Avatar & Cartoon Maker: Zmoji

4.6 (133.9K)
373.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mobile Flame
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Avatar & Cartoon Maker: Zmoji

4.61 out of 5
133.9K Ratings
2 years ago, mysteryperson2219
Don’t get this
Hey guys Im only rating this five stars so it will show up but I promise this game or “app” I should say is not worth your time and space so here are three reasons why Number one; when I downloaded thisIt said I could do a scan for free so I assumed what it said was right and download it yet it didn’t really let me scan my face to do my emoji unless I pay money and I don’t think it’s really worth it so I just kind of made my own character like the other choice said, so I continue to do that I want to was finally done I went to send one to my friend one Internet pier in my text to there was just none that were for free all of them I had to get that premium one Number 2; it’s not very child like , for example it had wind where it was two people drinking champagne or you’re one person and I feel like kids would like more sporty or video games or you know what kids do and which I am a kid so I don’t understand why they should only make it towards the door and I think you should be able to change your age. Number 3; just don’t get this it’s not very good it’s never on my screen for my text messages whenever I pull it up when in that little space bar with all my apps it’s just never there so I have to go all the way to the other app and it just takes forever so my friend thinks I left and just stop texting me and those are my three reasons why you shouldn’t get this game Thanks for reading! Hope you make a good choice!!! ❤️👍
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6 years ago, "Lovin It D"
Love this!
Thank you for making a huge hit with the new zmoji improvements! It is a lot better since I first downloaded last year. The addition of the daily 🎁 was great while they lasted. I miss them. All the updates since then prove that you listen to us, the consumer. You added a lot more options for free clothing styles, and more free looks, so that upgrades this review to 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟, from the first review of like 1 or 2 🌟🌟 I did purchase a few styles, but they will last forever, and to me they will never go out of style, so it was worth the $4.99 for each one. Thanks for improving this app. If you didn't make these improvements I would've legit deleted it. 2 👍🏼👍🏼
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5 years ago, Sofia ♥️♥️💓
I am very disappointed ( please read I know it looks long but please do it)
This app, by far is terrible. When I was younger, I downloaded it and for some reason I loved it. So today I was bored and came across this app. I got it again and paid for it, being an idiot. I knew I could cancel my subscription anytime though. I took a picture of myself. I have very long wavy brown hair and dark brown eyes with these black glasses that I was wearing at the time of the picture. When I clicked “show results,” a blonde girl with short hair, so short like a boy, and green eyes, WITHOUT any glasses, showed up and I was shocked. It’s $20 a month and it is NOT worth it. The pictures on the list is the same display as the bitmoji pictures and those are much better! They completely copied bitmoji and made theirs worse. I unsubscribed but it is still possible for them to charge me. I’m very disgusted that this was “clickbait” and I’m sure that the good reviews are fake. All my advice is: don’t pay. You can download it if you want but if you pay, trust me, you’ll regret it. That’s all and thank you for understanding. If you can do anything to fix the app so that it actually copies what you look like and you make it less like bitmoji, then all is well.
