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User Reviews for Apple Podcasts

4.88 out of 5
1.4M Ratings
11 months ago, Julieta_Li
Just feeling over and seen
I don’t know where to begin but I have been listening and actually dancing with Sah and how I found this beautiful soul was not coincidence as I was going through my own grieving of loosing my mom. I’m just beyond grateful for these podcasts! Inspired and seen and heard that i can only say thank you for having the courage to come forward and BE that bridge for many of us. Today as I listened to this episode with Ash Canty and all her experiences as well as Sah’s experiences I was in tears of love, compassion, gratitude and kindness. I felt as if I was part of some of those experiences as well and wow it brought so much attention from the medial world as well and how little they know about the spiritual, and the body to the care of patients and the sickness is real and how ironic to say that in the health care system. I love you Sah thank you for making my morning even more aware of advocacy for mental health care and to know that even when we saw walking in this processes alone there’s humans like you willing to be a face to bring more awareness. Because without love and consciousness there’s no way to liberate and evolve as a humanity. ♾️✨🧘🏽‍♀️🤩🌈🙏🏽
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7 months ago, Nowuz
Great for content, not great for control.
I was a stitcher user until they shut down, so I’m new to Apple Podcasts. Since I started this I’ve found it technically better in format and playback and better for finding content. Now I’ve found so many cool shows that i have more content than I could ever listen to! All good, but there are issues that REALLY annoy me, to the point where I took off 2 stars. First off, the app should open with new episodes, which is what I mainly want to see. On a slow day i can browse around and find something else. Most of all though, are the technical shortcomings. I should say that there might be solutions to these somewhere in settings but the fact that I can’t find them are just as big of a problem. I hate auto play! I don’t want to hear the next thing on some list, i want to decide the next thing to listen to. At the very least I should be able to make my own auto play list but I mostly just want to turn auto play off. I also want to turn off auto download! I’d also much rather sift through new episodes and download what I want then have to “remove download” what I don’t want to listen to, while my phone is getting a data blast to the storage! There is other things I would like to be able to tinker with the settings of, too, but basically it comes down to much more customization control in settings. That would earn this app a full 5 stars!
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4 months ago, whatnicknamesareleftavailable
At least you can leave (1*) reviews now…
[if you see this and agree it’s a terrible app, press and hold (the otherwise invisible button pops up) the critical reviews to mark them “helpful” so it’s isn’t just the 5 stars that get visibility] The Apple Podcast interface was always extremely frustrating, but recent updates have made it worse. Listen Now just queues things up without enabling users to fully customize the order things are played. To see all the episodes in a show, you now have to click multiple buttons. When I’m listening to an episode and click the show title (not episode title), it takes me to the episode page instead of the show anyway. “Library” ought to be a simple list of podcasts you saved, but it also autoplays or arranges shows according to its own algorithm that we cannot fully choose. Sometimes I want to listed to many episodes of one show back to back. Sometimes I do not. It’s weirdly inconsistent about playing all episodes of one show or all new episodes of every show depending how you hit play. Also, you should be able to save shows to your library without “following” them. I want to save the titles of shows without queuing up every new episode. Sometimes I want to retain a show title that I periodically click on in specific circumstances. I hate this app, but at least there is a way to leave reviews and feedback now (did not used to be possible—that’s how long I’ve been frustrated with this stupid app)
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1 year ago, SF Lupa
Auto plays old episodes now when unplayed are available
I’ve used this legacy Apple Podcast app for at least 3 or 4yrs now. Many of the apps that come preloaded on Apple devices are basic without a lot of customizable features but still are intuitive and function well. This app however seems to have lost usability and features seem to have diminished rather than gotten better over time. I do like the vast number of pods available in the platform and many seem to have fewer commercials than when I use them on other platforms. I also like the basic usability in that you can initially figure out how to use it without referring to instructions- or used to. Also keeping up with my library across devices is great. BUT sometime over the past 6 months or so it seems like some of the default features have changed. The main problem I have is when an episode has finished it now seems to auto play the next PREVIOUS episode, even if it has already been played and clearly shows as ‘played’. I swear it used to go to the next UNPLAYED episode or just stop if you were up to date. Having an old episode auto play is super frustrating when you’re driving or perhaps cooking with messy hands so that you can’t just stop what you’re doing and manually select a new episode.
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2 years ago, EzraEngle
Unexpected Playlist Behavior
I generally like this app, but recently - I like it less, due to some unexpected playback behavior. I made a smart playlist including several different podcasts that have unplayed episodes published within the last week. I select the first episode on this playlist to start playing it and it seems to work ok, but if the app is ever interrupted for any reason and I resume podcast playback, it will start to play whatever partially played episode it was playing last (which is good), but instead of playing the next episode on the smart playlist, it goes to the next unplayed episode of only that one podcast, forgetting the smart playlist I made and playing episodes that are many months old. Because I often am playing the podcasts app while driving, I notice it and am irritated by the lack of variety and when I stop and park the car, I find myself manually adding episodes to “up next” and having to be more ‘hands on’ than I would like to be. The shorter summary is that smart playlists need to get a little smarter. I also have been requesting a new feature to allow me to sort a playlist by episode duration. I prefer to listen to my shorter 5-10 minute podcast episodes first and the 45 minute or the hour long podcast episodes last.
