AP News

4.6 (341K)
104 MB
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The Associated Press
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4 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for AP News

4.63 out of 5
341K Ratings
2 days ago, "Be Back"
My go to "first news."
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3 days ago, Hopeful master
I miss the news magazines!
I always thought that when I got to 70 years old, I would be able to sit back and follow what happens in the world and enjoy hearing about Aldo good things and the bad things that happen. With the news today there isn’t hardly anything that’s not tainted one way or the other I have found that the AP News has been the most reliable of any television or other memes to find out what’s going on. I believe that in order to understand a problem in the world, we need to see it from many viewpoints and realize that all the viewpoints are free from personal opinion. The Associated Press news does the best of anything that I’ve been able to find sincerely the person missing the old news magazines.
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4 days ago, c.moff
So far so good
Been avoiding trying AP for awhile, chasing after apps that can deliver news from many sources to you. Yet those have been declining and have turned into blogs, so I gave up. Turns out I should’ve done that years ago. Very balanced news, without the splitting that has become common in news nowadays.
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5 days ago, Kevin Tedesco
C’mon The AP? I Thank God for the Associated Press. Review…
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5 days ago, Mitlschmertz
There’s better alternatives
It makes me sad what’s happened to the AP. Not even 10 years ago it was THE source for news. Still good on breaking news coverage but Reuters is just as good. For anything else go elsewhere.
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5 days ago, Lovin’Colorado
Truly just news! So glad I found AP app!
I am embarrassed it took this long for me to find this app though I’ve heard of AP years ago. A true news information source, no theories or opinions.
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5 days ago, Shuv_it
Most annoying app
The constant notifications are really super annoying. I only wanted breaking news updates and they still send me upwards of 15+ notifications per day of non-breaking news stuff and just stuff I dont care about. Finally uninstalled.
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1 week ago, maryveronicam
Up-to-the-minute & unbiased
I have been frustrated with news sources that have evolved from news to opinion. AP is a refreshing & welcome alternative. Thank you!
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6 days ago, No longer the gold standard
Partisan News
As a retired newspaper editor I have always held the AP in high esteem. However, I no longer feel like I’m getting unvarnished news and instead I’m getting commentary news.
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1 week ago, DachsDoc
AI titles designed to color your thoughts
These articles are about as biased as you can get. If this were on newsprint I wouldn’t line my birdcage with it. Swill. Journalism and factual reporting no longer exist with AP. Read anything from this source with a great big grain of salt and check the source.
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1 week ago, jln1951
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1 week ago, jg bronx
Best headline app
Get objective news headlines. Scans all the breaking news in an objective manner
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1 week ago, Alex J Quinn
Great writing, app needs a lot of work.
I absolutely adore the writing and journalism we get from the AP! However as a review of just the app, it could be much better. It’s buggy and slow, and will randomly close articles I read after opening from a push notification. After which, it is almost impossible to find the same article
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2 weeks ago, AP Groupie
The Only News I Need
The AP is the only news I need. All other outlets feed off AP’s on-the-ground, actual reporting. If it’s not AP it’s largely derivative.
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2 weeks ago, Broadenyernewshorizons
One of the best news apps around. Fair, comprehensive, both intl and domestic, just the facts news reporting. Should be on everyone’s phone.
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2 weeks ago, Chow King
Constant leftist propaganda
Instead of news, this app puts constant leftist propaganda in your notifications.
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2 weeks ago, Sharperic
Best neutral new source
The AP shows the least political bias in news while still offering excellent analyses and investigations. There are also far fewer of the frivolous pieces that even good newspapers like the New York Times now use to fill on-line space.
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2 weeks ago, ClimbRocks1
Excellent news source with a great app.
You can find excellent global news here and the app works as well as expected.
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3 weeks ago, abrego1
Just the facts or try
“The Associated Press continues to provide reliable news globally. These days, people often label news and journalism as left, middle, or right-wing. If I can get the essential facts—what happened, why, when, and where—it helps save time when reading. There is a place for op-eds, but plain old coverage of events without the ‘say-do’ practice is preferable.”
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2 weeks ago, Slopokecriuser
Limited news
This source of news is limited on telling the whole story. That in itself tells a lot.
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3 weeks ago, Jividedeski
AP News Review
Hehe politics silly
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3 weeks ago, Jaderanch
Bad app
Reading articles is very difficult- the app constantly refreshes and when it does this it will revert to the beginning of whatever article you are in the middle of reading- this is completely disconcerting, distracting and unacceptable. I wrote to AP customer service about this issue over a year ago but never received a reply nor has the issue been addressed. I guess the AP just doesn’t care. I suspect they really do not care if the app gets used or not. The AP app is one of the last mobile news apps to not require the reader be logged in to an account - which is required for tracking and marketing purposes - selling user data is a new source of income for companies with mobile apps - so it would be nice if the app worked better. Besides, AP is a premier news source - again, very disappointing the app makes reading articles screamingly difficult.
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3 weeks ago, Another Joe Average
Obnoxious ads
Performance and content are fine. Ads that repeatedly cover content are not.
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3 weeks ago, Dyn0
Good news bad app
I love the AP don’t get me wrong, but this app is so clunky and awful. I’ve stoped signing in because it would constantly lose my login session and when I followed a Breaking News push notification it would intercept me to re-login, then either crash or spit me to the landing page with no way to find the article from the now-gone push notification. Even still, sometimes following those push notifications still doesn’t pull the story up. Additionally, it’s pretty impossible to watch videos attached to articles in app, I try to open the video, it opens for a split second before redirecting to an ad and then freezing the whole app meaning (once again) I lose the article I was reading. I pretty much use the app for reading the push notifications, then I’ll google the actual headline and read articles from there.
