Asbury Park Press

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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Asbury Park Press

4.4 out of 5
2K Ratings
4 years ago, StewFerr
Best source for news in Monmouth County, NJ
I have subscribed to APP (actual newspaper) for 30+ years. It is consistently the best source for local news. The app is a great way to keep that source at your fingertips all day. I refer to it often. The notifications help keep me more up to date
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6 years ago, Bobdogk9
Not like the old press!
I always liked the Asbury Park Press because they were impartial and just gave the information. Now, they are cop bashers with “protecting the shield” and Trump bashers. Funny how when a cop does something good, it’s put down at the bottom of the page. I don’t see anything good about what Trump has done for the country. Lower unemployment rates or how high stocks have risen isn’t even mentioned. That’s not the purpose of media. I find myself just reading the obituaries now. It’s the only thing they don’t give their opinion on.
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10 months ago, VinRin57
Nice try but a long way to go..
Per APP, you asked/we listened, incorporating access to the print edition within the live app. Unfortunately it’s no where near as good as the standalone print app. The page layout is confined within a window, making it hard to enlarge the page. Tapping will bring up articles as in past, but not pictures. And on the opening screen it clearly shows I’m signed in yet articles come up ‘for subscribers only’. They do poem of course, but why the reminder?
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10 months ago, MarciaT1
The App today
What are we getting for more $$$$? No Parade! No TV guide with local channels listed. We have been subscribers since we moved to Howell in 1983. A boy across the street delivered the paper. We are down to Fri-Sat-Sun. A paper delivery man is reliable and goes out of his way to get the paper to us. But what are we getting? It would seem if it were not for Boscov ads ……. Marcia Saltzman
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4 years ago, SEM x12
Safety Alerts behind a subscription fee?!
I used to love the APP, great location news and articles. They now require a subscription fee to view some of the content which is annoying, and they do that for popular types of stories. My biggest gripe is a local safety alert just went out from the APP, about contaminated meats in our area, but the Asbury Park Press put the information behind a subscription fee. That’s horrible and could result in harm coming to our community. That’s equivalent to a Tsumani or Hurricane warnings only being told to people if they pay to stay alive. Public service news should not require money, feel free to put entertainment news behind the subscription wall... You now lost me as a customer.
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9 months ago, Gizmo nut
New App
Why fix what isn’t broken. I HATE the new version. I like the version that reads like an actual newspaper. If you wanted to fix something fix the fact that every time I open the paper, after I’ve already downloaded it, it has to be refreshed if I close it and open it again. It’s bad enough you raised the subscription FIVE DOLLARS more. If you get rid of the version I like I’m cancelling my subscription.
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8 months ago, mktman732
Please fix your app!
I’m tired of trying to read the enewspaper using this horrible app. Al I want is to display a full page at a time, not two pages or part of a page. And would you please let me change pages by moving the image and with your buttons? Maybe you should go back to the old app which works just fine.
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2 years ago, jam spoon
Always a problem
I love reading The Press on my phone. I’ve been a subscriber for a few years, but I just dropped it because I could never read it on my other devices. The last straw came a week ago when I couldn’t read subscriber content on my phone even though I was a paid subscriber and was advised to “call Apple” when the customer service rep couldn’t solve the issue.
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4 years ago, 1each
Asbury Park Press Mobile
I really enjoy reading newspaper articles on my iPhone. Easier than the paper version i get at home where i can spread it out. Nice to be able to keep up with ghe news while mobile.
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2 years ago, Moonman724
Crap journalism
I guess the app is ok, still tons of adds even if you pay monthly. The journalism is just terrible. Very few local articles, reporting seems to be skewed a bit to to the left and they will fully ignore issues that don’t fit their vision of the world. It’s not worthy the money. Do not support these “journalists”, they do not deserve your money.
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3 years ago, Pigscz
Great paper, great app
Straightforward, honest, and unbiased local reporting from the best paper around. I highly recommend subscribing. The print editions usually have more than the app and website though.
