Animated Wallpapers!

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96.2 MB
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Current version
Marian Raafat
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.11 or later
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User Reviews for Animated Wallpapers!

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10 years ago, Wodinn_Riggz
This is great!
Some some minor comments: I would like too see some more options to choose from. And an update for yosemite, I don’t remember seeing if it was updated for the new os x or not. I would also like to see an option to have either the icon in the status menu, or the icon in the dock. But I love this app. Really considering Alive wallpaper.
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12 years ago, RodneyRevilla
Great App; Would love upgrades!
I absolutely approve that this app be spread by word of mouth! The wallpapers are spectacular and yet I wish there were more options such as selecting different kinds of projectiles throughout the different wallpapers. Overall, I like this app very much, it makes my 27" really stand out! Thanks :)
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12 years ago, Subish
Does not support dual screens - Still Good
I like it but it does not support dual screens. If you're only using one screen it is worth the .99cent. I still run it but I would like an dual screen support.
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10 years ago, MacAppster
What a waste of money! Buggy app! App crashes! No dual monitor support!
They are static wallpapers with overlayed objects moving about! Not true animation (annimated my arse!). Plus the app doesn’t launch on my dual monitors making it useless, not intutive on how to get it working. Does not always work and sometimes just a piece of the wallpaper shows up at the top of my screen. Very buggy app so I do not suggest purchasing this app. It’s a waste of money!
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2 years ago, KB484
Awesome wallpapers
I would love to see more options on this but the ones here are fantastic. Whoever designed this did a wonderful job
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9 years ago, Viperrgrl
Brightens my 27” IMac screen! Wish there were more to select, but love the ones available. Alive Wallpaper is another great option, I have them both.
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9 years ago, Sandeebeach
Animated Wallpapers
I love this app. I love the way it changes... and seeing all the leaves, snow and rain falling is so soothing to my soul. Hope you keep them coming and keep the prices low.
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11 years ago, deneseann
Beautiful and Mesmerizing….!
Can't wait to see more and more and MORE!! Love what I have seen so far….looking forward to future new releases with more to choose from!! Great Work!
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12 years ago, 000Xtine000
I like it!
It's really peaceful to look and and makes it so that you have something nice to look at rather than a boring blue screen. It's a great value for $1!
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5 years ago, loyekan24
I love it!
To be sincere, I was having doubts when i first bought the Wallpapers and you guys proved me wrong. The wallpapaers now makes my desktops more realistic and lively. I am happy and i LOVE it!.
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12 years ago, Wild Hogs
Great program
I really enjoyed this program…..makes a boring desktop a beautiful one.
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12 years ago, Jgv26
It is ok
It is ok but it would be a lot better if the objects actually moved instead of stuff just flotting by. The still pictures are great though.
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11 years ago, BarbND
Nice Change
This is a nice change from static desktop photos. It's worth giving it a try for the buck it costs.
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11 years ago, Pattilc
I hope that you will offer more catagories without a big charge. It is hard on your battery but I think it is woth it, good job!!!
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11 years ago, Ikshtendinker
This wallpaper got my friend impressed with the galaxies! It seems if its real! The effects have different shadowing and contrast!
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12 years ago, Zen.73
More Pics to Come?
Sure would like more pics!! But the ones I have look so beautiful.
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12 years ago, girlstownaz
What a refreshing change from the old stuff!. Please keep the images coming.
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12 years ago, naql
Too busy
Way too busy. I immediately regretted my purchase when I realized that it was static pictures with animated things in front. Starscape was more along the lines of what I was looking for, although not quite there either. Animated desktops need to be less intrusive than this.
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11 years ago, Samboy3.14
Better than any of the other animated wallpapers. I just wish there were more wallpapers...
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12 years ago, FlySoHigh97
Great App
This App is amazing and the graphics are HD which makes it look amazing. Love this app. Should have more stuff.
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10 years ago, ncbttrfly
Don’t waste your money!!!
