Animal Sounds.!

4.5 (8.6K)
129.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Animal Sounds.!

4.49 out of 5
8.6K Ratings
6 years ago, April235
Better Than I First Thought
I *almost* deleted this app after I opened it for the first time, with my first impression being that it had a very limited sound library, based on the short list of 10 animals that were presented on the home page. I decided to look into the app more by opening the menu, thus uncovering a much more extensive sound library, which categorizes the much more varied animal sounds by appropriate region or the habitat they can be found in. I thought that this aspect was really user-friendly, so I continued browsing through multiple categories and decided to not only keep the app, but to give it a mostly positive review. + Noteworthy negatives: •1. the app appears to only have a library of 10 basic, mostly domestic animals (cat, dog, rooster, pig, donkey, peacock, etc.) at first glance, which wasn’t a good first impression, causing me to almost instantly delete it. •2. the ad graphic at the bottom takes up about 1/8 of the app screen - I’m ok with free apps that are compensated by ad revenue, but it’s unappealing to have a large portion of the visual space taken up by the add. I actually prefer pop-ups, if any app developers are least you can close them either instantly or after a few seconds.
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6 years ago, Pamasabi
Informative and Helpful -Interesting for Kids
As a preschool teacher, this App is interesting to my students. It is a great tool when we are learning about different habitats and it provides another layer of understanding to hear a specific animal sound. Realistic. A bit tricky to navigate at first. Scroll down from top for a pull down menu to get options of several different categories =Ocean, Mountains, Farm etc. Lots just need to play and experiment to get acclimated to see what all is available.
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5 years ago, Gianna awesome girl 123
Awesome app but 1 issue...
Very cool app 1 problem where the dinosaur songs are one of the pictures of the dinosaur there’s a dinosaur eating a dinosaur just saying maybe you should change the picture so if u change it it would be much better it’s the app useless maybe change it that we really helpful and teeth if you’re reading this I think you should read this because well yeah maybe like a different picture that has no dinosaur eating a dinosaur so I’ll give it four stars👍🏻🥩❌
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4 years ago, sean&rachelle
Much better than it used to be!
I’ve actually had this app for a couple years but ignored it after a while because it didn’t have a lot of sounds or I just couldn’t use the easily. I feel like they have really improved it and made it easier to use. Plus there are a lot more sounds now. The only thing I wish was different is to have the pictures be full-screen if desired...they are kinda small
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2 years ago, LexiNavasmommy
Great for toddlers & preschooler’s!
My 2 1/2 & 4 year old nephews LOVE this app!! The 2 1/2 year old is currently obsessed with ALL different animal sounds and constantly Carries around his stuffed elephant (it’s his FAVORITE!) and other small plastic & stuffed animals! He gets soooo soooooo excited when I use this app to play with him and make his animals “talk” 😅🥰 I’ve found nothing negative so far, this is a HIT!!
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5 years ago, kmallisonus
I would pay for no ads
We have had this app on every device for 6 years, since my first child was 1. All of my kids love it. The variety of sounds is fantastic. The problem is that the younger kids can’t stay in the app because their fingers accidentally touch places that pull up ads or another screen. It is super frustrating to both of us and within minutes we do something else. I don’t pay for kids’ apps. I would pay for this one without ads.
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2 years ago, MusicPriest
Lots of Fun
I first discovered this app five years ago with my first grandson and he still likes to come back to it from time to time to “remember when I was little”. Now my new one-year old is having tons of fun imitating the animal sounds. I love that they’ve figured out a way to fund it without making it a subscription. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Seytin
Good library!
Loving this app so far! I like that the sounds are categorized by the type of animal/habitat. I absolutely love the option to select certain sounds that you can access easily, as I’m a teacher who uses certain ones often. Great app! Also, I much prefer the way it has banner ads at the bottom instead of pop ups that interrupt what I’m doing.
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10 months ago, Nachosbestfriend
Best Animal Sound App!
I have tried other animal sound apps, but the sounds were either unrealistic, or they seemed to be pertaining to one situation, the animal was scared/angry etc. it wasn’t just a general sound that the animal made. I tried those other sound apps on my dog to test realness. This one actually solicited a reaction! (I got it to mess with my dog…)
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3 years ago, Yesi :-)
Perfect for my grandkids
This app may seem deceptively simple but my 6 and 2 year old grandkids LOVE it. One thing I think would be the perfect addition would be the ability to export to a ringtone. If that was added, I would be willing to pay a small app fee for it. Thank you for entering my littles so much!
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6 years ago, Frogo218
I just love listening to nature. At first I thought that it wouldn’t be a good app but then I started using it and I started to love it! I recommend this app to everyone. I love that it says what animals are making noises and it shows pictures. This is one of the best apps ever. It has thousands of different animals to listen to!
