AMC Theatres: Movies & More

4.8 (787.9K)
91.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
American Multi-Cinema, Inc
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for AMC Theatres: Movies & More

4.84 out of 5
787.9K Ratings
5 years ago, jaybeezy AN37
I have never had a problem with the AMC app. It is super helpful with finding any showtimes for any movie currently playing in any AMC theater. I’ve never ordered anything in the app just because I find it easier to order in person, but it is super easy to find some great choices in the theater, and it even gives you some combo options. I think that’s pretty cool, I love getting to see how many points I have left for my next reward, and how many points I have in total! Also I’m able to see my upcoming reservations. The app notifies me, when my screen is locked, about my movie pass (that I added to my wallet), letting me know show time is almost near and my pass is ready for when I arrive at the theater and I won’t have to hold the line to look for my pass. Super quick and easy to reserve the preferred movie of your choice, at your preferred time. The only problem I’ve had with the app, is that sometimes when reserving a seat, I get the image of A theater (that is supposed to look like the one the movie will be playing in) and I get the middle seat, for example, and then I get to the theater and instead of the entrance being on the left (how is showed on the image for the seats being shifted to the right side) the entrance is on the right (and the seats are shifted to the left side). So then I’m not in the “middle” as I wished but it’s still close enough. Other than that little detail, the AMC app has a lot to offer and I am very proud to be an A-List member.
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2 years ago, LBPirate73
My daughter and I love AMC theaters, especially the one in Disney Springs Florida, and the AMC app is fantastic! From the wide variety of movies, theater options (Dolby, 3D, Digital, etc.) to the hassle free app, the amazing rewards system, the delicious treats including the Coca Cola Freestyle Machine, and the staff I’ve encountered I would rate every aspect of the experience 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. Thank you AMC for setting the bar high and always going above and beyond it. Above is how I felt about the theater but recently things have gone downhill. I love this theater however, lately the bathrooms have been filthy no matter what time I go, and, they run out of soap at most sinks and paper towels. Also, more often than not I have to clean our seats with my antibacterial wipes because there's food, popcorn (on and in the creases of the seat), sticky drinks, and greasy fingerprints everywhere. It's just disappointing. Lastly, the app is great but one issue I ran into was trying to get my payment to go through after my account was suspended due to a bank issue that I had fixed but no matter what I tried my payment would not go through and there wasn't anyone that could help me online or in person. Overall this is still my favorite theater but I just wanted to let AMC aware in hopes that things may improve. Thank you for your time.
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6 years ago, SLPYJO30
Super Conveniant
AMC is my “go-to” theater @ my local mall. I love reserved seating as well as the recliners. This app makes it that much more of a desire for me to go there, it’s pretty simple to navigate this app, it builds up points quickly leading to awesome discounts on whatever u choose, tickets, snacks/food etc. All I have to do is show the barcode on my phone to the ticket taker and I’m set! AMC has also proven to me to be so easy to work with, a sort of “no-hassle” experience. If you’re not satisfied at all, u get a refund no questions asked. If something comes up even minutes b4 the show starts they’ll refund you. Or.. if you’re @ the theater & for whatever reason you might want to exchange your time for another, and/or another time AND movie altogether, the customer service counter will gladly oblige. There’s also express service for stubs rewards members on the concession line, which is AWESOME. The one & only thing & it’s not a huge deal, is the fact that I can’t exchange tix for another time by way of the app, they’ll only simply refund ur $ and then you have to choose another show or time starting over. Hence why I said that at least they’ll offer more solutions inside theater. Highly recommend. It’s not that much $, & you’ll save a lot. The discounts are def worth the price!!
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5 years ago, Music2aSoul
Great service at a great value if you love the cinema experience.
If you like watching movies and watch at least one a month this will appeal to you. Just make sure there’s a few AMCs within driving or public transport distance. Had the other monthly movie service whom shall not be named and it made me love going to the movies again but not prepared to shell out some dough for the magic of the big screen as often as I was going. Tried this out and loved it even at double the cost of the previous monthly service. Sure it’s only AMC theaters but they offer some great conveniences. The occasional busy movie day when I’m not really trying to go anyways is about the only issue I’ve experienced but being able to use other checkout services to see the movie with your stubs membership is quite the excellent workaround. Bravo AMC heads that worked that deal out! App is just ok but it does its job 95% of the time. The really busy times (understandable) the servers are slow I guess so it makes it a pain to buy a ticket but the workaround is a godsend. The service itself is the real star of the show and if you love watching movies the way they’re meant to be seen to get the full emotional umph! Then this will be a valuable membership for your entertainment buck. If you read this whole thing thanks. It’s weird nowadays to read this much of a review but thanks I appreciate it and I appreciate you. Sincerely a fellow movie lover. 📽🎥🎬🎟
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3 years ago, fl07291951
Dirty Theater
We attended a movie last week. In all the years I have been coming here, I have never seen such a filthy movie theater. I had to move peoples used popcorn buckets & cups to sit in our assigned seats. After sitting I looked around. Idiots who leave their trash rather than putting it in cans outside the door was in other seats & on the floor. Please do not have all the correct messages regarding cleanliness after opening from Covid. I realize all businesses are short handed because people are making more sitting at home. My expectation would be to show less movies & space the time of those movies to allow staff & management to at the very least pick up trash. Have disinfecting wipes at each movie entrance so we can wipe down the armrest. The crowds are small anyway & if this continues Covid or no Covid who wants to sit in dirty theaters. In the past a crew came to clean after the credits & it is not optional to only clean at the end of the day. What if restaurants had signage stating their expanded cleaning strategies & only cleared dishes & wiped the table at closing? I see no difference in my last experience at AMC. We are going back but if we continue will depend on how comfortable we feel in your theater.
