ASL American Sign Language

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Saeed Bashir
Last update
3 years ago
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User Reviews for ASL American Sign Language

4.48 out of 5
3K Ratings
4 years ago, Najaunice
Worth it
I’ve learned so much already. I never knew it would be so hard to say “how many tacos do you want” was gonna be so difficult lol. The only thing I really don’t like is that at the beginning or end of a lesson (video), it would cut out like half a second or just one second and I feel like I miss it. But that’s all tbh. This sis a true skill, and I encourage anyone to please learn sign language. Just out of the support for the deaf community and to help them communicate with them since they can’t hear us. I love this app, thank you
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2 years ago, XxTocaCamiexX
I am grateful
Hi I am very happy that you do not have to charge us to pay it because the last app I went they made us pay so I’m really happy that you guys aren’t doing this to us because actually I could go on the app and learn sign language whenever I want and sure there are ads but at least I get to learn sign language and all these letters and numbers in history it’s just amazing in the woman who taught us a sign language that is amazing I want to know her on the web so I could say thank you to her because she did and wonderful thing for us yeah she’s blessed but yeah so another thing I want to say to you guys is like you guys are basically the type of people that are free so for example a lot of people get a lot of money from the wraps but you guys are just like this relaxed so you just put Adams dead so we don’t really have to pay anything because I don’t like paying for things no one does I mean will do but I’m a type of people who don’t but thanks for this app
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2 years ago, Renshia
Okay but not my style
I am a hearing person brushing up on my college ASL from 10 years ago now that I have laryngeal problems that limit my ability to speak. That being said, I don’t like that the demonstrator voices in the videos. On top of that, the way they voice is loud and forceful. Overall extremely distracting. The signing is just as forceful, making it seem awkward like they’re demonstrating rather than just signing what would be part of a conversation; but I may be biased since all my college instructors were deaf and non-voicing. I’m also not a fan of the hand illustrations used for the alphabet and numbers. They’re distorted and would be better demonstrated through video, particularly the numbers that require movement. Around number 11, the instructions stop telling you which direction to point your palm and become increasingly convoluted. I can tell a lot of work went into this app, so if you can get past the things I mention or the developer makes changes, it may be useful.
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2 years ago, Xcyllina
Great review
I appreciate this app fore it reminds me of how important it is for all walks of human existence. I have a few deaf relatives in my family but we’ve always lived far apart. And before the latest computer technology it was difficult to communicate, so wonderful now that you’ve given us this gift. I took couple classes in college got interesting and vow to complete the studies but im also an RN AND W MAJOR WORK DEMANDS AT THAT TIME. SO I am starting to pick up hopefully where I left off. I traveled to Singapore and Malaysia. I Met many hard of hearing and deaf students which I was successfully able to communicate with. If was awesome. I felt wonderfully sufficient. Therefore im in the process of teaching my grandchildren to learn and respect the language and that it will definitely become useful one day. So thank you for this app. I plan to slowly reincorporate my skills and vow to improve. Xcyleelina
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5 years ago, nelly4now
I love the ASL App. I took my granddaughters to the park! We met a small friend and this APP saved us!! Now we can communicate with her and have made a weekly time to meet her at the park. My granddaughters learn a new sentence or two a week to be able to ask her each week! We were able to ask her “do you want to go play on the pirate ship?” The very first day!!! And we were able to understand where she goes to school and that she would love to meet us there next Saturday also!! It was an emotional, educational and heart fulfilled day to be able to communicate with her, the girls were drawn to each other like magnets when they first saw each other at the park! A lifelong friendship relationship is forming and is a beautiful thing! THANKS ASL!! Well done!
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3 years ago, 9:05am
Recommend and worth the 3 dollars
I just wanted to learn sign language because I think it is something everyone should know. We bought the pro version for $2.99 one time payment which was very worth it. The pro unlocks all of the signs and makes it have no ads. I have only had it for about 2 days and already learned so much as when I knew nothing when I started. The videos are really helpful because for me watching a video on how to do something is easier the just seeing pictures I would 100% recommend this for anyone trying to learn or just practice.
