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User Reviews for Archer Review NCLEX

4.87 out of 5
13.9K Ratings
1 year ago, Ikerrr21
Passed NCLEX in 75 questions on my first try
Do ARCHER NCLEX prep NOW! You will not regret it. I was a worried new grad, trying to figure out which prep would work and IT IS THIS. ARCHER works!! Here is how I studied -I took 2 months to fully prepare!! I did not want to cram everything in and study last second. I wanted to be fully confident walking into that exam and pass the first time. Take time to review!! Do self care and study. Don’t over stress yourself. Don’t rush because your other classmates already took the exam. Follow your own path. -I did the entire Qbank, which was around 2700 I believe, but I did every single question. -I read the rationales, I took notes of each question/answer and studied it. -I watched the videos, beyond helpful. -Then I repeated the Qbank all over again. I kept practicing questions over and over and over until I was a pro! I did 200 questions a day. You gotta be persistent and push hard until the end. -Once I felt ready to take the predictor readiness assessment and CAT exams, then I paid $29 to reset the entire Qbank. -I passed 6 assessments within a range of 85-99%, VERY HIGH chances of passing. I freaking got a 99%, that is the highest I’ve ever gotten. These predictor assessments are accurate! Because look, now I’m a Registered Nurse. Please take my advice, focus and one day you will be looking back and saying, “I did it.” I wish you the best of luck new grads! You got this!
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4 years ago, MitchellNrse
Best program for the NCLEX
I have been using this program for 3 months. They had web program for many months but app is brand new. This looks so good. I am so glad that they released iPhone app because it makes it so much easier for me to study anywhere. I have been doing 100 questions on average per day. This course explains every option not only why an option is correct but also gives reasoning why other options are incorrect ; this is what I like the most about this app. I paid for 6 months, it’s also cheaper than many apps. I have noticed that they have been changing many explanations considerably which I think is because they are attempting to present many important topics under one rationale. I find this very useful and it’s really saving my time so I don’t have to read separate course books. I am scoring about 60% in the app and would be curious to know what that will translate in to on my exam. Will let you know soon.
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1 year ago, yasefaye
Repeat test taker
So I’ve been using archer for quite some time now. First, I’ve noticed with this most recent update that it’s not calculating my overall scores correctly. For example, I’ve mostly done the classic style questions and I remember seeing that I had got 1300 correct … now it’s saying I’ve only gotten 1004 correct. Even when doing more questions and getting them correct that “Total Correct” number has not changed. Same for the NGN questions. .I’ve probably done a total of 15 overall and it’s showing that I’ve done over 300 ? It doesn’t make sense. . . I’d like to further add that I’ve taken my NCLEX a number of times now but when using archer and taking the readiness assessments I always get a very high chance of passing or when I’m taking the CAT adaptive test I get a pass, but still failing the NCLEX. I feel it may be inaccurately generating my scores which is a bummer because I always go into my test just knowing I’m going to pass based off of using archer then I fail. It may be working for some, but for me I don’t think so.
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3 years ago, Safy03
Awesome NCLEX review!!!
I have graduated 2 years prior before I could take my NCLEX! I have tried everything to the very expensive Kaplan, Uworld and another review classe without any success after 3 times trying to pass. A friend of mind told me about archer I searched it and saw how affordable it was! How could I say no to it!! I took the two days crash class plus did a readiness assessment everyday and it is true you are guaranteed to pass!!! I finished the NCLEX in 76 questions and it seemed so easy because archer has the same format and the same question to the NCLEX!!! Nothing was new or surprising in my questions!!! I felt so confident getting out of my exam for the first time!!! I recommend it to anyone 100%! I never thought I would be on this side, but archer made it possible for me!! Thank God I found you guys thank you for this amazing NCLEX prep!!! :)
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2 years ago, oluwabey
I passed my nclex last week first attempt at 75 questions and I was really in shock how I saw some similar questions that I used to practice on archer super pass combo…. I watched the videos the last week of my nclex but I also kept practicing and when I took my nclex I was in shock on how easy it felt because the questions that I had where similar to the questions on archer and 75 questions later I’m now BSN RN. I recommend every student that’s preparing for nclex to get archer because the format on archer is the same as the nclex and not Uworld because I did my friends Uworld questions and the questions on Uworld gave a hint to what the answer is and the nclex is not like that so save yourself time and use archer as the questions are similar to nclex and vague. Goodluck to everyone and take it easy on y’all self .