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4 years ago, unicorn bekah 10
First I gave it five stars but•••
It cost so much money to subscribe or something like that $100 a year only rich people can do that like why!!!! My friend is writing a review right now and she gave it three stars first she gave it for then she realized about how much money she gave it three I love this app but I don’t like so many things you have to be one of those crown things so much I only can do one sticker or whatever it is I don’t really like it that much but I guess I like it out I will keep it at least I have a cute emoji character yeah it was really fun making the characters so I think that’s pretty much I want to do and text people it so that’s a lot I know I never do a review this Long so yeah and I want to say probably 10 and up it’s seriously just sending people emojis of them texting that’s seriously real texting but at least do you have fun? So yeah I know this is very long sorry for the long review I would just like it if everything was free thank you
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2 months ago, Sihwin
After creating your free avatar from average facial/hair choices, you aren't expecting much from this app. There are maybe 4 eye types to choose and two look identical to each other. Same for noses. There are a lot of hairstyles but they are just like the ones you see in every other app. After spending time doing this, you finally get to stickers. But first you have to hunt down wardrobe because for whatever reason after you make your face it doesn't send you right there and you are wearing boring attire. After getting into the wardrobe, I understand why they don't bother sensing you. You cannot mix and match that's pay wall. You cannot wear a good chunk of pre-assembled outfits, pay wall. Even if you had full access to wardrobe, there isn't much to choose from. Okay I pick mediocre ugly dress and go back to stickers. There is NO FILTER and aost every single sticker is.... That's right! PAY WALL YAY! There IS a search bar oh wait! PAY WALL! YES YOU HAVE TO PAY TO SEARCH, ALMOST EVERY FREE STICKER WHAT HANDFUL THERE IS, ARE MIXED IN WITH AN OCEAN OF PAY WALL STICKERS AND THERE IS NO FILTER! Complete joke and these 4* app store gives is RIGGED.
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5 years ago, Puppy💕🐾🐕🐩🐶Girl
This is the worst app ever! It’s constantly giving you adds while in a glitchy software and is a copyright on Bitmoji. It also is here to STEAL YOUR MONEY! I went in the app for the first time never allowing ANYTHING not even notifications. After realizing how SKETCHY Zmoji is I deleted it. A month later I got a notification that it had stolen $20 from me. There is no way they would have my card number unless they were stocking me while not on there app!!!! Even though this has angered me at the end of the day it’s isn’t about the $20 it’s about how the creator thinks it’s ok to take money from others. I have tried contacting the owner and they haven’t responded. So I can only stand here watching them take my money. Every since the crisis I constantly think about this which makes me cry. What IDIOT thinks it’s ok to STEAL MY MONEY. If I was not as fortunate I could be missing meals which is very messed up. So either it was a hacker or the Zmoji creator’s stuck up heart! What ever this is it isn’t except able and this is the first time I have EVER left a non 5 star review on an app! So please don’t let them rob your hard earned money!!!!!
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4 years ago, evangeline nuggy
So I’ve read other stuff that saysThese people are robbing you blah blah blah blah blah and a copy bitmojiPersonally I think it’s not worth it to buy it either because it’s the same thing and you can delete characters you only have three slots but just buying it is a waste of your money on me and my friend did not buy it because we know that is stupid and we recommend that you read every single or lots of the rewies!A lot of people think that this is a disappointment and I can kind of agree but I still like the app because I can make many gifts and stuff but it does not give you the option to dress up your character as your own without buying the subscription you have to use theOutfits from ZmojiI don’t recommend buying it but I do recommend playing it it’s a very cool game but it’s not worth money
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6 years ago, hkroj[
Bitmoji’s cheap bootleg😒
So I saw an ad on Instagram and I was told I could get a photo of myself and make the character out of that. NOPE! Wrong. 98% of the good clothes are locked and the emojis themselves are just unappealing. The hair only goes down to the characters shoulders which is super dumb, and you can’t even change your body type. PLUS it’s another one of those apps, that when you download it, it immediately asks you to buy their crap. By the way, it’s not worth it. How do I know? I just do. I can tell it’s just a waste of money. Just download Bitmoji, this is Bitmoji but you have to pay for it and there’s less options for your avatar. If you see a GOOD REVIEW, it’s a bot. These people have bots make good reviews just to mislead you in to thinking its good. Then you download it, you might buy the premium, BOOM realization that you wasted your money. Don’t trust any good reviews, okay? If you don’t believe me, download it for yourself so I can prove my point.
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6 years ago, Psalm116:2
Fun app!
