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User Reviews for Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

4.67 out of 5
14.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Arkansas Ozarks
Well done
I admire the programmers that figured this out - My Democrat- Gazette is always with me - I have read these 2 papers since 1944 - I think that I learned to read fascinated with the war coverage - It has been a part of almost every day since - What a difference during 4 years of Army Service(2 in VN) it would have have made - I had a hard time finding out the Arkansas-Texas score in 1964 - But then I found a friend that was a ham operator and he found out from somebody in Japan - From SpecIal Forces Camp Plei Me near the Cambodian Border touching ARkansas meant a great deal - I have used online for years while traveling, cumbersome at first but always getting better - While I might suggest a few small changes, it is easy to use and just WELL DONE - Thank you Walter Hussman and your programmers - It has always and still is the best paper I know and I am a newspaper junkie that reads many newspapers.
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5 years ago, Dennis Flavin
How to enjoy the Democrat Gazette
Each morning of this freezing Kansas winter I get out of bed around seven thirty or eight. I make my coffee, and while it makes I start a fire in our wood stove. I pick up my iPad, pour a cup of coffee, sit down in my catnapper with my feet close to the stove and open my iPad to the new edition of the Democrat Gazette. I met my wife while attending a military school at Camp Robinson. She lived in Broadmoor at the time. I became familiar with Little Rock and enjoyed reading the Gazette every day I was there. The Arkansas Section is the best. These many years later (still married) I sit in the middle of the Kansas prairie and imagine the traffic on I 630, or the sound of the blue jays at Maumelle State Park, or the smell of Arkansas (wet wood, wood smoke and trees). I hear the traffic on Cantrell, taste Shipley donuts from the donut shop, hear the sound of running water from Rock Creek. I watch the barges going up and down the Arkansas River, I see the bright yellow street cars downtown, I see that railroad bridge at the Clinton Center. I get all of this when I read my daily Democrat Gazette. I wouldn’t want to live life without it. Thanks for the good times. Dennis Flavin Esbon, Kansas
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4 years ago, Randall M Harris
Nice surprise,
A lifelong reader of newspapers and a 40 year subscriber to the Democrat/Democrat-Gazette, I joined the thousands who lamented the change to digital format that was inevitable. But not willing to lose what is one of the best newspapers in America, I signed up for the new technology.’s not the same. IT IS BETTER. Way easier to read with brilliant color photography, graphics, ads and extras that make the Arkansas Dem/Gaz an absolute joy. And I do the puzzles and games everyday. I don’t use the audio versions but they are there. And extras that make the difference. Thank you, Walter Hussman, and the entire staff for a dynamite performance every day! Here’s to another 200 years!
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3 years ago, Converted Old Timers
Still an exceptional newspaper.
One of your appeals to your readers when you went to the digital addition was that it would allow you to retain the exceptional feature writers that have drawn my wife and me to be regular readers of your paper for over 40 years. You kept your promise and we especially appreciate what you have provided us when we have visited friends and family in other metropolitan areas with a much greater population and see a newspaper being offered to their subscribers with less than 25 to 40 percent the content and a diminished quality of writing as that offered by the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. We are really old school when it comes to reading books. We enjoy holding a book our hands, and the smell and feel of the pages (particularly the older editions of some our favorite books.) Seldom do we read a book in digital form. But, we have been drawn to your digital format so much that often the Sunday edition delivered to our home is never opened. James Miller Sherwood
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4 years ago, rowcroper
Slow internet keeps us from enjoying the paper to the fullest.
It’s just amazing to us that CenturyLink will not correct that issue in this day in time. We are rural, and I know that’s an issue financially for the phone company, but there’s so much publicity by the politicians and/or powers to be to provide good high-speed internet, that’s its disappointing that never happens. We are 3rd generation daily and Sunday paper readers living on a Century owned farm, so moving is not an option. We do however have two daughters who did relocate after college primarily because of inadequate internet. Sad.
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5 years ago, Ka9evn
I miss the print!!
I don’t like reading the paper on an iPad. It’s hard to follow plus my wife has Parkinson’s and it’s hard for her to navigate the paper because of her trimmers. The news paper should have thought about this before going digital. A friend of mine who has taken the paper for years doesn’t have internet so to get the paper he will have to subscribe to an internet service just to get WiFi so he can get the paper. Besides the cost of the paper now he has to pay for the internet that he has never used before or doesn’t need.
