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User Reviews for AXS Tickets

4.65 out of 5
229.8K Ratings
2 years ago, eddieauto
The transactions of the of computer controlled part of the app seem to work well but don’t dare use customer service for help, I just asked the First Lady, I have never done this before can you just tell me if I did this rite please, and have my tickets. she told me I could not be on Wi-Fi when using the app so she hung up on me. I had to get on my phone. When I tried the second time to just confirm I had not sent the tickets off somewhere, this lady says your not the person listed I said there are two of us one who has money and no email one who has a email my brother same last name of corse and we made sure that everything matched exactly just as stub hub told us to so she proceeded to hang up on me, and remember I was the most polite you can possibly be having been a customer service manager for Chrysler corporation for 33 years this is company so set in its ways of telling people to go eat there hat so much they can’t even be nice for one second to help a customer you know do there job correctly.
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1 year ago, GroperSteve
App does not work; it will not verify my acct
I bought 2 tickets to an event a month ago and downloaded the app immediately to verify my purchase. I had no trouble signing in and viewing my tickets at that time. Flash forward a month later, day of show, and the app tells me upon signing in that I either haven’t used the app recently (I used it exactly a month ago, how often am I really expected to use it??) or that “this is a new device” (it isn’t) and I need to confirm my acct via an email they’ll send me. So they send me the email, I click “Verify Device”, which takes me not to the app but to the website, which greets me with an error message in a red box: “This session has expired. Please log in again.” So I log out of the website, go back to the email that has the link that they say will expire in 6 hours (it’s been minutes, not even 1 hour), and when I click the link, I get the same error message. I tried logging in on the app again, get the same message about needing to verify, but obviously that DID NOT WORK, so I request a new email with a new verification be sent. It never comes. I just hope I can get into the show tonight with my proof of purchase and the order number, which thankfully the WEBSITE does provide when I log in. But there are no viewable tickets with bar codes, which is what the agent at the door will want to scan tonight. Now, tell me why this is happening. And why did I pay such exorbitant surcharge fees for THIS experience?
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1 year ago, Daves1girl84
A Comedy of Errors!
Let me first say that the employee we talked with was polite and kind and tried very hard to assist us. Unfortunately, when he merged my two emails he linked the event tickets from last year to this year. I got to the event, having paid for 10 tickets, and the etickets didn’t work. So after waiting in line I had to go to another line for printed tickets. The box office tried to print off my tickets but the only ones they could access to print (we discovered after printing) were from 2021!!! This was after spending quite a bit of time talking on the phone with customer service before we left home! We had to work with the box office manager for an hour, and could only access tickets after I contacted my bank and got the payment information. We did finally access tickets, no thanks to AXS, but because the manager knew how to work around the system. I am seriously unhappy that we missed over an hour of the event, especially when we arrived before the event began, just because an AXS employee linked tickets from the 2021 rodeo to the 2022 rodeo today. I had a handicapped family member who was seriously compromised during the wait time as well, due to heat and having to climb a total of 43 rows of steps to finally get to the correct seats instead of 22, which was almost to much for her to handle. All of this because we were linked to LAST YEAR’S tickets! Really?!!!. I expect much more from AXS!!!
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5 years ago, j_wilson_85
Needs work
I don’t normally do app reviews, but this one frustrated me. The app communications are confusing. First, after requesting to transfer two tix to the person I bought them for, I got an email saying “[Firstname Lastname] hasn’t accepted the ticket you transferred...” But the name it listed was MY name, not the person to whom the transfer should go. The next day I got the same email twice simultaneously. I did buy two tix, and my friend had not yet accepted the transfer, but why two emails? Does my friend have to accept each ticket separately? When my friend did accept the transfer, I received an email saying my friend had “claimed the 1 ticket you transferred for the following event...” Wait a minute, I transferred TWO tickets. Why does the email say “1 ticket”? Have no fear, there’s a link in the email where I can view the completed transfer. Ugh! After several tries, the link DOES NOT WORK. But wait, there’s a phone number in the email you can call for help. Tried it. On hold forever while I worked in the kitchen. I finally gave up on that. That’s not all! The app currently states that the tix were transferred on March 14, 2019. Not true! That’s the date I requested the transfer. They weren’t actually transferred until my friend accepted the transfer two days later. The tix I purchased were not cheap. I would expect the venue would use an electronic ticketing system that’s not so confusing and confounding. Two thumbs down.
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5 years ago, Northernskier
So many bugs. Login every time???
I had to log in each time I used this app, which was several times within a couple of days. I chose the facebook login option which usually is super easy with other apps, but instead of using my already logged fb account in the facebook app or safari web browser (as every other app does), I instead had to input my fb account info every single time. Since this app doesn’t allow adding the tickets to my Wallet (which would mean sharing would be super easy), I opted to share via the app’s email share option. My recipient never received an email with the shared ticket (definitely input the email address correctly). So instead, I revoked the ticket share back to my app, and decided to show tickets for both of us. The revoked ticket would not scan properly at the venue, so we had to wait while the box office tried to figure out what the issue was...they were able to print a paper ticket somehow (I’m guessing they somehow made a new barcode?), and that did scan, so we were eventually able to get in... I recommend the creators of this app fix the facebook login issue and make sure users don’t need to login each time they need to access their account in the app. Adding tickets to Wallet is a must, and sending/revoking needs major help.