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3 years ago, ru4real755
I wish someone would fix this app!
Every time we open the app to make a reservation, the date goes back to January 1 or else it jumps to a different theater. We also have other various issues as we are a married couple linked by entourage… one is with reward certificates. One of us has 2 and the other has 5 and yet, they jump back and forth and show under each other’s account. This is the same for bonus bucks that AMC has given out and we are often blocked from making our 3 reservation for the week once we both have seen 2 movies ( as if the system thinks we have seen more than 2 each). We both have iPhones with current software and the AMC app is updated on both as well… the issues we experience make no sense at all and started once we linked our accounts via the entourage feature. Trying to contact support is not an option if you need immediate support and I am a caregiver to a hospice patient so, I can’t sit and wait with a phone in my hand long term… We enjoy AMC but, don’t enjoy your app. I wish someone would take the time to investigate these issues as I am tired of having to drive to the theater to purchase tickets when the app should work…
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6 years ago, SPAM 1911
Great AMC app!!!
I’ve been using the AMC app for about five years now. I’ve never had any problems with this app and every time they keep adding new features a new features in new features it gets easier and easier and easier to use. Why are you somebody else’s Apple Watch I go through for somebody else to buy tickets at the theater that you’re actually going to go to. You just put in a middleman in between you and your theater and you’re going to spend even though you may not think you are you going to spend a little bit more money. I don’t believe that if you buy a ticket from the ticket vendor yeah do you actually get a cheaper price because a ticket vendor has his finger inside the pie and he’s going to want to piece of that ticket price of the vendors going to get it extra $.10 or four dollars on your ticket. Again AMC app is the only app you should use to buy tickets for AMC theater. And if you don’t like this app then maybe you shouldn’t be coming to an AMC theater watch a movie with people who enjoy the AMC theater experience and enjoy the app. Thank you again great Apt AMC keep up the good work I can’t wait to see what kind of features are going to be on the Apt in the future.
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4 years ago, Grigoryan
Great app, but I can’t share a film with anyone!
AMC does a great job of keeping track of tickets, points, and rewards on the app. It also not as buggy as it once was before. But seriously, when will there be a way to book tickets for myself and a couple plus ones under the three free movies a week benefit? Why not allow the ability to treat your friends and family to a movie once in a while? The more friends we bring, the more fun can be had. This would give non A listers a chance to join in on the movie experience, too. And for everyone’s sake, please remove the movies from the selection list if they don’t have any show times for my theaters. Countless times, I’ve selected a movie from the list to find that it isn’t even playing in my own city. I appreciate the posters and I understand how you want to market the movies, but how come when tapping on the movie showtimes when I select my theatre doesn’t give me that poster view and goes straight to showtimes? Personally, I think it’s a little premature to assume that if you’re looking at show times, that you automatically know what movie and showtime you want. It’d be more intuitive I think to limit the advertised movies to the ones you can actually book a ticket instead of the current set up.
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5 years ago, Brickmastercool
Great App
I love that my teenage son has everything he needs on the App when he goes to the movies. He just scans his tickets to get in. For concessions, he scans our STUBS membership to get size upgrades and redeem rewards dollars, then scans gift card(s) that are saved on the App to pay the remaining balance. I just purchase an egift card through the App and receive it electronically. Then I save the gift card on the App and he’s good to go. No need to bring cash. The stubs membership has also been worth it. We get rewards dollars that can be redeemed on the App when purchasing tickets or concessions, and you get size upgrades for concessions. The convenience fee is also waived when purchasing tickets through the App. We have saved so much money. The tickets are easy to purchase on the App as well. -And if for some reason you aren’t able to use your tickets, you can cancel all or part of the order up until start time of the movie. You get your full return quickly and without penalty. The one thing I would like to see added to the App is the ability to “re-load” the existing gift cards saved on the App. That would be great.
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6 years ago, Anonmom
Buggy &Requires excessive prompts
First time user of this app. Long time Flixster user. We also have a Stubs card. Upon trying to purchase tickets, received error message ‘Oops! Something went wrong...’ Selected the purchase button again and received the same warning. Then we were timed out and had to restart the purchase process from the beginning only to find our seats were no longer available -Because apparently the transaction did complete despite the error messages and zero confirmation that the transaction went thru. I don’t like being forced to check my credit card account to make sure we weren’t charged twice because the app never confirmed the transaction! This is BASIC stuff! Also, too many clicks to see what’s playing/times at a given venue. The initial screen giving information about the theater is more for the egos of AMC Executives - The customer wants to see the movie and times FIRST, not a corporate marketing spiel. We use these apps to save time, that point is lost on AMC. Also, favorited 5 AMC theaters, but can’t seem to get a filtered list set as my default view showing only those theaters. I don’t need to know about a theater 10miles away, I just want to launch the app and see what’s playing at my favorites. I imagine that option exists but I can’t figure it out, or because of a bug the setting/option doesn’t work. Appreciate they include run time and technical info for the theater/ presentation.
