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User Reviews for Angel Studios

4.95 out of 5
276.2K Ratings
2 years ago, seek the one
Absolutely love the show and app
After watching every episode I can I was so disappointed it became a nightly ritual for me to watch. I feel it has in many ways helped me on my journey with the lord, and my relationship as well, I use to think it was no use furthering my relationship cause I felt unworthy and undeserving of his love because of everything he has done for all us especially for me, but this show has given me scripture and knowledge of where to find my lord especially when I need him most. So I thank each and everyone of you who pay it forward cause I have watched this show and I have helped with what I can and hopefully continue to contribute as much as I can I look at it as offering for the lord so we all may bring our lost brother or sister out there closer to God, I will pray everyday for the one left out of the 99 may we find you and bring you home whoever you are, and remember god loves you unconditionally without a shadow of a doubt no matter what it’s never to late to come to the lord no matter what you have done you will be forgiven, and if you do start your journey with the lord remember you work your own salvation out with the lord he will guide you where you need to be and it doesn’t happen overnight so don’t get discouraged and always stay persistent even when you forget stay persistent start your new day and repent daily even if you feel unworthy he will help you. Thanks Dallas for all you do I appreciate your good works in the lord
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3 years ago, Beware in-app "purchases"
Even my 14 yr old son couldn’t stop watching!
I watched the first season marathon style while stuck at home after my son’s surgery. He would wander in the living room and end up staying a while, asking questions, laughing, and (here’s the kicker) not looking at his phone! The last 2 episodes he stayed for the entirety of the episodes. He asked questions that could only be answered by starting over - which we did! This gave us a wonderful opportunity to not just share the gospel story, but explore the humanity of Jesus, discuss the history of the time, and answer all of his questions about the “flash backs” to the Old Testament. My son doesn’t sit through ANY show - even major motion pictures unless we are at a movie theater. The fact that this series had him fully engaged to the point of asking questions and talking about it with me after is HUGE!! I am struck by how any license taken with the backstories or the characters personalities never veered from the biblical script - it just filled in the blank. I was expecting some deviation as we’ve seen so many times in Bible movies and mini series of the past. You only ENHANCED the biblical script and didn’t change it in any way. I am downloading the app to watch season 2. I am 100% behind you and this movement, and I am diligently praying God uses this to mount a spiritual revolution calling people to Christ and deepening the faith of believers everywhere. God bless you and the work of your hands!!
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2 years ago, VantasticFreedom
I love this show so much. It’s changed my life. My relationship with God has become so strong. Now, I continually want to please him. He is my Light and my Salvation. Thank you to Dallas Jenkins for listening to the call and following the leading of the Holy Spirit in this project. It has brought so many of us closer to our God, and renewed our focus on the Almighty. Reading my Bible is more enjoyable now, and I can understand things in a way I didn’t before. This show is great at bringing out the humanity and struggles of the disciples, as well as that of Yeshua/Jesus… being that He was God, but in a very human body. Everyone is so relatable and I see my own life in some of the stories, like Mary of Magdala, Nathanial, and even Nicodemus in some ways. There isn’t an episode that doesn’t choke me up, and it’s the same no matter how many times I watch. I’ve watched this series about 6 or 7 times now, and I will continue to watch when I need to put my focus back on God and less on the problems of life. What I love most about this show is that it’s the most Messianic version of Jesus that there has ever been. Jesus was a Jew and so many forget that, especially those that have made Jesus films in the past. This is the most middle eastern depiction of Jesus and His disciples that had ever been made. I appreciate how much time and effort that Dallas and His crew put in to get this all right. Thank you all again for your work. It’s been amazing!!!
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3 years ago, YourFace
Thank you Jesus
God is using this right now to help free me from 12 years of addiction and anxiety and depression. I used to see the face of my abuser when I tried to pray or read the Bible it made keeping my faith feel impossible, so I gave up I thought God hated me and I went on my prodigal journey. Somehow this portrayal of Jesus resonates so deeply with my heart that the more I watch the show the more the face of this portrayal of Jesus is slowly erasing the face of my abuser I don’t know how to describe this and it must sound absolutely crazy to people. But I’ve been able to start praying again because of it I’m able and hungry to read my Bible each day now because of it. To everyone who has played and is playing a part in creating this show I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you for saying Yes to the Holy Spirit everyday that you’ve written and prepped and worked on this show. Season 2 episode 4 is a lightning rod from the Holy Spirit DIRECTLY to my heart and soul. I watch it any day I feel tempted to go back to the addiction and I’m about to join a a group that I know has had great success with sobriety. This is a review as well as a testimony. To the doubters I say, if you’re here reading this, I believe there’s a purpose, pray and ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you. To the fellow believers please pray for me. I just got the 40 day devotional and I NEED spiritual food to stay in Gods grace. Thank you for your prayers.
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3 years ago, faithfulv
Just what we need
This show is absolutely amazing!! The writers, director, cast, crew & spiritual advisers are a gift to all of us. My sister has dyslexia & had a difficult time reading the Bible…I sent her the information on the The Chosen app…because of the wonderful way the show is written, she binge watched & is now understanding the Bible, Jesus & His disciples in a way she didn’t think was possible. I am so grateful, my sister’s husband passed away in 2020 & she is a recovering alcoholic…needless to say she has been walking through a storm for a while….can’t thank all of you enough🙏🏻. I believe the Lord’s hand is definitely involved in The Chosen. He always gives us just what we need & in His timing, which is impeccable. I believe He hand picked all the people involved in this TV series. I love, respect & appreciate The Lord’s diversity🙏🏻. It seems, from interviews I have seen with Dallas Jenkins & cast members, that everyone involved with this TV series is grateful to be a part of it & they work together so well, regardless of where they stand on their spiritual beliefs or lack there of…..I love it! Too bad all people in the world couldn’t do that…how sweet would that be!! I will continue to pray, as are millions of people everywhere, for everyone involved in the series, personally & professionally….may the series go through seven seasons & beyond, according to the Lord’s will🙏🏻. God bless you all 🙏🏻 Many thanks & gratitude 🙏🏻
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2 years ago, jeannebran
Such a well done series
I had someone tell me about The Chosen.. Truthfully I tried to watch the first episode and struggled to get through it. As with any series it takes time to introduce some of the characters and set the stage for what’s to come. After the first episode I was hooked. I have now watched the first two seasons 4 times. When I feel like a need a boost and want to feel closer to Jesus I watch. All the actors and actresses are superb. Above everything else I love that the scriptural portions are true to the Word of God. I had a friend that was expecting a documentary and I had to keep reminding her that it is a narrative. That’s the best part! It’s so real.. We get such a snippet of the lives of the disciples and Jesus in scripture. I feel that the way Mr. Jenkins and the other writers portray their everyday lives is the way I would think it would be. I also so love the humanness of Jesus. I did a book study on Beloved Outlaw by John Etheridge. It all about the human side of Christ. So this series fits right in. My favorite parts are Jesus’ sense of humor and when He winks at someone. So so good! I’m now a contributor and pray that others will continue to help as they can so that season 3 and the remaining 4 will come to fruition. Thanks again to everyone that is responsible for this amazing series. I will continue to pray for this mighty work to move forward and reach the entire world!!!
