Austin American Statesman

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Last update
12 months ago
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User Reviews for Austin American Statesman

4.15 out of 5
704 Ratings
2 years ago, Dr CTK
Local news is essential
I got the statesman app because I live in Austin, and want to support the free press , most of the stories do show up in the NYT as well, but obviously the statesman has more local news
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3 weeks ago, JawBreakerATX
UN-friendly Statesman app for Auditory learners & Hearing impaired individuals
As an auditory learner, I find the electronic version of the Austin American-Statesman lacking in a crucial feature: the ability to listen to articles seamlessly. Due to conditions that make prolonged reading challenging, I rely on audio options to stay informed. This feature is vital not only for me but also for visually impaired individuals. I subscribe to three other major publications—The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times—all of which offer comprehensive audio capabilities, allowing readers to listen to entire articles. This functionality is a game-changer, enabling multitasking, such as walking, running, exercising, driving, bathing, conducting chores at home, or any number of additional tasks while staying up-to-date with the news. To compound the issue, the Statesman app only permits users to select and listen to one paragraph at a time. This piecemeal approach is extremely frustrating and counterproductive. It defeats the purpose of combining reading and listening, making it difficult to fully engage with the content while on the go. For the Austin American-Statesman to truly meet the needs of all its readers in 2024 and beyond, it is essential to incorporate a feature that allows entire articles to be read aloud seamlessly.
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2 years ago, BamaDave01
Uses overseas call center
Yes, that’s right—the Austin “American” Statesman uses an overseas call center to manage their subscriptions! After using this subscription for over 4 months, I decided it wasn’t worth my time. To cancel my subscription was an exercise in frustration. When I finally found the well-buried and hidden “cancel subscription” link, I got a “this feature not available at this time” message, with a telephone number to call for assistance. That number connected me to the overseas call center. It took several minutes to cancel the subscription, but only after insisting I did not want to transfer it to another family member or friend. Typical of this subscription, to be expected of a news feed filled with ads disguised as news stories, video news links that lock you into 15-second ads you can’t skip or back up from, old, repeated news articles, and those irritating links that trick you into accidentally linking into other ads. This is a BAD news ap!
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1 week ago, TEXASCITIZEN
iPad Austin Statesman OFFLINE reading. Good when it works, Bad when it does not.
**6/7/24. Renewing my 1-star rating for the American Statesman & my determination that it is good when it works & Horrible when it has an issue. **I only read the Statesman OFFLINE on my iPad. For the last WEEK or so I download for Offline reading but when I disconnect from the internet & go to the paper for Offline reading most or a large block of the printed material vanishes when the page is accessed. Go past the page, go back to the page & the printed material shows for a split second & vanishes again. In addition one edition was so fuzzy that the entire paper after the first page was unreadable Offline. This does NOT happen with the USA Today. **Two settings, 1 for downloading the entire paper at one time & the other is that only the pages accessed are downloaded. I usually use the download the entire paper at once setting. Over the week what aI have found is that I have to go to each individual page, a very time consuming process. You can’t just go to the page, you have to scroll to the bottom & wait until the last line is no longer fuzzy, even then there might be a page or two still with a problem. **It seems that over the WEEK no one has noticed a problem or they can’t fix it.
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5 months ago, Subscriber of local news
New App Is Inferior experience versus prior version
The latest app update has a few problems. I like reading the paper in the e newspaper format. This latest app starts with the two options side by side with a pop up ad from that must be closed each time. Incidentally, I have vowed never to use this law firm that buys ad space. Even after selecting the e newspaper option and choosing it in my settings and closing the other display option, it will switch back. Please let me configure it in a way that will always open in the e newspaper format and stay there similar to how the old app functioned. If you want to see how an e newspaper app that is ideal, look at the New York Post e paper. Exactly like the print and works so well, no pop ups and other disfunction.
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1 year ago, TManATX
Slow, bloated and incomplete...