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4 years ago, DemGaz Fan
Morning Coffee and my Newspaper
Although it took a while to resign myself to reading the morning paper on an IPad, I have now found that there are many perks. I can save stories, I can hear some that are read aloud. I can reread an issue from several days ago...I don’t want to miss Wally Hall and several other columnists! I can even send an article to a friend in another city. So thank you for making all this possible, and I also have the gift of a fine IPad. Caroline Sorrels
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4 years ago, shannoncMG
Like it so far
Still getting used to it but like it so far. Easy to select which day’s news to browse and read, lots more puzzles. I miss being able to read comics at bedtime (when I go off screens). Printing them off would kinda defeat the purpose of going paperless. We’re enjoying having more space clear on our island in the kitchen where we used to have His & Hers stacks of newspaper sections. Now we have only His & Her iPads at the table. I also have the app on my phone.
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2 years ago, pikematrick
Leftist Pap!
Hey why don’t you guys try a little harder to impress your subscribers. Grab Substack articles that might offset the leftist slant of every news article you use for copy. It is truly amazing how weak minded you must assume your paid customers are. I am sure if you can use this “newspaper” to turn someone towards the ideology of the left it’s all worth it! But hey you don’t have to worry about me I’ll be sending my cute little iPad back to you soon. And I happen to know several of my friends are on the verge as well. So just like all the leftist cable channels your “viewership” heading south! Sad Ps. I think there are some psychotropic drugs to help people with Trump derangement syndrome. You can wake up now he’s not in power.
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5 years ago, Hickory Ridge Ed
All in one
I love being able to read the whole article with out having to jump to a different page. Another nice thing is my wife and I can read the same article at the same time and talk about it on two different iPads. I don’t miss getting black paper print on our white bed spread. The only thing that could be improved is the way the TV guide comes up on the screen. It would be nice to see it hourly and scroll up and down.
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5 years ago, cindyreedscott
Great newspaper app!
The person who helped us get our account set up was very helpful. I think I am going to enjoy accessing the newspaper this way. I am legally blind and use a screen reader on my Apple products called, Voiceover. So far, it seems that there are buttons within the app that are either labeled with just the word, “button” or possibly they are mislabeled. Maybe I am just confused and need some help with navigating the app. I would appreciate it if the developer would look into the way the different areas are labeled. Otherwise, great job
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5 years ago, downtown johnny brown.
Commitment to news
As a former gazette bureau chief in Pine Bluff, I battled the Democrat every day. When Hussman won the newspaper war over the hapless gannet I figured that was it for the Democrat. And hussman has cut staff but not as drastically as he could have. he kept some very good reporters I don’t know his finances and of course these are the worst of times for newspapers, but even though he reduced the staff he did not strip it down to the bones as other outfits might have—as gate house media seems to do with every paper it touches.
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5 years ago, frequent TA user
Crisp and clear, easy peasy
Surprised at how realistic the online newspaper is! Easier on these old eyes than the print version (although we will miss it so!). So far app seems easy to use, pretty straightforward to maneuver around. The only issue I've had so far is that it flips to next page a little too easily, if my finger hovers a bit over the screen. Having gotten used to reading AROnline while traveling, we will make good use of this app.
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3 years ago, David Byard
Worth the Read and Subscription
Between the complete reporting from days of old, it is definitely worth the subscription. Home Delivery on Sunday and an I-pad included with subscription. This is the only way to stay completely informed of what is going on in all of Arkansas. Local news, statewide news, national news, sports. You won’t find this on TV or on the internet. 👍
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5 years ago, Arkygale
Pleasantly surprised
I downloaded the App way before it was announced that our home delivery was going to be ending. When I got the call I told the rep NOT interested and sent in my form saying cancel my subscription. THEN, I tried the app, using every day even though I’m getting daily print copy. Love it. Much easier to be interested, it’s so vibrant and you can zoom and zip thru so easily. I’ll be calling to keep my subscription.
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5 years ago, carlwps
Still can’t log in
I checked with customer service to make sure I was using the correct log in credentials. They sent me an email confirming my correct user I’d and password, but when I use these credentials to log into the Arkansas Online app on my iPad, I receive this error message... Service Error Invalid User Name or Password I contacted customer service and they responded: please try one more time and let me know if it happens now. I believe I fixed the error, but I would like for you to double check for me. Thank you, Samantha Yearber Customer Service I tried again, same error so I responded the message above and told Ms. Yearber I still couldn’t sign in. I waited over 24 hours for a response. Having received none I again reached out to this same agent who responded, “I am escalating this internally, to see what the error is and get it fixed as soon as possible. That was more than 10 days ago and I still haven’t received a response. It’s all very disappointing.
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5 years ago, Doug voss
Love this app
The DemGaz has done an really good job with their app. I’ve been a daily user for approximately 8 years and the app has progressed to the point it is nearly flawless. I love not having to climb my drive to get the paper, worry about whether or not the paper has been delivered, dry out the paper if it gets wet, throw away all the old papers, etc... There aren’t many apps I use every day but this is one of them. Thanks, DemGaz.
