Baby Sign Dictionary - Lite

4.4 (186)
82.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Baby Sign and Learn
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Baby Sign Dictionary - Lite

4.38 out of 5
186 Ratings
11 years ago, rbinz
I find the tutorials to be clear so I can understand what is being done with the hands. I wish there was a way to show the item being discussed with more distinction where possible - but over all the clear hand movement is great and the verbal details helpful.
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3 years ago, Nikki Jean
Could be better, issues with text
Great content, however, even in the favorites list none of the words show up so all I have to go off of is tiny pictures and a letter header so it’s a guessing game to pick a sign. Makes it frustrating, considering I paid for the full version.
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4 years ago, Brandyis
Easy to use
I like the categories the words are in. Each one comes with a video. The words are said in context of use, so you can see how to naturally integrate the sign language in your day to day speech.
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5 years ago, Carl Billy
My now two-year-old grandson and I have used it since he was 6-months-old. We review it each time I visit him from 1000 miles away. We love it.
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3 years ago, Ghvddffgh
Engaging and Fun!
I could help my 10 month old daughter articulate words. I could also learn words in baby language 😀
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5 years ago, Katydid730
Awesome app!
We have loved using this. It has really helped our autistic son to communicate with us. Can’t say enough good things about this app.
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4 years ago, 🍩🐷🤩🥳
I like this app, good not only for teaching your children but also for beginners.
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6 years ago, chasenye
So few words
If you want your child’s vocabulary predetermined, get this app. If your child is a free thinking organism, get something else. Many words that we were excited to teach our kid weren’t included.
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4 years ago, Lilian-Alicia
Easy to learn
I like how they explain, easy to learn.
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6 years ago, our 5 kids
If you have no desire for your child to have words that are part of everyday routines and activities get this app. If you want useful signs, go elsewhere.
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3 years ago, I Am Byrdman
Not useful
Pretty bad. For some reason doesn’t include the written word in the dictionary, just a picture.
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6 years ago, Godisnumberonealwaysandforever
No accessibility to deaf parents
How can we understand when you speak and it has no captions? 🙄
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12 years ago, kmoreview
Great app for kids!
My daughter is in kindergarten and has a friend who is deaf. She wanted to learn how to communicate better with her friend and this app was incredibly helpful for learning basic signs... The teaching style is fun and easy for a non-reader to understand. I will definitely purchase the full version.
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12 years ago, enonevets
Good for adults. Not baby/child friendly
Compared to the other app, Baby Sign, this app is a tad more helpful...for adults. It includes explanations but it could seem long winded since most people probably only need to "see" the sign. Hence, kids probably will get bored easily. My 1.5-y/o can watch the other app one sign after another, but this app, he just wants to exit out of it. This free version includes more words/signs than the other free version.
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11 years ago, 4 boys' mom
Very useful
I look up signs every day to use for my baby. A video clip of an adult shows the sign and explains step by step. The words in the free app are good enough for doing basic signing with my baby. I like the way the signs are categorized. Thank you for creating such a great dictionary!
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10 years ago, ellem910
All that you need to get started with signs for your baby. Will definitely upgrade to paid version once my baby is older and we have the need for more than just the basic signs.
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11 years ago, Mad Y Son
I have a 5 month old and have been teaching him sign language since day one! I love this app it have taught me more and so now I can help my son more. It also helps you with the facial expressions that a lot of others not tell you about
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9 years ago, The Authentic Critic
Could be better
This app has a lot of useful signs, but it could have more common words. I would like this app if you didn't have to pay to get the full information needed.
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12 years ago, threeWordsiKno
Quick and easy to learn!
As an intermediate signer, I find this app quite refreshing in learning new signs and refreshing my memory. Moreover, this app is great in giving tips and remembering ideas to associate signs with concepts such as why a sign is the way it is.
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10 years ago, LaurieA
Great App
It's well worth it to spend the $3 for the full program. The signers are awesome (nice personalities) and their instruction and verbal tips are perfect. It has every useful sign I could think of. The App is well-designed and very easy to navigate.