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6 months ago, Lillian .N. Bryant
Amazing app
I think that this app is generally a really good one. I’ve been inspired by a lot of people to learn sign language and downloading this app made it even better. Most people don’t sign language because they figure that they won’t use it but I learned I thought this app would teach me, so I took my risks and downloaded it and let’s just say I’m glad I did. It’s funny because I signed every word that is being said in this review and it’s great that I’ve learned so much so thank you to ASL. Hope you have a great day night evening wherever or whatever time it is. Hope you read my review. Good day.
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4 years ago, DanHop2686
Wonderful ASL App!😊
I just downloaded this app and it really is very helpful when learning all the various signs for beginners and advanced students who learned it; especially those who are rusty and want re learn ASL! It covers so many different subjects with videos. You can purchase the full version for a one time payment of $2.99! Then you can refer back to this any time you want with whole library of signs to choose and learn from! A quick example of some of the signs you would learn are number signs to holiday signs! I would absolutely encourage any one to download/buy this app!
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11 months ago, Hamsterlovver
Awesome app
This site is awesome and if u read the credits it’s very wholesome ,overall the amount of adds that come up are insane. I’ve done all of the lessons already and I’ve learned how to do sign language within a day I also love that they have specified areas for certaint things but the memory games where not that easy cause I didn’t know how to use them tbh I still don’t understand but I’ll give this a five stars cuz I really recommend this app its honestly awesome. Sorry If I mess up in this message with grammar
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4 years ago, Dancing Gal235
Great App
When I was in second and third grade I got very into sign language and was very passionate about it. I would take books out in the library but they didn’t help me probably due to me being a visual learner. Now I’m in middle school and re learning and I think it’s important because there could be somebody who needs help but they can’t hear and they happen to know ASL that you could help. There are so many people who might need help but not many who can actually help. Be somebody who can help.🐙
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2 years ago, ASLnewbie570
Just got this app. It is so important to me to learn languages so that I can communicate with others. It makes me so sad that a part of the world can experience things that we can. Being able to communicate with these people brings me such joy! I definitely recommend this it is extremely helpful. Also I haven’t tried the pro version yet but it seems very helpful and I will be trying that out soon. 5 star!! A great app!!
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2 years ago, 27&538
Ask app
I was interested in learning a language called ASL. I was looking at videos and other apps but they didn’t give me enough education. I kept scrolling and there this game was. I tapped in and so much easy words and more advanced caught into my brain. Everyday I would do a couple of words from a category. It’s so easier with this app. And now I till this day I have conversations with people who spoke it too. Cause of this game I am now fluent in ASL.
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2 years ago, Azalea-Uni
You NEED to hear this!
Okay so I downloaded the app because I heard this was the best app to learn ASL. So I downloaded it and started learning! It’s really good and I recommend it but maybe it’s too much ads. Like every 1 click i gets an ad but then all the ads stop. Then comes back 20 minutes later but that’s alright! It’s amazing and really good! There’s pictures and videos to help you. You should definitely download this 5 stars!
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2 years ago, marleyb11
I love this app
I love this app a lot and I use it often but my only problem is that most of the signs are money but I like how it’s a one time payment. I love how it doesn’t just show you a picture of the sign and it actually shows a video. Something that is fun is the memory game but one suggestion. In the memory game I’d like if it would not tell you what the sign was and you would have to figure it out in your own. Overall this is a great app and I recommend it.
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6 years ago, JClark
Well worth the $3 price for Pro
At first I didn't like the videos, they looked unprofessional. Very quickly though I came to really like them, it feels like having a family friend or a neighbor showing you ASL. The actual content is great, the explanations are simple and effective. The only thing I would complain about is that some of the videos are cut funny, so it feels like you're missing the very start or end of the lesson, and some are overly compressed. All in all though, well worth the $3 price for pro.