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5 years ago, Gerryregrets
ADG digital review
B- so far. I can’t begin to imagine how hard it is to produce a daily source of well written journalism so take that grade in stride. Please make all the content readily available on app or web site without downloading the paper edition. The in the news section and comics and the overall editorial are not readily available. We need seamless links to all the content.
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2 years ago, motmccain
Reading the paper.
Thank you for putting the paper on an app. I find I read almost all of the paper everyday. Almost because there is a lot of information. I like see the Pine Bluff and other communities news, also. And the application rarely fails to load. It’s a brilliant move! Now if we can find a replacement for Wally Hall. Thomas McCain
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4 years ago, Recovering Alien
I’m 74 and really didn’t want to switch to digital because getting a paper at my door was just what I have always done. I’m converted and realize now that it’s better. I don’t have to wait for inconsistent delivery people. It’s at my fingertips even when I’m up at 4:00. If you have any problems, reach out to technical support. There are humans that actually respond!
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3 years ago, Rickradio2
I’ve been subscribing to the digital edition of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette since I moved away from Arkansas in 2001. The evolvement of the digital online edition to an iPad edition has been interesting. The app is so user friendly and easy to navigate. I wish more newspapers had an online newspaper app just like this. It’s a pleasure to read it everyday.
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4 years ago, Done with blast
Needs some improvement
I like how the digital print is an exact replica of the print edition. There are some glitches at times. A couple of weeks ago the Parade magazine was in another section. I do think that the subscription rate is too high for a paper such as this. Maybe new subscribers get a better deal. Sometimes those of us who have been loyal customers should receive some type of discount as well. Not sure how long I will continue to subscribe.
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4 years ago, BettyCarol
Reading paper on my iPad
I travel a lot and have been reading the paper online for years. All the added online features make reading the paper a lot less cumbersome than reading a hard copy version. Looking forward to additional features that may be added in the future!
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5 years ago, LongtimeLRer
Thank you, Walter Huffman
After reading the letter published from Walter Huffman on the future of the newspaper, we decided to try it as an every day activity. We discovered that we like it much more than paper form. The images are amazing and we get enhanced coverage. After only a few days of trying it, we called and switched to digital only.
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4 years ago, 6xtippet
Great Format
The digital experience is a tremendous improvement over the printed newspaper. Never thought I would say that, but it’s true. When we travel, we never miss what’s happening in the world and back home. Can’t imagine having to count on broadcast news or the internet for our sources of dependable, in depth news.
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2 years ago, deductive reasoning
Editorial page
Your editorial page as well as your United press articles are so liberally biased it is almost embarrassing to read the editors defense of equal covering. Last year I picked out a week just to see how liberal your paper was. I added up for one week how many articles on the editorial pages, letters to the editor, and guest articles. For the week it showed 79% liberal items, 18% conservative, and 3% neutral. You try it sometime and see for yourself, it might be enlightening you never know until you walk in another’s shoes.
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3 years ago, Memphis 48
In our rapidly changing world, it is nice to have a really well written newspaper to go to each morning. And what makes it particularly exceptional for me is the fact that the online layout is exactly as it was when it was delivered to my doorstep in printed form. An outstanding paper!
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5 years ago, emlxom
Easy to read
I wasn’t sure if this would work but a lot of thought has been put into this app and how it works. Very user friendly to get around the paper. Give it a chance please. Change is hard for some but we have to have the printed news for well rounded reporting.
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4 years ago, warcoach
System is screwball.
Apple was the worst choice for handling the paper. They are such a poor system constantly asking for Apple ids even when the should not. be necessary. Should have used a better system. I pads etc are horrible over priced tools and constantly asking for iDs when they are unnecessary.
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6 years ago, Paul11103
Functions well
I downloaded this app for my iPad and iPhone about three weeks ago. So far it works well without a single glitch. Even when I’m out of town, I can keep up with the news. I never have to be concerned with late delivery, and it most certainly beats accumulating a large stack of papers.
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3 years ago, Mt. Card
Journalists that distinguish between news and editorial content
Probably the only unbiased news source I have access to now. Although some of the wires services insist on including opion in their news stories the demo gazette appears to do its best to limit these
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4 years ago, MyM.2009
I really do enjoy reading my morning newspaper on line and I will admit that I procrastinated for awhile, thinking I wouldn’t like it but I do. Like the fact that I can read it early without having to wait for the delivery person, since I am an early morning person😀
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5 years ago, vla70
The pages are clear and color pictures are wonderful. I am still withdrawing from the real thing - it is hard and sad! Glad I will be able to receive the paper in any form as it is the best paper I have ever read, by far!!! I don’t sneeze when I use the iPad, which is good! Vicki Adcock
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5 years ago, Motordan
Same news different format
I enjoy the feel of a printed newspaper but news is news. The electronic version is very handy when I travel. I don't have to wait until I get home to read my state newspaper. It's right here on my iPad whether I'm in Arkansas or Timbuktu and the e-Paper is easy to navigate.
