Apollo for Reddit

4.8 (179.8K)
141.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Christian Selig
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Apollo for Reddit

4.76 out of 5
179.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Bluish Bloke
Much better than the original app.
Apollo has so many more features and options compared to Reddit’s app. Options to use a dedicated search bar from within the hidden posts section as well as from within my saved content for that one particular thing I’d want to share later make saving so much more meaningful. Combine those features with the ability to customize short swipe and long swipe gestures, and I get a much more seamless browsing experience than anything the original app currently has to offer. I can engage with a post and comment thread so much faster and just as quickly scroll through to the next post that catches my eye. And when I come back to the app, because I can easily swipe to hide previously seen posts, my feed is never cluttered with content that I’ve already interacted with. Stellar developer communication and constant app updates is the icing on top. About every couple of months a new feature, quality of life update, new app theme, or community-made app icon pack comes out. I love that I have variety even in something small like the app icon just to keep things looking fresh even before opening the app. And if the community has a request, the developer is quick to respond.
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6 years ago, Malefic11677
Absolutely Stellar App, Developer is 🔥
Apollo is by far the most-used app on my phone (and now I have the ScreenTime reports to prove it). It is orders of magnitude better than the “official” reddit app and is superior in every way. It is fast and smooth and packed with features. I especially love that I can pick the theme I want, change the icon, and remove ads! The thing I hated most about the official app was the ads that were disguised as legitimate posts and with Apollo that’s all gone! I bought the Pro upgrade months ago to gain access to additional features and it was one of the few in-app purchases I have never regretted or felt like wasn’t worth the cost. Today the developer released an update adding a bunch of new features that require a very reasonable (seems underpriced to be honest) monthly subscription, and like a true bro he has the option to unlock it for life with a onetime purchase! I hate monthly and even yearly subscriptions so I especially appreciated this option. All that by itself should convince you that this app is worth it, but the thing that really seals the deal is the developer. He is amazing. Super active with feedback and very open in his communication about the status of the app’s development and requested features.
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1 year ago, kcahro
Best app for Reddit browsing
Thank you Apollo for all of the wonderful features and elegant UI choices that the original Reddit app could only dream of achieving. Thank you for the gestures, great media players, fantastic iOS support, and so much more. Thank you for caring about its users and not defaulting to throwing ads at its users for profit. It’s a shame that Reddit’s API changes and their greed have eventually come to shut this app down. This app did not deserve what Reddit threw at it. Ultimately, now many users will no longer have the great functionality of Apollo, and will be forced to use the “official” Reddit app filled with unbearable design choices, incessant ads, and countless other issues that make it unbearable, all in hopes that they can maximize profits by making sure everyone must use their ad-infested app. Even Apple loves this app and Reddit is sadly taking this app away from them as well. I’m really sad to see Apollo go soon but it’s impact will never be forgotten. Christian, if you’re reading this, thank you for the app and all of the hard work you’ve done for the Reddit community. Keep on creating and I hope you the best!
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4 years ago, paxswill
Fantastic Reddit client for iPhone
From first use, this app is a joy to use. It integrates incredibly well with the rest of iOS. The default settings are mostly intuitive (especially for first time users) and for those places where the app doesn’t do what you expect, the available options are extensive. What prompted me to write this review was actually a feature of the Ultra subscription (also available as a one time purchase). I’d put off purchasing Ultra for a while, as the biggest draw to me was the message/reply notifications but I still used Narwhal for that. I recently subscribed to support the developer, and got my first notification. It’s great, it feels like an iMessage notification with a quick reply sheet opening up so I can respond with the easy option to open the full app as well. The one limitation I encounter with this app is the iPad interface. It is not as well thought out as the iPhone interface; it’s basically a scaled up version of the iPhone interface. But as an iPhone app, this is the best Reddit client I’ve used (I even prefer it over the old and new website on a “real” computer).
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5 years ago, notgreatbob84
The best Reddit app there is, no doubt about it.
Apollo is simply perfect, and you don’t really realize how many features you wanted in a Reddit app until you use Apollo. I used RiF for years and thought I really liked it, and when I made the switch to iOS about a year ago I was annoyed that I had to give it up. I tried 3 different apps on iOS before finally giving Apollo a shot, and that was that. It’s heaven compared to all of its competitors. Swipe to upvote/downvote/save/reply along with haptic feedback is so convenient to use that I find myself engaging in comments far more than I did previously (there’s something so satisfying about that little “bzzt”). The ability to map your own gestures for different actions within the app is awesome too. On top of all that, it’s just a beautiful, sleek looking app that was clearly designed by someone who knows their stuff when it comes to UX. Apollo also has its own subreddit, and Christian the sole developer is very active in it and is constantly adding features requested there. He’s a solid dude. Do yourself a favor and try it even if you think you love your current app. I can promise that you won’t regret it.
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4 years ago, Vuk Stajic
Its perfect for ios, but...
When i saw reddit(iphone app), it was confusing, i didnt know how to go to different subbredit(i am not that good at english) and it was complicated, but appolo is much simpler, i can go to different subbs more simply, everything is designed just for ios, overall, ist easy to use. But the problem is that i need to pay for stuff that is one of the reasong people go on reddit, to post, and you make us pay for that, i am still giving this app 5 stars, its amazing, but the need to pay for posting and notifications is just weird. But one more reason to pay, that made me give this 5 stars, is that is an idie app, and its really nice from him to make this “ios version” of reddit for us to use, that is 50% of the reason why i paid 6.99$ for premium, other 50% is to make posts. And i dont understand how to get awards of coins here, but i dont care about those. So overall, the app is great, i reccommend, but only if you are willing to give at least 4.99$(one time purchase) to be able to post, change icon, etc. But even if you dont, the app is great, it goes with ios.
