Antenna Point

2.9 (208)
22.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Antennas Direct, Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Antenna Point

2.87 out of 5
208 Ratings
5 years ago, Jay71tal
Very close to great, but is lacking
I think they could fix this app easily, but given the old date of the current version they don’t seem inclined to. Freezing the compass on any kind of zoom is not good. It does not display several major towers in my area. It inaccurately displays info on others. Other towers are displayed with no info. All these things are correctable and would be a more effective sales tool. It is unfortunate because the app has some great tools unique to it but whose use is limited by the deficiencies mentioned. Shouldn’t complain too much for a free app, but it is frustrating to see one so close to great (and which would reflect on the companies operating philosophy).
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2 years ago, Billnil
Not very useful at my location
Several of the towers are too close to me to see in the default view as they are hidden under the blue dot. When you zoom in the compass function stops working and so you cannot get the pointer to show the right direction. Also there is not a search function to find out where to point the antenna for a particular station.
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1 year ago, Drummerkat
Simple and effective
Use the app to find your towers. Lay your phone flat on the antenna if possible and line it up as close as you can to the desired tower. Turn the phone as needed to line up the arrow toward the tower. After this, turn the “level” app on your phone (or get a regular level) and make sure your antenna is perfectly level. Tighten the bolts then rescan your tv and you should be good to go. This is so easy to use and I couldn’t have set the antenna without it.
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7 years ago, The jwire
Shows locations but frequent crashes
The app does a good job when it works. You can use the compass to point your phone in the general direction your antenna points to aim it towards the stations you want. As long as you don’t zoom or more than one station isn’t close by to another you can click on each station to see what you are aimed at. Unfortunately most stations are nearby and overlap and thus require you to zoom. Once you zoom, the app freezes and eventually crashes. I’m running 11.0.3 and iphone 7plus. If more than one station overlaps it may not identify the station at all or just identify the same one every time. Not terrible for free but could be better.
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4 years ago, Sv98oneatatime
Worked fine for free app
Decided to get off cable. Bought a directional antenna. The app did great highlighting what direction to point antenna by showing the strongest tower highlighted in green. This tower was the closest to my house. Aprox. 36 miles away. Rescanned TV and had decent reception. The map showed 3 towers aprox. 55 miles away so I pointed the antenna to those (these were not highlighted in green) just to see what happened. I doubled my Chanel’s after scanning again. My home antenna is rated up to 75 miles.
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5 years ago, Charlie2shop
I love this app!
Wow, this made my antenna setup so much easier. I just decided to cut the cord and wasn't sure where the towers were located and found this app on the antenna website. I was able to see my list of stations too, which is awesome because when you scan channels on the tv you can actually see all the stations you are supposed to get. Had to relocate my antenna one time and now it's working great.
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4 years ago, Jjjheyjj
Worked Perfectly
I needed a resource to help get the optimum antenna direction for aiming and this made it super easy. It had all the local tv tower locations correct for my area and once you turn on the beam angle view it tells you exactly which direction to aim a directional antenna. I was pretty far off what I assumed to be correct based on looking at a map and guessing based on where the towers were.
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3 months ago, Tv makers
Great app
I used the app, and it works great for helping you with your antenna, I got 4 channels to work that I did not have before I used the app and moved my antenna now all my antenna Channels are completely clear and have no problems with sound and picture quality, and it’s a wonderful app for people who want their antennas to work better!
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4 years ago, Tielc
Directional Cone lacks any real usefulness
I went to set up a Clearstream 2 indoor antenna. The antenna pointer tries to show you where to get the best reception, however that has no correlation to which towers you’re interested in. All of the towers in my area are SW of my location, yet the directional cone wanted me to face the antenna would be nice if you could allow the 30° cone to rotate with the phone, so you can capture antennas on the outer edge of the band. Likewise, in the antenna list, if you could check which towers you wanted to potentially receive reception from, and determine the directional cone that way.
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6 years ago, techiejeffery
Works well thumbs up!
Id like to say this app works well and is very easy to use and comes with good documentation to explain to you how to use it. Only disadvantage I can think of is that i just bought a 150 mile digital antenna and im not sure where the towers are outside of the 70 mile range lol. Perhaps an update for 150 mile range? Or to allow pointing of any tower on map or loading other towers on map outside range? Thanks again!
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9 months ago, Twinkie Breath
No Longer Zooms In
I’ve used this app for maybe 3 years and recently I noticed that the app won’t zoom in if my iPhone isn’t still. In the past years I could zoom in and the map wouldn’t move unless I moved it. Because the map can’t zoom in while my hand is moving, the app is very hard to use. Please fix this as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.
