Arizona State University

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Arizona State University
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User Reviews for Arizona State University

2.09 out of 5
22 Ratings
1 year ago, 3r!715
App Doesn’t Work Consistently
I love the app but I feel like there have been several times in the past year when I started using it where it just does not work for several days. No error message or explanation. Just looks as though it’s loading then never opens. Please make ASU rewards available online if you aren’t going to provide a reliable app.
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7 months ago, CAV479
Great When it Works
Having used this app extensively during my bachelor degree work, I looked forward to using it again during my Masters. What I have found is there are consistent problems getting past the account security screen now. When you press Yes. Proceed with login, it simply does not load the next screen. I have deleted, reinstalled, removed it from other devices, reinstalled, nothing works to resolve this on the user end. This is a bug that needs to be addressed by the developers, not an issue with how we are using the product.
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7 months ago, Jukester211
Has good content but doesn’t always work. Glitches and slows down a lot. Frustrating that the menu options keep resetting on the custom home page.
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10 months ago, Amonomis
Its hard to choose this app over using safari
The app is too slow, i would recommend trying to make it like the mobile website first and then update it for a more app like feel. I would like to be able to use the app and get notifications when something pops up on my priorities or finances. Its just very hard to use and i can just go on safari for a better experience
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12 months ago, SpencerThayne
Functionally and Visually Suffering
There is not a consistent look and feel in the app. Icons, menus and information are presented very differently and arrived at from different sources. If a wireframe were drawn for this app it would illustrate how confusing it is. Icons, menus and information also appear visually different in different areas. There is not a consistent look and functionality. It feels like a website is trying to be stuffed into an app.
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11 months ago, Wraithwolf
Possibly a good idea? Does not work as intended.
Over my time with ASU the app has been, well, not super reliable. When it does work it’s been kind of fun, but it doesn’t work half the time. This latest one the app doesn’t even open, starts to load and crashes to the Home Screen. App has been deleted, re-installed. Phone was power cycled. Lucky this app was not needed for any of my courses.
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12 months ago, Rich is my name
Simple to use I think?
App will not let me log in to pay for universal learner class, not sure what to do. I tried to open a chat, but that is nor working either.
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6 months ago, MD1226
Constant Crashing
I used this app extensively during my previous coursework. When I try to open it immediately crashes. I have deleted and reinstalled but it continues to not function. This is very disappointing.
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1 year ago, hineybee87
None of my information shows
Was hoping this would operate like the myASU page, or at least provide some access to canvas or my schedule. Nope. Not sure what the purpose of this app is but I’ll be uninstalling it as it isn’t useful in the slightest.
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1 year ago, Freddy1468
Too often I am unable to login and forced to delete and redownload the app. The features are great but I'm often unable to use them...
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1 week ago, HiI'mkenna
App does not always work
For multiple days there will be an error message with no explanation. It also does not allow me to save my login information with the “remember me for 14 days” option
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3 days ago, Carramay
Won’t load after dual verification
Keep getting an error after dual verification. It says the page does not exist
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5 months ago, ASUStudent2023
Can’t even login
Clearly, this was developed by ASU engineers as seen by the fact that you can’t even login to the app. Looks like this has been a problem for over half a year now according to the other reviews. Wow
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1 year ago, markwduns
Version 8.4 does not load
I updated the app to version 8.4 and now it doesn’t load at all (on iOS 16.5).
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6 months ago, AbnVol
Latest update won’t open
I updated the app today and it looks like it is opening but then I get a page that says “Oops”. Not sure what happened in this update.
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11 months ago, tstrange10
App constantly crashes
Never can open the app because it crashes before anything loads.
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1 year ago, Kittis3
The app is very helpful but I feel it could be more user friendly. I
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1 year ago, Ha tigger
App won’t open
Won’t open since last update. Just white screen says loading data
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11 months ago, Chantocbwb1843
One of the worst apps I’ve used
Supposed to help students but it’s inconsistent and makes your relogin for every thing. Disappointing from a school that claims to be best in innovation.
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10 months ago, Dorian Zavala
Terrible App
This app is as useless as an appendix. I cant see my class schedule, cant make appointments with counselors and cant even buy ASU football tickets. Worthless app
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8 months ago, $&@??!
