Animal Sounds and Noises

4.1 (43)
48.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Animal Sounds and Noises

4.09 out of 5
43 Ratings
5 years ago, Seaflake
Longer Sounds Please!
This app is really cool, and lovely. The only thing about it is how short the sounds are. Otherwise, the app is great! Once you make the sounds longer, I will edit my review and give it a 5. I’m really looking forward to getting longer sounds! Thanks!
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4 years ago, Gabbygurl32
It's totally awesome!!!!
Guys I can understand how some of you would like a little bit of a change to this app, but it isn't always the game. Sometimes it can be your devices. You can't always blame the person who made the game. My brother is all about technology,and when our tablets didn't work,we thought it was the game but it was our devices. Anyway,totally love the app!!!
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12 years ago, Cuttlefish movie watcher
Fairly Accurate
Most animal sound apps (that aren't hunting calls/bird songs) usually tend to be grossly inaccurate (even those that are supposedly meant to be "educational" for children). Though there are a few minor errors (i.e the duck call shows a picture of a wood duck but the call is that of a Mallard duck). It's fairly accurate and doesn't make usual errors the Bald Eagle a Red Tailed Hawk screech or give the Mountain Lion scream to any other cat. It also includes less familiar animal sounds (especially birds). Besides minor inaccuracies, my only qualms are that a few of the sounds are hard to make out (alligator in particular) or very short. I would give it 3 stars if it wasn't for the fact that accurate animals sound apps ( besides hunting/ bird calls) with diversity are few.
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2 years ago, GraysonGamer789
Rhonda’s favorite animal is Elephant 🐘
Rhonda said: The Sounds are going good 😊 I love elephants! The picture hears like a Trunk! 🐘 Cool thanks for the info! — Grayson!
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4 years ago, RicoB54
It says ringtone, don’t see were you can use it for that?
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2 years ago, 5848473747383737
Joe mama
Best app
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14 years ago, futureorcatrainer11
Very good!
Wow, they give you a lot of sounds despite the app being free! It's really funny too. I like it.
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11 years ago, bluejay6580
So so...
I really like some sounds on here, but others not so much. For example, many of the mammal sounds are pretty bad. The monkey could be better. The lion and tiger could both be better. The sheep is just awful. The elk is mediocre. The wolf could be better. Several sounds are much too short like the pig and bat. I also don't love the picture choices. As a mom trying to teach about animals sounds to my little one, I'd rather have a picture of an adult animal in its most common and recognizable form than a puppy or piglet that doesn't help identify them well. The birds and much better sound files and the herps and bugs are pretty good too. I especially appreciate the spring peeper! Even the photo is correct:) .. More types of frogs would be cool. The cricket doesn't really look like a cricket. A cicada would be cool. Overall not bad but definitely room for improvement.
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11 years ago, Golden wolf band .
Get this app it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the animals are cool they goto mammals to the birds and to insects. And they put it in different categories to farms ,jungle and more . If you like animal sound please please please please get it I will be happy if you do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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10 years ago, Piano tiles review
What a useful app.
I love kinds of apps that choose to put animal sounds and put them at. Click of a button.
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10 years ago, Pony4567
Love it
I love this app cool sounds like birds,mammal's,and insect and so many more much better than others I've tried.
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13 years ago, Hedvfhhdhxf
5 stars
I loved it we got a kick out of the sounds
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10 years ago, Adam skyarmy
Can you find the sounds that make other animals go away for safety
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12 years ago, Roxibear
Beautiful pics! But no sound! Could not hear anything. Operator error? I don't know.
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11 years ago, Coco0103040502
This app really out does itself and really sounds like real animals!!
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11 years ago, Lily 1102
Animal chatter
Awesome!! Great for smaller kids who are learning about animals and their noises! A very great game!!!
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11 years ago, Nanigirl6
This app sounds like real animals
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14 years ago, OhayouGate
About this app
Very good thanks
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11 years ago, Jjgcuter
Good and bad
It's awesome cause there's a bunch of animal sounds its bad cause you can't really hear the sounds that much. So ya.
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9 years ago, Tigrrlily18
Doesn't work anymore since the cluttered it with ads. Don't waste your time
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11 years ago, ecalves
I need to play this game but I think it may be cool
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11 years ago, 🌗LunaDraco🌓
It doesn't work
I downloaded the app to find that there are no actual sounds. It doesn't work
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13 years ago, Liv&lov
It does not load and I can't delete it until it loads and wen it loads u don't want to delete it!
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12 years ago, Emsalazar
Best thing in the world
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10 years ago, Tstapes
Don't waste your time
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10 years ago, Ggfggbhh
this app is great u should get it.
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12 years ago, Kdmfish
It's pretty cool
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13 years ago, Chillie12345
Fun for playing with the kids!
I use this for a guessing game with the kids I babysit. They like the sounds and of course they love quizzing me. You can also use the app to segue into looking up animal facts on Wikipedia or in books. Fun & free!
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13 years ago, Grene7
Love it!
My nephew loves this app. He will steal my phone just to play the animal sounds
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