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3 years ago, Adeyuka
Old items
This archerReview uses old editions and we both know that nclex sets their test based on new studies/editions. Yeah, I know that so many complain that uworld is information overload and all that but what does that tell you? “Too much info, alot of stuff covered in all areas, and higher chances of passing nclex”. This archerReview will give you rationale for the correct answers and prolly “hillbilly” of the wrong ones or maybe even not. So, how is that helpful? Are you cramming answers thinking that you’ll encounter similar questions on nclex? Don’t lie to yourself!! Nursing is material densed and so is nclex, there’s no shortcut of passing that test without studying and actually knowing the material!!! If you’re only using this app as your study material then be ready for a shock the moment you read the 1st question on nclex and you find out that you’ve no idea of what’s happening. THIS IS MY HONEST REVIEW, PLEASE USE UWORLD IF YOU WANNA MAKE IT THROUGH. Too much info, yet higher chances of passing but if you’re that lazy student, then continue using this ArcherReview and be ready to retake nclex for couple more times!!!
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2 years ago, Virgil Simmons
Archer Review is the BEST !!!
I used UWorld to study for my NCLEX and failed the test my first time. i had all 145 questions then i found out about Archer Review and passed my NCLEX the second time in 78 questions. Below are the things i like about the Archer Review team ! the price is unbelievably low and is almost under priced ! i paid about $113 for 90 day access i forgot the exact amount i paid. it comes with their NCLEX review videos online that you can watch as many times as you want. it also has unlimited predictor tests, the adaptive tests, and a question bank of thousands of questions i noticed the NCLEX will ask a vague question and Archer Review’s questions were more like the NCLEX. Archer review does not go super into detail with their rationales but they do have the information inside of their videos to supplement.
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1 year ago, Ever_athena
Trust Archer and the process
I am a recent grad and took the new 2023 Next Gen NCLEX and PASSED my FIRST attempt! I took 6 Readiness Assessments and each one was either “high” or “very high” score and likelihood of passing. I also took 3 CAT tests and also got “pass” results with them. I did a minimum of 100 questions a day until the day of my test (which in the end, I used about 70% of the question bank). The rationales for the questions were concise and not overwhelming long. Additionally, some of their videos were gold and if you lack in one area, definitely watch their videos! Their format is near identical to the NCLEX, the only difference was the font of the text and calculator. The wording and phrasing of questions felt like I was taking an Archer exam. Additionally, practice and take only Next Gen tests with Archer (make a custom test) as this will really help you with answering these case studies on the NCLEX. For reference, my school used ATI, which I hated! I only had Simple Nursing during school for content help. The ONLY NCLEX study resource I did was Archer, and I’m telling everyone to do it because it’s affordable and it WORKS. So far, all of my classmates (5 so far) that used Archer have passed the NCLEX on their first attempt!
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2 years ago, LuckyMD2025
Archer is the greatest
I took my first NCLEX on June 19th and I failed miserably after going to 150 after using Uworld. On August 31, 2022, I took the NCLEX a second time only using Archer. First the rapid 2 day review is a game charger. You have notes from all the videos that you can download and take notes on while you watch the videos. You have worksheets from the videos that range from dosage to parkland burn formula. You also have 2800+ NCLEX style study questions with amazing rations and it’s way cheaper than Uworld. It also gives you a study plan. You can also pay a little extra for group tutoring or individual tutoring. I did not use that but it’s an option if you need to. It is way better board vitals, Kaplan, and Saunders. Get Archer you will not be sorry.