I haven’t had any problems using this app so far, really am impressed with it! I like that when I tap on a Zmoji that I want to send, the picture comes on the screen larger so you can see it better. The app Bitmoji does NOT do that!! Plus, this app gives you the option to type in a word or phrase that you are looking for in a Zmoji to send to someone. Bitmoji does NOT have that option. I like Bitmoji too, but this app is one that I use a lot more because it’s way more fun!!! If you are reading this, and aren’t sure if you should bother getting this app or not....I suggest you just download it now, and try it out for yourself. I think you will be happy with it!
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6 years ago, DrDMO4Counsel
This is a cool app! I love to see how close People come to being a great caricature of themselves!! I personally will not pay what y'all are asking for this app. I would possibly pay $2.99 a year for it - No More than that.. What can I say? My money is hard earned and I don't easily sling it around for an app i can make look like me...🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♀️ bring the price down you will end up with more purchasing members! You wanted my opinion, I gave it to you along with anybody else out there that has nothing better to do on a late Sat afternoon in Texas! Yee Haw!! 😍🌹♥️😘. Give me an honorary membership and I will be your best fan!!😎🎂
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7 years ago, kkuebler
Ok, at first. Disappointed in repeat charges.
Happy with some, disappointed in other aspects. ***What?? Is it true? Having to re-purchase wardrobe items? What am I missing here??? *Frustrating auto correct. *Difficult to reach customer service for suggestions & feedback...need to be able to do this from inside App. *Vulgar Zmoji need to be an option to buy, if you need to charge for something...these aren’t something I’d want my teenager to so easily access & I find it disgusting. *Missing common situations such as Get Well, Sympathy...and the search is very limited. *Why not one standing charge for all wardrobe options? Why such huge additional or repeated costs per wardrobe? *Winterwear needed. HOWEVER...Most of my friends & customers find Zmoji of me very cute & funny. Love that aspect! Love the animated ones! Hope to see positive changes soon!
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6 years ago, Candy11186
I like it but...
Previously I gave a great review, I still like it, but there needs to be more outfits, accessories, and just other fun features that are free. I get that u have to make money. And I like that you added where u can purchase packages. If you could just make more fun free items too then sometimes getting a package of fun accessories or something would be okay to buy. 😉 I still like this app but there is some others that are similar. I do love that I can create my Avatar (Zmoji)❤️ ~Candice S.~ This is the best emoji app I have found so far! You can create the look from head to toe!!! I love that you can use your avatar in any other apps and it makes texting super fun! The best part is that It's free!!! There are extra outfits you can pay for, but you dont have to. I just wish there was a little bit bigger selection of clothes to choose from. Like the avatars on Pogo games, there is a huge selection. That is only for Pogo though. Anyways... I highly recommend this app to anyone and everyone! It is the best💯 Thank you and please keep adding fun stuff! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ~Candice~ Still the best emoji app out there!!!!
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5 years ago, AlliJ branded for your service
Because you don’t have clear instructions
There are no excuses ever given in my book to those who choose to market , advertise or put in the middle end or so light you can’t see it what they will and will not do You go into this knowingly when we see the finished product it is without doubt your approval of all knowing in it . So when I see things for people to buy and it’s misleading or in your case not compatiavke to any phone but the x then I find I’ve waisted my time and space and I think you charge 99 I want it back if you did if you would all do this correctly and right you would find your business would have sold foundation but really all most are doing is getting I. Get as much as they can and in to the next crappy app and you wonder why it’s getting harder and harder to gain customers
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3 years ago, Harper Stewart
I really like this but....
First of all I’d like to say how much I love this app, I love the emojis, the characters, everything, my only problem is the beginning, for instance when you first get the app it shows you an ad, which is fine, then it leads you to a page where it asks if you are a boy or a girl, this is my problem. Me being non-binary makes me feel trapped in a situation that I have to identify as something I am not comfortable identifying as, this is not fair to ppl like me who are non-binary or anything like that, so I would very much a appreciated that someone would fix this problem so it’s more enjoyable to ppl like me :)
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5 years ago, KURO NEKO TANJIRO
What has happen Zmoji App!!! 😑😑😑
I have loved this app!!!, It’s cool and easy to use but... Must be a new update I do t know!!! today when I was texting and trying to use the Zmoji it was all blocked!!! Which is confusing!!! Some of the one I use were the free ones, pretty much every act is “you have to buy” or start a free seven day trial.... I now have to pay for emojis that where once free. I am Very disappointed on how this app has turned!!! I will be deleting this app!!! And I will be spreading the word of how bad this app has turned out to be!!! Money hungry!!! 😤😤👋
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4 years ago, luckypennyyyy!
