Argus Leader

4.4 (749)
189.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Argus Leader

4.39 out of 5
749 Ratings
3 years ago, LBB9
Easy to navigate
Quick coverage of news
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2 years ago, VioletVibrations925
Yes I understand when I am using the free version to get basic news, since my Apple Watch tends to favor giving me notifications for Argus over anything, it was annoying to scroll over the ads. However, I have been PAYING $12 a month for a while now and it isn’t any different…. There is absolutely no difference other then they consider articles that will get more clicks “for subscribers only” just to get you to pay. If I am paying for my news please treat me as such and lose the ads EVERYWHERE. You already have my money just let me read the article!
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4 years ago, Frustr8dMD9054
Chewed up 11GB of data in 30 min
Installed this app on my new phone and left default settings in place. Checked the news on home WiFi then put phone away and drove to work. Came to find out that the app chewed up 11GB during the brief time between home and work WiFi. Now I have a big overage charge. Not immediately clear that setting “hands free update” to “never” is how to turn off data use. Why does a news app need to send that much data anyway if not for unnecessarily needy ads.
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3 years ago, stoic and overcast
Great Source of Local News
Love this app it does what it’s supposed to do. Informs about local news, weather, sports , and events. Highly recommend for anyone interested in their local community.
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6 years ago, Cyndakota
I prefer the format the public opinion uses where you see the entire page.
It makes it esker to read.
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5 years ago, drbdubois
Argus Lier
This poor pathetic left wing rag is being flushed down the toilet! Gannet is failing miserably. They know why, but they don’t care! No one likes their inaccurate and slanted news! Editorial board is a joke! This app used to be free. Of course the only thing they cover that is worth reading about is the local sports. Now all of a sudden they expect locals to pony up to read their crap??? Ha! Ha! Ha! Can’t wait till that go out of business!!
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4 years ago, jgsdfa
Useless app
I had assumed that with a subscription to the Argus Leader I would have access to a usable app. That’s not the case. Other than news and sports, the other sections are populated with articles that are anywhere from 130 days to 5 YEARS old! I can easily get the news I need from tv and radio websites without paying for a subscription.
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7 months ago, Relax. I got this.
News from home, fresh daily!
I travel WAY too much. The app gets me “home” every day!
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10 years ago, Patchoulirose
OK For Me
I'm a headline reader. Good headlines draw me in for more. Because it's mostly headlines and I don't have much time, this app is fine for me. Must say, though, that some days are all sports. And sometimes the same stories are on there for a week. Come on, guys. You can do better than that. Keep trying!
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1 year ago, BHills09
Clean eEdition PDF Good
Much improved over last year
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4 years ago, 605 God
Review by Lokolong
I’m from Sioux Falls and there’s no better news articles than THE ARGUS! 10/10
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2 years ago, Greatapp7654
Great local news
Great local news 👍
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5 years ago, Sigepcory
I’m biased, but this is a great app if you’re in the market for the latest, best and most important news about Sioux Falls and South Dakota. Cory Myers, news director Argus Leader
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2 years ago, PheasantSD
Argus Leader
Easy App to use and keeps us updated on what the South Dakota news.
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4 years ago, LongtimeArgusReader
USA Today is Disturbing
The USA Today section is disturbing to me with it’s totally one-sided reporting which is never what a newspaper was meant to be. If the Argus Leader doesn’t disentangle itself from the USA Today I will probably be forced to cancel my subscription after all these decades.
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4 years ago, ktllohmann
Works great
So far this app has done its job. No complaints.
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4 months ago, boobandy
Hate the ad popups.
Am thinking about cancelling mysubscription because of this extremely annoying feature
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3 years ago, Sheldon, IA
Pretty poor work ethic
App frequently posts news articles from other gannet owned local newspapers. Not much effort goes into writing these articles. Look elsewhere.
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5 years ago, blues99999
Missing content
The app is missing the cartoons and the Jumble. If they aren’t going to support the “Argus Leader Print Edition” they should transfer this content to the new app.
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3 years ago, whoamaria
This is not our subscription
When I pulled up this app, I thought I was getting my subscription.
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4 years ago, Dyke25
Perpetual Signin
Why do we have to go through a LONG sign in process every few times we open this app? After all, we are digital subscribers.
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1 month ago, werniscj
Can’t get the enewspaper to come up
Unable to get the enewspaper to come up. Reloaded app, signed out and back in…..still nothing
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4 years ago, uraterriblesite
I subscribed some time ago. Yet the site keeps asking if I want to subscribe and that I only have a limited amount of articles left. I am about ready to cancel. Dave Billion
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4 years ago, Dan1230987
Pretty lame you get ads even with a subscription
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5 years ago, cdj3381
Paying to view is so dumb
Multiple media sources to view the same articles and they don’t charge you to see the article. So dumb.
