AZFamily News Phoenix

4.6 (9.1K)
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Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for AZFamily News Phoenix

4.62 out of 5
9.1K Ratings
4 years ago, marry ann 2
I only watch Channel 5 and I love their honesty and ability to tell us the truth. I love Stanley in “Caught Misbehaving”. I like the Pay it Forward episodes. I just like all of you for doing your jobs so well. I called once and left a message that the weather person always stands over the eastern side of AZ especially the SE side of AZ. We who live in SE AZ thank you. After that I noticed that they’d stand so that we could see all of AZ. I’m not saying it’s bc of what said but I appreciate and am happy they don’t stand so we can’t see eastern and SE AZ. I love Chris Pickle and all of you for the professionalism you use every day. Everyone is always so well dressed and the women always dress so cute and the men well a suit is a suit but they always look nice. Thank you for being GREAT. We the ppl of AZ benefit greatly from your ability to carry the News in a fair and honest manner. THANK YOU!! Thank you For your attention to detail and letting us the people benefit from your work.
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5 years ago, DDnurs
AZ Family doesnt cover any happenings outside of Phoenix so it’s kinda a waste of time
Arizona is a huge state...with diverse politics and groups of diverse people. Phoenix coverage seems to be full of murders and political strife.A murder trial took place here The murderer took the life of a policeman...I would have thought it would have been followed closely...more than most...Nope... Governor Ducy is trying to increase awareness of developmental delays and followup on the 2004 studies done on the disabled...It took one year to get individual therapy for our downs grandbaby despite calling repeatedly and doctors orders...I cant imagine how the three “reservations” are doing...We need speech therapy to be a priority for children “all over the state”...not just Phoenix... We need a neurologist...If you look at the need...We are a “big military state”...Doug Ducey could petition the “armed forces to provide someone”..or make a “state mandate”... to find specialty services for patients “falling through the cracks”.. even if he has to ask the president to make an executive order for military services to be able to be tapped for an obvious need...We have the finest neurocare in the world in Phoenix but no “ancillary services”... to provide follow up without traveling four hours for care... There is a great deal to Arizona....besides Phoenix.... Just saying...
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1 year ago, Virgin1261
Informative with the up to date News
Latest article, activities for such as festivals, things for families & kids in our Cities. Has the latest things for seniors, car shows, weather forecast. I also like the way everything is organized by subject on the app. You don’t have to search. If you your looking for somewhere to go, just go to the app under activities. Look up all the dates,places, times of where you would like to attend and don’t forget some activities are FREE and some charge. Instructions to purchase tickets are in the description. Also, don’t for to mark your calendar of all the events.
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1 week ago, Arizona residenttttt
Click baiting alerts / biased news
Tons of click bait alerts , you will get a notification saying three police officers shot Then when you click the notification it will pull up a news article from Oklahoma saying three officers were shot .Another example of notification alerts that are click bate would be a notification that says ‘famous country music star has died’ why not just write what famous person died instead of saying what someone died flick on our app with tons of adds to see who died . It’s beyond Pathetic a huge news organization is depending on views from clickbait . Very biased news articles saying they give all political parties and politicians equal treatment then proceed to negatively write ‘fact checks’ vs one political party and politician . I’m done with this app indefinitely I care about Arizona news and they write shocking click bate titles that are irrelevant to this state along with completely biased articles will not use them for any type of news anymore.
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4 years ago, JoshArt
Love that I can watch live
Great App, love that I can watch live. The issues I keep running into most frequently are with live broadcasts: 1. The audio for live broadcasts cuts out intermittently and changes tone and clarity. 2. The video quality gets really blurry and pixelated, but the sign language interpreter video still looks perfect. 3. You guys keep cutting off Ducey’s press conferences for commentary while they are still speaking. We just want to watch the conference, your commentators add nothing of value and is really just an interruption. Three stars due to the issues and frequency that I run into them. I experience at least 1 of the 3 issues listed each time I watch the live coverage (almost every day during the pandemic). Still very thankful I am able to stay connected to local live news without cable.
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6 years ago, aztoybuyer
Best free Phoenix Metro news
I’ve tried 2 of the other free apps for local coverage and deleted them within 2 days. Azfamily gives a good overview of what’s going on at home; with both written articles and some video. The layout is concise and easy to follow. National coverage is not as comprehensive, but I get that elsewhere. I wanted an app that let me feel I was at home, and this is it. Sure, there’s some advertising - but I can put up with a 30 second spot promoting our local stellar Musical Instrument Museum.