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3 years ago, I don't have another.
Friday Morning Group
There are just a few of us but that’s the way Jesus started gathering His disciples. We start off with The Chosen…discuss our reactions. Then we conclude with Ray Vander Laan’s series,That The World May Know. “Life And Ministry of The Messiah”. Ray Vander Laan is an historian and Christian teacher who takes groups of people to the Holy Land, Egypt,etc. I had hoped the lessons would be coordinated by so that the location of the tour and happenings would match where The Chosen is at in the Bible. Well God had this all planned before me…and it is the way I hoped for. We have one person who has visited The Holy Land and can give us her experiences there. She has some good insights and stories that help us to be there with her. This past Friday one of the ladies shared her grieving and depression at the death of her husband three years ago. I had just met a lady, Michelle, whose son, Ben, died from a brain tumor a year ago. I prayed with here and was able to relate that to The Chosen and Living Water episode with Ray Vander Laan (his series is endorsed by Focus On The Family. All of this is bringing me such joy. I need your prayers to keep in mind that I am merely His messenger and not a preacher. I hope to ask two friend who are part of this to make sure I am humbled. As I watch this first series over several times and especially with others, it is becoming more powerful. Thank you for making this possible.
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3 years ago, papijk
Second season responses
At first I didn’t feel anything could compare to first season. I was so wrecked in an awesome way by several of the stories. Mary meeting Jesus, Nicodemus especially the night he met snd talked to Him. The second season took an adjustment at first. I’ve watched each season fully 8-9 times. Never get sick of it. Always finding something new and fresh to glean. I had trouble with Mary going back into her old life. Seeing her drinking and gambling etc. I couldn’t watch that Episode again for weeks. I felt she was so delivered she would never go back and scripture doesn’t say she did. But like Jesus said to her , if you can lose what you got that fast how good was it. Did you think you’d never sin again? lol I don’t fully under the animosity between all of disciples and Matthew. Andrew is my least lovable character. He’s a nervous wreck. I hope he chills out next season. My favorite episodes are when Jesus said to James and John, Fire, you want to call down fire from heaven snd burn them up??? Great episode! Also I love the last episode with Matthew when he speaks the Beatitudes. So profound and meaningful and deep. First class produced but very authentic and genuine acting . Amazing sets too. Love your work. I want more and more. Best presentation of the Bible I’ve seen . I love Quintus as well and his interview with Jesus. Love all of you. Cindy Hoesly
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3 years ago, selah belle
Dear Dallas and Friends
. I lost my husband of 44 years to lung cancer last October. But He is so free and healed and with Jesus. The long months alone would have been horrific apart from my kids and grandkids and THE CHOSEN. I can’t even tell you how many times I have watched over and over and over again each episode. They have brought me peace in my sorrow fed my spirit and soul entrenched in my being the truth of the Word the simplest lost sheep and how to pray. I have fought praying sitting down and praying never could find the right place until one day I heard for the umteemth time Jesus say go in your room and close the door and talk your father in secret. My prayer life has changed my whole life has changed. My little neighborhood Bible Study is watching the first season at my house. We are going to see Episode 7 my favorite of the first season next week. Oh you guys thank you for hearing the Holy Spirit and doing this incredible work. I love each of you with my whole heart and I pray your whole life completely changed doing this mighty work for Jesus about His Kingdom. #8 is my favorite of season 2 yes snd Matthew is my favorite and so is Precious Nicodemus. I love you all forever. Love in Jesus Debbie really You all are my favorite especially you Dallas and your sweet family. When you do your work the Holy Spirit transforms you. Jesus is so Holy!
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3 years ago, Lakelov'n
Faithful and plausible content!
This review is based upon The Chosen’s first season only. At first I was skeptical about whether a credible and faithful production of the ministry and life of Jesus Christ was possible. I had doubts and questions. Will Jesus’ character speak only the “red letter” dialogue from the Bible? Would this production be a reinterpretation or embellishment of biblical truths, and if so, by watching it will I be guilty of giving credence and support to false teaching? How can this production fill several seasons worth of episodes about Jesus Christ’s relatively short ministry and life without embellishing? I was pleasantly surprised when my doubts and questions were either answered or quelled fairly quickly. I love the idea of a Christian show using crowd funding to get Christian content out to the public and this production seems to be faithful to the Bible by using knowledge of the past culture(s) of Jesus’ day and locality to flesh out the shows characters, their daily lives, and their actions. So far, the show does not seem to take liberties with Jesus character and sticks to the biblical stories. The characters are plausible and interesting and I am enjoying the shows immensely. While I will watch The Chosen series keeping a critical eye, I will continue to watch, and for now I will continue to encourage and my friends to watch also.
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4 years ago, jellypoh
Yes yes yes!!!
I’ve seen this multiple times over and I’ve been an advocate for it for months and months. It feels like pulling teeth to get people to watch it... but once they do! Support this project. Help others see Jesus through the eyes of those that followed Him. It’s not dry material, it’s incredibly deep and the character development is miraculous but not unbelievable. Director and creator Dallas Jenkins and team have done an incredible job at showing how God truly makes us new as He comes to us and as we get to know who He is. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve been convicted, I’ve fallen in love, I’ve suffered, I’ve questioned, and through each episode, Jesus shines as an equalizer that turns everything for the good of those who love Him and are called (“Chosen”) for his purpose. As an app, this is definitely unique. Since when do you find yourself not having to pay a subscription, wait through advertisements, create an account that requires your firstborn, or jump through a variety of multiple hoops? It gets cumbersome for people that haven’t seen it to convince them to download it. People act like it’s such a hassle. But it’s one not a single person I have convinced has regretted. And in all reality, it’s not any harder than downloading redundant apps like “Google.” Not to dog Alphabet/Google or anything...