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3 years ago, neostryder
Irreparably broken
I used to use this app every single day to listen to hours of my backlog of my favorite podcasts, then Apple suddenly switched directions and completely removed the ability for users to load and store old episodes of podcasts and manage them as they like. I spent countless hours trying to find a hidden feature to do what used to simply be the natural function of the app, when it was built into iTunes, but to no avail. My huge library of podcast content was simply lost to me. It was first scrambled by the broken Podcast app for macOS, so I could no longer access the files directly, then this app failed to support playback of the files I did have. Archives of older episodes are often very difficult to come by, as many providers truncate the older files, or creators switch services and don’t bring their older episodes over to the new service. My years-old collection was lost. I ended up scouring the Internet to gather up as many of the raw MP3 files as I could find, and am awaiting someone to give me a way to organize and listen to them. Finally, recently, I discovered that iMazing may be a solution to load podcasts directly into this app manually, but my first attempt got some into my library, then they disappeared after I synced my phone again. I just don’t understand they need to remove a core functionality from one of their apps that is used by so many people. :(
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2 months ago, julius_caesarrr
Continuous Playback Setting Keeps changing
Another update: three times this week. Three times the setting changed on its own. I’m back. It happened again. Less than a week. — I am so annoyed by this, I’m coming back to update my review after having to change this setting AGAIN. I turn off the continuous playback setting on this app at least once per week. Some weeks, it’s every day. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why it keeps turning on. A quick Google search reveals that this is a known issue that many people have complained about. I’ve tried going on to each of my apple devices to make sure the setting is off, and the next day, it will turn back on. Why does this setting keep changing? It didn’t even used to be the default. I do not like waking up in the middle of the night to find that my podcast app has played five episodes of a show I wanted to listen to when I’m AWAKE. FIX THIS ISSUE. ITS BEEN YEARS. Updated my review to take away another star as the continuous playback function has turned itself AGAIN. I can’t go longer than a week without it changing on its own. There are so many posts on Apple Support and Reddit about this very issue. PLEASE FIX IT. I used this app for years without this being an issue. Why has it been an issue for the last two years? It’s seriously so annoying and it’s messing with my ability to keep up on my favorite podcasts.
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2 years ago, Connie-Paralegal Cint., OH
I’m half way through the Vallow update and to be honest, most podcasts I try to listen to, I’ve already turned it off by this point! Why you may ask? I’m not interested in listening to 20-25 minutes of the hosts talking about their lives. It’s fine that they do, but then they need to change the title of their podcasts for Pete’s sake (trying to keep it PG here). These girls get right into it. I’m a Paralegal and understand all the logistics but it’s so nice they explain what things mean to the listeners and they do it in a short amount of time. The detail is great. I’ve followed this case from the beginning and am hearing things here I had no idea about! Thank you! I have finally found a podcast that shares my level of legal inquisitiveness into this case! One that doesn’t test my patience level! The only other podcast I listen to right now is Nancy Grace and I’ve listened to her since the Casey Anthony ‘era.’ I gotta hear my “ BOMBSHELL TONIGHT” cracks me up. Even she goes on and on and on about her kids and hey, it’s okay to throw a blurb or two in, it’s going to happen, but I don’t need to hear a diatribe on every single show about them that takes up 10 minutes of the shows time! Lol I fast forward. Anyhow, thanks girls! You had me at hello!!
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5 months ago, Virtualsub1
Broken! Broken! Broken!!!!!
I have been a loyal Apple customer since buying an Apple IIe computer in 1982. I love Apple products. For the last 6 years I have been using this podcast app for 6-8 hours a day at work. I was taking 15 to 20 min to set up MY playlist. I would sometimes binge on a new podcast I found. Other times I would set up the order to match the types of work I was doing that day. Then Apple, you decided you knew best how and what I want to listen to. I updated my phone just before going to visit family so I just started listening again. It seems that the podcast app gets to set up my playlist-again! Didn’t you learn that people want to control the order they play their podcasts in after the last time you screwed it up? I am finding episodes I didn’t have listed suddenly pop up in the middle of my playlist or episodes I asked to play next go to the middle of the list. Podcasts that I haven’t listened to in months because I didn’t like them but hadn’t removed from my library are now interspersed in my play list. I can’t change the order either. I would have to remove them and try again I guess. What were you thinking? Doesn’t anyone that works on this app actually try to use it? I would hate to go to a new app as I have invested so much time in finding podcasts I love. Please Apple, just fix this already!
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1 year ago, Dpaventi
One of my absolute favorites
Maybe not a totally unbiased review as Josh interviewed me in one of the early episodes, but I can comment on this podcast from two perspectives. As a listener, I love this show. It amazes me the breadth of subjects for which Josh is able to secure guests. It’s incredible to hear first hand accounts of historically significant events. His interviewees provide unique “I was there” perspectives on truly amazing events, things that generations to come will read about in books and now have the opportunity to listen to first hand accounts of. As an interviewee, I will tell you that Josh brings a level of professionalism and honest curiosity to these conversations. He does his homework, asks great questions, and knows when to get out of the way and let the subject of the interview be the story teller. He’s a talented guy. I would highly recommend that you listen to 2 or 3 episodes, once you do…you’ll be hooked. You’ll devour the back catalog and wait anxiously for the next episode he releases. I know this is true because it’s exactly what happened with me. Well done Josh. I hope you enjoy this show as much as I do.
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2 years ago, Salvadiego
A whole new world
I recently discovered your podcast and I have to say, you stirred something inside me that was rather… unexpected. Like any good American I knew nothing about communism, or rather I knew one thing, communism was bad. But I never quite meshed well with the exploitive nature the surrounding culture either, it always seemed that I was at odds with the established norms of the workforce. So I’ve grown to just kinda accept that this is life and it’s better than those other places out there so just be thankful you aren’t out there. For context I’m a plumber by profession, and I live in a state where the unions, well there are no unions anymore, and I always wondered why that is. Because of your podcast, now I know. I could go on about complacently of the public in the face of doom, and the need to act soon before we’re all turned into corporate drones, or something to that effect. But I digress because mostly I wanted to thank you. Putting myself into other peoples shoes appears to have it’s benefits. And even if it turns out that those shoes happen to be red, I’ve recently discovered I like red. Take care.
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3 years ago, Old 86
Did apple contract this app out?