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3 years ago, Liz in Az
App freezes sometimes
Overall, this app is good and helps me stay up to date on what’s going on locally. But the main issue I’m having with it is sometimes I will open it and it will freeze causing me to have to close it and reopen it.,sometimes a few order to get it working. It happens a lot when I look at the weather section. I open the app, click on the temp. to take me to the weather and then when I click on hourly, or radar the whole app freezes and I have to restart. Kind of annoying when you just want to look at the hourly forecast or radar.
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5 months ago, Boujie love 💕
Cant find segments from same day
I am a loyal viewer of 3tv since 1988. I am SO tired of looking for a segment I just missed I can NEVER find it again, and It was just on. I am looking specifically for the “Gathering of the Goldens” segment from today, Sat. March 4. I want to GMAZ where I saw it, typed in the title of the segment, and nothing. I did multiple searches and cannot find it. Why is it that the segment that was just on tv minutes before, is nowhere to be found on your site????? I sent a message under the contact us form and after submitting, I got an immediate notification that I could not submit more than once. Problem is that was the only time I submitted today. It’s looking like you guys need to take a look form the ant age point of your viewers, please help us. Thought I sent this last year
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5 years ago, W. Henry
1947 Ercoupe plane.
When I first saw the photo of the plane that nose dived into the building I identified it as a 1947 Ercoupe to my wife. I remember that back in that day it was advertised as “ The plane that grandma could fly.”, extolling it’s simplicity to fly. When I heard that the occupants lived through this horrific accident I couldn’t help but wonder if the designers of this sweet little plane might not have added “..... and crashed and can walk away.”. Just a little bit of humor there... but not much. Bill Henry
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4 years ago, craziebarb
Review of my adopted family!
Who wouldn’t enjoy all of the joking and fun when all your “ family “ get together and if there is any drama it is never seen! Very cozy. I’m a snow bird and you delight me every day with upfront news! Mama Barbara 😇. Very fair/ funny appropriately/ just honest! Chris, are you a dill or sweet Pickle?!!! 😁. Best I can do for an old lady!
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1 year ago, Elicec8
Why have an app that only works sometimes?
Why have an app that only works sometimes? This is the worst app I have!!! The only way I get the news is via streaming and my preference has always been channel 3! Unfortunately the app is often down!!! I thought with a new company buying them out it would improve, it hasn’t. I really thought when Gray took over it would work better and it did for a time but now channel 3 will not even open on any of my 3 devices only local news live opens up and I want my channel 3 as far as I’m concerned it’s the only channel to listen to. Very frustrating!!!
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4 years ago, algietrig
Traffic map
The traffic map used to be excellent. I could pull it up, and the roads were marked with red, green or yellow which helped my sister and I know which streets to take. Then they changed it with very dark colorings on the streets where I couldn’t read the names of the streets. It also would cover roads with rain and you couldn’t tell what was happening with the roads at all. Now it’s just a map with nothing to tell you what the traffic is doing. As 2 seniors we really appreciated the original maps, but now find it to be worthless.
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2 years ago, Just Az Me
What Happened to the weather page?
Good Grief, what happened to your weather page ? I only come to your app to see the weather report. Your changes have been hard to accept, I cant see the weather at a glance anymore… not only that but it’s hard to find your weekly forecast without searching through it… You’ve added many non essentials on the page which have little or no to do with weather, why would you do that? All I want is a nice look at the whole weather report for the week, and nothing else…maybe I should look for a different weather app…!!!
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2 years ago, PeoriaParent
Stop messing with the app
The AZ Family App used to be awesome. They keep updating it and it’s getting to where I don’t wanna use it. I’m constantly bombarded with ads and all il want is the news and weather. I don’t know who runs your mobile services but they should know, if you have something that works and is working well, stop messing with it. For the record I love AZ Family and Good Morning Arizona. Have been a fan for years. This app really does a disservice to the wonderful team working the news and morning shows.
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4 years ago, JMHep
Not Always Current
You often see a headline, "Just Breaking," "Just In," "Join live stream," and then you start to read the story and find the news is a day or two old! Update more often and discard day-old stories unless there is a definite interest in updating and follow up. Just don't continue to call the old portion breaking news. Unfortunately, what is truly breaking news often does not get put on right away. I may open the app in the morning and find only one or two new stories the rest being filled with yesterday's still "breaking" news.
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6 years ago, EdJHill
Has gotten worse!
