AR Lottery + CLUB

2.6 (185)
103.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Scientific Games International
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for AR Lottery + CLUB

2.57 out of 5
185 Ratings
2 months ago, Professor Goldblum
Not Loading up on iPhone
This app was working great until I went to log on yesterday. It wouldn’t load up. And it still won’t load up today. Fix it please…
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3 weeks ago, Nae'nee
I have deleted and upgraded my Arkansas Scholarship Lottery App several times. And it’s still not working properly. I have to put my password in every single time and that’s irritating. The old app would allow me to just click on it and my username/password would automatically log me in. I thought I was the only one having these issues but after researching and coming across the reviews. I decided to comment. I love entering my no winner tickets but it’s so time consuming when you can’t login like normal. So frustrating and thinking about deleting the app and not purchasing tickets anymore. If you can be of assistance and correct the issue, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and understanding Dianna
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2 months ago, NSReviewed
Absolute trash app. Logged in with my account and turned on biometric login. After login it forced a password reset. No issue, I reset. But the biometric login no longer works, so it locks me out. Ok, reset again -nope still can’t login. Can get into the website just fine, but the app rejects every login attempt. Not to mention that if you try to register for a new account on the app, it says “all fields with an asterisk are required” and highlights the password as not being filled in despite it being filled in AND having all green check marks on the requirements. Apps are supposed to be MORE convenient than the website, not less convenient.
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9 months ago, Nothin' On The Radio
ZERO STARS IF I COULD!!! I can’t tell you how sorry this app is! Arkansas has really been talking about this app and how easy it is to use but yet it is a piece of junk!!! You can’t scan any tickets that’s either scratch off or printed tickets and yet people are saying how awesome it is. REALLY! I guess they need to write a review about it’s awesomeness for them!😡 I can not tell you how long I’ve had to see this app be this way it’s NEVER BEEN RIGHT!!! I keep checking occasionally to see if any of the issues have been corrected and NO THEY HAVE NOT!!!! Also you have to register to even do anything on this app! WHY! Makes no sense whatsoever! Guess the app developers don’t really know what they are doing if this is a ongoing problem and has yet to be fixed since its launch! Come on Arkansas!!! Do right by the people who are wanting to use the app to check tickets instead of having to go to the store or get online and enter the numbers one by one!!!! GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!! GEEZ!
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1 year ago, Itsababez
Great Improvement
I have been a member of the Club since the app was created. I hated manually entering non winning tickets when the app first came out. I lost out on thousands of points because of the hassle and expiring tickets. The app needed a complete overhaul. This version is a much needed improvement. Unlike other club members, I have had no issues with the app. It works fine on my phone.
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9 years ago, Yup4208
Awesome app good job whoever made it
This app is awesome I just scan 20 scratch off tickets and 24 lottery ticket and I don't have a problem at all and it took a fraction of the time if you had to enter them by hand this is my experience with this app I just downloaded it and it worked perfectly
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6 years ago, Kseal25
Rip Off
The items that they are displaying that you turn your points in to get is ridiculous... I seen a pair of clippers that was 2,000 something points... If you do the math most of the time you only get 2 points when you rescan so, say you buy a dollar scratch off and you only get 2 points then your going to spend over a thousand bucks for some clippers that you can buy for 30-40 bucks... Way to turn someone into a gambling attic... If I can just get 20,000 more points I can get a baseball cap...
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2 years ago, summebeans
Can’t login since I downloaded 5 months ago!
So I downloaded this stupid app 5 months ago and never been able to login! I have the email and password right! I try to create a new account and get told the email address is already in use.. I contacted Arkansas lottery only to be told they don’t know what is wrong.. really? I’m deleting and won’t ever support the lottery ever again
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1 year ago, Lydiamelissajane
This APP is worthless!