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3 years ago, Jwns64
Zero stars
I would give zero stars. The app does not allow me past the paywall, despite my account saying I a, logged in and active for digital only. I have called tech support and been routed to the Philippines 6 times and been on the phone for 20-60 minutes only to be told, “tech support will correct the problem within 24 hours” to no avail. I truly want to support local journalism, but the business model makes it impossible.
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4 years ago, Seven Lakes x7
Local News
The Asbury Park press has kept me aware of local news on a consistent basis. I don’t care for OpEds so I stay clear of reading those too often. Opinions are just that and everyone has their own.
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3 years ago, Luvyanez
The Press provides the best update newsworthy info. I get the paper Press daily but always look forward to the digital Press, especially when away. Thank you #APP
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3 years ago, Broke Rok
Decent Coverage BUT
The app provides good links and photos to current stories. The problem is that there is no way for an APP subscriber to report newspaper delivery issues or to temporarily halt delivery. You have to open their website in your browser to accomplish any of these.
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2 years ago, Haze 098765
I moved to a southern state and still enjoy my home town new update. Keep it coming. I feel connected to my family and friends after I catch up on the local happenings,
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1 week ago, Pat philly
This is the worst newspaper app
I like the Asbury Park Press content but the app is the worst. It randomly hangs for long stretches. It has ads pop up that you can’t get rid of. When you click on an article you want to read the last one you read pops up again. It’s almost to the point where I will cancel the subscription if they don’t fix this.
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9 months ago, Mimi1826
Read everyday
Enjoy reading local news everyday on line. Front page, obits and sports. Download crossword puzzle daily also!
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2 years ago, obeesereese
99cents scam
Older articles should be free and easy to read if there a few days old. Thinking about signing up 99 cents a month. I’m thinking it’s a scam and the price will go up as soon as l sign up.
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2 years ago, Pacman60
Great compliment to the print subscription!
The push notifications keep me updated on the latest breaking news in the area no matter where I go. Excellent! Paul C.,Toms River.
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8 months ago, CaptM1ke
Bring back the old app
This app is so full of problems for the traditional newspaper reader. Pages freeze up. Only way to undress is to close the app and reopen again. Single amid double taps don’t produce thr correct response. Too many ads that block further reading. The list for on and on for thr traditional newspaper reader. Give me the choice of which app I choose to use.
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4 years ago, Magoo1029
Keeps up with local news
Keeps you in the know about is happening locally. Extensive classifieds help you to find who, what when and where.
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3 years ago, Snapping Turle
Great news paper
They work at being balance and through.
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9 months ago, GenuineJerseyGirl
Enjoying this app!
I appreciate the local news and it’s nice to be able to listen to the stories, too.
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2 years ago, Tonykeyguy
Wonderful app
The app app keeps me up on the news and what I need to know. I only have to look up what I need to know and avoid all the bad news.
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10 months ago, Sailor Tom B
Messed Up A Good App
It was easy to read the paper-like Press in the old app. You could fill the screen with the paper in one tap. That's gone now. Trying to make the paper larger now only brings in a part of the article you’re interested in. Or it changes the format from paper-like to web. Bring back the old app!!!
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1 year ago, GlennRae
Asbury Park Press
I am trying hard to maintain my subscription to the Asbury Park Press to support local journalism. However, you make using the app so difficult. Even though I have a subscription, I am continually locked out from content. Also, you don’t update the online content on Saturday or Sunday.
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5 years ago, KHockey1930
This App for APP STINKS
This app closed out, won’t accept a new payment, needs 7 days before a new method of payment. This is like the second time this happened. I renewed the first time—now ya can keep it. So unprofessional.
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8 months ago, Axxdxxexx
It’s good at freezing!
This new app is not much different than the previous. However, after several minutes of use it freezes and usually the only fix is to sign out and then back in. Seems like something that wasn’t broken has been “fixed.”
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3 years ago, theclarks18
I actually prefer a hard copy of the newspaper. The delivery so so sporadic, I had to cancel it and switch to the app. The pop ups and poor design are a big issue. I would prefer the layout to be like a newspaper, but enhanced. Take a lesson from how great Golf Digest looks as an online magazine.
