AstroSage Kundli

4.7 (5.4K)
83.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ojas Softech Pvt Ltd
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for AstroSage Kundli

4.66 out of 5
5.4K Ratings
2 years ago, KrishnaBoloRadhe
AstroSage User since 2016
Absolutely the best Jyotish / Vedic Astrology App available. ALL other apps fall short by asking for premium subscription fee’s to access mildly informative / general information. I have come to Krishna consciousness, learned about my self, my family, MANY strangers because this app exists and allows me to quickly seek knowledge. Incredible job the team has done over the years updating, thank you so much for all of the hard work! Astrosage offers $4 USD Questions with 24hr replies as well. I have used this service many times to confirm my self-learning with wonderful experiences + inputs from experienced astrologers. Highly recommend this App, JAI SRI KRISHNA JAI HIND -Much love and blessings from Texas, Junior
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3 years ago, Ellie.della
Great app
I enjoy this great app. It provides lots of valuable information. I think it is the only app that does this freely at least for iOS users. Some recommendations to improve the services of the app: Adding daily Jyotish lessons like many pages and sites for attracting enthusiasts and increasing fans & users. Dashas are not as précis as some other software and apps Hope you success
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1 year ago, Michelle_scorpio
Lately the astrologers on the app are not helpful. I ask simple questions and then they will waste your time asking for you to ask the question again when you already asked.. such a waste of time. I have put so much money and time using Kundli but I will take my business elsewhere. Support team doesn’t even email me back to credit the $ spent on chats that WASTED my time. Basically the app is good for the charts and stuff but to speak to an astrologer or any professional is absolute a waste of money and time. I am very very dissatisfied with this service. Best bet is to follow professionals astrologers on Facebook like VEDIC VISION they are very willing to help you understand your chart.
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4 years ago, HG Naik
Very good Vedic astrology app
This is my first review. I am a beginner in astrology and I really like the app and it’s navigation buttons. I am using Jagantha Hora on Windows laptop which is the best one I used so far. AstroSageKundli app is another app that made me happy. I have one small suggestion that if there is an additional option on transit chart and calculation would make it much better for predictions. But overall it’s a very good app
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1 year ago, Kumarnick
Awesome in all aspects.
After Google, this has to be the most selfless application. They never pester you to buy anything and just keep helping you out without ever seeking anything from you. I have been benefitting from them for last many years and hope to repay them one day. God Bless them. Thanks !!
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1 year ago, dey la
Hidden fees to talk to astrologers
This app is good for looking up vedic astrology charts but the cost for chatting with an astrologer is a rip off. I paid $8 for 10 minutes when I was supposed to get a free first call. All the money for time gets eaten away by the international calling fees, which doesn’t make sense since the call is over the internet. Also, first two astrologers didn’t speak english so that wasted time too. There should be a flat fee option.
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3 years ago, Henrietta68
Vedic is the only astrology I’m interested anymore.
I find it very much on point and as complicated as it first seemed this site helped answer a lot of my questions. I’m looking into a live session once I dig a little deeper and know what to I need clarify Overall quite pleased and would highly recommend it
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5 years ago, Balaji Sri
Nice app
I have been following this app for years.. 70% close prediction.. I generally keep my mouth shut when there is a hint about family problems or issues predicted on monthly predictions and most of the time it saves me in preventing major fights or escalating officially or personally.. I definitely recommend this app..
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6 months ago, chiruvolum
The Best One and only
I tried many for many decades, finally found AstroSage 20 years back. This ended my long quest. It is an excellent basic tool as well as advanced predictive tools including KP system. All in one. God bless the sponsors and scholars who contributed to its high quality.
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12 months ago, Torcam SP
New update hacks your phone
I have updated AstroSage application, and I am having a problem when I open any previous kundali. After few seconds opening previous kundali pop-up screen, come and force you to call Astrologer. If you don’t want to call Astrologer, your screen is lock and you cannot do anything. This is the worst update, which hack your cell phone. Don’t even try to install this software on your cell phone unless you want your phone to be hacked.
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2 years ago, cardamompodkijai
Couldn’t live without it
Extremely accurate predictions fir all predictions but especially daily. Apply it to my daily life all the time. When it’s right it’s REALLY right. When it doesn’t apply I let it fly. Has predicted major moments in my life. Amazing app.