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4 months ago, lowywonder
Using Archer to study for the NCLEX was the best decision EVER!!! Listening to their review videos (shout out to Morgan lol) and answering practice questions made me more confident in selecting answers! They have a detailed explanation on each answer choices on why it’s either wrong or right, this helped with my critical thinking. They also have fun pneumonic that are easy to remember. When I first started, I failed my baseline assessment. I took a month to prep for my exam. I used the 3 week study calendar after my graduation and on my 4th week I used another resource (Mark K) for a general summary of everything I learned. I had 6 consecutive very high in my readiness assessments & 3 consecutive pass on CAT before my exam date. On the D-day, I felt familiar to the NCLEX questions style. I passed my NCLEX with 85 questions! Thank you to the Archer team for believing in us and motivating us throughout our NCLEX-prep journey! The email I received a day before my exam was really motivating and encouraging, thank you once again. To future NCLEX takers, I wish you the very best and I hope my story will inspire you that you could do it too!
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3 years ago, Rpbeauty
Helped me pass the NCLEX!!!
I just want to say THANK YOU to the creators of archer review because it helped me tremendously to pass the NCLEX! the question format was extremely similar to the ones I saw on NCLEX! On top of that, I loved being able to take multiple assessments! I took 4 assessments back to back and they all said very likely to pass! I didn’t believe it so I continued taking more assessments up until my NCLEX date. All continued to say very likely to pass and after I actually did pass the NCLEX, I see how accurate archer was in my assessments! The CAT exams were challenging but I was able to pass. With all this preparation I actually felt well prepared for the NCLEX and was able to pass in 75 questions in an hour!! Thanks again ARCHER!!!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, Alaskan Student :)
Highly Recommended
Hey everyone, I know firsthand that it can be tough to stay engaged during lectures while juggling exams and homework assignments. Fortunately, Archer's lectures offer a wealth of information that is presented in a more digestible manner than traditional school lectures, making it easier for us students to comprehend. When deciding between Archer and other companies, I highly recommend giving Archer a shot. They provide a cost-effective option with engaging content that is perfect for any student. Not only does this program allow you to replay lectures as needed, but they also offer live lectures for an additional fee that can be incredibly beneficial. Do it, you won't regret choosing Archer. : )
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1 year ago, Tifany Lam
Archer all the WAY!!!
I decided to purchase both UWorld and Archer question bank but started to lean more towards Archer since it had more things to offer. I created a study plan for 4 weeks and Archer was my main resource for practice questions. Archer was the closest thing to the NCLEX-RN’s questions and the vagueness as well. I took my NCLEX-RN on January 18th, 2023 and I PASSED! Archer gave me the confidence that I needed and provided me with the necessary tools to successfully pass the NCLEX-RN. The best thing is you pay a low price and they offer you so many things like unlimited assessments which is so important during your studying. Thank you ARCHER for everything that you do! 🙌🏼
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2 years ago, Nurse Ren
CAT and Readiness Assessments
Archer was my last resort I found as a study tool to pass my NCLEX on the fourth try. All I googled was “Adaptive test NCLEX” and Archer was the only one to pop up. I passed my NCLEX on this fourth try. I give that to the readiness assessments that truly got harder the better I did. The CAT never progressed like the NCLEX, in terms of SATA. But the readiness assessments did. The rationale sometimes didn’t make sense, but my friend who has passed a long time ago would help me find another route to understand it. I highly recommend the Readiness Assessments. Do one a day. Don’t over stress yourself with questions; too many in a row will cause you to make silly mistakes with other questions. You’ve got this, whoever is reading this. I believe in you.
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3 years ago, 222sarah444
Could always be better, but great and affordable alternative
If you need challenging practice questions at a much cheaper cost, Archer is great. I also love that they offer a free trial. Obtaining a license and Nclex is already expensive enough so to be able to have something so affordable is a relief. I’m a firm believer it shouldn’t cost thousands of dollars to pass the nclex. They’re similar to the big boys in their format and layout and I find their questions to be just as challenging. The only thing I would change is the detail in the rationales as I find them to be a little short along with having better navigation. Something cardiac questions are more endocrine questions, which is cool too, but compared to other sites it’s a little annoying.
