Arkansas News from THV11

4.8 (8.8K)
88.2 MB
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Current version
Tegna Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Arkansas News from THV11

4.77 out of 5
8.8K Ratings
6 years ago, iennyb
Too THV11
There’s know other tv news station that we like here in AR you’re station is just like the news station in FLORIDA that we always watch since coming up here in Fed 10th 2010 we always have it on because all of you have fun doing the news are not just all business always doing something for your followers here in your state not like the one in fla you are up beat and personal and you like to make your tv followers laugh I think that all of y’all are like one big family and you make us feel like we are family also so keep doing what y’all do thank you for making us feel at home Thank You J B
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1 week ago, meme-loving trash
Mostly great, but there’s Problems
My family’s relied on THV since before I was born and it’s our go-to news station for pretty much anything. The app is easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. My issue with it is the fact that you have to sit through an ad before you can see the live broadcast during tornado outbreaks. I understand they need to make money, but when there’s potentially a tornado bearing down on my house I’d like to know ASAP and not after waiting through and advertisement I’m actively not paying attention to. There’s also an issue with the settings in regards to what sort of news you want notifications for, because I have everything but weather turned off and I still get notifications every time a Razorback player sneezes. If they’d at least fix this I’d happily give them five stars even with ads before severe weather news.
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10 months ago, Just wanted to track distances
Please do not discontinue the weather app!
I’ll been a loyal user of the THV11 weather app for about 13 years now, since first moving to Arkansas. It has faithfully served me when I’ve moved away a few times and while traveling. Now that you are pushing solely this app, I will now have to look elsewhere for my weather needs and severe weather notifications. Neither app seems to give the voice alerts for severe weather notifications any longer. Last night we had 3 severe thunderstorm warnings for our area and I was not woken up by notifications for any of them (when the voice alerts always woke me up). This morning I found I had received tornado warning notifications for counties that are not in my area, nor were they upstream from me in the path of the storms. I really loved the weather app. So far, your weather support from this app appears to be a bust. :(
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4 years ago, Lawangel 57
I’m so glad Craig is holding off on retirement! I love THV11 but some of the programming has been less then wonderful . I will always watch the channel with Craig and Dawn. They are so professional and represent your station in a way that allows you to trust what they are saying, something that is getting harder to do than ever. Give Craig a raise and Dawn too. Let’s hope the young ones coming up and working at your station , watch these two and learn. Can’t wait for Tom to be back on board, he and Ed are the best weather men in our area for sure!
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5 years ago, oldgrandma72
I would like to know why you do not show the good things our president talks at his rallies instead of always changing it negative and make him look bad. Why don’t you talk about the positive things of our economy instead of always talking about the 4 women. There is more news than them. It is time to talk about the positive. What are you going to do when republicans and democrats actually start campaigning. Are we going to have a lot more fake news and negative. Instead of actually what is going on. You have seem to take what our president says and make changes what he actually said. But notice you never do that to the democrat persons talking. It is time to start reporting the true news.- if you do it like him. We don’t need to have your views shoved down our throats. May God bless our country and keep it free and safe!!!!!
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2 years ago, deb parker
I have worn my mask since the beginning of this virus. I have had my vaccine and still wearing my mask. People need to realize you may not have any symptoms but you could still pass it own! You just need to use common sense stop saying their rights are being abused. I thank you for your extensive coverage on this news and all other news. CHANNEL 11 all the way!!
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3 years ago, bothernomr
Best site
I’ve used all the local news and weather, and especially for the weather I find I like this one best. It is easy to navigate and gives me the option of running the radar back an hour to see where the storm is headed. I also find the news ap is usually the first with local coverage too.
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1 year ago, Weepy darling
Review of Channel 11
We depend on thv for all our local news as well as other programming. We love your coverage of local activities, Craig’s traveling book program, all the weather personalities keeping us updated on the weather, sports coverage, sharing of photos. We just love Channel 11 !! And we can’t forget the beautiful news ladies! We will be watching! Linda Gavin, Woodlawn
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1 year ago, dissatisfied coloring man
I am a native Arkansas guy who moved to north west Arkansas in 08, missing my channel 11 for years I finally downloaded it to my phone and once again I’m happy! The satellite people won’t carry my favorite station so I dumped them and watch it on my tv via my phone. Thanks for being the station you are.
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5 years ago, None00000000000000000
What a disappointment
If you are looking for a live streaming. Version of this station you are at the wrong place. If, on the other hand you have nothing better to do than watch commercials, then you have hit the mother lode.. this isn’t TV, it is advertising, nothing more, nothing less..