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8 months ago, Sandy ln
AMAZING!!! 🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳
I am so glad I was able to find this awesome app! This app has really helped me interact with my daughter. She’s deaf and has a hard time with many things. Her name is Rachel and she wasn’t able to tell her own name to others before I found this app. Now that me and her can talk and are opened to new words, I think she will be doing just fine. Thank you for making this app and may god bless your day 😇😇😇☺️☺️☺️😊😊😊🙏❤️❤️❤️💕
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3 years ago, Eli NK
I thought this was gonna be challenging, but I’ve used this app for about half an hour and I already am learning some numbers, I learnt almost the whole alphabet, I learned how to say again, sleep, bed, food, drink, love, me, you, and mother already!!!! I’m so exited to finally have silent conversations with my friends and maybe teach my mom! I’m actually gonna try calling my friends and talking to them about it! Thanks so much!
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3 years ago, addison1234123490
This is a great app I would totally recommend it! It has many words and the categories help too. Also normally I would write all of my words on flash card but that just wastes time and this already has them down and if I ever forget I can just go back and click the word and watch the quick video. This helps so much. The only thing that could possibly make this a better is if there was more words that’s it!
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4 years ago, User B127
Good but not perfect
Overall, the app is great. It teaches you the basics of American sign language with homey videos. The issue is that it doesn’t teach you the BASIC basics. That includes hello, and goodbye, and most things needed to start a conversation with a deaf person. I, for one, thinks that this is most likely needed for the apps expansion. However, I do think that this is easily doable and I think it wouldn’t be that hard for the founder to make an update including these items. Please take this review into consideration. Thank you!
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3 years ago, seriusly serius
Learn in less than a day!!!🕺🕺🕺
I have just got this app and I’m already really satisfied. The lessons are quick and very easy to follow. Although it seems like the lessons end to early, I can see that they are just going over the sign you just learned. The ads are quick and other reviews are overdramatized about the ads. I can now sign with confidence and the videos made me feel like I was really getting taught. Thank you.
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3 years ago, 2017 Toy Highlander
Very helpful, design-wise a tad clunky
The videos are clear and easy to follow, but the design and effectiveness of the app could be improved. For example, I want a “next video” button when I’m learning about Health and Body signs, but I have to go back and forth (select video, watch, go back, select different video). That would be fine if there were 5-6 videos, but there’s roughly 30 ish per set, and it becomes tiresome.
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3 years ago, Hazel Unique
ASL ;)
I really love this app!!! It’s so easy to use !!! I always make sure I download this App on every device I have... my Neice also hearing-impaired but this app definitely help me to be able to communicate with her :) she gets excited when she sees that I’ve learned something new ... that smile is everything... so all the way from Rockford Illinois yelling thank you for helping me to Able to communicate with my Neice!!! :)
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4 years ago, svsiebwkfbel
Amazing app!!
I love this app! It is amazing how it feels like a friend or a family member is teaching you. It’s like she is talking directly to me which is very helpful. The only thing i would complain about is the weird cutoffs that the videos have. You have to rewatch them a couple times because they are so short most of the time. Other than that, this is an excellent app that is very helpful and so worth the $3 upgrade!!
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8 months ago, Leilani Pate
I love the app because you can adjust how fast the video plays in case you want a better understanding to the sign. And you can re-watch it as much as you like. What i do dislike is how when your done learning it and click back, it always has an ad. But i do understand ads come with every single app. So all in all i love the app and definitely recommend this to people who want to learn!
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5 years ago, jxusm
At first I was very unsettled about getting this app. When I first downloaded this app I didn’t really love the home made videos. I actually really like them now! It feels like I am being taught asl by a family member or close friend. It is also free! This is one of the first apps I have found that thought asl for free! One thing I would say to change would be, more phrases. This app doesn’t really have any phrases in it. It is all words. This is still so helpful in helping me learn asl!
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5 years ago, OliviaMelendez
Great app but needs some small improvements
This is a great app but I would like to be able to play through the entire list of signs in a category by having them play by themselves like the alphabet instead of having to go back to the category page and choosing a word. If the layout of the basic words and category words were more like the alphabet it would be easier to learn how to sign. Otherwise, this app is great!
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6 years ago, Monkey kid 🙊🙉🙈🐵oo oo ah ah
Great App!