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5 years ago, Dunked0n
Great app! But best suited for power users...
I love Apollo, I have used it for months. And I paid for the pro and had an ultra subscription as well. The apps beautiful UI that blends well with the rest of iOS. However there are two things that bother me about the app. First, I feel the app adheres too well to the human interface guidelines. The apps hyper-minimalistic look creates a confusing and often buries you in a heap of menus with little to no pointers on what to do. This attempts to be remedied with occasional tips that pop up explaining some of the apps features. But it creates more of an annoyance to returning users or users just wanting to explore. Second, I feel like the app has too many features packed into one app as it attempts to cram casual and experienced browsing with searching and moderating. Features like the search bar are hidden while scrolling to make room for more of the screen, making it somewhat hard to get back up should you want to search in the middle of scrolling. Action sheets also tend to require a lot of scrolling to find a specific action, and some text is hard to select to go to subreddits and user pages. But Apollo overall is a really good app.
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6 years ago, Meme23579
One small problem as of recently
So I've been using this app essentially from when it was created and I have and still do absolutely love. I only use a fraction of all the features it has to offer and even still it is by far the best Reddit mobile experience I've seen. However, for the past week or so there's been a reoccurring glitch that has been incredibly frustrating. I'm using an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2.1 for the record. So this usually occurs after I've been using the app for at least 10-15 minutes continuously. I'll be a few dozen posts down through my home page or one specific subreddit and suddenly I'll lose the ability to click on posts. I can scroll through the subreddit, click on the thumbnail, vote, and even use haptic touch or whatever it's called. But I can't click in a way that brings me to the post's "page" and thus there's no way I can view more than the top couple comments. The problems seems to fix itself temporarily when I force close the app and come back, but then I lose my place in the subreddit or on my home page. It's a very annoying problem on an app that has otherwise worked perfectly. Please fix soon, and my rating will go back up to 5 stars.
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1 year ago, greggT555
A better client; could be improved, tho; paywalled features
Apollo is simply a much better client than the current Reddit app or website experiences. It’s main advantage, sorting saved posts into categories, is locked behind a rather expensive paywall, and so it’s not something I’ll ever try. I wish videos in this app were easier to advance (with fewer taps) — that is something that the app-based client got right, with it’s “tap anywhere in the timeline” feature. I’d like buttons that say “0.3”, “0.6”, “0.9” to advance to 30%, 60%, and 90% of the video’s length. I really like that all the components of a post can be individually suppressed, and font sizes adjusted, so a user can balance how much screen space to devote to display things that do or don’t matter to that user. So if a user has filtered to only 1 or 2 subs then displaying the sub’s name is not as important as if there are 10 subs being scrolled. The website can adjust font sizes, but the Reddit app does not seem to respond to iPad system settings in this regard.
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1 year ago, ZekIsOnline
I love Apollo and used it for years, but the chat interface is an issue now.
Reddit now seems to support two different methods for chat, one as private message and one as a traditional "DM" a la messenger. For some reason I have had quite a bit of difficulty getting accurate chat updates through Apollo regarding "chat" functionality, though it has worked fine with "private message" functionality. It's a bit nuanced, and I'm probably doing something wrong- but I got enough hubris to think that I'm tech savvy. Messaging functionality through Apollo should be a bit more intuitive. For the time being I switched over to the original Reddit app, but I used Apollo for years and don't regret buying the full version of the app. I'd actually recommend it. The new widget functionality, customization, and other things the app contains are great and give me hope for the app in the future. I don't think Apollo is going to have the same end as Tweetbot, but for the next few months or so I'll probably be using the official Reddit app and then check to see if things are a bit better.
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3 years ago, Wonderfulhuman
Incredible app! Worth it every penny.
I got Apollo when it first came out and now I can’t go back to the official Reddit app. I paid 99¢ or $1.99 for the paid version initially, and even though I don’t have the premium subscription version I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. The initial payment was well worth it - this app is the best third party Reddit client without a doubt. There’s no ads, an intuitive UI, almost every feature the Reddit app has plus extra. The customer service is great too; when I got a new phone and couldn’t figure out how to restore my purchase, I emailed the developer and he got back to me within an hour. I would’ve paid for it again, though. It’s constantly being updated with fresh new features for both one time purchase members and premium members. One thing I would suggest is a way to implement the new Reddit chat feature into the app, but I’m sure the developer is working on it. I recommend this app to every friend of mine that uses Reddit. Dev, keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, Paramorgasm
Charging money for NOTIFICATIONS.
They’re charging $0.99 per month to be notified of new messages. I’m talking to a depressed person and it’s awful that I missed their messages because of this. I now have to set an outside alarm to remind me to check messages regularly. Most apps are bugging people to set up notifications. But here you have to pay for that. Yes, you read this correctly... people are required to PAY to be notified of messages. Apollo is basically fine otherwise, and was superior to Narwal and the Reddit app (obviously), but wow this ruined it. Didn’t realize they were scrounging... (or arrogant?). It’s not so much about the money, but the principle of it. What level of snob do you need to be to do this. You already have a tip jar, you have premium upgrades, you have Gold and Silver purchases. At some point, you didn’t stop to think that making your users pay for notifications (which benefits YOU as a company, reminding people to open the app!) might be on a bit of another level? I truly believed you saw your users as more than a product, but I guess I’m wrong. Guess there’s always a catch.