How can Apple, on of the first companies to realize how important user interface is, make such a convoluted and confusing app. Is there really no way to auto play a season from beginning to end? Unless a que up the next episode when I finish an episodes the podcast app doesn’t play anything or starts the newest episode from a podcast I haven’t listened to in over a year. There isn’t even a “recently listed to” menu. I have to search for it every time and figure out what episode I’m on. It has also stopped keeping track of what episodes I have already played. So I put a bunch of episodes in que, this afternoon they dispersed and it started playing a podcast I subscribe to but don’t listen too. I suspect subscribing to the new podcast I want to listen to would fix some of this, but at least auto play the next episode of the podcast I’m whether I am subscribed to or not. I listen while working and sometimes I want to try a podcast before subscribing… I can’t be stopping every half hour to find the next episode if I forgot to air on up. Anyways, this app lacks a intuitive interface and takes to much effort to figure out. I will find another place to listen to podcasts… just hard to believe the company that made podcasts a thing can’t make a worthwhile app for them.
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10 months ago, WI Fan ❤️
Podcast app needs to support safe use while driving
I used to enjoy the podcast app when you could set up auto play next episode in a series. For some reason I cannot find the way to do this anymore. Episodes do not auto play. When I’m driving, I have to constantly stop to get to the next episode within the same season of a podcast. For some reason it autoplays a different podcast show I was watching and completely kicks me out of the show episode list. I cannot enjoy listening in my car because it’s too much and dangerous to fiddle with the app while I’m driving and it’s unrealistic to stop every 30 min on a long drive just to play. Apple car play could be better developed so that it’s Easier to see the list of episodes for a season of a show if you are actively listening to that season. The apple CarPlay often glitches or doesn’t properly load and I can never find the show I’m currently listening to easily. This app is great otherwise, but it would be great to support functionality for safe use while in the car. If there’s something I’m missing, I would love for someone from support to clue me in on how to find the right settings for auto play.
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6 days ago, Blabbity97
Constantly crashing/ rebooting?
I can take or leave the interface, not bad, not amazing either. I just surf podcasts I like already or have been recommended and queue them up and it technically does that in a largely coherent way. it does take quite a few button presses to do so, but I can still accomplish what I’m looking to do. What really gets my goat though is the app constantly crashes and puts me back at the home page over and over, sometimes it continues to play whatever podcast is going but resets the interface. More seldom the entire app crashes and kicks you out; deleting and redownloading the app only temporarily ameliorates the issue. It’s to the point I can’t access lists of episodes for a podcast because it consistently crashes before I can press all the necessary buttons / menus in order to get to a show’s episodes. Pretty much the only thing you can do easily is play the most recent episode of the 5 most recent podcasts on the home page; otherwise you’ll spend 3-5 minutes waiting for the app to remain stable long enough to allow you to navigate it any further than what’s most immediately accessible from the home page. Very disappointing how apple has allowed its products to ensh*tify like this.
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3 months ago, macnealean
A Must-Listen for Insightful and Varied Perspectives
Review: The View's podcast, "Behind the Table," is a must-listen for anyone seeking a mix of insightful political discussions, cultural commentary, and enjoyable banter. As a loyal viewer since 2012, I find the podcast to be a brilliant extension of the show, offering deeper insights into the hosts' thoughts and opinions. Following Anna, Sunny, and Alyssa on Instagram provides an additional layer of understanding, while Brian's private account is private, his commentary adds intrigue to his contributions on the podcast. A special shoutout to Anna for her loud and unapologetic stance on critical issues like the dangers posed by figures like Donald Trump. Her Instagram posts are as enlightening as they are enjoyable. Each host brings a unique perspective to the table, making the podcast a diverse and balanced discussion forum. "Behind the Table" feels like a daily dose of enlightenment, with each episode combining the personal touch of each host with varied viewpoints on critical topics. This podcast is not just entertainment; it's an essential listen for a well-rounded understanding of today's world. Keep up the fantastic work!
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2 years ago, MetsMcK
The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe
The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe is the absolute best podcast out there. Mike’s brand of informative & insightful, yet humble and homespun commentary on remarkable people and relevant subjects is deeply inspiring and a pleasure to listen to. Mike clearly has an enduring connection with each one of his guests and they are able to delve into the topics and issues contained in the book or project being promoted, without giving too much away. Mr. Rowe has the unique talent for engaging his guests on a personal level, as well as revealing the value of the missions of their organizations, making the listener want to know more, just as he did on Dirty Jobs, Rowe’d Trip and others. Who wouldn’t want to listen to Mike Rowe talk about anything? (which he does, by the way…). Thanks, Mike! Besides being a fan of your wonderful mother’s hilarious and insightful literary and social media contributions, I continue to have a growing reading list to enjoy, based upon your guests’ books and projects, as I live abroad out here in a big, bold, ever-changing world. You help keep us grounded.
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1 year ago, Soujiya2
I used to rely on this
I have no idea what happened but since the last update at least half the podcasts I follow have dropped off my feed and I have to go chase down the latest ones individually. Very irritating. I tried fixing it all sorts of ways and nothing worked. Apple support is unsurprisingly uninterested. I’ll probably find a better app for this. It’s gotten worse, recently, now I get notifications for podcasts that I then go to look for and they haven’t downloaded, they’re not even in latest episodes. I’m having to check through each podcast and figure out which ones are getting lost. I’m slowly importing things into another app, but it’s really irritating that Apple isn’t lifting a finger to do anything. Also all these people who are leaving 5 star reviews for specific podcasts, do they realize Apple is getting all their ratings and the makers of the podcasts aren’t getting any of the benefit? No fix ever made by Apple. A show that I had paid a subscription to became basically unavailable because although my subscription showed on the page it was still unavailable for some reason. Numerous sessions with Apple got me a lot of empty platitudes and no action. Apple used to be really proactive about fixing problems I guess not any more.
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2 years ago, Bakerfella
What Happened to the Apple Podcast app?
