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User Reviews for AZ Lottery Players Club

2.15 out of 5
957 Ratings
1 year ago, iamkimbo2
Poor App
Compared to the lottery apps for WA, CA and OR, all of which I use, this one, AZ is horrible. One has to search for Powerball and Mega Millions, they are not readily available on the main page. When found, the numbers are not fully displayed. I would post a screenshot if I could. Using the scanner for Powerball works but Mega Millions keeps telling me, and I’ve checked for over a week, that the results are “not yet available”. Thank goodness CA is closer for tickets.
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11 months ago, theffinhuman
Glad I downloaded this
I keep all my losing scratch tickets with the idea of taking them to a lottery kiosk to scan and double check but was always too embarrassed (I have a lot) So far I’ve found around $80 I missed on bingo tickets and I have many more to check. I regret not getting this sooner because some of them are expired and can’t be scanned. On top of checking for winners you also get points for valid tickets that can be applied to drawings for chances to get more tickets and sometimes cash. There is the lucky lounge where you can play a few games for tokens which you get in exchange for points (+ 50 free per day) Downsides being you can only scan 50 tickets per day although once I’m done checking what I have I’m sure 50 is plenty. The lucky lounge has a few problems but I’ve reported them and got responses that they’ll be looked into. I don’t think you can go wrong having this app. You already bought the tickets so why not double check and get possible bonuses for free?
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3 years ago, MikeandIke555
Advanced APP
This APP you can now download to use and also use to scan your own tickets for both reasons being to see if you’re a winner, as well as for 2nd Chance Entering. You can now also scan any ticket you may have whether it be a winner or a loser, and it will still give you a specific amount of points for that lottery ticket. Usually depends on the dollar amount. You can also earn points by other ways on this APP. There are many fun games you can usually play for points up to 3 times per week. You can still continue to play the games for fun as well if you’d like too as well. You also get some points for every new week that arrives just by signing in. You can also earn points by completing surveys and other different ways as well to add to your total amount of points. Very fun APP and it has improved drastically over the last few years becoming a very fun APP to be on.
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2 years ago, mia n mila
It does exactly what I wanted and some!
I’m not sure if the app used to be horrible but I cannot see why so many bad reviews! Wish you could wipe ratings away when bugs are fixed and app is updated… it’s only fair to start new with ratings after a fix. I wanted to scan my scratchers so I downloaded this app and I got to sign up to be a vip player and I get second chance entries?!? What! I love it! What an awesome way to make you lighten up a little when you’ve lost your families food money…..haaa just kidding… I hope you are not gambling loving expense money! But seriously the second chance is awesome! I haven’t got to explore the whole app yet but it looks fun, can’t wait to check it all out!!! Thanks AZ Lottery for making the lottery a little more convenient and fun with this app!!!
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5 years ago, Yellow Scalloped Beauty
Update scanning and manual entry option for ticket checking (please!)
The main camera on my iPhone 6s is broken. I’m forced to use the “selfie” camera when (attempting) check tickets. It’s impossible for my front camera to successfully scan any of the tickets as it’s not equipped with auto focus. To check if a ticket is a winner,& have to stop by a retail location or enter it in then The 2nd chance area. If it’s not accepted, that means I won! Unfortunately, I can’t verify the amount. The second chance area has a far better setup for me as I’m able to manually enter the ticket’s relevant information and submit. I would love this option when checking to see if I won as well. Hopefully that makes sense :) (Side note: it would be super convenient to enter either multiple tickets from the same game, same pack and/or even the same type if possible. When I have a stack of tickets so much of the data entry is redundant and quite tedious. Any improvement would be appreciated. I don’t see why I’m taken to the very beginning of the process after submitting. Many thanks for taking the time to read this! I appreciate your time! :) Christina
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3 years ago, Death Tortoise
Everything you don’t want from an app
The menus are bloated. Finding the numbers history and current jackpots for the draw games is gone. The menu layout is stupid the menu at the bottom says Earn, Rewards, and Promos. How are those 3 things not really the same thing? The menu button on the top left contains 13 menu choices most of which are redundant and not helpful for someone using the app. Faqs, about app, and virtual tour, terms and conditions and games should all be combined. Ticket checker and then manual ticket checker are not needed separate entries they should be combined. The one thing it’s supposed to do it does poorly and that’s Scan draw tickets into the players club. It struggles with every ticket. The coupons on the app don’t work with the machines unless you are using cash because there’s a bug in the software.