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4 years ago, Soundman245
loses tickets
Until recently I gave this app 5 stars, but recently it has been glitchy as others have reported, not allowing purchases, and today I went to check on an order for a few days from now and it wasn’t there in the app, the tickets were not displayed. Worried that I had forgotten to place the order, I checked my credit card statement and found a charge, then checked my email for the ticket confirmation, but nothing showing in the app. After a chat session with customer support, i was told to bring a pro out of that email, and that the tickets would show up in the app after the movie showtime. after. I got the sense that the rep felt I was being stupid for not knowing this. Hopefully I will not have a problem. BUT: I kept checking, and discovered that this happened at least once previously, and that time, I just thought that I had forgotten to place the order, ordered again, only to discover after the showtime that there were two sets of tickets displayed, the ones I used and the ones I wasted. Now I’m out over $90. Reaching out to customer service to see if they will help, but since it is well after the showtime, I’m expecting them to say they cannot help me. Really annoying and wipes out any savings I’ve gotten from being an A-list member. Moral: Don’t trust the app to track your purchases properly!
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5 years ago, WhySoSerious72
App Keeps Crashing
On October 3rd, your App has been crashing continuously when trying to view seats and purchase tickets to some upcoming movies this weekend, especially Joker which is now out. This (the app) also crashes when trying to purchase tickets and use my rewards that in my card but cannot be accessed thru the app if I want to upgrade my account or at least use my monetary rewards to discount my tickets. Been very frustrating and disappointing using this app for the last few days especially when I don’t want to wait in lines and save time just by using my phone. Otherwise your app rating would be 5 stars. And if you’re wondering what type of phone I have is the iPhone 8 Plus and has the most updated iOS software 13.1.2. And today I was able to update you app as well and still crashes. I also tried removing the app and reinstalling it and the app still crashes. Please help me fix this so I can have the ease of ordering tickets and upgrading my account thru my phone instead of dealing with customer service on the phone or in person at the movie theater. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Freelancerjourn
Still needs picture-in-picture functionality
The app still needs picture-in-picture functionality for the On Demand Library. The AMC Theaters app is, in part, a streaming app. Yes, you can purchase movie tickets on there. But of course it also has the On Demand Library where you can stream your rentals and purchses, which is great! That section of the app needs picture-in-picture functionality so the streamer can multi-task: continue to watch their movie while they do other things like check email or work in documents on their device. Please implement picture-in-picture functionality ASAP. Thank you. It’s been quite a disappointment to see that AMC Theaters still has not implemented picture-in-picture functionality for the On Demand Library portion of its app. If your developers aren’t sure how to make one portion of the app (The On-Demand Library part) have picture-in-picture capability, then you should develop a separate app just for users to stream the content in their On Demand Library. You could have one app just for punching tickets, buying food and drinks at the consession stand, etc. And have a separate app called AMC Theaters Stream (that would have picture-in-picture capability) and solely be for users to stream the content in their On Demand Library.
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3 years ago, mistawes
let me tell you, AMC hits all the feels. It’s a great spot to take your kids for some family fun. When those kids grow up they’ll take their high schools dates there. Then when THEY have children they’ll take their little families there. So go watch a movie. That being said what’s it not is, it is NOT a vessel for hedge fund meat heads to illegally manipulate its share price to the point where poor AMC would have to file chapter 11, Force 30,000+ people out of a job, in the middle of a pandemic. I refuse to let them blockbuster the best movie theater business on the entire planet. It will be like a Phoenix rising from the ashes mark my words - I won’t even sneak candy into the joint anymore. I’ll buy those goods at 700% give me one of each. I’m telling you right now, I’ll tell every girl I take there “nah you can’t share my drink, I’ll buy you your own medium.” I’ll head down to the arcade after the movie every night and throw pocket fulls of quarters in the air till the kids only wanna go to AMC for family vacation. I’ll switch my ENTIRE wardrobe to all AMC merch. Don’t mess with me Ken Griffin.
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2 years ago, GDS1980
Not user friendly
Below is a full description of my experience but the short version is if you are going to force people to only buy tickets on-line then you need to be able support that with out creating absolute frustration. AMC drives you to use the their on-line portals but when I tried to buy tickets on-line it would not allow me move forward with my purchase after selecting seats. I tried using the help window that did not provide any useful information. I tried calling the theater and was put through a recorded message and then let the phone ring for and extended period of time before finally telling me to call back later and hanging up on me. This forced me to download the app to finish the purchase. I only went through this because this was the only theater that was showing this movie and this was for a family Christmas outing. I am perfectly fine with doing purchases on-line. I do not want to be forced to download another unwanted app to take up space on my phone to watch a movie. Especially when I have normally have so many more options. I will be deleting this app immediately and I will be doing my very best to not use your theater in the future.
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5 years ago, Matatooie
It’s great but a bit clunky
For example, I added a gift card and that messes with the system in all kinds of ways. At first it worked great, but when I went to use it again it would only give me fifty cents off when I had a full 30 dollars left. After rebooting a bunch of times finally I found a number and got the typical run around you might expect. First place I got said I had to call gift card, gift card said they have nothing to do with the app and to call customer support (which is who so was talking to at first). So the reconnected me back to customer support who told me I needed to call gift card. This time gift card validated I had the money and I convinced them to stay on the line. Then the customer service guy actually checked my account and presto, between gift card being validated and my account being checked the gift card started working. But it took 45 minutes for it to happen. Long story short, don’t use gift cards and you’ll be fine. Everything else works awesome and it’s an unbelievable price and deal. I try to spend money on concessions because I want this deal to continue and never go away!!