I listen to between 10 and 15 podcasts every week on a regular basis. In recent weeks I have noticed that even though I add podcasts to my queue it is constantly reverting back and playing episodes that I have either previously listened to or have even deleted because I wasn’t interested in that one. They do not play in any sort of logical order so I will often find a podcast that’s several days old that has been skipped over if I’m not paying attention. It has also dropped extremely old episodes into the Up Next section because I’m currently subscribed to that podcast. I don’t understand what is so difficult about providing an app that plays the specific podcasts that you subscribe to in the order that they are received and to be able to re-order those easily if desired. Perhaps it’s Apple’s desire to have you “explore” more podcasts, and so they make it much more difficult to listen to the ones that you already subscribe to and throw in other random episodes that you have not asked for. If I wanted to find other podcasts and add more to my collection, I would go to the explore page, but I do not. Generally I’m a fan of Apple products, but the podcast app has become very frustrating of late.
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6 months ago, Genes woman
True Sunlight & COJ (cup of Justice)
Both podcasts produced by True Sunlight are fact filled with content that is not fluff or derived from narratives in mainstream media. This is what mainstream media wanted to be when it grew up but failed to go to class. Mandy, Liz, Eric, and David, along with Eric, Beth, and the rest of the team, are spitting out work that rivals any news outlet anywhere. Running down leads, checking out sources, fact checking themselves before someone else does, and getting the story right the first time, has been evident from the start. No, I’m not a paid reviewer. I’m a real person that has followed Mandy from the beginning at The Island Packet. I live in South Carolina and am impacted by the outcome of real journalism here. I’m a premium member of soak up the sun since it started and know of the racquet that is out there in the media with ‘less than’ subscription outlets, and by watching the other podcasts jump at reporting True Sunlight’s articles as if they did the work. True Sunlight is the original and best true crime podcast. Period.
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1 year ago, William Ansley
Always Cry Wolfe
I just discovered this podcast recently and have only listened to the first three episodes (four, counting the short introductory episode), but I like it quite a bit. I might have given it four stars if I had only listened to the first two full episodes, but in the third the hosts explain that at the beginning, especially in episodes one and two, they were still finding their feet (and tongues). And the third episode is a noticeable improvement. I am willing to trust that the podcast keeps improving from this point on. The subject matter is perfect for a long-, long-time Wolfe fan such as myself and I really like the intense (if at times somewhat rambling and disjointed) discussions that can focus on the smallest details. It is very reminiscent of the Urth email discussion list that I participated in for quite some time many many years ago. As the hosts state, the Urth list was, in some ways at least, the forerunner and inspiration for this podcast, so it is also a real blast from the past for me.
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2 years ago, Alieo24
Please fix this app!!
In looking through reviews, it seems that a lot of the five star reviews are people who think they are leaving a review on a specific podcast, not this actual app. I feel like the overall rating is very skewed because of this. I’ve used this app for podcasts since 2015, and use it almost daily. The recent changes that made it so you see all unplayed episodes of a show were annoying enough. I have shows I’ve listened to for years that I’ve deleted episodes I didn’t want to listen to, and now they are all back all of a sudden. We are talking hundreds of episodes I’m weeding through to find episodes I want to hear. Now, it’s even worse! The app won’t save my playlist anymore, AND if I close the app in the middle of an episode, and I restart, it just keeps picking the same episode of a random podcast that I already heard months ago! I’ve tried other podcast apps and just haven’t liked them enough to go through the hassle of subscribing to all my podcasts again because I really did love how this app USED TO organize my episodes and I hoped they would fix all of the problems with this app. It might be time to give up, unfortunately, since it’s been months and Apple has only made the app worse.
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3 years ago, Older_Wiser_More_Cynical
Apple keeps the hot mess on the burner
If Apple is wanting Podcasts to be a best-in-class app, it is clear that they don’t actually know how to accomplish that. Interaction with Airplay 2 is buggy (speaking politely). Often, when playing through HomePods, streaming is handed off to the HomePods, which take the bit in their teeth and stop responding to the controls in the Podcasts app. Additionally, the Podcasts app seems to wind up completely out of the loop with no clue as to what is actually being played. Sometimes the app can’t seem to get a HomePod to start playing, though sometimes a workaround is to get Apple Music to get the HomePod started streaming then switching back to the Podcasts app. On another note, I have been used to selecting a podcast to play and actually hearing the podcast start laying before the currently playing display gets updated to show what is playing. I will add the caveat that this does not seem as bad under iOS 15 on an iPhone 13 than under iOS 14 on an iPhone X. If I were on the team developing the Podcasts app and looking to move to a job outside Apple, I don’t think I would mention that I worked on that team in case the hiring manager I was talking to actually used the app.
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2 years ago, Deemomofthree
Therapy and Theology
Thankful T&T has its “own” podcast so I can find quick and easy. I’ve been following along for awhile now -recovering and working through infidelity, forgiveness etc and these segments have been life changing. As a Christian, receiving the wisdom from a therapist, a theologian and a woman who has lived in and through betrayal has been life giving. Questions of forgiveness, staying, leaving, boundaries to further protect relationships are all touched upon. Having the psychology side of it and the Word to back it is so helpful during a time of so many questions. Knowing that a godly woman has walked this journey, felt the same things, thought the same things and questioned the same things reminds us to find our worth in the One Worthy during a time of low self-confidence, lack of joy, lack of peace and to see her come out on the other side still proclaiming Gods goodness is worth it all. Kudos to Lysa, Jim and Joel for helping so many through their own (my own) journey. God Sent for sure. Eager for many more segments.
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2 years ago, BillH1984
Please add a feature to search podcasts by most recent
When current events happen, it would be helpful to use the search function to see any recent podcasts that mention the search term. It would lead to me discovering more podcast creators that I otherwise would not see. Instead, search results list podcasts by a poor relevance algorithm that produces episodes from years past that are not very relevant in terms of latest information. For an example, there has been a shakeup in my hometown market where a local media personality has been let go. I would like to search podcasts that cover the shakeup — but instead I see podcasts from this personality that were published 3 or 4 years ago, despite content coming from this person every day. I recently upgraded my rating from 1 star to 3, because most of the bugs that repeatedly deleted my queue, and crashed the app, have been cleaned up. One other feature that should be added is the ability to recover your queue if you accidentally skip queued episodes by erroneously tapping a queued episode further down in the list.
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2 years ago, serenityb2001
What happened Apple?
