ASL Dictionary Sign Language

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User Reviews for ASL Dictionary Sign Language

4.74 out of 5
2K Ratings
8 years ago, PageTraveller
The BEST ASL Dictionary App Yet!
I've been teaching myself ASL for a little while now, so I've tried many different ASL dictionary apps. This is the absolute best app yet!!! It is quick, easy to use, helpful, and it has a ton of words available! The videos are clear and helpful, plus it has the option to slow the video down in slow motion. There are even categories to chose from so that you can learn certain groups of words all at once (food, family, colors, etc. You can also add words to your favorites list for quick reference. The best part about this app though, is the quiz feature!!! It provides a quiz of the different categories, random words, your favorites list, and even fingerspelling (with 3-6 letter word length)!!!!! The app even grades the quiz for you. That is the most helpful ASL learning tool that I've seen yet! I highly recommend this app! It's worth it!
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6 years ago, Tyger 500
Well demonstrated signs
My granddaughter is essentially non-verbal. We are working on a communicator and sign language as supported language. It has been a long journey with many failures but we press on. Language is a crucial right for everyone and those with out spoken language must have good resources to support speech. She remembers signs well though she doesn’t yet have the fine motor skills to do them. When all others things fail, the signs bridge the gap to spoken language. She just seems to understand the spoken better when signs are used. This app supports my usage of signs and when home schooling I need to often refer back to app to ensure I am doing them correctly. The saved favorites are so helpful when I need to review. This app is a much needed resource for this granny!! Thanks for the new update.
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6 years ago, Nicheblon
Great app!
I love this app. I use it while on the bus, and at night before bed. It's super useful for me because my sister is deaf and I rarely ever see her. This means that I lose the capability to learn very many new signs. But, I made a new year's resolution to teach myself more sign language so I could communicate more easily with her, and this app makes that really easy. Definitely worth the money! I have one suggestion. When I look through the words in the dictionary, I find that the word at the bottom (the one that tells the word she is signing) is hard to read because of its size. I might recommend making the word a little larger so I can see it better when I'm practicing my signs.
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6 years ago, MCcrossfitRocks
Excellent app!
I’m just starting to use this app but having the variety it does to learn is outstanding and worth every cent! I think this app is the one that will really reinforce the signs. It’s been hard with other apps to learn them correctly for a few reasons. Question is to I learn as I’m looking in a mirror or so I use opp hand?? Looking forward to really learning!! I want to pay it forward to those who want to bring Fitness and CrossFit into their lives and a place we can all speak universally. My mission is to have the hearing impaired able to be a part of my gym and we all feel and see the same things! No barriers, all inclusive and I hope I can do this and do it well!!!
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9 years ago, EnBa1977
¡Excelente! I'm a linguistic major.
Excellent app. I downloaded this app for my ASL classes, and it has helped me a lot. It's really hard to study when you don't have access to the Internet to check if you are doing your signs the right way. This app doesn't need Internet. Whenever you need to review a sign, it is right there on the spot. I highly recommend this app. Keep in mind that not all ASL signs are signed the same way. Just like different accents exist throughout the U.S. different ways of signing exist as well. Also, the signs used in this app are very modern. Some of the old signs might not be singed the same way as the new ones.
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9 years ago, Itirbac
Excellent App!
ASL Dictionary is simply elegant, extremely useful, and functions flawlessly. Its intuitive interface makes using each of its feature very easy. As a new student of ASL, I have found this app to be a tremendous help, both in its iPhone and iPad versions, the latter of which has a couple of additional very nice features, such as the ability to loop a sign. It is a great app—and I highly recommend it—but could be even better • if on existing quizzes, the signer’s face were obscured so the user could not read her lips (as other reviews have noted); • if an alternative for quizzes were available in which the user is shown a printed word, the app pauses a a moment so the user can recall and make the sign, and then the app shows the movie of the correct sign; and • if subcategories of favorites were possible (so one could, for example, create a separate category of vocabulary for each lesson of a text book, or create separate categories, say, for signing and for fingerspelling practice).