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3 years ago, ⓈⒾⓉⒽⓊ
I love it.
May I request you, to modify your app for iOS just as Andriod app feature. I prefer you app for Andriod because I can use east chart style in it whereas this one for iOS does not support east chart style. Futhermore, There are more and more options in Andriod. So I hope your iOS app to improve like Andriod.
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12 months ago, sd3tris
Downfall started
Why is the app heading a downfall? It was a good app. I have been using for more than an year. But latest updates are forcing too many pop ups and ads. Also there is no landscape mode yet. Will it ever be implemented? Hope the team realizes the potential of the app and the people using it and make it better. Hope to not be disappointed in the future. Good luck team!
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4 years ago, lexuztexuz
Great app for information!!
I love this app! It has accurate information and a lot of information about different things you’d need to know for free. I’m a beginner in studying Vedic astrology and this app has help me out a lot. I’m so thankful it is free and has wonderful info to offer
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2 weeks ago, freeishi
The only reason why I’m not giving 5 stars is because when you click on a notification from the app it just brings you to the homepage of the app, and not the link you wanted to find more about
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9 months ago, Prowriter1
Grossly Inaccurate Gems Report
I’m not sure if the goal here is to scare people half to death to push them to buy a bunch of gems they don’t need, or if it is just gross incompetence. In short, no one should Ever recommend red coral to a Scorpio rising. Ever! This gross error alone makes me question everything I have read. No wonder I meet so many depressed Indians. What’s sad is an experienced astrologer uses this app. Personality, I think it’s a push for sales. You almost got me.
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4 years ago, TheDopeSander
This is honestly so accurate it’s pretty creepy sometimes! But all in all learning more and understanding more about Vedic astrology with this app has definitely helped me learn even more about myself rather than compared to Western astrology
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5 years ago, VoraYaj
Good at first BUT....
I enjoyed using the app for quick lagna checking, not so much predictions but Ever since their new update, I have gotten completely WRONG CALCULATIONS. I have my records of charts and I went into quickly check a celebrity chart since I didn’t have my documents on hand and it was completely off. This can end up very very badly for people who uses it. So, better FIX IT before getting people sucked in the wrong mindset!
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9 years ago, leonardolado
Nice but it has bugs
Interesting to give some accurate descriptions of an individual based on his data birth and time of birth and location for us however the matching section crashes when you try to do it. Therefore it still has bugs
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12 months ago, roshni4
We dont have an option to edit chart
This app was absolutely great.. i have been using this app to check all astrological charts.. recent times i see the edit option is not there, which is quite troublesome because we have to create new chart and type the entire details again. other wise 4 stars..
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12 months ago, Clearly Kira has
A Great Resource
As someone who feels as though I am “remembering “the correct way to practice Astrology, this app has been a very accurate knowledge base for me. I love learning via Vedic Sidereal method. It makes so much sense. Thank You.
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4 months ago, Tankshan
Extremely knowledgeable
He is very accurate and knowledgeable, soft to speak to, gives dates that are quite accurate …..
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3 months ago, K8sl
For a straightforward Quick Look at a chart, this is a good choice. I would generally avoid all the ads and offers that come up, but then, I am an astrologer and only need the calculation end.
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4 weeks ago, cookiebunches
Astrology/ AstroSage
Excellent for all family for easily matching the horoscope and reduce time frame to give answers about the matching. According to me it is the greatest way the AstroSage is give service to the society. God Bless
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5 years ago, nm lodha
Opinion/ clarification
It gives 99% accurate prediction , I always use this app but I have one doubt , weather it takes into a/c time changes in ca from Nov. To April ( one hour ahed/lags). I welcome anyone who clarify this . Thank. U
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3 years ago, la chu man
Thanks giving
Thank you very much for the apps from which we can use very easily
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4 years ago, sravsy
Excellent app for calculations but predictions are biased
I’m researching many charts in this app. For my analysis so far this app is so accurate. But some interpretations are confusing, and mostly giving the positive side of the coin. Not straight farword.
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4 years ago, Deepak-DS
Accurate and selfless
This is one of the most precise and accurate software in astrology I have found so far. It is ad free and is very accurate.
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6 months ago, SharadKotak
Astro sage software.
