Baby games for 2,3,4 year olds

4.2 (373K)
132.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bimi Boo Kids Learning Games for Toddlers FZ LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Baby games for 2,3,4 year olds

4.23 out of 5
373K Ratings
2 years ago, Kelseeyyyyyyy
Helping my 1 year old advance quickly
My son loves these games. They’re helping him to really learn. We thought some were too difficult and he’d give us the iPad to skip. But after a few weeks he can do it all. It’s teaching him patience, precision and to analyze. So happy to have something advancing him while on flights and on rainy days. These games also don’t freeze like some of the other ones which helps my son not get confused. THE ONLY CHANGE IT NEEDS: The back button should have a parent lock option or at least slide instead. My 1 year old discovering it makes him not pursue the challenge of the game if it gets too difficult. That’s the hard thing about device learning, it’s making kids have things too easy to just quit or start over and I’d like this to not feed that problem in society.
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2 years ago, DBGs LLC
Baby games for 2 3 4 5 year old
I got this game because as an uncle I must first scan the game as if play it to see what happens down the road. And I can’t really do that. The first few weee free and appeared nice enough. But what does all look like ? What me in the sounds ? Gotta be extremely careful now adays. I can only approve this game if I’m able to see the game. First thing off bad that was a red flag was in store purchases. This is a obviously pay to win because after the demo you can’t go any further unless you pay. Why not just have a banner down on the game instead of paying ? You’d make more with those than anyone wanting to pay the high cost of $3.99. You can probably find a dollar store book just like this for $1. Plus 8.250% tax is just $0.08 and with stickers. Making the book $1.08 even cheaper for you fellow michiganders. Coming in at 0.006% making basically $0.06 So that book would $1.06 up there. As well as work book for kids for homeschool or home work whatever for fun to get your wrighting back.
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7 months ago, Nayohmaise90
Restore purchases button not working & no response from team
I bought this game for my kids ages ago; have since switched phones and it has decided the game is locked again. I’ve pressed ‘restore purchases’ but nothing happens, and I’ve emailed the team but no response. Really bad service. I would like to be able to access the game I paid a lot to buy.
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4 years ago, FoxyWolf3000
My three year old brother LOVES it. My parents are skeptical about him being on electronics, but it’s more of a learning game that is really fun for him. He used to have a hard time getting off, but I told him that if he didn’t cry, he would have a chance to play tomorrow. After that he was completely fine. I would recommend this for 2-5 years old because one of the games is kind of hard. Also this could be for boys or girls. Definitely five stars. I’m not a parent or a teacher or anything but probably could probably teach you kid some things. Anyways, I would definitely recommend it.
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11 months ago, kgv1985
Great game, lots to play
We don’t play a lot of iPad games but wanted an educational game. This is such a great game that I bought the full version and I never do that! There are skills to practice like shapes, sorting and matching (patterns, sizes, shapes, colors), and helps with fine motor skills! I’ve tried many different games and none were the right fit, most were too hard or my daughter lost interest. These games are easy to figure out and have entertaining graphics and animals. It helps my child to feel independent when she can do the game herself.
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3 years ago, 1mack168
Games do not change or advance
For almost $5 I would have expected the games to vary at least a little bit. But there are no levels or changes to each game at all. Every time you play each game it is exactly the same down to the order each shape or color appears. At this point it’s hard to tell if my toddler is learning shapes or colors or if she’s just memorizing what order to put things in because it’s the same every time. She loves the games though so that’s good.
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3 years ago, Leana W
2 year 3 month old loves it!
These games are so educational! I can’t believe how quickly my daughter picked it up. Also I’m kicking myself for not pushing her sooner! She’s so much smarter than I realized! I ended up buying the full version because she picked up the first couple modules so easily. I hope they extend them and continue making these games! Will definitely keep buying them!
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4 years ago, Morriganghdhfdfg
Game for toddlers
This is a very good game for this age group. My grandson will be at my house tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to this game. He’s only 31/2 years old but very intelligent for his age. I know everybody says that about their grandchildren but this child is super intelligent!! He’s working addition and subtraction problems. He counts to a hundred, recognizing numbers. He knows alphabet & recognizes them out of order. He is a great problem solver, to name a few.
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3 years ago, Lysha B
Cool Game
I gave this app a 4 out of 5 because it’s a great game for toddlers but the games don’t advance. My toddler got bored really fast I think she’s above this educational level for toddlers. Prefect game for maybe a 1 or 2 year old. Maybe even 3 year olds if they are just starting their learning journey. I just don’t see anything to fit my 3 year where it might challenge her. Each game only has one level.
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4 years ago, KittyPanda19
The Game & my son
My son really loves it, he does get frustrated with some of them but he’s really good with the shapes and colors. He’s only 2 years old and I just had to show him 1 time what to do and then he did the rest on his own😊 I’m such a proud mama, he’s a very smart monkey. He gets very excited when he knows he did everything right and I praise him for it as well cause he’s doing such a good job.
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2 years ago, tpls4two
The best app for a 2-3 yr old
I can’t keep my 2 1/2 year-old away from this app he loves all of the choices on it. He’s learning the most difficult one which is the Egyptian one with the treasure chest at the end. He plays this for hours on end and he is getting better at it each day.