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3 years ago, Kevlarster
It’s OK
If you know the compass heading of the television station and where you are it is much easier to find tower that way. Trouble is when there are multiple towers close to each other like in a city, you don’t know which one you’re pointing to because as soon as you start to zoom in on a particular tower the compass feature disappears, it’s pretty much useless unless you’re way out in the boonies and have two towers in opposite directions.
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5 years ago, bringar
why rely on kludgy phone compass?
please give us an option to get real compass headings for tower locations, give us the ability to move reception location by dragging on map! for any RV’ers these changes would make an outstanding app for our frequent moves.
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6 years ago, Jake Devwil
Simple and easy to use
This app did exactly what I needed it to, it was simple and very easy to use. Within 2 mins of opening the application I had set the up my antenna and was receiving more than 40 channels. Out of all the ones I’ve tried this was by far the quickest and easiest!
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2 years ago, Moonlightraine
Worked perfect
Worked perfect. No adds, no purchases or other annoying crap. Cannot imagine why anyone would not give for stars.
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7 years ago, 0000127389046
Needed this!
Thankful for this. Purchased a new C2Max and ClearstreamTV from Antennas Direct and wanted to make sure ideal setup to maximize channels. The app helped so much, adding the ClearstreamTV allowed the antenna placement to not have to be where my TVs are since not ideal location with walls etc. App did exactly what needed.
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3 years ago, botkrasni
Off by 90 degrees
I used the app to site a new antenna but missed half the channels. Went online and found transmitter locations and used the compass on my watch to change antenna direction. Almost exactly 90 degrees off from what the app showed. Antenna pulls in all the stations now, just spend twice as long on the ladder than needed to.
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6 years ago, Azdeadwood
I have had problems getting a strong signal for 2 of the TV stations in my area. I used this to properly align the antenna. Now I get a beautiful stable signal for every channel. I couldn’t be happier!
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3 years ago, JonLaub
Need larger radius!
With the improvements of amplified antennas this app needs to extend up to 175 miles rather than the 60 mile radius it currently supports. My nearest channel (other than pbs) is 80 miles away. All other channels are at the 150 mile distance. Great app otherwise.
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6 years ago, Steve Sisak
Crashes during calibration, uses wrong location
This looked promising, unfortunately I wasn’t able to use it as intended as I was unable to fully launch it without crashing. On first launch, it brings up the compass calibration — before getting the full circle filled in it crashed — multiple times. I eventually got it to launch, but it decided I was somewhere in Connecticut when I was actually in Boston. I gave 2 stars because it did gave a list of TV stations for Boston, but that’s about it. iPhone 6, iOS 11.4 — feel free to contact me for crash logs as the app shows promise and I am a developer.
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5 years ago, judette123
Working great for me, 18 clear crisp channels!!!!! Just found it tonight. Working great with the antenna I have on my window pane. And I live in a building where you get very little reception, but the app really helps!!!! Thank you
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6 years ago, k8seren
Not super intuitive but works
Even with the walkthrough I didn’t really understand how this app works, but I stood next to my antenna and pointed towards the green area the app indicated and got a few additional channels by moving my antenna a small amount. Thanks!
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3 years ago, iambluto
Nice app
Helped to aim my antenna in the attic to find the best direction to point it. I had to move my antenna a couple of times but I did get all my local channels. Thank you very much!! Good app and serves it purpose!!
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4 years ago, ucdscott
No Helpful
The the tower/channel I want (KXTV Sacramento) is listed in ‘Tower & Channels’ but I can’t find it on the map. The list should link to the map. Also, the direction the map/phone is currently pointed is not listed in degrees. I can’t find my tower on the map but I know it’s around 160 degrees. Unfortunately, there’s no way to use that info with this app to orient your antenna.
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5 months ago, BenJF3
Serves purpose, but with a fatal flaw
Shows tower location for general aiming of your antenna. However, you can’t pinch to zoom in and verify what towers are what. You zoom in and the app snaps back to the original view. Fix that and add a pop up of what sub channels are on what towers then it’s a five star app.
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2 months ago, Mobile Jukebox
I don’t know when it started but I can’t get the app to stay open more than 15 seconds.
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3 years ago, leg01
Works well
Has a compass to show direction and shows where the broadcast towers are. Very good and easy to use.