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7 months ago, BenBasil
AXS is absolute garbage
Never once, *literally* not one time, in the MANY years of being forced to buy tickets from this company, have I had a smooth ticket buying experience. They are basically the monopoly, so they know they can get away with being trash. The app and website don’t mirror each other when it comes to functionality, for example: an artist sends you a pre-sale email, it’ll take you to the mobile website (no option to “open the app”), yet the mobile website is complete trash because they want you to use the app - but the app doesn’t open the link for the specific pre-sale page. This is just skimming the surface of the problems within this god awful company. The fees are outrageous (and never stop rising), they act like scalping is bad, yet actively support it with their second hand ticket market, the app and mobile site are both full of bugs that have gone unfixed for years, they won’t remember your password and will make you reset it constantly, even when it was correct to begin with (which is a real fun time when trying to beat the cart-clock). Believe me, I could go on. I can’t wait for the day when I can actually buy tickets to a show and not want to jump off a cliff after.
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1 year ago, tripinbean
Not worth the work to get a ticket
I had a problem with my purchase and tried for a week to get it resolved through their customer service. After 4 phone calls and 5 emails, I sold my tickets to a friend. I bought it for the wrong day and I was trying to move the tickets. The reply I got a week later was their FAQ cut and paste. Which also meant I'm doing the work to resolve it. None of which addressed my problem. I don't believe it should be this hard to get some help. I will not be using AXS again. Too much work to have fun! I got a survey request my reply: Since no one was there to help with moving my tickets I had to spend time writing and calling numbers that didn’t resolve anything. I was very frustrated when if someone answered my call or ticket request this could have been resolved within a few minutes. I managed a box office and work for a ticking software company in my experience I would not use axs again and feel like if I made a purchasing mistake it would be taken care in a timely manner. Since no one read my emails before I have no faith that anyone one cares about this one. Looking forward to another automated email…NOT! Have a nice day! I will now that I’m not using AXS. Thanks for wasting my time again! ✌🏽
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3 years ago, Myersmlaw
Not An Easy Switch
I’ve used the Flash Seats app for years with no problems. Recently, after making a purchase I was informed that AXS would be taking the place of the discontinued Flash Seats app effective 8/30. I didn’t have a problem with the transition until I downloaded AXS and attempted to login. It was explained that if you had Flash Seats then you already had an account in AXS waiting for you. Understandably, you’d only have to reset your password and then you’d have access to all your account content. Unfortunately, after I downloaded this horrible app, it wouldn’t allow me to sign in. I requested a password and followed the instructions, but that didn’t resolve the situation. Every time I try to sign in, after creating a new password with my already existing email address on file, I’m told that There is an account error and I need to be redirected to the help page or live chat. At that point I’m told it is “cookie” related and I can’t proceed in Safari without changing my settings. The only problem is, I’m not using Safari so it should make a difference. I’m annoyed with this application and don’t even care to resolve the issue. I’m going to really miss the easy use of Flash Seats. Too bad it makes you give this app at least one star on the review. This app is absolute garbage!!!
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2 years ago, Normiam
AXS Customer Service Non Existent
The monopoly that AXS holds in the ticket and entertainment market creates an environment at AXS where customer service is not only an afterthought but non existent. You don’t care about customers or their needs and it shows in all of your actions and words. I am a 58 year old professional male who, on a normal year, spends thousands of dollars on event tickets through AXS. I recently had a knee surgery which will preclude me from attending a few concerts over the next two weeks. I asked AXS for a refund and they said NO go sell your tickets on our aftermarket app. This decision was 1) not customer oriented, 2) self serving as AXS would stand to make more money if I sell on their aftermarket platform, 3) glutinous because they already have made significant fees on my original purchase and now want me to sell with them again to gain even more fees. AXS’s lack of integrity and non existent concern for its customers is appalling and disappointing. I will do everything I can to NOT buy tickets from AXS in the future.
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4 years ago, SharkB8_69
Ticket Service is Flawed
I ordered tickets online to a recent show. I kept being redirected back to the beginning to try again with the prompt saying saying “Something went wrong. Let’s try again.” So I kept trying and the same thing kept happening. Then I received 2 notifications from my bank for 2 separate large transactions. Yet I do not have my tickets or any co formation. I emailed AXS 2 times trying to resolve the problem and find out in in fact I do actually have tickets. I received an auto response on 2 separate emails and have not heard from AXS and still do not have my tickets. It has now been over 9 days and I still haven’t heard from a real person and still do not know if I have my tickets. I am concerned as the show is coming soon. Second hand retailers have them available, but now the cost is through the roof and I don’t know if I need to take a chance that I will actually get my tickets that I have paid for, or if I should try from an outside source. Please help me with my situation. I am going to be extremely upset if I can’t go to the TOOL concert. Cheers!
