Baby Games: Piano, Baby Phone

4.6 (1.8K)
175.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
RV AppStudios LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Baby Games: Piano, Baby Phone

4.64 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Dougariss
Fantastic app
This app is great! I just downloaded it for my 20mo daughter to use on a future plane ride and I know she will love it. I love how kid-friendly it is and how there’s no way for her to accidentally buy something or open the internet from this app. No WiFi needed, multiple games, and she will be learning at the same time. I love that you have to slide your finger across to close a game and enter the numbers that are spelled out to get to the settings! That was a great idea!! Thank you so much for making this app! I will be sharing with all of my friends. *Also if you have problems with your child hitting the home button and exiting the game on your iPhone: go to settings> accessibility> guided access> turn on. That way you can triple click the home button whatever app you’re on and it will keep them on that app! When you triple click there will be an “options” button at the bottom left (before you hit start) where you can turn different things on and off (like volume, touch, etc) so you can customize it. Touch is a good thing to turn off while they are just watching shows or movies.*
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2 years ago, Lorenzobalder56
Great App!
I often feel parents get a lot of hate for letting their children play with apps and phones. This has honestly been an amazing app and more parents should consider it. If you use it like its intended as a learning opportunity then you will gain such from this app. I sing along with my child who now can completely sing his ABC’s and knows many more fruits and numbers! One downside is that there is not a in app purchase to have to wait 30 min to download more songs and words after you hit your max “per hour/day” download. Would love to just purchase all the songs and content on a one time buy. I do appreciate its all free though if you do wait.
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5 years ago, tiner227
Sound glitch
The sounds have stopped working on the iPhone. They still work on an unupdated ipad. Need a glitch fix! We love these apps. They are on par with subscription learning apps we’ve tried. Just a few design quirks the developers could address. I wish it was easier for kids to move between individual activities. You have to hold and swipe to get out of an activity and back to the menu. At first I thought this was great because the 2 yr old couldn’t leave the actors I chose. However, the 4 yr likes to be able to choose, and I’m fine with that. Also, it would be helpful if the activities had icon/picture labels instead of just words, especially considering these apps are predominantly for pre-readers. Additionally I would love to see activities from the different apps (or all of them?) combined into one place, again so it’s easier for kids to choose. It would also be nice if there were “sessions” within the activities. They just go on and on. For those who want a babysitter for their kids, this is probably great. However, we only use electronics in short segments. I have to set a guided access timer because the game never ends. Most games have pauses or “rounds” built in.
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2 years ago, IndieJuls
Amazing App
This is a fantastic add for toddlers! I have two kids (2 and 7) and I’ve tried a bunch of apps for them over the years and this is my first time ever posting a review! This game is totally ads free, with no in-app purchase and has a lot of different little games that will keep any toddler busy and interested: tapping bubbles, listening to lullabies, playing different instruments, animal sounds, word practice, etc. If you download just one game on your phone for your kids, let it be this one!
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2 years ago, AnxEpicxTrip
Stop spamming my baby
My 18 month old loves this app and I love letting her use it. However recently the developers have decided that their story and more apps buttons should take precedence on every screen. This has led to me spending more time getting my baby back into the content and away from the developers spam than she actually gets to spend time playing in the different areas of the app. Hopefully the devs will get a grip and realize that my baby doesn’t care about their background or have the ability to evaluate their other products and will stick those links into the adult part of the app. Otherwise, amazing stuff and a great way to keep my kiddo focused when we are out somewhere.
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5 years ago, Scoobydoo1820
Operator error
Update: I’m technologically challenged and have an iPhone. I typically leave my phone in the silent mode but apparently this will not play that way. I had tried to mess around with the sound controls but apparently never tried the little switch. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I can’t even really use the app because it makes no sound whatsoever. The only things that don’t require sound are the fireworks and balloon popping and I really want to be able to use the educational games. Hopefully this gets fixed.
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4 years ago, new single mom
I have a 8 month old and after downloading the app and showing her I have never been so happy with a app I downloaded! This is truly my favorite app and my little girl absolutely loves it. Has the biggest smile on her face! Plus she is learning while she is having fun!! And it is absolutely free!! A all around win!! My daughter and I thank y’all soooo much for this amazing, one of a kind, absolutely prefect app!!
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3 years ago, Iheartotto
Exactly what you are looking for!
This app is exactly what I needed for my daughters iPad. This app has the option to lock the screen on certain activities, and has an excellent option for kids to hear and learn new basic words. As an educator myself, I highly recommend this app to all parents!
