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User Reviews for Arizona Daily Star

4.62 out of 5
466 Ratings
3 weeks ago, Cdbyers
Love the app
When we decided to cancel our subscription due to rising costs we opted for the digital version and are very happy with the app. The page looks like the printed page, like being able to zoom in on photos and small print. Also easy to send articles to other digital devices ot send to printer. We want to support our local journalism and the digital version works best for us. Easy and portable on iPad- can read anywhere!
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4 years ago, mg562398
New subscriptions process needs improvement
New to Tucson, we wanted to get an e-subscription to the Daily Star. The automated phone system sent us to Mumbai, where I went through the process of signing up. Five days later, still no access to the online version. I went to the automated phone system again, this time ending up speaking to someone in the Philippines, again no help. After five more days I finally spoke to someone in Tucson at a different department in the Daily Star. Bingo! Very helpful, got our e-subscription going. Really like the paper - but they need to bring the subscription process back to Arizona!!!!
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8 months ago, The Retrorv
Won’t open
If this app would open its great, but it won’t. After signing in, the screen goes blank and stays that way. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling it but no go. It’s been like this for weeks. It’s very frustrating. 6 days later-Update. The developer answered my review and gave me a phone number to call for help. I called the number and the person was not able to solve the problem. He told me I would be contacted by phone by someone would help me. 2 days later-nothing. Not only that, my emails aren’t responded to anymore either! Customer service at its worst. As a side note, my family has been subscribing to the Star since 1968. I was a Star paper boy in the 60’s. I’m about done.
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2 years ago,
Outstanding paper!
This app works great to peruse the daily paper. Easy to navigate and find the articles I want to read. Just tap on the article and it pops up in an easy to read format. Articles are generally excellent, well written, easy to understand. Typo errors seem to be almost nonexistent, which seems increasingly rare in this day and age. Wonderful source of local news and well researched locally written articles. This newspaper deserves the support of every Tucsonian and Pima County resident.
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2 years ago, JeDeHu
Great App!
The app loads quickly and dependably without having to constantly log in. It looks exactly like the newspaper and is always there for you - on time and dry. It’s with you when you travel and it keeps back issues available for weeks. It’s included in the price you pay for your printed newspaper and your fingers don’t have printer’s ink on them when you’ve finished reading. It’s an exceptionally well-designed app. What’s not to like?
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6 years ago, Ray--T
Always restarting on page 1
Works fine if you read the paper cover to cover without ever switching to another app. However, in real use it has a very annoying habit of returning to page 1 of the current edition! So if you’re in the middle of the sports section and switch to another app, when you return to the paper it’ll update and return to page 1, forcing you to try and find where you left off. It doesn’t always do this when switching apps but usually does This is even more annoying if you are trying to read a prior edition of the paper. Switch apps and when you return it takes you to page 1 of the current paper. Ugh.
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1 year ago, McRogers11
Happy with the app!
As the price of the print edition of the Arizona Daily Star soared, and I called to cancel, the customer service rep suggested I roll my credit into prepayment of the online edition. I never thought we would enjoy it as much as we do. We can read it wherever our travels take us, or while sitting in a waiting room. It’s always with us, and the bonus is not wasting all that paper! Highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, Dinah Mary
Love the app, but…..
I do like the app, especially when I am traveling & on the days when we don’t get a print version delivered. But I overwhelmingly prefer to have the actual physical paper in my hands! The app is easy to use & convenient, so I get to enjoy both versions, depending on the day of the week or where I am. Thanks for all your hard work in keeping both versions accessible!
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3 years ago, lsocks0517
Ios14 buggy. Doesn’t fully load pages
I installed Ios14 on my IPad 2 days ago. I have no other issues with it as of now. However, Arizona Daily Star does not full load pages without some help. A page will flash load all content , then the actual paper news articles disappear. If I touch the area where there should be an article it will show the article in the lower screen. If I then X that out it will then show the article in its proper place. I have to do this multiple times on each edition. I’ve had this service for a long time and never experienced this kind of failure to perform to my expectations. PLEASE FIX! Thankyou.
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1 year ago, JaymoS
Better than first app!
We reluctantly gave up our paper-based subscription after 45 years…traumatic. I did use the The on line app before this new one, but not very satisfying. this one starts with seeing the paper layout, ability to scroll by printed page and section, far better approach. This does let me over a page and drill down into those I wish to read. It makes the full time transition to online far more satisfying. Good work!
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3 years ago, happy dudes
It,’s really a “Star” Newspaper
I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I got the online version of the Arizona Daliy Star because our son and family live in Tucson. I am so happy and impressed with the quality and content. It is so superior to our local newspaper. The content is relevant, very informative, and up to date on COVID Vaccines. I love this awesome, professional newspaper! Much superior to any other local newspaper that I have ever read before. Thank you! You do not disappoint in any way!
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3 years ago, Thistle360*
Great Paper Reading Experience!
Never thought I’d give up the actual paper newspaper, but here I am, immensely enjoying this app! I love the traditional layout and the ease with which to read the individual articles. Also, with this app, it’s super easy to select and look at ads within the paper. Speaking of ads, the coupon section is a plus! I love that there are no ad banners or any other moving parts with this app. I’m really enjoying it!