Had to use this app today as the American Statesmen did not deliver my paper today. What a waste of my time. The app is extremely slow and does not contain the latest news. There is NO news on this app for the local Longhorn football game for tomorrow. Or any Longhorn sports for that matter. After over 30 years of being a loyal subscriber I am finally at the point of canceling. The customer service for this news organization is poor and seemingly non-existent. I will have better luck getting my news from other local sources, at no cost, and no frustrations with something that is so simple by today’s standards. Advertisers are foolish to spend their ad dollars with this organization as they are not dependable.
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3 years ago, splitail
Statesman the real Austin key
I have read the Statesman since I was six. I am now 76. I have lived in LA, Stanford California, Durham NC and the North Carolina, Houston and the North Shore of Oahu before coming home. The investigative reporting of the Statesman is top Notch. I love Micheal Barnes and -Herman. I get the digital daily and the Sunday plus Show World. Austin needs to have its own top-notch newspaper plus connection to the national news. I will keep subscribers and hope that people who move into the Austin area will subscribe to the Statesman in order to learn about their new remarkable home and the things it loves like sports.
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9 months ago, Heironomous
Constant questioning, and infuriating. Blue text that can’t be read on mobile.
I must ask why if I’m already logged in I am I constantly being sold and questioned and prompted for responses. I just want to read what’s on the phone. I don’t understand why the links, though handy, are in this royal blue color that is impossible to read on my iPhone. If I try to swipe and expand the text so I can read it, no go. It is absolutely infuriating. Admittedly, I am a chimp with most tech, but the iPhone has become one of the most generic devices ever made. Help me out here! Well, I’ll take it back about the blue links. A friend of mine has shown me how to increase text size which allows the blue color to be readable. Ahem…“Sorry”, said the newly enlightened chimp. Hook ‘em.
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7 months ago, sageoff
Statesman Doesn’t Deliver
It seems to me that if you pay for a subscription, you should be able to access the content. Apparently, that’s not the case with the Austin American-Statesman app. Although I have subscribed to the Statesman for the 40+ years I’ve been in Austin, now, when I try to access content they present to me via an email alert, I am not able to access the article unless I consent to let the app share information about me and my interest with others, a violation of my privacy. To say I’m disappointed with this development is an understatement. I am now considering whether to keep my subscription or cancel it. What a shame.
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2 years ago, Texas Weather Lover
Annoying way to read the Statesman
Disappointed in this app. After I read each story it takes me back to the top and I have to scroll all the way down. I just read another story that referred to tweets being sent by people and every place where there should have been an image of the tweet being referred to there was an ad. It won't let me scroll through different sections of the paper. I like the version I loaded onto my iPad so much better.....I could even pull up the actual page of the newspaper instead of just these small samples of stories. Come on Statesman...... You are better than this! I know you are.....
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1 year ago, Everything matters
Much improved over 5 years ago
Smooth. Logical. Yay! The improvements in using the app since the buyout of the Statesman several years ago are dramatic! Easy navigation with ads enough out of the way that you can digest articles without constant worry. The paper has good enough focus on local but not as much investigative content as needed but the app works very well.
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2 years ago, Jmb4405
Pretty lame
Seems like the articles online are limited and repressed sign in seems to be required every few months AND , most problematic, they give you a couple of guest subscribers with your online subscription and those “guest” accounts get mysteriously deleted a couple times a year with much hassle associated with re-enrollment— at the end of the day , this is not award winning journalism you’re getting so paying for it and getting bombarded with ads seems a bit much , coupled with the access issues it’s really not a bargain or worthwhile
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3 months ago, hunters3
Bring back the old app, please!
The new app is fine for web-type reading but if you want to read a print facsimile , not so good. Often the print is blurry. It says the internet connection ismdown but it seems to work fine for all the other apps on my iPad so it is more likely a server problem. And then there is the comics page. For some bizarre reason I can never get it to flip to second page of the comics! It's as if page D5 does not exist. It consistently jumps from D5 to D7 skipping D6! All in all, I like the old app better.
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3 weeks ago, Jouseus
My subscription began in 1965 …
The new e-format is a big downer for me! It comes in BLURRY and the only way I can read anything is to click on that specific article. What a headache to do !! And most importantly, there is NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT for this issue! I may just stop my subscription since reading the day-old news is not worth the effort.
