American Idol - Watch and Vote

3.4 (1.7K)
72.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for American Idol - Watch and Vote

3.36 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Juanian
Problems saving votes
I needed to enter my votes three times before they were saved. The first time, I hit the Save Votes button and it just dimmed and gave no acknowledgement (when I went to the Video tab and back to the Votes tab, my votes were gone). The second time, I hit the Save Votes button and the whole window ‘paled’, like a thin white piece of paper was over it (and when returning, my votes were gone again). The third time I entered my votes, I received the Thanks For Voting acknowledgment, and my entered votes were remembered. (At least I had written down my votes before initially entering them.) And why does the Apple App Store show reviews from two years ago (and not note that it is from an earlier version)?
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2 months ago, LordStoner420
Not a good app right now
It took a few times of opening and closing the app to get to the log in screen, then once I got there, it took a couple times for me to be able to sign in. Once in, the design of the app needs work, put clips into categories by episode. Then it would be helpful if you could choose any contestant (like you can right now and get their social media) and have all their performances in one place under those links. Not sure why “Fan Feed” is there but if you can add a chat where ALL signed in users can comment while voting is open that would be cool. Also if we can get notifications for when the show is gonna start and when voting opens that’d be cool. Also if we get widgets that would be cool.
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5 years ago, SuburbanActor
iPhone 6 Plus - app just crashes on start even after reinstall & reboots.
Worked first time I downloaded & voted. Now, second episode to vote and won’t do anything. Soon as I started app, AMERICAN IDOL logo with ABC underneath comes up with all its animated shooting stars. App then just crashes & home screen appears. Tried repeatedly to delete, re-download, reboot, you name it. All same result. Sadly, I guess I can’t vote to keep my favorites going forward in the competition. Simply to complicated to text or call in votes so I guess you’ve lost a fan’s votes. So unfair to these incredibly talented performers putting it all on the line each week to achieve their dreams. Disney & ABC...shame on you not fixing this app & having it in the pristine shape the performers are in. They deserve so much better...& you should be delivering in spades like they do to support them. FIX IT!!
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5 years ago, ucorn16
Glitchy after the show is on
I love this app and all, but there are a few things I want it to be fixed. The first thing is, after you see all the contestants on TV and you might’ve missed a few you try to get on the app to see the people you missed and it loads for a second but then it glitches you out of the app. I asked some friends to try to do the same thing and they said the same thing happened to them. But what I like about this app is that the voting is super easy you just click a few buttons of how much you want them and then save your votes and you’re good! This is a great app but it can be better.
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5 years ago, delighted316
Good app but slight issue
Great app I’m able to vote and keep track of my favorites but as of Today it started not even going past the Load screen even though earlier today it was working fine. Starts loading up and then quits. Quite frustrating hopefully it gets fixed before next week.
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3 years ago, Flyinjeep
American Idol App
I’ve downloaded and deleted this app 3 times. Wanted to have it just for a way to cast mor votes. I’ve read where people have had problems with this app. I can’t get it to even allow me to sign up. I fill out everything but it won’t progress past the sign up page. Three times downloading app with several attempts signing up each time to me is a joke. App definitely needs work. With so many people having complaints I would think they would fix it or give up. I won’t waste my time trying again. I’ll just keep texting my 10 votes for my contestants. To be able to cast more than 10 would be nice but.
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4 years ago, nangorgey
My favorite Show
I love American Idol ! It is my favorite show ever. My sister and I stay in the phone with each other the entire program! We are being judges also. We have a lot of fun. We love all the judges also! This show brings us some excitement and at a time like this, everyone needs good entertainment. Thank you, Betty House,Alabama
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6 years ago, big red 1959
Idol 2018
I have been watching Idol since it’s inception and this by far had the best singers. My pick is Caleb, who has such an awesome voice. I love traditional country and he sure sang that. Maddie was good and congrats to her on her win. Didn’t think the judges would be good but they were. Can’t wait to hear Ryan say “This is American Idol” for the next new talented contestants! Darlene Allen
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6 years ago, Macdaddybill
ABC now has your personal info
I’ve been doing technology since DOS and this is the worst written app! No less than 7-8 steps to sign up through ABC via Facebook then confirmation through parent company Disney. Trust me you be getting Disney vacation offers through your email and who knows what other personal info they now have. Clicking decline on emails means nothing they have your info to market now. Great way to ruin something fun. And my wife’s version for voting looks different than mine and we downloaded at the same time!