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8 years ago, Shadytext
Amazing app and a suggestion
Forced to rewrite this so it'll be concise. If you have the few dollars for this app it is a worthwhile investment you won't regret. It contains a large dictionary, good quality video, slow mo, and a favorites section. Ive tried/paid for other apps and this one is clearly steps ahead of the others. Personally, I'd like to learn ASL by translating my favorite songs. That being said, my suggestion would be to allow people to make folders. In my case, I could have the songs lyrics all laid out in a folder ready to learn. Overall this is amazing and I'm glad I purchased it, thank you.
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5 years ago, Japanese Gakusei
Mediocre App
I read the reviews that gave this 5-stars and thought it would be worth the investment; however—I looked up the word “pants” which is in most beginner ASL books and there was no entry. I then looked up “clothing” and there was nothing. I found “clothes” and it worked, but you would think for the money that it would have synonyms, or even the category “clothes or clothing.” Nope! Also, when it demonstrates signing it is often from only one perspective, which at times can hide from view details of the actual sign. Also for “gray” they show only one version, which is different from the gray in the book: Signing Naturally- a very widely used ASL textbook for beginners. I think I was generous in giving this App 3-stars.
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3 years ago, lamertje
Useful/ a little clunky
First of all, for under $10 this app is worth the price. However it is not perfect, it has a few glitches and the signing can be a little sloppy and unclear. I like the quiz feature, good to practice sign recognition. Also I appreciate that there is an option to obscure the signers mouth as I found her mouthing the words to be distracting. Their solution is a little clunky and covers some of the signs but it works. Overall this is one of the best apps for ASL I’ve found- I was a little torn if I should give it 5 stars based on that. But (and this is a big but) there is a lot that could be improved to make this app more functional.
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9 years ago, Mspeach6652
Great easy reference
I work as an SLP in a school for severely handicapped children, the majority of whom need some alternate form of communication. Most of our staff haven't had sign language training, so it was hard to ask them to support my sign language lessons with the kids because they couldn't remember the signs sufficiently. Also depending on the activities of the day sometimes a particular word would become relevant during a teachable moment. I had my school put the app on the classroom IPads to help the staff gain easy access to signs at the very time that a certain vocabulary word becomes relevant to a child.
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7 years ago, Santa Rosa Valley farm girl
Best ASL App You Will Ever Find
I am so happy with all the features on this app. I like that it has many categories such as a huge volume of words, colors, weather, time, etc. and you can create a list of your favorite words. I like that you can loop a sign to play over and over for practice. I like the "Play All" feature so you can play all your favorites or signs from any category from start to finish. I love that it has a quizzes and a slow motion feature. The people signing are very clear with their hands and expressions. This app is well worth buying! I really love this app.
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6 years ago, beelzilla
Let me favorite words in a quiz!
Needs more words and some useless words are added like “is” and “are”. I socialize with deaf people trying to learn better and sometimes my friends will disagree with how some words are signed in this app. I understand there are many ways to sign different words. Other than that the app is super convenient and I love the quizzes. I wish I had the option to favorite some words while in a quiz. Whenever I adjust the video time it’ll freeze up and I’m unable to have the videos play again. I am forced to shut the app off and reload it. Maybe it’s software corruption on my end, but I have re downloaded this app multiple times trying to fix the issue and it hasn’t.
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4 years ago, laurensings
Wonderful app
My son’s half brother is hard of hearing. We have been using this app to learn ASL so they can bond more closely when he goes to visit his dad. We look up words as we come across the need to use them, then quiz each other with our history of searched words. We have had a lot of fun with the quizzes, and our vocabulary is growing surprisingly fast! It would be cool to be able to string sentences together and use those for quizzing too, but we don’t mind doing that outside of the app. All in all very happy with the purchase
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8 years ago, CarlosOlguin
"Is" "Are" "The" are not ASL. Love the app!
This is one of the best ASL apps I've ever downloaded. However I've been reading some reviews about people getting frustrated that there are no words like "are" "is" or "the" and so on. Just to clear confusion, the reason being is because in American Sign Language they do not use these words. ASL is its own language. Different from English. For example, if you wanted to ask someone "Are you married?", you would sign it: YOU MARRIED (while raising your eyebrows). Aside from that, I highly recommend this app!
