Anchorage Daily News - ADN

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Anchorage Daily News, LLC
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5 months ago
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User Reviews for Anchorage Daily News - ADN

4.53 out of 5
302 Ratings
2 years ago, xyzeinsyevg
Disturbing advertising.
I receive the digital version of the ADN. I was up north for the last month out of internet contact. When I came back very offensive ads were showing up on my ADN feed. These ads were advertising some kind of gaming app with a blow up doll in a rather disgusting position. I tried to delete the adds which some advertisers allow you to do but instead it took me to their web page. I called the ADN to complain. Nothing had been done about the offensive ad as of yesterday. I do not consider myself easily offended. We do not have young people in our home. No one was in our home while we were away. Hopefully the ADN will remove these offensive & disrespectful ads & do a better job of screening who & what they allow to be run as ads in their digital copy.
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2 years ago, Atherton AK
Easy to read online!
I enjoy reading the E edition which looks the same as the print edition. The app is easy to use. I lived in Alaska for 30 years but moved Outside for healthcare reasons. I love keeping up with the Alaska News. I read it it cover to cover every day (except Saturday when it is not published). I enjoy that many of the articles are from the Washington Post so I feel like I am getting to read both papers. I love the outdoor articles on Sundays and the book review of Alaska authors. I recommend it especially if the print edition is not available and/or you want to save paper.
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3 months ago, pam 26
For many years said I wouldn’t give up my beloved print copy of the morning paper. After my robe it was the first thing I “put on” in the morning. But as you perfected this medium, and as my eyes changed, and as I got more interested in the puzzle page, and began to leave behind much of the dreary articles I fell in love with this e-version. I can make large copies of the puzzles for both me and my wife. And i can forward some of your more interesting articles to family members out of state. Plus you folks do a great job of keeping it very user friendly.
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11 months ago, Festus Mae
Review of software
I was reluctant to drop my door delivery of the ADN for a variety of reasons. I liked having the news paper to read, and I did not want to deal with on-line issues because I am elderly and have relatively little patience with this cyber world. However, I was traveling and wanted to keep up with Anchorage news. So I logged on. Whoever designed the software for the ADN did so with his/her grandmother in mind. It is slick. It is easy. It is portable. My iPad goes every where with me, and now so does the ADN!
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2 years ago, Gene Sanderson
As Great as Ever
I have lived in Anchorage a few times over the years and always enjoyed the Anchorage Daily News (ADN) paper. I recently moved back again and wanted to get the paper again. I decided to go with the internet version and the digital version is Great. Like reading the paper version without the paper. Love the coverage of local, statewide, national and international news. Also enjoy the Sunday comics still as great as ever. Keep up the great work and I will keep reading!!
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6 months ago, balance rolfing
Like having the real paper
I love that I can look at the paper in its print form on the screen. I live outside the delivery area so this is the only way I can see the paper. It has a beginning and end, unlike the endless news scrolls, and I get the comics to add some levity to all the bad news. I love ADN and this app is perfect if you choose to look at the print version. The “live news” version I completely avoid. Hate that with all the adds and such.
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2 years ago, AKSailor
This is my hometown newspaper!
Imagine how happy I am to have ADN as my local, hometown newspaper! Alaska is a state like no other and we need a high quality paper that supports first rate news gathering. ADN is that paper, and our family supports local news gathered by dedicated professionals. Thank you, ADN. Support YOUR local news. And yes, the app is great, too.
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1 year ago, Paiger69
Best of both worlds
I enjoy reading the ADN in a traditional newspaper layout. And they’ve improved the app over time to make articles more readable when tapped on. If I want breaking/current news before the paper is printed, I have that option too. No problems navigating either. Once in a great while, when I click on an article in paper layout, it doesn’t fully load and I have to close it and do it again. All fixed. They only problem I’ve encountered.