For the same you can get ‘live’ wallpapers. To be fair, that’s what I was looking for so my expectations were definitely not met but this app doesnt even come close. There are juvenille red animated leaves falling down in front of a static picture of a gold autumn tree. It’s really lame.
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10 years ago, Reet13
Value for money..
Great app:) My Mac looks beautiful now whenever I open it..please add more themes !
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12 years ago, Ceadda+
Pretty Awesome
I really like this program, I think it is best for desktops because on a laptop it will eat up the battery, but nevertheless is pretty cool.
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12 years ago, DUCK 13
I should have done what my title says. All they did was take mediocre quality pictures, and put generic moving FX in front of them. I wanted pictures that actually move not smoke and mirrors.
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9 years ago, Monie2268
Love it, nice and peaceful
i love this app. i would like more options, but it is a nice alternative to oragami wallpaper
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11 years ago, CameronSL
Biggest Waste of 99 Cents
None of the backgrounds were anything spectacular, nothing you couldn't find off of Google. Plus the animations were just unrealistic overlays that played over the background picture. Terrible app.
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11 years ago, AnneHutsky
Great app
looking for something different, worth the download.
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9 years ago, Funeralgirl
Love these!
Just updated to Capitan - app works fine. Please give more scenes!!
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10 years ago, Julesbell
Really Nice Wallpaper
This is really great. Can’t wait for upgrades. Looks awesome on my MacBook Pro. Thanks
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12 years ago, onelovesojah
pretty cool having objects moving across the screen…would be nice if there were more backgrounds to choose from
Show more
9 years ago, Jamester232323
It’s OK
It depends on what you want it to be. If you’re looking for a theme it’s ok. If you’re looking for WOW cinemagraph desktop….you’re not going to be ecstatic with it.
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6 years ago, cooking_with_gas
Cheesy junk
Ok, what did I expect for $2. It’s just some static desktops with some small superimposed blobs moving around randomly. I got sick of it in 30 seconds and deleted it. A more appropriate price would be 5 cents.
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12 years ago, FineFitFabulous
Love it!
This app is so beautiful and peaceful! I would like to see more scenes in the future.
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11 years ago, JAVICO1
Photos with effects
This is just a still picture with falling effects.
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12 years ago, violinbow
A great app.
I like this a lot, the animation is realist and it's only .99 cents!
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11 years ago, tjmac93
Very few options
I am glad it was 99 cents, you get what you pay for. There are not many selections to choose from. Want my money back :/
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12 years ago, pixiepriss
Falling Leaves
It is really beautiful!!
Show more
8 years ago, PolkRB
Great idea, poor implementation.
There are only a few wallpapers that are static, and the motion implementation of the overlay is cheesy and uses a lot of CPU time. I’d suggest look elsewhere. Wouldn’t recommend even spending $0.99
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12 years ago, jciminera01
Thee Best!!!
This is incredible to watch love the animation… Keep it coming = )
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11 years ago, KG2254326
Should support multiple monitors
My #1 requested feature.
Show more
12 years ago, KatDM
Good Job!
Love this screensaver, it looks so real and the snow actually makes me cold. LOL Good Job!
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12 years ago, KennyMcL19
Its the bomb that will make you fart blood
do it fool
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7 years ago, Michael.CT
It’s ummm, ok, and that’s it.
It’s a good start, it deffinitely needs a bigger selection of preferences, that’s for sure.
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11 years ago, adamvetock
more options
wish it had more wallpapers and a few other options….
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11 years ago, Aquaken5217
Love this app. Beautiful wallpaper designs.
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12 years ago, Silperk
Really Cool!
I really like this app! Super cool!
Show more
12 years ago, MichaelScherer
Movable Backgrounds
Love it. Moving backgrounds rock!
Show more
5 years ago, Maltese Mom 1
love it
loving it, maybe add some more scenes
Show more
12 years ago, iaviles
i like it……!
cool app
Show more
12 years ago, BillyJean123
Cute but...
keeps glitching…please fix!!D:
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