The app is not user-friendly at all. Once again I can’t access the Sun Devil Rewards account from My ASU. It’s so frustrating!!!!!
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13 years ago, TempeSunDevil
What about West, Downtown & Polytechnic
Overall, this is a useful phone application that is informative for the current ASU student or staff member. I liked the directory feature and have since used it to add contacts to my phone. As a staff member and student, I appreciate access to My ASU, as I use this on a daily basis. One area of improvement is the campus map. I liked that the campus map feature pin pointed locations on campus, using Google Maps. However, the campus map doesn’t default to show all of the buildings. For example, I had to expand the area of the screen to find the BA and BAC buildings. With the continued growth of ASU, it is important to note that there are other campuses besides the main Tempe campus. Maps for Polytechnic, West and Downtown campus would be an improvement to this area of the application. I found the “polls” option to be irrelevant. I would eliminate this feature, as well as Twitter. I would recommend adding a link to the class schedule, as well as adding more images to the pics section. Some may find it helpful if the video list is categorized by topic. I thought it was interesting that this APP was developed by Straxis Technology, which appears to have developed cookie cutter versions of this APP for different universities. It uses the same exact design as other APPs that I looked at: Mercer University, Rhodes College, and Asbury University.
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11 months ago, ASUKYKAT
Horrible APP
Inconsistent, inconvenient, incomplete, and ineffective. It is horrible.
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13 years ago, SunDevil2003
What about West, Downtown & Polytechnic?
Overall, this is a useful phone application that is informative for the current ASU student or staff member. I liked the directory feature and have since used it to add contacts to my iPhone. As a staff member and student, I appreciate access to My ASU, as I use this on a daily basis. One area of improvement is the campus map. I liked that the campus map feature pin pointed locations on campus, using Google Maps. However, the campus map doesn't default to show all of the buildings. With the continued growth of ASU, it is important to note that there are other campuses besides the main Tempe campus. Maps for Polytechnic, West and Downtown campus would be an improvement to this area of the application. I found the "polls" option to be irrelevant. I would eliminate this feature, as well as Twitter. I would recommend adding a link to the class schedule, as well as more images in the pics section. Some may find it helpful if the video list is categorized by topic. I thought it was interesting that this app was developed by Straxis Technology, which appears to have developed cookie cutter versions of this app for different universities. It uses the same exact design as other apps that I looked at: Mercer University, Rhodes College and Asbury University.
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8 years ago, Ramificator
Better off using a computer
This app is described as an improved version of ASU's webpage, but all it does is link you to the web-app, which you can already access through any browser. As for the web app it self, there are numerous defects that I would discourage using the app when navigating MyASU on a computer is so much less infuriating! The web-app has trouble reading numerous characters, and without landscape, side-scrolling, or zooming capabilities, prevents you from reading many pages where the text spills off the screen. The only thing this app has over using a computer is the alerts it can send. So bottom line, mostly harmless, but could really use some improvements when it comes to its presentation beyond the home page.
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10 years ago, wangyuhsin
Nice user interface, but not convenient.
This is an APP customized for ASU students and staffs. It is completely free, I don’t need to pay extra fee. The icon mainly uses the school logo so people are able to recognize it easily. How ever the user experience of the APP is not good. First of all, it always requires me to reconnect to my ASU account if I want to check myASU. Further, it also asks me to connect to my browser, and this always bothers me a lot. The target users are defined perfectly. I think only students and staffs at ASU may download it. The APP focuses on providing information of the school. For people who need to get all the basic informations, it is an easy way so that they don’t need to keep searching on the internet. What I like for the design is that it is perfectly categorized. I am able to look for what I need. MyASU and campus maps are my favorite, because they are connected to my daily life. Although it looks easy to use, it is not user friendly. Some parts of the user experience are too old that can not meet the requirements. There are not many ranking and reviews of the APP, but many of my friend have downloaded on their mobile devices.
