AMC: Stream TV Shows & Movies

2.6 (6.9K)
66.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
10.21.0 (1813)
AMC Network Entertainment LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for AMC: Stream TV Shows & Movies

2.62 out of 5
6.9K Ratings
3 years ago, kramer costanza
Hope you like commercials...
Anyone who’s ever watched the AMC channel has probably noticed they have more commercial breaks than any other station. Like they showed Moneyball a while back.. the film itself is 2 hours 13 mins. The time slot they gave it was over 3 hours long. That’s more than 45 minutes worth of commercials. Well the app is no different. Every 4-7 minutes, you get another 2.5-3 minutes worth of commercials. AND THEY WILL SHOW THE SAME EXACT COMMERCIAL 3 OR 4 TIMES IN A ROW. While watching the second episode of Gangs of London, the first 5 commercial breaks played this mind-numbingly stupid AT&T commercial 4 times in a row each break. It was the one with their spokeswoman “Lily” using a whiteboard that’s set up to look like she’s drawing out a play in basketball to explain their deals to two customers... Oh, and if you try to use the button that rewinds 15 seconds in case you missed something, it sends you directly into another full commercial break. So I’d pay CLOSE attention to what you’re watching unless you want another 3 minutes of McDonald’s and AT&T ads... those are their two biggest sponsors at the moment. And by the way, do the writers of that commercial really believe that by alluding to basketball and having a few basketballs in the shot that they’re “appealing” to fans of the sport? The writers must be just as dumb as the so-called “humor” they stick into every last commercial.
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5 years ago, Jgman100
Gets the job done
App delivers if core purpose for accessing media content. Little attention to user interface interface has been made though. Bugs keep popping up. For example The cast icon in landscape is next to the airplay and not clickable. The resolution of the content is obviously reduced for bandwidth savings. The typeface size and spacing makes it difficult to read in some areas and overpowering in others. The size of the thumbnails is standard but does little to help identify which episode I’m looking at. I always find myself looking more at the season and episode making the thumbnail little more than aesthetic. The abrupt show and hide of objects without ease animated effects feels amateur. And the initial home screen takes a moment to find your way around feeling more like a store or dashboard when it should be more intuitive and personalized. The initial load time is very heavy as well. Suggesting far too much content is being loaded on start or pulled from remote. Perhaps not fully native. Just my two cents
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2 years ago, siete-4
Worst ad generator
If you want to spend more time watching ads than your content you are watching with your tv provider, than this may be the an app you’re looking for. It feels like a data miner the way they put 7 sections of ads for a 40 minute episode. Each section had 8-9 individual ads that last 20-40 seconds each. It’s literally impossible to watch programs And don’t get me started if you lose your spot. Trying to fast scroll to a previous spot in an episode ignites an automatic 9 ads everytime you move even 10 seconds forward are back. And there’s no scrubbing thumbnails so unless you know an exact time, you will have to rewatch a whole episode before you find your previous place. There are also glaring issues such as a locked rotation about half of the time where your program will only display one way on your device. This is not made for your phone and it is not accessible for phone users. Great programs on the app, all of my issues are in the actual function of the app and the CONSTANT ADS
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3 years ago, Wld8hrt*
Good luck trying to find something
This app is horrible. I used to have shudder separately but also wanted the amc channel and Sundance. So I signed up for amc+. What a bad idea. You cannot search within the shudder portion of the app. You can’t see the latest releases. You can’t pick a sub genre. You can’t do anything you would normally want to do To find something to watch. Has whoever designed this app ever used an app before?? Have they ever wanted to find a particular program or movie to watch?? I don’t think so. I hate this. I recently saw an ad for a new shudder movie. I thought, ok I’ll just open the app and it will be there, easy to find or search. Nope. I didn’t recall the title so going through page after page trying to find it was futile. And, if I clicked on a movie to see what it was about hoping that would jog my memory, when you went back it take you back to the top of the list. The list that is in no discernible order whatsoever! Not alphabetical, not by genre, not by date. Aggravating, worthless excuse for an app.
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2 years ago, cagetopher
Worst streaming app ever
The absolute worst streaming app out of all of the networks. As you can see from other reviews, the same complaints go back YEARS and have consistently been ignore or even in some cases made worse but whoever is in charge of this app. The amount of ads that play during shows in unacceptable and that number has only increased. I get maybe 3 minutes of show followed by 9 commercials. It’s always the same commercials too. They can’t be bothered to add variety. At this point the time spent watching commercials is more than the time spent watching the show. Picture-in-picture works during the shows but as soon as commercials start they disable it so you’re forced to view them at full screen, rubbing it in further. It’s as if they’re begging us to find alternative ways to watch their shows. While I’m sad to see Better Call Saul reaching its end, I’m elated that once it’s done I won’t have any reason to use this app ever again.