False advertisement!!
DON’T DO IT!! I was expecting significantly more for as much money as I spent on the app. I decided to purchase their “Pro” access because I fell for their “facial recognition” bs that they promote. I really thought that upgrading would open up a ton of new facial features that would make an emoji that actually looks like me. NOPE. Literally the exact same options that are available under “Manual Creation” is what you get when you give them $100!! Not one extra option. Yes, it might unlock extra outfits and stickers but when you go to save these, they are completely pixelated. The resolution is horrible. And on top of that, their huge watermark is blasted all over it. I’m seriously sick to my stomach. There’s got to be a way to get my money back for completely FALSE ADVERTISING and wasting my time and money.
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5 years ago, cameron alsfalt
This app is overall pretty good all these complainers don’t get it, no one would would have these problems if u didn’t pay for it I do agree 70$ per year is overrated so just don’t pay for it, just compare it to ur face and make it look like u!!!🙄 the only real thing I’m mad about is the app said if I watch 6 ads I could get some limited time stickers so I watched 5 of them and I was about to watch the last ad and it suddenly said it wouldn’t let me! I do think at least SOME of the pics should be free Plz take my advice I really feel like this could be an awesome app if u actually tried! 🙄
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6 years ago, read this please important
Why pay
I know y’all don’t read this but it will be better if you don’t have to pay for stuff that’s how instagram is on the #1’s apps because you don’t have to pay for nothing at all so if y’all want y’all app to be better than just make everything free I understand that you trying to make your money but once everything free millions of people going to start downloading your app it’s going to become one of the #1’s apps and they going to start paying you more that how the people who created Instagram is rich
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5 years ago, styl-trial
They turned it into pro so now you can’t access the emojis without upgrading lol no thanks.. Update: the problem was resolved. I’ve had fun with this app and my zmoji. I like there are moving ones and that the design isn’t so complicated that the zmoji looks crazy. I am upgrading to 3 stars as the zmojis are looking out of date and a little tired. Plus the lack of things to do with them as all ok outfits are locked up for the pay app plus no facial recognition yet to make it look more like you. Thank you for fixing this and getting a hold of me. I would really like to give a 5 star and be able to keep using this app with some creator TLC
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6 years ago, xBRi7
New iPhone 8
But one thing problem I wish it never have to pay without iPhone x -___- but $10 monthly which isn't not bad but still wish it just like Bitmoji not have to pay monthly I may use it for shortly then downland i use one "Bitmoji back later after this just try out I hopefully the apple gonna change mind just like Bitmoji Works so possible know better than that. 🙏🏽 hopefully this gotta change mind and work together like don't have to pay monthly!!!!!!!! I think I stay like it but expect no payment!!!!!!
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6 years ago, luckiejp
My Little Guy
I can't tell you how much of a help this app is for me. It enables me to continue branding myself at least 20-30 times a day. My customers actually look forward to emails and text's from me just to see what else I might have up my sleeve . I know that because they tell me so. I can send messages without ever worrying about a client or friend (or wife) taking my message the wrong way. There are so many different categories that I have something for virtually any message I'm sending. And you know what? Very rarely do I ever send the same Bimoji more than once to the same person, that's how many topics I have to choose from. And you know what else, they truly resemble me. When I meet someone for the first time (after having corresponded with them via text or email) they instantly know its me when they meet me because of my little guy. Thank you for this terrific tool!