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6 years ago, Joejoebinkz
Getting dangerously close...
Just upgraded to 1.1.5 and as I was expecting some additional functionality, the update from 1.1.1 appears to be a step backwards. Running iOS 11.2.1 on an iPhone X, there are bugs explicitly mentioned in the change log which have been made worse, specifically the filtering from r/All (shows as filtered via button change but not added to filter list, nor able to manually enter a subreddit to the list). The four new icons have an error when applying (a popup actually comes up to contact the developer if I’m seeing the message, and the issue persists). There are just a few things missing which will allow me to delete Alien Blue once and for all. A gallery mode based on the current subreddit, and the ability to use gestures to filter subreddits from r/All are nearly the only things keeping me from permanently switching to Apollo. Also from a UI perspective, in compact mode, lines to break up posts are probably not necessary, as each post is identical in height, and merely an appropriate amount of white/black space between posts should suffice. Keep up the great work!
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6 years ago, sorensjon7
Customization Options Set It Apart
I’ve been an avid user of the official Reddit app and have done years of time wasting on it but have been recently using both since downloading Apollo as they each have their own individual benefits. However, I recently upgraded to the Ultra plan and made a one time purchase to unlock certain features and was well worth it and will be using Apollo as my primary Reddit app, not seeing any real need now to switch between. It also was impactful when I discovered the multireddit option on Apollo, that allows the individualized creation of a thematic, conglomerate of subreddits combined into one The customization options really are great and implement features I’d hoped the official app would have done long ago, most of which were available without purchase of any add ons. I also appreciate how the devs of this app respect the platform created by Reddit, (loading both apps produce the exact same content) and not trying to alter how the site runs or the algorithms used, just improved UI functionality and options.
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7 years ago, KaosTrinity
Beautiful App, but requires payment to post
I was really feeling this app (an AMAZING amount of customization options are available to optimize your viewing, as well as night mode and even icon customization [the last of which you do need to pay for]) right up until I was told it was p2p (pay-to-post). Look, I get it. You need revenue to avoid filling this thing up with ads, because excessive ads can/will drive away users. And I totally understood the paid cosmetic customization decisions. But having posting behind a paywall was a huge no go for me. That’s literally what Reddit is, a giant *free to use* Internet forum for sharing ideas. You don’t have to buy Reddit gold to post (and though obviously those donors who do buy Reddit gold help keep it running, the average user is not required to donate), and if I don’t need to pay to use Reddit, I’m sure as heck not going to pay to use Reddit through a third party app. For me, that was the big deal breaker. Otherwise, I think it’s a beautiful app and seemed very nicely done (I honestly really did enjoy the 15 minutes of browsing I did with it, there are some amazing features), but I’ll be sticking with the official Reddit app for now.
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3 years ago, Lena Banx
So much better than official Reddit app
The Apollo app has so many features & customization that the official app doesn’t have. Fairly often when I’m scrolling through Reddit I read comments/posts complaining about problems with the Reddit app that I have never had to experience. Also - no ads every other post! You can get even more optimization if you pay but to access most things there is no paywall required. The only thing that might be a downside if your looking for an entirely free option is that any notifications you’d normally get (like comment replies, comments on your posts, private messages, etc..) are completely disabled unless you are paying the monthly $1 or $2 basic subscription fee for the app. Can’t really blame the dev for choosing to do that though because it’s a great incentive to get people to sign up. Either way the creators definitely deserve the moey! It’s an amazing app and they are continuously making the app better and better.
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7 years ago, Paul Dunahoo
Easily the best reddit app
Apollo is easily the best reddit app available for the iPhone, not only because of how full-featured it is but also because of its reliability (an issue with some other reddit clients I’ve tried). My one complaint for most users is not that relevant to them, but it’s relevant enough to my situation that it is worth mentioning: 4” iPhone optimization could be a little bit better. (Models of iPhones with these screen sizes include the 5, 5s, 5c, and most importantly these days the SE). When I navigate to a subreddit the only immediately-available options for me in the navigation bar are a go back option, a change subreddit option, and a sort-by option. The rest of my options are hidden under an other button. While understandable, it can be somewhat annoying as the ability to customize this navigation bar to have smaller buttons so I can immediately access a submission button would be a welcome option. (Adding a compact mode for navigation would also suffice). But really, that’s a minor complaint that mostly only effects me. Get Apollo and delete your other reddit client.
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3 years ago, NorthBearOne
Love Apollo, HATE Reddit and leaving forever!
Christian you’ve done an awesome job with Apollo and it’s hands down my favorite app!! However, because I was just permanently banned for “racism” for discussing experiencing racism as a white child in Hawaii (where I grew up) and how I can’t relate to systemic racism experienced by actual minorities but can appreciate the experience in what it taught me, (with sources about white “haoles” and black “papolos” getting targeted by locals) I will not be able to use the app any more. The moderators petitioned for an IP ban and the admins approved it without even discussing it with me and said I was promoting racist propaganda against native Hawaiians?! It’s such a clearly documented occurrence my head spun when I woke up to a ban email this morning!! Anyway, I wish I could financially support you without having to stay subscribed to anything attached to Reddit. Do you have a gofundme or patreon?? I never thought to look at the subreddit to see if you did. I hope the website admins and mods don’t turn on you or other users of Apollo anytime soon.