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8 years ago, Stacie Kane
Awesome app... Only 1 complaint
I love this app! I've learned so much. It's easy and quick to use when wanting to check yourself. The only complaint I have is with the quiz feature. It would be better if she didn't also mouth the word when using the sign so you really do have to know the sign to get it right. I really want to quiz myself to see if I recognize the signs when someone else is signing to me not just when I'm practicing the signs to myself.
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8 years ago, yamswire
This is definitely helpful, especially with the video. However it's frustrating when simple words like "are" or phrases like "you are" and other day to day language is not in the dictionary. This needs to be upgraded to fully functioning dictionary like any other language dictionary. As it is now its just to get by on a basic level. This could be a very powerful and popular App if it were more seriously embellished with a rich language dictionary. I do recommend getting this App if you need to communicate basic ideas to a hearing impaired person who uses ASL.
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9 years ago, Alexmiddel
Very helpful
I go to this app many times a week, to help me communicate with someone who works for me and is a good friend. The videos are very clear and helpful. I do wish they would provide more info when there is more than one version of how to sign a particular word, especially in context. Like when would one use version 1 vs version 2, or 3? This could easily be added to the dictionary, I think - just include an example of a usage in a sentence. Otherwise, I find this app to be a huge help and recommend it to anyone trying to learn how to sign.
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6 years ago, Summerc12
Great App!!!
This is by far the best asl app that I have ever seen. Although some of the signs are old they are still used by some people. There are so many signs, and I love how you don’t have to have internet while you’re on the app. It is definitely worth the money. I emailed the tech for this app and they got back to me in less than an hour with a response. I asked if they could add a typed answer for the quizzes and they will be adding it soon. So excited for the update.
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5 years ago, Robert_Stanley
Saved my life ... really
My daughter took ASL in high school ... I didn’t know ASL. She was in ICU and ona respirator, couldn’t speak and could only sign with one hand. We communicated for several days this way. After her respirator was removed she had lost her voice but could then use both hands. We continued to sign and I expanded my skills. This app was amazing and worth every penny. I used the favorite feature to mark the most common signs and the letters that I always mess up.
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5 years ago, CEO André
Great setup but needs multiple saved lists
We pay 8 dollars and only get one list to save and test on . What if users want different lists for testing different set of words? That is truly my only complaint . I love that you don’t have to go back to the list see a video on a nearby word you can do one after the other . Great app but if possible please add customizable saved lists . ❤️ Oh yea I like that I can blur her mouthing of the words 🙌🏾
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5 years ago, sterlingangel
THANK YOU! Best for studying!
I’m currently learning ASL for a student I have and this app is perfect for quizzing myself on the signs I’m learning in my online course. My other students will benefit from it as well. Best part is that it’s a one time purchase! With everything being a subscription these days it’s impossible to take your time without paying an ungodly amount of money for using something like this. This broke teacher truly appreciates it!
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2 years ago, samyouel
Best ASL Sign App
I direct an Indigenous language revitalization department for my community and we apply ASL to what we teach. We use it every time we need to know the sign for a word. I would give it 10 stars if it allowed me to change the name for the signs from English to our own language and 20 stars if the lady in the video didn’t mouth the words in English. Also great that it doesn’t collect personal data.
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3 months ago, icecap1
Not too good
Bare bones dictionary with very little context as to the sense of the word; eg. if you look up WORK it doesn't say whether this can be used to mean "this method works" or "my phone works." It would help to know up front what region of the US or Canada all these signs are from, as they have very little in common with the New York style of ASL I am currently learning. Quizzes would be more helpful if they were not multiple choice. A "reveal answer" button would be more useful as I'd have to think more; the choices are so random that only one is even close and it's a giveaway. Thank you.