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2 years ago, TylerP87
Air Play & Commercials Ruin Viewing
I don’t mind there are commercials. My issue is that each time we watch AMC content on our TV, using Air Play, the stream will freeze at the end of each and every commercial. The fix: you must change Air Play back to iPhone and finish the commercials, then put iPhone back in Air Play. Since the AMC app defaults to using Air Play, this can be a real chore with pausing and playing. When you want to view on your phone, the default Air Play setting automatically defaults to your TV. Also, if you close out the content you are viewing, then reload the content and press resume, content will start over from the beginning. These issues apply to AMC’s website streaming or through the app; commercials repeatedly freezing. AMC is by far the best cable channel with the best shows. However, if I cannot stream the content properly, no matter how great the shows are, what is the point in trying to watch…
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4 years ago, mightdumpit
False advertising
Before I signed up for the premiere version, the listed shows included Alcatraz, a short-lived Fox show from several years ago, with a couple of trailers available to view with the standard version of the app promising the full season with the premiere version. After signing up for the premiere version, the same trailers were still the only available content. Upon lodging a complaint with AMC, I got the standard “We’re working on it” response. Yesterday, Alcatraz disappeared from the site entirely. Even a search revealed nothing. Upon lodging a second complaint I received a response requesting me to tell them the device I was using, my cable provider and whether they carried AMC. After providing the required responses, I again received the same canned response that they’re working on it. If they don’t reinstate the content I signed up to view, I will be calling my bank to dispute the charge on the grounds of false advertising. I suggest anyone else in the same situation do the same.
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2 years ago, Entropism
Possibly the worst network app
This is, by far, the worst major network app available. It streams in subpar quality, with an awful, pixelated picture and no color depth. Anything dark (looking at you, Walking Dead shows) almost looks like the background is a mosaic. In addition, you’re going to see the exact same commercials, over and over and over again. Far and away more than any other app. To top it off, the subtitles barely work, and you have to reenable them after every commercial break, and hope that the setting sticks. You’ll spend at least 10 minutes each episode trying to get the subtitles up and running correctly. Last but not least, I’ve now been getting a “network connection error” every time I watch a show, usually towards the end. It kicks you out and brings you back to the beginning of the episode. You’ll try to fast forward to where you left off, and be stuck through EVERY. SINGLE. COMMERCIAL. all over again. And when you finally try to get to the spot you left off on? It kicks you to the end of the episode. I’ve simply given up. Thank god Better Call Saul is ending, and they’re putting The Walking Dead out of its misery. Fear The Walking Dead is almost a hate-watch at this point. In a few months I’ll never have a reason too this app again.
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4 years ago, Glam just
Scam app
Don’t waste your time or money on this app. Look at all the negative reviews. I wish I’d read them before even downloading this stupid app. Basically I wanted to watch TWD and amc states it’s free to watch well ok. I had trouble getting the first episode to play the sound was screwed up and it keep glitching and freezing. But the ads they run and work perfectly. They play the same ads back to back and they are about almost 30secs long. Once you watch ads for like 3 minutes, the app takes me back to the beginning of the show and not where I left off before being bombarded by ads. So I though ok I’ll buy the premium amc to skip the ads. Problem solved right? No, after you pay you find out you need a cable provider to have this app work. Well guess what I don’t have one. That’s the whole reason I got this app. So now I’m out $4.99 and can’t use the app. I put in a request to have a refund. Its been 3 days and no response from AMC.
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6 years ago, AMCappTORTURE
Lots of patience required
Usually I do not do this, however, considering this app seems to be getting worse by the week and my current experience exhausted all patience I was driven to write. 1. Each and every time I use this app I am required to log in to my service provider. I don't actively log out and I'm the only why? 2. Often times when trying to log in to said service fails to screen doesn't load, says it timed out OR sends you back to the AMC home screen and when you try to select your programming you're directed to login you're stuck in a loop of nothingness. 3. If you're so lucky to actually login to your service provider and proceed to play your desired program...most recent episode of The Walking Dead in my may NOT PLAY. The extras and everything else I don't care about at the moment will play...but NOT the desired episode. 4. Oftentimes when using AMC via Firestick, I have to restart the stick to get proper functionality every step of the way. In summary, the app is a HORRIBLE representation of the fine programming AMC produces and gets worse by the week. You would think with all the commercials you have to endure some of this revenue would be directed to the proper development of this app. Much patience and time is required...dear developers, please do better...quickly.
