ASVAB Practice for Dummies

4.8 (13.5K)
78.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Higher Learning Technologies
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for ASVAB Practice for Dummies

4.76 out of 5
13.5K Ratings
11 months ago, Neestchka
15 to a 44 ASVAB
Man, honestly the app is great and simple, I didn’t even have to purchase their whole trial. I just used their basic app with no purchases with only a 10-question limit. Throughout times and day, I would use this app for at least an hour, studying the question and learning from my mistakes. Using the book, “ASVAB for Dummies” and the app is a great tool to use. This app has helped me a lot to be a part of the Marines and to become a 03 Infantry. I’m grateful for this app for sure. I would recommend this app to anyone, really do! As you keep a consistent studying schedule with the use of this app you'll be all right! You can probably just use this app and not even have to buy the book of you really want to. This app is a life changer. Thanks for everything!!
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3 years ago, lindsey.m.17
This app is really nice! Before I get into the negative let me talk about the positives! This app helped me finally learn all the math problems which was the topic that was the hardest for me and the main reason why I failed the asvab, so now I feel much more confident in math! Now.. overall this app is great! But I just wish you guys added more examples for the problems and added more words for the words knowledge practice test. I believe there are about 720 words that can be on the asvab (you only get about 15 words when you take the asvab but you don’t know which of the 750 words you will get) so I wish you guys added more words. But overall I love how simple the app is very easy to use and I love how everything is in videos, having an instructor talking and explain the lessons is very helpful! Just please add more exhales oh! Also there’s no way of editing my custom quizzes! I can’t delete them or edit them please fix this and add the option to edit my custom quizzes and for the practice tests please add the option to use a timer because when you take the real asvab it’s always times. Thank you!
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8 months ago, LandonHITtheLOTTO
Great app but we should be able to go back and look at the previous question that we had just answered because sometimes the phone accidentally gets touched or whatever the case may be and then it’s like that answers lost forever. That question is lost forever we should be able to go back and review all questions. Like three separate times tonight while I was studying I don’t know if it’s something with my phone screen but the question keeps getting clicked off when I’m trying to review the answer and understand it and then when I click back on the answers it’s on a new question so it’s like that previous question is just lost in translation.
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4 years ago, Ry470
What a lie :/
So of course I looked at the reviews before I got this cause as we all know some apps you just need the heads up of wether or not this is a waste of time getting or not, clearly though it wasn’t as great as it’s pegged out to be. Here’s some reasons why. 1.) its all multiple from what you get (which isn’t much) for free. Now I originally got this knowing that I have a website that I can go to on my pc, I just wanted this for when I was gone or just away from the computer, or didn’t have much time on my hands. 2.) not all of the questions you get wrong have an explanation for the language. 3.) if you want to go onto anything other than that one vid you have or one basic science you get you have to buy a subscription that honestly seems a bit pointless to me 4.) they don’t change it up to challenge you at all. 5.) it’s not very detailed. 6.) the only thing you get the full on free I’d the pre-test which doesn’t help if you can’t practice it all 7.) the practice that you do get doesn’t give you many questions, you could easily memorize them in a second an then just pick what was correct. All in all it’s just kinda crummy, definitely not a 4.7, or whatever it is, worth. Not all. I seriously don’t recommend you can find better things on a different website that are more accurate, challenging, with more questions and more availability then what you get here.
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3 weeks ago, I called someone the N-Wors
One of the better ASVAB practice apps.
ASVAB for Dummies provides high quality feedback and practice opportunities. I enjoy the fact that, after answering a question, regardless of wether you got it right or wrong, you have to say if you “don’t know”, “somewhat know”, or “know” the question. I like this feature because sometimes I guess and still get the question right, so I am given the ability to get the question right (which looks good on my statistics) and let the app know that I don’t actually understand the subject. This app also provides free access to plenty of tutoring videos and lessons from other sources.
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5 years ago, Jonnyboyy97
Worth it.