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11 months ago, Paulrs1997
Not a good app
Overall not great. Every time I switch tabs I get the spinning wheel and have to close and re-open the app for it to work again. Never remembers the login no matter how many times you click on remember me. I know it’s cliche to say but the games are impossible to win. Scanning never works the same way twice. The camera works like half the time to scan tickets and if it does work, sometimes you can’t scan for tickets when the website says it’s been drawn already. Also for players club games: sometimes I win and it’ll refresh and close out and I don’t get the prize. My advice is to not download and just use the website for information or go directly to a store if you’re checking tickets.
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3 months ago, Umbukak
Takes credits away.
This app is fun when it works. I mostly play the crossword puzzle game and have lost count of how many credits have been taken away because the game won’t load. Everytime it doesn’t complete loading the game, you lose the credits you bet and don’t get them back. And this happens alot. Hope you can fix this. Update: Still having this issue. Just won 500 on cactus crossword and didn’t get winnings. Seems to to not want to pay the bigger ones. Go figure.
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2 weeks ago, hmach32810
Great fun
Nice to play additional games. Great time burner. I have entered over 1000 tickets last 2 year been In drawings with well over 600 entries. Have not won yet. But hope is still there. I’m 29 and been buying since I was 21 I put my extra left over spending funds for the week to a relaxing ticket scratching Friday night. Today was my highest win ever on a scratcher! 250$ from 5$ ticket! Sure puts the faith back into AZ Lottery!
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11 months ago, JustMy2Sense
Even more worthless with July 2023 update
It used to be just okay. You’d have to scan tickets multiple times because when you scan the next one it would just repeat the amount you won on the last ticket. I’d go to cash out at the store and they’d be like no this one isn’t a winner bu this one is. You could never get results until after 5 am and that’s only if the server wasn’t down. Now with this update I have to sign in every time and of course it never remembers you even if you check the box. TOTAL waste of time. Deleted. I’ll use the website and look them up myself. JUNK app.
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1 year ago, iedut
Works great, scan your lottery tickets to get points on the app and then use those points to enter raffles in the app. Also great camera option to scan to make sure if you’ve won or not. Only thing is would be nice if they had more coupons, hide promotions that already ended, and in the history area you can go to see previously scanned lottery tickets but doesn’t show if those tickets were winners or how much
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6 days ago, therealslimanus
Lucky Lounge game
The pina calada Cabana glitch was perfect you had people constantly using the app and playing games. Now it’s gone I barley touch the app. I’m not sure why you would get rid of something the 100% benefited the app and the lucky lounge. Screen time on the lucky lounge alone was like 5 hours a day now it’s 5 minutes. I’d say put the glitch back not only to get clickbait’s and screen time back up but to have people wanting to play the lucky lounge and not looking past it.
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2 years ago, FenixBQ
Horrible app
You need to create an account just to use the scanner. I tried to create an account and never received the confirmation email. It gives me a note to contact customer service but does not proved details on how to contact them. I have ask to resend the confirmation email several times to no avail. When I send them feedback I get a confirmation email but nothing to be able to use the scanner. If you are downloading this app to use the scanner, steer clear because you can’t get to it without an account and it’s not easy to set up an account.
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4 years ago, jie mana
Lotta lotto
So the site is a bit cumbersome, as the ticket checker could be more streamlined so not so many clicks need to happen before checking the ticket, or having to click another to check another, that should be automated. I mean, what else are we gonna go other than check another ticket?!?! Also, when looking at past entries, they are blacked out unless I click on the individual spaces and even then it’s not interactive and greyed out. Streamline !
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7 months ago, Jaybell573
Horrible upgrade
Niw instead of just scanning the card to see if it’s a winner , you have to go thru 2 or 3 steps after you scan to see it’s a winner or not . Why would you update something like that making it harder and longer to do ? This app was bad now it’s just completely useless . You are better off going to the gas station , walking thru the crowd of pill heads nodded off by the door , standing in line for an hour while the cashier argues with a crack head about wether or not they paid for a 99 cent soda . I would rather do all that then have to use this app .