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2 months ago, Patmac0042
You can depend on THV-11!
l’ve always been a channel 11 viewer because of the program quality and especially the morning live shows such as”wake up Central and The Vine at 9:00”. In these days of false news reporting, I can depend on THV-11 to reports the truth and the facts. Keep it coming! Thanks, Pat
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3 years ago, fan cares
Hot Springs fan
Enjoy the news and weather teams. Hayden was perfect on the sports. The current sports team needs to show more enthusiasm. It’s like they don’t really care who wins. The girl is better than the guy, but both could improve. Hayden is good with news and sports.
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6 years ago, Robin922
Latest update a big fail!
Now once you open the app and pick something, you can’t do anything else. You go to weather, news... there is no way to get back to the home page! This is a first, so assume it has to do with the most current update.
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4 months ago, Mit-Zi-Di-Nan
I watch KTHV 11, but Direct TV has shut it off and are in “negotiations”, along with Fox 16, another of my favorite stations and I am about to angry enough to cancel Direct TV and try streaming! I am 70 and TV is about my only enjoyment! Someone needs to get-er-done!!
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10 months ago, cla-ar
Prefer the separate weather app
I do not care for the way the weather looks on this news app. It is so sad that we have been informed that the THV11 Weather app will be going away. I will not be looking to THV for weather information any longer when it goes away completely. It doesn’t always work well right now. That’s just started happening recently. Maybe this is why.
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9 months ago, MurphysMomma
Weather portion of app is awful!
I used the THV Weather app daily. They’ve now integrated it with the news app and it’s not user friendly or as accurate as the previous app. Have deleted both from my phone and looking for other options. Bad change! If they were going to integrate the two they needed to do a better job of keeping what made the separate weather app so good. Easy to read graphics, options, lightning locations…
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5 years ago, Kipr69
From eastern Arkansas
Living on the eastern side of state bordering Tennessee we really don’t get a lot of arkansas news. Growing up we had the luxury of both Memphis and arkansas stations. Not anymore so this app, great news station and refreshing personalities makes my day. Thanks for providing
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4 years ago, pegaroo2003
Weather alerts
This would be my favorite source of local news except that when we get a weather alert, you have to maneuver your way through all the commercials. It’s so frustrating. I realize that you have to make money to stay alive, but does it have to be during a possible emergency situation? I don’t even bother anymore and find out what’s happening by other sources.
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1 year ago, BartonBear
I will watch some of all the local channels but i always end up back on channel 11. The weather is the big test of the channel’s success for me and 11 is the most believable.
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1 year ago, gesbru
Mobile app
Kthv is the only local news I watch but your app is so cluttered with ads that it's difficult to enjoy. I understand advertising revenue is vital to your business. Maybe a different layout would help
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9 months ago, Mcfische1
Weather part is terrible
I used the THV weather app before which was awesome then switched to the news app with weather. The weather part of it stinks. The radar never updates. It even right now shows nothing on radar when there are storms occurring.
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9 months ago, SFBANAK
Went to THV probably 15 min after an Amber Alert came across my phone. THV has NOTHING about it!!! Channel 7 does! Channel 7 also has more news stories than thv who has a couple or few & then several of the reporter eating at places. I’ve been wondering for a long time why you don’t have more news stories?!? Channel 7 also does not have ads that totally displace whatever I’m trying to read & fill the entire screen!!!!! So irritating these kinds of ads plus one always at the top as well. Ugh!!!! I do go to thv for radar weather & the weather reporters have done an excellent job with severe weather coverage . The news part really needs work these days.
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6 years ago, Grrrrrrrrrreat!!!!!!
Always updated information
There's always up to the minute news being reported! I get a message on my cellphone anytime there is breaking news!
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3 months ago, Hacked off customer
The weather section is trash
This apps weather section is a far lesser very and more like a news cast. It doesn’t give details about the like the THV11 weather app does. The radar map is absolute trash and doesn’t even reflect what is actually happening. The THV11 weather app is superior to this app in every way for weather.
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3 years ago, Roaches123
The news briefs are always so informative. It’s important news and not just a cat up a tree! The provide the details and I love the fact checking portion of the news!! Keep it up!
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1 year ago, Retro101A
I have noticed that you can’t really commit on the articles which I known there is always negative with positives but feed back can be a good thing. Not mention you hear from the people in this beautiful state.