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3 years ago, f lee bites
sleek, but superficial
while i like a lot of features in this app (the lack of ads and the clean, organised home page are really nice!), there are times when the minimalism makes the app a bit less than intuitive (half of the time, i couldn’t figure out how to use it) and the absolute dealbreaker was having pay simply to post. i get the need for revenue it in order to run an ad-free app, but it’s just not reddit if you have to pay for the bare minimum (i.e. the very thing Reddit is: a place where ppl go to post and read the posts of others). i could see paying for custom icons, notifs, and ad-free browsing, but posting…? when i first downloaded this app, posting was free. idk if that was a one month trial or if this is a recent development, but either way, it’s pretty bad form (imho) in that is really cramps the spirit of what Reddit is here for. i’ll keep the app for a while to see if anything changes, but i surely won’t be using it while this pay-to-post model is in effect.
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7 years ago, mehatch
The sky come down to earth
I forgot I was in a new app. I already knew this place...i was immediately immersed in the experience of what a reddit app should have always been. My muscle memory took to it and navigated the sea of content with instantaneous attentive purchase and without thinking, without even learning...its like I was an expert without practice. It simply feels correct. It’s as if some part of me knew, always knew, like the childhood home of an amnesia victim, i knew where all the doorknobs were already, it all seems so familiar. It’s a reminder that beyond our ken, existing unreachable, is the True and Optimum reddit interface that others could only try to reach for, the golden door to content that was *supposed* to be all along...and though we had to wait this long for it... it must have always there, before reddit....before earth, outside of time, beyond the crystal sphere, the platonic ideal of a reddit app, now an anachronism crashed down out of the sky onto our imperfect mortal world. It’s perfect, and we don’t deserve it.
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5 years ago, EyesofBucket
I Don't Get it.
I've been using this app for a couple weeks now, and I seriously don't get why people like it so much. The gestures are near impossible to consistently get right. In an attempt to upvote, I find myself either downvoting or jumping out of the subreddit. No problem, I'll just use the buttons. Now, I'm left-handed, which means I normally use the smaller buttons to the left. (I also found it frustrating that those cannot be swapped) After scrolling for a good while, I will find myself accidentally pressing the "Posts" button at the bottom instead of the upvote button, sending me all the way back to the top of the page. At that point, I generally close the app out of frustration, only to come back later and eventually have it happen again. I can tell the developers put a ton of effort into this app. Customization, a clean build, and so on make it very robust. It feels to me though that the devs don't actually use it outside of the office. Or, furthermore, it is only tested by the developers, who already understand every single aspect of how the app works. I'll be going back to the official Reddit app, but I'll keep this one around to see if it improves.
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3 years ago, Shfffkitdsfh
The best
I was not a very avid reader on Reddit for a lot of different reasons. I wasn’t a fan of how the reddit app was laid out and I hated adds almost every other post so I searched around and saw Apollo and a few other variants and I must say. The customizability in Apollo and just the overall apps design is amazing. I immediately paid for the Apollo ultra lifetime option because I love supporting smaller creators and I just feel Christian did a much better job at making a reddit app than reddit themselves did. Ever since I downloaded this app it has been my go to place to view reddit and I have since become an avid reddit user. I also appreciate when devs will put things that they are updating in their notes rather than something lazy like “squashed bugs”. I have recommended so many friends to Apollo and they all pay for it now as well because it is a joy to just scroll through reddit on this app and customize the experience to make it your own. Thanks Christian!!
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12 months ago, enxyte
It once was the best app for the now defunct Reddit, and now Reddit is no more.
Reddit has prevented developers from accessing its API by making it, at least, a hundred times more costly than it should be in an effort to increase its upcoming IPO valuation by temporarily increasing the number of official app users by preventing developers, and users the freedom of choice in how they utilize the once free, and once great service. Reddit is dead. Apollo no longer has a use. It was great while it lasted but, do not purchase the app now. Reddit may once have been an advocate for a free, and good internet under the original leadership but, now it’s no better than Facebook. Reddit is attempting to now monetize users more than it already did with its ever-increasing ads, worthless premium subscription that only removes the obvious ads while leaving the bottled ads, and submitted promotions, egregiously using users data to build language models, and much more including many, many more privacy violations.
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8 months ago, 444vg
Won’t ever be going back to Reddit without Apollo
Of course I’ve had the web version open when using the now broken google search in order to actually find information, but I won’t be going back the same way. I won’t be downloading another app, especially not their awful app. Unless I absolutely can’t find a forum or discord that I can post a question and get an answer, I won’t be engaging regularly anymore. I haven’t since this app and others were shut down, and I honestly don’t miss Reddit–I loved using this app, and if there was a standalone Apollo Reddit clone, I’d totally use that, but the whole kill all third party apps thing gave me a bad taste in my mouth for Reddit as a whole, and outside of their insidious function as a utility for information (which I will certainly continue to search for alternatives for), I don’t see myself using or wanting to use it. I’m tired of entitled corporations imposing their lifeless will on us.