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3 years ago, jdhdivgslfhck hvi
Although I really like Jonathan Roumie’s portrayal of Jesus, I can’t help but think that the real Jesus is even better and even more likeable and compassionate than Jonathan. But it helps me envision this like never before and has renewed my faith and love for God! The rest of the cast is great too, and the production writers and crew have really creatively interwoven plausible back stories that give depth to each character. Although I’ve only been watching this for 3 weeks now, I am a super fan and to cross check everything I’m already on a study of a third gospel. This has also really opened a door for me to share Christ with others. I’ve already purchased 10 tickets to the Christmas Theatre showing and am trusting the Lord to fill those seats. Can’t wait for Season 3 and am so thankful that the app offers this to all. If you ever need a Conservatory-trained pianist, I’m in to volunteer! 😊 Thank you and glory to God! Praying for writers to continue to seek guidance and wisdom from the Lord, for the actors to continue to be inspired and inspiring and for the production crew to continue to pursue excellence in putting this all together. Lord, keep the enemy away and pave the way for your gospel message to reach people around the world through this series and through personal interaction.
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3 years ago, 1993AjR
Changed my life!!
I was in a pretty bad place in my life, struggling with alcohol, and steering my marriage in the wrong direction. Then I found the Chosen! After hearing about it for several weeks I finally decided to sit down and start watching. I was immediately BLOWN AWAY!! There was this overwhelming since of comfort and peace, and you all have done an amazing job at helping people, including me understand story’s in the Bible. It makes it super easy to see it played out. Rather than listening to it or reading it. My entire family is hooked, from me all the way down to my 4 year old son. I’m almost ashamed to say, but for a long time Jesus has had a hold of me but I resisted him. Now I am proud to say that I have a hold of him, and I’ll never let go. And the chosen has played a part in helping make that commitment. So I will end by saying thank you to the chosen crew and all those who support it. And if anyone out there has a stubborn friend in need like I was, and you can’t drag them to church. Invite them over and turn on the chosen. You never know what Jesus could be doing in their heart to turn them in the right direction. The chosen just might loosen the steering wheel. It certainly did for me. Thank all of you so much my family and I love you all, and GOD BLESS!
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3 years ago, Monialex2
Please continue FREE
I really love this app because it is a tv show on Jesus. But also is free and you can donate that way it will continue to be free BUT you DO NOT have to have a monthly or yearly subscription, and when I watch the show, my heart is so happy and yes I do want to donate not because am force to, I am free to donate how ever amount I want, there for I look at my budget and I can give what I can to support this show. Director, you have done amazing, and thank you for letting us know “watch the show like any other show” because I was prepared to say “wow, this is not in the Bible 😂” and yea all the verse and what Jesus preach is in the Bible, but you have done awesome T giving every character light, we don’t know exact what they did or say in their every day life and you… you come and give them what possible could had and say. Simon OMG Talking to love his character he makes me laugh “Simon” “yes master😊” (talking to “suns of thunder” 😅😅😅 wow this show is amazing. Thank you again. Director Dallas God has bless you. But please please just I pray that you continue in a good path and not let the Money get you greedy, sometimes we fall when something is going great. You have done awesome, as long as your heart stays how it is, we the people who support you will continue.
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3 years ago, Man in FL
Best ever...
We think it’s been the best version so far of a Jesus story we’ve ever seen. Most movie versions have to try to cram the life of Jesus into less than two hours. To do that, they must either essentially read one of the four gospels verbatim and try to act it out, read selections of the four gospels combined into one story, or extract only one portion of the gospel story to focus on. While these other efforts are valuable, the gospel story covers three-and-a-half years of Jesus’ life, not to mention the useful references to the old testament stories that bring proper context to his ministry. That takes time. It takes creative backstory and side/parallel narratives. We’re really enjoying the length of time and attention to storyline that the creators of this series have taken. Things flow easily and naturally. Storylines fit together both logically and emotionally. Each episode gives enough attention to the characters to develop them. It is truly immersive, and we recommend it to anyone who wants to get to know Jesus, and to anyone who wants a tool to introduce others to Jesus. We hope and pray that this effective method and attention to detail are maintained until the end of the whole series! We love what they’ve done, and what they’re doing.
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2 years ago, Niclique
Jesus was Real
I’m not sure I can add much to what’s already been said in the review section here, but I just wanted to say that I also have really enjoyed this show. I know they don’t always get everything about Jesus right- they can’t, but they do a good job trying to portray him the way the gospels do and they sure get you to think about him and what he really was like on earth and what he is like now. Even when I don’t agree with how they portrayed Jesus or added to a story, it just gets me thinking more. It has helped deepen my understanding that Jesus was a man who really walked and ate and probably joked around a bit and had real conversations and trials of just day to day life. It has made me hungry to read the Bible- and not just to fact check the stories, though I have done that from time to time, but hungry to know this God who made himself so lowly. The God who made himself accessible and knowable. This show has truly helped me know him better- deepened my faith in what God can do and is willing to do. It’s deepened my prayer life because of that. It’s enhanced my Bible reading and encouraged my heart. I pray for the cast and crew whenever I think about it. I think you guys are doing a great job-stay faithful. Thank you for all your hard work.
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3 years ago, ComZonesLinda
Best thing ever
To say that The Chosen has made my life better is an understatement. The depictions of Christ and His apostles make me want to be a better person and bring to life an easy example to follow. I read the Bible now, and the crazy thing? I enjoy it! As a former Catholic grade school student I was sorely lacking in true bible knowledge and familiarity. So I’m grateful for the boost up. I’m quite excited every time I recognize actual scripture in the show (which by the way, is very often). It brings to me a sense of pride which I interpret to be as a motion toward a more genuine closeness to God and to Jesus. The app itself makes access to the show and all of its residual effects just a click away on a device I’m already using (far too often for my own good with this being a near single exception). So by all means download the app. Use it. Use it frequently. Binge the seasons then binge them again. By the time you watch them a third time you’ll begin to fully absorb all that they contain. And like me, you just may become a better version of yourself for the effort. And to Dallas and the entire Chosen team, thank you so much. I am eternally grateful to have all of you as a part of my daily life. I’m looking forward to to season three. So, hurry!!