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3 weeks ago, soxfan87
Anti-Israel slant
I am not happy with the AP’s reporting of the recent Mid East Crisis. It seems to me to be quite biased against Israel.
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3 weeks ago, Nothing but the News!
Always accurate
I am always pleased when I look at the headlines on AP news. They are about what’s really going on in our world today. Our major TV networks are in the habit of hyping the same stories and dressing them to look more sensational than really they are to gain more ratings. Skip the 24 hour news stations, They are a waste of your time. The daily news may not be good or bad, it’s just the news. As Walter Cronkite use say at the end of each broadcast. “And that’s the news, this Thursday, May 23, 2024.” “Good night!” Thanks for being that reliable news source that I can count on without the spin and hype. Just the news, nothing but the News!
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3 weeks ago, K Johnson 123
I naively thought the AP was an unbiased news source. It is as left leaning as other main stream news organizations. Very disappointing.
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3 weeks ago, JoshuaCrawford.
AP review
Been using this app for a minute now and love getting the headlines right away! I love this app!!!!
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3 weeks ago, Les MBS
I trust your reporting and journalism throughly
Thank you! For being everywhere. For the risks you have to take to get it all. I read you everyday.
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3 weeks ago, Jayleen me
Why I enjoy AP News *****
It gives me the World News from a Realistic most pertinent viewpoint. I should have been reading it: For many years past… but, that is Over now that I’am making up for Lost Time…ha ha ha 😋😎😱😰 Once I get control of my own finances the Army Nursing Home I just entered 2 months ago, I will truly support the Excellente’ Services You most graciously provide your Public consumers, like this 72 yr. old Veteran. Jeremiah Hartman Oahu Hon. HI.
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4 weeks ago, Marshy76
Up to the Minute
Up to the minute reliable news source!
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3 weeks ago, Proteanways
Still the one
AP is still on the job getting important stories and developments and providing them to the public.
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4 weeks ago, rockaebola
Best Balced News Source
So much misinformation today. This app is a relief
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4 weeks ago, crdj mc
Even, balanced worldwide news source
The AP gives me daily access to one of the most reliable news sources available during this period of news media divisiveness!
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4 weeks ago, userandom
Not non-partial
Not non-partial news. More like op-ed news
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4 weeks ago, Blanco_Diablo_37
Get your news elsewhere
The AP is a great source for breaking news. However, the writers are biased and the organization’s policy of not capitalizing the word white when it refers to people, but capitalizing the descriptive for blacks, Hispanics, and other people who aren’t “white” is racist.
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4 weeks ago, HonestAmerican
Fake news?
Still evaluating site for the extent of fake news. Can tolerate a little but please confine it to op-Ed pieces as much as possible.
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4 weeks ago, Mellikos
Great information
I love complete and well informed news with real facts & precise .👍👏👏👏🏆
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4 weeks ago, JohnWx
Excellent journalism
The AP app is excellent. It gives me all the news I need and in a timely fashion. Straightforward and easy to digest. Well done.
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4 weeks ago, OrionEridanus
Needs one feature
Would be helpful to be able to zoom in on pictures without having to open the same article on a browser. Otherwise it’s a good app.
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1 month ago, PolandVSBeyonce276543
Show more
1 month ago, why must I ch00se a nickname
Good app
No complaints. A good way to follow AP outside social media.
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1 month ago, Sheridan 1080
AP News: Real, Pro Reporting
I first became aware of the Associated Press as a reliable news source in 1963 in the aftermath of President Kennedy’s assassination. The AP approach to reporting has faithfully followed the best journalistic principles. Consistently accurate, objective, fair and concise, AP reporters present authentic, newsworthy stories in a straightforward style of who, what, when, where, why and how. Always. Thank-you AP.
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1 month ago, Rampilot
Please fix
You say you read every review. But we need action too. As you have been told your app stopped working with Apple’s latest upgrade on certain models. More than a week now. How about a fix.
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1 month ago, Ngpw43
Needs a fix!
I love AP News but hate it when it stops the music playing on my phone when I open the app. Please fix that issue.
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1 month ago, Conrad O.
NPR Has a Smoother App
Beyond the headline, they flirt with non-objectivity in the direction of the left once in a while. Which is okay with me, but Reuters does objective journalism better.
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1 month ago, grabembythenuts
No Spin
I like the AP app because it gives all the important news without any political spin, the way journalism is supposed to be, and it does it without hype, unlike other media outlets that call themselves journalists who obviously do nothing but spin from beginning to end. Thanks for the truth. It’s so vital to have it.
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1 month ago, Yonoton
Remove Autoplay Videos
Autoplay videos interrupt whatever Airplay or BT speaker I may be listening to when I scroll past it and has me looking for a new news app.
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1 month ago, Nine-hole Shooter
This was a decent news app. Then it started to crash when I try to edit the list of topics that I follow. I have a new iPhone 15 running the latest iOS, and the app is up to date, so there’s no excuse for that.
Show more
1 month ago, The Krullquistador
Who is Greenlighting these articles
This organization seems to have moved away from journalism and fully into clickbait advertising. Article subjects are chosen based on what they think will get views, NOT on whether information is important for the public. There are always things that we need to be aware of, but 99% of these “news articles” are pure fluff garbage. The human race is surely doomed if institutions like these keep turning into extensions of social media.
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