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3 years ago, LCRS40
Only watch Thv
I watch Thv almost exclusively, they have the best personalities of all the local stations. CBS has almost all the shows that I record for later viewing. They are just the best! Lamar Coyle Hazen, Arkansas
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3 years ago, clark5.7
My wife a I absolutely love to watch channel 11 an the weather app an news app is great to have for news updates an weather updates.
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4 years ago, dabrewer
Love the app
Great app to check weather and news. I love up to date notifications of local news when it happens.
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1 year ago, alleyfay
11 is my favorite
Been watching for many years most my favorite shows are on channel 11 And I love u got Tom back on weather
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2 years ago, H&VRetired
Too Many Ads
This app has far too many ads. In addition, the ads are very sensitive when scrolling. They are too easy to unintentionally select when trying to scroll down a list. I watch the TV channel but unfortunately the app is no longer worth fighting the ads.
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9 months ago, gscaife
Too many advertisements
Way too much happening on the screen. I hate being pummeled by advertisements when I just want a quick look at the weather. Forget about finding relevant news with this. I really like KTHV but this app is horrible. I’ll find another source for weather and news. Removing this app today.
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1 year ago, Small Pebble
Faith is lovely to look at Yet, Faith acts like an immature little girl. She is not on the air to be a dim witted broad Ms. Goldsmith was a posed well spoken professional woman. It is not clear whether she was released from her job or needed to be close to family who could assist in caring for the baby. I am very disappointed that KTHV has not gotten a coach for Faith. She obviously is smart but plays to her “ cute, dizzy side” far too much. If she does not like cold weather, then move to a warmer, more temperate climate. I want the KTHV audience to see more young men and women on the air like Sarah Horbacrwicz, Corallys Ortiz and Frederick Price. These young people are first class professionals and take their jobs seriously.
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3 years ago, Nanalisa58
Santa story on the vine this morning
I loved seeing this story and all the Santa that take the time to make others live happier. And some of them look pretty darn close to Santa.
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3 years ago, Cb's M, SB's Sm
Love this app!
Don’t love when I click on a breaking news story that it’s interrupted by an ad, but I get it. Small price to pay for reputable reporting on issues that touch Central Arkansas, and beyond.
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3 months ago, Rebbbec
I can always depend on THV11 for the most up-to-date information on news, weather, and so much more. THV11 is tops in my book.
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3 years ago, Mactheriverrat
This is Home.
Always great news that makes me feel at home when I’m far away from home.
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4 years ago, Trish gan
Live news
The app keeps shutting on. Please fix this problem. This is how I see the news. Thanks
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4 years ago, Faygar65
I love channel 11, and all the people, they make you feel part of their family, and they really care about all. Great Job your doing keep it up.
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5 years ago, RobTxk
Best Arkansas News App
The improvements have been awesome. I live down in Texas now but keep up with all things Little Rock by using this app. Great job! I love all of the videos as well.
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3 years ago, hello2u!
Thanks for updates. I view alert Notifications to be helpful and timely for me from my mobile phone. JG
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2 years ago, 2 Lil
Great morning team
The greatest station to watch. It’s a station that gives you the best news. One funny bunch on the morning show!!
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1 year ago, EYShelley
Amazing THV!
We love THV 11 have been watching for 20+ years and would not change a thing! Love the morning crew and So… glad Tom Brannon decided to come back. Shelley Brown Bauxite
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10 months ago, Cabisbee44
Your weather app being combined into the news app is annoying. When I want to see the weather, I don’t want to have to click through 3-4 screen changes to get to the radar. I will be searching for another weather app to use.
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2 years ago, lobo wif
Love the real news
You are the real deal. Reporters finding the truth in the story. Don’t ever stop being that way.
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1 year ago, FayeShep
Informed Family
THV’s folks seem like family who are in the know and looking out for us!
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5 months ago, Jinfolsom
Love it!
My go to place for local weather right at my fingertips.
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1 year ago, TerryTigerMom
Love their news personalities!!! They are knowledgeable, personable, factual, and diverse. This matters for viewers to stay connected and respect their journalistic integrity. Morning, noon, evening, night, and weekends….the best of the best is channel 11!!! Angela M.
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4 years ago, TheGreenJosh
Good news app
I like the level of notifications. I depend on THV11 for my local news.
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3 years ago, bag city
Retired housewife
Update news and great news of the pandemic 19 I will continue to wear a mask because I am 78 and my immunity is low. I have been fully vaccinated.
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