Anthem MRX Remote

1.8 (29)
6.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Anthem AV
Last update
10 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Anthem MRX Remote

1.79 out of 5
29 Ratings
10 years ago, Eag161
Power On?
Thank you for releasing this ap. I've been waiting for it since I purchased my MRX-510. Overall it's average for a 1st gen ap. One major flaw prevents a better rating. The ap will not power the receiver on. Once the AVR is Powered on it works great, but it's pretty useless if I can't use it to power the AVR on.
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6 years ago, JG in SB
Great 1st Generation App! - NEEDS UPDATE
UPDATE: June 2018 There haven’t been any updates to this app for two years since I wrote the review below. It sure would be nice after I forked our so much $$$$ for this receiver if the company would support this app. It works, but it doesn’t fit an IPhone X screen for example. An app that hasn't been updated for two years is basically unsupported. I’m rating it down a few stars for that. Original Review>>>>>>>> Other reviewers need to read the manual. This app works perfectly. If you want to be able to power on your MRX receiver over your network, first you need to go into the receiver settings, disable "Eco Mode" and enable IP Control from Standby. If you do that, the receiver consumes barely higher energy in standby, and keeps the network port on and listening for commands from the app. Read the instructions and it works perfectly. I like the simplicity of this app and the way it adjusts it's menus to match the various inputs you have created on the MRX. So far every feature I have used worked exactly as one would expect it to. This is a great 1st Generation app.
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9 years ago, John Vennari
This app is totally unreliable. Its Junk software. I'm wondering if Anthem sold out the App development to China like they did to their line of MRX systems. The app finds the 510 half the time. Maybe it the hardware's fault. If you call Anthem they no help at all. It like they don't know what they are selling anymore. But why would they since they don't even make it. I don't even use this app anymore. It's truly wasted space on my apple devices. I've been waiting for the update for months. Hopefully Anthem will realize that poor software is not a good reflection on their products and fix this before more consumers jump back to Japanese manufactured systems with software that works as advertised.
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4 years ago, nebnp
It works again
This APP STOPPED WORKING when IOS 13 came out. I accidentally downloaded it as I accidentally deleted the newer replacement APP and low and behold this old APP works once again. I’m so glad as this APP has a balance control and the new APP ( although it has some nice features) never had a balance control. Put the two apps together and you have almost a five star rating. Thank you for activating this APP once again.
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8 years ago, klidec
Works great.
Biggest complaint from others seems to be about not being able to turn the unit on with the app. I don't have this problem. You need to set the receiver options to allow the app to be able to turn it on when in standby mode.
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9 years ago, rehab lion
Awesome app, VERY fast at picking up receiver off network. Give you quick access to many settings which require more digging from the standard receiver menu. I use wireless bridge and it works flawlessly. WAY better than some of the other AV receiver apps out there.
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9 years ago, Nosaj69
Nice Try
This app would actually be useful if it let you select which amplifier you want to control. If you have more than one MRX the app randomly connects to one without any way to tell which one you got. App needs to list available amps, allow you to name them, and let you choose which one you want to control.
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4 years ago, SPF550
Crashes with iOS13
Worked great until my iPhone upgraded to iOS13. Now it crashes at launch every time. Please fix! I use this app all the time (I would give it a 5 star otherwise.) UPDATE This app no longer works. But download the other app, “Anthem Remote” not the one that called, “Anthem MRX Remote.” So far working fine and does not crash.
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4 years ago, Bigfun137
Won’t launch on iOS 13
I have used this app every day for several years with no issues. But today I upgraded to iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1. Now the app crashes on launch. Apparently Anthem isn’t interested in their customers’ experience with their products. Disappointing.
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7 years ago, raycuev
Anthem 720 MRX
This app has never worked properly. Didn't think the app could actually be more unreliable than its receiver Anthem 720 MRX, but it is. Won't turn receiver on or control anything. I hope they can fix it already it hasn't worked at all in months.
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5 days ago, DEwalt768
Doesn’t work period.
Says the app needs to be updated to work with my iPhone IOS. This has been happening for months.
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4 years ago, justex07
Crashed Upon Open
Worthless app. Crashes as soon as you open the app. Disgusting we spend so much money for Anthem equipment and can’t even use it. The normal remote control’s rubber coating is melting off mine. Great work Anthem...
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4 years ago, obmasztirf
Broken with iOS 13
Used the app daily for over three years so having it broken currently is quite the adjustment.
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8 years ago, Slubbadubba
Power on missing
Useless if you can't power on the unit. I've waited 2 years. Please fix this.
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7 years ago, xxtremedave
Please make app for MRX 720
Please get an app for us that now have the MRX 720. I believe we have been waiting long enough for your next to flagship receiver app
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3 years ago, Dssquared
Won’t finish downloading
This app is so bad it won’t even download.
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7 years ago, gchandl
Doesn't work
It finds my receiver but won't control any functions.
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6 years ago, danchow
So when are you gonna update your app?
It’s still wonky.
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4 years ago, jsrtm_1
Just crashes
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4 years ago, Homerbe
iOS13 Compatibility
App not working after upgrading to iOS13
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