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3 years ago, Gregger44
The Chosen series is an amazing accomplishment well worth watching!
Entertainment is NOT a word that I have heard before when speaking of biblical teaching, but this show is very entertaining in that it presents the challenges faced by Jesus and his disciples in real life situations during the period they lived in. Educational is often heard when speaking about biblical teaching but it is most often dull and has to use voiceovers and language that is often misunderstood (since it was used by a culture from two thousand years ago). The Chosen uses contemporary language and By doing so it is easy to understand what Jesus meant by portraying the words in realistic social situations. Moreover, the disciples and the entourage of followers have become real to me as I learn about the personalities and struggles they each faced. I have watched the series more than once and by doing so I have begun to understand the true meaning of loving my neighbor as myself. Finally, each miracle that Jesus does in the series brings forth a hope that each of us can do good in some small way and God will turn it into something amazing. Watch, be entertained, learn, get to know who the disciples really were, and let God’s wisdom and hope take over your own life. Be blessed!
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3 years ago, L.M. Green
My Favorite Show Ever…The Chosen
My husband and I have been pastors for 25 years. We first decided to watch The Chosen to be able to give an informed opinion about it in case people asked. By the end of the first episode I was sobbing. I then proceeded to binge watch both seasons. I don’t think there has been an episode where I haven’t been moved to tears at one point or another. Our teenagers drug their feet about watching it with us, but once they started they were sold. I love how it brings these people that I have read about for so many years to life. They were real people just like us,and it is wonderful to see them have issues similar to mine in their walk with Christ. All of the acting is top notch…so believable. The casting is spot on. I can sense the Spirit of the Lord all over this project. Jonathan Roumie is doing an amazing job portraying Jesus with so much compassion and gentleness and yet also lots of strength. I pray for protection all the time for the cast and crew. I really believe the hand of God is on this show. Thank you for helping me..a woman who has walked with Jesus for 50 years now (since the age of 4), to go deeper in my relationship with Him and to gain fresh perspective on these stories that are so precious to me. God bless all of you!
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3 years ago, _ashleyeliz_
“I have called you by name, you are mine”
Can’t believe I just found out about this show today. I’ve already watched episodes 1-7 and about to watch episode 8. Hey go hard or go home. & we aren’t supposed to leave home right now 😂.. but I can’t express how much this show moved me in just one day. The healing of Mary Magdalene was so moving. I was raised in church. I know all the stories. But to see some of them acted out through the eyes of someone like Mary ... really puts it in perspective. Possessed to the point she was declared unable to be saved by man. & they are calling her Lilith. When Jesus said “Mary” for the first time I was shook. Then he healed her. 😭😭 I’ve been praying for a long time that God would help me learn to understand the love of him and Jesus because I am very physical. I can’t see him. I know he’s there. But how can I love something I can’t see? Watching these stories depicted on screen by the INCREDIBLE acting crew, shows how loving and giving Jesus really is. & that all God wants us to do is follow him. I can’t wait to see more!!!!! I wish there were ten seasons to binge 😭 I cry every episode. What a perfect time for this show to start really surfacing too.. these are trying times. The world needs the healer.
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4 years ago, Kate0916
Best Bible app ever
So I was out playing outside with my brother and my dad comes out and says guys I want you to come see this is a Bible show and I heard about it and it’s really cool ! So me and my brother went inside and we started to watch episode one by one and on the third episode right when it was Jesus loves the little children I realize that it was an app I thought you had to buy it on TV but I realized it was an app so my dad got it for me and I really enjoyed it it’s like one of my favorite shows now even though I’ve seen all the episodes it’s just so amazing I watch it every time and I’m pleased every time I watch it and every time I watch it I ask my question to myself am I learning some thing and then I know I am because I now know that Jesus talk to Nicodemus and the woman at the well that was a really good one and it was super awesome too ! but my favorite episode of all was probably Jesus loves the little children I love Abby and all her friends and Jesus teaching them all about how much he loves them because that brought me closer to the Lord and I know I’m even more Closer with the Lord than I was before now so please get this app it’s really amazing and it moved my heart closer to God than it’s ever been in my entire life !!!!
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3 years ago, Biblefan7
Beautifully written and acted
The Chosen has captured the heart of Christianity—which is the heart of God with the heart for God. Brilliantly written, encompassing believable backstories to historical characters, the viewer travels along on the individuals journey of faith. Again this journey of discovery of who Christ is and what his word says and means puts skin on the bones of Christianity . One would be remiss not to make mention of the acting Jesus is brilliantly done demonstrating the best of humanity but even lesser characters ticks or backstories are so compelling, you can’t help but have favorites. Even the villains are both believable and recognizable and the fact that Jesus chose less than perfect men accurately portrays the scriptures. We are also great full fir the production side of the coin as recreating the period to scale would be costly especially during a pandemic but that too is above average and at times brilliantly done. Lastly the music has been outstanding and insights into the making of the series both entertaining and informative. Well done good and faithful servants. You are certainly leaving everything on the canvas. We thank God for the love letter He is writing through you and pray revival will be it’s result. Blessings will come on all who view the Chosen.
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1 year ago, cicibeans
This Show Is Amazing! God Bless you all!
My parents both died recently. And I have just been struggling so much inside. God has been there for me so much and when I started watching this I started to really gain a better perspective of Jesus’ love for us. It made me cry because after my parents passed my siblings and I have been look for someone to attach to but it’s always been Jesus that we’ve needed to seek. And everytime I watch this show I can just imagine the day we all get to see him in person and I fall to the floor in awww for everything he has done and for how beautiful and gracious he is. I have 10 siblings and we are by the same 2 parents that passed. We all have been struggling and I am the oldest who is trying to keep it together for them but I started to feel alone. This show helped me see that Jesus is there, he’s giving me the love I’ve been seeking, he’s here to be the parent and friends I’ve lost. Gosh Jesus, you are just out of this universe! I love your love! Praise God!!! This show just made me feel whole. It also helped me understand the Bible because I am a visual learner so this helped a lot. I say don’t second guess this show. Just watch it and see for yourself.
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3 years ago, jfmg99!