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10 years ago, Yuchen Sun
Good Design but Weak Functionality
This is a free app which mainly targets at ASU students. As an ASU app, the icon is pretty simple and clear but not really special. The app is designed to help ASU students get all kinds of university information more efficiently. The main colors of this app are well adapted to ASU's theme color. I am an old user who has used the previous version of the app. I would like to say, the homepage of this new version is much better than the old one. All the images there make each function more clear and easier to use. I like the directory function really much, for I can look up an ASU professor's or friend's Email quickly. The events and calendars function is also great for checking all events and academic dates. In this latest version, a lot of functions are moved to connect with the browser directly. This huge change may reduce the burden of developers, but it makes the app less valuable. Once users are guided to the browser, they will probably never return. That also may be the reason why this app isn't very popular.
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8 years ago, Chad Palmer
Could be Better
This app would have been better before the smart phone. The most helpful part of this app is being able to quickly find your classes with an aerial view of campus, but even google can do that better. Though it is helpful, I was put off by having to continually enter my password for every little action. I tried to check the syllabus for one of my classes and had to enter my login information a total of four times just to complete the process. This app attempts to reach out to ASU students, giving a handy version of the ASU site for smart phones, but this falls short in innovation as the university already has a mobile site that can be accessed by anyone with a smart phone, i.e. anyone who has this app, and is far easier to use than this. This app is difficult to use and does not offer any new or interesting content or design over the mobile website that google maps cannot also provide. I appreciate what they tried to do, but the most notable characteristic of this app is that it's free.
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9 years ago, jjtlef
Pretty good app with a fatal defect
It is a pretty good application with friendly user interface and the icons are clear and you will not feel confused using it, most of the times. While, there is a fatal defect and I believe most of the users (students or faculty) found it not that good, it's the My Asu access. the application just build a simple button to transfer people to a website which is exactly the same as the website when you use regular browser to visit. I think most of the users are seeking more convenient way to log in to their My ASU account, and expect that there would be a different My ASU interface for the application only. that is why people choose to use the application but not login in a browser. In general it is a good app with adequate functions but also, with a fatal defect. I think developers should revised the app and design an interface for the app users when they access My ASU account.
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9 years ago, Edougal
Ups and downs
This app uses a very obvious Arizona state university icon with a good description. It is fairly user friendly, the only issue I have is when opening a link, sometimes it opens up a new overlay that is a bit clunky. The target audience is ASU students and faculty. This app is fairly easy to use and pretty simple to navigate; they put the majority of the popular links on the main page. Price wise, this app is amazing as it is free. The app has gone through a few stages worth of updates since I have had it and seems professionally sound. This app's purpose is to provide a faster way to access ASU's classes and services via mobile devices. I know a decent amount of people who have and use this app, it is fairly popular around campus. One stand out part of the design is how simple they made their layout and that they out the map closest to the front page, which is good because map is heavily utilized.
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9 years ago, Ian Ahearn
Great tool to have!
The Icon immediately identifies it as ASU for those already familiar with this Arizona State University Brand logo. Main Focus of the APP is to offer a better mobile experience to keep in touch with the ASU community and gain access to the most common interfaces and interact with them on the on the move. The target audience is for anyone on the go requiring information on My ASU, directory, campus maps, future students, Sun Devil athletics, Alumni, ASU on the news, library, media, colleges and schools and graduation ceremonies This application is of great value for its simple navigation, it is free and well designed. I like that their design team maintains this App with frequent updates It would be great to add a push button for those in need of emergency services within campus, to easily locate the person in need of assistance.
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6 years ago, vvvvvvvffds
Guide you into ASU
This mobile App is excellent! This App provides an overall phone application for ASU students and non-ASU students and staff member. As a student in ASU, I used this app a lot, especially access to My ASU page. It is really convenient. The App is focusing on provide school information for people. I remember when I first time came to ASU 3years ago, I used this App find builds, locations and another school things. This App's design is simple and easy to use. My ASU and Campus Map are my favorite, because I used them lots of time in daily life. In addition, the App icon mainly use the school logo so people can easily recognize it. For people who are not familiar with ASU, it is easy for them to search and know the information about ASU easily. Nice App!