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7 years ago, Thissucks7
Good to bad fast
1st...when download the app what happens is you go online and you click let’s say The Walking Dead. Once in you basically are able to click the episode that is available you want to see which is only the first of the eighth season 2nd when you go on to watch the second episode you have a bit of issues because it’ll ask you for your service provider. Though after a while u may b able to Finally watch it. 3rd. when you go to watch the latest episode which has already been loaded on the app you bump into another problem we are you are not taken into the full episode you’re running around wasting your data and wasting your Wi-Fi going in circles with having to log into your service provider. Which you will be logged in but you will have no access to look at that full episode which is the latest episode please tell me someone has figured this whole thing out
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3 months ago, @JLanie
If your favorite AMC SHOW is canceled- blame this app!
Update. My previous review is below and after a YEAR no improvements Pause or rewind at your own peril This is about the buggiest app in all of streaming. The only thing that saves AMC is the programming but honestly - at this point I’ll probably skip their new series because their app is such a deterrent. Sometimes the app just glitches out and puts you back at the beginning when you select “resume”. Wanna turn on the captions and keep them on? Good luck. After every 3 min commercial break you have to turn them on AGAIN. And don’t get me started on seeing the SAME ad 10x in a row. Honestly, I don’t care how much Heather likes the chicken sandwich and I’m starting to resent the company. And why would I download the other app? Not about to pay for a buggy app. Or early access without commercials if this app experience is what I have to base that decision on.
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3 years ago, Wodatoad
What has happened to AMC app?
I’ve had this app as long as I can remember. It used to be great! I loved my TWD, but work hours changed for me and I couldn’t stay up late to watch. This app alllowed me to watch first thing Monday morning, it was awesome. I’m using on my IPad Pro and have the latest version, quality internet access, and signed in through my TV provider where I can watch AMC at home. With that said, this app is not being taken care of and is longer a viable resource to my favorite AMC programs. I thought about upgrading but I don’t mind the commercials. What occurs for me is I open the app, select the program, select the episode and the screen sits black, nothing, no spinning avatar wheel, no try again later, just nothing. I’ve performed all my upgrades, deleted the app, reloaded it, checked all my settings, etc. This is not the app I used to know and love. It’s really too bad.
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11 months ago, KMom1
I have to say, it’s impossible to stream
We have dish net work. And I travel a lot. And I like to watch my shows without having to purchase a monthly subscription to the streaming apps. So, theoretically, you download your CBS, ABC, AMC apps that coincide with your network provider. Thus, you do not have to pay for the subscription services of their plus apps, however, I can never get anything to play with the app. I try to watch Dark Winds, TWD, etc…all it does is sit and cycle when I queue up a show. For the last hour, I decided to let my iPad cycle to see if it would load. Never. It just kept cycling. Try the same thing with my cell phone. Just kept cycling. This has to be the worst app in trying to watch any of the great shows that AMC does. I have no idea what AMC+ does, because I refuse to pay for a streaming service on top of the fact that I already have this network through Dish.
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6 years ago, Peod65
AMC “Premiere”...My A#% !!!
The log in interface for this application is pure unadulterated garbage! You go through the process of selecting your television provider, you log in then you have to log into your premium subscription. Your premium log in lasts for ONE episode! You are forced to log all the way out and repeat the process to access the premium subscription service again...REALLY AMC?!? Now that’s the FireTV experience. Let’s go to the iPhone experience.. Again you log in via service provider interface and then select the “I ALREADY HAVE PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION” link and.... iPhone prompts your to purchase the subscription service through your Apple account??? You decline the “new” subscription and you are denied access... access you already pay for!!! Contact Apple and they ask did you try deleting the app and reinstalling it?? Well, sure I’ll try it on the outside chance it works...survey says....NOPE! AMC & Apple how can a hyperlink for logging into an “active account” prompt my iPhone to make an totally unnecessary purchase??? Ladies, gentlemen..answer please?? AMC your “Premier” survive is embarrassing at best, a blatant money grab at worst!! You can find more competent app programmers at your local junior high school! You owe your loyal customers a better program and free access for 6 months as an apology for this current digital garbage!!