I was raised Catholic. Catholicism in the 60’s was rules, rules, rules. Obey the priests and nuns, go to confession Saturday, accept communion at Sunday mass, and watch out for the nun’s wrath Monday thru Friday at school. But who was Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit, and what was this book called the Bible? I was taught my only path to Jesus’ forgiveness was thru a priest and that, along with obeying all the rules, was all I needed to worry about. As an adult I have always struggled to figure out my faith and beliefs, and because these can’t be answered with facts and figures, for years and years it has remained a question only sort of lingering in the back of my mind. Until my friend gave me The Chosen season 1 Blu-ray set. To say the least, I was moved. Jesus is humanized in this program, brought to plausible life as a relatable human being on earth. Same for the apostles, whom my Catholic teachers pretty much ignored. Along with studying the book Mere Christianity, taking into account The Case for Christ, and spending time in the Bible, The Chosen has been instrumental in removing many questions, and has given me a path that’s led to believable faith in our Triune God. This program will be an indispensable influence on and valuable resource in your faith journey.
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3 years ago, Brenda Curtiss
Love, enjoy, inspired & deeply moved by: ‘The Chosen’!
Love, enjoy, inspired & deeply moved by: ‘The Chosen’! I love God with my whole heart. Jesus is truly the love my life. I have lived a life of both some pretty rough movie of the week stuff (actually a few of them... seriously) and The Lord Jesus often loving me back to life and throughout this crazy life on earth. This show has been a huge blessing to me in both the challenging days and the sweet blessings days. I have bought a few things from the Gift Factory and plan to do most of my Christmas shopping there! (I’ve been impressed with the excellent quality of everything I have purchased.) Thank you so much for creating the show; awesome character development and so very well written! And, from the producers/directors/assistants to everyone who handles every element of it, from props and makeup, sets, historical and Biblical research, etcetera etcetera, to the actors that are so well chosen (no pun intended) and bring not only their talents but their hearts (and spirits open to GOD’s Spirit), I applaud and appreciate each and every one of you. From my heart and spirit to each of yours; I pray for you all and all needs daily. God Bless & Keep you. <>< Your sis-in-Christ, Brenda Curtiss
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3 years ago, FunSizedGirl
The Lord will touch you through this show if you let Him
I was incredibly skeptical about this show, not just because Christian media tends to be a bit cheesy and poorly produced, but also because many movies and shows I’ve watched have kind of missed the mark on certain theological and historical truths. Well, when I began watching, I was immediately stunned by the quality of the production, the amazing acting and storytelling, and the fact that it remained incredibly faithful to the Spirit behind the Gospels! Yes, there are added scenes and backstories, some of which I don’t always agree would have happened, but it doesn’t take away from the overarching theme which is to bring every single viewer closer to Christ. If you are even the tinniest bit open, it absolutely does that! God is truly working through this show. Many of the scenes force me to look at myself and other people through the eyes of Jesus. It is just so powerful to imagine how all of the Apostles and disciples felt when the Lord continually touched their lives in such personal and radical ways. It is a reminder that all of us who exist now that we all have a unique way in which God will choose us and heal us. God bless!
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3 years ago, pianoTF20
A New and Refreshing, Relatable, and Rewatchable Form of Christian Media
The Chosen takes a fresh look at the stories of Jesus Christ found in the Gospels of the Bible, mostly through the eyes of His followers: real human beings with real human, relatable problems, whose lives changed forever through their encounter with the man called Jesus of Nazareth. What separates this show from previous adaptations of Bible stories is an intentional focus on the humanity of Jesus that allows Him to relate with imperfect people, while still maintaining the “character” of Jesus as the Son of God. The app allows users to watch this unique show directly without needing a subscription to some streaming service, and has the capabilities of casting the episodes from the app to a TV. Given the nature of the uniqueness and newness of this app, some bugs have occasionally occurred. However, the developers have a direct help section of the app and have responded (and fixed) issues previously experienced. The overall experience with this app is fantastic and highly inspirational that breaks down barriers and allows people from various backgrounds and faiths (or even lack thereof) to have an enjoyable, potentially life changing experience.
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3 years ago, lyve31
I deeply love this show
I will be honest, I'm not looking forward in anyway to the ending of the 7th season like they have set out. I want it to keep going until Christ's return to be completely transparent. We have become such a culture of seeing is believing. I get that in this show though and I'm truly grateful for it. It's challenging to see Jesus without seeing him. This show is the best of both worlds. We get to see him in a way that's real and beautiful and still desire more of Him which is the whole point. The reason I don't want the show to end is because I will miss seeing Jesus. I will miss being in the room with Him during an episode. Seeing him talk to them like He talks to me. I think that's the most perfect part of this show and it's why people Binge Jesus! They miss Him! They want more of Him every minute! How incredible! That's the whole meaning to life! Wanting more of Jesus and being desperate for more time with Him! Today I'm reminded by Him through quiet time in His presence that everything I need, want and desire is in Him! I will worship Him like I once did at my son's funeral when it was the hardest because He is so incredibly good to me! No matter the outcome, I get Jesus!!
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4 years ago, mrsbean88
Blessed beyond measure!!
Oh I am so blessed by this series! Blessed to tears, many times! I grew up watching more Bible movies and stories than I can count, and this is now my favorite of them all. Even watching the whole first season twice, I look forward to watching it again before long and am on the edge of my seat in anticipation for season 2! What matters to me most when watching Bible accounts, is: does the depiction of Jesus show authenticity, love in his eyes, tenderness and compassion? In this series not only do I see that every scene he's in, but he portrays a calm confidence that is neither cocky nor insecure, and that is a very necessary attribute. Also it reveals his humor and genuine understanding as he meets each and every person right where they're at and connects with them! I also appreciate the time and care that directors and writers took to capture the real humanity of each of the disciples, in their varied and relatable struggles. Thank you Chosen team, from the bottom of my heart for passionately putting this together! I will continue to pray that this production will radically touch the hearts of believers and not-yet-believers alike! That they may come to realize more than before the truth of the love of Jesus more deeply and fully!
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3 years ago, Melsky59
Words don’t exist...
...that are adequate to describe the wonder of this show. It’s the story of Jesus as no one has ever told it before. It’s the anti-Hollywood Jesus. The language is contemporary, and so are the issues the characters deal with—financial woes, divorce, social pressures. Bullying. Religion. Jesus doesn’t look like a Wasp. Matthew has Asperger syndrome. Simon Peter gambles and brawls and gets himself into all kinds of trouble. These are real people with real relationships and real world situations. Some of them you love, some not so much, but you understand why they do what they do. I haven’t even mentioned the gorgeous scenery, the foot-stomping music, the terrific cast, but I could easily spend an hour praising each cast member from Jesus himself to the big black dog. Or the innovative direction where an entire story of some 30+ years is told in ten minutes with no discernible dialogue, or a 15-minute sunset scene is all one take. And you can watch all episodes for free just by downloading a fun and ready-to-operate app in a couple dozen different languages! Don’t delay, download The Chosen and binge on this beautiful show. Get to know a Jesus who makes you want to read more about him in the Bible.