There’s no way to login. Created an account and logged in once. Now it says my password is wrong and I have to change it. It doesn’t even let me do that. Does anyone ever read the reviews? Does anyone in charge ever try to use this APP from outside the state system? Try being a user not associated with the Arkansas Lottery. Those responsible should be embarrassed.
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6 years ago, Stephyear
Good App
I like the fact that you can now scan tickets but would love the option to be able to use fingerprint login.
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9 years ago, TW72450
Downloaded and used the app for the first time this morning. Scanned 5 terminal generated tickets with no issues. So much better that entering by hand. (iPhone 6+)
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2 years ago, DSS920
App won’t open
I have had this app for years and all of a sudden this app does not open up for me anymore. I love using the scan to add points but now I have to go back and key in the numbers. I’m not sure if anyone else is having this issue but it needs to be resolved! So disappointed in this app.😡
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5 years ago, Ozzfavors
This app looks like it was released when the iPhone 3GS came out. When scrolling through to view what you can redeem for, only two items at a time can be viewed. Same on the website too I suppose. Please update this for the current technology.
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4 years ago, CdeniseOwens
I love this app! It is so much easier than typing in all those numbers! I have gotten some great items also! Thanks ASL!
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2 years ago, Deadaim1919
Horrible app
If this app is ran by the lottery no wonder it never loads anymore. I used to put in my nonwinning tickets regularly. But now the app is completely unstable and glitchy. This is not the first time it’s happened. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled with no availability. Just ridiculous.
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11 months ago, BLog4321
Number of draws
I really like the app but you’re only allowed one draw per set of numbers. you can’t pick multiple draws per ticket. if you could pick the number of draws per ticket, this app would be perfect.
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7 years ago, lilsuthurngal60
Fix it!
When I first started using this app, I loved it!! So much easier than typing in all the numbers and letters. However, in the past month or so the app will not load the "Enter Ticket" link and there is no other option to enter non-winning scratch off tickets. Please fix this issue!!
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3 years ago, Rlondon1977
Registration glitch
I downloaded and registered as a new user. Then spent the next 30 min trying to log in to the account I just registered. It just keeps asking me to put in my password. I do then it goes back to the same thing. Enter password. Deleted! Update your app and fix the glitch.
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4 years ago, La'Kenza
Keep getting locked out
I keep trying to log into my account and it’s still saying that my account is locked out after many unsuccessful attempts to log in. It’s frustrating me so bad that I’m probably never going to know whether or not I won from my own phone 😤
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5 years ago, JeffFan4ever
Poor poor app
I moved to AR and downloaded the app. The registration process on my iPhone didn’t work right, as it skipped a step or two and then locked me out. I called customer service and I was told that I would have to fax in a form to get my ability to register fixed!! Seriously??!! In this day and age???
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9 years ago, Lover of your game
PLEASE FIX THE BUG , one scan and it kicks you out ! This is using a iPhone 4S . Great concept, but app doesn't work - it kicks you out every time you scan a ticket which forces you to log back in. Back to the old way of keying in the tickets :(
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1 year ago, Me str8 white guy
I am having a lot of trouble getting the app to load. I usually have to delete it and reinstall and a lot of times that won’t even work. Are there problems with the app and iPhone 14 right now?
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1 year ago, Cherrybomb777
Not working
For some reason this is not going past the login page. Very upsetting because I get tickets give to me all the time and now I can not!!!! I tried to delete it and reinstall it but NOPE, doesn’t work!!!!!! Fix the problem!!!!!
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6 years ago, Potus2010
Seems designed to only gather personal information. I created an account, but can’t log in. App apparently won’t let you scan a ticket to see if it is a winner and provide winning dollars amount. Take a look at the Texas Lotto app. It is much better, but of course doesn’t have AR data.
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2 years ago, Kd5emf
Camera does not scan instant games
The camera does not scan the instant games. It does fine with the number games when scanning, but not on the instant.
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7 years ago, Coolhand42
Let us stay signed on.