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3 years ago, LAX CBP made simple
Morning News Read
I’ve been ready the AZ Daily Star every morning for over 30 years. Several years ago I moved to digital format so I could read anywhere anytime. It’s a well designed format though sometimes there are errors in text (like no space between words) that probably come from the automated digital process. But that’s OK as one can usually figure out what the intended words are.
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9 months ago, Lizzy 44
Excellent digital copy of AZ Daily star
When I moved from Tucson after 47 years living there, I was concerned about leaving so many friends and organizations. I switched to digital subscription and it’s been great! I followed the local news through the elections, the great sports coverage year round and news of friends. I highly recommend this way of staying up to date!!
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2 years ago, crgall
Enjoy Daily Star e-edition
I really like the e-edition because it can be downloaded offline and read without the Internet. Since I read it on my ipad it’s more portable and I can read it almost anywhere..l still believe the print edition is important because it is available when people don’t have the internet.
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3 years ago, Parker202
Need full screen on iPad
When you click into an article, it shows the article on the bottom half of the screen and the page of newspaper on the top with the place of the article highlighted. I would like the ability to use the full screen for the article I’m reading. I would also like to be able to set a default text size instead of having to resize every time. Besides these two annoyances, the newspaper app is pretty good.
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2 years ago, BAcampusfarms
Balanced and complete
I got so tired of online news apps that gave me stories I didn’t want and were full of annoying flashing and scrolling ads. Went back to my local paper's app. Now I can easily scroll through global, national and local stories. Pick the ones I want to read and scan others.
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3 months ago, water doctor 3
Az Daily Star
The Az daily star app is much improved and easy to use! The Page layout is constructed in a similar layout as the print edition. This format allows the reader to easily browse topics or click on an article to access a pdf style version. Articles are easily saved. Recommend.
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5 months ago, Bunkee Dynamic
Arizona Daily Star
I read the digital copy faithfully every morning. The blend of articles fits well with my tastes for local, regional, and national happenings or news of interest to me. The digital edition works well with few glitches in the syntax created during the conversion process used to fit rye reading style of the user.
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2 years ago, Veille67
ADS is an important asset to Pima County
After subscribing to the Arizona Republic this year for comparison purposes, I have come to appreciate what an excellent newspaper we in Pima County are privileged to enjoy in the ADS. If there is anything we as subscribers can do to help ward off a takeover by hedge fund vultures, I hope that our community leaders will organize and show us how to do so. Jordan Luke
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2 years ago, michaelmsr
As daily star app
When I’m home I prefer the paper version but lately a lot of travel and love having the paper available with the original paper look .... thanks for all your efforts to remain a viable important invaluable source of local national and world news . Also like keeping up with my fav comic strips!
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2 years ago, brakema
Tech difficulties
I really enjoy the e version of the newspaper but it seems like you have had technical difficulties getting the paper on line. Three times the last two weeks the first section of the paper was missing and trying to. Reset my iPad and the app didn’t help. Not until late in the day was the issue resolved way past my time I can read the newspaper. Will this get resolved?
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6 months ago, byline-30-
az daily star
E-Edition always there when I get up—unlike print edition that was sometimes late. Print edition too bulky—e-Edition easier to get through. Can enlarge print size, etc., etc. And it saves trees and limits having to recycle paper. Good mix of local and national news—GREAT news-paper.
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3 years ago, annette B panda
Az daily Star
After 40 years reading the Star, changes have transitioned its format, reporting, and ownership. I become miffed when news of Tucson is reported in the a Az Republic but not our Tucson paper though they are owned by the same company. Fitzsimmons is our gem. Since we began our on line paper, it is easy to send articles to friends and it is less paper waste. Journalism is the watch dog for our society. Keep striving!
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2 years ago, AZIndygirl
To stay connected AND informed!
I live away from Tucson now but the livin’ is easier because I’m able to read local news and happenings from my favorite place...Tucson! Tucson, you hold a very special place in my heart (and soul) and reading the Arizona Daily Star online is part of that!
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2 years ago, yuogiuguyh
Much improved ADS on-line
The most recent update much improves the on-line viewing of the Star. Before it was frustrating with the screen selections jumping around, blurring, pink stuff when you don’t want it and so on. Thank you, now it is a joy to read.
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2 years ago, C. Wiens
We enjoy the online Star
I am older and I depend on the online Star because there is enough contrast to make the print readable. The ability to read a continuing article without having to search for the continued part of the article.
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2 years ago, Etxxx
Okay, not great
I wish AZ Daily Star would pull their head out Purdue using a reliable app. The paper is okay, the only local full fledged paper available and is necessary for local news. The national news is pulled from the same wires all the other newspapers use. Their coverage is generally superficial on both fronts. Their app is garbage. It’ll open up with no content, or with content that is illegible. It is often slow, but they seem happy with that. Why maintain high standards if you have no viable competitor?
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2 years ago, katecor oran
Works for me!