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1 year ago, Katherineanf 💚💚
I bought tickets in May but the catch was apparently it wouldn’t be processed until the end of July two months after I bought the tickets. So the email said it wouldn’t be in my account until July 22 at 10 am. Here I am July 22 after 10 am and they still haven’t gone in my account and the concert is in a week. I should add I can’t go to the concert anymore. No big deal I can just sell the ticket. Except I can’t because there’s NO TICKET. it says “it will appear here there might be a delay” my guy I’ve literally already waited over 2 months there shouldn’t be a delay. It’s already going to be risky trying to sell it a week before the concert which is whatever— but I still haven’t gotten my ticket. Customer service is nonexistent. It’s a self help thing that just has FAQ but no number to call and it says you can’t ask for help from a real person until you only have 48 hours until the event. What was the big fee they add on for if I don’t have my ticket and I can’t have any customer support? And the fact you have to have this stupid app to even get your ticket is ridiculous. I will NEVER buy a ticket that requires AXS I regret buying this ticket and y’all need to give me my $200+ ticket now.
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4 months ago, sflcross
Problem solved
I purchased tickets recently and was having trouble seeing them in my queue got really nervous because these are out-of-state event tickets and I needed to book flights and hotel. After 24 hours of worrying I called the 800 number which I found online. and someone actually answered the phone a real live person within 60 seconds. I was very impressed and will continue to do business with AXS. The gal that helped me out was very quick and found that it was actually a mistake I made on my email lettering missed one letter, but she found my ticket purchase and was able to correct the problem within less than a few minutes. Happy with the customer service😃
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3 years ago, Captainkirk19
This app is absolute trash and i implore any venue considering to use them as their third party ticketing app (Billy Bobs Texas) to reconsider. I purchased tickets and created an account using my Facebook. I follow all of the prompts and when i am finally signed in it tell me i must “verify my email” and when i click on the link i get a message “oops something went wrong, try again later”. I have been trying to get access to my tickets for 3 days i have chatted with three different “customer support” individuals and after explaining this very issue i received the response “have you downloaded the AXS app and login with your email”. I have created multiple reports and have received only that they have forwarded to their support team and have received nothing since. The concert is in less than 24 hours and their only resolution so far is “you have digital tickets so you can use your card and an ID to enter the venue”...yeah right and have them refuse me at the door. I do not understand where the difficulties lie in this process and am very unhappy with this service. I should have used the print at home option but this was the “recommended” option. I will NEVER try to get tickets thru these frauds again. Extremely disappointed. AWFUL!!
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2 months ago, jayson.kelly
Be careful
On the 4th of July I purchased a ticket for an event. The app told me transaction failed, so I put in another card. That one went through but then 15 minutes later it had showed that 2 tickets were in my account as if that first failed one ended up going through. I called immediately after seeing that (and this was still before the event) to get a refund because I only needed 1 but because it was 4th of July they were closed. Called the next day and talked to a representative and she had put a request for a refund, later come to find out that because I wasn’t able to get in touch with a representative before the event, they couldn’t issue me a refund… but they were closed on the day of the event. So how is it my fault that not only did your system fail then somehow process a transaction, but also were closed on that day so I wasn’t able to speak to them. Also the event stopped and headliner only played a song before a storm came. So not only did I not get my refund but didn’t get to see the artist. As a veteran, thank you for ruining my 4th of July. I have a big social media following on Facebook and Snapchat and will be sure to share my story.
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2 years ago, 200393992
Sketchy ticket website
I had bought three concert tickets this morning unbeknownst to me the website had charged me an additional three tickets including the ones I had already purchased the first time around. So I had paid $181 including the $181 for the three tickets I bought the first time (the ones I did not want) When you are on the final page of this website they will ask you if you want something called ticket protection which is basically an insurance if something goes wrong your tickets are protected. Their website did not inform me I would be charged $25 for this service. This charge is per ticket (s) If you are looking to sell your tickets on their app DONT. They will charge you $18 and keep a certain percentage of the sale. Don’t even get me started on their customer service. No contact number just an auto chat which is completely useless. They gave me a # that wasn’t even verifiable. Lastly, when I was on the final page getting ready to complete my purchase, there is a pop up window for ads that promise free things do not click on this. Exit out Of the window immediately. This is how I was tricked into buying more tickets. I was not aware I had already completed my purchase and was charged $181. So naturally I assumed the ad closed my window browser and did not complete my purchase. Nope. Looked on my bank statement sure enough I was charged $181 twice three tickets I did not intend to buy. These tickets are non refundable so I am out $200…. What a waste.
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4 years ago, ToniADC
Unfair company
They trully live up to their name and will ax you and slaughter you. This is the second time I had to deal with AXS and both times I had bad experience. The first time, was for. Joel Osteen event couple years ago when I paid with my credit card and I bought 2 extra tickets for my son and his friend, but they could not attend. AXS could Not reimburse me due to I did Not want to provide them with my bank account routing and checking # which I consider DANGEROUS for my financial security since the bank info can be stolen and my account emptied from all cash. WHY can’t they just refund my credit card and WHY is it they don’t want my cr card #? My account w AXS shows The second time around, my experience was even WORSE - I purchased 2 tickets for Joseph Prince in Dallas for Oct 2019 for a total $42+ dollars and then could Not attend. To sell the tickets on the AXS app (No option for refund or credit) - I was FORCED by the app to set my sale price at $10/each which is the AXS price for their GA ticket. Thus, if anyone wants to buy a ticket - there is No reason they would want to buy my resale ticket when they can get a “brand new” ticket from AXS.