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2 years ago, SilverPhoenix6
The worst app
Hope you’re not someone who likes to rewind a scene because if you are, that’s about 3-10 commercials forced on you to resume where you left off if you’re scrubbing to find the right place. Oh and if you lose your internet connection and if that happens when you are almost done with the thing you’re watching, that’s about 20-25 commercials meaning it could take you 5-10 minutes just to resume watching where you were cut off. Oh forgot to mention the how some commercials are 3-5x louder than the others and the show you’re watching. So when commercials come on, the tv is muted to avoid having to subject my ears to blasting advertisements. The lack of usability is obvious and disappointing. I’m shocked this app is even allowed in the store considering the issues. Also, we are paying customers WHO SHOULDN‘T HAVE TO SEE COMMERCIALS. No thank you, app deleted.
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3 years ago, DO NOT GET CRAPPG APP
Doesn’t work at all
I downloaded the app to watch TWD and FTWD, but after getting the service put onto my internet provider the app continued to mess up, wouldn’t let me sign into my xfinity account to be able to watch AMC+, etc. At one point when it was working an add came on. Which wasn’t supposed to because I had the plus. So I called xfinity to see what my account says and to see if it says AMC + and no commercials. The rep said that that’s what she saw and don’t see why there was an ad. She even heard the commercial in the background while I was playing the show. After undownloading and redownloading the app it still was glitching. I would press play on the show and broadcast it to my tv, you could hear the show but not see it. And once I exited out and went back in the loading screen for AMC just kept spinning. I’m canceling my subscription. Refuse to pay for something that isn’t working at all.
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6 years ago, Timmman
Crappy App
Hi I thought this would be a good App it worked ok for a while but Always had problems with it working with COX Cable I don't know what the parent company behind AMC lifetime and others that don't like COX but they aren't hurting COX Cable they are hurting Cox's Customers by making not allowing them to log in because the prover is COX unfortunately this is the only provider I can get and I'm so close to being done with AMC COMPLETELY I will just stop watching the DEADs Comic Book Men Terror etc... So again I can't log in because the COX Cable link on providers AGAIN DOESNT WORK!!! All the other companies links work but not the COX CABLE, so I went to other providers to log on there again NO link so once again whatever this is between COX n AMC is hurting consumers NOT COX Cable Thanks for not helping so don't waste your time AMC doesn't care about the consumers only that the Cable companies do what they want!!! Sad sad sad
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4 years ago, susie107
Repeat commercials & crash glitches galore
The redundant commercials have GOT to go. You’re doing your advertisers a disservice because I will never eat another Mentos again or purchase the ADT system but at least I’ll have that country song from the Click It or Ticket commercial in my head every time I buckle my seatbelt. Awesome. Before that drove me nuts, I realized I have to restart the app at least 3 times because it just shows AMC for a second then crashes to the home screen. Over and over. I try to watch TWD but I have to restart the captions after every commercial break, their lips get out if sync with the audio and hope I never want to rewind or fast forward, or “resume” an episode. Of all my video apps I’ve never in my life experienced so many issues. Obviously I love AMC programming but your app is just awful. Wow.
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4 years ago, mrhooper
This may be the worst streaming app on Apple TV
If AMC set out to build the most poorly functioning app in the Apple TV App Store, they did it! Congrats to AMC for making an app whose search functionality can’t even locate a program featured on it’s home screen. And for making an app that persuades you to upgrade to their premium service through 3 minute long ad breaks every 5 to 10 minutes into their programming, only to find out that when you do upgrade, the app won’t recognize the change and still feeds you the exact same ad 2 to 4 times back to back in a row. As someone who works in advertising, someone should probably let the brands who are paying that AMC is giving them high frequency results by bombarding viewers repeated with the same content - certainly not driving any brand affinity. Quite the opposite. Nice work AMC! You made the worst app in the iTunes Store!
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4 years ago, 3PinkTigers
Paid for Premium and Still can’t access Premium Content
I have had the Premium subscription for the Walking Dead for a while and I absolutely loved it. After The Walking Dead season came back in air,I tried to access my Premium content again and tho I had resubscribed to it since March 8th, I’m unable to access my Premium content. I’m prompted to purchased it when I have already done so. I uninstalled and re-installed, logged out and back in ... still no success! I emailed tech support. Hopefully this will fix the issue. Update: Emailed tech support and they got it going for me. Charmaine with customer care was great and handled my issue.
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2 years ago, rural_juror
the WORST streaming app ever
Whoever worked on this app should be fired 1000 times over and then forced to use only this app for the rest of their lives. It is nearly impossible to finish an episode without the app freezing during a commercial. Then you have to exit and resume the episode but it doesn’t remember where you left off, so you try to rewind or fast forward but before you can find where you left off it launches more commercials and then when the commercial is over you’re still not in the right spot and then you just repeat this process over and over and over until you’ve watched more commercials than the episode is long. Completely breaks the immersion of the show you’re trying to watch. This app is such garbage it should never have been allowed on the App Store.