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2 years ago, Reading Radiologist
The DG app for reading newspaper is excellent, especially if you like reading the newspaper in a traditional “paper format”. It incorporates the best digital tools for selecting an article, for reading or listening. The ability to enlarge the image of newspaper is very functional.. I also subscribe to the NY Times , WSJ, and Washington Post, the AR DG has the best app.
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4 years ago, Arkie Man
Online version better than I expected!
I’ve gotten so used to reading the AD-G newspaper online that I seldom look at the Sunday ‘print’ edition, which my wife still enjoys. I enjoy the overall reporting quality, although I miss Otus the Head Cat and his buddy Mike Storey! Keep it up.
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2 years ago, Rapid Robery
Easy to read Newspaper
I’ve enjoyed the DemGaz even more on my iPad than I did on newsprint. It is easier to read and there’s even more content. I hope it’s working well for you. I want you to stay around for a long time
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4 years ago, Banker Ben
Hard to subscribe to a paper that bombards us daily with people like Kulgman, Stephens, DRing Brumett etc. what use to be a newspaper that reported the news fairly is now a one way left paper. In a state that clearly isn’t left it’s likely subscriptions will continue to decline.
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4 years ago, Sharons sister
Arkansas Democrat Gazette
It’s nice to have the morning paper at my fingertip. Are hours are early to bed early to rise. We have the paper at any time we wake up not having to wait the paper delivery. The writing can be enlarged easily with the whisk of my hand. I love the puzzles and cartons.
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5 years ago, Ping400driver
A long time reader of the newspaper I also was slow to try the downloaded version but now I am a fan of it great color pictures and able to take it everywhere I go ,so now I never miss reading my paper no matter where I’m at.
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2 years ago, nucdog
Find out what’s happening in your area.
How can we keep up with what’s happening in politics or anything else in Arkansas if we don’t have a newspaper. Support the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, and your local communities by subscribing to the digital paper!
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4 years ago, LA Graham
The best paper left in the South,maybe in the country
Best local news coverage,best Saturday essay from Steve Strassle, best comics, best opposing views right and left. Best sports writing, best value for the money. Never afraid of using FOI to get to the truth. Any Arkansan or displaced Arkansan in any state can benefit with a subscription. And finally, only Sunday print edition delivered by the best carrier ever.
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4 years ago, Willis Callaway
On-line edition
I like the new on-line edition better than the home delivery. My wife and I can read the paper at the same time. Also we don’t have to worry about presses breaking down or bad weather.
Show more
2 years ago, Ruth2Bo
Subscription issues
I have had the subscription two months and read the newspaper twice. I have called to have my password reset only to find out my account does not exist. Password and account corrected and less than a week, same issue. I am still waiting for my phone call back from customer service. Guess they are still looking for my account; again.
Show more
4 years ago, prodgjr
Change for the better
Thought I could never give up holding and reading the newspaper. I was able to convert to digital very easily and now prefer to read the news that way.
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3 years ago, Granny keepin' up
Democrat Gazette On-Line
Love it! It’s never late or missed, we don’t have to go out in the rain to get it, and I can make the print bigger. I thought I would miss the print version. After a settling in period, I don’t even read the Sunday print version anymore.
Show more
4 years ago, Guff4
Functionally, The Functionally, the digital ADG is easy to read because the font can be enlarged, it’s brighter & past editions are at my fingertips at ant time. Plus, Arkansas still has a great newspaper! Without a free press our democracy is threatened, therefore, subscribing to ADG is an act of patriotism as well as a way to get information.
Show more
5 years ago, Villager One
Real skeptical at first - no more. No more day late sports, wet paper, or recycle to hassle with. Love the capabilities to enlarge print, pics and comics; connect with appropriate links, and, best of all, access anytime, anywhere. Going to be gone a month and i’ll have the best paper in the country if not the world with me!
Show more
2 years ago, Coltgrabber
Arkansas Democrat news quality
One can access & download the paper from any location. Options to read or listen are numerous & outstanding!
Show more
4 years ago, harrstar2
This isn’t the print age. Don’t charge print prices.
34$/ month is unacceptable for digital pricing, making this without a doubt one of the most expensive news options in the country for a digital subscription. This is a barrier for me, and that said it is a good app. The Washington Post can be got for 40$/yr for the first year, and $100/yr after that. This pricing is priced well above any similar digital newspaper in any city and any state.
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