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6 months ago, Anniebaden
Don’t like new app
Liked the old app much better! This one too easily changes screens because of the > feature when you don’t mean to. I did not upgrade on my phone & I’m much happier.
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8 months ago, Soccerref07
A poor example of a new app
The Asbury Park Press recently released a new app for their online paper, and all I can say is grammar school kids could have developed a better app. Buggy, doesn’t work as advertised, impossible to read the paper with. What does it do well? Display ads (previous app had no pop up ads). A crap app!
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5 years ago, VickiKirk
I read the entire newspaper on line every day.
Reading it online allows me to read while traveling.
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6 years ago, PetroIM
Not much world news or hs sports
Our paper arrives at our door very early every day. However, I read the paper on line and find the USA Today section contains weeks old news. I cannot find hs sports other than football, basketball and wrestling.
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2 years ago, GR#4
Great local sports coverage and high school sports coverage, which I look forward to reading in the morning, Also, national sports, great story lines! Go METS!!
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10 months ago, Mophygryttrdb
Poor sizing
Poor sizing for e-edition, too much border, difficult to read on phone. Will not use new app. Will cancel subscription if forced to use new app.
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9 months ago, Change no good
Why did you change my e paper.
How can back to reading your paper on my iPad? I liked the old layout. It was like the regular news paper. This process of clicking on article and waiting for it to come is a waste of my time. Please let me know how to get back to the old format. John Ostrander
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2 years ago, maryfrommonroe
New resident of BJ
Wanted to read paper to become familiar with my new area. Best thing I ever did. I am really enjoying reading the paper.
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7 years ago, yankfan1963
Long time reader
Have been reading the press for a long time always great local coverage
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4 years ago, Kempaland
Easy use and clean
Like the feature summarizing articles you missed
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5 years ago, Dawns renew
Great Application
Great application that keeps me informed of today’s current events Keep up the good hard work on your investigative stories...they are awesome!!
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7 years ago, Vmax Man
Liberal Rag
After years of home delivery, I couldn't take it anymore. This has to be among the most biased rags, rivaling NYT for its liberal bias. Good bye!
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3 years ago, donkosee
Don’t bother using this app
Every time I try to use this app it asks me to subscribe even though I’ve been a subscriber for over 20 years and have successfully linked my print subscription to the digital subscription (linking accounts is a science project, good luck getting help from APP on that).
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2 years ago, app subscriber
Can’t do vacation stop in app
I get home delivery so I don’t need to read the paper on the app. The only thing I use it for is to report a delivery issue or request a vacation stop. Unfortunately, I can only do one of those in this app.
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2 years ago, mamasheridan
I cancelled this subscription well over a year ago. Have not been able to read the paper so I assumed the cancellation had gone through… only to find they had RENEWED my subscription w/out authorization... And never gave me access… FCC and attorney….
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4 years ago, Reyney
Need Subscription to read Coronavirus Related articles
Unlike most every other publications out there, the Asbury Park Press does not allow you to read an unlimited number of articles relating to the current Pandemic. REALLY ?? This is all the more reason why I will never pay 7.99/month.
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7 months ago, Dball584
Impossible to cancel
How is it that you can sign up electronically for the subscription but you can’t unsubscribe as easy as you signed up. No where in the app or website is an easy way to cancel the subscription.
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9 months ago, at du
Very confusing
Don’t understand why my subscription gets to this point. Can’t sign in. I had a current subscription but now I have to sign in and process not straight forward..please reinstate or cancel my subscription!!!!!!
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9 months ago, dmazzhhi
Change is not good
I don’t understand the point of this update. It is not user friendly at all. The other version was so easy to navigate. Much like reading a print newspaper. Subscription is not worth the aggravation.
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10 months ago, No!Nick
The new APP version
The new version is almost unreadable because of all the large toggle buttons and busy advertisements… I cannot find a way to get the format back to the former version. So far nothing about this version is acceptable!
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