Animation Creator

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4 years ago
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User Reviews for Animation Creator

4.35 out of 5
547 Ratings
6 years ago, Luvbug24 33
Pretty good, to be honest.
The app is nice. I’ve paid for the full version since it doesn’t limit your frames, and i’ve been playing around with it a bit. It’s easy to get addicted to it, which is a good thing when it comes to animating. But, there are a few problems I have with it. First of all, the undo and redo buttons are WAY too small. It’s really annoying how many times I’ve put small dots on the screen because my fingers barely missed the undo button. Many times I can’t even tell if it did anything unless I look really closely. Second of all, It makes it really hard for me when I choose a horizontal canvas size and I have to rotate my phone according to that. It’s really hard for me to work like that, and I think it would be better to have a rotation option so when you move your fingers in a certain way, it will do that. The canvas will look smaller, sure, but that’s what the zoom tool is for. I hope you hear me out and possibly fix at least one of these problems. Have a nice day.
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6 years ago, letusgothenyouandi
Pretty good
Ok, so this is a pretty good app. I like making animations and this app is a lot better than some of the other ones. Just two things. One, it would be great if you could blur or smudge. The other one is that I wish you could save colors! Like when you use a color, I wish you could drag it onto your color pallet. This issue has been really frustrating for me, and I’ve messed up so many times because you have to match the color exactly so it blends in. If this actually is a feature on this app, please make it easier to access. I’m begging you to make an update in which you fix this. Please get back to me on this one, I think it’s important that you work on it.
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7 years ago, ArnPoe
This is one of the best-designed apps ever!
I’m not an animator; I was just looking for a new creative outlet & decided to try this app. The app is one of the best-designed, intuitive and straightforward apps I’ve ever used. In just a few hours I was able to figure out layers, backdrop, and adding audio. In a month of usage, I’ve had no crashes or other issues. It would be nice if the app would allow background changes and allow import of audio files (I’m a musician with synth pop band Dyed Emotions, and I’ve been trying to create animations to go with some of my original music). I would even pay for additional layers, or the ability to import and animate a photo. Otherwise, this app is amazing!
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5 years ago, lilasianswag
Excellence. Perfection. Creativity.
I’ve used this app since 2012, and I must say, it’s the best freestyle original draw-to-animate application that exists today. It’s all up to YOU how well you utilize it. The use of copy and paste is astounding. It has helped me repeat drawings that only happened once in perfect quality. I could just paste that perfectly drawn hand, or face, that couldn’t be recreated as well as the first time. What I realize will make this app perfect in its entirety is the ability to “mirror cropped sections.” I realize I’m the kind of person who, because I’m left handed, can’t seem to draw characters facing left, only facing right. The ability to “select and mirror” revolutionize Animation Creator. I’m in the process of creating my first Sonic the Hedgehog animation. I do hope you’ll put in a mirror tool for cropped selections soon, so that drawing hands, eyes, eyebrows, ears, feet, anything in pairs, is symmetrical and much easier to recreate!!! This app has been my life for years! Thank you for the hard work you put in to make this app possible for everyone!!!
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6 years ago, Phan-writer
The actual animation aspect is pretty impressive for an app, but the interface is just AWFUL for creating art. The tools are terrible and it’s extremely frustrating that you can’t select and move drawings in an ANIMATION software. I wouldn’t really mind this at ALL, however, if I could import photos into frames (not just the background since that remains the same throughout an entire animation), because then I could just draw the frames in another app. At this point the app is practically useless for actual animation, but the problems are a very simple fix. I hope to see importable frames, a selection tool, blending brush, smudge brush, better airbrush, and other improvements added in the future. Importable frames, I believe, are the most important missing feature at the moment and should be added as SOON as possible.
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8 years ago, Socalsexy
Creativity is all you need BUT 3 issues I'd like to see fixed
There are a couple issues I've run into so far. 1st thing is when u receive an alert or message/call, the last thing you had edited on, in your work, is unable to be undone. 2nd thing is if you want to go into your photos or even google photos, the whole app crashes and launches you from the main menu. This can get frustrating if you are looking for examples. 3rd and last of all, i have not yet found a way to take a part of an image and rotate it. Only the whole image will rotate. Hard to get smooth flowing animation when you want to cut and paste. Other than that, this app is a cartoonists dream!