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6 years ago, Brandon (Dohjutsu) Kimbrell
Great replacement
I used MoviePass when it first came out and it was wonderful. I bought it knowing that the way their business plan was set up, eventually I knew I would no longer want it. Just as suspected they began changing their plans without notice and not allowing you to keep your “grandfathered” plan. So eventually they changed so much I decided it was time to move on. Luckily AMC is pretty much the only theatre I go to and they came out with a deal similar to the beginning of MoviePass. I hope that this does not change as MoviePass did and I do think it’s possible for them not to change. So far I am enjoying the app with no issues and you are allowed 3 movies a week with the reset happening each Friday. The App is easy to use and the interface looks great. The only downside is that it took me a minute to find the synopsis of movies when clicking into them. Just a heads up if you are still reading this, you find it after clicking on the movie, then push the arrow pointing up that is near the bottom of the screen. So far, well done AMC, well done.
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2 years ago, TclOC
We love AMC Premier
A few years ago I didn’t even know what ‘AMC premier’ was and now I wouldn’t know what to do without it! Back then it was given to us free to try out bc of a major mess up whereas we waited an hour for a movie that we went to see & it wasn’t playing right. After that, we tried out this so-called AMC Premier and we/I fell in love with it! Ever since I get it annually! It’s so awesome bc you accumulate points for every dollar you spend and basically you’re almost always getting something free, or $5 off movie tickets, food, drinks etc. Its even got automatic upgrades to the sizes of drinks, popcorn that you order, plus who doesn’t like getting at the front of the line? You're always at the front of the line with ‘AMC Premier’ no matter what & you’ll also get waived fees when you order tickets online. I especially like that on my birthday a couple of times now they gave me freebies ‘must be actual bday’ you put the date in your online profile so there’s no cheating. All of this for only $15 a year, really!!
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2 months ago, lmauesby
No support at all
I used vouchers from my job to purchase tickets through the AMC app and paid the convenience fee. When the party we were with saw that we wouldn’t make it to the movies in time that particular evening we all decided to refund the tickets and go another night. Because mine was done with 2 vouchers I was apparently supposed to go through different steps however, following those steps took me in a circle every time, and when I tried to call for customer support, I kept getting a machine that wasn’t helpful. I even looked them up and called the corporate office followed the prompts through multiple avenues and still kept getting the machine. once I received voicemails by just pressing random buttons through the employee search option, I left a message on two different peoples voicemails and no one called me back. Since you can’t get the refund after the movie starts I just went ahead and did a regular refund request. they ended up refunding me the convenience fee, but no one thought to refund me for my vouchers. Obviously I paid more than four dollars for two movie tickets. no one thought to reach out to me so I do not plan to order tickets through them or support AMC again when they can’t even pick up a phone.
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5 years ago, Jbob198762
Better than MP despite limited locations and pricing
My wife and I purchased MP this summer and loved it; however, after they were bailed out and restructured due to growing so quickly— we fell out of love with them and wanted something different. In steps AMC and their program (twice the price of MP) but worth at least that much in value, if not more. We get to see any type of movie in any format (IMAX, 3D, Digital) 16 times monthly and skip all the lines. If we just went to the movies that could easily be a value of $384 for our family that we get in exchange for $40 monthly ($20 each). Seeing 4 movies each week isn’t always possible be we see at least 4 and our value for money spent on the pass is eclipsed by the time the 2nd movie of the month ends. The only improvement I would hope for are simply selfish to ask for but hopeful nonetheless; something like for every 50 movies you see you get $10 dollars to spend at the concession stand. We are very happy customers and would suggest anyone on a budget with a love for the cinemas to consider this pass.
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3 years ago, Mr. 3hree 7even
AMC the experience
Think about conversations that have yet to happened. The moments that took your breath away, made you shriek or just burst out loud with laughter. This can only be experienced with a bunch of strangers that for that moment share it as one, as humans yearn and can only be brought to you by movie theaters. These moments with friends, family and even first dates can only be experienced by theaters like AMC. Streaming at home is ok for shows and big worthy days. However for true human memories being experienced, like friends going out on the twin for a good laugh or scare, or parents out with their kids watching their kids stare at the big screen in awe as future heroes win their little hearts over, let us not forget those first dates from your teenage years to adulthood which will forever be engrained in our thoughts can only be brought to you by the movie going experience. Streaming is good and is here to stay it has become the new “norm” of watching TV, but For those moments that will last a lifetime. AMC
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1 year ago, Tamaraj2007
The app has many benefits that I’ve come to appreciate. My fav is being able to literally buy tickets at the last minute as I stand in line to enter the theater and after the previews have already began. The kiosks at the theatre will now sell you tickets once the previews start! As you can tell I’m a last minute late comer. That’s my style and how I roll. So if you’re spontaneous and live on the fly like moi! this app is just a perfect for you as it is for those who are uber planners who buy their tickets days in advance! App is super easy and user friendly. But tickets in two steps! Also love how it easily keeps track of your rewards! It also has a cool history so you can go back a see all of the movies you watched and likely forgot that you saw! Also the App is super easy to refund your tickets if you change your mind! Using your rewards are super cool. Order food in advance and easily use rewards to pay for all purchases in 2 clicks. Enough said…! If you’re an AMCer Get it!
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5 years ago, CorBell025
Everything Moviepass wanted to be and MORE!
After buying in for a full year of Moviepass, seeing how convenient it was, then watching it quickly spiral downwards (the last 5 months of my annual subscription proved worthless, as I went from having 15-20 shows to choose from per day to ZERO, but I couldn’t get my money back), AMC’s A-List program and the corresponding app are light years beyond what I had hoped Moviepass would ever be. Not only do you have the option through the program to see movies in ANY format, but you can use the app to book in advance (I’ve had my Captain Marvel tickets reserved for a month now), order food, AND you get more promotions through it! The only thing I wish was available is the ability to link accounts so that my SO and I can book tickets together/for each other, but that is not a necessity at all. Overall this was the best decision I’ve made in a while regarding movies, and the AMC app has helped make the experience that much better!