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5 years ago, LMBent
Zmoji, very disappointing
When I first downloaded the Zmoji app, I liked it a lot.. now, I am unable to retrieve 90% of the Zmoji’s out there, because you have changed it do you have to pay got them... you should not have taken away the ones we were using for free, only newer ones... I can’t even send the basic on d to anyone anymore... and there are no instructions for how to work the personal Zmoji that looks like you.. I can’t get it to do anything.... not good...
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6 years ago, peyton.leanne
App is cool but...
I was expecting taking a selfie and it creating a “Zmoji” (that was sarcasm the quotes were I mean) but I guess you have to have the “premium version”(sarcasm also) as it asks you every time you open the app. Most outfits you have to pay for, and you can’t make more than 3 avatars without having to pay. While on bitmoji (my more trusty app) everything is free! This is a total rip-off. The reason I gave 2 stars is because it wasn’t as bad as some of the reviews, but still pretty bad. It was advertised as premium version and it looked pretty cool but when the app downloaded it says you have to pay for everything. I honestly don’t know how the overall review is 4.8 stars.
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5 years ago, lquisp
Out to frustrate until you pay
So, you spend a little fun time making your emoji (can’t use you photo unless you pay so it doesn’t look much like you m) then when you go to find fun things to do with it, it says: Watch five ads to unlock all. Okay, I thought I’d bite the bullet and do that. Watched two incredibly boring ads then I got “failed to load” on the next. Thought it was me so went to cell data, still failed. Opened and closed the app, still failed. Came back the next day and re-tried, (of course had to rewatch ads) and failed again. Sooo they got the tiny amount of $ for me watching the ads for no return before I deleted but I’m sure it adds up when bunches of people fall for this same trick.
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7 years ago, Symphøny
Horrible, Dangerous, and Money Greedy! Beware!
I got this when I wanted bitmoji, but found out I couldn't get it on my iPad. I then found this app and downloaded it. I hate it so far. Seriously, you have to turn on full access for this. And that means it can see everything you type! Such as credit cards, addresses, etc. And you have to pay for sooo much! You can't even have more than three avatars without paying. The keyboard is cool cus when you type something a zmoji pops up, having something to do with what you typed, but it autocorrects so much!!!!!!! It's so laggy, and you have to pay like 2.99 for 3 ZMOJIS per set! You have to pay for outfits, avatars, 3 zmojis, etc! Horrible customer service and copied bitmoji! These jerks should get sued.
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6 months ago, AndrewZ2
Good game!
I love this game there is so many options to make the face look like me! But one thing- each time I select a new hair, face etc. it makes a sound and I feel like it’s kind of annoying. I love the game, there is so many options, but it just isn’t worth your time. Also, there aren’t many hair options for girls… but overall this is a amazing game and I think you should try it.
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6 years ago, Sophiahorses7
I ❤️ this app just want a change.
This app is AMAZING😍✨ There are are so many GIF's to choose from and so many cute and pretty outfits!😍 You can create your own avatar to look just like you! The only problem is that I wish that there were more outfits and GIF's to choose from instead of most of them being locked. You have to pay to unlock them, but I guess that's how they make money. Besides all that I would give it a five out of five⭐️ I hope that you buy this app and also share it with all of your friends.
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5 years ago, appropos
Warning: don’t believe the high ratings they are paid
The promos gives an impression that the app generates a likeness automatically and there is nothing more to be done. Also the app would generate an avatar that is close to a custom commissioned image from a caricature artist or portrait artist. *THIS IS NOT TRUE*. The so called automatic generator just assembles the avatar from precanned shapes that you have to manually customize. This is deceptive practice because you cannot try it out without subscribing to their service. And for this they want $20 per month.! I guess just take the money while they can. So a piece of advice to everyone. Whatever you see under manual customization is the same thing in their automatic generator.