After a lifetime of reading hard copy newspaper I decided to go digital. I’m pleased with how easy the transition is. I can use the swipe function to read like I used to or click on story for larger print and no page turning. Thank you
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3 years ago, terrymaseda
No black fingers!
We have received the AZ Daily Star electronically now for many years. There are occasional problems but they are rare. Enjoy getting the “paper” wherever we are, reading it without getting dirty and not having to recycle anything! One can email a link to articles or message them. So easy to save recipes or articles. Could never go back!
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4 months ago, Big PaPa$$
My news for the day
Your paper is my only source for news that I get for the day. Your correct, concise and fair. I’ve been a customer for over 30 years and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Thank you. CJC
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2 years ago, VicSV
Great way to read the newspaper
We’re very happy with this app. It looks like the paper version & it’s easy to read with the feature that allows the articles pop out. Plus I don’t have wander into the driveway in my bathrobe to get it!
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3 years ago, JoeP50xn
Pretty solid
The app works pretty well, with few bugs. I spend about 30 minutes a day with it reading the morning news, the only downside being that you can’t use it to help potty train a puppy when your are done with the daily edition.
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1 year ago, Planet acqua
Better than when in newsprint
So, my feeling is that digital issues feel better than on newsprint. Prefer it in paper and miss the delivery, when I get to my new home I’d like like to have it again.
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5 months ago, dld1949
Many reasons to like digital Star.
There are many reasons to like the digital Star. Here are a few:: 1. It’s easier to navigate. No having to look for the continuation of a story. 2. No stacks of yet unread articles saved to read later. 3. No ink-stained fingers. 4. Environmentally much better. Fewer trees cut down.
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10 months ago, AZPaduser
Great, convenient app
I prefer this app over the newspaper because it saves paper and gives me local news. Very, very few bugs, which are always fixed quickly.
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10 months ago, Twice charges in Phoenix
App working well so far
I like being able to read the Daily Star while in lines or other times I am waiting. It’s like having the paper with you always.
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3 years ago, Mental runner
It’s nice to have options
I have a full week paper subscription to the Tucson paper. It’s nice to be able to pull up any of the articles I’ve read recently from anywhere at any time as long as I have Internet connection.
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3 years ago, ald3rd
Excellent paper
There Star is an excellent paper. I read it first, followed by the New York Times and the Washington Post. I seldom see much really new in either of the national papers. More depth, more opinion, more international news, but I already have the basic facts. There Star's local, in depth pieces are excellent.
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1 year ago, Mums74
AZ Daily Star
I appreciate local news & thoughtful editorials. I understand the need for pop up ads but find them distasteful with obituaries. I hope this newspaper hangs on as so many are disappearing throughout the country when the need for objective reporting is so critical. My heartfelt thanks to all the reporters Linda H
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2 years ago, Lynnzie211
Arizona Daily Star
Enjoy reading the Daily Star every day no matter if I am in Tucson or traveling. The App makes it easy to stay up on current events in Tucson and through the AP across the country and world.
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1 year ago, g8421&$
Works once on a while.
This ap is just not set up to work on an iPhone. I’ve spent hours on the phone with Tec support (not in this country) and bottom line they can’t fix it. It knocks you out after about 2 weeks and then you have to work around it. Also we are a 2 person family so getting another set up was a nightmare. I read it now on the browser and gave up with the ap.
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3 months ago, We’vegonebiking
Access at home and abroad
With the app we enjoy reading the ADS at home or abroad. So appreciate being able to stay in touch with what’s going on through the AZ Daily Star. Thanks very much!
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3 years ago, iTunes Buff
Great Newspaper
I have been subscribing to the Arizona Daily Star for two years. It is an excellent newspaper. I have the paper edition delivered three times a week and I can read the Daily Star on the app anytime. The app is very good and easy to navigate and read.
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2 years ago, barlita58
Consistently works!
This app has been recently improved and it functions well. Highly recommend its use.
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2 years ago, Cwager
I like the app interface
The interface of the app is very smooth and well designed. It is easy to access any and all of the contents of the daily paper. I like the facsimile layout of the print edition of the paper.
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2 years ago, MC5464
Add coverage of Tucson events
App is great. Love going paperless. Want more info and reviews on culture, art, events, food, dancing, shows, services, sports. The Who, what, where, when, why of What’s happening this week and how to go as we come out of COVID. Pickleball at Udal. Street dancing. Shakespeare in the park. Gem shows. 😁
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3 years ago, BobbyMo
On-line AZ Star
Love reading the newspaper on my I-Pad. It’s easy to read, anywhere, anytime it’s especially awesome when traveling. No stopping and starting delivery when away from home and no dealing with late delivery. Also, no full recycle bins. Thank you. Kathy M.
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3 years ago, Radruth64
Love The Az Daily Star
I used to get the paper delivered to my home, But now I just read it thru their app if I missed a day I have access to previous issues to read again. I recommend it to everyone:)
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3 years ago, Spirit of the midnight star
Arizona Daily Star
Great way to keep up with the local news and my favorite comics when I do not have access to the print edition. I like the convenience of reading the paper on my cell phone.
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