I’ve used this app since 2016, and the most recent interface update has really ruined my listening experience. First, it’s hard to manage all the podcasts I listen to thanks to this weird change. Second, I’ve accidentally listened to the whole first episode from the most recent season of the podcast (S3E1) instead of logically going from S2E1 to S2E2. While that episode wasn’t too spoiler-y, S3E2 was, so I’m rather angry that some of the plot was spoiled by a stupid technical difficulty. I don’t understand how this keeps happening, but it did this to me a lot with another show, but thankfully I never listened to more than the first few minutes before realizing what happened. I use this app everyday, so I can say for certain that it’s gotten worse with time. I would really like to get back to enjoying podcasts instead of worrying about whether or not the app is going to work properly or not. I’m not even upset by the added subscription service (seriously podcasters need money like the rest of us), but I think it might have caused some of the many issues I have with the app. I’m not trying to say to take the feature away, but this needs some serious work to fix everything that this update caused.
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2 years ago, sarasue79
This is the married persons road map for sex
I’ve been with my husband for almost 13 years but only married two years and we were forced to cancel our wedding twice due to the pandemic so we only got married in our dining room very very briefly planning on still doing our planned wedding soon as possible because we had everything to. Have the ceremony and reception including already buying the meat. Unfortunately for the last two years though something happened to our sex life that was always amazing before but all of a sudden we were going months without it and any kind of intimacy too we don’t talk about it unless we are in an argument and throwing it at eachother to lay blame on one another which it’s not one persons fault it’s both of us we drifted apart somehow so I found this podcast after listening to many others first but I started following this advice and ITS REALLY REALLY HELPFUL I AM STILL DOING THINGS AND TRYING THINGS THE EPISODES SUGGEST BUT ITS WORTH TRYING IT OUT YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED AT THE LEAST!
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2 years ago, AWL Since 2016
Goodbye PMT
I’ve been an AWL for 6 years, but I’m sick of Big Cat’s hypocrisy. He pretends to be non-political and says you’re a loser if you care about the MLB moving the all-star game from Atlanta but then also spends an entire episode talking about racism in America after the Jacob Blake incident and posts videos explicitly accusing conservatives of “ruining everything” in the wake of the Dobbs decision. He has made explicitly political overtures countless times and they always seem to punch in one direction. He is perfectly entitled to his liberal perspective, but there are only so many blatant instances of hypocrisy before I say no mas. I know my “principled stand” will do nothing, but I’m writing this melodramatic/psycho podcast review because I am sad to say goodbye to PMT. I have been an AWL since 2016 and I genuinely looked forward to every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning for the past 6 years. Sounds pathetic, but they got me through some pretty tough times too. What I loved about PMT, and Barstool in general, was that it was a non-political sports media outlet that didn’t talk down to you. Sadly, that changed and it’s now reached a point that I can’t in good faith keep supporting the smug ignoramuses that run that place. They’ve lost one AWL and probably gained a thousand more, so make of this what you will.
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12 months ago, Becx227
This app needs work
I don’t know what is going on with this app, but it seems to keep getting worse. I keep falling behind in pods I follow because there is absolutely NO efficient way to look at a list of the pods you follow that have unplayed eps. First the little badge that used to tell you “3 unplayed episodes” vanished multiple updates ago. Then the only ones that got pushed to Up Next in the Listen Now screen are the ones you interact with regularly. It’s frustrating having to click on the details of each show to see that you missed several episodes. NOW it started putting new episodes of a few pods I listened to ONE time and never subscribed to or followed in my Up Next feed. No thank you, I didn’t choose to follow because I didn’t want to listen to more of that pod. Please don’t clog my feed. I’ve been on the edge of switching to a different app, but didn’t want to have to start all over with my extensive listening library. Mix these new issues with the inability to sync ep progress between Apple devices (which is completely ridiculous) and this app is becoming beyond useless. I may have to just bite the bullet and move on.
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2 years ago, GSIV
Confusing & Counterintuitive
I normally listen to podcasts on my old iPhone 5-that podcast app makes sense and is easy to use. Contrast the current app - doesn’t make sense and difficult to use. The Up Next doesn’t seem to consistently have current episodes. The old app opens to a list of the newest episodes of your subscribed podcasts (why suddenly the switch to “follow”?) I can’t make a play list -only the current one playing plus one “play next”. I can’t easily find current and/or unplayed podcasts. With the old app you can call up a list of your subscriptions and by clicking on each one see your unplayed episodes or with an easy tap on “feed” you can see all available episodes. Somewhere buried in the newer app are “all available episodes” but it requires hunting. Also, if you tap on one of the giant icons (I don’t need giant pictures of the podcasts-better a little smaller and fit more in a window) the episode just starts playing before you can see the full description. I don’t want to beat a dead horse. Bottom line is please just admit this new app is a big mess and go back to the old one. This is the company whose product “podcast” is named after. Why not have a great app to play them?
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1 year ago, fhsjendjdn
App not working!
I’ve tried finding a way to reach out to the developers to report an issue but I cannot find any way to do that with apple owned apps. So I’ll have to write it in a review and hope someone sees it. There is an issue with this app. Multiple times while listening to podcasts it will stop playing. I’ll watch the timer continue as if it’s still playing with no sound, but then if I keep watching, it will slow down, stop and even count backwards. Like it’s stuck in a loop within the same 3-4 seconds. I’ll press pause and start, rewind and fast forward 10 seconds and none of that helps. The only way to fix it is to close out of the app completely and reload it. It doesn’t need to be updated and it’s happening on my husband and daughter’s phones too so I know it’s an issue with the app and not my phone. It’s becoming so frequent that I can’t even enjoy my podcasts anymore. Please work on this bug fix so I can change my review to a more positive one. Also some advice, please make it easier to reach out to the Apple developers, because if I can’t figure it out, it’s clearly not easy to do. I only found how to reach out to purchased or downloaded apps NOT owned by apple. 😐
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2 years ago, zurgurl
Don’t really listen to podcasts but I’m devouring this one!