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2 years ago, Momentum Rental
Volume control
Our kids love the app and the fact that y’all created apps for kids and babies that are completely free blew me away! The only thing I would suggest is an in app volume control for the instruments. When they play the keyboard or piano’s it sounds like it’s going to blow the speakers on the iPad and is really grainy even with the volume on the iPad at halfway. Other than that it’s an amazing app!
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3 years ago, babalamma
Great at first! But then...
When we first got this app for my toddler, I absolutely loved it for him. Thought it was full of so many fun and educational things for my little one. And while I still think that for the most part, I’m very disappointed by the pronunciations for several words, among other things! The word “bear”, is pronounced SO weird!! I can’t really even explain it! Along with mobile and jam, and others. It’s like they decided to have a random non-native English speaker try to pronounce the words. Nothing against non-native English speakers, of course.
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3 years ago, XDDB773
Most entertaining and educational app for infants!
My 8 month old loves this app! Combine this app with the Guided Access function on your iPhone/iPad and you’ll have hours of educational enjoyment for your child. I’ve tried other apps and the content quality of this app blows all others out of the water.
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2 years ago, hihoalday
Kids games.
We’re enjoying the games very much. Wish you had some for infants. We have a 4-8 month old who enjoys looking in the mirror, touching music toys,animal sounds ,counting $pushing buttons. This is great learning skills. Love it being free and no ads.
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4 years ago, Tofu777
My son loves this app.
I was looking for something educational, without ads or paywalls. This is it. It’s simple, colorful, responsive and engaging. My son smiles whenever he hears Lucas and loves playing the piano. I recommend this to anyone looking for educational apps!
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4 years ago, ars2022
Amazing app
Love the lock feature that only adults can get out of. My one year old loves pressing the screen and easily closes out of things. So many things to do on this app, keeps baby entertained! Very creative
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2 months ago, Cakepop1010
The creator’s message is so sweet
They don’t wanna charge people or put out ads. They only want to inspire more people to be kind to each other
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2 months ago, Doshone
Best app ever.
I was looking for a good free app without ad and I came across this saving life game, I do appreciate the help this team are giving out. God bless you all.
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1 year ago, brandoyoyo
Great for kids
No ads keeps everyone occupied long enough to get stuff done
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3 years ago, YoursTruly922
Love it!
My baby girl loves the first words slides. She can watch for awhile! I would definitely recommend this app to any busy mom looking to entertain their baby.
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4 years ago, The Young Squire Pettypants
Best all-around app for infants and toddlers
This app has everything you’d generally want to engage and educate your little ones!
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5 years ago, katstevers
Easy fun
Easy for my 9 month old to make sounds and play and helps distract her. Prefect for under 1 year.
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5 years ago, Wolfkin88
Thank you
This app is great fun for the kiddo. Keeps my toddler busy long enough that I can actually make dinner and that’s a huge victory.
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3 years ago, Acbochette
This is the COOLEST!
My daughter just started playing it (1yearold) and it is so cool!! There are a ton of “flash cards” for vocabulary development and tons of songs and its all free! This is so cool!! We LOVE it!
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3 weeks ago, LizzyLuuWho
Love it
Great app to entertain and engage babies and toddlers. The set up of the app is well made. Love the learning capabilities it offers.
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1 month ago, Bryson. N.
I like it a lot
Love it
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2 years ago, WinfedlionD
Good App
Great app but can’t download any animal sounds other than the preloaded ones.
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3 years ago, Ash L.
Not great on IPhone 11.
By toddler keep swiping through the notifications or control panel screen. It’s wry easy to exit the game. I wish there was a way to disable the screen swiping.
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5 years ago, enchnatress
iPhone 8 - no sound
The sounds wouldn’t play even after uninstalling. Nothing is wrong with my phone, only this app. Any support or updates coming???? It looks like a great Game Center for my baby
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2 years ago, amanecer61
Educating kids around the world
Ha! Don’t make me laugh! How in only english! Idk if you guys know but there is more then on language around the world and your app only has one! 😡😡😡
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5 years ago, Mrs. Harris17
Sound works on phone but not iPad...
My son loves the app but the sound will not work on my iPad, I downloaded it on my phone and it works great but not on the ipad....I don’t know wha else to do to make it work
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12 months ago, codename Mom
App not working
Please help my kids enjoy this app and we cant get it to open, start up!!
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5 years ago, QU33ND0SH3R
Awesome App
Only toddler app you need my Nephew loves it !!
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2 years ago, beans317
Awesome app
Daughter loves it
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6 months ago, Lucio Gtz
100% toddlers App
Great app for toddlers!!
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4 years ago, febfs
I love love tzime
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5 years ago, uikkiw
This Game Is The Best!!!!!!
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2 months ago, ms.uprising
Edie I’m by viij
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