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2 years ago, redXlife
amazing game !!
I love this game for my two year old sister it helps her with her mechanics and it helps her use her brain. she loves it in the car or when she’s not feeling well and can’t go outside, i definitely recommend. i wish you didn’t have to buy most of the games tho, i did buy them and they are great ! 🙂
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3 years ago, gaoharris
Great for 18month old
My baby started playing this at 18 months and now she’s 2. At first, I thought it wasn’t too impressive because all the games were the same but when my baby started doing all the puzzles, I saw that she was actually learning! It’s amazing to watch her play.
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11 months ago, arenara princess
For babies 👶
This game is the best game for small kids who can’t read or write or talk my sister has the game tell now I downloaded this game for my sister in 4 weeks she’s 3 years old , the next she played it . The time passed . in day 46 she started to talk . WoW and she was righting Cat , dog , egg , and the last thing I want to Thx Bimiboo 🌈
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5 years ago, teewachawakana
I paid for the extra games, and now there are only 10, when I was purchasing 15. Initially, there were 2 pages that I could flip through, but then another stupid ad came up to download their “new app”. Now, the second page is gone, along with the extra games. Do the developers not realize that we are paying for this app so that our kids don’t have to keep giving us the phone to fix it. Now she keeps pressing on the “new app” button and giving me the phone to fix it. I regret this purchase.
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3 years ago, kaitlinmarie
Great for toddlers
My two year old loves this game. I gave it 4 stars because I wish it said the names of the shapes/animals/colors when you place or sort them and counted when doing the number games. I did buy the full version and it keeps my daughter entertained since she can switch mini games.
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10 months ago, A Chansler
2 year old Approved
Our 2 year old wanted to play iPad games. When we introduced this, he enjoyed the shape matching, vehicle matching and big/little matching games. Happy with the free version, hope to add some more games soon.
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2 months ago, shaytrreforgeahead1234567
My nephew loves this!
I purchased the full version because my 2yo nephew loves it so much and it’s a steal at $5! He’s learning so much and even when I think a game will be too difficult for him, he stays at it long enough to master it. I highly recommend!
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1 year ago, Braden Allister
My child loves this game
My child Johan (6) love playing this game. I am delighted every time I hear his giggles of joy. There is no better feeling than knowing you child is happy. It’s also a great distraction for them for when ever you’re just too tired.
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6 months ago, Hoochalaffa The Great
Feature request
My son keeps quitting the mini games accidentally. Would like a 2-finger quit mechanism of some sort that confirms quitting. Otherwise, he loves the games so much, we wanted to buy the rest. Thank you so much.
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6 years ago, Darin50
locked games
I downloaded the free version of this app for my daughter. She loved it so I paid 3.99 for the full version. My card was charged however the levels are still locked. It says to click a spot to restore purchases but it just wants my password to charge me 3.99 again. The excitement I had over an awesome app has now diminished. I wish the levels were unlocked because she clicks on them to play but gets mad that they are locked. I wish I would have got what I paid for.
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3 years ago, MMitchell17
Paid for the full version on my iPad and I guess they are so greedy! unlike most apps that you pay for can be used on other devices using the same appleID.... this one can not... they want you to pay for it multiple times for multiple devices! A rip off if you ask me!!!
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4 years ago, sldieskgsle
Fun games for toddlers, but family sharing makes it impractical and expensive
The Family Sharing that supposedly allows up to six family members to share this game does not work. It makes it difficult, because it will only work on one iPad. Imagine trying to console a 2 year old who wants to play but can’t access the games purchased through Dad’s iPad on Mom’s device. One of the reasons I purchased it was because the ad said it was shareable with family.
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7 years ago, Carl Pughe
All in one
That are great on their own have now been combined into one even more awesome app. This just makes it into a more effective learning app that kids are sure to love. Provides a superior learning experience for kids With it's top-notched visuals and sounds. Really nice!!
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7 months ago, ANONS101
Baby games
My son loves to play these games. So I bought the full version and it said it was a one time purchase. So I got it. But now my son wants to play the game again I go back on there and now it wants me to pay again. I then look at my purchases on Apple play store it says that I already paid for it. So could I get the full game please. It would mean a lot if something gets fixed or I could get a refund. Thank you
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3 years ago, Jessamazing87
Purchased app but still locked
I purchased the app since my toddler loved the free version. I went to all the areas where you can “restore purchases” (settings/home page) and the games were still locked, although it said my purchase went through. Such a bummer.
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4 years ago, catloverave
Great game for kids!