I am SO thankful for this podcast! I’m not really a podcast consumer (can’t get into it and listen to a lot of audiobooks and music instead). But this podcast!!! I’ve subscribed and listened to several just this weekend and shared with others, including my parents, one of my pastors, and our church communication platform! (The episode I shared was the interview with Rosaria Butterfield and Christopher Yuan- GOOD STUFF!) I have a brother that has recently “come out” and it’s broken the hearts of me and my parents while my siblings have been allies with him- the Word of God and the church has been SO helpful. And the Lord shows the power of the gospel to save through lives changed- I’m thankful for the testimonies shared through Beckett and many peoples he hosts! Praise the Lord for this work He has done and your obedience to share! Because we all were dead only being made alive by the finished and saving blood of Christ, and these testimonies add to our thanksgiving to the Lord!
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2 years ago, Android Use Causes Rabies
Might be the best thing ever
Stellar talk across literally every thing imaginable. I get my Alan Watts, I get my Marital advice. I can study any topic which interests me. We could use a little more Pythagoras. But as soon as a I type that someone has probably put one out in the cyber realm. Of course my music desires are jealous and teenagers are bored with all these old people topics. Hey when I was a kid you would have to have a cassette tape and recorder and be physically present to start the recording at a specific time in order to back up and be able to hear something repeated. 7 thumbs way up. The ambience is out of this world knowledgeable speakers. I could go in forever. Love this. With all that being said I would like to make a request of the developers. When I find a new podcast to listen to and I go back and start it on episode 1 it will play and then at the end of the podcast it stops and i am Bombarded with pervasive and persistent silence. However if I I find a new podcast and just start on their most current episode and it reaches the end it automatically pleases my ears by playing the episode prior to that one and could continue playing episode after glorious episode until we reach the very first one. Hopefully we could find that in a future update. And my words are more effective than “Yo podcasts are the bomb. But we should be able to play the podcasts from the oldest to the newest. Fix this nerds. But still 7 Thumbs way up!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍👍👍👍👍
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2 years ago, Anonymous JayDee
The best content platform!
My life has been transformed. Over the course of a year or two, I’ve become a huge fan of podcast-land. Firstly, it’s FREE! It’s a platform that offers you the opportunity to really become an “expert” in your area of interest, whether it’s about business, financial management, or personal development/self-love and care. The Podcast app has introduced me to a new world of mindset and allows me the space to call many of those whose content I indulge in my “mentors.” Best of all, the many shows available are constantly back-linking you through the Show Notes, and I’ve discovered all sorts of other content of there’s and others across platforms; saved an expansive inventory of digital resources such as guides, e-books, checklists, and more; as well as introduced me to the hosts network of individuals too. The collaborative community involved with each other in their respective fields who contribute to building this expansive library of audio content is incredible! I love that you make it easy by allowing us to download episodes as they come, and delete them from our storage as they become a moment of the past. Thanks Apple! PS - my one frustration as of recent: since the newest iOS 15 update, my list of podcasts in my queue list delete if I close the app from the background or not play them for a while. It is a tad annoying having to go through and re-find the podcasts I had scheduled in my queue. Thank you! :-)
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2 years ago, cradlle_catholic1965
Bible in a year review
I just want to say how amazing the Bible in a year podcast and study with father Mike is. I have read my Catholic daily Bible the new living translation for the past five years and this is the first year that I am joining the Bible in a year with father Mike. And reading my Catholic daily Bible for the past five years I had to do my own research and sometimes it became so overwhelming because I didn’t understand something and even after researching I still didn’t understand but with father Mike he explains it and breaks it down. And if something isn’t meant to be understood he clearly says it. We just have to continue to have faith and trust in what God has laid out for us. Another important thing is to have a Catholic priest which is so important for us Catholics because I was finding myself during my research turning to protestant Bibles and protestant apps and trying to find answers. So this podcast and the study is so amazing I cannot recommend it enough my entire family is doing it.
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3 months ago, Cycleman2009
So frustrating!
Update after several months: I more or less got used to this app’s problems, until today. Today is when I realized that there are dozens of episodes that I have downloaded and Added To Queue, but they are not in my queue. This is bad. Original review: Ugh! Accidentally started the last episode in my queue, which wiped out the dozens of others that I had in my queue. Really, really frustrating. Prior review: It’s frustrating that once a podcast is in the Playing Next area, you can no longer see how long the episode is. It’s frustrating that once a podcast is in the Playing Next area, you cannot see if it’s been downloaded, and cannot choose to download it. Frustrating that nowhere can you multi-select to download, mark played, remove/delete. It’s frustrating that won’t tell you the total length of the episodes that you put in the Playing Next area. It’s frustrating that in the Library, you cannot organize or group the shows. What really brings it down to 2 stars is if you accidentally start playing an episode in the middle of your queue, it wipes out all prior episodes from being in your queue, which is incredibly frustrating.
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2 years ago, tobasaurus
Carson podcast by Mark Malkoff
Changed my life. Changed my perspective on the past, showed me how to talk to people and how a lot of different people think and how they deal with each other in the real world of Hollywood and New York and in the past kind of interesting to where I can’t put it down. He’s up to 372 and I have gone back and listen to half of them. So Mark is a friend and brother in Christ I’ve known for many years. I have helped him with the number of his projects and the support of him and also really appreciated how he and his wife have taught my kids since they were infants. They are upper teens now, and he is also advised us as far as aspects of their artistry. I never want his podcast to end but if it must I’m sure I will be going back over it and also playing a number of the women involved in his interviews for my daughter who may become a singer. Is so interesting to hear all of the stories I can’t say enough about this podcast.