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1 year ago, Makkenai
What a disaster for visually impaired people
What a disaster for visually impaired people even after writing to them in email and annoucing the issue noone ever got back or addressed the issue, as a blind person using Voice Over is no way of getting around some apps are bad but this one tops it all. Cannot navigate through the menu's words and buttons arent not labeled and are unpronouncable. Then the annoying notification you get every day after midnight saying the news is available for. Today like we dont knowits a new day .. sorry but no good words for this app bad rating, dont use it if you depend on accissibility , mak
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2 years ago, Salmonater
Fits my reading style
I subscribe to three local news ‘papers’ (ADN, TST, NYT) and Apple News; this is my favorite iOS news app. I like to scan whole pages to visualize story layout, pictures, and content before diving in to read. The app is stable and loads content quickly, even when traveling in areas with reduced bandwidth. I recommend the Seattle Times switch to this app…theirs is terrible.
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2 years ago, BettyCFW
Anchorage daily news.
As a lifelong Alaskan,I love our newspaper the Anchorage Daily News. They continue to have great news stories .This paper owned by a moderate Republican Alaskan family , is always fair in presenting both sides of an issue. I appreciate this. Thank you for keeping me up to date on our Great land State.
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2 years ago, egranger
Improved Website
Over the years, I called ADN a few times to complain about the app and website. Now I want to congratulate ADN for an excellent app and a easy to navigate website for those of us who subscribe to the Anchorage Daily News online.
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1 year ago, Laurie1st
Digital ADN
Soooo much better than the hard copy version! No more looking for my paper, receiving it wet or call(s) to customer service. I enjoy doing the puzzles so I simply print them (without having to dry the pages prior to use). AND the cost is so much less.
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1 year ago, weedsport
Awesome Newspaper!
I enjoy traveling to Alaska from Florida a couple of times a year. I get ePapers from both Orlando and Anchorage. Do to both papers time zone differences and printings deadlines, I get more updated stories in the ANC Daily news than my local Orlando paper. Keep up the good work! JW Orlando, FL
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2 years ago, 77yankee
New online format
While I remain a loyal ADN reader, I wanted to give my two cents on the new format. It’s tough to read the article titles imposed over photographs - even with the white font and drop shadow. They would be clearer to read either above or below the featured photos. Compared to the old format, it feels too busy.
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2 years ago, Dawn907
New Format
I love the new format of the ADN. I enjoy browsing through the articles and photos. Other wonderful changes are all the positive and uplifting stories about our state and the amazing people who make up our community.
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2 years ago, Robert Hockema
Easy article viewing but poor interface
I like reading ADN articles on the app, but accessing articles that are more than just a couple days old is difficult. The search function only prioritizes very recent material, and i often want to follow up on information while i’m reading stories.
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2 years ago, Lune 27
Great App
Love the ability to look at the Paper version and pick the items you want to read and have them pop up on your screen. Great for guys like me that always read the paper copies!! Good job!!
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2 years ago, Power Mike
Enjoyable but with an irritant
I enjoy the app but when in Live News, after reading an article, the app returns to the top of the list of articles. That causes me to have to swipe back down to select the next article. This is not a major issue but it is an irritant.
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6 months ago, Physhed
Balanced News
ADN and the affiliated Arctic Sounder keep me up to date on the news in that corner of our world so vastly different than here in Orlando, Florida. I like to be able to follow stories that impact my family and loved ones in Alaska.
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1 year ago, Bill McCreary
Provides articles in large font for easy reading and color photographs. By using the digital version, paper is not being used which is good for the environment.
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4 months ago, RParr9882
Good feed
The layout of the app is intuitive and easy to scroll through articles of interest. Only downside is that you can’t pinch zoom any photos. After some initial difficulties logging in with the phone app versus the web access it appears to be working well.
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2 years ago, yatd sale grannie
ADN app
I really like the new app. Very smooth reading. No going back to Icon frequently and blanking out. My only complaint is I have to go to app and open daily. Then I have to select the e-edition. Not a problem really just slightly annoying. I would prefer to tap the icon and go directly to the e-edition. Thanks, Carol Hoyt
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2 years ago, jackatrawak
Good local news option
News and information is as good as you get for Alaska. It is unbelievable how often you have to sign in though. Technology today should be so much better. It is embarrassing.
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1 year ago, Innoko River Raider
Anchorage Daily News review
I rarely watch news on the television. I do enjoy reading the Daily News on the app. Thank you for keeping me up to date.