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2 years ago, Shan_Ichi
Archer Review Success!!!
I passed the NCLEX on May 10, 2022 using Archer Review’s question bank! It is an accurate representation of the NCLEX. My first attempt, I used Uworld. Their question bank was too specific, making it less challenging for me. Their rationales were too lengthy and in depth. I went up to 145 questions & I failed. My score feedback report came back saying “Passed in 1/8 subjects, near passing in 7/8 subjects.” My second attempt, I used Archer Review. I was a little skeptical at first, but after reviewing the questions, it was vague just like the NCLEX. This helped me succeed and think outside of the box. The video content also really helped. The rationales were straight to the point and not lengthy which is great. I took a readiness assessment once a week and it said i had a high chance of passing. I decided to keep my test date and believe in myself. I ended up passing in 92 questions. Everyone who I come across who is starting to study for the NCLEX, i’ve been recommending that they use Archer Review. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Jay❤
Passed NCLEX in 75Q’s after multiple attempts
Do yourself the favor and please purchase Archer Rapid Review with the combo of the Qbank. I followed the suggested 6 week study plan that is on the website. It helped me feel prepared and my confidence went up. After taking this exam multiple times and using all the different study material of other resources, Archer was the one that really helped and put everything in one big picture for me. I went into NCLEX and I thought archer was harder than the actual exam itself! Thank you Archer, I can finally call myself an RN after a year of taking this exam over and over :)
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2 years ago, $&@():;
Great review material
I purchased Archer 1 week before my exam. So I did Assessments and CAT, right away. I wasn’t able to finish the whole qbank as I was focusing on the assessment which I am glad I did. I pushed my exam date 1 week further to try to answer more assessments and qbanks. I took my NCLeX RN on March 12 and passed. Thank you Archer for the motivation that even though I thought I was getting low scores, it still says very high. Thank you for that hope you gave me that I can do it though I graduated for more than 20 years already. Never too late, so for others, never give up! You got this!
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2 years ago, Very excited email user
I passed my nclex in 2 weeks!
Just writing to say thank you for making a great and super affordable program. I have officially passed my nclex after studying for 2 weeks. I did use other resources in conjunction with archer but being able to take study anytime right from my phone or tablet was so convenient. I loved that archer offered unlimited readiness and CAT exams instead of limiting us to 1 or 2 exams depending on how much we paid for a membership. While I did like the rationales and sometimes the content on uworld better, using both together was so great.
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3 years ago, ...........,,??!!.
Finished all questions but still not confident
hello ive been using the app for 2months now I have subscribed for 3months ive finish all the questions in the question bank. been using it over and over but I still lack confidence. i have been having good ratings in your app but when i answer other questions in other books and other apps i dont get the passing score. is there anyway you can help me to be more confident and be able to have a good understanding on every questions in books and other apps? this is my 2nd time to take nclex now and i have spend thousands of dollars. i hope you can help me out
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1 year ago, brok133
Used Archer for a little over a month and towards the last 2 weeks I was trying to do 100+ questions almost daily. I also did a couple CAT assessments (passed all) and did the 4 consecutive readiness assessments and scored “Very High” on all four! Such a helpful tool and looked almost exactly like the real test! Highly recommend and most importantly, focus on your own path! Don’t try to score or complete as many questions as your other peers! Do what YOU can and what feels appropriate for you! Good luck!!!! 🫶🏼
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12 months ago, Jack 145@home
Passed my NCLEX in 85 questions first time June 10th, 2023 passed
I did 75 percent of the Q bank, watched the videos on here and did the slide show notes with watching level up RN and simple nurisng. Also took notes on rationales while doing the questions in the Q bank. ALSO WATCHED MARK K!!!! Took 4 CAT exams and passed all of them. And 5 readiness assessments - very high probability I would start taking CAT exams and readiness assessments once your 50 percent through the q bank. Make sure the you do only UNUSED QUESTIONS SO YOU GET EXPOSURE TO ALL QUESTIONS I will say the wording of the questions were better than the Uworld and similar to nclex I did all of this 6 weeks after graduation, studied every day, did 85 questions a day. Before starting archer I did like 2000+ ATI questions before this so I kinda of new a lot of stuff on archer already. But honestly I think archer alone will be fine.