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2 years ago, gooseyoga
Seriously the best
I had an introduction to sign language as a kid and picked it back up when I had a baby four years ago. Sign language completely changed my relationship with him and his relationship with the world as a developing human. This app has been extremely helpful, user friendly and very convenient. Customer service is prompt and helpful. I appreciate you
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7 years ago, astrotsarina
Helpful for ASL class
I've been marking words as favorites in this app as I learn them in my ASL class. It's very helpful to be able to quiz myself. Suggestion: ability to make lists of words, so you could quiz yourself on specific groups of words without including all of them. I'd like to be able to keep all the words I know in the favorites list, but I don't need to be quizzed on the early, easy stuff anymore.
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8 years ago, 314random
Excellent resource and well written
I've downloaded a lot of ASL apps and find this one to be excellent-one of the best out there. It is a great supplemental resource to the ASL classroom instruction I am taking. While no resource can have every word, this app has a huge list of signs. The signer has such a pleasant style and does a great job of demonstrating a multitude of signs. App is well organized and provides many different ways to sort and practice ASL signs.
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8 years ago, Got2getsomesleep
We can communicate!
The hiring of a deaf person was our greatest challenge and greatest asset. She is a hard worker and always stays busy. For terms of her production she is one of our most valuable. Yet our ability to communicate with her was a struggle. Our weekly ASL classes have been great and this app fills in the gaps. I have used this app a lot and I find the fee to be so small for the pleasure it brings. Thank you to the developers!
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7 years ago, Joe Neighbor
I have a great neighbor who is def so we have lived near each other 7 years but never really connected. I decided it was long overdue to learn sign language. I downloaded the app about a month ago and decided to learn 2 words a day. The app made it very easy and my neighbor and I had our first real conversation this weekend. His family is even coming over for a BBQ. Love the app. Thanks!
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5 years ago, RieDefine
Great reference!
This is a great app! I see a few people complaining that words are missing, but two things to remember: 1- Not all English words have a sign, and 2- Not every dictionary has every sign. Supplementing with another app or a dictionary book is quite helpful. This app has most major and most used signs, but my printed dictionary comes in handy once in a while.
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7 years ago, ElizaGR
Fantastic App!!
I am currently in an ASL 1 class, working my way towards some basic proficiency in the language as I will be starting an ASL Interpreting program next fall. This app has been an indispensable tool thus far, helping me practice signs that we went over in class after class is over, and practicing new signs between classes to work ahead. Definitely worth the cost. Download it.
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4 years ago, just4us3
Great App. easy to use
This is a great app to have that anyone can learn from. It doesn’t matter if you are One or 99, they are made for easy understanding. It has almost everything you would need to learn or teach someone basic ASL that is so easy to do that it doesn’t feel like you are trying to learn it.
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7 years ago, Sgcast
Best so far
This app gives a very comprehensive list of words. Breaks down words into categories which is convenient. My only reason for 4 stars is that I would love to see a section on syntax and forming sentences. Also, would be nice to get a side profile as well as a front view of the signs. It can be hard to see how some signs are formed and what the specific movement is (although this isn't as big of a deal). Overall great app.
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7 years ago, Just-1-Julie
ASL-1 Student
I'm taking ASL-1 without any prior experience with ASL. It's been a learning process. And, I've struggled, especially at home when everything I thought I learned is no longer in my memory. This program helps a lot, 9 times out of 10 matching up with the way our professor teaches the signs. I'm glad to have it; totally worth a money that was paid.
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8 years ago, Absoludy
Love it!
I've been studying ASL/deaf studies for a while now, and I'm a social worker for troubled deaf adults. While I'm fluent in ASL, this app is useful for keeping everything fresh. I love that it works without Internet, and it has a a large vocabulary. Also, the woman signing is rather attractive, which helps since ASL is a visual language, it helps if there's a pleasant face behind the hands.
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6 years ago, Nick28996
Great!! but could use a few more words
The app is fantastic and a joy to use, I constantly find myself going back to it when I think of a new word or phrase I would like to know in ASL, with that said a big weakness for the app would be words like can’t and wouldn’t, I know there aren’t really signs for contractions but it would help beginners who don’t know to see that asl is a language based on interpretation
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9 years ago, Boonesar
Absolutely Excellent
The extensive dictionary is perfect particularly for happening across a word I don't know and am curious. The presenter is easy to view and although most are at a good speed, I like that you can opt for a slower speed. My favorite area is the quiz. Well done. Worth the fee. Other related program, also excellent is the one for Emergency personnel.