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2 years ago, Bettalot
This show is a must
Not only do I feel like I can identify with each character on different stages of my life but it brings the story to life…it makes me WANT to know Jesus better, The quirkiness of each character makes it even more real. At first I thought I was Matthew…annoying at times but has a purpose for his type of thoughts and processes, then I was Mary, struggling with my past and feeling unworthy especially when I make a mistake or reminded of my past, then I am Simon, who was doing anything he could t survive until Jesus came in and showed him who he could be….He took different personalities and strengths and weaknesses and turned them all into the best version of themselves. It’s what we all can have happen if we allow Him to transform our hearts, minds and souls! Thank you for awakening my faith and creating a show that I can watch over and over again and find new meaning each version! It’s hard to be patient in these times, especially with our need to fill our hearts and minds with God’s Word versus what the world is trying to fill it with. Thank you for filling a need we didn’t even know was empty!! God bless you!
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2 years ago, Abo4747
Honestly it’s the best
I love The Chosen. Born outside the fundamental teachings of the church, I started reading the Bible 10 years ago. The writers of The Chosen actively choose to depict Jesus in the scope of what the scriptures say, keeping a 1st century Orthodox Judaism point of view while bringing Jesus’ teachings and parables to live. The cast is amazing, the behind the scenes content is so fun to listen in and they love community engagement. Watching the show I feel as an active part of the process and I get to share points of impact from the show into my everyday life connecting with others. I love how the character/disciples and their development makes them a real person. Hundreds of hours of research is being put on the screen for us to take in, cross examine, and get an example what it would of been like to The more you study the Bible and take a deep dive the more this show helps depict the Jew, Gentile, and Discipleship with Jesus. I cannot wait for future seasons and look forward to supporting them as much as I can, Thanks Dallas and the team, keep putting The Lord first and make sure that Jesus is depicted in a way that he wants to watch the show too 😃
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4 years ago, baby&bubba
I have watched it in one day and then lent it to my daughter who took forever to sit down and watch it but when she FINALLY did, she called to tell me how much they enjoyed it and the many emotions she felt. She has since lent it to her little sister who loved it and wanted to hold onto it because she wants her husband and 14 year old son to also watch it AGAIN LIKE PULLING TEETH lol. Then it will go to our 3rd daughter who tried to watch it once but with her 3 kids under ten constantly interrupting her she gave up. We had a discussion and told her she needed to TRY AGAIN when she was alone and the children were in bed. Yes, the children should also watch it but they are not ready YET... I will then give it to our son who stated he’s not sure if he believes in God, that broke my heart but I am hoping he will take it and watch it. BABY STEPS! There are many other family members that it will be passed onto before I get it back TO RE-WATCH IT. I am so looking forward to the second one but I continue to work on my patience because all good things come with patience. I SO ENJOYED THE CHOSEN and felt so many different emotions. God bless all that are involved in this project because it is powerful.
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3 years ago, I just want to react
This is the first time I have ever written a review in my life on an app , but I just had to write one. This series has brought so much light to my eyes. Not only does The Chosen have sooo many great bible stories in their show , but they really let you get to know each and every character as the story goes on. I loved watching Season 2 Episode 2 where we could know Matthew the tax collectors perspective. The thing about The Chosen is they give you TIME to fall in love with each character. Everyone is so real, so authentic. It is as if YOU yourself are in the story, well because in a way, you are. It’s such a beautiful and honorable thing to watch. I know our Father in Heaven has got to be proud of you all for creating such a masterpiece that is bringing more and more people closer to Christ everyday. Very great job done. Blessed are you all! Blessed is the person reading this as well, even if it reaches one soul, I pray that you are healthy and whole and whatever that you may be going through , you find peace and know that your Heavenly Father will protect and love you forevermore. Cheers! ALSO THE CHOSEN IS NUMBER 11 IN THE ENTERTAINMENT RIGHT NOW!!!! YESSSS.
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3 years ago, nalafond
I’m 52 and have been in church my whole life. Each time I read through the gospels I green new insights that I’d never considered before, but this adaption of the ministry of Jesus has really been and eye opener. I’ve often said that I would’ve jumped at the chance to be taught by Jesus, himself, back in the day, but honestly it never occurred to me what that would’ve meant. Not just that part about leaving the old life behind, but basically being thrown onto the set of a season of Survivor, with a bunch of different personalities to travel the holy land with and struggle with hunger, thirst, poverty, fatigue and wondering why I was chosen. On some level I can identify with every one of these people. The Chosen has taken each character and made them into the people that they most likely were when they were called, and they are so relatable. All struggling with character flaws, fears and weaknesses that we have all felt at one time or another in our personal lives, and you definitely realize, rather quickly that none of us were called because we are holy, but because he wants to make us holy.
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3 years ago, Accepted Man
The Chosen - Christ’s Humanity on Full Display
Anyone who has accepted the gift of Jesus Christ as his or her savior would do well to watch The Chosen. And anyone who doubts if this is something they should do, should watch it as well. Through The Chosen, we are given the opportunity to see what Jesus was probably like as a human being, a person who was always there for all who approached him in faith. Through this wonderful adventure, we see Jesus as a man, and we get a glimpse into how he allowed others to witness his divinity in action and yet, we also see how even though those who were with him ‘up close and personal’ still had a hard time understanding exactly who is really was prior to his resurrection. We see Peter as the impetuous and combative stalwart, a man who reminds us that he was not anywhere close to perfection, yet, as we will see, he becomes the one person whom Jesus calls the “rock” who entrusts with the keys to the Kingdom and who he gives the mandate to “build my church.” The Chosen reaffirms that any of us, imperfect and a sinner, can become a new creation upon accepting Him as our personal Lord and Savior.