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6 years ago, Rainbow223455564466
So I think wait no thought this game was AWESOMEE! And it truly was. But when it asked if I could use WAIT NO NVM IT DIDNT ASK, IT TOLD ME I had to allow full access, and I didn’t and now after trying to send my bestie one of my stickers IT TURNED INTO FULL ACCESS!! I can’t get rid of it!! I have a darn hard feeling it’s taking my info! DO NOT GET! It’s not even that great! Huge copy of bitmoji. So just get the real deal. Delete the app if you hadn’t all ready. This company needs to be sued. It Also screws up your messages. It’s a huge spam. It claims or “never uses any info” HA! yeah right. Deleted. I’m going to try to talk to apple about this. It was a good app. Just very sketchy. Really sketchy. Move on to Bitmoji. It’s on IPads now.
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6 years ago, guava girl2427
This game is so great everyone I know loves it I just downloaded because my friend told me hay look at this app so I did I downloaded it and you get to pick your person customize it and put accessories on her/him and when your done with that you send them to everyone you know and say like hello with the Zmoji so anyway this is a really great app please download it if you get the chance it’s totally worth the time if you like it please tell your friends.!!.
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3 years ago, vdguingg
Expensive!! Not many options!!
I like it but this is too much it’s $100/per year And we can’t do pretty much of anything and worst of all we can only make 3 avatars! We have to use the manual to create zmojis instead of the picture, we can’t even try diy, not enough stickers and $100/per year just to make some little stickers on a phone if you want me and I’m sure many other people to keep using this app you need to decrease the amount of money for pro people can go broke because of this! And Increase the amount of options we have if we don’t get pro! If you want to get this app I recommend do not!
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5 years ago, panthergirl 0900
No choices!!
I just downloaded this app and was NOT happy first when I went to make an emoji I had to make it manually then I find that the fantasy hair colors are very limited Then I find that every outfit I find is only accessible if you are a VIP. I now it’s a way to make money and you can solve it all by buying a VIP but don’t you think that’s taking it a little too far. Some people can’t pay to play apps and if your going to make a free app why do you make one that you have to pay for any ways now I’m not saying that this is the first app I’ve seen that does this but you literally have to pay for what it advertised I have to say I am not pleased with this app.
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3 years ago, Michael's iPhone 11
Zmojii Pro Does Not Work
Downloaded Zmojii Pro from iTunes and purchased annual subscription and eceived receipt confirmation via email. That said, the app simply does not work. From the “How would you like to create your avatar” page I clicked on “Facial Recognition Pro” only to be redirected to the Zmojii Pro purchase page yet again. When you click on “Start Now” I receive a “You’re currently subscribed to this” message that summarizes my purchase and giving me the option to click “Manage” or “OK”. Upon clicking “OK” I receive a temporary message that states “Purchase Failed.” Either a terrible bug in this app or a complete fraud.
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6 years ago, ʝєииαмαє68
ZMOJI'S My Absolute Favorite ‼️
Love♥️,Love♥️,Love♥️ ZMOJI'S ❣️ USE IT EVERYDAY & have my daughter just as addicted as I am!! LOL ☺️ Only 1☝️ drawback is i wish 🌠 we could still get daily gifts🎁‼️🙏🏻 You only did it for the first week!? I'm hoping yall would consider doing this for the Daily Users🤔💭 Please🙏🏻 consider it.🤞🏻I think it would get more people to use them more if we could get gifts🎁daily to expand our closets LOL ☺️ Especially those of us who aren't able to do it in our own ya know? TY ZMOJI❣️😍💕🙏🏻
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11 months ago, I love your cats
So i only wrote 5 star to show up but just wanted to say love fonts y'all but every sticker thing practically doesn’t even work for free and u have to buy premium which is nutzo like ik that how u make money but likeee- Anyway just wanted to give some advice if u cant get prem stickers that u want then screenshot them or screen record them and send them to who u wanna send them to
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5 years ago, doo doo crow
Cool app!!!!!!