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6 years ago, Harpua2012
Good App for Babies
This app is fun to play with my 9m old son but I wish the pictures were larger - they should really fill up the entire screen or almost the whole screen. Also it seems like there are some very random, fairly unknown animals and they are missing more common ones. But overall, good free app that is a helpful distracting and educational tool for children!
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6 years ago, Horse+Cat_lover883
Good, but not the greatest
Ok, this app is good but the the greatest. The animal sounds are very realistic, I should know that why? Well, I’m a zoo keeper. But enough about that. I don’t really see the point of it. Also, it says 100+ animal sounds. I got about 25. I DO recommend this game to whoever is considering getting this app. I don’t really think the pics on the front page or whatever are real. -kittyburito#1
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3 years ago, Bogggglefan
Kids love it
It could stand to be a like more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing (why such small pictures?) but it has entertained my babies many times during Dr appointments. I feel like it’s a much better option for babies than the usual more addicting/noisy/over-sensory apps
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7 years ago, Ktguidry
User friendly, tons of sounds
I downloaded a different animal sounds app about a year ago for my toddler. I liked it, but it only had about 8 sounds. This has so many more! You can select favorites and view the animals in a list or by scrolling through their pictures. Love it!
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4 years ago, QinFenggggggg
I love it!
This app is super cool. The recordings are high quality, the app is easy to navigate, and there is quite a variety of different animals, more than I expected. I teach English to young children, and every so often when the kids need a short break from the lesson I pull out this app and play an animal guessing game. 😺👏👏👏
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2 years ago, laiken calihan
(Hi I’m new here I’m very special and I have autism here are things I like)1. Dogs 2. Wolves 3. Animals as u can see 4. My dog 5. My sister Harper and 6 my friends.. here are things I hate 1. Work 2. The cold 3. Trying new foods. Now here are my family names. 1. 1.Rachel (mom) 2. Harper (sister) murphy (Dog) Becca (aunt) and me Laiken car right read this review and plz like it
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7 years ago, JV222
Highly Recommended!!! Simple and fun... great app, thank you
It is the most user friendly app. Very simple and sound effects are great. Not to be negative but I think you should def tweek a few the sound effects. Thought I would give you constructed criticism, so it can be more Percy than it already is.. Great job guys
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2 years ago, ummjhall
Pleasantly surprised
App is much better than I expected, planning on using it for a game in one of my classes. There’s adspace at the bottom but not distracting, and it doesn’t play a video ad after every few sounds like I was worried it might. Good for what I need it for.
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6 years ago, Tiff24fr
Easy to use
There are so many sounds and my kid loves it. He can swipe by himself. Only problem is that the help and information button are too accessible, toddler fingers easily touch it and they are automatically taken out of the app. Other than that we love it.
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3 months ago, dasawyer1
Baby Entertainment
My baby loves sounds. The animal noises on this app calm him down almost immediately when he’s upset. I will say the app with ads is not usable, so you really need to pay the upgrade cost to remove ads if you want to use this.
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2 years ago, AgingBeauty
Fun app
We used this app on our camping trip and found it very useful and fun. My kids used it to discover that we were woken up by a deer. Had never heard the sound before and after looking up the different sounds of the forest animals listed we figured it out. Great educational app!
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2 years ago, thethreemusketeers4423
Good app four stars because it doesn’t include two categories at first, only unlocking it by reviewing the app, which is why I’m writing this, which is good and bad. Sure it supports development but it pressures you to review for more animal sounds, I feel. Just one question, what the point?
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5 years ago, Fancy Huh
Despite me thinking this was too simple an app! It turned out to be the one so my son especially LOVES!! This kid makes me open it every morning before he goes to school just so he can he hear the Dinosaur roars! I’d just ask to add more Dinosaurs bc this entertains kids more than I thought
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3 years ago, Fenshri
Not Accurate
Many of these animal sounds are inaccurate. The deer and bald eagle are wrong and many users have already commented on this years ago. It is clear that the creators of this app do not care since it has never been corrected. I wouldn’t recommend downloading this. Don’t give them the ad revenue. Also, beware of the rabbit sound. It’s the screams of an injured or dying rabbit. I have heard this in real life during a camp out. It’s a horrifying sound. No thanks!
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4 years ago, DaisyRo8
Good But...
Very good app. Images are clear. There are ads but they do not interfere with the interface. The but is that you cannot easily select the types of animals you want to hear from the picture icons. You have to go to a list that includes the name and pictures. Good job!
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4 years ago, Snakestyle5
Not bad
Most sounds are spot on a few are just a little off but close enough for my son who is leaning animal sounds. As another reviewer posted I originally thought there were only a few sounds but upon further investigation found a lot more included.