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5 years ago, DiamondJboss
I’ve loved using this until recently
I’ve been using this app for 4 years now and I’ve enjoyed it up until this point. Your most recent updates have ruined the performance and usefulness of the app. I can’t zoom in as far as I could before to draw more precise lines. It’s kinda glitchy whenever I try drawing lines and the app was simply much better a couple weeks ago. Now I can’t animate and draw how I used to and I’m thinking of not using the app any more due to these complications. I’d just really appreciate if you guys would revert back to how it was not too long ago.
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5 years ago, ChibiAvatarTaang
Good or Good Enough?
I do wish there were more brushes and I wish that my app would have a better way to move frames around since my animation is bordering 900 frames and I everytime I go scrolling to rearrange the frames, my app force-closes on me. And the lines always look blurry when I finish the animation and upload it. Is there any way to fix that? Imported photos always look blurry and that’s a problem since I draw some important frames in my art app and import it to the animation app, only to have the image come in blurry and slightly distorted. Other than that, I’ve been using this app close to four years now and it’s still the best animation app, bugs and all.
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6 years ago, plant_human
Very nice
I love the paid version, was definitely worth it. I’ve created some very cool short animations. It’s easy to use and overall just fun to play around with. Two things I would improve is the undo button, easy to miss, you end up animating dots on the screen by accident, and color palette. Maybe this is just me, but i have no idea how to save colors, so if i want to animate a colored animation i have to wait until I’ve animated everything before coloring it in because my colors don’t save. That gets annoying. But other than that still super worth it.
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7 years ago, Spottedleaf15851
It's great, but I think they should add different brush types like lightning, water, etc. overall, it's amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys animating. The full version isn't much different from the free, just some cooler supplies so I would say either version is good if your just starting in the world of animation. It was totally worth the $3 it cost to buy the full version and I hope everyone else can enjoy this app as much as I do. Making a drawing or animation is so easy on this app. If I could, I would rate this app 1,000,000,000,000 stars!
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6 years ago, Tigeroar360
Pretty Aight but...
I really like to go and animate on here but, not sure if this is intentional but when you put in color there are weird dots of other colors in there, maybe solid colors would be cool too! Or maybe an option for that and blending :D I’ve been having the most trouble with reading comments on my animations, which I have been dying to read! I can only see emojis if a comment has any :0 I hope that this is fixed sometime or maybe it’s just my phone being weird. Thank you for taking the time to read this! :D
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8 years ago, Nathan Dunlap
Great animation app!
This is a great animation app that works very nicely without any lag. The tools are simple and the UI is clean. It provides the fundamental tools needed to do 2D animation without any fancy ones that would clutter up the small screen on a smart phone. I highly recommend this app for any animator that wants a way to animate on-the-fly as one might sketch in a portable sketchbook. It has one irritating feature in that it nags you to write a review every time you open the app even when you already have written a review.
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7 years ago, QalbiArts
Smooth, Intuitive, fast & functional
I use this app all the time. Can turn ideas into visions in minutes. Limitless potential. It would be cool to import sound files from itunes, and edit in the music portion; perhaps with a track of overdub. Also the ability to copy/paste other animations into one file...or choose iterations...or import produced vids back into working project files. many are small loops. A little like Diptic's animation function...That said; it's still 5 star. Thanks. Keep cookin'!
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4 years ago, cloudyartist
Great app but needs work
I’ve been animating some funny conversations with my friends but I find it frustrating that I can’t record on another app and load it onto this one. Also I don’t like the fact that I have to listen to the whole recording over again just to fix something in the animation it’s very time consuming and it makes animating more difficult. But overall I love using the app because it brings my drawings to life and that’s something I’ve always wanted.♡︎
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7 years ago, Nastynas3
Message to Devs of this app...
Yet another review for this app. The app still functions well, probably the best animation app out there, but it still has the fee bugs I mentioned before. I'm worried about the future of this app Because it seems the developers gave up on it, which would be a shame if they did, because it's such a fine app and it would be a waste to give up on such a promising app. So I ask that you devs to please not give up on this app, and continue to support us who support you. Thanks!!