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12 months ago, No Nickname Here 2017
Best App for Reddit - I'll Miss It
This was the best part of Reddit. It made Reddit useable on your phone and iPad. No more ads. You can customize your experience. For instance, I set Apollo so it wouldn't show me stuff I already viewed. There were other customizations and other technical stuff that I quite frankly don't understand that made this app work as beautifully and as flawlessly as an Apple Stock app. It just worked and was a pleasure to use. But the folks who run Reddit decided to effectively kill off third party apps. I won't get into the reasons or take sides. But the bottom line is this app and all other third party apps for Reddit don't work. The only app for Reddit is the official Reddit app, which is just horrible. I'm not sure if I'll continue to even use Reddit since I've grown so use to not having to put up with ads, not seeing the same post I already read and interacted with, and having a great user experience. It was truly fun while it lasted.
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4 years ago, Lcuein Veerron
The Only Reddit Browser You’ll Ever Need
I never write reviews for apps, but I fed that Apollo deserves one. Apollo has everything you’ll ever need in a Reddit app, plus more you didn't even know you needed. Anything you want the app to be able to do, it’ll do for you. There are so many options to get it to work and feel exactly how you want. It feels less like a set experience and more like a build your own app. The only two things that may concern some users is that the app can be buggy at times after a new updates, and that some features you have to either pay 1$ a month, 10$ a year, or 25$ for a lifetime. But these cons really don’t make the experience any worse, even without a premium subscription you’re still going to get much more features than the official Reddit app, and the developer is constantly checking the Apollo subreddit and is very active looking for bug reports and taking in ideas for new features so anything that goes wrong is usually fixed within a couple hours to a day and if you want to request a feature the developer always listens. Thank you u/iamthatis for an incredible Reddit browser and for all of the work you’ve put into something you’re giving for free/ very cheap. TLDR: Better than stock Reddit app in every way, very versatile and customizable, premium features are very cheap, and the developer genuinely cares about the app and community.
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2 years ago, TheDiplocrap
Worth every penny
The free version is amazing. The Pro and Ultra versions are even better. For context, please understand that I do not rate apps, ever. This is the only app I’ve gone out of my way to rate and review, because I truly believe this app is outstanding. The official Reddit app used a suspiciously large amount of data, ran in the background and heated up my phone, and drained my battery life. Apollo, by contrast, Just Works. It uses a reasonable amount of data and doesn’t seem to impact the battery life any more than you’d expect. Apollo is what you wish every app would be. It doesn’t force you to use it how the developer wants you to use it. It’s flexible. Features can be configured to work with your preferences. Most features are available in the free version. The few things exclusive to the Pro and Ultra versions are more “nice to have” rather than important functionality that limits the usefulness of the app (at least for me). I bought Pro and subscribed to Ultra anyway, because Apollo is that good. The developer has earned my trust. He actively responds to his user base, developing requested features regularly. The two times I’ve thought of a feature I wanted, I found it was already there in the app. Both times it was implemented with more flexibility and thoughtfulness than I had imagined it. If you use Reddit and want an app on your iOS device, this is the one you should be getting.
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6 years ago, despicableteat
Not really holding up to the official Reddit app for me so far
Comment threads are easier to follow and I like the personalized settings (although you can’t personalize much unless you pay money), but I generally dislike the app’s formatting. I don’t like that the subreddit of a post and the time it was posted are both listed at the bottom of the post as opposed to the top of it like it is on the official reddit app. I have to scroll past the content to see what subreddit it’s on in order to properly contextualize what I’m looking at, which bothers me. I also dislike how you have to manually choose how you want posts filtered on each subreddit every time you visit a subreddit. For example, there are certain subreddits that I like to have filtered by new posts (such as r/instantkarma & r/JusticeServed). The official Reddit app remembers what I last set each subreddit to, whereas Apollo does not and I have to manually change the post filter every time. If there’s some way around this that I’ve missed someone please enlighten me. Until then, this app isn’t quite doing it for me and I’m regretting spending money on it.
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4 years ago, justwhymustihaveanickname?
Intentional Poor UX Design
This complaint is mostly about the poor handling/touchiness of the gestures implementation. The nature of reddit browsing involves repetitive and constant small swiping motions, motions that this app often mistakes for left/right swipes. The natural motion of the thumb slightly curves inward toward the palm when you swipe up, and away from the palm when swiping down. The app is so sensitive to these slight deviations from a perfect up/down swipe that it registers them as left/right swipes and instead of scrolling the page, it makes you do one of the gesture actions. At first I thought this was just poor design, but as soon as I realized you can disable/change the gesture action, I knew it was intentional. The tuning of the gesture actions is locked behind their pay wall so it's likely they intentionally make the UX annoying to get you to pay. Well the app is free so I suppose I don't have to like or use it, but at the same time I don't have to give it a glowing review either.
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6 years ago, zapata7516
Apollo trumps Antenna!!
Came from another Reddit app called Antenna. It was one of the best mobile Reddit experiences I ever had, simple and clean and so many useful gestures I wouldn’t have to lift a fingir sometimes. Sadly the app hasn’t been updated in a month or so but before that performance was getting real bad with stuttering and crashing frequently. While on the Antenna sub people were recommending this app as an alternative to the official Reddit app. Although I had to make a donation to unlock gestures to get it to work similarly to Antenna this new app is far superior in many ways. It’s really fast and snappy and actually loads everything with no major problems so far. Some more positives is the dark mode on Apollo is far superior to Antenna’s, and if you have an iPhone X there’s a darker mode to take advantage of the OLED panel. I’ve made this my default Reddit app now although I will still go back and forth with my old ones if the performance ever improves but for now I’m gonna use Apollo heavily now!!!