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2 months ago, Tommboy1973
Works fine for me
I’m floored by all bad reviews. Yeah, sometimes the scan for players club is a little tricky. Yeah, it’s slightly inconvenient to have to scan and then click to check a ticket. You know what’s more inconvenient? Having to go down to the store to scan or manually check every number. I like the app, it works for me.
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2 months ago, Kim burr
App works like it should
Idk why this app only has a 2.1 rating. I personally haven’t had any issues with this app; not even with my camera to check if a scratcher is a winner. The reason why I still use this app is bc I like playing Arizona Cascades every once in awhile. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with this app. If others have an issue then it’s probably an operator error.
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3 years ago, 21136978
Can’t register!
My son and I both downloaded this app and we cannot register! The screen freezes up after putting in your name. I erased the app and re-downloaded (twice) thinking it was a glitch. Nope, we even tried starting with the email, then working backwards through the name, nope. If I could get my name in it would freeze up when I tried to enter bday and email. If I could get the email in, it wouldn’t allow to add name. It’s crazy! What’s the point if you can’t even sign up? It’s useless, very disappointing.
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3 years ago, TimeLordGirl
Scanner Rarely Works
I’ve been using this for several months now. I practically have to key in every ticket to get credit. The scanner rarely works. I contacted support about it and they told me to make sure the tickets are on a flat surface and well lit space. Hold the camera still. I do, and it STILL doesn’t scan. I work in studio photography. For fun I put the phone on a tripod and used studio lighting … it STILL didn’t scan. Seriously. This app is awful. Can’t even use its MAIN function correctly. The App Developer needs to be fired.
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5 years ago, AzWeth
Easily scan tickets, submit 2nd Chance entries
I think this app has been updated since the most recent reviews. Its not perfect, but the scanning capability is now live. I scanned some tickets that I thought were losers (because I hate the crossword games) and found two winners for a total of $35, so worth it for me. You do have to completely scratch to reveal the entire barcode, and even then, you may need to chance locations are lighting, but that’s easily fixed. I also like that I can and 2nd change entries. I saw someone speculate that it might not be sanctioned by the AZ lottery, but I went to the AZ lottery website, and there is a link for this app.
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5 years ago, n64man80
History no longer shows
When viewing the “History” tab it no longer shows my entries - the page is all black and nothing is visible. It’s the same for iPhone and iPad. Update: I am logged in - after further investigation it’s fine when the theme on devices is set to “light.” When setting to “dark” the box that shows all the entries turns completely black and you can’t see the text behind it.
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1 year ago, robyn-rx
Verify settings
If youre gonna put out new features for people to use… at least make sure they work. You want people to verify themselves as 21 but it doesnt even work, and the manual option shuts down on me when i use it then locks me out when i try again. Luckily never cared for this unless checking tickets every blue moon but this seemed like a cool idea just for it to be broken.
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4 years ago, Bryce School
Hey, why don’t you fix your updater......
I tried to scan my tickets. Normally this thing will scan about 5-10 before it crashes. This time it read something like “need to update”. I went to the App Store and it won’t update. My connection is perfect with the Gs or the WiFi. My phone is awesome. Clearly, the app needs a little help. 3 STARS is all you get. I really should give 2 based on entire performance. Maybe 1. But I’m feeling nice today.
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1 year ago, squanlee
Great app except for Players scan
App works great for scanning Play results, but scanning for play results it very frustrating. It scans maybe 1 out 10 correctly. 90% of the time I have to move my camera around 10-20 time at different angles to get it to work and sometimes it just won’t work. Doesn’t make sense it would work well for one scan and not the other.
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2 years ago, dannykel
Halfway works
I am able to scan every ticket with the Ticket Checker on my iPhone 12 Pro, works every time. The problem is that the Players Club scan virtually never works. I have a stack of checked tickets that I’ve been trying to scan to add points for two weeks with no luck. I’m not going to manually enter 25 alphanumeric characters. Please fix this!