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6 years ago, Gr8pimpin (Real)
I have to laugh every time they come out with the revision and see that there’s some kind of performance improvement. This app is really a piece of garbage. 1. No 15-second rewind. 1A: The timecode bar at the bottom that enables you to scroll to different parts of the show (since there’s no 15 second rewind) is tiny!! Good luck!! if you miss something and you want to go back you Likely will go back too far. Then you will be forced to rewatch all the commercials that you just watched. Sometimes you have to watch the entire set — twice. In fact I had to watch one set of commercials three times. Two other times, even though I went back what looked like a minute, I went through two sets of commercials and it started playing the show from the beginning. 2. Watching an episode of fear The Walking Dead, after going through four commercials the show skipped ahead 15 minutes. Later it skipped back 10 minutes. It’s a Potluck app!! 3. AMC decides to give you an entire season of some shows and only three or four episodes of another. 4. Since I can only watch the last 4 episodes of Better Call Saul (they want to charge you to watch season 4 from the beginning) I am done with this crap station and app.
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2 years ago, ThatOneGuyNameJoe
This app needs a change
I don’t get how AMC expect people to watch on this app when it has WAY too many ads. I’m just trying to watch TWD finale and I remember why I stopped watching because of how many ads I would get. It’s not an enjoyable or even watchable experience because the show keeps getting ruined by some ads. And it’s a ridiculous amount of ads to like 8 ads in a row is crazy. AMC need to change it up otherwise no one is going to want to watch their shows on the app at least. Another reason why I had to stop watching TWD because I had to wait for it to be on Netflix each season so I don’t have to deal with the ads. At least make it 4 ads every time you take an ad break even at 30 seconds each it’s only 2 minutes which is way better than what AMC has now. Do better please.
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5 years ago, Swayyde
Ffwd and Rwd don’t work
update: It no longer works with Chromecast. Pitiful. When TWD is done, I’m done w this app. I’ll stream from free tv sites from my pc. The fact that there have been zero visible improvements since the plethora of other posts speaks to your lack of care about your viewers. ——— It is the most frustrating thing. I keep falling asleep on episodes, so when O come back to them and try to get to the last point I recall, the features to scroll fwd and rewind absolutely do not work. I can only watch the beginning of TWD so many times! Good grief! At this point in time and development of working streaming apps, this should be a non-issue. AMC should ashamed of themselves. The app is glitchy, crashes, and basically barely functional. Hardly representative of your content. Your going to lose viewers and subscribers because the app is is worse than sub-par.
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5 years ago, lordjoshbass
I hope you’re patient
This app is the first app I’ve written a review for.. mainly because I want to take my frustrations out with it in a more productive way. The video playback is easily the worst I’ve experienced on a streaming app and it’s the reason why I always wait for the seasons of the Walking Dead to come out on Netflix before I try watching it on AMC. Every video seems to restart without warning if you press the fast-forward button, and to give you more inconveniences, it’ll make you watch the commercial you just watched again. The app itself is glitchy and trying to scroll the video to a particular time is nearly impossible on an IPhone X and above due to the home gesture being active while you try to scroll. It’s really a shame I can’t use the app at all to watch the great content on here but I hope it gets better.
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4 years ago, nicodemus145
Great content, terrible app
One of those apps they purposefully keep terrible, to get you to pay for the ad-free version by driving you crazy. The controls are clunky. The jump-back button will jump forward. The closed-captioning will turn off by itself, and when it’s on, it’ll say something like “(speaking Russian)” and cover up the show’s own subtitles. Oh and it doesn’t remember where you left off between apps. So if you watch half an episode on a Roku, you have to find where you left off on, say, a tablet by navigating those clunky controls and triggering all the (often very repetitive) ads all over again. The content is great, but we already pay for a cable subscription to get us into this “free” app, so the least they could do is keep their software above average.
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8 months ago, Neesha ^_^
Can’t login with cable provider
I usually never leave a one star review, but this app was basically useless to me from startup. I used to have this app years ago when our cable provider was Verizon fios, but that was switched over to Frontier. Upon redownloading this app, it kept trying to have me sign in through my old provider and wouldn’t give me an option to choose a different cable company. So I was just stuck in an endless loop of it trying to make me sign in on that page. Uninstalling and resinstalling did nothing. Seeing as how this app hasn’t been updated in months, I doubt anything will get fixed. Also, there’s no search bar (or at least I couldn’t find one). I redownloaded this to look for a specific show, but there was nowhere for me to search!?
