Arizona Mobile

1.9 (22)
149.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
University of Arizona
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Arizona Mobile

1.86 out of 5
22 Ratings
11 years ago, aramis1250
No landscape view
As noted, can only be viewed in portrait mode, making it extremely difficult to use if you have an iPad primarily used in landscape mode (like, if you have a keyboard case and use your iPad as a replacement for a laptop). Content is otherwise fine, and pretty comprehensive. When they make it orient properly, I'll revise my rating.
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10 months ago, american island
This app is super helpful with directions!
I’m an incoming freshman at the U of A and it directs my phone to Apple Maps to calculate direction and time and it’s absolutely relevant to get me to my classes in time! Thanks for the app!I’ll be using it!
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4 years ago, Baguafox
broken, buggy, terrible app
it was fine before they changed it and now it is completely broken and terrible. Resources don’t work, map is slow and buggy, and why is the map now the default screen??? App was fine before they changed it and now it’s literally one of the worse apps I have seen in years and years. U of A is either getting ripped off by a dev or their internal team is not so good.
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3 years ago, Lolololololo forevahhh
Just awful
The app was good before. Everything worked and it was easy to navigate, now nothing works and everything freezes all the time. I don’t know what is going on with the UOFA but this app is awful, change it back to how it was before. Also the map being there all the time is annoying. I can’t even see my grades or my schedule anymore.
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4 years ago, Xaseq
You cannot even login
This app is not working since Spring 2020. That semester, I tried to use it or at least see its content and didn’t work. Now I checked it again to see if I can using it during Fall, but it’s in the same bad shape. I uninstalled it and installed it again and nothing. It is just frozen. The version before this one worked very well.
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4 years ago, 2274J
Not functional
The worked great when I initially got it a few months ago. They changed it and updated it a couple times now and it now does not open any resources. I’ve attempted to delete and re-download the app, but it did not fix anything. This needs a better update and fix or back to the old version.
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4 years ago, brandonesv
Please fix
Used Arizona Mobile every day last Fall for the Cat Tran. Super convenient for me living at the Honors Village and working at the south Recreation Center (1 mile away, 15-18 minute walk). Ever since the update I can’t even get past the main loading screen. It just freezes. I need the app for the Cat Tran. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, bubblesplease
Resources section totally blank since update
I used to love this app. Since the update I can’t check email or get to anything that was on the resource page. It’s just blank.
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2 years ago, תיים
Most links don’t work
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11 years ago, Ucgisbhd
Great app but a few minor flaws
Pros: -maps feature is a godsend when trying to find a new building (especially the transit feature) -can add money to my meal plan straight from my phone -can reserve a study room right from my phone -events allows me to be reminded of things I want to go to -I love having a mobile version of uacess with just the important stuff -phonebook allows me to look up all my profs emails and phone numbers when I misplace my syllabus Cons -maps does not show bike routes or parking(non garage) -the courses feature can sometimes be tedious to navigate and does not allow you to add/drop/swap classes or place anything in your shopping cart -not all the feature's upper left hand buttons say "home" some say "back" which is annoying if only trying to go back one page (button takes you to the home screen) -you can not put CATCASH on your id through the app which is bothersome **biggest pet peeve** -places and lapse should be combined for greatest efficacy -
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13 years ago, allvin9of9
Great app for students and alumni alike
This is the app the UA community needs: Great for students and employees looking to navigate their way through the day with news, dining and events options, and great for alumni who want to return to the campus and know their way around. The video option is fantastic. Great job to the app developers! Bear Down.
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8 years ago, A3F's
What happened to this app?
This used to be a great app for checking out the daily wildcat or checking scores and schedules for football and basketball. Now? I don't know what happened to the sports feed. I click on men's athletics and then football and it has one football story and then for schedules it shows men's tennis? There is a separate link for men's tennis on the athletics page! When I click either of them I get an error message telling me that the "news feed not configured". No scores. No schedules. No good! This app is now useless.
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13 years ago, Mf1129
Great app! Go Cats!
Well done app! Great way to continue the Wildcat Spirit! Im in awe to see that this will be very useful for the current students too. Love the historic photos! Great idea adding news and events on app. I feel like my husband and I can still be a part of the fun while living in Phx! Bear Down!!
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13 years ago, MrKhiel
It's Great!
It has everything you could want regarding very general class details and map locations, but I would like to see it associated with uaccess. It works great on the iPad but an iPad specific version would be a nice addition. Great job everyone and keep up the great work. Go Cats!
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4 years ago, phxfish14
Next to useless
When the app doesn’t crash, it is next to useless for tracking the cat tran - it’s extremely difficult to navigate the menu, times aren’t accurate and don’t update and I get messages about how a particular stop isn’t serviced, when in fact it is. When I need to get a time-sensitive experiment from one side of campus to the other, it’s more reliable to walk.
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13 years ago, drdavef
Great Wildcat Starting Point-Bear Down
What a wonderful start for potential students, students, alumni, parents, UA fans, and faculty! Looking forward for updates with more on campus life, student success, research activities, and alumni news.
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4 years ago, Krackrok
Downgrade / Failure of an app
The previous version worked perfectly and was easy to use. Now it barely opens, opens to a no functioning map, crashes and requires clicking through non-intuitive menus to get to things I need like D2L. Everything is based off of a map, an incorrect one at that. Waste of time and money by the university. Even the logo is worse.
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10 years ago, AuroraM03
New Update = Maps don't work!!!!
Used to use it every day to find my way around campus. Since the new update, you can't walk and use the map at the same time, also you can't zoom in or out on the map, which makes it point less. Can't ever find anything any more. They need to fix this!!