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3 years ago, ctrevith
The worst optimization I have ever seen from an app
There is no function to save your password to login easily. They now force you to use a third party 2 factor authenticator, and the function to save the device for 7 days so you don’t have to use it every time does not work in the app. You have to sign in multiple times moving between Canvas and the my ASU homepage. I don’t believe they could have implemented the daily health check worse in any way. You have to click every day you aren’t going to be on campus to deselect or you get at least 5 emails a day to submit the health check before they reset your password (the most frustrating penalty they could have implemented). Nothing about the way this app is optimized makes sense. Whoever is in charge of this app needs to take a few of the ASU offered classes clearly.
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12 years ago, T.M1ll
Arizona State at your fingertips
The ASU APP is a great app to help all students to have easy access to all portions of a students academic needs. At all times you are able to check Blackboard, my ASU, and other essential pieces of student daily life. Very easy to use especially when traveling with Sun Devil athletics. Really the app is easy to use and very user friendly. The only negative would be if the phone was stolen because anyone could get into all of the student information. A feature requiring a password after five minutes of inactivity would help protect the app users.
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4 years ago, rook_to_e6
Daily health check nonfunctional
I downloaded this three years ago when I started at ASU. I’ve ignored it since; the only reason I downloaded it in the first place was to get the map function, and that was broken when I first got it (it’s still broken). Now, students are required to do a daily health check (because ASU refuses to do the responsible thing and shift to online-only) at risk of campus services such as Canvas being cut off, and the service through which they must submit those health checks simply doesn’t work. The app either white-screens, doesn’t permit login, or doesn’t let you start the health check once you’re logged in. The website version of the health check doesn’t progress to the second page of the questionnaire. Just once, I would appreciate a web application put together by ASU to function well.
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4 years ago, penguinmooses
The daily health check is broken
While I appreciate the fact that ASU is being proactive and has a new feature that asks anyone who will be on campus to submit a daily health check, the feature is broken. I am an employee and on campus 5 out of 7 days and so far in order to complete the daily health check, I have had to delete and reinstall the app three days in a row. On top of that, presenting eleven symptoms you might be experiencing is a bit biased. Someone can easily lie about if they’re feeling sick and check that they are well, go to campus and get someone sick, and potentially mess with contact tracing because they told the app they weren’t having any symptoms.
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4 years ago, OrangeQuill
Sick Screening Notification Broken
ASU not only emails you 3 times a day reminding you to do their screening, but now will reset your password every day you fail to open this app to do their two question survey. The emails tell you that it’s possible to change the reminder to app notifications only. The setting does not work. So every day they send you 3 emails reminding you to do the survey, even if you completed the survey hours prior to their emails. This app is exceptionally broken and slow when used for more than 5 minutes and will destroy your battery because of how unoptimized it is. It crashes and chugs like nobodies business on an iPhone X with no other apps running. Absolutely needs to be fixed. Absolutely unacceptable product to require for the largest Uni in the world.
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10 years ago, Bonnie Zhang.......
Good app
This is a very useful free app for ASU students and people who are interested in ASU. The icon are very clear and simple. You can access all the same feature as website does. Like My ASU, directory, campus maps, events and calendars, the library, athletics, news, etc.. This app is very easy to navigate and use. You can easily navigating to your class schedule and email. And it’s absolutely faster than searching through the website. I think the reason why this app is not that popular is because there are no different factors compare with the web.
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3 years ago, Budley109
Extremely Slow
Being required to submit health checks on a daily basis is fine. What isn’t fine is having to wait such long periods of time for the app to load. When I launch the app, I’m brought to the “Loading User Data” page, and I’m forced to wait for a very long time - sometimes upwards of 20 minutes - for the app to finally open so that I can do the health check. I have work to do. I don’t have time to babysit my phone in hopes that the app loads. God forbid my phone screen shut off, because then the process starts over.
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7 years ago, bbqspices
Functional and practical by bbqspices
I don't know what more one could ask from an app for college students at ASU. It has been helpful for me. I can keep up with my assignments, find out about different events going on and keep up with what's going on in my classes. I guess I would find out more about the menu in he cafeteria and would want some of info on discounts around campus such as discounts. Maybe a lost and found and even a "Craigslist" type model for selling and other forms of communication. How about coupons for on and off campus retail outlets?