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6 years ago, VladDaImpaler09
Was good; thinking of going back to official
I switched out of the official Reddit app when I got frustrated with some of its issues and stumbled upon Apollo. I loved its features and swiping (much better and more fluid than the official app) but after this latest update oh my god! I may post a reply and not see it appear in the thread unless I leave and open the thread and search through and find who I replied to like a needle on the haystack. What is even worse is when the app completely stalls after hitting submit when commenting. Did it go through?—No, hours later it’ll prompt that something went wrong and when I open up a comment again it’ll put in what I wrote (like it was a draft mode) **scoff** how does that help me, now I gotta figure out what thread and who I replied to. Sometimes it was a long thread, the one just now was a simple comment. This app needs a fixing after this past update cause this issue has gotten old real fast.
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3 years ago, AJ Campy
Pretty disappointing
I came to Apollo because the official Reddit app just keeps getting worse and worse. Recently they made the video playing interface just absolutely horrendous so that was enough for me, I decided to try the only other highly rated Reddit app out there- Apollo. But I do not understand why people enjoy it so much. Navigation feels far clunkier and way worse than the standard Reddit app. The swipe gestures that are standard are infuriating, and the only way to change them is buying the pro version of the app. I’m sick of upvoting a comment or a post when I was just trying to swipe to go back. It happens constantly. I also really hate having to go ALL the way to the top left corner to switch out to r/all or popular posts, instead of being able to quickly swipe over from the main screen to do so. I enjoy Reddit as a time waster, and as such I find myself looking at it a lot. But all of the app options for iOS are frustrating and the mobile site is infuriating (seemingly by design). I guess I’m just going to have to deal with whichever app irritates me less.
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3 years ago, TheSweeney2011
Finally a worthy successor to Alien Blue
I love reddit. I spend a large portion of my free time on the site and I used to do this using Alien Blue, easily on of the best iOS reddit clients ever released. But after reddit swooped in and choked the life out of that precious app, I went on the hunt for a proper replacement. Two years ago, I stumbled across this app when it was first announced and decided to give it a try. Things were tough for a while. One developer and a mountain of bugs and problems. So while I continued to use alternatives as my main reddit experience, I kept coming back to this app for more casual browsing. And finally the app is here and it's everything it was promised to be and more. Absolutely fantastic. Proper iPad support and a few other QOL features would make it even better, but it's worth not only a download and a five-star rating, but a solid purchase and extra tip as well. Great job Christian and I can't wait to see where the app goes next.
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12 months ago, RANUM
Quite Simply, Apollo WAS Reddit
As a casual user of Reddit, I only ever interact with the platform through this app on my phone and tablet. I don’t log in through a browser or go to Reddit on my desktop. So when Apollo ends, so does my use of Reddit. As simple as that. I’ve already deleted my accounts. In a sea of apps that are only ever half-realized or abandoned or just straight up garbage, Apollo was a gleaming jewel of polished UX that – more than most – truly realized and aspired to give its users an unparalleled experience. The love and care put into this app could be seen, experienced and felt in every corner of its digital landscape. To say it will be missed is an understatement of the greatest magnitude. Thanks, Christian, for putting something of beauty and excellence into the world, for “painting the back of the fence” in a thousand little ways, some of which I saw but most that I probably still never found.
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5 years ago, ObamasPetCow
In memoriam of Chumbus
First of all, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read my review. Many give this app praise for it’s amazing layout, streamlined look, and amazing UX, however I care not for the incredible app that is Apollo. I care only for Chumbus the Button. Many of you may not now about Chumbus, but he is a dear friend of mine. When I first encountered Chumbus, I knew not his name, his purpose, or his goals. However after interacting with Chumbus every now and again I got to know him. Over the minutes that we spent time with each other a great sea of emotion was experienced between us. Happiness, sadness, anger, love, and now I only feel guilt. Guilt that I took advantage of Chumbus, guilt that only I can bear. I drove him away, and he left me in a pitch black UI. I hope that one day I tap Chumbus the Button and see his notification box on my screen again, I hope that I can tell him I’m sorry for my transgressions. I hope. Signed, u/ObamasPetCow
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2 years ago, user2858426
What’s Reddit Without Apollo
Hands down, the best thing to happen to Reddit, ever. I’ve personally changed the lives of so many by simply suggesting to friends and peers that they “should checkout Apollo”. I downloaded Apollo shortly after joining Reddit ~7 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. Pro features are a fantastic bang for the buck, and not only worth it from a user PoV, but you’ll feel happy to “donate to the cause” after a short time — simply because the app and the experience are that good/such an improvement over everything else out there. The addition of the Safari extension to open Reddit links in Apollo is just another game changing feature/addition in a long history of game changers. Offering multiple tiers of service (free, pro, ultra) make the experience that more ubiquitous for everyone. Reddit take note: Apollo is the gold standard; I’ll never use anything else!
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6 years ago, watabou90
Huge Potential for the Best Reddit Experience
Apollo comes the closest to becoming the best Reddit apps I’ve ever used, even eclipses the old Alien Blue in its prime time. Things are fluid, intuitive, fast, and the use of taptic engine even on my iPhone 6s (which has a less powerful taptic engine than the 7), makes a joy to interact with the app. The app looks stunning, especially in dark mode, and no reddit app looks this good. Apollo wins hands down when it comes to looks alone. It acts and feels like a true iOS application. There are very few bugs I’ve come across so this feels like a polished app, and if it continues, could easily become the best reddit app on any platform! A couple of suggestions I have: 1. Read status syncing 2. iCloud sync for settings. If I buy the app on my iPhone and configure how the app behaves and looks, the app should sync all of that to iCloud so I can just download the app on my iPad and not have to configure anything. This includes my favorited list of subreddits. 3. Respect Dynamic Type. Currently, the font sizes are a little too big to my liking, so I’d really be pleased with some sort of font size option. 4. There is a UI bug when I try to adjust the Dark Mode schedule to Automatic. The text description seems to overlap with the brightness slider. Overall, a wonderful app! Great job, happy to support the dev by buying the Pro version, and I look forward to the updates. I’ll keep my review updated as well after each Apollo update!