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3 years ago, Snibor
Won’t scan draw games easily
This app uses the cell phone camera to scan codes on scratch and draw game tickets. I never have a problem scanning scratch tickets for both the “Ticket Checker” and “Players Club” features. However, for the draw or printed ticket games, I am usually successful using the “Ticket Checker,” but almost never successful scanning the codes for the “Players Club.”
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3 years ago, CDO PHX
Scan for players club RARELY works.
How can the app be so good and fast at scanning for winning numbers yet so terrible at scanning for players club??? It scans and scans and scans and scans and never comes up with anything It is a major PIA to hand enter the long alpha numeric player club entry codes. In fact, it’s not even worth my time. I have an iPhone 12. Its not my phone. Please get that fixed.
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10 months ago, Littlereine
Glitchy poor quality app
When it opens, it jumps and twitches for a bit before you can use the ticket scanner. It only scans about 1/2 the time, otherwise it just stays open in the camera and won’t register the ticket! If you play the games, they constantly freeze up. I’ve signed out, signed back in, still freezes. Shut off phone and restarted, games are still locked in “loading” and you can’t do anything else.
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4 months ago, blue snoopy
Changed the scanner, why?
I don’t really like that you have to click after you scan to see if it’s winner. Used to just scan and it would say winner or not. Rest seems to work fine. Been a member for very long time. Does anyone really win the 2nd chance drawings?
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11 months ago, cdawggo
What happened!?
For months I have used this app to scan tickets and accumulate points for the players club. NOW, I have to sign in almost every time I want to use the app and it will no longer scan scratchers. I have deleted and reinstalled at least four times. I have even entered the scratchers manually however that ONLY enters players club points. What did you all do with the last update because it caused bugs not fixed them 😔
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5 years ago, shygirl2019!
The old website was better.
I loved the extra game that the website offered. The new website I got it to work the first and second time I used it, but other than that it doesn’t work. Not sure if I should submit them since I don’t know if they are winners or not. It’s got some better features by telling you how many people were entered into raffle. The other website was more fun and worked. I would think you guys make enough money down there you’d have this fixed by now.
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3 years ago, StillNotAGambler
WHY require an account just to check ticket
I rarely play the lottery. You’re more likely to get hit by lightning than win the lottery. ALL I wanted to do was quickly scan my ticket to make sure I didn’t win anything. I had to wait frikken forever for download, then it wanted to TRACK me!!!! WTH???? Denied! Then it wants me to create an account???? Just to check my numbers???? This is the first ticket I’ve purchased in about 5 years. Will be my last. TOO much hassle.
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4 years ago, Tylerd3303
Fix your ticket scanner please
How come you guys have made the ticket scanner so touchy. I mean you use to only have to barely scratch the barcode and it would read it now I have to scratch the whole white bar and everything around it just to get it to enter. Also why wouldn’t you make it automatically enter it in second chance? When you have multiple tickets it really makes it time consuming and frankly quite annoying. Please fix this issue thank you
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2 months ago, throckmeyer
app doesn’t work, full of bugs
I struggle to understand how an app can remain available for download when it so obviously flawed that basic operations like creating an account or resetting the password cause it to hang. Also, why does an app that provides public information need to know all my personal details? Why do I even need to create an account? Don’t bother with this app, check your tickets another way.
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2 years ago, Iznie
Can’t Enter Drawings
I purchased two tickets to enter into the First Millionaire of the Year drawing but the app is refusing to except my tickets even though I bought the ones from the eligible game list. Every time I press ‘scan ticket’ on the drawings page it just opens up the regular ticket scanner that doesn’t actually enter me into the drawing. There doesn’t seem to be a way to manually enter my tickets so I guess I’m just not getting into this drawing.
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2 years ago, MonkeyNipplez
Fix this crAPP !!!
It keeps saying that my email & password do not match and then it locked me out because I kept trying. I even tried resetting my password but it continues to say that the email & password do not match. I’ve emailed customer support but no one responds. You would think that with the millions of dollars they constantly collect from all the losers, that they would hire at LEAST a decent app developer to put together a working app.
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12 months ago, Sigh1973
Lucky Lounge Steals Points
I have been playing the games in lucky lounge since this portion of the app was released. Lately, the app frequently freezes and it is now stealing points. It doesn’t give you credit when you win points and today it stopped giving you credits for the daily check-in. Normally I wouldn’t care, but the constant loss of points means you can’t enter into of the drawings. Super disappointing.
