Baby Shark TV: Videos for kids

3.5 (135)
93.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Pinkfong Company, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Baby Shark TV: Videos for kids

3.53 out of 5
135 Ratings
6 years ago, Sh021182
Love it, bu some videos are glitchy
Overall my toddler and I love this app! Only frustration is some videos freeze up in the middle, especially on non pink fong videos, such as Pororo and few others. It’s not due to connection. They have an actual freeze up at exact timeline, everytime. Some of them you can pass by moving fwd, but some don’t seem to have that option and ends where the glitch is. Can you help us get those videos updated, so they’re not glitchy?
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9 years ago, Parkcleo
Loving it😍!
This app is very fun but it should give you a free trial / more episodes!
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3 years ago, Ale_ny
Not worth it
1. False advertisement of 7 day free trial, I got charged right away for the whole months you click to do 7 days free and boom $10 2. Half of the videos don’t load and crash after couple seconds 3. The access for grown ups is ridiculous, my 2 year old with no issues can enter 123 every single time and he played with the app for 30 minutes only
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3 years ago, adancerforever17
Freezes and crashes
My daughter loves watching this during long road trips but it constantly freezes and crashes which is frustrating. I cannot fix it while I’m driving and she’s too young to fix it herself. A lot of the videos we’ve never been able to watch because as soon as you click on it it crashes. Update: still occurring. No changes.
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4 days ago, Princezza 
Does not work
So frustrating that the subscription doesn’t work. I keep trying to restore and keeps saying there was no purchase done. I have tried delete and download again, but nothing works. So annoying, DO BETTER! My autistic son unfortunately loves this app and keeps downloading it, so he gets mad because he doesn’t understand why it doesn’t work. FIX IT!!
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2 years ago, 947882_316424
Not a working app.
Daughter wanted this app so we approved it. She played maybe 4 minutes and it crashed. After that we can’t even open it without it crashing. Now we are left trying to explain to a 3yo that the app is “broke”. If this sounds like a problem you don’t want to deal with, just move on.
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5 years ago, CSM2018
App trouble
This is the second time my app has stopped working. It’s saying my subscription ended but yet my subscription was just paid, it even says paid in my subscription files in my App Store but yet the app still says it is not. My daughter LOVES this app so I’m sad to have to delete but I’m tired of paying for an app I can barely use.
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5 years ago, LilCole114
Stopped working all of a sudden
As of yesterday the songs stopped working saying I needed to pay for them yet I do pay monthly for them. I have deleted the app, reset the iPad and nothing is working. If I can’t figure out what is going on I will be canceling my subscription and deleting the app. Any suggestions?
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6 years ago, kyrad21
Purchase issue
Please help me because I purchased the app and after two days sound stopped working. I upgraded iPad n app yet it’s not working. I deleted the app and re loaded yet the sound doesn’t work. Someone give me a follow up on it.
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2 years ago, Coopn4
Third time it won’t open and I have to uninstall and reinstall. Frustrating! Please fix the app.
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4 years ago, Ssheffey27
App no longer works
Paid for our subscription, but app says we haven’t. My card has been charged, and it’s in my purchase history. How do I fix the app so my kiddos can watch it? If it’s not fixable, how do I get a refund?!
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5 years ago, a-benavidez
Bring back towers of the world that was my son favorite song
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5 years ago, Cardjunkie515
Pay or errors
It’s a subscription- fine but there is a free option and every time we try it the app errors and won’t play. Will be deleting.
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5 years ago, ba3311
No sound
A waste no sound
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8 years ago, Happy_mati
Love the idea, app still needs work....
Certain titles I have selected for my child, simply state that they are not available in my region. I'm unaware of what that would mean. Nonetheless that does cause some frustration for a child is trying navigate the system. As said on the title, I really love the idea and the concept and user face is rather easy for the toddler/child to understand. I'm not sure I will continue my membership due to certain videos being unavailable, primarily being the My Little Pony, that is so advertised on the app.
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9 years ago, Aquanettte
False advertisement!
Very upset with younPinkFong! This claims kids can watch even without internet connection. Not true!! Every time I try this for my lil granddaughter, it says I am offline & none of the videos show up. And you want to charge $5.00 a month for this?? I have used a lot of your apps & loved them. This has got me very upset.
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8 years ago, Speech2
We used this app on my IPad almost daily in language therapy. No more! I used the full screen mode, so the entire group of students could see the story. However, in the full screen mode, I can no longer pause the story to discuss vocabulary and check for comprehension. Please, go back to the old format we loved!
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8 years ago, Best gram 4
Please Help
Where is my peppa pig on this app. It was there last night but now I cannot find it. This is false advertising if the show is only on for a few hours. Would have loved to subscribe to this if the programs I wanted had not disappeared.
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4 years ago, yfggfytrcgfrgg
Will my sister loves it but it freezes all the time than I have to Delete
It an download it all over again.It really really needs a lot of work the app 😡.
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10 years ago, 9gagis9
two thumbs up for me and my daughter!
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8 years ago, HulkEat
Scam app
Nothing to do with MLP at all. False advertising. Avoid!
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8 years ago, Love Elsa
Ping fong rating
İ love Ping fong but when i WANt to see "my little pony" i can't because it needs MasterCard and i don't have it.please do something.I really like that cartoon.🙏🏻😔😩💳🇮🇷
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