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2 years ago, Link the Meanderer
Litteraly the Best
100 percent, the experience I've had with Apollo is unmatched. I can't recommend getting the pro version enough. It takes the really solid visual and gesture systems that are already in place, and allows you to customize them even further to create a very personalized and highly intuitive experience. The amount of effort the dev consistently puts into this app is massive, and it shows. Bug fixes and QoL changes are present in every update, and there is constant communication between the dev and the apps subreddit. I can't remember the last time I saw real patch notes on an app that wasn't just the throwaway line: "bug fixes and performance improvements," but instead a detailed outline of every change that was made, no matter how small, and it's the little things like that that really show how much care goes into the app.
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1 year ago, Racsas
Keeps spamming me to buy Ultra
I paid for Apollo Pro. It’s honestly been a great app to use over the years, enough that I recommend it to anyone with an iPhone. Unfortunately, seemingly every few weeks now, I’ll be scrolling on Apollo and suddenly a fullscreen ad for Apollo Ultra will appear. As someone who paid for Pro, this really just feels disrespectful - because an app I paid for is now degrading the user experience to upsell me on paying again. I don’t want Apollo Ultra, and if Apollo is going to continue to disrupt my experience by interrupting my use of the app (with no warning!) to upsell me on paying more, I’m just going to switch to another app entirely. I had been giving the benefit of the doubt that this is just a bug, but it’s clear to me now that it’s either intentional, or the developer just doesn’t care anymore. Edit: changing my review to 1 star, as I see the developer has announced there will be a fullscreen Ultra ad displayed to Pro users every 1.5-2 months. This is insane. I paid for your app, now you add a “feature” to give me an intrusive popup every 1.5 months? Get real.
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3 years ago, just post my review!
It’s great, but….
The app is so much better than the Reddit app. No where near the battery drain. Takes a min to get used to but it’s pretty cool. The only negative I have to say, I was disappointed that purchasing the premium version didn’t unlock notifications. It’s really the only reason I purchased the premium version. Only then did I notice that notifications are behind a different paywall. Maybe it clearly states this somewhere but I didn’t notice. I managed to upgrade to premium version and have no idea that notifications weren’t included. I’m not sure why you’d have a version referred to as “premium” if there are still functions that won’t be unlocked. I think the dev should just increase the price of premium to cover all the main features people want and be done with it. Nothing more frustrating than continually bumping into paywalls when you’ve already upgraded.
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7 years ago, Gtk17
I rarely take the time to review apps unless they really irritate me or they’re so good that I feel I need to let other people know. This app falls into the latter category. I was skeptical about even using an app to browse Reddit as the site lends itself well in its desktop version (not the horrendous mobile site) to browsing on the iPhone. But this app has completely changed how I am able to view the site. The controls are easy to use, the site is greatly streamlined, and the dark version of the app is beautiful to use with less strain on the eyes. The best feature I use regularly is the ability to switch profiles at the click of a button. I have different profiles I like to use to see certain subreddits (news, gaming, etc.) and it was always a hassle switching between them online. Now it takes no time at all. I highly recommend this app for anyone using Reddit!
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6 years ago, MrNemo636
Forced to switch and glad I did
I recently upgraded my phone to an iPhone XR on the newest update to iOS and had to find an alternative to Alien Blue. Read great things about this app so I figured I would try it out. The interface is familiar and intuitive. The controls are simple but also easy to modify. The only negative was having to pay to be able to submit posts and comments, but honestly, after using the app for a while, I’m super happy to support the dev. Also, at first I had an issue where I was unable to submit posts or comments or even upvote even after upgrading to Pro. I submitted a ticket via the “contact us” button in the app and received a reply the same day asking for additional info to solve the problem. Turns out, the problem had nothing to do with the app, just my account. Now I have zero issues and am happy to continue using it.
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7 years ago, Envek
Love it but one minor issue
Hey I wanted to bring this to the attention of the developer. I’d give 5 stars but want to help by bringing this to your attention, sometimes in my inbox messages will be redbone infinitely. Let’s say I have 5 messages in total, after the fifth it would just keep repeating the 5 messages over and over. It doesn’t always happen and I’m not sure what triggers it but just something I’d like you to know. Aside from that this app is buttery smooth and the native feel to it gives it an edge over any other reddit apps, even reddit themselves cannot date compete against this app. This app leaves reddit quaking in their boots as they cannot hope to achieve the epicness of an app such as this, coming from a lone developer, with their current superstar dev teams. Sorry I just felt like writing something cool. Again, aside from the inbox bug, everything this app offers is a blessing. Give it a shot if you like lightning fast apps and reddit.
