Baa Baa Black Sheep - Song

3.4 (14)
22.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Duck Duck Moose LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Baa Baa Black Sheep - Song

3.43 out of 5
14 Ratings
12 years ago, Mesobes
Goes off
It is a lot of fun but goes off very often since I downloaded new update
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13 years ago, lg716
Perfect for my toddler
I love the Duck Duck Moose apps, I really hope they come out with more toddler ones soon! We have them all, and this is by far my son's favorite. He's been playing these apps for a few months now (he's 22-months old now) and it's shocking to watch him manipulate everything like a pro. The Ba Ba Black Sheep one is particularly fun because he has to hunt for four hidden objects throughout the app and drag them to their shadowed counterparts. After he finds all four, four new ones appear. This keeps him entertained indefinitely in the car. Thank you Duck Duck Moose, and please come out with more toddler apps!! :)
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13 years ago, CattlemansWife
So much to do!
Great game, keeps my 1 1/2 year old busy for a long while. Only complaints I have are the "buy more apps" button on the start page - he gets hung up in that all the time and it's frustrating for both of us. The music button can be hidden through "iPhone settings" but I have a IPad - how do I hide the button? Lastly the 1x 2x option at the bottom right corner minimums and maximizes the screen between IPhone and IPad. This is SO annoying - we never want the IPhone size, but I have no way to hide this.
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14 years ago, mistykol
Great app
This app is my 2 1/2 year olds favorite. All the products by Duck Duck Moose are excellent. They are very educational and fun at the same time. As to the sound going away (as was mentioned by another reviewer), there is a small button on the bottom left of the opening screen of the app that will turn off the music when pressed. It's vey small button so it is easily overlooked.
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14 years ago, Fid808
Love duck duck moose
Great app. Can't get song out of my head. We love the baby voice laughter and I love, I love, I lloove yooouu!!! Funny One thing I don't like is having a second option to change the slide . Most duck duck moose app use the arrow to change the slide or touch the character. Which is what we are used to. This app has both features. The anchor is not necessary.
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13 years ago, Lunn Lunn
Really Clever Interactive App
I am very impressed with the level of detail, thought, creativity and interaction that went into this app. It is something that will repetitively entertain my kids. Often the kids apps get short shrift. Nit so with this app! Highly recommend!
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14 years ago, keepsmesmiling
The music is tops!
We tried it out this afternoon. Both girls ages 5 and 7 enjoyed discovering the hidden surprises in Baa Baa Black Sheep. They are familiar with your other apps, and also give this one a thumbs up. We all especially like the baby sheep that flies across the top. Another winner!
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14 years ago, Rbwilkinson
Loved by my 3 yr old
My daughter is 3 and this is one of her favorite games. Recommend this game to all 3 year olds. We have everyone of the duck duck moose games. Highly recommend them all for 2-3 yr olds. Always search for more by this company
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14 years ago, antski
My daughter is 1 yr & 7 mos. And has been playing and enjoying every duck duck moose app. From wheels on the bus to this app. Glad you made a new one and looking forward to your other apps soon
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12 years ago, Daddair
A few glitches but super entertaining
My 18 month old and 3 yr old love this app. It's starting to get too young for the 3 year old but it's good for her to feel masterful too. She does speed rounds! Anyway, it's saved the day many times when we needed a 5 i minute quiet break.
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Awesome again
My 20 month old has been playing duck duck apps since wheels came out. She found Baa Baa last night herself and said "this this" so I downloaded it for her. She loves your apps!
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13 years ago, Dan Pritts
lots of fun
bought this thinking it would be centered around the baa baa black sheep nursery rhyme. It's not, really, although it makes an appearance. However it's a fun game, like all the others from this company. kids like it.
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13 years ago, miranda000
Our favorite
We enjoy this on several levels: the humor, music, graphics, and, of course, the puzzle finding activity. It's great fun.
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13 years ago, SFMomH&G
My 2.5 half year old enjoys this game. He finds all the hidden stuff and gets a kick out of all the sounds and music. I think it is a pretty entertaining app for him, but not necessarily all that educational.
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14 years ago, Texan03
My kiddo loves it!
I have all apps by Duck Duck Moose on my iPhone and my little guy loves them. I check the app store for a new once once a week too. Lovely music, great animation, smooth work. Keep it up guys!