So I really like this app because I have Bitmoji and you only have one character but on Zmoji you have multiple check out this app it’s fun to make friends, family, yourself, and pretend people!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩 I’m telling you I’m not addicted but I love this app send to a friends and family! And maybe they will download the it too 🤗🤗🤗🤗 have when you download this app hope you enjoy 😉
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5 years ago, Ms. Cuspard
Not changing my outfits
I been having this problem for two weeks or more now...when I initially went to change my outfit for the season it says; Watch this ad to unlock this outfit for FREE...(and the word FREE is in All caps), but after watching the ad it NEVER unlocks the outfit and changes it on my Zmoji??...if it says it’s FREE whY won’t It change the outfit... I’m not Happy with this app and if plan on Deleting it...I have made sure that I am current with my latest updates and still unable to receive a small request as to be able to change an outfit is Really not worth the waste of space on my phone...Disappointed 😞...
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5 years ago, mechascorpio
$70 Scam, don’t even download to try
The user interface and first page of this app is designed to *immediately* trick you into agreeing to an annual subscription purchase of $70 per year. Since the developer cleverly covers up the terms and conditions (not visible on all iPhone models) on that page, you won’t even know until after you tap that Continue button. And don’t think Apple will refund if you made this mistake, they won’t. If you try to file on Report A Problem, it won’t even go to Support. They’ll immediately deny the refund right there on the page. No person will ever see your complaint.
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6 years ago, Hanomaly
More Hair Please!
Since writing my original review over a year ago i’ve downgraded my opinion of this app. More hairstyles were added, which is nice, but this app seems like just a more expensive version of Bitmoji. The only thing this app has that Bitmoji doesn’t is animated gif stickers, which (due to the cost of this zMoji/Emoji Me app) really aren’t worth it. Bitmoji is now my favourite emoji/sticker app. i think to compete with Bitmoji this app [zMoji/Emoji Me] would have to be figure out a way to be 100% free too, or lower the “unlock everything” cost to $2.99 max. - - - Original Review Below - - - My only complaint about this app is i wish there were more hairstyles. i almost always wear my hair in pigtails/twin tails and there is not even a single twin tail/pigtail hair style. It might be best to have a side-ponytail too. Besides that one thing this app is amazing and still deserves 5 stars. This has become my favourite emoji/ keyboard/ sticker app!!
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5 years ago, Stay Cool :)
The update happened...
When I first got this it was kinda fun but it got really boring after I fiddled with it for awhile. One suggestion I have is to make it mote interesting by having more than just the ability to assemble your own avatar. Because when you make avatar you dont have anything else to do with it. I hadn't opened the game for awhile after that, but when I finally did recently, it was completely remodeled. It updated and became very frustrating. Now when you create an avatar and get to chose clothing, all the clothing is either locked or you have to watch an ad to get them. It is a total waste of time. After the update I realized that this game is just a knock-off duplicate of Bitmoji. This game needs more things to do on it, and it has become frustrating. I have read other reviews and most of them mention the same things. PLEASE fix these things!
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4 years ago, ISizzleAndISmile
Good, but not good enough. This app has issues but is still good at the same time. As a girl, I really like this app, but again, it has some issues. The first one is why can’t it be free? 🤔And the gifs are a little bit off for some reason. 😬There is a avatar maker in it which I really like, but there’s some things to my character that is doesn’t have on there. I gave it a 3 star rating because I’m nice.🤩As always kids, adults, and teenagers, be safe and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. 🎆🎉
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5 years ago, Glowplug49
Hi. I'm trying to watch ads on a limited time offer so I can open more of the emojis, but after watching two of six ads, it keeps telling me content failed to load and check connection. I have done so, but it still fails to load. Please help! Now, I’m very DISAPPOINTED! I used to be able to use several of the emojis. I really like the fact that i found one that closely resembles me. HOWEVER, since I updated it, now there are only a few available, and i have to watch six ads to unlock them. If this is not corrected, its going to be Sayonara for Zmoji!