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1 year ago, MariCaza
iPhone 14
I just purchased an iPhone 14 and it’s not letting the camera focus to scan tickets, I try so many different angles and it only shows blurry unless I am far away from ticket, so frustrating that I can only manually add ticket to players club but can’t check ticket if it’s a winner or not. Plz help.
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1 year ago, DuddinBuddin
Notification for email
Not sure what is going on, but notification for Az lottery only works after 1-2 days and then you stop getting emails on Az lottery updates. It’s quite annoying. I’ve changed emails to see if it would make a difference, but again it will work for 1-2 days and stop updating you.
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2 years ago, PNC WHAT A JOKE
Worst Timr
This application is a Joke I registered with my email address I received a confirmation email from your App saying I have 30 minutes to verify my email address before the confirmation expires Guse what I did just that and confirmed my email I go to login I receive a message my email and password are invalid not to mention your application is not user friendly Thanks a lot for wasting my time I will never get back
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2 years ago, NotTheFace11
Can’t scan tickets unable to setup account
This app is garbage. Can’t scan tickets without having an account and signing in. Did not need an account to get the ticket. Should not need one to see if I won. Trying to setup an account is impossible because it won’t send the activation email. Trying to have it resend the email ends with a invalid email message. This is a non functional app. Complete garbage.
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3 months ago, AaronHernandezz
Can’t sign in
Have used this all for a few years without much issue. Besides an occasional bug. However, for the past 2 months I cannot sign in. At the home page>scanner>login. The sign in button just spins. Have tried on my business phone as well with the same results. Deleted and redownloaded.. nothing. thought this would of been fixed by now.
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1 month ago, Mrs Eng
This app is a joke 🤡
I have to sign in EVERY single time I want to scan a ticket??? Don’t bother scanning for points. You will never win the drawings. I don’t even scan for points anymore because Az lottery is so shady. 🤡 I’ve had hundreds of entries over the last couple years and have never won anything. All the winners names are fake. 🤡I only keep the app to scan my moms tickets to see if they’re winners. 🤡
Show more
11 months ago, JM'sIP4S
Wont stay logged in or scan tickets
For some reason after the last update I have to log in every time I want to scan a ticket. App won’t”remember login” either. Can’t scan tickets anymore. App opens camera but won’t scan the barcode
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2 years ago, alexigram13
Love the App’
I honestly love the app and how easy it is to scan tickets. Very user friendly to earn more rewards and points in addition to keep me updated with the latest promos! I
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5 years ago, 1986kcrew
New app is not good
Had to re-enter all my personal information all though I’ve had an account with az lottery players for several years now. And I also had to set a new password just because I updated my app. The old app was easy and seamless with everything built in to it, including new winning numbers on it. Now you have to exit the app and go to the regular website to see new winning numbers. New app is a downgrade not upgrade.
Show more
4 years ago, HamSandy
New app looks great but doesn’t scan tix
IDK...I’ve been trying to scan tickets with my iPhone for the handful of days the new app’s been available but nada. Was hoping there’d be an update to fix the issue by now but that’s a big 10-no good buddy. Guess I’ll go stand in front of the machine at the Basha’s for an hour next time I need a gallon of milk.
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2 years ago, J fleisch
Horrible app. Tried 3x
This is a horrible app. I downloaded it to my phone tried to register it told me my email was already registered. Tried two other email addresses and it told me both of them were already registered also. This is a real piece of junk wish I could give it zero stars. I think the app is there just to collect my personal data. It’s really that bad!!!
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1 year ago, Cutttttttttttie :)
Changed to Five Stars
The scanner stopped working with an update. I emailed them about it, they were aware and had it fixed within 48 hours! Thanks guy! Love the app!
Show more
9 months ago, Daddy Janky
It’s funny how with each update the players club scanner gets worse. You can scan the ticket checker just fine. However, when you switch it to players club now it won’t scan. Thanks for the update it’s worthless. I have an iPhone 14 Pro so I know it’s not the cameras. Also, the players club points. Scanner worked fine with the previous version.
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