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2 years ago, TheGoToGuy
BUGGY- Will not rotate on iPad- FF/RW not responsive
This used to work, but now it is very buggy. It will not rotate on an iPad so you are unable to watch in full landscape mode. RR/FW rarely registers your touch if you are trying to scrub through a scene quickly. Notifications will lock it up….especially if you receive a notification during a commercial. You are then forced to get out of the app and when you try to go back in to the show you are watching, it will forget where you are, make you start over and force you to watch ALL of the commercials again. Seems like it is an attempt to force people to upgrade to AMC plus. But If this app doesn’t work, I surely will not pay to find out if the other one works.
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4 years ago, Raidriar_Legend
Fix your broken app please
I didn't like NBC app because pause play didn't work and wow I never thought another app would be worse but idk how else to describe but broken I'm watching and it will randomly be skipping around the episode I'm watching just out of nowhere skip a small part I rewind to try and catch it and it jumps me back to start of episode I use more skip arounds to correct and it just jumps around I can't get through an episode without this problem and I spend twice the time to just watch an episode and get hit with twice the episodes ads I'm so frustrated I just want to watch tv I check website for bug report and it's a hassle just fix your app cause right now I'm letting everyone know this is the worst streaming app out there
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6 years ago, Nathan8712
Slow and inefficient
Would give it -5 stars if I could. Worst tv channel app in my opinion. Very slow at buffering, no rewind feature, scrolling is inaccurate. And the wort of all things is that when I scroll back it makes me rewatch your commercials. On the Cw app, fox app, and pretty much every other tv show app, once you watch the commercials that's it. The AMC app is the only app that forces the commercials to be rewatched. If I watch the shows the AMC has anywhere else, I save myself 20min of commercials and I have access to rewind without rewatching commercials. Thanks AMC thanks for nothing. Also each commercial break is 2 minutes longer then the commercials than every other tv show app 🖕🏽it is not even worth using the app... Also I sign in but as soon as I leave my WiFi it signs out immediately....really annoying
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2 years ago, nightwing7700
Terrible app and website
Both the app and the website are honestly terrible. If you are watching something that has ads and try to backtrack by 15 seconds or go for about 15 seconds because you hit pause it will make you watch 90 seconds to 2 1/2 minutes of ads for that one little 15 second jump. And if this happens to be right before a scheduled add break, you watch more ads. I have no problem watching ads for the show but super frustrating when you just want to scroll back-and-forth with a little bit and have to watch more ads. Not only that, if you are watching something on your iPad and switch to your Apple TV for example, your progress is not saved and you have to watch more ads trying to get to your spot.
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4 years ago, Cylon Detector
False Advertising and Money Scam
When I first bought the AMC app, I intended on watching season 5 of ‘Better Call Saul’, because it said that it would be available to watch on the app with the purchase of premiere. So, I bought premiere, then go to look for season 5, but I could not find it. Not only that, but even though I PURCHASED premiere (which includes extra movies and shows, and no ads), some things I tried to watch still had ads. The layout was also very confusing. It was hard to search for shows, get to certain episodes, and really, to find anything. This app is not only advertising falsely but has scammed money out of me. So AMC: stop falsely promising things, and make sure that premiere works, and for god’s sake change the layout. So if you want to but this app—DON’T. I wouldn’t recommend it, don’t waste your time.
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6 years ago, GoneGirI
Good app!
I guess after some updates, the app is much better. I logged in with my provider and I can watch all the shows. I tested some of the complaints in previous reviews and I didn’t have any problems. The reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 is because there are ads within the shows. Normally, I would say, “well they have to make money”, but since I am logged in with my tv provider, which I already pay for and get amc, I don’t think I should have to pay anymore. Other than that, I have no complaints. So I will only use the app if the show I want to watch can’t be watched on demand or some I haven’t recorded. System: iOS
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4 years ago, AmymichelleSanchez
Ok I really wanted to catch on The Walking Dead so I downloaded this app to do just that. I had a lot of issues. The episodes wouldn’t play so I would exit and re-enter the app multiple times. I would rewind and it would take me all the way to the beginning or show me an ad when I had already one at certain points in the episode. After that, it was okay. However, TWD episodes were no longer there on the app when I came back to the app so I subscribed to AMC premiere in order to watch them. And now the app won’t even freaking load the shows! Not even on the home screen! The whole thing is just black no matter how many time I turn off my device or close the tab and open it! $4.99 down the drain! Are you kidding me?? I am waiting for my refund now.