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8 years ago, Lairenashls
Awesome but
This app is truly amazing. I'm teaching my self sign language and I'm catching on very quickly. I've been using the app for about two weeks now and I'm able so form simple sentences like "It's nice to meet you, my name is Lauren" However there are many words that are not in here and I have to look them up else where which is time consuming when I'm trying to communicate effectively.
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9 years ago, Aybonner7
ASL Dictionary
I love the ASL dictionary, it has really enhanced my study in sign language. I use every aspect of it, from finder spelling to numbers. I wish you had an area where it had the signs and gave me the meanings as well. That would help those learning the language also. However if you have a app for that please let us know. Thankfully alfreda4
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8 years ago, winniewright
Very easy to use! I love the quiz feature with the option to quiz yourself on your favorite words. I do wish it had more sentences or an intro on "need to know" things about ASL, like sentence structure.... Or if you could have a category for work related conversation... Or how to order food from a restaurant.... But that's just an idea.
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9 years ago, Gearhart44
I love this app! Especially how quick you can look up words and the fact you can have the signs slowly so you really get it down! I like the favorites to store my new words in and can then be tested. I emailed questions and they were quickly answered, kindly, politely and with much patience! Thank you, very deserving of 5 stars!
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7 years ago, Iron2016
Huge Help
What a great app/help aid that I can take with me anywhere at anytime. On my lunch break at work, I use it to practice fingerspelling, along with the dictionary signs. I love that the signs can loop so that I can see the ones that I struggle grasping. I wish I could give this app more than 5 stars. It's well worth the few dollars I spent on it.
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7 years ago, NashobaK
Impressive and broad dialect
Most ASL apps leave you with simple signs to barely maneuver around the language. But this app gives you everything you need. Including bar/liquor signs which are extremely good in multiple situations. I have purchased several expansions and have not been disappointed.
Show more
8 years ago, SunnySum05
Excellent App, Worth the Price
This is the only app I have ever paid for and it was definitely worth the $8. I use this app often - not only to reference new signs that I would like to learn, but also to quiz myself and keep up on what I already know. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in ASL! 👍🏻
Show more
6 years ago, Addict of Amr Khaled's work
Great, easy app!
It is really easy to use ; it has a dictionary where you can look up a word and see the sign for it. It has a reloop mode that shows the same sign again and again , which is really useful. I don’t always find the words I am looking for though.
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7 years ago, Tht1chck
Awesome app
I started watching a show, Switched at Birth, which inspired me to learn ASL. This app is amazing! I mean almost any word can be found! I even understand some of the signing in the show now... I still think I need to take classes to fully grasp ASL but this app is a wonderful tool! Don't hesitate to download it if you're interested!!
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7 years ago, wordnrrrd
Extensive dictionary with nice features
Valuable resource as I learn ASL to better communicate with a hearing impaired student and make both of us less reliant on her interpreter. The dictionary is extensive and so far has contained 95% of the vocabulary words from my sign language tutoring sessions, and the favorites and quiz functions help me study.
Show more
8 years ago, spotted_zebra
Just stunning!
I'm a hearing person and my wife and I are learning this mostly for fun but also a little too avoid her having to raise her voice when I take out my hearing aids. We found this app and just love its features. The slo-mo is especially helpful as rank beginners trying to get it right. Rockin'!
Show more
9 years ago, Blmesserlie
Very pleased!
I am no expert on sign and I found this app when looking for work materials. I have some students on my caseload this year who use some basic sign. I love the option to look up a sign and the app typically has what I am searching for. I am very happy with this resource!
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5 years ago, Haiden Burbank
This app changed my life
My family has history of going deaf and when I found that out I wanted to be prepared and this app has had a major impact on my life now that I’m hard of hearing. Learning signs really helped me, my friends, and family communicate
Show more
7 years ago, BigPapaLutzy
navigation is easy, demonstrations are clear, and the app is free! its amazing how quickly i am learning! there are a group of prople hard of hearing that come in where i work all the time and i can have almost fluent conversations with them in sign now! Thank you!!!
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