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5 years ago, A-List C
A list AMC customer
Overall I really enjoyed being an AMC customer. I really think a list is worth it from cost to benefit ratio. My only negative feedback I have is in regards to customer service. I called AMC back at the beginning of March with regards to avengers endgame tickets. I inquired about win tickets were being released at a specific location. I was given a date which I saved in my phone so that I could be prepared to buy my tickets. However the customer service representative gave me the wrong date and on the day that tickets were released the app and website along with all phones shut down because of the overwhelming desire to buy tickets. I wasn’t upset about the fact that everything shut down (though I do think AMC could plan better for major movie openings like avengers), I was upset because had I been given the correct date I would’ve just been the theater to buy my tickets in person. I have very high standards for AMC because AMC has set themselves apart and always delivered. I have never heard back regarding this though I’ve tried to reach out.
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2 years ago, ShinW54
App suddenly won’t work anymore
I downloaded the app and became a a-lister a few months back and for the longest time I had no complaints. The app worked totally fine. Then it suddenly stopped working, giving me the “Oops an error has occurred” message on every tab. I now can’t buy tickets or do anything on it at all. The only thing that seems to function is my barcode. I check it multiple times a day and it’s only randomly fixed itself on a few rare occasions. It started about 4 weeks ago, just after the most recent update at the time. I’ve deleted and redownloaded it, still won’t work. I know it’s not my Internet because every other app works and my phone is fully updated. I can’t even seem to use the desktop version either as an alternative, which bugs out and gives me a error message every time I try to order tickets. Every other website works just fine except for amc theaters. I’m at the point where it’s nearly impossible to buy tickets without having to physically go to the theater which is extremely inconvenient. This is incredibly disappointing because I was truly enjoying the app and I love my a-list membership. This needs to be fixed asap.
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5 years ago, filmfan087
Very convenient
We were Movie Pass members who have switched. There are 4 AMC theaters in our area. 2 have reserved comfort seats in all theaters. The other theaters do have stadium seating and more theaters that show more than the current most popular movies. One also has an IMAX theater and all have at least one theater with 3D. I like the convenience of ordering tickets ahead of time so that we are assured of seats. We have been members for 2 months now and are enjoying our Alist membership. As a retired couple, we usually go to week day matinees that are less crowded. We have actually seen at least one movie in each of the 4 theaters, including IMAX and 3D. We’ve always enjoyed the popcorn and do like that they have specials on concessions. The serve yourself fountain drinks offer lots of choices. Theaters seem to be clean. We did have a small problem with a wet seat on one occasion but when an employee was notified, he brought in paper towels to dry it.
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6 years ago, Frank Row
Better but still not working well
I had the AMC app about a year ago and it was trash to be honest. Nothing worked right, it was buggy and would crash and would not let me sign in. I just downloaded it again today and I must say it's better. I can log in well, I like the touch ID, not as many bugs experienced yet. There was one when trying to see the rules of their new promotion and it wouldn't load well and gave me an error. As for logging in, that worked well. But...I will view/see I'm a AMC Stubs Insider member and I can see all my stubs info. But when I try to by a ticket today it would not apply my ticket Tuesday deal ($2 off). Also, when I tried to sign up for the tickets for a year promo and buy a ticket it did not see that I was stubs member and tried to make me sign up for a whole new account & stubs membership. There was no way to sign in or show the app I was a stubs member and to apply the proposal EVEN THOUGH I WAS ALREADY SIGNED IN AND IT SHOWS ME MY STUBS INFO!! There needs to be a way to connect/make this all work together and the STUBS INFO can be seen and applied throughout the app. Thanks.
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2 years ago, EisbrecherFan
Could be 5⭐️…
As an AMC A-Lister, I use this app a lot. Everything about this app makes my theater going process easy. I can see everything playing at my local AMC, pick my seats, and order foods and snacks even before leaving the comfort of my own home. I also like the ease of being able to use my A-List privileges at at other AMC theaters in any State. What prevents this app from being a 5-star app, for me, is that it does not function with WiFi. I get an error message that says “Error connecting to AMC Theaters. Please check your internet settings and retry.” My internet settings are fine. Everything else works. I even get this error message when connected to the WiFi at AMC Theaters! I then have to turn off my iPhone’s wifi settings before using this app. Normally, this isn’t such a big deal. But, I depend on WiFi at home as my area’s cell service isn’t that great. Once I have WiFi switched off, I can use the app as intended, albeit slowly. Please fix this, developers 🙏🏻
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1 year ago, rkh1971
Help Needed
My parents are in their early 80s and both use walkers and are on oxygen. The lights were dimmed when we got to the theater. I was able to navigate and get both of them to the third row of seats. The theater was extremely cold and went to the front desk to ask if they could adjust the temperature. I was told that the temperature was controlled from an outside vendor. Everyone in that theater was cold. It is ridiculous that they have no control over adjusting the temperature. We watched Avatar and at the end of the movie everyone vacated the theater except us. We watched the end of the credits and I kept waiting for the lights to come on. We sat for 10 minutes. I finally turned the flashlight on my phone and was able to get them down the stairs but it was a challenge. The lights were still not on when we exited the theater. Again I was told they had no control over turning the lites on. My parents and I both love going to the movies. But it is apparent that we know have to pack blankets and flashlights to go in with us.
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6 years ago, Ktfield
Usually works great!