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6 years ago, Chrisfields55
As someone as big as you guys are with customers just because of The Walking Dead you would think you would have a better app. Your app is terrible I think you need to bring in new app developers because the ones you have are horrible at their job. I mean your one star reviews is almost as high as your 5 star reviews don’t you see problems with that? I’ve read through a lot of reviews and I see a lot of the same issue and I have the same issue also. The video won’t load. Now if you see so many reviews saying that then why isn’t it the problem fixed. You want to keep customers happy so they refer your service and you get more customers and more money I mean isn’t that the goal? It needs fixed. I think the whole app needs to be looked at and redone entirely.
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4 years ago, B^PvPONYcupSINK
Annoying flaws
One tip I’d like to provide while using the app: DO NOT under any circumstances, click the “15” seconds ahead button. It will throw you into a two minute ad. That’s right. To skip 15 seconds ahead or behind, you must watch any where from a 30 second to 2 minute ad. You’re better off just waiting the 15 seconds. Also. Pay close attention. At any moment, it will skip 10 minutes ahead or behind. You look up and then look down and in a completely different scene. If you try to rewind, you will get an ad, and then right back to being 10 minutes ahead. With that all being said, you will get through it because they have some really good shows to watch.
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2 years ago, kleinlady
Worst functioning app ever
I love the shows on amc don’t get me wrong but omg the app is like they are amateurs. I’ve struggled with it for years with not being able to rewind things and it sends me to either strange places where I can’t get back to anywhere close I was at during the show or it sends me right back to another five minute commercial. And the commercials are SOOO loud. Tonight I just gave up trying to get back up my spot on the walking dead when I lost internet connection. I’d already sat through what felt like hours of commercials just to keep fast forwarding to the end and I finally just gave up. I would just abandon the app if I didn’t love the shows so much. It causes so much frustration when you just really need to finish your show!!
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3 years ago, Sidnlina
This app will not even open on my iPhone. I have removed the app and reinstalled, but nothing works. I also have this app on 2 TVs, but cannot even watch a full episode. It works fine until there is a commercial, the the sound cuts off, and will not comeback on until I rewind. Unfortunately rewinding on this app does not really work. You have to let the show go so far on mute or rewinding will just take you back to the commercials. If you find just the right spot to rewind at, it will bring back the sound until the next commercial. I can’t even use app support because it crashes the app completely. This is really annoying, and I will not subscribe to AMC+ because I don’t trust that it will be any better than this app.
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4 years ago, SK1LL3R Saint
Terrible now
At the moment I haven’t created a account for amc since I wanna watch walking dead right? Their will be ads yes, but the audio is fine really no glitches. One of the annoying things is that if you rewind you have to rewatch the ad. May update this review if it changes but it’s amazing and works just as expected. I didn’t trust this app at the start due to the various 1 star reviews but I legit downloaded the app and started watching walking dead without making an account. It may be different for other people which is a possibility but these reviews seem to be fake since app works 100%. Update: About a day after having this app it asked for my internet provider which is weird because I’d assume they’d do it at the start. This app seems to be a scam and I do not recommend it.
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3 years ago, Frankie's grandpa
Horrible, hate these conniving sneaks
Went to cancel it because just wasn't using. Found out you must use website to do. Went to website, wouldn't accept my password even though I knew it was correct as I had written it down and was the password I use for all entertainment sites. Went to reset it. Entered email address as requested and pressed reset button. Screen said they sent an email with a link. Never got email, no, not in junk mail either. Repeated same process again, same result. So basically they've maide it impossible to cancel. To top it off when you try to report it as a problem you get a screen which says "Nothing to see here, the page you requested could not be found". GRRRRR.
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3 years ago, bdhs he diend hzbshdnehshssb
Loading...all the time
Again like every other review. Thanks for letting me watch the same 3 15 second commercials every 1.30 break every 10 mins of movie. To the way if you counting it’s all the same commercial over and over. Ad’s are annoying enough this was torture. Then let’s not even talk about the 3 hours to watch 1:48 min movie. Where did all the time go you ask oh that one commercial a million times and oh yeah the loading and amc hasn’t figured out how to start the movie back from a ad. So you have to reset the movie and start over with the ad and then you can watch your movie for at least another 10 mins. Then repeat process 100 more times what a joke!! Good by amc!! And please never come into my life again! Oh wait I can make that happen. Bye for good!!
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6 years ago, C0urtneyB
This app is starting to have some trouble.