So I’ve been out of high school for 4 years, finally decided to join the military, I downloaded multiple apps for studying for the ASVAB and this one is the only one that really caught my attention, not because I’m a dummy, but because how easy they made it for you to learn and study, there are multiple ways of studying through this app and it’s awesome. Only thing I would request the developers to do is when going over questions that the user did not know and decided to redo (red or yellow bookmarks). Rearrange the answers? It’s easy to remember where an answer was and not what it said. Thanks a bunch! Also, scored a 69 (haha) on my ASVAB thanks to theses peeps.
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3 years ago, rizza-girl
ASVAB studying
I’ve been studying for technically 2 weeks and I just went in to take the practice test for the second time and my score went from a 15 to a 28 that’s ONLY 3 points away from meeting the score requirement. I am now scheduled to take my real ASVAB test May 3, 2021 and I’m super excited! You put in the work and you will definitely see some results. I would recommend studying for 1 to 2 1/2 hours and no longer than that. Highly recommend this app 💯
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3 years ago, ^set2020
It works…
It works in my opinion but the videos under a question to explain to you the problem don’t always match. For example I had trouble understanding the explanation of exponents with the same base but different powers so I clicked on the video, it was okay at first explaining PENDAS and all that but she only did a basic exponent problem. It was not like the one I was given, so in my opinion the explanation videos need to be updated.
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5 years ago, neguynup
Helped me get a 114 GT score
So I took the asvab and scored a 62 overall and scored 108 in regards to my GT score . Unfortunately you need a 110 to be eligible for the position of officer. I studied using the app for about 5 -7 hours a week for a month and increased my score to a 77 and 114 GT score . There is extremely useful info such as key formulas and test taking tips and strategies. I never write reviews but this could have potentially changed my life in regards to my career so thank you .
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1 week ago, OnYoTaY
It’s not as helpful as some people say
I used this to study for my ASVAB, the Arithmetic and math knowledge section contain valuable information that you can apply to the real test, every other section however is a waste of time to study, from word knowledge there was not a single word from this app on it, and I memorized all of them, same thing for all of the other sections, it is what it is, this app is not horrible but it’s also not that great either, I passed with a lower score than I got on my Picat I took without studying lol.
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4 months ago, JackieFT
AFQT of 70
Beware it feels like you didn’t learn anything while actually taking the ASVAB if you do this app but it really helps SO MUCH passively. I recommend you study a week or two at least with this app along with the subscription before going in for the test. Without the subscription I would say a month or so in advance of studying but the subscription is worth it.
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1 week ago, Ronnie j. N.
Passed first try!!
When I first started practicing on this app I had 0 clue what I was doing or how to work the problems out. After a couple weeks of using their studying tips and techniques, and studying the equations and word definitions I was able to pass with a 72 general and 66 qt first try. 10/10 app I would recommend this app to anybody about to or retaking the test!
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5 months ago, Anonymous (307)
38 to 60
Okay im not going to say my 38 went to a 60 just because of this app but i can guarantee you that if you do this app everyday you’ll see improvement. i would say this app gave my mind another a few extra points. get the asvab for dummies too the book i know it’s boring but worth it. sharing my success im súper happy i got a 60 :)
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2 years ago, Mooserla
Passed with a 78!
Didn’t use any other material besides occasionally looking up math problems. Physically wrote down what I’d get wrong to reinforce the right answers. I did purchase one month of the full version which was well worth it. I’d say the app does a good job 90% of the time! If you’re worried like I was it couldn’t hurt to check out your local library to see if they have an ASVAB book + this app. Good luck and god speed!
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3 years ago, elidharris
Honestly so worth it, I tried so many different things to study and nothing was working. I found this app and instantly felt that I could actually study and learn something. Bought the 3 Month subscription shortly after! I am now super close to being ready for the real deal.
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1 year ago, billcosby911
Needs an update on the auto motives information
I like the app all around it does help you with everything that you need if you’re a visual learner and hands on. But the automotive information is either out of date or completely wrong on a lot of the questions. And by out of day, they’re still using words you’re only find in the late 80s to early 90s.
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5 years ago, Wilfredo123456789101112131415
Its Okay
I took the ASVAB and passed with a score of 33 I didnt study Arithmetic reasoning because I was TOO lazy and math isnt my strongest subject. On this app I mainly studied Geneeral Science and Word Knowledge, let me tell ya now... on this app these two subjects arent even a bit close to whats on the actual test....we need harder questions for those subjects ....even tho math was my hardest subject I feel I did best on both math parts of the actual test other than that this a great app to study but dont expect the test to be this easy.
