to tap “got it” on the screen before you can scan anything. Like why do I have to read your message about “shopping smart with scanner” every single time? The app was fine the way it was. I don’t even do these app reviews but I felt kinda strongly about them changing the app because when I do shop there I always use the app. Only reason I gave it a 3star was because the convenience of Walmart pay. I wish I could still get my paper receipt when I use Walmart pay as well. At least there should be an option whether or not the customer wants it printed. I use rebate apps and often need my receipt. I also think you all should consider letting your customers use apple like most stores. Maybe then I would at least be able to get my receipt printed
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3 years ago, J'mapelle
Horrible update 👎🏼
The new app is horrible. It keeps freezing on me. It’s so slow. I hate the new layout, things don’t seem to save in my cart but then they’ll pop up randomly, it’s like there’s layers within the app, like alternate universes where in one my cart is empty and in the other the cart has all my stuff but I don’t know how to access either one because they just pop up. There are actually 3 active carts under my one account. Two with different stuff and one empty one. It’s extremely frustrating because to make my purchase I had to re-add to cart cos I couldn’t find the one with the things I was ready to buy. The last layout was perfect. It was smooth, never froze. This one is HORRIBLE PEOPLE!!! Please fix it!! I shop with you guys at least once a week. This really has turned me off from shopping through you guys online because it’s so frustrating. Oooohhh and before I forget, why would y’all remove the ability to price check for in store?? Sometimes I be wondering about an item, scan it, and if it claims it’s not available it won’t even let me see the price!!! Before it always did, it would say not in stock but it gave the price!! Please fix this. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Babe Cox
Walmart is sending Walmart customers
I’ll be going to target I’ll be showing at Food Loin and Target for my food needs and buying all my stuff that are none groceries Target. I have been experiencing the worst customer service. The people in countries some have never heard of is wanting to talk to somebody in a USA only not someone that can’t understand but the one thing they have down is too mistreated and they don’t care they are not worried about surveying mistreated because. There’s nothing wrong with talking to AMERICAN S Walmart will never stop there sorry customer service. They are like. Do you really think I care? And I was promised that I would be taking too a supervisor would call me back. I hate Walmart and for there cheap hiring people in out there customers like crap and don’t care about the customer service of people in the USA But Target and Food Loin hiring USA customers services. Last order from me to a HUGE FAILED CUSTOMER SERVICE THEY SHOULD REMEMBER THERE DADDIES APPROACHED IN HIS CUSTOMER SERVICE. He even flew is on plane to Wadesboro no had had everyone sitting on the carpet on the floor with him. And he knew without perfect customer service he would fail. That was not like Mr. Walle as a nickname which he loved. That’s the Walmart ways now never. And his dream sold out for money the only things his children have know about his children running this great idea. So there they go money grub sorry kids.
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3 years ago, nonotothenono
App is great but needs some improvements
I think the app is great, but as with all things, there’s always room for improvement. It would be really nice if you could look at the grocery pickup substitutions and opt out of whichever ones you don’t like before you even get to the store. Since I can’t do that beforehand, it forces you to talk face-to-face to the worker to identify what you don’t want, then they have to spend their time on their scanner and in your trunk digging through your groceries to try to find what you don’t want. It wastes everyone’s time, plus this is just further exposure during an activity that’s supposed to be darn near contactless. This applies to the site as well, both of these things could be better. Also, sometimes when I search for something, it’ll bring up only certain options but when I select one and then look at “similar items,” it’ll show me more options of what I actually want. For example, if I look for “Kiwi protector spray” to find Kiwi protector spray for a tent, the single thing that comes up is Kiwi Camp Dry Performance Fabric Protector Spray (which is not exactly what I want). But then when I select it and look in “similar items,” the thing I actually want (Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellant) suddenly shows up... maybe my keywords aren’t the best, but I feel like it’s not too far off base, especially if I put Kiwi and spray.