I feel this is a great app worth getting. It’s definitely worth a five star rating. Even if you’ve never practice sign language you can learn the alphabet in minutes. And there’s many quick like ten second videos that show how to do a few words. I’m getting ready to start in ASL so I’m exited that I already have a head start. I would most defiantly recommend this app for beginners in ASL.
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3 years ago, a girl with a opinon
Very good
I love this app I had learned a little bit of sight language when i was younger so I decided I wanted to learn it and I got this app and when I had it for not even 1 day I had learned the alphabet it is a great app and I am planning on getting the three dollar upgrade because it is one time payment and it seems like this is a good resin to pay overall great app
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3 years ago, A cool person!!
Good but..
This app is the best!! But the thing is for people who need ASL because they can’t hear this app would be bad in that case because the videos show a girl saying the word but to people who need ASL to communicate unlike me just learning it for fun and because it can be useful it’s not as effective also the vids are low quality but the app itself is good! I say an A for effort and an A for ASL communication! Just fix the vids plz.
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2 years ago, SimpleSlMP
Really helps
Hello, I’m a hearing person. Im 11. I’m trying to learn sign language for my future and for my own knowledge. This app really helps. The woman who does it really helps me understand. I recommend this app very much. Because for people who are hearing. They say the words with the actions. I really recommend this to deaf and hearing people. I love this app and I’ll be using this app for a while.
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7 years ago, Maskaluna
Hoping for more
Free version you get an ad in your face every 2-3 times you go back for another sign. Pro version is only $3. That's what some people pay for a coffee per day. This is the best app I've found that my kid likes to learn from. But I would like to see more "daily phrases" to help both of us communicate. And maybe some exercises to help me get faster at signing. I don't want a dictionary for ASL. I want to be able to talk to someone across a room.
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4 years ago, Thepastorina
Beginners only
This is an excellent app for beginners. It teaches basic signs in a fun way, and even a few songs you could use in church for a Christmas special. But it's not ASL in structure. It's more Pidgin (PSE). This is not an issue for beginners, but it's not a good dictionary for someone who's more advanced and needs to look up the occasional sign or phrase. If you're just starting enjoy! It's really fun!! (That is, if you can stand the ads. I had to delete it because they were so obnoxious.)
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3 years ago, C A N D Y G I R L
Great but
This is a great app but it does adds every few times you look at something. Although it is wonderful. The words are easy to retain and it is a good program. Of course like every free app in the world there are certain things you have to pay extra for so that you can have “pro” version or whatever. That gets on my nerves because I can’t learn animals but whatevs.
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6 years ago, Christiana C.
Good App
I like this app very much it is teaching me sign language signs that most of the time I have to look up or that wouldn’t be there. I am 14 and learning sign and most people are shocked that I am learning these signs. Thank you for this app because most of these apps cost money. I enjoy having a person actually doing the signs instead of pictures. But please cut down on the ads. 👏🏾👋🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
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5 years ago, NCSteelerFan1211
Great for Beginners
I like that this app includes the history of Galluadet. I find the explanations as to how to make the signs correctly and why the signs are used to represent each word very useful in helping me remember each sign. I’d like it better if these explanations were used consistently throughout. It is a very handy reference and to be able to pull out my phone and learn a little more any time any where.
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6 years ago, saeed bashir
My experience
I feel like it makes learning sign language fun. I wanted to learn sign since I was little and it would be nice to be able to speak to people who can’t hear. I had a girl in my class, she could hear but not very well, she had to wear hearing-aids and had an interpreter. I thought it was amazing to watch him sign what the teacher was teaching. This makes learning to sign easy and fun.
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5 years ago, hehbsh
Why i love this app
I think this app is really cool and fun because my friend is deaf and she cant hear and i searched for this app because i fell bad and i wanted to learn her language and now we can talk and i am really thankful cause before I could not talk to her but now i can and now we are happy that we can talk in sign language now i have a lot to catch up on so thank you for the creator of this app
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12 months ago, Bbbgr9
Sign language
It is a amazing app to use I learned the whole alphabet in sign language in 1 humor I like how it doesn’t cost money to have it cause other apps do I am almost fluent in speaking basic words I love it there is just a lot of ads after a little bit but other than that it is amazing
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4 years ago, InJesusNameAmen
I love this app so much! Please add more I am almost done with all of my tutorials. I would love to learn relationship signs. Conversation. Making orders. And introducing myself and emotions, colors. Plz add more because I love how this app shows each word step by step easily. I’m currently teaching myself sign language through your app. And everyone is impressed!