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5 months ago, Rickyfrank
Argus Leader
Update is cumbersome Difficult to install with multiple calls for technical support
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9 months ago, dr. readsalot
Fix this I quit
It freezes constantly
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6 months ago, dyghudcjbgdgg
Sign on never works
Sign on always freezes. Terrible app.
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3 years ago, syd5555555555
Unable to cancel
Won’t let me cancel subscription
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6 months ago, Argus app
Argus leader app
I want the print edition app back. I got a new device and this version is awful.
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2 years ago, CJinSouthDakota
No easy way to cancel subscription
Good luck.
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6 years ago, Dots1005
Can’t seem to cancel my subscription!
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3 months ago, BBJ418
Needs a good programmer
Loads very slowly. Requires subscription login toooo often.
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4 years ago, Shakman 1
App not working after IOS 14 Update
Please update it
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1 year ago, SabrinaSFSD
Argus Leader
Never works. Doesn’t update.
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5 years ago, Fivedogwalker
Best Newspaper in SD
Best news coverage in SD.
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3 years ago, BandS41
Argus leader
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9 years ago, Keithvundy
Accessibility Somewhat Improved, But Still Not Quite There
Accessibility has been improved a bit, but, by and large, users who are blind or have significant visual impairment still cannot fully and consistently acces! this app. The developer really should contact me or some other screen reader user and make major improvements to this app. It is the only way some of us read the paper, and, right now, I am thinking about voting with my money and giving up my subscription. THIS COULD BE IMPROVED.
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7 years ago, fsd49
Travelers best friend
With travel being a requirement of my job, I get everything local and more. With the app I'm always getting alerts and breaking news. Even when I'm home I find myself using it constantly even with home delivery.
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8 years ago, esky55
Great to grab the news from the Sioux Falls area
After living and working in Sioux Falls throughout the 90's early 2000's. I enjoy keeping in sync with the news and happenings of the area. The app is good with allowing non subscribers with access to the Headlines.
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12 years ago, Rowanova
Terrible app
It seemed ok at first, then they changed to a subscription type app. With the overwhelming ways to get online news, and they actually think they deserve to be paid for this, and now it's not updated very frequently. There are several free news apps for Sioux Falls news from area broadcasters-no subscription required. I deleted it. This app is useless.
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8 years ago, DocJakeDO
Nice news reader
I like the updates i receive of breaking news, and I enjoy having a mobile access to my local news. Easy to navigate. Good App!
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8 years ago, CarolMae2
Argus Leader review
When I click on my notice I get redirected to update my current version, but there is no update. I just need to open through the app updates. This makes the news notice worthless because I'm redirected to the front page and not the story.
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9 years ago, JimDocSFSD
Awkward Argus Leader
I don't like this application. It does not have today's news. Moreover, someone has already edited and given you only part of the newspaper. It's awkward and time consuming and then does not get you where you want to go. It's garbage. I hope that if you have no other recourse that you don't also have to pay for this insult that chooses what you read. PJamesEckhoff
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7 years ago, Maslow11
Many stories show up as blank pages when you click on them. I have tried troubleshooting the issue but cannot find anything wrong with my iPad that would cause this. Since I am unable to read half the stories, this app is useless. I also subscribe to the ArgusLeader and was expecting an app free of advertising but it is not.
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7 years ago, jimmyjamesjammasterjames
Very good local news content. Wish it was updated more often.
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10 years ago, Sdyankee
Not as good as before
Really would like to be able to read the paper from front to back without continually going to a menu When I get the top stories it had a list with older dates than the current Maybe I am old fashioned but I like to read a paper from front to back. This was not an improvement
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10 years ago, Innoveight
Good app. News not so much.
Ads in an app that you need a paid subscription to use? Bad, bad idea, especially on a phone where the ad takes up almost a quarter of the screen. Try again.
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12 years ago, 22T-man
This app is I-phone only
The app is clunky at best, I've been waiting for Argus to step up unfortunately it lacks anything resembling worth having. If you are a Garrnett company lets leverage the resources. As I tried to subscribe last night the support person was unaware on how to set it up, but was willing to call me back within 24-48 hours.
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8 years ago, Cbodine100
For the past 5 days using my iPhone I have been unable to log on to the ArgusLeader using either this app or the website. I can log on using my PC. I'm paying for the online subscription so I can read it on my phone no matter where I am. I don't want to be tied to my PC. Please fix this problem.
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