I have never had any problems with using the app and Have found it very user friendly...until today. I ended up calling customer service because it would not allow me to sign in for some reason...apparently there was a glitch on their end...and it was so frustrating! I tried numerous times to sign in because I need to be signed in to purchase tickets (to not pay the processing fee) and it kept saying invalid account info. So, I reset my password and tried again, but it still wouldn’t work! Then I thought my membership needed renewing so I tried that and it said there was already an account with that email...anyways, after hours of trying, giving up, trying, giving up and finally calling customer service, it let me reset my password and sign in!! I am not due to renew until the end of next month and I was able to purchase Incredible 2 tickets!! Took forever, but the problem got fixed and you can’t expect no technology issues ever, right?!?
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5 years ago, Jordan McClain
Love it! (w/ a couple suggestions)
For years I used Fandango to purchase my movie tickets. Once the theater in my hometown changed from Carmike to AMC, AMC reeled me in immediately with their A-List program. I then found out that AMC had their own app and since becoming an A-lister and using the app to book my showings, I can't imagine seeing a movie in theaters any other way. The app is simple yet detailed and easy to understand. My only suggestions involve setting reminders for upcoming releases for when tickets go on sale in the app. I'm the kind of moviegoer that purchases tickets as soon as they're a concert experience. I'd love, if in the app, there was a second screen somewhere under the "See A Movie" heading that allowed me to look at only the movies I've "set a reminder" for. Also, I don't think there's a ton of "reminding" with the set a reminder feature. I wish the app would send a push notification as soon as tickets go on sale for the film. Overall though, love the app!
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3 years ago, peters2711
Another glitch with seat availability
I had selected seats in the back row, 3 all the way to the left and then 2 seats towards the middle/right side. When someone is actively checking out, the seats they select appear as unavailable since they have already selected them and are checking out. I’ve tested this in the past when purchasing seats at the same time as friends/family while on the phone; where the seats they’ve selected are unavailable since they were checking out. Anyway I was about to complete the check out when an error message popped up claiming that the 5 seats that I was purchasing were unavailable despite obviously being available since I was able to select them. Then I went back to the seating chart and those EXACT 5 separate pairs of seats were showing up as unavailable. So I’m assuming that now those seats are going to be empty since it thinks someone purchased them when really it was just me since I already had them to purchase. So thanks to AMC those 5 seats in the back will be open but unavailable. Congratulations AMC, you played yourself once again. Have nice day.
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5 years ago, ManicPixi
Perfect Plan
I absolutely love being able to go to the movies every week! As a full time RAD Tech student, I’m bogged down with clinical, class, studies and then work. Being able to escape once a week helps to refresh my mind and keep me sane. Some weeks I only get to see one movie but then others allow for 2-3. It’s worth it regardless. I love AMC theatres and always have. The newly built Dolby theatre in Homestead, PA is superb! I Love the recliner seats there, in fact, I would say that my only complaint is that there aren’t more theatres in our area with the recliner seats. Thanks AMC for making it easy and enjoyable to go to the movies again! I appreciate your openness about the changes in pricing recently and your plans for going forward. After my experience with that other movie pass plan it’s a relief to see honesty and transparency in a well thought out system that benefits you as the company and your patrons! I tel people about it all the time!
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7 months ago, cooll cats
Fix the app
Why is it always trouble with the app? Every time I go on here very much throughout the year I always have malfunctioning. Why is that? You guys don’t regularly check your guises app to fix it so you have no glitches to make sure you guys updated exit every like week or every month or whatever you guys do to make sure it’s always up and running late today I had problems and it’s Tuesday. September 19, 2023 I was having problems with the app I don’t have everyone’s having it but I’ve been having problems and error error error error and finally it came back up after after so many tries. You guys got a fix it so if you don’t have errors or at least do something about it, this is Doable because you’re only trying to get tickets and you don’t wanna go out of the box add you’re too far I wanna make sure you get your C ahead of time this shouldn’t be happening so please just fix your app and regularly check it on a daily basis so you don’t have no errors in our problems with the app. Thank you so so much thank you so so much. Thank you thank you thank you thank you so so much.
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6 years ago, WallysWorldCo-Reviews
Very Convenient, Great Features!
I am an AMC Stubs Rewards member and there are a couple of AMC theaters near where I live, so it’s very convenient for me to be able to book tickets for movies in advance, browse showtimes, or redeem rewards right from within the app on my phone! The layout of the app is pretty easy to navigate, and one of my favorite features is that it logs the history of all of the movies I have seen at AMC theaters over the years with movie pictures and the dates I saw them. Even though I collect physical ticket stubs too, it is pretty awesome to have a digital collection where I can look back and remember outings I had and what dates I saw a certain good film. If you have a good AMC theater near you that you love going to and are also part of their loyalty program, this app might be more direct for you than a 3rd party app. Overall, I’ve never had any problems with the app and really love the service! Thanks AMC!!! A++👍🏻👍🏻
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3 years ago, Porter Robinson
Thank you for the invitation to review..
Thank you for the invitation to speak about AMC. I believed then, as I do now, that AMC should be back stronger for everyone. I dreamed of watching movies on the big screen, especially for someone who is blind. AMC is a powerful provider of moving pictures, one that more than half of US households participate in. It all started in America by opening moving pictures to the mass public. I was born in America, a country with a system that was on the verge of collapse. At the age of five I went with my family to AMC in search of a better experience. I have benefited from all AMC has to offer and AMC’s mission to democratize moving pictures and has a very special significance for me. While others played games, i stopped to watch AMC in awe. Some people said the moon movies were out of reach. Others claimed it was not possible to get so much deep value from AMC.