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6 years ago, FoodIsTheUniverse
Brushes and Sound is the problem
So with the brushes they are not smooth they are how do I explain this they are like you are adding onto it like layers and they are very pixelated when you use them and why can’t we import sound what we have to do is record by making the sound or putting it up to a speaker to get it and that gets on my nerves so please put an option that we can import sound that’s all that’s a problem with me otherwise this is a great app
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2 years ago, smckenzie3
Dis is one of the most amazing games I’ve ever played
So I been looking for a free (or cheap) animating app for so LONG! And this is it this is my game so to whoever made this game I would like to say … this freaking game is awesome!✨👌✨ and to anyone asking I do recommend that you do buy this app for one you can trace pictures and you can put audio on and well… idk but STOP WAITING AND GET THIS APP! Your happy user Aubrey ✨👁👄👁✨
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5 years ago, Toku Tea
I have an issue
Dear developers, I’ve come across an issue with the new update that I would like to have fixed. I can’t zoom in as far as I could in the old version and I want to know why. Being able to really zoom in helps me draw finer details. And without that feature I can’t do the close up detail work I did with the old version. Although I really enjoy the new update I would like to see work done to bring back the ability to zoom in. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. Your loyal animator - LavLynn
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3 years ago, SkyDiverDragonGirl
A few suggestions
Ok, I like the app, it's pretty good, but I do have some suggestions.. 1. Canvas Rotation When drawing the frames, I think it would be easier to do if we could rotate the canvas. When I use drawing apps, I always rotate the canvas a little bit from time to time to make it easier to make the drawing. 2. Symmetry Ruler I use a symmetry ruler almost all the time when I draw, it would be easier to make some drawings if I could use a symmetry ruler. 3. More Brushes There's a very limited amount of brushes to work with, and we could make higher quality animations with better brushes lol I'll probably give it a 5 star if at least one of these things is added, cus I can make better animations/drawings with them, but of course, you don't have to add them, they're just some suggestions. Thanks for reading! <3
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2 years ago, Little Voleit
Please fix these issues
When using this app. The layers have a glitch idk if it’s just me or anybody else but when it for layers when using them one will decide it doesn’t exist messing up a project and the opacity and color sliders are impossible to see since they’re gone. Other than that I’ve used this app for years it gets frustrating when trying to do any project due to this issue.
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6 years ago, CoyWolfFoxAssociate
Animation Creator Review
Animation Creator is a good app for beginners in animation. It offers a good platform for learning hand drawn frames. However, there are no options for tweeting and it will not let you resize without erasing and redrawing the frame. I warn that you should not download this onto a mobile phone. The screen is too small to produce good quality animations with. AC also offers backdrops that you can choose from your photo library. I had found this very useful. Paired with some prior knowledge on animation, this app can be a very useful learning tool.
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7 years ago, InfernoBacon75
Almost perfect
This app is one of the best animating apps I have ever used! It is well worth the price! The only problem I have with this is when you zoom in our out, it keeps on making a line when I'm not writing it. It also glitches out too. This kinda bothers me while I'm animating. I would appreciate it if you can fix this! Other than this, this app is overall good!
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5 years ago, FlamFlamy
New update causes MANY issues
Just got the new update and the glitches and bugs are endless. Every time I add a new frame and draw a new picture one of my other frames disappears for seemingly no reason. I’ll erase a piece of my picture and try to draw over it and it’ll reappear every time I erase. Brushes glitch out a lot when I try to draw a line and ends up bugging out making the brush strokes move to a completely different part of the canvas.I really would like these frustrating bugs to be fixed please they make it infuriating to animate. Thank you
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6 years ago, lunchboyy
Its good but it's missing something important
so! so far I really like the app but there is just one thing that ticks me off about it and I'm sure the same goes for many other people using the app. In a lot of general art apps you are able to zoom in and out more and are able to ROTATE the arboard/canvas. I think the rotation is super important for people like me who uses their phone/ipad to draw and animate. It would personally help me a lot if this feature was added and I'm sure many others would appreciate it too!