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6 years ago, spinchguy
The app works great.
I don’t understand why people are saying the app doesn’t work. It works perfectly 100% of the time. The app isn’t broken. Great user interface. I would recommend this app to all my friends and family. The app doesn’t appear broken. No problems at all.
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4 years ago, thisfannothappy
Never comes back from commercials
I can never get the show to come back after commercials. Every time it starts a commercial it leaves 2 seconds on the show, so when it does come back it shows 2 more seconds then restarts the commercials. It normally takes me 3-4 hours of trying to watch the show to get through the whole thing. They only way to get it to sort of work is to close the app at every new commercial break and restart it. It’s honestly the worst.
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5 years ago, no voting access
Need an apt that works
I can’t seem to get this app open to tonight so I missed voting. I also don’t like the new system of having to watch the show and vote. I usually have to work late, so I tape the show and watch when I get home. Voting should last till at least midnight or later. This is limiting who can vote. Also some of my older friends liked it when they could call in. Not everyone has a smart phone or comfortable using it to vote. Votes just should ‘t be limited to only some. Sad I missed voting...
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5 years ago, RawleyMac
App keeps closing
I love American Idol and love the ease of use with the app. Just wondering if I’m the only one having trouble with the app? I try to go into the app to vote, it acts like it is going to open and then completely closes the system overloaded? Is it my phone? Is there a bug?
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6 years ago, Ada Vox is Boss
Great app-no doubt.
I honestly have no idea why people say it doesn’t work. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with it!! I have had this app for a while now, and I have never had a problem-truthfully. The American Idol app is a great idea, I love it, and there is no problems. And, if you are reading this, VOTE FOR ADA VOX!!! I <3 her!!
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2 years ago, lrhgnh
Love it!
American Idol is amazing! I totally recommend it! You can also vote on your favorites from the top 24 and down! Me and my aunt and mom always pick our favorite and vote 10 for them and the rest 3-7! Try it out and have fun!
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5 years ago, Dudley's Mom
App seems to have broken down
All was fine with Idol App until this morning. When I tried to open it, it closed immediately. I deleted and then downloaded - same problem. I did vote last night and am wondering if the app broke down. Otherwise I was enjoying it and was able to view past performances and vote. Sorry for the two stars, but the app isn’t working at the moment.
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5 years ago, Hannagusgus
Not only were my votes too late to be counted (there’s no way that Ryan was handed the last commercial break results) but the last commercial break was the ONLY time my votes went through. Then this morning I wanted to listen to an Idol’s song... no dice. The app won’t even load. It shows the logo, fades black, and closes itself. Crappy app. Will delete and vote via text which is what I should have done in the first place!!!
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4 years ago, this is hard to get a nickname
To young?!?!
Here I am sitting here try to make an account and when I put in everything it says your to young and then when I try again I can not but when I come to the App Store it says 4+ yo I was born 2011 I’m older then I need to be so now I have to do it one my moms phone you might be thinking that sounds fine but it’s not me and my mom always have different votes last season my mom thought one person was Worth 4 points but I thought it was 2 points so it’s a big diffrence
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4 years ago, fjdisodhvudowlcjkfw
Soooooo I accidentally put 2007 when it asked for my birthday when I was creating an account and I’m actually born in 2001. it says “you are not eligible to sign in or register here.” How do I fix that. Do I just wait or can I never create an account??
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4 years ago, ellagrace1234
Works great!
I think the app is awesome and I love being able to vote! I have had no problems with it and I’ve had it for a long time! Definitely should get it it’s totally worth it! Thanks american idol for allowing us to vote virtually!