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2 years ago, MacBosS95
Unfathomably Beautiful
This has got to be my favorite show by far, I was so sick and tired of the same old same old shows just being revamped or recreated, or shows with no true effort put into them. So I stopped watching tv and any shows all together, it’s rare for me to enjoy something on tv or any streaming network nowadays because there’s nothing that peaks my interest, but now I watch atleast 2 episodes every night before bed while making sure I don’t watch too much because I don’t want this new beautiful and exciting thing that strikes a smile on my face all day long(the following day of course). I feel this show has brought me so much closer to my inner peace and happiness while also pushing me to share the show and react to any and every situation in a much kinder manner. Btw I chose to watch them at night because I feel it brings me closer to my opportunity to speak to god, a better opportunity to change anything about myself. Needless to say It’s even more rare for me to be this impacted by a show, thanks to everyone who made this happen for making this happen <3
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2 years ago, stef9781
Worth watching!!
This show is so great and has been so helpful in getting me back into reading and being able to understand and connect with the characters and storyline, especially since I used to really struggle with loving Jesus and really appreciating what he did and the purpose of his life. I like that they portray him as a guy with emotions and a personality and even a bit of an awkward side at times. That’s another great thing about the show, is it adds in the uncomfortableness and awkwardness of first following Jesus and that Jesus loves you through that. Just so many great details added in to these stories that give them a deeper meaning. I love how they made Matthew and Simon’s characters too… just such a real show instead of making everyone all perfect and bold and strong. Really appreciate the long episodes, well over an hour is how it should be! Even the app is well done… a little glitchy with air play sometimes or new episodes starting like halfway through but such a small thing to fix versus such an amazing tool this show can be to bring people closer to God through Jesus.
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3 years ago, Likestodream
The best
No words can describe how much this has changed my soul. In every episode, there are lines that I have to stop and replay over and over because they pierce through the massively tall, thick, dark barrier of pain, anguish, despair and deep scars that surrounds my heart, allowing the gentle and tender Light of our Lord’s Love to enter softly and heal like cool water in a parched mouth. He cries with us when we hurt, folds His arms around us, cradles us against His chest as we weep, kisses the top of our head, filling us with such a profound love, it feels as through we’re light as air. While still holding us, He calls His comforting, holy Angels whose wings, when fluttering, sound like the sweetest lullaby you’ve ever heard. Then Jesus whispers, “I love you and I will never, ever leave you. Give me your heart 🫀and I will keep it in Mine - you never have to worry about a single thing because I’m never letting you go.”. “Thank you” is so inadequate but thank you for my life. I was a different person prior to watching this series. Sending ALL of you my heart which has been filled with peace, light, forgiveness, redemption but mostly LOVE…💞✝️🙏🏽❤️
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3 years ago, Lilcrabapple
A thoughtful and artistic portrayal of Christ’s disciples
I have been incredibly moved by The Chosen and the way Dallas Jenkins has artistically told the stories of Christ’s disciples. This series thoughtfully approaches the life and message of Jesus by drawing the viewer into the lives of His disciples. As a believer, I often think about what it would be like to live during the time of Jesus, under the tyranny of Roman rule and the politics of the Sanhedrin. As I read the pages of the New Testament, I wonder what it would have been like to see Jesus face to face, hear His words, and witness His life. Dallas Jenkins portrays the disciples in such a beautifully human way that one can’t help but relate to them and their struggles. The human side of Christ is also portrayed in such a compelling way — he gets tired after a long day of ministry, he has a sense of humor, he loves His mother, etc. — that I felt drawn to know Jesus better. There are many wonderful films/videos available that tell the story of Jesus’ life and message. The Chosen offers a unique and refreshing perspective that connects the viewer to its characters and motivates one to want to know more about the Bible.
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3 years ago, Stamarell
I’ve watched many “Bible shows” over the years but, for the most part, they seemed over dramatic and out-of-my-world kinds of stories even though I grew up hearing and believing the Bible. This is the first Bible-based production I’ve seen that’s got me hungry for more! I’ve often wondered what “the rest of the story” was for many of the people in Jesus’ earthly sphere of influence. What did the leper do after he was healed? Or the paralyzed man? What was Jesus like that would cause these disciples to just drop their jobs and lifestyles to follow Him? Why did the Pharisees constantly raise such a ruckus? This show explores and gives life to these people we’ve read about so many times. Imagination is involved, of course, because we aren’t told many details of their life in the Bible, but it’s all consistent and plausible with the facts that we DO know. I really like how they include actual quotes of Scripture spoken in a lifelike, natural way by the ones who really said those words. To sum up: this show makes Jesus and his followers seem more real and relatable, and their stories make more sense to me now.
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1 year ago, WWIIjeep
The Chosen Season 3,episode 2.
I watched the episodes on the first available night. Dallas, if you ever read this review, I want you to know how you have changed my world. I had Polio as a child and it has affected my back and my right leg. Pain and weakness have been with me for over 20 years. I am a believer in my Lord and Savior Jesus. He is also my friend and daily inspiration. I have been praying for healing for so long. I knew He had a reason for not healing me, and I never stopped loving Him. I watch a lot of Christian TV, and one (actually more than one) minister was absolved sure that if you are not healed, and I quote “it’s your own fault”. For the last year I have been seeking God’s face, and begging for forgiveness if there was anything in my life that was hindering my healing. When Jesus was talking to little John in episode two it’s as if He was explaining to me why I was to go on with this good fight —so that He would have all the glory. I have never heard such a wonderful reason why some people don’t get healed. It was a God moment for me and I am sure many others. Thank you.
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2 years ago, newbritt2017
Truly touching!
This is by far the absolute closest image of Jesus and the disciples I have ever seen. There are honestly no where near enough words to describe how refreshing and comforting it is to watch this series. There are so so many shows, movies, plays, etc about Jesus and the disciples and they mostly show Jesus as this man who comes to earth as this very holy man, and yes I know that Jesus is most holy, I am not in any way, shape, nor form putting any of them down. The Passion is one of my absolute favorites. But this series shows Jesus and the disciples in a WHOLE new light. In a way I never thought I would see or imagine any of them. Their personalities and watching Jesus joking around. I can’t wait to see when I get to Heaven Jesus and the one playing Jesus in this series meet! That is going to be a sight to behold! I can hear Jesus now saying heck yeah man you got me! Truly amazing! I really hope and pray that they do other books in the Bible. I would love to see one done on David, Paul, Moses, all of them in the Bible. These amazing actors and actresses bring the people in the Bible back to life! Love it!