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2 years ago, Lucas K YT
Layers stopped working
I love this software and have used it for years, but suddenly layers have started just vanishing from the animation. I would really like to be able to continue using the software but it is incredibly difficult dealing with all these layering issues. Layers will appear in the editor but when you try to play the animation they do not appear. I would greatly appreciate a fix for it.
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5 years ago, gabby101262
It’s amazing
I love this app it has no adds easy access am a wide variety of colors to choose from but I think it could use a bigger variety of tools but other than that this app is amazing and I definitely recommend having this app if you plan to be a Future animator or you can’t afford to by an animation tablet.
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8 years ago, C-64
It's missing one thing
I love this app, but it's extremely hard to use, as a matter of fact, I create my frames on another app, and then import them to this app. The rotation is an issue, I think that if it had an interference like that of ibis paint x, it would be a lot easier to use on an iPhone. Even though I can't properly use this app to animate, It is very useful to me, so I'll give it a 4.
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5 years ago, terrible and inconvenient
Terrible and inconvenient
I truly didn’t like this app at all, I seriously regret spending money on it. If your reading this DO NOT even bother wasting your money on this. The brushes are all awkward and not at all easy to use, I was almost completely lost because there was no tutorial to show me what was what. It doesn’t allow you to save your progress to your camera roll at all, the zooming in and out is almost impossible. I want my money back, I could’ve gotten something much better with that money and instead I got this piece of trash app.
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8 years ago, JesusJammer246
Audio Recorder Is Not Working
I do not have very many complaints about this app, but the main one I do have is that the audio recorder is not working. I hit record and make enough noise that it should be picked up quite well, but I hear nothing when the audio is played back. Yes, I have turned my phone off silent, turned the volume up all the way, and even used headphones. It simply will not work. If this bug was corrected, I would give it a much better rating, but this disappoints me.
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3 years ago, |_RAD_|
Nice, simple, and great for beginners.
For clarification, the review above came from me trying to view how a beginner would react to this. I believe the app itself is good, however, I do suggest they should try to add some more settings for experienced users. I haven’t experienced many bugs, and have been able to experiment with this app to learn and create some pretty awesome things.
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6 years ago, Lamis_Peridot
Crash Updates, Extras and Bug Fixes please
This app is pretty amazing and simple though i would suggest that more brush styles and better quality is needed. the app is a bit outdated but i love the full version. with bug fixes i would like to make it easier to paste images without having the whole screen turn around weirdly and have my picture end up being cropped badly. also, whenever i use the move tool or the box drag/distort thing it always makes the drawing super pixalated and blurry so please fix that and try to fix crash updates too, it crashes and it doesnt save thanks
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6 years ago, PurpleArtsy
Animation created
This is great for starting animators with many tools and a variety of colors it's easy to make a unique animation projects although It's a little unstable it often crashes when a scroll quickly through frames and when duplicating projects otherwise it would be five stars
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5 years ago, Stitchqueen321
Call the exterminator for all these bugs!
Seemed pretty good for an animation app at first, but I encountered several bugs doing my animation. I did the sketch then created another layer for lineart. The undo button stopped working, the app would crash and freeze sometimes, and when I tried duplicating my frame the duplicates seemed just white. I went into the ‘frames’ section and created duplicates that way and all my lineart got deleted, so I had so redo every single frame.
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7 years ago, Star-the-wolf
Great app! But...
I use this app whenever I want to animate something, but if you leave the page ONE time you have to go back and click everything. You wouldn't be able to look at a reference or anything like that. I also wish you could add iTunes or iVideo music to the background instead of having to use extra steps after making your animation.
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8 years ago, UltimateBananaGod
Just some little things
So i absolutely love this app and all but when you close out of the app it shouldn't completely close out of the animation Next you should have a lasso selection tool because its difficult when you have to either export all the frames or difficultly use the rectangle selection tool Speaking of exporting there should be a button to export selected frames where you can export the frame you want to Finally this is specifically for phones with 3d touch/pressure sensitivity is you should implement pressure sensitivity!! thanks for reading if you do! Please add/fix these things!!