Great app, easy to enter tickets, but please let us have the option to stay signed on.
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1 year ago, Chancey Ungawana
App has been shut down. Now we know where all the money is going from this organization. New houses, new cars and incredibly expensive vacations. Hope they are enjoying the overpriced boats the purchased.
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2 years ago, goblin 56
Scratch offs
Really needs a update It will not scan any of my scratch offs The camera on the app does scan the mega millions and Powerball quit picks But no scratch offs Doesn’t fill up screen when I press scan It looks like it is for a smaller phone like 14 not the 14 pro
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9 months ago, SuprGoofyGoofy
Won’t let me log in
When I try to log in it just like glitches but doesn’t log me in. If I delete the app and redownload it it lets me log in 2 or 3 times and then starts doing the same thing
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3 years ago, Jaclyn78
App needs updated
This app needs a new update because I deleted it months ago and redownloaded it to enter tickets and it’s still not opening as to the reason I deleted it in the first place. 🤬🤬
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2 months ago, Leontine77
Requires registration with ALL of your personal info
They even require your birthdate and phone number. Why! All I wanna do is check the ticket I donated money to your state to get. Why do you make it so hard!
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6 months ago, Wow10191019
What is this
So I just tried to make an account and guess what!!! It locked me out of it already I was just trying to scan my tickets. IT LOCKED ME OUT WHILE I WAS TRYING TO MAKE AN ACCOUNT!!!!! 10/10 do not recommend just go to the gas station.
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5 years ago, Cowboypod
Should Take Note from TX lottery app
This app runs really slow. Also when scan a scratch off to check to see if is a winner, it says it doesn’t recognize it. The Texas Lottery app shows if you won and how much you won. So much easier.
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2 years ago, shaggy9819
Definitely a scam got all my information including my ssn just to tell me this info is already in there system so definitely a scam and now they got all my info don’t make the same mistake!!!!!
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7 years ago, Ticker477
Sign In???
You have to sign in EVERY time you open. The only other app I have to do that with is my bank, which at least saves my user name! No need for login every time...
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8 years ago, srramse
Very helpful, Recommended!!!
Time saver and user friendly!!!
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11 months ago, VPRSS
We should be able to scan without registering!!
We should be able to scan without registering!!
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1 year ago, aggravated user 2023
Not Satisfied
This app keeps crashing. No way to enter or check tickets. No results of winning numbers. App not accessible since Friday March 5
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4 years ago, jryanramer
Always crashing
Won’t even open anymore. Always crashes. 7 months old update. Maybe spend of that jack squattery money to update this bad boy.
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1 year ago, gaylonswife
Crash & Burn
App forced update has made app obsolete it’s absolutely useless considering it keeps saying my request timed out
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9 years ago, 5sgirl
Good concept
I like the app but it kicks me off after one ticket and have to log in each time. Please fix bugs
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6 years ago, ronthter
Ronald lee Johnson
what going on i think its play win in dont get payed
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1 year ago, Ndine balala
Waste of time
Since the updated version I was compelled to do 2 weeks ago the app does not open??
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6 years ago, TEKJR
Winning numbers no longer visible
Winning numbers for Powerball Mega Millions Etc are no longer visible there is no longer an option in the menu to view these. What the heck??
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9 years ago, Mokelley
I was excited to find this app. After downloading however, it won't let me log in. Very disappointed.
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2 years ago, fitbh he dr
This app doesn’t work I put in my log in and it doesn’t go anywhere
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3 years ago, bwheez22
What is the problem
App will not completely open. SOB crashes every. Single. Time I open it. Hate it
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11 months ago, LuckyLeaves
Waste of Time
Must register, ok. Filled out all information, app certificate is not updated. App is worthless without registering…
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1 year ago, Suzymolly
Thumbs down still can’t scan digital tickets
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2 years ago, Fairway Dave
So I can’t open my app because it needs an update and the update will not work.
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