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4 years ago, cobyiscut
I am only a kid and I am learning a lot. I have always wanted to learn ASL for years. I speak ASL to my parents and they don’t know what I say. You should get this app to learn sign language. When you do the thing when you have to match the finger word or number I believe so it is a lot of fun. And this is a kid that is telling you to get it. So believe me when I say it is good because it is good.
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1 year ago, nameless none
It’s pretty good
I was really interested in learning sign language because I make friends easily and might one day make a friend who is deaf. My dad showed me this app when I told him I wanted to learn,I first worked on letters and it was easy to learn how to spell my name. But I wish there were more videos on how to say words other than that I really liked it.
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3 years ago, venmq58613
How I learn sign language
These people are so amazing I mean I would have never known how do you spell different words in sign language or say different words like stocking or Christmas or my favorite word in sign language hot chocolate if it weren’t for them you definitely should try it out if not you’ll regret it
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3 years ago, sariah_rawr🤪🦖
I love it!!!! As a young teen I really enjoy the app. I’ve always looked for a ASL app to help me learn sign language but I have never found a good one, BUT this app have helped me and is awsome I totally recommend it!!! Also the ads are short so it doesn’t really interfere with my learning!!! The person who does the videos are doing a great job😁 thank you for making this app!!!!
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5 years ago, Stepunderme
Love this app!!!
Despite the adds. It’s still a wonderful way to learn Sign language. Working at hospital with so many types of people coming and going. I have had a few who were deaf. I knew enough basic words in ASL to get me bye, but not enough for my patients. Thank the Lord my peeps were very good lip readers. But this way I can practice with the ASL app anytime anywhere to better myself.
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4 years ago, um da best
Not very good tbh
Honestly, it was promising at first but then I realized it was not a very good app for learning ASL. It teaches you the basics right but it also dosen’t have a video it just has arrows to where to point your fingers. But I still don’t know where to point them or stuff. Like why not just put a vid or animation? 😤 Also, it gives poems and history about random deaf things that are not related to learning ASL they are just there to be there. Some parts are good but overall I would not reccomend this app if you want to learn sign languange ✨🌸🤍
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2 years ago, American Sign Language learner
Signing Genius
I only knew the alphabet before this, and now I can almost speak fluently after just 3 days of learning and 4 weeks of reinforcement! It’s so fun and easy, some of the videos cut out early while the signer is still talking but you can still get the just of it. Best free sign language app ever!
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4 years ago, Lollipop🤩
Such a great app and I can’t believe it’s free!!
I learned so many words very quickly because this app is so simple and makes it so easy!! I 100% recommend this app to anyone who needs to learn sign language! I did it for fun and incase I needed it one day! This is definitely a good idea for when your bored!! I love it sooo much!!! And I hope it will come in handy one day!
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5 years ago, EricaADoll
Very much enjoying! Love the teacher!
This a great simple app for learning the basics, from abc/123, medical, questions words and just for fun ones. The teacher does a GREAT job and I like her use of repetition teaching. Also the app is so easy to use. Even using this to teach my 3 year old because she shows a real! interest in ASL🙏🤩 (she uses the app on my phone as well).
Show more
3 years ago, cstew888
Awesome app! Thank you!
I’ve wanted to learn sign language for so long but wasn’t sure how to start and feared it would be too difficult. The pictures and videos are so helpful. Thanks to this app I’ve already memorized the alphabet and learned some basic words in just a week! Very cool :)
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3 years ago, 123_ASL
Kid Friendly
I love this app! But wish that it would get a little harder... Instead it just teaches the ABC’s and numbers and a couple of other words and poems. I have only practiced 2 (yesterday and today) and already know more then half of it. Which is good but not as much as I would like to learn. Overall I think that It's more for kids (ages 3-9) then anyone older. But I still am having fun!
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