Arkansas Driver Practice Test

3.8 (159)
5.1 MB
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Current version
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Arkansas Driver Practice Test

3.78 out of 5
159 Ratings
3 years ago, SubToYBM Gamer
Great App, But
This app is great, I passed my test on the first try but I feel like it should also have a Spanish version since there is also a Spanish version on the actual test. Other than that, great app, very helpful.
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1 year ago, Taylor Eliseg
Incorrect answers
I had used this app to study for a while to make sure I was retaining what I was reading in a book when I came across the question saying "Drivers passing a stopped school bus with red lights flashing upon conviction will be" and the answer was "Charged with misdemeanor and a minimum fine of $250 not to exceed $1000, up to ninety(90) days jail and/or both" but in the book it clearly says on page 41, "Drivers passing a stopped school bus with red lights flashing upon conviction will be charged as a Class A misdemeanor. A find of a minimum of $500 not to exceed $2500, up to one year jail and/or both." This is just showing you how it can be teaching you the wrong information. Do not use this app if you want to pass your drivers test.
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5 years ago, bruhniba
it’s a good app
i see a lot of people that complain about these tests because they use it instead of reading the book. I think that people who are about to take the test should read the book and take these tests over and over getting familiar with the type of questions they ask. i’m not saying take this and think it’s gonna be all the test questions, they have a lot of questions that are in the book. it’s a good app for preparing your children to know what type of questions they are going to be getting asked!
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2 years ago, euporri
Very Helpful!
I used this to help me study while reading the book. I did the practice test so many times that I memorized the answers. When I went to take the test, the questions were similar so I knew what the answers were. I was able to pass my test first try! You DOOO need to read the book, do not just use the app, because you still need other info. But this app was VERRYYY helpful to me. It is also very trustworthy since it’s the official app! PLEASE do not only use this though!!!
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1 year ago, Edwards1!
Needs an update with more questions
It only asked me about roughly 2 different sets of questions and on many of the questions I had the same answer twice and lastly the questions are worded a lot differently than the ones on the actual test which is a bit confusing for some people. This app needs more questions and they need to be worded the same as the real test.
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11 months ago, I hate thid app 🤬😡
good for test
I just did my drivers test today I passed this app really helps just keep studying you can do it I saw mostly all these questions on the drivers permit test soooYea but also read book to
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2 weeks ago, Dmoney"23"
I used this practice test 3 days advance before my permit test and guess what I passed on my first try the test did have at least 10 questions from this app and I am grateful my friend sent it to me!
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4 years ago, COOLVIN77
Won’t help you
This app is horrible I only use this app to study and none of the questions or even close to it were on the actual test trust 2020 Arkansas test, this app will not help you don’t even download or look at it..I read the book and took different online test on google and was able to pass this app is misleading. This app is just for you too look at information that’s good BUT NOT for the test
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5 years ago, Sparkle like Sparklers
Answer problem
Helpful app but there are multiple questions where the answers are the same. Example for a true or false question my options where false and false. It was counted against me with no explanation because I chose the wrong false button. Other than that I would give it five stars.
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2 years ago, gredssdtr.44
LOVE this app! I didn’t even read the book and I passed my test on the first try! Although there are some questions on the test that aren’t on the app but they weren’t too hard.
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4 years ago, Ashton Gibson
App is great!! I started using it 2 days before i took my test and i only missed one question. i didn’t even read the book because i couldn’t stay focused. i highly advise using this app!
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4 years ago, Elsarivas
Helped me
This app actually helped me a lot...although the questions do repeat a lot. But I studied this for a week and right before my drivers test and I passed, only missed one! 😋
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4 years ago, ftyuibvg
The app
I went to go take my test expecting it to be hard but literally almost every single question on there was in the app and I was so shocked!! I pass on my first time going
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3 years ago, L4nd1n0
Trust me, you are wasting your time!
Having recently my taken my test I can assure you that you will not pass unless you read the book or you guess the question right. It’s not worth even downloading.👎 Don’t be fooled by positive reviews, those people who say it helped a ton lied, they read the book.
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3 years ago, agw2406
Read the book don’t rely on the app
The person who made this app, you honestly don’t know what your doing. Yea I did read the book, but when I took the test only two of the questions from the actual app were on there. They need to update this app, it’s not worth it!
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3 years ago, Kyra2123
I’m a beginner and I feel this is really helpful because I can’t stay focused and books and it’s working really well!
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4 years ago, akocg
Not a supplant for the book
There were only 5 questions that I knew from this app, the other 20 I had to guess on because I didn’t study the book. I did pass the test but I was nervous the entire time.
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3 years ago, DrJojoMama
It’s Ok.
The grammar is atrocious. And you keep getting the same questions over and over. But, it’ll do for getting an idea of how ready you are for the real test.
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3 years ago, Uniuqq
The app didn’t help me take my test, when i went to take the test not a single question i had on the practice tests on this app was on the actual test. I highly recommend anyone looking for a app to practice your tests to look somewhere else because it does not help whatsoever.
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3 years ago, lllllllkgdffuvdrcg
Helped me pass my driving test
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3 years ago, vannahfinch
It’s ok
I’ve done this several times and half the time the awnsers will be in the same place anddd the awnser will change like on minute it’ll be a and the next it’s c
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2 months ago, Orang Min
not a single question was on my test
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3 months ago, abcrxyddtfg
Failed me my test
First of all, the app is horrendously designed either made by a toddler or a grandma. Secondly, I hope you aren't using this to study because not a single question on here appeared in the test.
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4 years ago, hhhhssjjsw
Bad app
I had studied for almost a year. Getting new questions on this test. But when it came time to get my permit. I failed because I had never seen the the questions that were on the actual test. This app set me up for failure.
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2 years ago, Maddox_Bell_
Didn’t help
This was a total waste of time. I’ve taken the test 3 times and none of the questions on here are remotely the same to the test. Invest your time other places.
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11 months ago, Mak870987
Asked me the same question over and over again and not even a 1/3 of the questions they asked where on the test
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5 years ago, Smogs310
Very helpful and I recommend to everyone!!! Download it !
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3 years ago, BoiledLightBulb6
Not good
I would get 100% on the app, but when I get to the test none of the questions would remotely be close to what they were on the app. I would give this app 0 stars but I can’t do it gets 1.
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11 months ago, Maxwell Edwards
Don’t download
I downloaded this app expecting it to help me study for my test. I got one out the 25 questions on the practice test on my actual test.
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2 years ago, GoChiefsGo!
No questions on test
None of the questions that are on here were actually on the test.
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4 years ago, joshhreview
Not accurate
None of these questions were asked in the permit test
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4 years ago, MUD_king
The same questions that said was right before the next time I took the test said were wrong
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5 years ago, k.e.n.o.
None of the practice questions were on the actual test.
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4 years ago, tianna2003
ive been using this for weeks before my test and it was only giving me about 30 different question in different variations and almost none of them where on the actually test so i was left clueless
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2 years ago, police law
Crap and test questions don’t match the actual laws.
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5 years ago, tyiygfdrghbcf
Doesn’t prepare you for the actual test trust me it’s a waist of time
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