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4 years ago, JennaJKR
Excellent and inexpensive
Can’t thank you enough for this resource. Undoubtedly, the best NCLEX qbank I have come across. I have done ATI too but Archer is very good with the the type of questions which seem similar to representation on test plan, app is fun to navigate, blazing fast and has great rationales. Rationales are quite detailed for most of the questions. For some questions, I would recommend adding more details. Overall, I am very happy. I am taking my exam soon and I will keep you posted on my result. Thank you :)
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1 year ago, quene280
Great product
I wasn’t sure how to study I bought archer the last two weeks leading up to my exam. This product I believe is the sole reason I passed because it prepared me for the type of questions I would see on the NCLEX so much and It helps you to be able to take from the question what you’ll need and answer it correctly. I passed at 75 and if you want to increase your possibility of passing please buy this product you will not regret it!
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2 years ago, kaitalyn_c
Just like the NCLEX
I just wanted to thank Archer for everything! I first became and LPN in 2020 while using Hurst review. finished in 75 and passed. I graduated with my ASN in December and tried to use hurst again for my RN and failed. after searching high and low for NCLEX study systems I found Archer review. I took my exam on Friday and passed in 75 questions. i was skeptical because this was the cheapest study system out there, but it is truly like taking the NCLEX when I was taking the readiness and CAT assessments. thank you so much Archer Review!
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1 year ago, SammiRN4
Passed within 75 questions!!!
I didn’t know how to start studying for the nclex, and I didn’t want to pay for uworld which would be an extra 200+ so I decided with archer. I loved the amazing notes and video reviews, especially how they explained how to look and break down a question. I also love the questions and endless CAT exams. The more questions you do and watch the videos the questions in the exam were easier for me to evaluate better! Thanks Archer!
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2 years ago, TheSkyIsTheLimit502
Best decision ever Made!!!
I finished my nursing in January 2022. Life happened and I wasn’t able to take my boards until November 2022. Because of Archer, the set schedule, and live videos I was set up to successfully pass my boards the 1st time @ 75 questions. This program helps everybody’s learning style. It’s similar to the NCLEX. This by far was the best program for me! Thanks to everybody in the Archer family who take out the time to help people pass their boards. I’m beyond thankful.
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2 years ago, dkd fkeowbshen
Literal Best
Archer was so great to use to study for NCLEX. I highly recommend. It was my second time testing and I needed something that was affordable and challenging. The questions are very similar to NCLEX. I loved both the CAT and readiness exams. I feel as though it prepared me more for what could happen on NCLEX. I love that if I wanted to I could take a readiness exam everyday. Archer is very affordable and they have smaller tutoring sessions that I think are great. Overall 10/10
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3 years ago, kathleen valdez-florentino
best nclex review
passed NCLEX-RN last Nov. 12. thank you very much archer and Morgan. highly recommended especially for international students like me. graduated in Philippines since 2015.i am so thankful to god that i discovered archer which really helped me understand those difficult concepts. the Q bank is very informative it will help you think critically and it is very similar to the nclex. thank you again for making my dream come true. finally, have BSN, RN behind my name!
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1 year ago, anabquin
Archer is the truth!!
I recently graduated and started using Archer right away, I studied for about three weeks before my NCLEX and finished about 85% of the questions and took 5 CAT exams and 3 readiness assessments. This platform really prepared me for the NCLEX and I have passed on my first time. I cant thank Archer enough for helping get to this next chapter in my life! If you are deciding between different study resources, please consider Archer. You wont regret it.