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2 years ago, Once purchased $60 worth
The Most Unfriendly User Interface
I utilize this podcast medium only for certain podcasts I cannot get via the single best podcast medium available hands down and without a doubt … OVERCAST!! I wish their library was as large as this but to compare just how simple and easy to use OVERCAST is over Apple podcast, would be like scrolling the Bible. You guys are trying way too hard. I know your existence must be justified to earn a living but this podcast medium is so over thought and yet under-delivers in every way, shape and form. Exhausting itself over its indulgence of self-importance screaming nothing but “look what I can do…look what I can do…look what I can do!” - way to go Stewart. I give it two stars because I have to use it and I can be appreciative of that. But I am so tired of the convoluted navigational map that no matter what I want to do it’s always; off track, off my pending list and on and on with the back peddling trying to just get back to where I was just at. I don’t want a tutorial, I don’t want to spend hours learning how to hear a podcast your way. It should be as simple as “pick and play”.
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2 months ago, Kshawbeauty
Love your podcasts and the Thrivers Society
I would love to hear an episode on how you structure training your employees. I’ve heard you skim over it and talk about building the roadmap but Im wishing I had you to explain like a detailed roadmap to give my new employees that doesn’t miss the key marks they need to accomplish in those beginning months because I feel like my training is not getting through or not being taken seriously and that’s probably my fault. I want to know the best structure because I tried benchmarks they got ignored, I tried coming in one on one and doing a 4-6 hour class, I give them all the tips to guide them to help their marketing funnel and remind them almost weekly that guest experience is the most important focus, but I’m not quite seeing the results I want in the first few months after hiring and maybe it’s telling me I’m hiring the wrong people I’m not sure, but I can’t wait to hear your feedback! Thanks!
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4 months ago, JesusisGodsSon
James Dobson’s influence on me.
I have personally listen to Dr. James Dobson on the radio for over 40 years. I listened to him before I was married. I was influenced about choosing my mate and if God blessed me with children, things that I would want to do while raising them. I listen to him after I was married, and I try to put into practice the things he taught about being a good wife. While raising three children, there were many days that I clung to the radio and hoped he would say something to encourage me. I’ve enjoyed hearing his opinion on subjects that matter in our country, like: Right to Life, school influences on children, and the importance of each of us voting. Now, I’m a grandmother and I still listen for all the reasons I mentioned above. But, I also enjoy hearing about the survival of other folks and the influences that make people different. I cannot thank Dr. Dobson and Mrs. Shirley enough for their influence on my life. I do pray for them.
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1 year ago, djs-10
Rachael Maddow’s Ultra 8 Series Podcast was unbelievably amazing. As always she goes above and beyond to give the public information that we don’t even know is out there until she presents it to us. We are so lucky to have her. She has a mind that is incomparable. I have been following her since her “Air America” days. So I was elated when she came to MSNBC. I love her Monday night shows but I miss her desperately Tuesday—Friday. But I do understand that she wants to expand in other directions. Unfortunately, you replaced her with Alex Wagner which I do not like and never have. Therefore, I skip her show. If you ever decide to replace her with someone good—such as Mehdi Hasan, I would never miss that hour. Unfortunately, NBC/MSNBC keeps him and Ayman Mohyeldin under utilized. What a waste of supreme talent. If and when they leave you or are forced out, I too will leave MSNBC. Over the years you have gotten rid of some Top Notch Talent only to replace them with decent talent.
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2 years ago, Ashlie and Anthony
Best Podcast Ever!!!
I’m so glad my friend introduced me to this podcast because now I’m hooked. I started listening in season 12 with the finale. I bought all the seasons because the stories are just so unique and keeps you wanting more!! I love the multiple part series and I love the very long ones that used to be at the finales. I know you can’t keep everyone happy but I’d get away from the episodes with the quick stories, I can’t remember off the top of my head what they’re called, but it’s where 20+ short stories are read in quick succession. I don’t like them very much, some of them are hard to keep up with while I’m working and then by the time you’re starting to get the gist, they’re over. My last critique would be to bring back the one long story at the finale, those were always my favorites. Anyway, just an all around awesome podcast. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 17. Great job guys…and gals!!!
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2 years ago, malmims
Podcasts are my everything!
I’m a stay at home mom with a new baby. I’m in real estate school and I live in the Midwest where we are stuck inside for most the year because of cold weather. Needless to say easy to go crazy. Did I mention I also have a teenager? Started life a little late and now I feel like I need to scramble to get a head and be successful! Seriously, ahead financially, Spiritually, I want to grow in self development so bad so I turned a podcast. It led me to a new world full of so much information I absolutely love it! Every chance I get I was in a podcast. Every time I hop in the car, when I’m cooking dinner I throw my earbuds in, when I’m struggling doing laundry, really anytime I have some time to myself. It’s not much but that’s my podcast the great! You can get a ton of information in a short amount of time and you can pause and go whenever your life lets you. This app is truly a blessing and a godsend my life!
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1 year ago, Hdgggggggg
“Episode Unavailable”
I’ve been using this app for 10+ years with various iphones. Initially it was great. Then a few years ago after an update it began saving all podcasts on my phone, using all my storage, and setting to “delete after playing” stopped working. I had to manually delete each podcast from my phone storage. This continued for at least a year before apple did anything to change it. Now, for the past 5 days or so, half my podcasts won’t play at all. Attempting to play results in “episode unavailable” errors. I did a factory reset on my phone, deleted and reinstalled the app 2x, rebooted Wi-Fi, turned off Wi-Fi completely and tried cellular data, and still, my top dozen fav podcasts refuse to play at all. I deleted all cookies/cache/downloaded episodes. Nothing works. Podcasts are the main thing I use my phone for, so I guess my iPhone is useless to me now. Maybe in a year apple will finally correct this issue, but they don’t seem focused on making great products anymore so I doubt it. I’ll probably switch to another player and skip the apple price tag when I purchase my next phone. Very disappointing.