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11 years ago, 4Funnykids
Deaf mother of hearing autism child
Thank you!!! I tried to talk with my son in ASL. I understand he has autism and problem speech. I was surprised my son signed "mother" to me and smiled at me. I hugged him! I signed "yes". He learned it from you. I tried to teach him "mother" since he was born. Thank again.
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10 years ago, Tea.unicorns
Best app I've found
Excellent. I've gone through quite a few similar programs, but this one actually shows you AND explains what they're doing with their hands orally.
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12 years ago, Jenny&Lex
Pleased with this app!
We needed a quick way to teach our little one signs. This app is a great way to watch a sign and immediately teach it. We are pleased!
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11 years ago, Lilol8v
Great app to start baby SL
This has all the signs I need to start teaching baby sign language. Eat, all done, more, hungry, etc. helpful for parents and baby enjoys watching the short videos too.
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11 years ago, Bcm224
Great ap
This is the best sign language ap in the store. It's very easy to understand and follow. I'm so impressed that I am gonna buy the upgrade. I just hope it has a lot more words
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12 years ago, genius399
Sign language app
We have been using this app for a couple of weeks now for my 13mo son. He loves it and his older brothers (3&6) do too! It is the best one I have found so far for baby sign.
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11 years ago, NEWgma12
Perfect introduction
I am a new Grandmother and this app us a wonderful learning tool for baby sign. Baby signing has research to prove that it is terrific for baby language development.
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12 years ago, Among the curious
Good for babies, good for more
An easy way to learn basic ASL and which may be useful for communication with more than just babies.
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12 years ago, CliveII
Good start
I'm expecting twins right now and found this app. I'm eager to learn as much as I can before my babies come. This was a good start I like the quizzes to see how I'm doing.
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7 years ago, Ilp135
Not many signs
As an ECE professional, I need an app with words I don't know yet. I work with children and I use ASL to communicate with them. I know many signs for animals and to communicate with them, and I need an app that will expand the signs I know and can teach my kids.
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12 years ago, SheilaMoseley
Basic signs are a great start.
Great tool.
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7 years ago, Huggles the clown
Love and baby does too!!
Great graphics love all the programs by this company have them all
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11 years ago, MEPBM
Good for parents
I like this app as a companion to the baby version for use with parents
Show more
11 years ago, Ajmajs
Two thumbs up
Couldn't be easier. Great app for baby and me to learn with
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11 years ago, Beckieloves2sign
Highly recommended!
This is a great app without any glitches!
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11 years ago, Vivatteng
Baby sign language
My eight months old daughter loves it,it gives us fun and bonding
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10 years ago, SerenityDP
Great app!
Lots of useful terms accompanied by helpful demonstrative videos. Great for parents to learn and teach asl to baby/infant.
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11 years ago, 2zenuf
Great app for asl
This app is great. I love the simple instructions and examples. I'd recommend this highly!
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8 years ago, Rip off!💩
Do not get!
I would rate this 0 stars if I could. They make you buy the full version if you want all of the good stuff, they don't even have the alphabet on here unless you pay for it. Thumbs down! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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12 years ago, Everyday Jane
Want more baby
This would be better if they used computerized babies like their other app. It's cuter and more child friendly than a "real adult" - that make it like all the other apps out there.
Show more
12 years ago, Omi0320
Very disappointed. Expected computerized, cartoon type babies. Not adults. App displays computerized cartoon kids, not adults. Boring! Wasted my money. My baby will not even watch this. She likes the animated babies. Sad, sad, sad.
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11 years ago, Sad drawer
This is a great app. We use it at my child care. Awesome app
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11 years ago, Knieck
Love this app very helpful
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12 years ago, Derek 7777777
The best app for beginner ASL
I love it, it's clear & well communicated.
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10 years ago, Camohomeschoolmt
This is a perfect starter app! Great for everyone of any age!
Show more
12 years ago, R. Nader
Not bad
Pretty good visual demonstration of basic signs.
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11 years ago, Say,Say
Like it
Cool and fun
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12 years ago, staria4972
Lots of fun!
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