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4 years ago, Arizona9330
Bring back the old app or improve this.
This new app is terrible. The Cat Tran tracking is the opposite of “improved.” It is impossible to see where the Cat Tran is on the map and the times are never accurate. The app frequently crashes. If this isn’t fixed, I’m going to have to stop taking the Cat Tran and start driving again. This is completely unreliable. If I could give it negative stars, I would.
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12 years ago, Thisappuser5
I'm a student of U of A. I think this app is essential to U of A's students and faculties. It's really convenient. It contains whole information like classes, housing, maps, car card..... I can recommend it strongly!
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10 years ago, Meganne139
Missing sports TV info
Last year the time, date, and television station where the games could be viewed was always available. What happened to this year?
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10 years ago, Neburhernandez
Not dependable
If you want to check D2L/Uaccess use the browser. If you want a map use google maps. If you want the CatTran, get a pamphlet. Although the app has it all in one, it won't work when you need it. It crashed 3/5 times when you try to open it before I works, only to crash if you try tracking the CatTran. The app looks nice in the end, but needs work.
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4 years ago, Vgtry
Great Visual and Functional Update
This update, once it loads the map for the first time, runs perfectly and is very helpful. The app is visually pleasing and user friendly!
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12 years ago, Music and the Moon
Extremely Helpful!
Great App! Perfect for any UA student. Needs to have the "Add to Contacts" option fixed under the Phonebook, because app keeps crashing.
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13 years ago, Vehskiii
Bear Down!
Very cool app..was waiting for something like this for a while. One suggestion - there should be an alumni directory. This can be a profile that can be edited by alumni, show current career, location, etc
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13 years ago, FrancescaN
Must Have!
haven't had any problems with it yet. worth having for the campus map alone. all students should get it.
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13 years ago, BRIAN SUAREZ
Out of date info!
For as much hoopla that this is getting, you'd think it'd be spectacular. NOT THE CASE. The information (like phonebook, academic calendar, or news stories) found on it is either out of date or has been superseded. TO WHOEVER DESIGNED THIS APP: if you're going to launch something that many people will use, make sure to support it. And where's the iPad edition???
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13 years ago, CJeffry
Wish I had this as a student
This app will be an amazing tool for UA students. I wish it was around when I was there.
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13 years ago, Sherah910
Someone really knew what would be the most helpful to current students when they created this app. It's that great.
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12 years ago, Torbattle
Just soap
I can't log in my UA Access. Maybe it's due to the updating of the campus system. So pls update the mobile system as well to follow the latest campus system. Tnx
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13 years ago, toncat
Finally! :D
I am so excited for this app I have been waiting for one like this and it turned out amazing! BEAR DOWN!
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13 years ago, AZlion
Bear Down with this app.
Lots of great info. I can see thus being a very helpful app on and off campus.
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9 years ago, Omar Boie
What a downgrade
In earlier versions you could at least search for a building on maps, now every time I search something on the map settings I get 'no match found' even for the simplest of buildings. I feel sorry for the freshman using this app. You will not find what you need.
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4 years ago, sdghbhhbggbn
Absolute garbage
Things don’t load at a decent speed if at all. The Cat Tran shows less arrival times and most of the time they’re incorrect. It’s more difficult to navigate through basic things. Bring back the old version please.
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13 years ago, Mofat01
Good job UA
Excellent, helpful app. The meal plan and restaurant menu will definitely come in handy, as well as the map.
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13 years ago, Michael Flagg
I've been waiting for this app for a long time and now it's here and better than I imagined! :D BEAR DOWN!
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10 years ago, VStryker
So helpful!
Perfect searchable map, track the cattran, access to d2l and uaccess, any current or future student needs this.
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4 years ago, evgold7
crashes every time I try to access my schedule. search function can only find buildings sometimes.
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12 years ago, @Yannnaas
Totes love it! Everything is on it that i need. Even athletics, my grades, classes & directions to my different classes.
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11 years ago, Mohosquared
Vital app for Wildcats
Very helpful and convenient app for the campus. The UI is also great. A must have for anyone attending or even visiting U of A.
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13 years ago, apro2000
Everything u need! Seriously!
I am impressed! Having the UA in the palm of your hands just became a reality!
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13 years ago, UAnick
Bear Down!
Very useful, sleekly designed and functioning app, showcases what the UA is all about!
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12 years ago, Jnebebdbdkdkdkeb
Make it so you can check your catmail
Otherwise it is pretty handy
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4 years ago, mirachel on ice
Ruins My Univ Experience
I took the CatTran almost everywhere until this app stopped opening completely. I can no longer find times and the schedule of the CatTran because of that and it has put a great damper on my university experience.
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9 years ago, Khalid.A.S.
Maps are not working
I am a freahman and the most important feature in this app which is the map is not working at all, every time I'm trying to look up a building it says not found.
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13 years ago, Haus2004
Bear Down! Great App
Great App! This will come in handy as I navigate my way around campus!
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13 years ago, Zonacat75
The perfect app!
If you're an arizona alumnus then this is the application for you. Enjoy!
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4 years ago, V.ere
2020 update
New update is horrible. I can’t even log into UAccess or D2L through the app. At least with the old app I was able to do that. Why fix something that isn’t broke? Should have never updated it. ..
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5 years ago, K7ASQ
Basically Useless
Slow, missing functionality, map never functions correctly so I can never find anything... I just use Google Maps
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12 years ago, jonkap
Be sure to keep it updated and mak constant new features , GREAT APP
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