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7 years ago, ClassiqueCaesar
App tutor
This app has helped me a lot, from memorizing new words, to summarizing paragraphs, and to a lot of new trades, being from both Carpentry to automotive. This app will definitely help you to improve your knowledge level as practice or study for your ASVAB. I'd say it's better than studying just the book, since this app actually exercises your brain.
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4 years ago, silverbabra
Technical issues
I’ve only got two weeks to study for the ASVAB exam. I must say this a good practice test and it’s pretty much explanatory but the only problem am facing is the fact that the questions and answer options wipes out before you attempt the question which is quite frustrating and it’s slows you down. Other than that I think it’s good and I pray I pass my test.
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3 years ago, dankmemer69h3h3
Worth the 15 Buckaroos
scored a 90 on my asvab after using this for about 2 hours total. every single thing i saw on this app was on the test. i am now legally obligated to tell you nothing on this app was on the test. excited to be a part of the big blue line ✈️
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3 years ago, Tay Morris
Could not load questions
Hello to the developers of ASVAB For Dummies please correct your app. Every time I attempt my daily practice test of 20-50 questions I receive an error message that recites : “could not load questions.” I would appreciate having access the the app, as I have found it to be a very helpful tool with providing the help I need but can not get anywhere else. Thank you.
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4 months ago, EZIO AJERBAC
My names Exio
I am going for the US Navy I want to become and earn the rank of a Navy officer and die for a good purpose, so far I am enjoying this app . I failed the ASVAB But I am Hoping To Pass it by using this app which I have notice it is similar to the one I failed with out practicing or studying.
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3 years ago, ArmyGirl4Life❤️
✏️ Good Study 📚
I’m in ROTC and I am about to take the ASVAB! This is a great app to study and I highly recommend it for others. My recruiter recommended it to me and it had questions that are similar to the ASVAB. It had every single topic! Thank you for the people who developed and created this app! ❤️
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4 years ago, tara(Future Army)
I feel like there are people like me out there that wanna learn really bad and be able to comprehend the knowledge that’s being given to us through this app without having to pay for the resources. Some of us can’t afford monthly payments , so why must we pay just to get the full extent of something that we want in order to help us in the future. Not saying how to run your app or program but I feel like this knowledge on here should be free and we should all get the resources from it to help us out.
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3 years ago, Sonar0145
Can’t believe how much this has helped me
So easy to watch videos and read on subjects and learn. The way everything is laid out to you makes it very easy to pick up. Got my asvab from 15 to a 46 and going to study more and see if I can get higher
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3 years ago, joe5526
Good app for practice, just 1 thing I would add
This app is very helpful for improving knowledge. The one thing I would add is in the word knowledge portion. When a word is answered incorrectly there should be an definition of the word and why it fits most closely with the question. For AR, PC, and other section there is an explanation, just not for word knowledge
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6 years ago, Azvaab
My general science practice
This site has it all. I learned the basic science, yet it awakened my mind about important science facts most people don’t even care about. Answers to the questions were straightforwardly given. I would recommend it to anyone.
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4 years ago, Hayes P
This has helped so much
In just the past hour of me using it i have learned how to do things that I already knew, but way easier and less time consuming than how i was doing it, this is tne embodiment of work smarter not harder
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5 years ago, Wes0501
Have no limit to choosing your career.
Only had a week to study for the actual asvab test. I got the app and bought the membership. I ended up scoring a 70. Which impressed my recruiter. I’m now allowed to pick almost any job I want for my branch.
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2 years ago, trolingenious
Pay more for access
Good all but hate the fact you have to purchase a subscription to get more. Very helpful but have to purchase to get more access
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Helping me prepare
So far , this app has been really well with helping me study for the asvab ! I am trying to score high scores and so far , it’s going well on the app. Would recommend to anyone . Getting the actual book soon.
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5 years ago, Socalscorpio
Best thing I’ve found to study for the asvab I’m so relieved & bonus it’s free. You don’t have to pay to practice if you want or need extra features they are available for a subscription price but still reasonably fair. Love love love. Thank you
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7 years ago, adame_tito
Good for practice questions.
