Amharic - Language Guide

4.2 (6)
52 MB
Age rating
Current version
Daniel Teklegiorgis
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Amharic - Language Guide

4.17 out of 5
6 Ratings
7 years ago, Furyuri
Decent Amharic Resource
This is a decent app that has been getting pretty regular updates through the years. Far from a language course, it serves as a study tool that you can use during those "hidden moments" throughout the day. Considering the lack of decent Amharic learning resources out there, I am tempted to give this app 5 stars. However, I definitely see room for improvement and will leave that last star when I feel it's truly been earned. Great job though and thanks for helping others learn this difficult language.
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12 years ago, Nick J Nack
Great but
I really like this app. It is one of the few apps to learn amharic. I would suggest three things:1) Allow for sound per "letter"without having to narrow down to the group. 2) Have in the settings to allow users to choose if they want the English letters to help with the pronunciation ( i am trying to learn to read Amharic but having the english letters always makes me cheat, it is almost impoosible not to look at the English letters) 3) Add a quiz feature for the alphabet and words Besides these suggestions I think this is the best app to learn amharic
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6 years ago, Amhariclearner
Decent but missing components
The app has decent features but the selling features (puzzle and flash card) are missing. I probably wouldn’t have paid $5.99 if I knew that was the case
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12 years ago, ploni24
great app but...
I would like to say that this is the best app you could have in Amharic at the moment. I am very happy with it. but I would like suggest an improvement, the app has a lot of vocabulary, but sometimes when I want to know a word and I search it, the app doesn't have it. example; "cheat" , "mad" and many more. i have a dictionary it's not a problem for me to find these, but it would be nice if the author would add maybe 50 words a month to the vocabulary, it would grow and grow and in time it will even replace my dictionary one day.
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13 years ago, Ambessaw
I'm impressed
I have tried many phase books and computer program to learn Amharic over the years and this is by far the most interesting one. No book can help you if it doesn't keep your attention and if you don't have someone to speak with to improve. This app keeps my attention and allows me to hear what the words should sound like. My wife and daughter better watch out because now daddy will fully understand what there talking about very soon.
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13 years ago, Camila9907
Very useful... Needs verbs
I found the app very useful as far as vocabulary and phrases. It would be nice if it could have the basic root verbs since all the vocabulary won't help u unless you know verbs
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13 years ago, Bbbbbbbbo
The best thous far
This is the best app I've downloaded for amharic. I thank you for all the time and energy to make this for those who are married into a Ethiopian. And as stated by you their will be more updates soon, so I'm looking forward to getting the time, colors, and nice things to express to you wife/ husband in amharic translated. Sorry for jumping ahead, it's just all excitement. Thanks
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13 years ago, Maaarco
A great amharic app
Great interface, simple an easy to use, great variety of words, audio read by a nice clear voice. Would like verbs. But overall, more than pleased!!
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13 years ago, BigCR
Best reference Amharic app for learning..
The long list of words, phrases, and references is really useful for looking things up on the fly... Suggest version 3 have built in flashcards... That would be amazing!
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12 years ago, eyyg
Pretty good but there is 1 flaw
Awesome but the only thing is it only has 238 letters while the Amharic alphabet has at least 305
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9 years ago, Haile Fan
Not Working
I have had this app for several years and it has worked without fail until this most recent update. It will not open. Please fix ASAP.
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12 years ago, "Benny B"
Betam Tru
Helped out a lot when I went to Ethiopia on business. Still needs more work with the street slang and blending of words. Great app
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13 years ago, Syrsax
A start
It's fun to check on a few phrases and hear the pronunciation, but there isn't much more here. I hope there are a lot more updates to add to the very limited word and phrase lists. Please expand the health section.
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13 years ago, Jontabb
What a list of verbs!
Wow, this is a huge addition of verbs, a nice long list of verbs in the infinitive all I need is some help learning proper conjugation.
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7 years ago, Kelemrah
The best app
I downloaded app and found it amazingly organized, full content and self explanatory. No instructor needed to learn Amharic with this app
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13 years ago, R. Fletcher
Rare find
It is wonderful to find such a cool resource app for Amharic. Can you add some basic greetings and conversational phrases (e.g. "hello," "thank you," "yes," "no," etc.)? Thanks.
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13 years ago, Qal Ab
Very well done! Congratulation... I would recommend it for teachers and students alike!
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13 years ago, Kiyahen
Really I was so surprised,to see such a great work.I hope so my kids they will learn & they will love it.
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8 years ago, Real Hip
Best app to learn Amharic!!!
This has been the best tool so far for me learning Amharic! I finally can connect with my ancestors!!! Amhara/Tigari
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12 years ago, Ethio Beauty
Best App for learning Amharic. Period.
I updated. And I love it even more. Well thought-out app. Love it.
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9 years ago, McSturm
Won't open
After years of working very well, app suddenly will not open now- even after deleting and new download.
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9 years ago, fassile
Amharic for Facebook
Please don't by if you need for to read Amharic on iPhone. The advertising on Google says ' to read Amharic on Facebook' but it is not.
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10 years ago, Seth Niedermeyer
This application fails to open. Please fix!!!!
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12 years ago, Sewneem
So boring you could have made it a little interesting,amateur work my kids don't like it just a waste
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11 years ago, Cahola0
Won't stay open on my phone for more than 3 seconds. A lot of money for a bummy app. Extremely dissappinted
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13 years ago, nka528
Awesome app
Learned some new vocab! 😄
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13 years ago, ihgoieus
This app is amazing! Definitely a great buy!
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10 years ago, john316coco
No sound or interaction. Just a basic dictionary.
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12 years ago, jehiah
The latest update crashes and will not launch for me on iOS5
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9 years ago, Jakeden
Love it
My go-to app for Amharic.
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10 years ago, milialex31
Run away.
This app is just useless don't wast your money like I did.
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11 years ago, Kifle G
No sound
There is no sound for the Fedel.
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12 years ago, carters2712
Since update app crashes. Do not update!!! Please fix app ASAP!!!
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12 years ago, Moe 17
It iz amazing
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13 years ago, zrock77
Betam gobez
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13 years ago, Abelamossa
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13 years ago, Meheret
I am highly impressed with this pioneer amharic software. It can be used as a reference for adults or a teaching mechanism for kids. I really like to thank the software developer in his efforts to bring the sound of HAHU to the apps world.
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13 years ago, Cbne
This is the greatest app to help you learn and expand your Amharic vocabulary and the price Is good I can not wait for more update thank you so much I m really enjoying it!
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13 years ago, Hayden319
Great app
Very good! Much better and easier than Amharic Dictionary. Also cheaper too. Add more words!
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