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1 year ago, Ninjalovegamer
Highly Recommend
Archer review helped me pass my Nclex. I had to take the test 3 times and, for my last attempt, I used Archer’s intense prep and it really helped me to focus on the areas that I was weak in. If you’re like me who has test anxiety and is looking for something to help review everything taught in nursing school, I recommend using this app because it is the real deal and you will pass your nclex!
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2 years ago, JulieAnne99
NCLEX style practice Q's!
This is the best nursing resource that will prepare you for the type of questions the NCLEX will ask. I used this app 2 weeks before my exam and I got 4 consecuetive highs on the readiness assessments, which show you have a high change of passing your NCLEX. I passed my exam January 3, 2022 by only using ArcherReview and my own notes. The questions are set up in a way that is super similar to the NCLEX (very vague). Perfect to use for practice!
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4 years ago, sbrownxx7
I used archer when studying for NCLEX because I heard good things and UWorld was too pricey. I did archer and felt it was tremendously helpful && I even had questions on NCLEX with similar content so I’m really glad I utilized archer. It was my 4th attempt on nclex and after using archer and mark k I felt confident going into my exam and I PASSED! I can NOT stress enough how helpful reading the rationales were. They’re very thorough and will definitely help for suture questions on the same topic.
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2 years ago, dnellwall
Archer all the way!!
Archer is amazing! I did the entire qbank, watched all the videos and listen to Pulsedin for my review and I am happy to say that I passed! I would recommend archer to everyone! They have amazing content and they really help you understand the material! Thank you Morgan and the entire archer crew! Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to you your program for my next step NP!!
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3 years ago, ronettesren
If you want to pass the Nclex on the first try at 75, get this!!
I passed my nclex on the first try in 75 questions and Archer was a huge part of that! I purchased it over a week before taking my nclex, and I’m so glad I did. It’s vague just like the Nclex, and the questions were VERY similar 😉. At a fraction of the price of uworld, this app is worth every penny. Get this and you will pass!
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2 years ago, Xen Gomez
A great option for NCLEX-RN studying!
I used another well-known software that was much pricier and didn’t offer half of what archer review offers. The advantage of using this app is becoming accustomed to the CAT method and the readiness assessments really pick your brain! The questions are challenging! I just took my NCLEX-RN a few days ago and passed! Archer Review is definitely option! Highly recommended!
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3 years ago, Binta.tx
Best review to use in 2021 to pass NCLEX
After years trying to pass my Nclex, Archer saved me ❤️ I followed their « sure pass strategy » by completing more than 2000 questions from their Qbank. I also did many assessments and 1 CAT exam. I took my Nclex 2 days ago and it was like taking an other exam from Archer . The Nclex seemed so easy compared to Archer review. Morgan is amazing and helped me a lot to understand the core content. Their price made me save a lot of money and their customers service is always available to help . I have tried many others expensive Reviews like UWORLD or HURST but I’m telling y’all , Archer is the best one available right now and their price is unbeatable.
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2 years ago, Abroyals
First off let me start by saying that a lot of the questions on Archer are HORRIBLY grammatically incorrect and are extremely vague. A lot of my friends were either using archer or uworld to study so, i bought both to try them out. Archer’s rationales were horribly vague and did not help with the learning process. Whereas uworld has detailed explanations. ALSO THE NCLEX IS NOT AS VAGUE AS ARCHER TRUST. SOME OF MY QUESTIONS WERE ALMOST IDENTICAL TO UWORLD!!! Trust me if ur stuck between archer n uworld GET UWORLD!!! i wish i focused on finishing all 2k questions on uworld than doin half uworld half archer. But I passed anywayy do perioddttt!!!!