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2 years ago, Akdolly
In the know
Have been without news paper for a long time. Wanted to know if what was going on in our state Anchorage has filled that need very nicely .
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2 years ago, Boilder
Love local news
This is a great app to stay up to date with local and national news and find out about local activities
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4 months ago, Sprucenbirch
This is my favorite newspaper app. It brings the complete paper as published, and provides for easy text-only reading. I wish the NYT would use it as well!
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1 year ago, AKagainstTrump
ADN Reporting and E-Edition
Love reading a nonpartisan truth telling publication and having the e-edition makes it convenient to go back to older editions and have the news to read when the snow plower’s hide an occasional issue in the winter snow piles!
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1 year ago, Alaska Mom2
Great Paper
I appreciate being able to keep up with what’s happening at home when I am away. Well-balanced views in editorial and fabulous coverage of our great state.
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2 years ago, AKNYT
Works well
I am traveling, but missed my daily (print) newspaper. This app is the next best thing to actually feeling the paper under my hands.
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2 years ago, Flightseer
Best newspaper app.
Great options to read the print edition (which I appreciate greatly) or significant stories by selecting them. Advertising and comics in the print edition give a feel for local commerce and positive attitude.
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2 years ago, !$957
Got it Right
The latest improvements on the ADN App are working. It is getting fine tuned and is now much easier to work with.
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9 months ago, old dobber
ADN is good
We need a daily newspaper app and this works for me. Local news, statewide news and information on my phone is an important resource and I appreciate it
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2 years ago, 907Judy
Newspaper at my fingertips
I love this app! It’s super convenient to read the Anchorage Daily News, whenever I want, either at home or while traveling!
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2 years ago, Club210
Trying to keep up with my old home….Anchorage.
I keep a subscription to learn what’s going on and how the politics are always interesting.
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2 years ago, Alaska 123
Great Hometown Newspaper App
We have been using the ADN for many years. This updated version is so much faster to download the daily editions. No problems to speak of. Thanks ADN
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4 months ago, Elcaminomania
Just like reading the paper!
Wonderful app for reading the news! Easy to glide through the pages!
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2 years ago, kgswyojv
When I’m away from home I’ll check the news and weather. So happy that I have the opportunity! Thanks. Sandra
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2 years ago, jupitersgrl
Love the Anchorage Daily News
Liked to read about the Karluk Manor just recently because it didn’t varnish the reality of the housing situation in Anchorage. Would still like to hear more Alaskan news about western and Aleutian living.
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2 years ago, Loco Rojo
Excellent daily coverage of state and world events
The ADN delivers excellent coverage of the events in Alaska and, the nation and around the world. This balance of coverage is a great “summary” of daily news stories.
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2 years ago, Chas_Spenard
ADN Online
The app and access work well, I’ve have had no issues using this while out of. Alaska.
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2 years ago, ALu1234567
Nice app
Overall good - two suggestions: 1) Difficult to read headlines against pictures 2) Would like to sort to see newest articles first Thanks!
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1 year ago, dougsprincess
Always in joy reading ADN. Keeping up on what’s going on. Been to alaska few times and ready to go back
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3 months ago, Dlanod Leoj
ADN Rules
After nearly 30 years in Alaska, I’ve moved out side, and ADN does an amazing job of keeping me informed about the world and what’s going on in Alaska.
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2 years ago, popsjk
Great updates
I enjoy ADN do to the fact that they give updates across the whole state!
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2 years ago, DebbieReviewer
Exceptional newspaper!
Great reporting and layout. Your paper is visually appealing, and I enjoy reading it every day. I just wish you issued it 7 days a week.
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2 years ago, choochoogranny
I appreciate eEdition ADN
With this app I can read the paper while my husband reads the one section paper edition. I don’t have to wait.
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2 years ago, upstaternic
Convenience access
Nice to be able to get to news efficiently. Works well.
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2 years ago, Chugiak Joe
ADN lost a reader
I was faithful to the paper for decades, and I understand the economic pressures especially on papers. But the reporting content has dropped and the online format is difficult to navigate. On top of it, I can get the same content from other news sites. Best of luck ADN, A lost reader
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