Back in Time

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9 months ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Back in Time

4.67 out of 5
21 Ratings
8 years ago, XoJom
Beautiful App. Makes you wonder.
Awesome way of how to communicate and visualize time as it relates to life from the birth of the universe to today. Check out the last second and ponder.
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3 years ago, ErikSF999
Great reference for deep time; human history lopsided.
So far I have browsed through most of the presentations on the history of the universe, the solar system, and early life on Earth, and this part is quite nice as a refresher on both the important details and the scale of time that we are able to glimpse in our brief lives. Human history, though, is already heavily Eurocentric: I have only gotten as far as the Neolithic Revolution in the Fertile Crescent, and already the app is only covering that portion of hominids whose history will lead directly to European History. We get to know Neanderthals, but not the Denisovans; likewise, we only see one Neolithic Revolution in one single “Cradle of Civilization” rather than the several separate but parallel Neolithic developments in East Asia or what came to be called the Americas. None of this is controversial. It is simply ignored. It is much too late even in Western narratives to make these kinds of omissions: this app is sold world-wide, is it not? At least it is useful for reviewing major deep time events, and I may keep it for that alone. But human history is not synonymous with European History. Quite a lost opportunity here, and extremely annoying.
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11 years ago, TurboGorilla
Extremely Cool and Educational Too!
I absolutely love this app! Visually stunning, and intellectually stimulating! This is a great app for anyone who wants to understand the history of our universe according to current scientific knowledge. If you have ever read Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" you will be familiar with the content of this app, as well as the quality. But this app is so much more than that excellent book (and not directly related in anyway, as far as I know) but it takes that type of information and presents it in a beautiful interface that is fun to use and with its most excellent background music, surprisingly soothing! Give to this app as a gift to anyone who appreciates history, science or just wants to learn! Perfect gift for students of probably sixth grade on up through college too!
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3 years ago, onlinethunder
Unable to play video
Please resolve the video, I am unable to play any of the video,
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13 years ago, Night Sky Bob
A superb tool for exploring the history of the universe
This fine app with its excellent graphics and very readable and accurate content is just a fine resource for grasping the evolution of our universe and the timescale of events. I teach people of all age groups about the history of the solar system and the universe, and it is extraordinarily difficult for them to grasp the time scale and sequence of events over billions of years. Relating it all to a 24 hour time scale that everyone can understand solves this problem elegantly, and Back In Time does this in great fashion with the two clocks that give the user an understandable roadmap to the past.. Quite an accomplishment.! The graphics are superb, and the navigation is exciting and stimulating. Great job.
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13 years ago, John C. Graf
Beautiful Presentation - great for students and teachers of geology
If you can't get to the New York Metropolitan Museum, and you want a clear, compelling, beautiful, presentation of the universe's timeline - you should spend some time with this app. I've taught science and geology at the high school and college under-graduate level, the textbooks and required curricula always seem to stress small facts about the names and dates of the fossil record. The students memorize the facts, but miss the scale and significance of Big Time. Students and teachers would do well to spend a few hours interacting with this presentation of the historical and geologic timeline. The bilingual presentation will make this material accessible to more students. Well done.
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13 years ago, ALEKHINE
Very Well Done!
Much of the imagery is stunning, the information is fascinating, the whole concept of the App is original and educational, and the music literally forces just the right mood on you. The one quibble is the writing - it's clear that the creators of this App were not natural English speakers, and though they (for the most part) do a reasonable job of presenting prose in acceptable English, it doesn't quite hold its own compared to the quality of the rest of the App. Overall, this is a beautiful creation, and more than worth its price.
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13 years ago, BonePapi
Elegant, fluid and informative
This is a beautifully packaged presentation summarizing key events since the big bang. As a middle school science and social studies this will be a useful tool in helping my students comprehend the immensity of galactic-geologic time spans and human history. As a bilingual educator in a dual-language classroom, the ability to change the language of all the content to Spanish is a HUGE plus as it is difficult to find quality resources in this media that address the diverse language needs of our multi-cultural classrooms. Well done....we need more of this. One suggestion, add a greater variety of music so user can select from various themes and melodies...the one lovely song included will tire after awhile.