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5 years ago, Jdg401
Terrible customer service and crashing app
tl:dr - Crashy app. Save your emailed tickets. Hour long customer service wait with no live person interaction. The app keeps crashing right now every time I tap the menu bar. Have had a variety of other problems in the past, particularly with tickets not displaying. I go to at least 10 shows a year, not necessarily all through axs, but probably a fair split or slight majority. Save the pdf email that comes with tickets attached, as that email bailed me out a couple of times after other encounters with their poorly working app. Speaking of poor service, called the customer service number, took several minutes just to get through the automated prompts, then waited for an “operator”. And waited. And waited. After several more minutes, I thought hmm, I’m just going to put my phone on speaker, do a little work on my laptop, and set a timer to start truly counting the minutes. I got to an HOUR solid, no kidding, without EVER getting a live person on the phone. And that was after the minutes that passed by before I actually set the timer. Boooooo Axs. How you have this market largely cornered is beyond me.
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1 year ago, he egg he e
Extremely disappointed first time user
For the past three days I’ve been trying to purchase resale tickets and get the message “Whoops!” when it tries to process my credit card number. I’ve called customer service and they were extremely arrogant and unwilling to REALLY listen to me and what I’ve been experiencing. I tried the AXS app on my Apple iPhone and on my laptop computer. I tried using different credit cards and still couldn’t purchase tickets. I looked at complaints on the internet and MANY customers are experiencing the exact same issues - they can’t purchase tickets. If I weee someone with resale tickets I would be appalled because AXS is not providing a platform that’s dependable and working. People are going to eat their ticket costs because people who want to purchase resale tickets can’t. This is AXS’s business yet it’s totally dis-functional as a ticket platform. I’m trying to purchase $360 tickets and can’t. Unbelievable! Whoever’s running this company should be embarrassed beyond belief. As a retired CFO, I have never seen a more poorly run digital marketing platform.
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8 months ago, Not upset, just disappointed
Shady Ticket Pricing
Our team was in Vegas for a soccer tournament over MLK weekend. I saw a large section of $30 tickets in the mezzanine for a David Blaine show, which was a great price point since every family doesn’t operate on the same budget. We needed 20 tickets. The max ticket purchase was 12 tickets; I completely get it from an anti-scalping perspective. To buy more than 12 tickets, you have to email AXS (no phone number). I had no idea what the turnaround on emails would be given it was the night before the show. So I buy 12 tickets at $30, and I presumed that my wife would be able to buy the other 8 tickets on her phone for the same price. Nope. The moment my purchase completed, the surrounding tickets jumped from $30 to $69! We emailed AXS, and their only response was the “sale” was over. There was no mention of a “sale” on the site. They claimed that it ended at a specific time, but it’s not a coincidence that the “specific time” was immediately after our purchase. Ultimately, a few teammates were priced out, so we had an incomplete team outing. Thanks for being so shady AXS!
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5 years ago, BeneciaGloriaa
No Stars?
I would give this app no stars if i could. do not use this app to sell tickets. The absolute worst and most unprofessional app i have ever used. Their customer service is also by far the worst i have EVER experienced. I was on hold for over an hour and one of their representatives hung up on me so i emailed them and then called back immediately after and was on hold for yet another hour. The email response i got didn’t answer a single question of mine so i sent a response asking for them to actually answer the question that concerned me and they neglected to respond. Save your time, use a different app. They also neglect to send you confirmation emails so you have no idea what is going on with your tickets when you buy them and when you sell them. UPDATE: received a developer response that pretty much blamed me for their negligence. I checked every folder in my email because i assumes that for sure they would be more professional then that, but again, I received no confirmation email and then my intelligence and common sense was questioned by the developer because of their negligence, again, DO NOT USE THIS PLATFORM.
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4 years ago, @EbbyEb706
I don’t like it
Ok originally I gave this app 1 star and decided to upgrade to 2... I purchased my tickets on the Tick Pick app and then received an email saying I had to download this app to get them. Downloaded the app... no tickets. There was a message saying if I don’t see my tickets to “verify my email”. Clicked the verify button “oops something went wrong”. I tried this for a couple days until I decided to email support. I received an email back immediately letting me know they received my request. Then I heard nothing else from support. Call me impatient but when I pay hundreds of dollars for tickets I expect to receive them with no problems. Something told me to go on the actual website. Went online and I saw that my tickets were available but I still didn’t see an actual ticket. I went back to the app and they were there. I figured this out all on my own no thanks to their “support “ team. I will continue checking the app to make sure my tickets remain and if I have no more problems maybe I’ll upgrade this app to 3 stars.
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2 years ago, Faultofearth
FORCED download - Horrible Experience
They FORCE you to download the app to get your tickets, regardless of purchase. You CANNOT view your ticket on desktop or web mobile, and can’t even sign in on desktop/web mobile. Glitchy, redundant and worthless app that doesn’t work if you are WiFi or VPN. While you can purchase a ticket on desktop, you cannot sign into a desktop web/mobile version. You MUST download the app, use the email you used on desktop to sign in to the app, and then go back to your desktop/web version to confirm your email address. At that point, you must then go BACK to the app and sign in to see your tickets. This is a prime example of a product team who was so focused on an app, they failed to connect account across any other platform or device. What a stupid, stupid product decision. The second I go to my event, you better believe I am deleting this poopy app and avoiding events done by this company. My deepest desire is that everyone who had a hand in building this crummy experience steps on a Lego.