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5 years ago, Abeel87
I never confirmed subscription
Sad experience. I never explicitly confirmed a payed subscription. I downloaded the app, tried it once and deleted as I was not ready to pay monthly fees. However for my surprise in a month I receive a receipt from App Store that I pay $19 for this app. There is no “unsubscribe” options in the app itself. I had spend time to google how to do it, then go to my appleID to cancel a subscription that I didn’t know I agreed in a first place. Please make sure you communicate to users clearly what they commit to, before charge them, and please add unsubscribe option somewhere in the app interface.
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6 years ago, Sinopa Crystal
Great app, but...
This is a great app, but you could add a few things to make it better: Make the “hire an artist” price more agreeable to people who buy the app; offer tokens for people to buy or to make available in daily gifts to get a gif or a piece clothing without having to buy the whole set; have the accessories have color options; more Pokémon accessories (I love Vulpix and Ninetales!!!); and offer a pet customizer for the pet gifs to make them look like your furry friend.
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6 years ago, Natort08
Very glitchy and slow
My phone is all up to day with the apple software and apps yet Zmoji does not properly load within the texting app. I have to always open up the app itself if I want to “search” for a zmoji. To top it off, when I go to open the app, it take about 10 seconds to load. I have a variety of apps on my phone and this apps is the only one to be this glitchy and slow. Very frustrating for an app that’s constantly doing updates and has yet to resolve any major issues....they only do updates to add costumes but not actually fix technical ones. So disappointing.
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2 years ago, #1DOG_LoVEr
I just started playing and I hate that you have to spend money for so many things! It’s so annoying I find that I cAnt find my looks to cutumize my character. I really wish I didn’t need internet for it cause it would be very fun to play this game in the car! But other than that this is such a fun game im able to send these cools gifs to my friends! Thanks so much!
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5 years ago, tayloredberg
Don’t get this app!!
I have been looking for and app that can make you look like a cartoon, so if your looking for the same thing... DONT GET THIS ONE!!! First of all if you want to do the part that it showed one the ad, you will have to pay 70$! I don’t understand why there isn’t like a free trial or something because what if I hate it, then I just waisted my money. But there is a second part that you can do for free, but it is exactly the same as Bitmoji. Also if you want your character you made to have an outfit, you will have to pay for it. I would just save yourself some time and go get Bitmoji.
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6 years ago, Torbama1738
Don’t download and waste your time
Beware this is not a free app. They want you to pay after 7 days. No way! It’s misleading I thought this would convert an avatar based from a picture BUT NOPE. Bitmoji is way better than this. This app has terrible outfits and doesn’t let you choose your body type and I can’t help to say it looks sketchy. If you want an emoji app use bitmoji. This one is terrible and makes terrible noises when u click on options and doesn’t let you chose to remove the sound. This app isn’t ready to be on live. Like it still hasn’t worked out the bugs or something
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4 years ago, Redfox547
Looks cool but is a waist of time
Okay at first i thought it looked cool because I’m the type of person who loves making characters in games but this was just a waist of time. When i first downloaded it I thought i was about to do fun stuff and make cool characters until i saw the premium pop up... I thought I could skip it or get it away and not buy anything but no you have to do the premium and of course all premiums cost real money so if your the type of person who hates premium things that cost money don’t buy it even if your a kid and if I could I would rate this app a -1
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4 years ago, LIBBY WORSHAM
Seriously. This app is awful. $99 a year just to get a little emoji of yourself? Come on now. And either way, the face recognition thing doesn’t even work. If you choose to just make yours manually then it comes out cute, but then you proceed to find out that there’s barely any little sticker things that are free! You’re much better off getting Bitmoji. Even though you can only create one character on that app, at least all the stickers are free. I’m sorry to be so negative, but I’m just telling the truth. Don’t fall victim to this scam.
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