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9 years ago, Pantherec
Amazing but needs more historical content
As a tech lead at our school we were going to purchase this for our 250 ipads because the earth history and time line tools were excellent. However, after trying it out for two weeks we decided to hold off for now. The primary reason is that the historical dates are simply too far apart. Entire civilizations are missing and there are huge jumps between entries. For example it skips from the age of discovery to the industrial revolution and then world war 1. Despite the price this would be a slam dunk if you were to take a hard look at a global history course and fill in some gaps.
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12 years ago, Fuzzebeara
Back In Time
I can't adequately express the joy of having this app on my iPad. The average person just can't grasp how vast our history is, and how short a period of time we are here. I usually get glazed-over looks when I talk to my grandkids, but with your app there actually take notice and get engaged in a conversation. This is both a great teaching tool and a great tool for personal learning.
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13 years ago, MarcoIV
Great App for Everyone
Everyone will find this app interesting, informative, and fun. Whether you enjoy earth sciences or not, this app has phenomenal information that no one will be able to resist loving. Great facts that make you think twice about life & Mother Earth. Only gripe: not the best grammar use, which can make some (and by some I mean one or two) sentences confusing. Pricy, but definitely worth it.
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12 years ago, Lady Deuter
Applause to the Landka Team once again,
I think it's amazing how something great has become even greater. My grandson thoroughly enjoyed the 1st version and I know he is going to LOVE this version because it's faster, more animation, more graphics and engaging. I applauded you!
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12 years ago, MOKAHY
Fantastic app ever!!
I almost can not find a word to describe this app. When the background music floated, I was shocked! It's moving, feel the world,think about the meaning of life! From this time, i think we should live for such a meaningful life!
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12 years ago, edchan008
It's amazing ~~~~~~
It's amazing app !!!!! So beautiful~It is really have a lot of content &detailing many aspects of knowledge on the Origin of Species, the images is awesome. I like it, cause i can learn a lot of knowledge, Just wish developers to keep adding new things..
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11 years ago, Jay Sella
Nothing Like It
This app is beyond amazing. I can't imagine anyone not being deeply affected by it. Full of information that can be viewed in all sorts of ways that really gives a sense of time in the universe, with clever attention to detail. Breathtaking.
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12 years ago, the lakotan
Back in Time
A beautiful and informative app. I have found some minor errors (e.g., D-day in Europe was 6 June 1944, not 1943), but on the whole it is accurate and extremely well illustrated.
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12 years ago, RxU_II
Bake in Time
Formed by the picture books and animation video applications, great screen, let you know in life, humans, and the whole universe development process. This is a great app, I like!
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11 years ago, Sam2llap
Curiosity made me purchase it, and I have no regrets. This app inspires one to learn more of our extraordinary history. With gentle music in the background, you will be lost in time.
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12 years ago, Shadowgunner2000
Great but more
This is app is a dream come true for history buffs out there (like me) but the app needs more content and events.
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12 years ago, mr_onenine
Astoundingly beautiful app - and the best example of experience design for education I've seen on this platform.
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11 years ago, mix barrington
Could be lots, lots better
Wind the clock backwards and forwards To go back and forth on a timeline. Trouble is there are no detail, there's no real history here just a timeline with certain picked events. Too bad. It could be so much better.
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12 years ago, Cueie
Back in time
This Apps is just marvelous and informative. Graphics are exceptional.
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13 years ago, Fishinsteeg234
Could be better
This apps needs more interactive UI options for a better viewing pleasure
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11 years ago, +) Capi (
Im waiting the new upgrade!
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11 years ago, iRic87
Amazing app
Def my fav, I'm addicted to knowledge. The interface is phenomenal.
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12 years ago, ndsjmw
I expected more
This app is all text. Graphics are ok but for the price, I expected some video clips.
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3 years ago, Los Pachucos
A Most Wonderful Trip!
Very enjoyable. A great introduction to the history of the world! Will peak your interest to get you looking at life in a new, deep historical manner.Just buy it.
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12 years ago, stephen welch
This is well worth the money. It has every thing you need.and it's beautiful can go all the way back to the bigbang. You will not regret getting this app check it out you will love it
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