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2 years ago, 11jenn11
Worst Ticket Sale Company
I’ve purchased tickets for years from multiple ticket sellers, both original and resale and have never had an issue until now. I tried buying tickets on the website, got an error with payment. The tickets I had tried purchasing were gone, but then appeared later so I tried purchasing from the website but on a computer instead of my phone - still received an error. Did the AXS live chat and they suggested to use the app and I tried again - still got an error. Asked again in the AXS live chat and they said to use the app, but not have it connected to wifi or VPN… odd but I tried again and it still didn’t work. The AXS live chat recommended I call customer support, but I gave up after being on hold for an hour. Sent an email about the issues because I ended up with multiple charges going through on my credit card, but no tickets and they were no longer listed. So purchasing through the website and the app doesn’t work - even with all their tips.
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12 months ago, TheChesky
Worst (Ticket) App
Second time using the app to purchase tickets, last time was over a year ago, and still riddled with the same bugs and issues. AXS apparently don’t care about their products as long as they still make money. Purchasing tickets was easy and honestly quick. Afterwords however the same issue of being unable to log into the app, even after resetting password and verifying my device. Now though my confirmation email says I purchased tickets I have no way to access them and can’t print them for whatever reason. Can log into the website fine but once again can’t print tickets so it’s useless. I’m betting the same thing as last time will happen where 5 people till they check my ticket in line it will finally work causing me much anxiety. Having problems such as these with a product you use should warrant a suing. It’s gross that companies get away with pushing out apps that a toddler be taught to make better. 10/10 would actively not recommend anything AXS to anyone.
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2 years ago, jhu1997
Can’t log in, can’t pay for tickets
I never write negative reviews but this is the worst app I have ever tried to use. I tried to get tickets for a t was in demand… found a couple of good seats and tried to check out. I needed an account. I used my Facebook account, which needed a re-login, but that’s fine. I then had to log into my Facebook account two more times. Then the app froze, so I killed and restarted it. My tickets were gone and there was no shopping cart I could fish them out of.I waited out the presumed five minute reservation period, searched again, and found the same seats. Hooray! But it forgot who I was and told me to create an account again. I linked and logged into Facebook, and then I got a page to verify my account. I did so and the app froze again. So I relaunched, and now I was blessedly logged in, searched for my seats again, somehow got them, and now I am on a checkout page that has no mechanism to check out, no functional buttons at all, and I’m watching my reservation timer dwindle one more time.
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1 year ago, mooreofmattie
#1 worst ticket vendor on the market
I attempted to use the AXS site and app to buy tickets to a highly-sought after concert at a smaller venue. I got in line on time and waited for the ticket release time. When I got to the front of the line, AXS forced me to sign in again (after doing so prior to getting in line less than 30 minutes prior), and after I did so, it threw me to the end of the line. When I finally got an opportunity to buy resale tickets (it sold out, obviously), I used the map to find seats. When I went back to view the list of tickets instead of the map view, it again threw me to the end of the line. Very frustrating to use this app and the UI is awful. Not intuitive at all. Hitting back shouldn’t put you at the end of the line, I should still have the opportunity to purchase tickets. I reached out to their customer support team, no reply, then I followed up and still no reply. So not only is their app terrible, but their customer support is incredibly poor. I will be avoiding using AXS whenever I can.
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11 months ago, A super frustrated user!
Worse purchasing app ever
This app wasted a lot of my time trying to buy tickets. It doesn’t even have a cart or some sort like when something goes wrong, like the app goes into blank screen, in purchasing tickets, and you will have to go through the steps again. Even worse is it holds the seat for a certain number of minutes, which means you will have to wait for it to timeout and release the seats before you can choose the seats again. Although it has a edit payment button when it said something is wrong with the payment that it can’t process, it doesn’t go back to the form to let you modify the information. Finally when I successfully selected the seats and checkout again, it skipped the payment info entering screen and went straight to the screen with submit button. Of course payment couldn’t be processed again. Never been this frustrated just trying to buy tickets, but what can I do because this is the exclusive vendor for the events we wanted to go?
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3 years ago, bugemmi
I would give a 0, here’s why
This app is a hassle to get tickets, first off I had to login multiple times and it made me worried that my tickets will not be there. I constantly had to check everyday because it would log me out everyday. I even had to have the app open all throughout waiting in line for the show because I didn’t want it to log me out. Second, the app doesn’t have a history of the event. I would like to see all tickets I have used in the app and have my pasts orders in the past events tab. I went to a concert and it stated that a freebie will be included with the tickets, I never received the freebie and I thought maybe because i used axs instead of Ticketmaster, but why would axs clearly include that statement? So I emailed their support team and I haven’t revived a response. I will not be using this app again, it’s not worth it. I rather print out my tickets or use primary ticket apps. Mind you I used this back in December of 2019 and I’m still having trouble with it (March 2020).