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1 year ago, CCSAV
Changed My Marriage
After 14 years of married life, money was still the hot topic for “disagreements.” “Other guys” that were taught in our church late 2000s just wasn’t feasible for 2022. Desperate for something new, I stumbled across Bob and Linda while cutting the grass and became addicted to learning simply by listening and watching them live out what they speak. I took the course, listened to the podcast, and applied their logic and it has changed my marriage. We’re still not perfect, but boy, it’s much better! I too look at budgeting like an equation to solve, but that’s not reality, especially when dealing with emotion and faith. My wife and I now communicate more, budget more freely, and spending buckets (digital envelopes) changed our habits and life. Please, take some time and just listen to genuine folks who are simply living proof that marriage and finances can coexist. PS: Linda, my wife loves her spending bucket just for her. True game changer. ;)
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2 years ago, CleveNoob
Podcasts is neglected and dysfunctional
The old Podcasts app, several iOS releases ago, was the equal counterpart to music. It had the same system priority, it remembered what you were listening to, and it didn’t let itself get constantly preempted. No more. The app is now subservient to Music. Music is the system default, and when iOS forgets what it was last playing, it always jumps to music and starts back at the beginning of your library. That podcast you were listening to? If you’re lucky you can reopen the Podcasts app and start playing again manually and you’ll be back where you were. If you’re unlucky, you’ll tell Podcasts to play and it will start the latest episode that came in from a random podcast and what you were listening to will have to be dug out of the archives. Hope you weren’t in a hurry. See, if you’re not big into music, Apple doesn’t seem to be interested in you. Podcasts feels like an obligatory app, the result of a responsibility to a medium rather than a commitment born of enthusiasm. It’s also a frustrating app to use, sadly.
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7 months ago, Alisante
Room for improvement
I haven’t used other podcast apps, so I have no room for comparison. But there are endless shows to listen to, and I like the recent feature of suggested episodes appearing in the “up next” feed. 3 issues: (1) A relatively recent glitch, maybe for the last 2 or 3 months: when I quit out of the app, or even just navigate to another app momentarily and then return, an old episode auto-plays. I’ll be in the middle of a podcast, pause and come back to it 5 minutes later, and its back to the same episode of Wait Wait Don’t Tell me from 4 weeks ago. Why does it keep going back to the same episode that I’ve already listened to? Its always the same episode, no matter what show I’m listening to. (2) An ongoing issue is that it’s way too easy to get your queue erased. I like to build up a queue of episodes to listen to, but if I’m scrolling through it to see what’s already on there or to reorder some episodes, it’s easy to mistakenly tap on an episode, and if I do that, the whole queue is lost up until that point. There should be some kind of fail-safe, like a pop-up that asks if you’re sure you want to skip ahead in your queue. (3) There isn’t an easy way to go back to the first episode of a podcast. When a show is new to me but already has hundreds of episodes, is frustrating to have to scroll back foreverrr to get back to the first episode. Why isn’t there an option to view episodes from oldest to newest?
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2 years ago, Iamnotmicah
I must say, I am thoroughly disappointed. I subscribed to Peacock for one month to watch the Olympics and Super Bowl and figured, since I already paid for it, I would check out some WWE programming in its entirety. Until now, I had relied on this podcast and highlights to remain a casual follower of wrestling. Given Wilbourn’s enthusiastic rundown of the matches, the Dadley Boyz balanced, if not quite cynical commentary, along with Andy and Phil’s more optimistic analysis, I assumed I would find some joy in watching what is weekly reported to be a slightly interesting train wreck. And hence my disappointment. The WWE will never be as entertaining as this podcast, so skip the tv time and enjoy the melodious voices of the crew manning the best podcast in the business. For my 5 Star Review Review, (apologies if this has been done) on the heels of the breakup of Nicki ASH and Rhea, could you review when Rosey of 3-minute warning was repackaged as a superhero with the Hurricane? Cheers!
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2 years ago, Part time Paul
Great Reseller Podcast
Finally an entertaining reseller podcast!!! I’ve listened to a lot of reseller podcasts (A lot of them!) and they all sound exactly the same. Usually these reseller podcasts go like this, Here’s me telling you about all 20 packages that sold this week and I’m going to fill up this 30 minutes of the podcast by going over them one by one. (ZZZZZ- that’s me falling asleep half way through them.) In the last 5 minutes they get super excited and state here are the bolos for the week! What they don’t tell you they’re not really their bolo, but the same tired bolos that you’ve heard and seen a million times from other resellers like, Revere ware pans, don’t pass those up! Your podcast is unique, you never know where it’s going and you barely talk about reselling and bolos. It comes across more casual - like friends catching up and annoying each other. Keep up the good work.
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Scrubbing from homescreen while locked should be removed
It’s truly a dreadful and terrible feature. The phone is locked- why can we scrub and skip as well as “go to next episode” from the locked homescreen? The phone constantly is skipping episodes and jumping around. In pockets, if you hold it slightly wrong it registers your edge touch as a scrub, trying to move the massive widget that sits where your notifications do (I.e. try to scroll through notifications) bam you’ve accidentally jumped ahead 20 minutes. Multi-hour long podcasts and it’s impossible to go back to where you were exactly unless you then manually pull up the screen and do the 15 second scrub over and over until you hear a talking point you remember. It’s awful. Remove the “scrub” from locked Home Screen. At least add the ability to disable it. Really not well thought out or functional. Who skips through whole podcast episodes without reading what they’re about? Make the widget smaller. Skip the bad scrubbing. Add a “last left off at” feature. Something!!!
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2 years ago, Not a frequent reviewer
Why can’t I just swipe and delete?
Apple - I used your podcast app all the time, but when you removed deleting as an easy option in my Listen Now queue, I’ve become clogged with episodes I don’t want and can’t get rid of. For episodes Im not interested in, there is no option to simply delete it — why?? I can Remove Download but then Mark Played, in an attempt to make it go away from the queue — and sometimes that works, but just as often, it does not and remains in the same spot on the queue list. Why in the world? It makes me not want to open up the app and my Listen Now queue, because it’s littered with things I choose not to listen to, making it harder to find things that I do. I may like a show and want to co to ie subscribing, but this or that episode isn’t of interest — and yet, it will. Not. Leave. I’m looking for tech to help simplify and streamline my life and time. Apple, you’re making me go look for another podcast app, because this became prioritized to keep stuff around vs allowing the user to edit easily, as it used to.
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