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2 years ago, KarenRemo
A review from a senior citizen in Louisiana
I have been with the Chosen since the beginning. I am grateful that Dallas and his team are asking the Holy Spirit to guide them in this production. I saw a show 20 years ago one Knight as I was looking for something late into the night . The show Jesus smiling and playing with children I began to pray for a series on the Bible portraying Jesus this way be cause I felt he was a good compassionate man. Finally I found such a portrayal when I saw the first episode of the Chosen. I have only contributed a little . I am a widow with a low income but I give when I can because I want this show shown all over the world. Dallas an all working on this have called on professionals for guidance on accuracy of culture and how things would have been done in Jesus’s day. I just thank Dallas the filming crew and the advisors and the actors for all your hard work. God will bless you and has blessed the audiences already. Everyone I talk with just loves it and we r all patiently waiting for the next series. I just go back and watch the first 2 seasons!!!!!! Lots of love!!!!
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2 years ago, machappie
Powerful and insightful
I had heard about this show for a while and I mistakenly wrote it off as just another gospel show. So many had been made before, and I thought, boring right? I was so wrong. It’s an extra-biblical show meaning that they take artistic liberties beyond what is spelled out in the gospels. I was always skeptical of this style in theory because I always considered adding to the biblical accounts would open the door for heresy. But I never knew a show like this could be so well executed. I am at the 3rd episode of second season, and there is not one episode that I have not cried. The director lays out so many details that anyone in today’s culture would entirely miss if they only read the gospels. The Chosen has truly illuminated the scriptures and has given the accounts and the characters so much more depth than I could have anticipated. All I can say is well done, and that I am very excited to walk with Jesus and his disciples through the rest of this entire series. Thank you to all who have played a part in making this show come to be.
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3 years ago, Kaelyn's Gamma
“Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice!” This has been what this show, every episode, has done for me. My husband, a brilliant man, who has faithfully cared for me and our family for forty eight years, had a stroke two years ago. I have now become the major care giver. There have been many times I have been on the edge of despair and I have gone into my room and watched an episode of the Chosen. Tears of despair have turned into tears of joy as my Lord has met with me there and He has spoken to my heart through the dialogues in this show. They cannot produce it fast enough, while maintaining it’s quality and freedom, so I watch every episode again and again, each time finding new tears of joy. I have given what I can, I wish it could be more. What I do is tell everyone I can to watch it. If God grants me the free time I hope to start having tea parties for friends in my neighborhood and introducing them to the show in my home. I thank all who have given of the lives and livelihoods to make this show available to me and the rest of the world!❤️🙏❤️
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3 years ago, hopleus
Amazing, Fresh take on the life of Jesus and The disciples
Unlike any Hollywood rendition or Christian one for that matter, of the Life of Christ and His followers. Jesus is shown to have humor, and human like characteristics as well as Devine characteristics, which is more realistic to the True Jesus, than a lot of movies portray Him as. Because He is Fully Human, Fully God. I love that they show Both sides of Him. I also love the way the disciples are portrayed and how a lot of the Biblical accounts are show, unlike other movies or shows. That skip a lot, and have no character development or backstories. The backstories in “The Chosen” really enhance the show. As it makes them more relatable and more dynamic to the viewer. I also particularly love how the show is exciting and really puts things into perspective. And How the creator urges his viewers to not replace the show with actual scripture and how the show makes people want to read scripture and bring them to God. So it’s amazing. I would recommend this is anyone who wants to have solid and serious/ entertaining series about Jesus. (Not cheesy all, so that’s a plus) God Bless you
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7 months ago, mannba23
GOD bless you all❤️
First off I just want to say I think this app is very awesome! Because it can very much draw lost sheep back to GOD and it can also draw people who never knew who GOD was to Want to know and to get to know him because in some of these movies and shows it truly shows the goodness of our GOD the miracles he works and how amazing our GOD is I still encourage you all to seek a intimate relationship with Christ Jesus as we all should it gets tuff sometimes but if we stay faithful and trust in him we will have that relationship with him we desire. I just pray even now for the lost souls the souls that don’t know Jesus as their lord and savior I pray that the lord would remove the scales from their spiritual eyes and open up their eye of understanding I pray that they would have a encounter with you lord Jesus so that they see you are who you say you are and so that they will accept you as their lord and savior and do our heavenly fathers will, so that they as well with us all will be in your heavenly kingdom rejoicing together on the day of redemption in Jesus mighty name we pray Amen.❤️
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3 years ago, Classy sassy me
Incredible journey
Feeling very blue and down in the dumps. Watching season 1 again reminded me of this beautiful gift we have to remind us that light overcomes the dark. And I mean Jesus as the gift. I just heard Dallas tell the story of why he decided to make the chosen free for everyone when Covid hit. The first night it was streamed by paying it forward the show made an “impossible math” happen. If not for making the show free then I don’t know that we’d be here bow anticipating season 3 and being able to contribute to its creation. Making it free for whatwas supposed to be temporary made it what it has become today in my opinion. Knowing what’s coming is excruciating. There’s nothing else like this show and no matter what you believe it’s so worth the watching. Thank you for this show. I am and have been a believer but this has just made it so much more fun (at times) and relatable to today’s world. Awesome gift Dallas. Thank you tonal who have contributed and watched and continue to wait for the epic seasons to continue. Until they won’t. That itself makes me want to cry.
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1 year ago, Xanderand
Samsung TV Owners Give Up
Amazing show, but I am here to review the app - if you have a Samsung TV don't even try Season 3 - at some point the Angel Studios app won't be the only way to watch, and you will be able to save yourself a lot of hassle by waiting until then. The hassle is so great, it has convinced me to never buy another Samsung product again. Unfortunately, I tried and tried and tried every conceivable way to work around this. Air Play, Screen Mirroring, Samsung TV Cast. Bouncing between these options, when the aggravation of one made me forget about the aggravation of the other - reintroduced me to levels of lag I haven't experienced in years. The best method for watching ( Air Play ) was to close the app, every 10 minutes, in order to enjoy 10 more minutes, then close the app ( this was some way to watch the Jesus walking on water scene... the whole playback froze right when he commanded the waters to be still - surreal ) . FYI - Samsung TV Cast requires you to press the FFWD button on your remote for every single second you are trying to advance. Imagine trying to make your way back to the 45 minute mark using that. I only did that once. If you made it this far into my review, just one last reminder, this app cannot be used to watch Season 3 on a Samsung TV
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