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4 years ago, Marlen Ramos
Great Game
This app is amazing! Hearing what some animals sound like is awesome like zebras and gnu. I love this app, at first i thought there was only the animals on the front page and when I looked around the app I found that You could go through locations!
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2 years ago, Sammylori
I work with nonverbal children and this is a god send because I can help them to start making sounds with it and help them to use their voice.
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7 years ago, Mrs. P from CT
Simple and Fun
I was looking for something to pass the time on an 11 hour flight with my almost two year old. This is super! It's user friendly, has tons of pictures and sounds, and my daughter loves it!
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4 years ago, Gage's mama
Better than I expected
My one year old loves hearing the sounds and my 9 old year sits down with our 1 year old and says what the animal is and helps our 1 year old navigate the app. Highly recommend
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6 years ago, Ajamadi
Going good so far, but...
It’s going good so far and my students like the animal sounds; however, I wish there was a way to see all the animals and scroll through pages for receptive identification instead of having to only see one animal at a time.
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3 years ago, Lisa Allison
LOVING this app for my online classroom
I am using this app in my online classroom. The sounds are clear and easy to hear in my mic. And the beautiful pictures show up well in my camera!! Great learning tool
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6 years ago, Dunk did
Love This App
Me and my 1 year old play together on this. She knows all of the farm animal sounds now, so fun. I never let her play it without me because I really want to provide a lot of language to what she is doing and talk about the animals with her.
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6 years ago, Mlar130
My son loves it
My 17 month old loves looking at animals and hearing their noises. I found this app while googling animal noises for him after tiring of making them all myself. The app has a nice range of animals. I like that they have them in categories as well.
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6 years ago, Stevesopinioncounts
Lots of interesting sounds
I had no idea there was such a variety of sounds in the animal world until I got this app! I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the outdoors or even has a curiosity of what is out there! My cats love it too 😁
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2 years ago, Pixel ruler
Great for the kiddo
There are actually a ton of sounds here that we had a great time playing and emulating! They aren’t super obvious in the UI, but you can change biomes and get an entirely new list of animals in each one.
Show more
5 years ago, papaofthreegirls
Great teaching tool
Both my grand daughters spend hours learning the different animals sounds. Using this app opens up conversation with them about each animal such as where they live/eat/sleep/play. They love it
Show more
2 years ago, chucky-b
Kids love it
The interface is simple and the sounds are fantastic. I literally get sound requests from my 2 year old 😁
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4 years ago, marissa.rae.h
Awesome for teaching online!
Apart from being a lot of fun for my kids, this has been super helpful for ESL teaching for youngsters online. There are tons of sounds to choose from and it’s a very user-friendly app.
Show more
4 years ago, kiwiagirl1235671
I love this
I wanted to know what all different animal sounds are and you made my dream come true I love this app it makes my puppies turn there head and makes me 😂 laugh thanks for making my dreams come true
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2 years ago, a͜͡m͜͡i͜͡a͜͡
the codeing is scary there us one animal that turns green when pressed could be a program allowing them to steal ur private info not slay do not download anither thing the rabbit is not a rabit its rly inaccurate and the rabit is rly scary i would nog recommend if i could put 0 stars i would its rly scary and other animals sound strange aswell this app is for kids pls fix the bugs or im warning youtubers to look into it🤡💀
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6 years ago, Marsh0125
Great pictures and good quality sounds
There is a pretty good variety of animal sounds and my 1-year-old daughter really enjoys pressing the buttons with the animal’s picture to hear its sound.
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1 year ago, Mkrix
Pretty good for a free app
I use this with my toddler and he loves guessing the animal based on the sounds! There are a lot of options once you figure out how to navigate between the different ecosystem options.
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6 years ago, bmbobblehead
Nature comes to life!!
I love this app! My daughter (she's 24 lol) and I have been so surprised by the sounds some of these animals make, and even more surprised that we were unfamiliar with so many of them. Great variety!! Love it!
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4 years ago, Zeenitb4
Good for little one to introduce animal sounds
Overall the sounds are good for teaching little ones sounds of animals. It would be better to have a full list rather than only split up into Forest or Ocean etc.
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2 years ago, ichloerose1234
Helps a lot when my voice is tired of making animal sounds
Show more
6 years ago, bamajammer
Awesome app
Love this App.1 and a 1/2 year old nephew can't stop laughing, loves to look at the pictures and press the buttons, it's just awesome, I laughed so hard when I pressed the rabbit, my Jack Russell looked everywhere for that rabbit!
Show more
7 years ago, KLLindsay
My two-year-old adores this app!
I huge variety of animals wonderful pictures excellent sounds enjoyable and educational for the whole family.
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6 years ago, B3@ni3b@b3
Great app
This has a lot of sounds and you can scroll through the different categories easily. Keeps my 2 yr old entertained for hours
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