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4 years ago, Mustelafuro
This is one of the most frustrating app experiences I’ve ever had. I have been trying for 3 weeks to just get push notifications and not email (because I don’t always have my computer open but I do have my phone). Have been going around and around with tech support at ASU. They are amazing and helpful—but this app doesn’t work right!! On top of that the language around the check ins is sooo aggressive—“you are non compliant and your password is going to be reset”—really, ASU? All the double, triple work faculty and staff are doing to try to make things work for our students and you threaten them like this? I appreciate needing to track health, but this app is just stressful and demoralizing.
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4 years ago, A. U. Thor
health check only works in portrait mode on iPad
Thew new daily health check does not work on iPad in landscape format. The initial form that asks if one is working on campus and has "yes", "no", "next" buttons is cut-off above the "next" button when in landscape mode. One needs to turn to portrait mode to make the "next" button visible. The form should resize/reflow or at least allow scrolling. Otherwise, all basic functionality seems to be present. I am not really using the app for anything but the mandatory daily health checks.
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10 years ago, Jyordana
Newer is better
So my freshman year I used this app and it was just okay. A two star at most. Most the time I had to go on my safari on my phone to get to what I wanted regarding asu. I just recently checked it out again and it's much more efficient with a great interface. It doesn't look out of date anymore it's great for kids who need to use the asu map an get around campus because it shows you where you are and tracks where you need to be for your next class.
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11 years ago, Mlkerley
ASU Mobile
I really like this app. It is extremely helpful for the beginning of a semester. I wish it looked more like Blackboard though, it is nice that it has the Blackboard option. I find this helpful when I am not near a computer and I can quickly see what is happening in my classes. I don't like that I have to resign in every single time though, it gets annoying because my password is long and I have numbers in mine. Other than that, I enjoy having it!
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10 years ago, Excellent for everyday use.
Great design, but difficult to navigate
This app is a great idea as an ASU student, but I have a difficult time navigating through the app. For the most part I do not have an extremely hard time accessing it, but I do have major problem quickly navigating to my email and class schedule. It is nice to have an official ASU app rather than constantly having to search it through the web, but my solution to the efficiency problem is not having to log in every single time I use the app.
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9 years ago, daniYo1
Helpful with navigation and classes
I rarely use this app, but when I do it has always been very helpful. The user interface is nice and easy to navigate around. You can easily access your ASU accounts and check your classes from here. It's definitely a lot less time consuming than using the phone browser. The only issue I have with this is the fact that you cannot view it in landscape, otherwise everything was great!
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9 years ago, Farah Sajdi
The schools app is easy to use because it is very similar to the website online. Some apps seems to change from website and application. The app is targeted for ASU students, staff, and teachers. The app is very creative because it is more quick to navigate than through the website. Very simple and clear to navigate, and looks just great! It is a free app to download, also very popular among students who attend ASU.
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5 years ago, My story 26028
Asu app
This app is very useful. It allows you to search any building your classes are in. Tells you what the weather is like on campus. Provides you with a bunch of resources. Links you to the library, myasu account, blackboard and even the academic calendar. The best feature about the app is once you log in with your Asu I’d it sets up your schedule automatically and sets you reminders for assignments. I highly recommend this app to other ASU students.
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10 years ago, LindsayMc
Not as useful as I'd like
The app is straightforward. Meant to be a helpful tool for ASU students in the go. The problem is I can't really easily check what I need to on the go. Grades are always a big one, and hard to find in the submenu, other than announcements, that's about all I can really use this app for. Everything else like my email or checking (not doing) assignments I still need my browser for. Though the look is nice and navigation is easy. I just wish it had more functionality.
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6 years ago, angry blind man
Where is the accessibility for the blind?
I can’t take you anywhere, when I first downloaded the app last month, there were a lot of accessibility issues to begin with, since I updated, I can’t click on a single item using voice over. I’m very frustrated with the app and the update. We’ve got to do something about the accessibility or else the developer will be hearing from the national Federation of the blind. This totally undermines the principle of equal access. I’m not happy
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