So night before I was logged in watching TWD SEASON 9 ep. 1 and I watched the whole thing but when I got to ep 2 it just kept loading and loading. I checked my WiFi. But this morning all my devices where the AMC app is downloaded I was signed out. So I was signing in with my tv provider and after I finish, it goes to a white screen and an only an arrow to go back. I tried signing in on all my devices,(iPhone, iPad and my roku remote that has direct tv now on it but the app is downloaded on the Roku. All those went to the white screen too. So AMC please update AGAIN, I don’t wanna wait for the whole season to come out on Netflix even though it’s better with not having commercials.
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6 years ago, Nugget3573
Bad for no reason
I’ve had problems with the app before. It was terrible at syncing with Apple TV and would crash routinely. Having to watch minutes worth of commercials when simply jumping to a new spot on a show drove me away from it. I gave it a second chance, only to find out that it didn’t even matter if these issues were fixed - they simply don’t allow you to stream some of their most popular shows. They just aren’t available. I tried to catch up on Walking Dead a few months after the latest season and you just point blank can’t stream them. Worst entertainment app I’ve ever seen. It’s like they have no clue about a users experience. Shame I’ve stopped watching a good show just because they can’t make it available.
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2 years ago, dixirella
Terrible interface
AMC offers some good shows, but this app is awful. It’s so finicky and difficult to navigate to the option you’re seeking. If you should accidentally click out of a show you’re watching (or if you lose internet connection for a moment), there is no option to “resume” the show - it starts over and you have to suffer through dozens of ads (often the same one repeated over and over). Not user friendly. This app really needs some improvements if not an entire overhaul. Regardless of any shows they may have in the future I will not be watching unless the app is significantly improved.
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6 years ago, Moneymedia
Latest update of AppleTV app really flawed
The current AppleTV version of the app (only one I use) loses its place in the video after every commercial break. You might be halfway through an episode of Walking Dead, hit a pod of commercials, and the app restarts the show at a point 10 or 15 minutes earlier. It’s super annoying and has been happening for a week, across multiple episodes. My lame workaround is simply to manually scroll forward to the latest ad break, click Play again, and usually the stream resumes from that point. Until the next ad break, where I have to do the whole thing again. It utterly spoils the flow of the show and makes me extra annoyed at the advertisers, because I know their commercials will cause me work.
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7 years ago, Bdix82
I have been using the app for a couple of years. It has progressively gotten worse. Now it is just terrible. The app will not load a show. When it will finally work there are 5 commercials every 7 min. Then when it comes back to the show it's a black screen. The sound plays and no picture. When I restart it, it just try's to load. It has been doing this for about 2 months Also prepare yourself so that when the commercials pop on your eardrums nearly explode. Not sure why the commercials are 5x louder then the show. I can say it is incredibly annoying to be working out and have to constantly take out my headphones or adjust the volume. I see I'm not the only one complaining about the same issues. Good luck!
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7 years ago, dpmomil
Asked to write a review immediately after opening I clicked on a show and then got asked to rate it. Well for the 5 sec I used the app it was amazing but hey stop asking me and everyone else to write reviews all the stinkin time if I enjoy something I will tell someone about this is just abusive and it's not just AMC every app does it. What I love most is starting an app to use it but being bombarded with writing reviews instead this is so much fun and the whole reason I downloaded it was so I could review after using it for 5 seconds.
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4 years ago, Radr4lr
Ad central!
so I get everything you watch has ads , it’s annoying yet understandable, but AMC is ridiculous ads run about equivalent to about the show man 60/40 seems like , and what’s more annoying is the Ads are all repetitive!! If you miss say about 45 seconds of a part want to rewind it guess what ads, you pick up on a part you left off at guess what ads; say where you left off was about a minute until next Ad segment guess what ad on top of ads it’s ridiculous! You get a message or any notification and go to it guess what happens when you go back, ADS!!!! AMC needs to fix this ASAP! It’s so annoying I don’t even consider buying the premium that’s how irritated I am of amc , and from what I’ve heard premium is a waste of money!
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4 years ago, AMC App broken
Terrible app gone worse
I don’t ever go out of my way to write reviews for things, but I cannot help but write a review for this app. I can’t speak for the premium version, but the “free” version has absolutely gotten worse over the last few months. Commercials have increased in duration and frequency which makes this not so free anymore. I’m sure it is a ploy to get you to sign up for the premium version and/or AMC is not signing up enough premium subscriptions. Don’t dare think you can quit the app and come back to the same place you left off. Often times it’ll put you in the commercial break before the scene you were on, then as you are approaching the place you left off on, it’ll put you right back in the same place when you opened the app to continue your show. This will also occur if you try to fast forward to the scene you left off on. In summary, there are a lot of issues and I’m not sure if AMC even has the urgency to fix it as they will continue to make money off their busted app. I guess you’re better off watching the show live with less commercials.
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