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12 years ago, j3KyLL
Fun app
We have purchased a few Duck Duck Moose apps and my 3 year old son enjoys them all. This particular app provides a variety of activities recognizing shapes, colors, numbers and plain old fun.
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12 years ago, Jyuen99
Awesome app! My daughter was playing with this when she was 12-months old and still loves it at 18-months. She keeps finding new things to do on this app. We love all duck duck moose apps.
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13 years ago, Kaylin's mom
Great value!
My daughter is 4 years old now and still plays this app. It is one of her favorites and she always comes back to it.
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13 years ago, forseesuns
Awesome app
Excellent app. My 2 yr old loves it and can find all the pieces. He taught me how it works! Very entertaining and never had a problem with app. Recommend!
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13 years ago, snoopygirl88
So much to discover!!
My daughter who is 3 keeps finding new things in this app. Rowing sheep, a magic show, jellyfish, etc. So much to do!
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11 years ago, AB's mommy
Not what I expected from Duck, Duck, Moose
My daughter and I love the other Duck, Duck, Moose apps and I was hoping it would be easily interactive like the Itsy Bitsy Spider. I found Baa Baa Black Sheep hard for me to even figure out let alone my three year old and she found the interactions frustrating and even boring. Wish I could get my money back.
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13 years ago, PTKT
This app, like all of your others, is great!!! My boys love it!!! I will say this again, thanks for making a solid app for kids!
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13 years ago, Ilovedinosaurs
Super fun!
3 year old has been using this app for about a year. He tires of most games but loves this one. He loves the music and asks to go to sleep with it on. It works!
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13 years ago, holly35
Road trip life saver!
Another great app for my two girls. Thank you for making long car trips fun!!!
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14 years ago, elliescandy
fully interactive adventure
My 2.5 year old is captivated by Baa Baa Black Sheep. It is so cute to watch her play with it. Another home run from Duck Duck Moose
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14 years ago, NanaRose51
My 3 yr old grandson, who is rarely still, plays this for long periods. Loves finding the pieces. Thanks, developers!
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14 years ago, EBHumphrey
Great App
My two year old son loves this app. It's got lots of great interactive icons and he loves the song. I would highly recommend it.
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14 years ago, AkMia246
Good, but...
I love Duck Duck Moose and their apps, and I loved this one too until the sound stopped working. I re-loaded it and it still doesn't work :(
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14 years ago, jsdenn
I have a lot of games on my phone for My Grandkids. The Duck Duck Moose ones are ones they play more than any others.
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14 years ago, greenbanana3
Great Songs!
My toddler can't stop singing Baa Baa and Row Row... even when she's not playing with this app.
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14 years ago, Moke*
Love it .
My almose 3 year old granddaughter loves it !!!! eyes lit up with a big smile every time she plays it..... and I like it too !!!
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14 years ago, The Kings Queen
Great game for preschoolers
My 3 y/o LOVES this game! She wants to play it all the time and it has been a life saver at times!
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14 years ago, Skeecil
My almost 3 yr old son loves this app! We have all of them by Duck Duck Moose. Great stuff!!!
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11 years ago, Glad to be GG
Must buy!
Our granddaughter loves the music and the visuals. Truly her favorite app.
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13 years ago, laurame24073
More Fun from DDM
We have enjoyed all the apps from Duck Duck Moose! Very motivating and fun.
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10 years ago, Gua gua
Best toddler app EVER
I have like 20 toddler apps and this is my son's favorite. It's is friggin adorable and super funny.
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13 years ago, Chadillac75
What's the hype?
Sure, the graphics and music are cute, but that's all it has going for it. What's up with the peanut butter sandwich chasing the jellyfish? It doesn't make sense.
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13 years ago, Izzie's Momma
Great for toddlers!
My 2-year-old loves this app! We love all the apps by Duck Duck Moose!!
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11 years ago, hlkbccheer
So fun!
Baa Baa is one of my 2 year old's favorites!
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14 years ago, Beanzai
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Another great game from Duck Duck Moose!
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13 years ago, Thatfedoraguy
Kids love it
Great app!!
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12 years ago, armstrong2002
Great app
Kid friendly
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12 years ago, Jessica Brende
Love this!
So much fun!
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13 years ago, MgSmth7
Great App
My 14 month old loves the animations... Well worth the money spent!
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14 years ago, karenwith3
Magic for kids
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