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1 year ago, BFF 123456
I got the app thinking that it would be fun. But what happened was that I opened the app and tried to make a account and I filled out all the information and it said that I wouldn’t make a account because I didn’t fill out all the information I double checked it before I hit submit. So I deleted the app and redownloaded it to see if I could make a new account it wouldn’t let me though.
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5 years ago, Health Squad
Unfair Voting
The rules allow 30 votes. 10 online, 10 via the app, and 10 via text. After submit 20 online and via text, going to the app, you’re asked to log in, and then told you’ve already voted. This could change the outcome of this entire contest. Seems very unfair. My favorite (Laci) should have 10 more from me and 10 more from other family members. If it’s only 20 total - then say that, but if not, please fix this app ASAP.
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4 years ago, Queen of Cakes👸🏻🎂
Good App
This app is great and makes voting easy. However, it is difficult to create an account in the app. If the birthdate is accidentally put in as someone under 18, the app locks you out and doesn't allow you to make an account at all.
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6 years ago, Froggy girlie
This app is a mess
It took forever to set up an account, it redirects you too many times then once I was logged in, I voted for some of the contestants then was kicked out before I could save the votes. When I logged back in, all my votes were lost and I had to do it over again. When I tapped the “save votes” button, I had to prove I was not a robot!!!! SERIOUSLY?!!! I’ve never had this problem with the Voice app, not bothering with Idol again.
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6 years ago, Bringbacksimon
I can’t for the life of me understand why they let Trevor go and kept some of the ones they did. I know a lot about music and am very disappointed in all the judges and am frankly wondering if they have the musical knowledge To be judges on this show. I Am not impressed. I loved it in the beginning but I see so many mistakes! I am not even interested in watching anymore and not as big of a fan of judges as I was even as singers! Not good choices!!
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5 years ago, Rphcal
App won’t work
App would not even open all evening and still not up today. Tried deleting and downloading again and it still won’t work at all. It starts up for a second and then cuts off and goes back to my regular screen. Obviously, could not vote. I also think voting during the show and having the results the same night as a bad idea.
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5 years ago, jrlequine
Time and time again I tried to vote as I always had and I couldn’t get the App to work. I wonder how many other people had this same problem and how the viewers who could not vote may have changed the outcome of the eliminations. Personally, I believe that JERAMIAH LLOYD HARMON should NOT have been in the “at risk” group thereby causing the judges to eliminate him!!! And while I am mentioning the flaws affecting the contestants eliminations, I also believe the judges should be given MORE TIME IN WHICH TO DELIBERATE when a contestant’s future is so seriously affected! If these issues are not rectified by next Season, without a doubt, American Idol WILL LOSE a large amount of viewers....
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6 years ago, Hayefjd
I know this has nothing to do with the app, but I wish American Idol did a kids version because all of my friends and family say I can make it, but I’m 12.😢
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5 years ago, cmhoughton
Terrible for iPad!
The app doesn’t rotate from portrait to landscape orientation, yet the main screen is in portrait and the videos all play in landscape! It makes no sense, either do it one way or the other. Or, better yet, make it rotate no matter which way someone wishes to use the app, whether portrait or landscape orientation, they can. One star is all this gets from me. Really poor design. 👎🏻
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3 years ago, Lilly Natiler
Creating an account
When I have creating an account I typed in the wrong date of birth I was born in 2000 but I accidentally typed a one and it showed I was born in 2010 and now I can’t sign up. I even deleted the app and downloaded it again and it still doesn’t work. I hate it so please fix it.
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5 years ago, Elpheba#1
Crashing app
I agree with the first person. This app keeps on crashing so I can’t keep my favorites from going home. Let’s hope that redownloading it works. It’s a real shame because these amazing people are missing votes and some people are missing out in some great features in this app.
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5 years ago, Slotaddict6789
Does not work on phone
I have tried for days to sign in via my phone. No matter what I try it continues to reject my user name and password. I tried changing my password and the link they emailed me goes to error. I can log in and access American Idol on my PC with no issues. So why does the same log in info fail from my phone. This App is worthless.