My little 1-year old sister loves this game so much! I made her “ extra baby 🍼 game time “ cards for when she is nice she gets a card. She ALWAYS says “ sissy , baby 🍼 game!” She loves the game. Please stay safe during COVID-19. Just wear a mask 😷 and stay six feet 🦶 apart. Yours sincerely, Avethecatlover
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3 years ago, raysowle
2 kids. 3 hours
My kids were always trying to use my iPad. So I downloaded some games. They’re 1 and 2 and are taking turns matching the games. No fighting. No fits. Soooo many giggles and “yay”. Should have done this sooner
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2 years ago, sarai o
Gray line barrier
My two year old loves this app but all of the sudden there’s a grey line across the screen that’s serving as barrier for my son to drag and drop. It’s impacting his learning because he is dragging things to the right places but he gets the feedback tone that tells him he’s wrong. We’re on the newest iPad. Just bought the iPad. It’s not damaged. It’s only happening in this app
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2 years ago, frustratemommy
Okay games but app locks you in
The games are okay on this app but they don’t progress at all so it’s just the same patterns over and over. My biggest issue is that this app locks my phone all up and I can’t even get out of it, I have tried twice today and I keep having to restart my phone to get out of the app, I will be deleting it now.
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5 months ago, SuperGirl Nobody Calls
Kennedy’s Review
My brother loves this game and he learned so much from it he is only two and knows to put the shapes in the right place and the cars so educational I recommend this for you guys!🥰
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1 year ago, Tanya is best👁️🫦👁️
Not bad
My 3 years old son has been playing this game but he was having some issues trouble and problems when I downloaded the game for him he was having a lot of fun but the wasn’t popping up so I decided to delete the game and put it back on it worked but one tiny thing that made me scared bimi boo is actually evil
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2 years ago, grandma725
Awesome games
My goddaughter just turned 2 and she is learning so much, recognizing colors, shapes and numbers. I have to monitor the time because she really enjoys the different games and the balloons when she finishes.
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3 years ago, JaxPip
Awesome games
I got this for my 1 1/2 yr old granddaughter and she loves it. She picked up on each game quickly. The games are educational and teaches numbers, colors, shapes, opposites and critical thinking. She loves the fireworks after each game. Highly recommend for toddlers. We love it.
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11 months ago, rollrollers
Education from two and half years old at home too lazy and older
Learning and studying by games apps and abc learning classes every moments with siblings or mothers
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12 months ago, xxxxcxxl
Only able to play a few games now. The other games are locked
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2 years ago, DarkSakura15
More educational
I like the performance but I would much rather it announce the numbers, size, colors and shapes. So that toddlers can grow and understand and improve more on their knowledge.
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4 years ago, atinre
Not enough games for the price
Paying extra should give you more games. This 15 games the kids go through within minutes. Then when the kid goes through them soo fast you try to buy more thinking there’s more for how much you pay and you only get 3 which each game can be solved within 30 seconds. Not enough games for the price
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5 years ago, thtonebbydee
The game is nice but when my son plays I think it should say the shapes, numbers and animals . My son says yippee instead of triangle. This should be fix that way my son can be ahead of his class by knowing his shapes etc. etc.
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1 year ago, jaz⚡️💚♥️💚
Loving it so far
Hello I babysit a little girl almost 2 and she loves the game I Help her with all the sober and items she’s very smart she likes the game and I like helping her with all the task like testing her she loves to be tested and she has been playing all day and I love it
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5 years ago, Izzybell76
Once I got this game my two year old sister fell in LOVE with it! She was learning her shapes, learning how to match, and learning about big, and little! I am so happy that you made this game, and I’m hopping for more! So I Rate ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars because you guys are the BEST!!!
Show more
6 months ago, Darkwhiz
Baby bro loves it also he always entertained when he crying all I have to do is pull out the phone and bam he’s not crying because he’s enjoying your game
Show more
6 years ago, kronnnk
Would recommend
One of the few lo games that doesn’t pop up ads all over the place for the kid to click. Keep up the good work. Plan on buying this.
Show more
5 years ago,
Baby Kids TV - Official Trailer
Baby Kids TV has parents and for teachers to learn numbers, colors, shapes, & letters, listen to music, watch videos and read storybooks, and math learning. Available now on the iPad & iPhone.
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9 months ago, bigassballs69420
i was looking for a baby game to play by myself, and this one caught my eye. i have to say this is probably the best game even better than minecraft, roblox, fortnite, call of doody etc. it is absolutely epic. DOWNLOAD IT!!!
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3 years ago, Hunter<3Tristan
Great for learning
This was a life saver when the doctors appointment took longer than usual. Kept my kids busy and they had fun learning .
Show more
4 years ago, QueenCapalot19
Great learning Game
this is a great learning game but i feel they should have more games unlocked for you he children so they can play different learning games other then that it’s great🙂
Show more
3 years ago, jett42
My daughter
My daughter loves this game and cannot stop playing it and she’s only two years old Thank you for the great work
Show more
4 years ago, sschlosser
You guys have a great learning game you just need......
To who it may concern I think you guys have done a great game here. I think you just need to have a narrator explaining to the child on what to do. Make it optional where in the settings you can turn it off and on, so that when the parent is busy driving or cooking dinner the child can still play. Just my opinion! Thanks again for a great game. Sincerely, The Schlosser’s
Show more
7 months ago, momof2boys$7
What is going on?
My grandson loves. This app so I purchased to unlock all games, he has been playing for almost a year and now I go to play it again and it says that I have to pay for me to unlock all the games. It says one time charge! Why is this asking for me to purchase again?
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