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2 months ago, Fit in Austin
Total fail
Most days the enewspaper will not load at all. When it does load, will usually freeze up at some point resulting in iPad not responding to any input. Requires reboot of iPad. Having to click thru pop up ads, in addition to having to scroll through tons of content ads, is super annoying. And then there’s the content - news articles may be published48 hours after the event being reported; example : Saturday football games reported on Monday.
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3 years ago, Geomutt
Good app.
As a displaced Austinite, I appreciate being able to read what's happening in the City of the Violet Crown. Navigating the site can be tricky at first but with patience it becomes manageable. Modified my rating from 4 to 5 stars. The late 2020 revamp eased navigation considerably, and the new layout is much cleaner.
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2 years ago, RockMountain666
What happened to my e-paper?
I have a subscription. I switched from home delivery after tiring of having the paper thrown somewhere other than near the front door, if at all. Now I’m overseas with a slow connection and despite having the content downloaded, can’t read it because the resolution past page two is so blurry. Additionally, the ap does not recognize my login, which is saved on my device. I’m about out of patience!
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2 years ago, Jmargagl
Poor usability, good content
The articles are great, but the usability is terrible. I pay for a digital subscription, but you would never know it based on the sheer number of ads that load and shift content all over the place. Also, I don’t allow use of the Apple tracking ID, and this app will occasionally show a pop up telling me to turn it on, and won’t let me close it.
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3 years ago, phoenix23
Annoying review prompts
Wasn’t going to write a review, but then the app interrupted my reading by prompting me for a review five times in one sitting. So here’s your mediocre review you wanted so badly. The app is generally fine, but feels sluggish and has been forcing a complete reload every time I lock and then unlock my phone, losing my place where I was reading.
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7 months ago, LA Seattle
Best Way to Get My Austin News
I no longer live in Austin but miss it a lot. The Statesman app lets me to read everything I want to read, get highlights on my interests and updates on all things Longhorn. I’m so happy I subscribed and downloaded the app.
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1 year ago, bagetdlehtbf aign
Good stuff!
Man I remember going out to the end of the drive way early Saturday mornings to grab my grandma her American-Statesman newspaper, I usually went straight for the comics but I am excited they have an app! Always staying up to date on important things!
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2 years ago, Blur512
App lacks functionality, comment section censored for the extreme left
App is bloated with adds and functionality is lacking. Seems like an original newspaper apps from a decade ago. No clue where saved articles go anymore. The handful of articles worth reading get buried in the fictional spin that papers all sections. Push notifications are clickbait - school shootings and they won’t even name the school nor location. Pains me that this is my local paper!
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4 months ago, Mr. Gannett
Statesman app review
This app is a giant leap into a deep hole as far as quality of reading experience for the Statesman. You had a great app titled Statesman ePaper. It had no pops, allow full page of each page of the printed paper, quick link between pages when articles were continued, no headers and footers that reduce the size of the paper on my phone. Either improve this display, go back to or improve the display, or refund my money
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3 years ago, AustinLLS
Gives me the news I need!
A recent example is I kept my notifications on during the recent winter storm disaster, and got a lot of information quickly about what was going on. Exactly what I needed!
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2 years ago, Quality Obsessor
Great local news as well as issues concerning everyone!
Makes me feel really connected to Austin. Enjoy the unbiased reporting. Can definitely endorse this paper online!
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10 months ago, Steve the stache
Good old standard
I use the digital version as it is more accessible. Still get the Sunday paper which for me is only for nostalgia back in the days when I was a young dad.
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7 months ago, Grompf68
Liked the old app better
I print the puzzles every day. The old app ad a “print” option for items illuminated with a single tap. The best you can do with the current app is to convert to a pdf and print that. The problem is that the crosswords and sudokus are too small to work. Bring back the last app.
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2 months ago, Subscriber 1975
Subscriber since 1975
I am in Italy and I am unable to access the Statesman, a Gannet owned newspaper. Gannet has newspapers all over the U.S. I am, however able to read the Albany News. A newspaper from Albany, TX, a community with an approximate population of 2,000/2,500. Surely you are able to understand my frustration.