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8 months ago, KarGrigoryan
Would be better to make the program interface exactly as the actual NCLEX exam interface. There is no spacing between the lines there, there is no magnifying the text there, the question sentanses are formulated more complecatedly, the font is not so soft there. Indeed would be better to make the real exam as in Archer, so I would pass sooner))
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2 years ago, Aba-Daba
Definitely Worth It
Honestly, get it. Use it. Pass. I wish I would have used this WHILE in nursing school. Reinforce what you may have learned with the videos, or simply go for the test bank and grind away. I used it- I passed. My classmates used it- and passed. I wrote a dang review - (which I don’t do) because I think they deserve it. Thanks Archer
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1 year ago, heiress rach
It’s the weirdest review I have ever taken. The content is not easily understandable and if u need help u have to hire a tutor. No customer service that is readily available to address ur problems. U will get an email back from customer service for days (2-4). I don’t use it I had to find another review. I told them my concerns and they said I activated it so I do not get a refund despite the fact that they can see that it’s not being used. This is a money making review. We need people that cares and can help with the stress level of the exam not to add stress
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2 years ago, lizlove1103
Buy Archer
archer review is amazing and this app is a convenient resource to use when study. When at the airport waiting to board the plane I would use the app and watch the videos or answer a few questions. I studied whenever I had down time, this app made it so easy! I passed my NCLEX with 75 questions, thanks to Archer!
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1 year ago, Khadka Rashmi
Passed the exam on 1st attempt😇Thank you ARCHER NCLEX REVIEW ❤️
Thank you Archer NCLEX Review. My exam was similar to the Q bank. Questions and options were structured similar. I love your crash course videos too. I passed the exam on 1st attempt . Thanks to the God for opening my heart to trust ur Q bank. Thank you Morgan and all of ur team member. NCLEX is so vast and and vague like you said. Prepare Smart not hard . These two words were so encouraging . Performance comparison with peers was good to evaluate myself. Rational help me to develop my critical thinking to new level. Thank you Again😇 Completed B.Sc Nursing in India in 2015 , Nepal RN and now saw my name on CA board of Nursing ; USRN .
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3 years ago, Joeli e
Questions issues
I love this review. I am using it the lectures and it’s great. My problem is that I have issues with the questions. I was trying to do them separate as I go with the lectures. I chose cardiology with 75 questions. I got everything from women’s health, infant, endocrine and they are not cardiac related. It’s frustrating when trying to test out the content you’re lacking. Hope they fix this soon.
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4 years ago, RN487
Not great
Definitely do NOT pay for this. The FREE trial is worth it only if you have extra study time. The developers I think are not native English speakers, so there are a lot of questions that don’t make sense. Grammatical and punctuation errors are common. Words omitted or used in an improper context. Some of the answers to the questions are also downright incorrect. It is set up similar to UWorld but is definitely not on that level yet. I hope they make some effort and continue to develop the program because it has potential!
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11 months ago, n0tt0mmy
Passed NGN in 85
Use archer review. It was exactly like the nclex format and teaches you to test properly. Buy the program from their website and login to the app to save 40$. I paid 90$ for the rapid review combo and it was well worth the money. Thanks to the blond lady and the questions for helping me pass.
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1 year ago, Lex042019
Wish rationales were better
I like archer. The amount of questions, unlimited CATs, & unlimited RATS. What I’m disappointed in is the rationales. It will explain why a answer is correct but it won’t explain why the answers are wrong. I understand it’s not Uworld & we get what we pay for but still. It can definitely be improved.
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2 years ago, DanaG03
CAT exam issue
One of my CAT exams had a scoring glitch. It made me answer 145 questions to fail me in the end. I got 100 out of 145 correct and it still failed me. Not sure if this was a glitch in the system or not. The graph bar was way below the passing score line too. Makes me wonder if my good scoring exams were even accurate also.
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5 months ago, Leah CB
No way to login for users with google acct!
Love love love Archer, but there is no way to login on the app for users who login using their google account! There’s only a FB, Apple, and LinkedIn button for login on the app! So weird. I’ll just continue using Archer on my laptop or mobile browser, but would’ve loved to try the app! :)
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2 years ago, gigiSonny3434
Thank you!!!!! 3 days of prep to pass!!
I took a chance based on revised I saw on Facebook and bought the Combo subscription. I love the test questions and the rationals. The Tests are set up like the NCLEX I used the app for 3 days before my NCLEX-PN and passed with 80 questions, I will continue to use Archer Review for my NCLEX-RN! Thank you!!
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