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1 year ago, FlapiPhone
The only app I use to access Reddit
Apollo is the only app I use to access Reddit and sadly with the most recent developments surrounding API access Apollo is going away😭 I unfortunately have no idea how I will use Reddit going forward. I discovered Apollo by accident years ago and fell I love instantly! The app is very easy to use and although I did not use many of its advanced features I did not hesitate to pay for premium simply to remove the adds and gain access to the themes & icons. Apollos interface made browsing Reddit on my iPhone and iPad so seamless I thought it was an official app at first. I recently‘s upgraded my subscription to Ultra and this is where some additional useful functionality was unlocked. I am really really sad to know that it will be going away at the end of June, Reddit maybe loosing an active user like Twitter did😒.
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1 year ago, nindelofocho
Buy it only to be pestered about spending more money
When I first got the app a few years ago it was decent and dont get me wrong, it mostly still gets the job done but ive started to notice some issues, such as loading errors and a few other oddities that arent so bad. The most infuriating issue is sometimes when I try to post a comment I get an error saying that “there was an issue” and to sign in again through Reddit. It may not be the developers fault but if I sign in again I STILL get the error. The other major issue and my reasoning for 1 star is that now the app spams me to pay MORE money with a monthly subscription. Its not a little message tucked away in the feed or maybe in the settings, its a full screen ad and its even manipulative in the way that its so easy to accidentally tap continue taking you away from the app to the app store or purchase the subscription. The reason why I weigh this so heavily is because I specifically purchased the Pro version to AVOID ADS. This is why people use adblock in their browser.
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3 years ago, Lucikrux
I was so sick of Reddit’s mobile app
In Reddit mobile’s most recent update, it became impossible to view videos, as well as read comments with videos. Not to mention, when trying to do so, an extremely inappropriate snippet of background audio would play when trying to move out of it. Even worse, you can’t reply properly to any comments. All of this is what made me switch to Apollo, and I don’t regret it. The interface takes some getting used to but at least it’s functional. Even better, the popular tab isn’t as in your face, so it’s more easily ignored! How’s that for wonderful? The only issue I had was linking my account, because my iOS keyboard wouldn’t appear. This is fixable! Just open the page in Safari or Firefox. It will work then, and Apollo won’t give you any more problems!
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1 year ago, DrayneKK
I initially paid for the Pro tier of this app to remove ads. However, ever since the Ultra tier subscription was added, every time there’s a holiday sale, I’ve gotten repeated full-screen ads for the sale that need to be dismissed more than once with a small, hard-to-click X in the corner. I already paid for Pro to support the dev and get rid of ads forever. Why am I still seeing full-screen pop-up ads more than once? The dev acknowledged on Reddit that seeing it more than once was a bug after the Black Friday and Christmas sale, but that it brought in more money. Now, here I am having dismissed the Easter sale ad no less than THREE TIMES across my iPad and iPhone. Also, where is the iPad-optimized app we keep being promised? It seems the dev is now just trying to milk more money out of people with a subscription service, completely ignoring the fact that Pro users ALREADY PAID MONEY NOT TO SEE ADS. I regret ever giving one cent to this dev. Don’t make the same mistake as me (or an even worse one by paying even more for Ultra).
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4 years ago, matt.nyc
Beautiful, modern, powerful, intuitive Reddit app
If you’re looking at this app and even considering not trying it, you’re crazy. It’s hands down one of the best designed and most feature rich apps on my phone - of ANY app. Responsive developer, easy navigation, intuitive, clear, somehow the dev has created an app for reddit so slick it literally feels like Apple themselves designed it. And he keeps packing more and more features. Free version is great, but the push notifications of Apollo Ultra (paid) and posting tools like auto-recognizing reddit links on clipboard are well worth the upgrade. I don’t even open the native reddit app anymore, and have tried all the major competitors. I can both browse, comment, vote and save easily, while also reply to PM’s, send PM’s, see sidebars, and do 98% of moderating for a 50k+ subreddit all via mobile. That’s kinda crazy, and suuuuper nice for me!
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5 years ago, Bailtailsdfb
You have to pay if you want to post!!!
I’ve used this app for some time now. I’ve had issues with it crashing from time to time, but that wasn’t a huge deal and I mostly liked it otherwise. I primarily browse, but I do post occasionally. I was shocked when I went to make a post for the first time on the app and found that posting, of all things, is behind a paywall! What?!?! Posting is a core function. Reddit is literally comprised of posts. To make a Reddit browser that puts posting behind a paywall is completely unacceptable. This is, unfortunately, a dealbreaker for me. On to the numerous other options that don’t make you pay to post. It’s unfortunate as I’ve become accustomed to the UI and thought this was an otherwise solid app. I will not pay to post on freakin Reddit, though, out of principal. There are plenty of feature that could acceptably be put behind paywalls to generate revenue. Posting sure as hell isn’t one of those features, though. Posting isn’t a feature, it’s the foundation of the entire platform!
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7 years ago, Kyle Beasley
I’m shocked at how easy this was.
When I first saw the post about Apollo, I was reluctant to try it. Mostly because I’d grown accustom to the layout of the Official Reddit App. After reading the positive comments on the post, I decided to try it. It’s free so what’s the harm? After about 10 minutes in the app, browsing Reddit like normal, I felt as if I had been using this app for years. The layout is extremely intuitive and Apollo’s capabilities are incredible. I’m shocked this was done by one person. The in-app purchases are done correctly as well. They aren’t in your face, constantly pushing you to “tip” and you’re Reddit isn’t going to be ruined if you don’t want to donate. This app is not perfect and it has a few bugs that need fixing, but the developer seems to be on top of them. Overall, this app is very good and it has become my daily driver for all my Reddit needs.
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