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5 years ago, JoshDailyGaming
This app keeps failing to vote for each show
I had to deleted it and upload again to try to vote. If it keeps doing this every week, I will be done. Just counting with the good luck of my favorite ones to win.
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6 years ago, Edawg1214
Doesn’t work!
I sign into my account and it just keeps coming up to a blank white screen every time! I know it is the correct account information too because they sent me an email to verify it! But even that went to a blank white screen as well when I clicked on the like to verify! So frustrating!!
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5 years ago, Jesikahhhhhhhh
App crashed
App would not save my votes for Alejandro so I decided to to uninstall it and re-download it but now I can’t even download the app.
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5 years ago, Beenfield
Something is wrong
The app will not open completely. It opens, loads for two seconds, then closes. I deleted and reinstalled the app and it still won't open.
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5 years ago, Chelsey100
Best show ever
I’m in love with this show and they are not kidding that this is the BEST season yet. I love voting on this app and watching the videos. So easy and user friendly!
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6 years ago, Ashley Ann Wilson
This app is wonderful can you add past contestant content please . When its not working it’s because voting is shut down
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4 years ago, Peaceful77
Poor app
Makes me very sad that every time I try to watch via the app, that it crashes, freezes and just sometimes doesn’t work. I have to keep selecting the episode I’m trying to watch to get it to work. I hope it’s fixed soon.
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4 years ago, country kendall
Can’t sign in
I downloaded the app and created an account. I went to sign in and it says the info is incorrect so I went to re-create the account and it says you are not eligible to sign in or register here. WHY? Please fix this so I can vote
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6 years ago, my Atlantis
maybe it’s fixed
i didn’t have any trouble creating an account using my email and then logging in. idk about the “vote before they sing” comments but i’ll see on sunday when it airs. hopefully we get to see the performances before voting because that would be pretty ridiculous otherwise.
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2 months ago, H2Omac
I love the ease of using the app to vote, however I noticed in the 2023 season and now in the 2024 as well, that when there are 12 contestants and less votes are not accepted by the app. Today the app list Kako as a contestant and he was voted off last night.
Show more
5 years ago, Solo355
American Idol Please...
AI Please get your life together and make any and All bug fixes in order to have KATY PERRY telling people to Download the App. I hope you do so it’s not portrayed in a Negative light the game is fixed in someway
Show more
6 years ago, Laura jk
This app is great! So far I have had no problems and I don't understand why people say it doesn't work. Great app!
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2 years ago, happy151
Could not open
I wish my email and password would have been saved. I tried to get the email link. Not good. It has worked in the past.
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4 years ago, BlueSkysInCA
Can’t vote
I have tried voting and just like a review from a year ago, I have the same problem, the program freezes up. I can save my votes, but there is no way to SUBMIT them. I have deleted the app, Re-installed the app and the problem is still there! Disappointed to say the least!!
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5 years ago, Finnegan2018
American Idol app
I agree, it doesn’t work for me either. I thought it was just me and I have an I phone 8. Finnegan2018
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5 years ago, GrumpAlert
Unable to open app
I’m on the west coast and the only way to vote live is through the app. Otherwise I’m unable to vote. Please change the voting system so I can vote after watching the show instead of voting before I get a chance to watch. I went to vote today and the app closed as soon as it tried to open. 1/5
Show more
5 years ago, Addy_reviewer
It’s a little frustrating that when I went to open the app it didn’t open I deleted it twice, powered on and off my phone but it still didn’t work so I wasn’t able to vote. 😭😡😤 But other than that it’s pretty great 👍🏻
Show more
2 months ago, Rquintero66
What wrong with this app?
I was able to vote on Sunday. Then Monday came and we were told we needed to vote again to make the top 10. Unfortunately this app said the voting was closed. Why would this work on Sunday and Not Monday. Please fix so we can vote both days as instructed by Ryan.
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