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6 years ago, Matt Becks
Please avoid this garbage dump truck of a company
I bought tickets to my favorite band through this company, and treated myself and a friend to VIP meet and greet tickets. The tickets did not say the time of the meet and greet on them, so I called the ticket service and the venue roughly 10 times a week prior to the event. Sent to voicemail every time, no calls back. I show up to the event very early, just in case, and no one at the venue said anything. I assume the meet and greet is after. Dope concert. After the concert I ask a staff member what's up, and they say the meet and greet was before. So not only did they not respond to voicemails/calls after not posting the time, but their staff didn't notify me where and when to go, despite my ticket saying VIP MEET AND GREET in 100 point font. Apparently only 2 people actually made it to the meet and greet that day. I call and ask nicely for a refund of a service they did not provide, and they refused, lying about every detail. I fought the charge on my credit card, and they finally credited me back a full 9 months later. The end.
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3 months ago, JEA2468
Not able to sell tickets on any other platform
I bought tickets through Vivid Seats and had to download the AXS app and create an account to get my tickets. Later when I decided I wanted to sell a couple of my tickets I listed them for sale on the AXS app. When I went to search for my tickets on the app to see if they were visible, I realized their app made it really difficult to find tickets. You had to select them from the seating chart without any pricing info. This was frustrating because I wanted to lower the price so they would sell. So I decided to try listing them through other apps, Vivid Seats, and Seat Geek, and found out you can’t list them because they are digital, not downloadable as a PDF. So the tickets I purchased from Vivid Seats were locked in the AXS platform and you can’t sell anywhere else. Comes across as shady, trapping people into a platform they never intended to initiate business with in the first place.
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9 months ago, iydawg
I wish that I could give it zero stars and it honestly pains me to give it the one. This review isn’t even going to allow me the amount or words I have to say about this cursed app but here goes, First off it will not verify your email account no matter how many times you try to resend it, so expect to not be attending the show that you paid all your good money for. The main major problem that tipped it off for me was the FALSE ADVERTISING!!! I bought VIP tickets to meet one of my favourite bands and on the tickets it said that I would get to meet them, get a picture, and hang out with them after the show, so after reading that I bought them because I thought it would be worth it if I could get some 101 time with my favourite band but flash forward to the show, AXS used false advertising on their tickets and I only got to take a picture with the band for over $500+ I then filed a lawsuit against the godawful company that is AXS! I WILL NEVER USE THIS APP AGAIN AS LONG AS I SHALL LIVE!
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2 years ago, bad nicknames already taken!
Miserable experience with AXS app
Twice this week my family has tried to transfer tickets from one AXS account to another. My daughter ending up unable to transfer her tickets, so lost over $100. I just needed to transfer tickets to my son, but I kept getting the message that something went wrong, but it turns out the transfer worked, kind of. After several attempts, all the tickets were transferred out of my account t but one didn’t end up in my son’s. After 30 minutes waiting to “chat” (ONLY option available for customer support), they couldn’t help. Gave my son a number to call: 45 minute wait. They said he had 6 tickets ( I only had 5!) they couldn’t figure it out and he had to leave for the show. They told him to go to the “resolution desk”, but didn’t have any idea where that was at Red Rocks. Once there, it was another 40 minute wait (missing one band), before they could get in! I’m going to recommend Red Rocks find another ticket vendor!
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9 months ago, rnjsizhdbjdofkrnbxhshsnsk
Ive finally had it . This app is so frustrating I am going to do something I almost never do and write a review and hope somebody reads it. I’ve had so many issues with this app over the years. Unfortunately to attend events I frequently have to use it . Pages never load, I’ll try to browse tickets for sale but the pages never load. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled many times. It doesn’t help . I check for updates all the time and thinking maybe I need one and there’s a bug fix but nope it just doesn’t work . - i just was clicking on a button that says tickets 25-75 . But when you click no tickets for 25. I wonder why that is . Having to pay an outrageously expensive ”service fee”. after getting through the obstacle course of technical deficiencies is absurd. Calling the 1-800 number for customer service and having to hold for an hr or have them be closed is absurd. WHY DONT THESE SERVICE FEES GO TOWARDS PROVING GOOD SERVICE
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1 year ago, Toasted Oldie
Power Hog
I will admit, I do not write reviews very often, but I was compelled to do one for this app after my experience with it. The overall app is fairly nice, but there is a massive problem with it. I noticed that immediately after installing it, my battery life on a daily basis dropped significantly. I never opened the app after the first day that I used it, yet my phone would die half way through the day, when it would normally be fine until bed time. A couple of weeks went by wondering what was going on and double checking all apps were closed for a full day, yet the phone was dead by mid day. I uninstalled the AXS app because it was the most recent app I had installed. Wouldn’t you know, battery life went back to normal. I had all notifications turned off and ensured it was not running, yet for some reason it was sucking down the battery. I would not recommend using this app until they find a way to reduce its resource drain.
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1 month ago, Mnbvcxzasdfghjkklpoiiuyttrwq
Customer Service
I had a simple question today because the confirmation email for the tickets I purchased stated that transfer is not available for this event. The app indicated that transfer would be available a week before the concert. I wanted to make sure since the tickets were a gift for my nieces in another state. I spent 45 minutes on the app’s chat area and kept answering the initial questions but kept getting knocked off to the back of the queu again with all the info I provided erased. I then called the customer support phone number and got a condescending rep who told me that it should have been clear to me that transfer is not available for this event means right now. He talked over me, wouldn’t listen, argued with me and was really rude. Then, when I called again and waited for a half hour, the rep disconnected the call, saying she didn’t hear me before I had a chance to say anything. What is going on with this company?