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8 years ago, ArturSurman
Best animator app for beginners
I'm speaking on behalf of people who just want to do simple animations as a hobby, this app provides all the tools for that purpose. The simple layout of features makes animating easier. So far I'm rating this app 5 stars because I'm satisfied with everything is has to offer.
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7 years ago, Juuuuuuuuuik
I love this app are used to make an animation for my comic called tiny elephant TM <~~~~ that stands for trademark if you're an idiot. In the future you're probably going to see him in theaters everywhere. this is inspirational and helps you improve your animation so one day your Animation could show up in the movie theaters like mine
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4 years ago, Smooth😷
Very good
I like the whole app. I didn’t know if paying for money was worth it but it was. Instead of having limited ones and having to delete them all the time now I actually have space so I can do all of that stuff now which is great
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5 years ago, ATTENDTION DEVS
Please add!
I LOVE your app, but it would be nice if your could flip a frame. For example I have a frame with a character on it who is facing right, but I want him to face left. So if you could add a feature like that to the copy paste or reposition tool (I don’t know their names) that would be really handy. Thanks if you read this.
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6 years ago, Darkness da cat
Love this update
I’ve used this since I was nine, and I love this app to death, and for the life of me I’ve thought there wouldn’t be an update, but even though only little things the app looks and feels so much better, thanks for this amazing update, highly recommend
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8 years ago, Gaming_God
Best App For Artists Of All Kinds
This app is outstanding! It has all of the necessary tools, and a community to share your work. I've never had any other problem than occasionally glitching out of the app, however. Definitely worth the money.
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6 years ago, spider_22
I like it
To be honest, it is a pretty good app. I like the duplicate button on there cause I tween. I have one small problem, though. The back button, or undo button, is so small. Sometimes I miss it completely. Though it is really good so far. Keep up the good work.
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6 years ago, Not the real shady
2 petty things
I’ve been using this app frequently for over two years and I love it. But there’s two things that seem like a simple fix that frustrate me. 1: you can’t rotate objects, that would help tremendously. And 2. There should be a side button or something to make switching layers easier.
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8 years ago, natasha09876
Still Giving It 5 Stars After 1 Year
Downloaded this over a year ago and still love to use it. Decent amount of tools and design options. Runs smooth (bugs fxd long ago). It's still the best of its kind on the AppStore by far!
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7 years ago, Bettyboop1o1
Small thing will improve this app tremendously
Good overall, but a few thinks that are really irksome.. •you can't change the opacity of the onion layers, they are so faint it's almost impossible to see them •the screen shifts and wobbles whenever you move it, which makes it annoying and uncomfortable •you can't rotate the selection portions, which is so inconvenient, all other free animation apps have this •you can't look at another tab or this will close out, so no using refs easily I think that's everything that bothered me, but the app is still better overall than the other free apps out there.. not sure if it's worth it though.
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6 years ago, RudaZix
Best Animation App for IOS
This is the best animation app I have seen for iOS. Of course the more you know about animation the better your results with it will be. If you can draw decently well on your device you can produce some good animations. Definitely worth my money.
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7 years ago, Love Arctic Fox's
Great but needs a fix
Ok, I'm on my phone and there's no save button or anything, I pressed the help button but I think it's for iPad control because none of the buttons it says to click are there on my iPhone please fix this!
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6 years ago, German Pretzel
It’s so easy to use! I’m making animation for my grandkids.
I want them to grow up and know you’re never too old to be creative. What a great tool this is and it’s so easy to learn. It’s opening up a whole new medium for me. Thank you to the developers!
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8 years ago, SkdbskxbbcjdkjDbjxksn
(Amost) love it
Overall, this app is pretty amazing and easy to use. It can be hard sometimes to export videos but it usually ends up working out. My HUGE problem with this app is that it will sometimes delete your frames if you click add or duplicate, which can be VERY frustrating if you spend a lot of time working on one frame.
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7 years ago, LBMagnet
Needs hard edge
This is a almost perfect app that I've been using for maybe a year now. The only issue that I run into is that the edges of all tools are soft, which looks bad when I use the fill bucket. Other then that, great app!
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