Ive been practicing the arithmetic reasoning and the questions on the app really helped me boost my knowledge by constantly doing questions that I didn't know. My score went from a 21 to a 40 after using this app!!
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3 years ago, Nothin787777789
Pretty Good
It's helpful, insightful, and explains most answers regardless if they are right of wrong. Very helpful in helping you recognize your gut decision is usually the right one, don't second guess yourself!! Thanks guys:)
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4 years ago, Crazy Ma Joe
It's helpful, but can you also help put in notifications to when to study and how long to study and get timed by each intervals thanks!
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6 years ago, ty.m.j92
Awesome! Went from a 98 to a 130 with this App!!
This app helped score very well on the asvab, the first time I took it I was was in the 76th percentile and had a 98 gt score. After studying with the app and retaking it I got a 130 gt score and am in the 97th percentile! This app is extremely helpful!!
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8 months ago, kevinshoe
Definitely helps
Downloaded this the night before I went to MEPS and stayed up all night studying using just the free trial. Scored an 84. Just don’t over think it it’s not to bad
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3 years ago, smash98$
Right way to study
Definitely helped me with studying on the ASVAB and passing with the best score I could have ever gotten with the help of this app definitely worth the membership I promise 💯
Show more
3 years ago, Bsharlow14
Needs an update 07/21
It’s a great learning tool for sure, but I’m paying for it and certain answers won’t let me see the worked out problem with solutions. Overall though it’s pretty solid, but when you pay for it needs to be bullet proof.
Show more
4 years ago, s0lAnGeL
Great app
Thank you for developing this app! It’s helping me understand all the different areas I need to focus on in order to pass my ASVAB love the simplicity and how it goes straight to the point! Definitely recommend 👌🏽
Show more
4 years ago, panickedheathen
This app is super helpful and extremely well done. Highly recommend is you’re either thinking about joining or are about to take the test. Trust me, you’ll want this app!!
Show more
4 years ago, alex gabs
Studying for my ASVAB
This is making studying a lot easier. For $12 a month I’m getting a lot of the same practice question prep as I do in a $25-30 asvab prep book. Definitely worth it so far.
Show more
7 years ago, mackdaddybree
Not really "free"
At first, the app has many areas of study, like mathematics, general science, automotive, comprehension, etc. seems really useful at first. you have access to all of these study modules for all of one hour & 30 mins. After that, you only have access to the general science study module (about 75 questions). You now have to pay for the premium app to regain access to the rest of the study modules.
Show more
4 years ago, Revo6060
Great app
I downloaded this app because I got a 33 AFQT score on my recruiter’s pre test. This app helped me to focus on the subjects that I was lacking knowledge. Thanks to it I got an AFQT score of 85 on my official ASVAB and got a score of M 93 A 89 G 93 E89. You need to put in the work, but it helped a lot.
Show more
5 years ago, Bejsusbbe
The only reason I passed/scored high
Informing study guide in your pocket! Worth the money. I was able to learn tough subjects and receive a great asvab score. I barely write reviews but this app deserved it. Good luck to those taking the test!
Show more
6 years ago, Shaq daddy the real 1
If you have the book !!!
I have both the book , and obviously the app. The app comes in useful after reading a chapter and then taking the quizzes .
Show more
4 years ago, Sisbug27
I would like to unsubscribe for this app please I do not have that option through my IPhone settings and I no longer need this. Thank you
Show more
2 months ago, Carolina Marshmella
Let’s see if I pass it says it’s guarantee …
I wish the explanations were more of step by step rather then a paragraph to read. More visuals would be great but I am glad that there is plethora of questions
Show more
3 years ago, boricua freckles
This app is very helpful but for some reason when I subscribe it still won’t unlock everything and I was charge multiple times. I can’t find a number for customer service either.
Show more
6 years ago, BethanyJSkinner
No sounds with videos?
I bought this app awhile ago and re downloaded it. I noticed they have video tutorials on how to do math equations. That is awesome, but there is no sound? Is anyone else having this problem? It would be very helpful!
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