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6 months ago, TaraJay82
App is broken
I have been using the Walmart app for years, using it for grocery delivery mostly and all these years I have started to notice some very annoying bugs or problems. Numerous times (actually 99% of the time) I wanted to order one of my usual staples for my house and the app always says out of stock or shipped only, I have gone into the store and seen my product there on the shelf. Here recently I have been trying to add products to my Favorites list to save me time while shopping online and the app won’t let me save my everyday items so I have to go through the search to find these products. Also, there is no save feature for this app, it would be nice if we could make a list, save it, and just do a one touch purchase action to reorder the same thing we ordered before (saves even more time). I have tried updating the app and nothing seems to work or go right. I hate going in to my local Walmart because of peoples screaming and annoying offspring, and not to mention my state made it illegal for me to use the public womens restroom because I am Trans and as much as I don’t feel like getting arrested for simply just needing to pee I’m not ready for prison either (as that is where I will end up if someone tried to stop me). Also, the app does not accurately update inventory and when they say they have something they really don’t or vice versa.
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5 months ago, sms5521
0 stars
i couldn’t rate it 0, but i would if i could… anyway signed up for walmart plus for the delivery option… to get groceries… i thought it was a good idea, boy was i wrong… i made an order online in the morning at 8am, waited all day until 11:38pm still NO order delivered, next morning i called and talked to customer service and the lady i talked to had no clue why i didn’t receive my order… so i asked her do you think if i made another order this morning did she think i would get my order ( this was the next morning) she told me yes, it should not be a problem… so i made another order for groceries at 8am again… waited all day nothing, called up there finally someone answered phone and guy had no idea why i didn’t receive my order… he said he would talk to the manager and she would call me back… unfortunately i never received a call back not even a email or text… NOTHING….!! no communication…. let me just say… i don’t know how walmart is still in business if this is the way they treat customers… i will be calling the better business bureau…. i thought they were a good company until now, i was wrong!! to the CEO of this company ; train your employees how to do there job better because they obviously have NO idea how to do thier job…. you are suppose to provide a service to your customers ( especially walmart + customers) and you are not doing that… personally i think this is sad and just bad business.
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2 months ago, SO-MISHANDLED
Mis-Delivered Order
My Walmart order was apparently delivered to the wrong address by the carrier today. When speaking to the customer service rep about it, I feel she was VERY rude and unprofessional. At a point during our discussion of the situation, the initial cs rep (who was very kind and considerate) passed my called to someone in a position to handle it further. At a point during our conversation, that woman SEEMED to indicate that one of my options was that she could request a replacement for the items. I told her that would actually be my preference rather than getting a refund, especially since the refund would take several days and I needed the items right away. At the time, I had no way of knowing that the cs rep COULD NOT enter the replacement in the system right then and the only choice was a refund. She was VERY RUDE in her way of clarifying it, even stating that she “could not go out and find the package wherever it is and give it to me” in a VERY condescending tone. Of course I replied that I knew that wasn’t an option and that would not be expected of her, and I also didn’t appreciate the tone in which she spoke. I’m not sure how Walmart handles such a situation as this; however, I am a loyal customer who shops in the stores and online regularly. I’m sure cs calls with customers are recorded. I don’t think ANY customer should be handled I in that manner. Thank you.
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9 months ago, dmmfrustrated
Beware !! Fraudulent charges
One night between 3 am and 4 am someone fraudulently accessed my Walmart account and was able to place several orders. Ironically all of the items were ordered to be shipped to me and charged to my credit card. They were not items I would ever order and totaled several hundred dollars. At 6 am when I woke up I discovered notification of the orders and requested to cancel them all. I received indication it may be too late to cancel a couple of the orders. I chatted with a Walmart employee, reported the incident as fraudulent, changed my password, added authentication with my phone and was assured all would be taken care of. The charges remained on my credit card so I contacted my credit card company 3 times. They issued me a new credit card. However the charges were not removed. I was last told the fraud claim was denied since the items were ordered from my account. The items came and I attempted to return them to my local Walmart. They would not issue me a refund since they indicated they can only do so to the original form of payment which no longer exists since my credit card company issued me a new account number. I have no idea how this will turn out but one thing is certain - I have lost faith in the security of the Walmart app/site as well as am very disheartened by Walmart’s lack of customer service. I would beware. This could happen to anyone and the expense could be very great.
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