For several months, I checked in each morning to Ch3, Phoenix, for news and weather on my iPad. Recently, it has increasingly difficult to connect with the video. If I get the video, it only lasts 2-3 commercial breaks and drops off. Only a few minutes later do I realize that it has dropped. It shows that the live feed is still active but, ...... it isn’t! I have finally given up and changed to another channel in town. Too bad because I really like the morning crew at Ch3.
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4 years ago, Neomaxizondweeby
New update horrible.
The app was good before the last update. Now nothing loads quick or at all. I click on a story and get a blank white screen. Sometimes it will eventually load, or flash the story and a blank screen. Wifi and data connection. The opening ad works without flaws and is more difficult to remove. Use to just swipe it off. Everything is much harder to navigate. Can't see the current day's forecasted high temperature without going on a hunt for it. Seems they want to advertise more than help share the news.
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3 months ago, Toomanyads654321
Removed after update added too many ads
Latest update added too many adds, looking for news and weather not shopping. Update: reviewed again in 2023 and still garbage. Ads are necessary but when the focus is ads over news it’s useless.. still deleted.. Update: reviewed again in 2024, still garbage, still deleted.. they more than doubled the ads. If more people would delete this app maybe they will get the message.. I will check it out again in 2025..
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4 years ago, Bluejay1013
What about the suburbs?
While the coverage for Phoenix seems to be good and up to date, coverage for other municipalities is lacking. Information on Emergency orders and current news for places like Tempe, Mesa & Chandler doesn’t appear to be available on the app. Also very little information about Flagstaff & Tucson other than the number of cases is reported on. Please provide this additional coverage as Phoenix doesn’t represent all of Arizona.
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3 years ago, TrunksLevel4
Can’t scroll
Had this app for about 10 mins, got to a story I wanted to read and clicked on it. Got a few sentences in and there was an ad, I kept scrolling done with my finger but nothing was happening. Thought the app froze. Uninstalled and reinstalled and it happened again. You have to scroll off the ad to move the story down. What kind of news article is that?
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7 years ago, FromLongview
Joining together brings has brought fluidity to you news sharing. Thank you for having coffee with me each morning. You start my day with your BETTER THAN EVER news and weather. You UPDATE me during the day. You alert me as weather changes. YES U R STILL THE BEST!!! Thank you! Dallas
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4 years ago, ilovemyaps
Update ruined app
Before the update, this was my go to app for (AZ) news. Not anymore. They’ve added a place for you to turn on notifications that literally is 25% of the screen. The previous layout showed more possible stories which enticed me to keep looking at their app and the articles. Now it’s a scroll fest and you lose interest in looking for stories. If you want local news do yourself a favor and use AZCentral or virtually any other local news app.
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5 years ago, Tymora
I love news channel three! But I don't always have time to turn on the tv in the morning so I was happy to find live video on my phone. Problem, most of the time the video freezes, is not on line, or crashes my phone. Definitely needs updates!
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7 years ago, Skip582782
Quicker a Than Most
I have several of the local news and radio apps on my phone. This one usually alerts me about breaking news before any other.
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7 years ago, resunoko
Great News!
This app is great for local news, weather updates, traffic conditions, and much more. I really appreciate the local news in such a user-friendly format.
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7 years ago, Dad Bee
Good App
Current and contemporary. Latest info presented as it occurs. Good variety of subject matter. Even has a daily trivia section! Update--Daily trivia section is gone. Replaced by horoscope section (personal opinion "boring"). All other aspects remain.
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4 years ago, jessie 46
Doesn’t scroll through stories, freezes
When trying to scroll through the story you can’t scroll up easily. It either freezes or knocks off the app completely. Then you have to go back on, find the article and try to start reading again. Needs to be simpler. Had no problems with the old format.
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4 years ago, Smartieartieorange
From great to disappointing
Forever you have had a great app that was my go to for information and I often forwarded that on to others. Then you changed the format. Now articles are difficult to find and don’t load properly. Why would you change something that was really good for something substandard that doesn’t work? I’m sad to be leaving az family, but this new change is not working.
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2 years ago, RickTab97
AZ Family News app
It is glitchy where the advertisement when you first log in does not clear out, where the live news feed cannot be seen nor heard. Also, the app just played advertising for a rival news station, News 12 NBC.
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6 years ago, yxofmap
Great Station
Thank you for keeping me updated on all the news. I just wish there weren’t so many fatalities and crime in the valley. Enjoy your human interest stories that help balance the sad news.
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6 years ago, Not worthier
Not as good as in the past. Seems as if you are trying to rush thru every thing. Sometimes the pop up does not carry over to the story that is being reported. Still like it over the other one I followed in the past!