Using since it came into existence. Lot of varieties and multiple tools. Its calculations are authentic and we can rely upon it. Fully satisfied as an astrologer.
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7 years ago, LI Dubai
Excellent program but no customer support
I would have given this 5 stars plus, however without customer support or response, one cannot rely on it fully.
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7 years ago, BankimBB
App is good but need something more interactive like Chat appointment on paid basis with astrologer There should be purchase of services available through App.
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4 years ago, Sooaniaa
When will you guys update after Septemer 17 ?
Can’t see past my birthday on my monthly chart , does it update or we have to pay ?
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7 months ago, Hobokener
Very high free structure for themselves. Astrologers get less than 40%
Good software but no transparency on fees and how much is shared with the astrologers. I recently gave a Guru Dakshina, my astrologer got only 40%. Also there is no way to ping/ connect with your astrologer if they are offline. One cannot send a message to them.
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9 years ago, Dejap16
My boyfriend and I both use it as a daily guide. It has given crazily accurate predictions and spot-on advice for dilemmas. Thank you for the service !
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12 months ago, Diwashbh
Pop up ruined this app
When you are looking at something the pop to chat with astrologer cannot be removed making this app conpletely useless.
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4 years ago, sunnySethi
Should also support all time-zones
Currently only shows INdian standard time but should support all other time zones. Also daily predictions should offer next day prediction.
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5 years ago, Sajjalsir
Amazing Predictions
I am surprised to see how accurate the predictions are. Just a small request, please update the app to support newer model of iPhone. It looks terrible in my iPhone X. I am taking one star for that.
Show more
6 months ago, Suzie898989
Stay away from Acharya Nisha
Stay away from Acharya Nisha. This woman has ruined my whole life. Have all fake unconfirmed predictions and put my life on hold for longtime saying a soulmate will come I spent so much money on her reading then lastly she said this is not a confirmed prediction then asked me to wait longer for him.. I wasted a longtime Ugg’s I hate her
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5 days ago, IsisEvelyn
As an American trying to learn more about Eastern Astrology, this app has been extremely helpful. I love the free horoscopes.
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4 years ago, Vinod Delhi
Nice app
Does a reasonably good kundli match. Auto locating very small towns or places in India is not able to locate places deserves some improvement. Otherwise app is helpful for parents of marriageable children.
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5 years ago, Hooyoofdragons
Beware it's inaccurate!!
I would give zero stars if I could. The feedback section does not work. The app keeps telling me my sun sign is Gemini when I was born in July. This makes it impossible for me to be a Gemini. Luckily i already know my chart placements. If i did not it would be a tragedy. The only thin that was correct from this app is my venus and rising signs. This app is a hot mess!
Show more
4 months ago, nik.hth
From good to bad to spam
This was a good app once but now it has turned into a spam. You are forced to switch on video and talk to a person(astrologer) may not be a credible person. You open the app for a daily horoscope and end up forcefully talking to someone on video call.
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2 years ago, nieceynee30
Good game
I love this app I completely learned about myself on a different level.
Show more
5 years ago, XR-13
You could write your own future
It’s a nice app help you to control things in your life
Show more
5 years ago, XeNzinga
Wrong Placements
I would really love to use this app but, my sun, moon, and rising signs show up completely wrong in the app. I see that only a few are having this problem with no answers as to why. Two stars because this is clearly a good app but, it is not working for me.
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5 months ago, denzil1014
It is a great app, specially the kundli are very accurate. However daily predictions are repeated or recycled frequently. Too much of the contents are based on love life, and not enough on carrier.
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1 year ago, BI.AN
this is a great app and in so much depth but i paid for a reading and i still haven’t gotten an email back
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3 years ago, Np7963
Good, but..
The app is good and I like the predictions, but the monthly predictions are only up till your next Birthday. So if my birthday is in May and I am in Feb, I can only see monthly predictions for next 2-3 months. The prediction should be on a rolling 12 months.
Show more
5 years ago, surya laxmi
Magick in spicially this time
Life is too fast going but live soul is too slow so this app really help for our life thx
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10 months ago, Vicdub
Gives wrong dasha duration
The software keeps changing dasha period- I took SS and matched, actually both were wrong as I matched it with Indastro which is very accurate.
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