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6 years ago, DannyleeFlorida
Only partially useful
There are several issues that make this app only partially useful. Although the towers icons are oriented in the correct direction, the overlay map is in the totally wrong direction and is therefore useless. The map will reorient and freeze when the phone is rotated. It is never in the correct orientation. The beam function points to a group of towers 70 miles away, not to the 5 towers in receiving range in the opposite direction. The only way this app is useful is to manually rotate (point) the phone to the direction of the towers you wish to receive. The beam and map displays are useless. iPhone 7+, iOS 11.3
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4 years ago, Slojog
Barely works
You can use this to locate broadcast towers near you by the map but all the claims of giving the tower name and direction does not work. Most frustrating is using any kind of zoom the screen freezes as many have mentioned
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5 years ago, Joey Brit
Great tool
Used this to aim my antenea in my attic. Ended up with twice as many channels as I’ve ever found before. Only reason I didn’t give five is cuz it does freeze the compass a bit.
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6 years ago, lw-
NOT Working Without GPS Location
This app does NOT work if you don't allow it to access your GPS location. I do not like having Location Services turned ON and prefer to enter my location manually, but this app does NOT allow you to enter an address. Please try to add this feature. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Bobaaa098
Where I’m I? LOL
It shows the antennas on the map, but no way the compass is right. The sun goes down in the west, it’s showing that as north. Since the compass is wrong, it’s going to give me the wrong direction to point the towers. So what’s the purpose of the app? Just using my sense of direction, I had the antenna pointed correctly before even using this app.
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3 years ago, Cordcutter.1
Excellent App!!!
This app helped me easily set up my new antenna. Love the feature that gives you the channel lineup. Nicely done Antennas Direct!!!
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3 months ago, Looking for a new app 174639
App interface
When trying to zoom in to see the individual towers the app keeps zooming back out so it’s difficult to select the different towers
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3 years ago, mhfervi
Can’t get past intro screen
Did you all forget there are still people out here with smaller iPhone screens (eg iPhone SE)? Cannot use this app because the intro screens are too big and the “Got it” button is off-screen and cannot be scrolled. How incredibly dumb.
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5 years ago, Wesf1971
Easy to use
Very quickly located exactly where I needed to point my antenna.
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3 years ago, Mragjr
Does his work
I could only get the intro, never could get the program started. Waste of a half hour of my life. The one star is they do give an 800 number for antenna questions. Don’t know if they even answer the phone, but seemed like a nice gesture.
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4 years ago, sdavidson0316
Can’t use offline
If I’m in a spot where I’m looking for TV signals, I’m probably also in a spot where I don’t have dependable cell service. This app is useless without a data connection, so it’s pretty useless overall.
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5 years ago, DouglasLegear
Very lacking key functionality
Works good, but lacks ability to set range, limits itself to 60 miles, today antennas and amps can reach further. You should let us set the range we want to search
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5 years ago, Shawndeebrit
Ok app but
Ok app but only shows up to 60 miles. I have an antenna that gets channels within 150 miles so I want to see other stations I can get too.
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4 years ago, BPFlorida
Faulty compass
Identifying the location of transmitting towers was useful but the map of my state is positioned completely wrong. What should be East shows as North and the problem continues as I move my device around. The compass feature seems to be working. It’s the map beneath the compass that’s wrong.
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5 years ago, ThatGuyWhoIsHe
I got this to go along with my Clearstream TV adapter which also doesn’t work. The app loaded once then constantly crashes. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it continues to crash. When it does work, the info is old. Poor app.
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4 years ago, Tartarus.
Usable, but forces you to purchase
Decent enough app for what it does, but every 10 seconds it puts a pop up asking you to purchase any of a dozen different options, you can use it but it is so frustrating. Be warned.
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2 years ago, LarryKoch
Database out of date
There are four new TV stations in our area in the past eight years, and none of them are in the database.
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4 years ago, RickySkippy
Simple app to aim TV antenna
This app was great to locate tv towers in my area with a built in compass!! So simple and easy, technology at its best.
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6 years ago, iPadReady
Compass needs to be bigger to see
The compass needs to be larger or the numeric number of which direction you are pointing at needs to be displayed.
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9 months ago, Rchl123
Nothing fancy
Nothing fancy but I found it useful.
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6 years ago, Missionary dad
When I zoom in so that the antenna isn’t hiding behind the inner circle the app freezes so it is kind of useless to fine tune the antenna because it doesn’t allow you to see where you are aiming.
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3 years ago, Spider halic
No ability to find the correct location.
GPS use in apps puts my location about 75 Mike from where I am. Can’t drop the pin anyplace else.
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6 years ago, kilroy75633
Antenna Point useless app
Useless app. Compass part is WAY OFF. And very inaccurate.. I tried and couldn’t even get close. I knew where station was but app showed the tower to be around 3/4 of a rotation of phone from where it actually was
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