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6 years ago, DJFRUSTRATED
Fix log in loop with latest update
I’ve used app for years and with latest update the app says my log in is not correct. I can log in online via browser and it shows I’m a premiere but in this clunky app it won’t let me log in. Says my email isn’t valid; but when I reset password it sends link to same email. Once I changed password it doesn’t stay logged in and doesn’t recognize my stubs info. But if I try to re-link my stubs acct to the app log in the loop says I’m already using the stub number and logs me out. Then try to log in again it goes back to saying my email isn’t a valid log in. Fix the freaking app!!! Update: Maybe coincidence or maybe a responsive app development CusSer group, either way the latest update fixed my login loop issue. I will say it’s a bit annoying how every update requires a completely new login as if I’m a first time user. The whole point of the timer print ID process is so I don’t have to remember my login info...but other than that the app seems to be back to its normal state.
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4 years ago, johnptrainerjr
Be careful with cancellation
I was very disappointed with the customer service I received when trying to cancel my A-List membership. They allowed my wife to cancel her membership, even though she canceled outside of their policy. However, they would not for me. They first stated that I could not cancel immediately because I was inside their 5 day window from my billing period date. When I told them my wife canceled hers in two days of her billing cycle, they quickly changed to the fact that I was already billed and they could not issue a refund. They stated that their system would not allow a refund. I find that surprising since there is an option in the app to request a refund. I talked to three different people and was not given any satisfaction on top of all my facts that I presented. They just kept on saying they could not help me. In my book, that is not good customer service. BUYER BEWARE!!!!
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8 months ago, It’s about the experience
Most user friendly app there is for buying advance tickets and concessions
The AMC theatre app is one of the most well designed apps I have ever used. It is lightening fast to book seats in advance and to buy concessions ahead of time so there is no waiting in line at time of arrival. I love that there is a separate area in concessions for Stubbs and A-list members to pick up their orders that have been selected to be ready at whatever time they choose. Tickets can be texted to a phone number or sent to apple wallet. Movie trailers can be watched through the app as well. I choose to stay logged into my A-list account and it makes it easy to book tickets within a minute or two! Love the app! Great job AMC! I look forward to seeing movies on your new LED Laser screens coming to all your theatres soon! Amazing experience and that’s what the cinema is about.
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2 years ago, Bigboss_sloth
App is Inoperable
Let me just say that I’ve been an AMC A list member since they started the program. I’ve also used this app since the program started and have never had an issue. In fact this app is what kept me with AMC because of how easy it was to use. I don’t know when this exactly started but a few weeks ago I was trying to open the app and the only thing that shows up is a text saying “oops an error has occurred”. I tried contacting them by phone but that hasn’t worked it tells me that no one is able to take calls. I also tried email and they provided no help but answers to questions that have nothing to do with my problem so don’t really no what to do except wait it out until an update comes soon or just cancel my membership all together and go with a different program.
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3 years ago, stevey ray's mom
AMC is the Best movie theaters
When your paying good money to see a movie and for the concessions, you expect a top tier, a-class experience to get the most bang for your buck. ENTER AMC, the Worlds largest and most successful Movie theaters! They have consistent quality in their popcorn, and I recommend extra butter! As that is truly American. THERE ISNT MUCH MORE AMERICAN THEN PIE AND A MOVIE. Not to mention, whenever I get a tinder date, this is where you go to impress them! And you can always cut a hole in the popcorn bucket, that’s the best part! Sike, the best part is hitting the sweet sweet arcade and tearing up some classic DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION or INTIAL D. Not to mention the claw machines feel rigged, in OUR FAVOR. Seriously, go see a movie, these people work hard to keep it clean and sanitized for your safety. And take your time on the way out, last weekend I found a Samsung ssd full of nuclear codes! Chaching, hello, is this the Gremlin?
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5 years ago, MaKaleeBear
Love it Hate it Relationship
I love the ease of ordering tickets and going thru the ticket taker with the app. I love the recliners too!! A few unsettlingly things are: The men’s bathroom is always nasty even when it’s the 1st movie of the day let alone later in the day. I dropped my keys in the recliner and the Manager came in to help me find them. He lifted the recliner which is hooked together with the other recliners and there was 5-6 inches of popcorn, trash and believe it or not there was a syringe with a needle under the one recliner...I hope it was just for a diabetic but I was grateful I didn’t reach under there without looking 1st. And lastly, whenever I’ve had a problem, Eric the Manager doesn’t give 1 crap about fixing it or making it right...But I’m am A-Lister and the private line at the concession stand is nice and the discounts are great!! Downside is calling AMC Customer Service...they are horrible to deal with and are very RUDE!!!
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4 years ago, Vaughnigan
AMC App is primo!!!
As an A-List member, I cannot accurately describes to you the joy I feel that this program has come into my life. The app is great! It lets you reserve your seat(s) and even order food. It also produces an e-ticket for you so you can scan it at the theater for entrance. You can also add that e-ticket to your Apple Wallet in your iPhone. The only thing I don’t like is that if you hit the back button, after you’ve selected your seat, the app will still think that someone is about to reserve that seat...but it doesn’t register that it is you who did that, so you think that seat isn’t available anymore, but it still is! You’ll have to wait about 3-5 minutes for the hold to clear out and then go in again and reserve it. I hope they fix that bug soon. Other than that, a great app. Wouldn’t want to go back to the days of using the kiosk or ticket counter.