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2 years ago, 10enbaum
Love this app!
I love being able to stay up to date with what’s going on in Travis County and throughout the state. Great app! I would love more personalization to come to the app regarding topics, etc.
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3 years ago, Jodotcom
The Statesman always delivers!
The Statesman delivers my daily newspaper digitally early every morning, and provides email updates several times a day. It is well worth it.
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3 years ago, TexasHokie
Like the ap!
Easy to use. Like the push notifications on news.
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3 years ago, Dr711
Always a great read!
I’ve been a fan for years and hope to be for many years to come. Keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, MJONONBUFORD
Not a good app and not good news
A friend of mine made the front page of the paper today (he sent me photo of hard copy paper) but that article is not anywhere in the app?!?? I think the app is filtered to be more ads than a way to read the newspaper. Better to read online Texas Tribune or KUT local news. Won’t subscribe again.
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4 years ago, Studying for the patent bar
Great local news
This news site is great for keeping up with local events and news.
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3 years ago, Abilene Gen
Great Local News
I believe it is important to support a local paper. The Statesman does a great job reporting local and statewide news.
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4 years ago, Solon Comet
Quick updates of relevant news.
I truly enjoy the immediate release of the latest local and state news by this modified app. Good job Austin American-Statesman.
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2 years ago, Tiwibaby
Good news app!
Easy to read, user friendly. My 10 year old son enjoys it, too!
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5 months ago, jmdaniel
I’ve been reading the online newspaper for years, and this USA Today version is to the app like their newspaper is to journalism, a joke. It won’t shrink to fit exactly one page per screen, crashes all the time, I don’t need a lawyer, so why the pop up ads that have to be closed, and on and on..
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3 years ago, Mpgv
Loving it!
Great up to keep updated about local news.
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3 months ago, Bucky63
Good Paper, Poor Web Site
Previous web site was stable and easy to use. Current site freezes up, cannot use a page lookup, and reboots regularly. I use an iPad and try to read the paper daily….with mounting frunstation!
Show more
3 years ago, AustinLaGrace
App Never Opens an Article from Email
This app is so frustrating! You click on an article from a recent email and it takes you to a page in the app with old headlines from Feb (it’s mid-March now). Then you get an error message if you try to click on anything in Settings to fix the problem. What gives AAS?
Show more
3 years ago, Bmoore 7123
Great News source!
Love the updates and news format
Show more
2 months ago, Sbgets
Ruined the epaper
Statesman changed app format in March 2024 and ruined the enewspaper. Now when the epaper slowly and hopefully eventually loads which is rarely, it has popup ads on top of it. Mostly for Thomas J Henry. It’s also very difficult to navigate once you have it loaded…..Please bring the old version back!
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3 years ago, ebo45
Best Local Austin news I’ve found
Unbiased and informative, their politics beat reporters give me the impression that they understand all the nitty gritty details of the political landscape.
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4 days ago, William P. Kliewer
Austin Statesman
The Statesman keeps me up with going ons in Austin whether it’s our State Government, Sports, or business the Statesman keeps me up to date.
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2 months ago, Terrible New Layout
New layout is confusing a glitchy
You have done a terrible job with this application. It’s confusing, glitchy and the Thomas J Henry pop ups are extremely annoying. If I have to pay $70/year to read the news, make my time and my money worth something.
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2 years ago, NickcTravis
Have to sign in every time I open app
I just want to read the news that I pay a subscription for and not have to remember another annoying password every morning.
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3 years ago, Angie in Austin
Love Statesman’s new look
The Statesman’s new look is fresh and well-designed. A pleasant change.
Show more
3 years ago, startingtoannoyme
Unsubscribe me
Horrible biased “news” & horrible customer service “Unsubscribe” on “News Alerts” emailed to me doesn’t work, I receive over 6 daily- ridiculous! customer service doesn’t exists, no phone number to contact a live person so there’s no customer service.
Show more
2 years ago, Terrym00021
Terrible user experience
I subscribed to the digital edition because it was just like reading the paper, but on my mobile device. This app is an unorganized collection to stories and lots more ads! I did find the e-paper edition and it is much more intuitive and organized.
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