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4 years ago, PJ Khaled253
Never got my money transferred after selling a ticket
I tried multiple times to transfer the amount that I got from a ticket that I sold on this app, but I continuously have to keep transferring it because the stupid system won’t transfer my money. I contacted the support team and they keep repeating theirselves, and when I went back on the app to check the money was back in my sales balance and my bank account was removed. I had to add my bank account AGAIN and transfer and when I tried, it said the first transfer hasn’t cleared but it’s been almost a month and I still haven’t gotten the money transferred to my bank and now I have to add my bank info yet again and redo the same stupid routine I have to do with this app, I been trying to transfer my money to my bank after selling a ticket and still haven’t gotten it yet, I’ve waited almost a month and it says 10-14 business days to transfer yet I have to transfer it again. This is horrible, such a terrible app
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2 years ago, MycoolT
So far so good
So far, my experience has been seamless. I was very skeptical after reading a lot of low reviews and their reasons, but the price couldn’t be beat - plus they were the place on t gee venues site to buy the tickets from. I downloaded the app and followed all directs (which appears some people can’t follow here then complain bc they did not follow them), bought the tickets, confirmed my account and they were sent legit within a few minutes. I will update if we run into any issues for this coming weekends event. EDIT: Confirmed. Seamless transaction, everything worked out perfectly and no issues getting in.
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5 years ago, Cassidy RB
Ticket issues!!
I purchased three tickets for friends to go to the Joyner Lucas concert. Two of the ticket were bought together and the other was bought separately. I tried to shared all three tickets through the app and neither party was able to revive them. The email sharing the tickets never went through. Then I had to send the PDF tickets to my friends. The first two friend got in no problem with the PDFs, but my third friend was denied at the door because they said the ticket barcode was expired. I got on the phone with AXS customer service, per the venues recommendation, and had them send a new barcode directly to my friend at the venue. He never received the email. I finally had to send him a picture of my ID so they could look up the ticket to print for him. It seems like nothing on this app worked! I buy tickets on other companies and never have problems like this. This is my friend time buying through AXS for other people and I’m not sure I would use them again.
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4 years ago, Linaabeennaa
Tickets disappeared after transferred
I purchased two tickets a couple weeks ago through a friends app but eventually made my own app so my friend could transfer the tickets too me instead. I got them quick without any complications but just last week to check if I still had them because I decided I wanted to sell them so I could go to another event but they were gone? Of course that was frustrating, I thought maybe they didn’t completely transferred from my friends app but they did because my friend doesn’t have them no more either just proof that they were transferred to me.. I hope I either get my tickets back to sell them or just get my money back.. I’ve already contacted AXS help& support center couple days ago but still haven’t got a response.. I’m probably not gonna purchase e-tickets again, should of chosen the paper tickets through mail.. learning experience, next time I know better
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2 years ago, kpk_bblx788777
Zero stars, absolutely no help
I’ve been trying to purchase rodeo tickets for four days straight through axs’s app and website and they keep saying there’s a problem with the payment. I’ve used three different credit cards (all which I’ve called and made sure there was nothing wrong with the cards), three different accounts, three different mobile devices, and retried countless times. I’ve been trying to contact anyone to help for four days straight as well and finally got a call back not too long ago this morning from Brenda. Brenda was incredibly rude and said there was nothing they could do, no one else I could talk to, that it was my fault, and there was nothing I could do. HIGHLY unsatisfied, VERY upset, and this is a ridiculously unprofessional and careless company. All I want is the tickets that we’re advertised and it won’t let me purchase any, as I have tried purchasing a couple different tickets. Horrible company.
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2 years ago, Jejsisnahsi
Customer Service Exceptional, App is subpar
Awhile back, I purchased tickets to a concert but never received a confirmation email. After talking to the live chat agent, we discovered I misspelled my email when I purchased the tickets, and through talking with another agent, we got the tickets to show up in the app. However, despite the much appreciated patience and understanding of the customer service reps, the experience was really frustrating because anytime you are asked to leave the window and either check your email or log in/out of the app, the chat kicks you out and you have to get back in the queue to wait to chat with a rep again. Continuing, I think it’s rather outdated to not have any Apple feature support (paying with Apple Pay, linking tickets to Apple Wallet, etc).
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2 years ago, ubv86
Terrible company
I had some friends transfer me 4 tickets for UFC 2 days ago and they still haven’t shown up in my account even though I received an email to say they are in my account and my fiends app is telling him they have sent. The event is in less than 72 hours and I’ve emailed AXS 3 times over the past 48 hours with no response. I tried to use their live chat which is terrible and if your screen happens to go off you lose you place in line, with over 80 people in the line infront of you, I’m not sure who has the patience to be able to hold their phone in their hand for an hour trying not to let the screen go to sleep? Over all very stressful and terrible customer service with no way to contact an actual CS rep. If i don’t receive a response soon I’ll be making sure I write as many 0 star reviews on every platform I use / can find until I get a full refund.
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3 years ago, Cornbreeshki
The use and ease of the app was phenomenal. Buying tickets was easy of course .. but getting a refund is a whole other problem. I understand there’s a pandemic going on, and I’ve tried being patient for weeks now. They won’t honor a refund, but the tickets will be good for whenever the show is postponed for. My husband is in the navy , which I’ve explained countless times, and we aren’t sure we would be able to make it back for a concert , seeing we were only going to be in the area for a wedding, that was also post postponed. I’ve asked to speak to managers , and gotten IGNORED. I was asked to submit a refund request after 01May2020 and STILL HAVE NOT heard anything. Again, I understand everyone has a lot going on, but they are not handling this well and have been pushing me off since way before. Will NEVER use them again. I will be disputing this charge with my bank.