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5 years ago, Mike D1223
Great App But There’s Some Glitches
Very easy to use interface and the showtimes are accurate as well as descriptions for movies and services. Works flawlessly with AMC Stubs and AMC A-List memberships. Two things however... when ordering accessible tickets for Dolby Cinema and Dine-In Full Service the seating chart is not accurate which has made issues with other ticket holders. The seats simply do not exist in person yet does on the app (Note: An AMC staff member has been quick and helpful to fix the error). Lastly, it would be great to be able to order food and drinks within the app in general and not exclusive to certain areas. Sometimes the food and drink process takes a while and runs into the movie even when getting there 20-30 minutes early. Getting a jumpstart to the process ahead of time would impact customer and employee experiences greatly in my opinion.
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5 years ago, Caroliso
No stress ticket purchases
The AMC app is the easiest thing ever. I go there first when I want to buy movie tickets, and if the movie theater is playing at an AMC theater I’m there. I can even purchase a ticket or more if I’m not sure who is going because as long as you cancel before the movie starts you can get your money back. Another feature is the ability to buy snacks and have them delivered to your seat. I do that occasionally but the part where they text you when your order is going to be delivered doesn’t quite works so well. Plus you’re charged a delivery fee which I’m not sure is worth it. But if you don’t mind the fee and you don’t mind waiting until the snacks appear, it’s convenient. It would be better if you could order in advance and pick it up at the concession stand at a certain time. But all things considered the app is well worth it.
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2 years ago, Zman2427
Best theater ever
AMC theater what can I not say bad about this company. This company gives you one of the best experiences ever made if you compare any other theater like Harkins and fatcats you won’t get anything as good as AMC. AMC is going above and beyond for there customs starting with the one thing any movie theater doesn’t have. A movie subscription yes you heard me right a movie subscription for just $20 bucks a month you can see three free movies a week for one person with free large popcorn refills. So say if you see a movie twice in one week your subscription is already payed for. For just $9 a movie going twice in one week will already have payed for the subscription for full yes it’s $20 bucks a month to see three free movies a week. You guys better get this subscription now because your already missing out on something huge.
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5 years ago, SkyGuard-X
Almost perfect
What you want from a service app overall is for it to work and be quick about it. The amc app for a-list stuff and ordering food works flawlessly and scheduling a movie is simple and very user friendly. Some quality of life updates I’d love to see are: 1. A way to view ALL “ticket stubs” of past movies you’ve seen. This creates a sense of collection and memories. Each time you go to the movies it’s an experience. Being able to look back at all the great movies you’ve seen also reinforces the value of a-list. 2. There needs to be more accuracy with the coming soon section. There are so many times a movie will day opening this week and when I look into the movie the REAL release date is 2-3 weeks away. Just post the actual release dates not the one for a special screening in L.A. or NY, it doesn’t make sense for the average user. 3. A-list is great but I just wish there was a family plan at this point so me and my wife could just simplify the process of reserving a movie on one phone. 4. Lastly I think AMC should enforce the same standards for every theatre. I don’t go to my local theatre because they don’t have reserve seating, signature recliner chair, or Dolby. Instead I have to drive 25 miles away to get those perks. Would be great if all the theaters we’re treated as nice as others. Overall though I enjoy the app just want a few changes.
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2 weeks ago, ShaBrown718
The Sliders
Went to the AMC theater at Bay Plaza and it was clean, comfortable and cozy as usual. I preordered my food along with my tickets so that my food will be ready once I get there. My movie started at 6pm and I received a text from the concession stand letting me know to come to the concession stand at 6pm to pick up my food which was 2 orders of bacon cheeseburger sliders with curly fries and a large drink this was a combo for me and my daughter. Well I must say, those bacon cheeseburger sliders were absolutely horrible! There was too much cheese, barely had bacon and the meat portion was not warm/hot at all! Although I couldn’t see exactly what the meat looked like but it tasted as if it was raw! The curly fries and soda was alright but I noticed they gave a tremendous amount of fries I guess to compensate for those two little nasty sliders. I didn’t see the pizza on the menu because I would have certainly got that instead. Won’t be buying that ever again….heat/cook your food properly people!!!
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4 years ago, Fal_Move
I’ve always believed in Cinema, yet over the years I became disenfranchised with the soaring prices for these films. Of course I know production costs for movies have increased exponentially, but unfortunately the high prices being charged at theaters across the country are corrupt! Because if this I used pirated websites for most of my viewing until MoviePass came along. Say what you will about their business strategy, but without them, we wouldn’t have AMC A-List. And for that I thank them. I like AMC well enough to say that I’ve never had a poor experience and I continue to use AMC over Regal for my own personal reasons. I also choose AMC over CMX because I feel CMX and similar competitors are simply interested in revenue and not film. AMC may not be perfect, and some may even argue that Regal is more in tuned with what real Cinema is about. But at this moment, I have nothing bad to say about AMC.
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3 years ago, juliedno
Use the App, skip lines, and join the club
I’m a teacher with 13 & 15 yr old boys; summer movies, especially on $5 Tuesdays, are a staple of our summer. While waiting in a super long concessions line, I read up on the perks of their Stubs club. It. Is. So. Worth it!! Pays for itself! So, with the App, I purchase everything (including choosing seats & buying popcorn) from home. We park, walk past the ticket line, the attendant scans my phone, we skip the concessions line while picking up pre-ordered / pre-paid popcorn, and head to our seats. Means that we can arrive 5 min before the showtime and still be good to go. The only thing I am surprised they haven’t fixed is that if you lose connection (or close the app) while trying to pay, it doesn’t release the seats you were trying to purchase the first time through.
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