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6 years ago, It's Me, Silly
Issues w/ Traffic Map
Has anyone else reported any issues with the traffic map loading correctly? I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled this app, as well as the Phoenix traffic app and am still having the same issues. Other than that, I’ve had no issues!
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6 years ago, Prescott viewer
Channel 3TV
Love the news team and especially the morning show before I go to work. Enjoy all the info channel 3 gives out and weather is on point.
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4 years ago, DIY guyz
Has performance issues
I find the navigation to be a bit messy. And, often times when I get to the bottom of a section the app will freeze. I reloaded the app to see if that would fix the problem but it’s still there so it is a bug in the app.
Show more
6 years ago, Desertdog6
Politics of Ownership Determines Coverage
While the app will carry local stories that meet certain criteria ownership has approved of, important national stories are being missed. I’ve been a daily reader for 8 years (well before channels 3 and 5 came together). I’ve seen the drastic reduction in quality. If you actually care about news, find another app. If you want to be told what to think then this is the app for you.
Show more
5 years ago, Jane Alycd
I like the updates during the day as to what is in the news, weather and traffic reports. Keep doing a good job we appreciate you! Jane
Show more
5 years ago, Lgardneraz
Hard to navigate
I wish there was a link to just read the newspaper without categories or sections to navigate. With a paid subscription I wish there were less ads
Show more
5 years ago, yankee tamale
Keeps me up to date
Love the app. My family lives in several different locations in Maricopa county. I live in NJ so this is a very informative way to keep up with all that is happening in Arizona!!!
Show more
7 years ago, az gila
Ok for news
It's a pain to have to go through a 15 second ad every time to look at a video. You should only have to see it once if you continue to watch videos. I usually only last through two videos and then give up.
Show more
2 years ago, Pay for this app
3th tv news
You should guys have a uploading video so we can do a report send you guys the videos what happens in the streets
Show more
7 years ago, aja58
Poor punctuation
It's a good news app but I do notice errors in grammar and misspelled words in many of the news stories. They need better proofreading and then their articles will look and read more professional.
Show more
1 month ago, Fiesta fun
Ian‘s missing in the weather
Ian’s funny and makes me feel good in the morning with his funny banter back-and-forth with the team. Where is he?
Show more
4 years ago, klemm
AZ Family The Bellwether Of Everything AZ.
All good reporters of you got it EVERYTHING..One complaint is they have to give the Old Flyer Scott respect and let him have control if the temperature in that studio. Happy 2020 everyone !
Show more
2 years ago, time to get it right
Old news
This was my number 1 news app until you changed and stop reporting Az Family news stories embedded at the end of other stories. Now it’s filled with stories from NY Post that are MONTHS old. What a shame to degrade a local news app with such old crap.
Show more
4 years ago, ChortleFrog
Has become a crash monster lately
I’ve used this regularly to keep a pulse on AZ news, but over the last few weeks, the number of app crashes has been skyrocketing! Doing any sort of app interaction beyond scrolling through the main feed (such as clicking in-story links, rotating the phone sideways, etc) has been yielding about a 90% crash rate.
Show more
6 years ago, Sesalal
Keep up
There was a huge police situation Thursday night that closed down Thunderbird rd from 51st ave to 67th ave and closed 59Th ave from Greenway To cactus and not a word about it. And again just now. 10pm. The Qt station On 67th ave and thunderbird is surrounded completely with yellow tape and police from 3 Area police depts as well as a county K-9 unit and copter. Again no news about that either. You all sleeping???
Show more
7 days ago, D K S 1
A lot of times when you click on the article you want to read or watch they don’t play it it’s something completely different
Show more
2 years ago, 5656.8
Bait and switch. You post about one story and video then start on something totally different, playing your regular news cast and who knows when or if you will play the story you originally had posted. It’s sad that news agencies just can’t be trusted for anything anymore especially the truth.
Show more
3 years ago, Ap2012
Local News section blank
I use the app daily and I always use the “Local News” section of the app, up until 2 weeks ago. All of the sudden, the section went blank, only alert features but no local news whatsoever. Please fix and maybe I’ll give the app 5 stars.
Show more
4 years ago, LookingWest2
What happened to Traffic Cameras?
Just was forced to update, which I dreaded but I did. New format is clean and not loaded with ads like other news apps. But the ADOT traffic Cameras are gone. What happened? Please return them. The ADOT app is not a substitute because it’s hard to use. Pretty please??
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