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4 years ago, Msivieee
Still waiting for my money
I bought my boyfriend tickets to a concert in Sept, but after finding out we won’t be able to make it we resold the tickets. That was over a week ago... and I’m still waiting for my money. After putting my bank info so that the money would get sent to my account, the next screen said “you’ll be receiving your money in 2-3 business days”. Well obviously it’s been more than that, I’m just upset that they’d falsely claim something and not come through with it. Aside from that they DON’T even give you a confirmation number or email that’s proof that the money will be put into your account. I would rather be told the truth than a lie, after reading other reviews I see it’s a big issue. Very disappointed. And now it keeps telling me “Oops we’re having trouble accessing your sales balance” when I clearly have NO sales balance because it was SUPPOSED to be put into my bank account.
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5 years ago, jp93267
Make an account before buying tickets otherwise they will be taken from you
First of all their customer service is terrible. Slow to respond and when they do it has nothing to do with the issue expressed to them. Create an account before you try to buy tickets for the first time. If you don't you will have tickets in your cart but when you try to buy them you will be forced to make an account and instead of carrying the tickets through the process they will be taken from you. So waiting for that exact time to try to buy tickets because they sell out in seconds will be a pointless attempt. Also, it makes no difference if you use the app or the website. I emailed the company to tell them of the problem so maybe they could try to fix it, but their response had nothing to do with the issue at hand. Therefore, I wouldn't expect this issue to be fixed anytime soon.
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5 years ago, xxpurldolph
Please don’t make us to sign in twice
Tbh, it is a great app. But, when I start to buy my fav boyband ticket, and then they ask me to sign in again. I mean, what for? I use the app and already sign in, when I’m about to buy it, why I have to sign in again??! I’m very easily to forget my password. That’s why I download this app to help me to keep sign in. Yes there is an option for reset the password, but what’s the point when you are competing with other fans to get ticket, so obviously I lose the best seat as well as the regular seat. The site also crashed while I’m struggling to remember my password and forced to logout and queue in line again. The ticket is sold out but they did not tell you and made you keep queuing in line (which is waste of my time by waiting for 10 mins) giving you the false hope. I am so sad and frustrated. Please fix this and I hope there is no other fans that will experience the same thing as me.
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11 months ago, Heather and Lilly
Poor Customer Service
This was my first time using this company to purchase my tickets. I opted for the payment installations. Breaking up my Country Thunder tickets into four payments. They over charged me (double charged for the first transaction) I was 99 in queue and not one person went down in that count after 30 minutes. I emailed them. Nothing. Downloaded the app and the tickets are there but it isn’t showing my payment due dates, amount owed is showing zero and they still haven’t contacted me since over reached out to customer service three weeks ago. It’s very unsettling purchasing tickets form a company that doesn’t have a 1800 number or when you don’t get any relies from their so called customer service email. Praying this all works out come time for the concert.
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2 years ago, DanAndMarisa
Failed us.
I posted a listing to sell my tickets to a concert. The day of the concert I hadn’t sold the tickets so I was going to transfer them to my sister; however when I went to cancel the listing the app told me that I had already sold the tickets. So I called my sister and apologized and told her I wasn’t aware they were sold because I hadn’t received any type of notification. Only to discover 30 minutes after the concert started (an hour commute from us) that the tickets hadn’t sold and were successfully transferred to my sister who believed the tickets were no longer in our hands. Horrible experience and I’m honestly upset that I even have to give one star. There should be a better way of communicating and keeping up with the status of our tickets. Glad it was only two $15 tickets. Even then, it is still upsetting and unfair!
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2 years ago, Intentionallife
Worst customer service experience ever!
I had tickets to the June 2020 Big Head Todd show in Red Rocks, Colorado. The concert was rescheduled for 2021 due to COVID. I received three email confirmations over the next 12 months confirming my tickets for the June 2021 show. I flew to Colorado to attend the concert and the day before the concert I got an email saying my tickets were now reserved for the show in 2022. There was no way to reach customer service because it was Friday after hours. I was forced to buy new tickets. I immediately sent a customer service request to get a full refund for my original ticket purchase. It’s been three weeks and no one has replied even after I sent to additional follow-up emails. I feel like I’ve been scammed and I’m not sure I’ll ever get my money back (almost $1000k by the way). I’m disgusted with the entire situation and lack of response!
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2 years ago, 77Cute
Bad experience with AXS
I was told I was getting handicap accessible sitting, when we got to our event, they weren’t the right tickets and we were placed far away from the basketball court. We got dizzy just looking down!! Hopefully, I will never have to purchase tickets here again. Although, when you do not live in an area where the event you are interested in is taking place, one has no choice but to purchase tickets through the phone. When you call to ask about the tickets, the representatives who work at the facility the event is taking place are so rude and keep telling you they can not help you because I bought my tickets through a third party. Of course, they will say that because they already took your hard-earned money! Nobody cares in this type of business because they already have your money!
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